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Pretty Little Liars is a show all about drama, suspense, and investigation. The show is about four girls, Spencer, Aria, Hannah, and Emily, who have been devastated with the loss of their fifth best friend, Alison. When Alison went missing the girls thought that maybe this was just another one of Alison’s acts. Soon they realize that not only is she dead, but she has been murdered; and her body was never found. After the funeral the girls notice that they are being watched and followed by someone who goes by ‘A’. They have no idea who this person can be, but they soon find out that this A knows more about them than they do themselves. Secrets that only Alison and the other girls should know. Throughout the series A threatens them, tries to murder them, pin Alison’s murder on them, convinces them to go against one another, and makes them do dangerous things. The girls try to figure out who A is and get rid of them so they can finally put away the past forever, and move on with their lives. When they do figure out who A is, that person tells them that someone else is making them do it, and that they are very terrified of that person, but they have no idea who it is. After a couple of seasons, they soon find out that

their friend Alison may still be alive and behind all of this. Throughout the series the girls are tested in ways that could make or break their whole relationship. This TV series really shows the true meaning of friendship. After Alison passes away, the girls realize that she had a couple of secrets of her own. She was always the sneaky one who was always one step ahead of the other girls. Not one person truly knew who she was. The girls start to realize that she had been lying to all of them. She would lie about visiting her grandma in another state while being with a guy on his boat in a different state. Alison manipulated all of them throughout their friendship. Even when the girls find out all of this, they are still determined to find her, or at least figure out what happened to her. Spencer is the brains of the show. Even though all of the girls are very important in figuring out this puzzle, she’s the smart one. Aria is the more mature one who has a big secret; she’s dating her English teacher. While only the girls know about him, somehow A knows also. Emily is the athlete of the group. She dates one of the girls from her swim team, and eventually ruins her swimming career when she gets hurt from A. Hannah is the gossiper. She knows just about everything about anything. When you put these four girls together with their different knowledge it’s easy for them to piece together clues to the big puzzle of A. I wouldn’t say that pretty little liars has one specific genre, but yet it is a combination of a thriller, mystery, and drama. This TV series is basically a game or one big puzzle. The girls are constantly given new clues to solve the big puzzle of A. There are four complete seasons so far and throughout these four seasons there has not been one dull moment. The girls are always faced with a new problem. At the end on each episode, they show A doing some sort of plan for next week’s episode. It’s suspenseful and gives you a little preview of what is to come next week. This way you make sure you’re back next week to catch what happens.

What distinguishes this show from any other show is their chemistry on the set. Even though some of the things may be unrealistic, it comes off sort of believable because everyone on the set just connects so well and really allows you to get connected to them and fell like you’re a part of it too. On the show people get away with murder, threats, stealing, and other things but are never caught. We know in real life this wouldn’t be true but in the show the characters do such a good job in acting like normal, real life, people. The characters don’t look like they’re trying to act it out; they look like they’re actually going through it together in a believable way.

What I really like

about the show is the suspense. Every week there is something new discovered that leads them a little bit closer to the end. While some weeks their idea back fires on them and they end up getting nowhere further. The end of the episode just leaves you with so many unanswered questions that it basically forces you to watch next week’s episode. You have to keep coming back and watch more. The show is not scary, but it is such a rush watching it. There have been a couple incidents where they got so close to A and they didn’t even know it. There are so many possible characters for A and every week you’re convinced that it is someone new, until you realize after a couple of weeks you just went in one big circle. Overall I would say that pretty little liars is amazing. It isn’t just some other dumb reality TV show. This show challenges your brain, and makes you think and become creative. This show allows you to get connected with the characters because not only does the series show them being followed, it shows the true meaning of friendship. Although the girls turn on each other a

couple of times here and there, they realize that this is what A wants and they will never let A settle for what she wants so they fight back and continue to stick together. It wasn’t until the fourth season that they really started to believe that Alison was still alive. Now instead of trying to hunt down A, they come together and start searching for her before A comes after her. Since the four girls are the only ones who knows she might be alive, if A kills Alison, no one would even know because you can’t notice someone was killed when everyone already thinks that person is already dead.

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