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Web design & Development Working with web design in a professional way is for us to combine technology and aesthetic beauty in the best way to get a message across. There are many ways and theories about how to obtain a clear, beautiful, selling, clear message in a good way. We believe that one of the key points is its simplicity and that it follows the business plan for the site. Instead of focusing on colors or fonts, we want to talk about the user interface, the experience and interactivity. Simply because it sells better. When you hire us for web design, you can be sure that we will design in order to sell your product, brand or you as a person. The most important part of achieving this is to clean up and simplify.

A successful website needs to be user-friendly with a personal touch. You need a well-structured website and an eye-catching design. It is important that every element of the website have a purpose. We always use the latest web standards! We can help you with everything from simple websites to complex web shops in content management systems (CMS).

SEO IbĂŠrica SEO & Web design on Mallorca!

WordPress CMS WordPress is one of the best and most popular CMS option because of its user friendly interface and flexibility. WordPress also have a very good search engine optimized basis which gives you all the benefits of building a search engine friendly website. WordPress is very easy to manage and you can change all text and images in the content on your website as long as you have internet access. You DON’T have any maintenance or monthly fees from us.

Wordpress One

Wordpress Two

Domain name registration, 1 year Webhost registration 1 year Installation of WordPress CMS Up to 5 pages Contact Form Setup in Google Analytics Setup in Google Webmaster tools 3 hours of user training in Wordpress

Domain name registration, 1 year Webhost registration, 1 year Installation of Wordpress CMS Up to 10 pages Contact form News and blog function Integration with social media Setup in Google Analytics Setup in Google Webmaster Tools WordPress SEO 3 hours of user training in WordPress

Price: 900€ (ex VAT)

Price: 1200€ (ex VAT)

SEO Ibérica SEO & Web design on Mallorca!

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