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so many powers in it but we are lagging behind because we are not using its power rationally. “How did food came here from down? “He asked with some curiosity. “Oh, that’s force against gravity. You know gravity attracts all. I created mechanism against gravity and developed code in it. I created opposite and equal forces against gravity and developed the code for each. So, when I uttered each word, they developed and activated forces against gravity. Now, I am into experiment of developing something that would attract all lights and make it invisible. I am working into it. I however developed it and experimented on mouse and it was successful. I wanted to try on you now“ “Who? Me?” he asked his surprise. “Yes, I wanted to try on human now” “Okay, go on” he replied. The man came near Osin and smeared something over his body. After couple of minute he was out of sight. “Hurray! It worked” he exclaimed with happiness. “Now bring me back” Osin requested. The man slowly erased out all his material and he was visible again. He looked upon himself to see his wellbeing. He was perfectly fine as he was before.

“Ok leave about this. Where are you going? He continued. “I am going for an unknown journey. My father wanted me to be Captain but I wanted to travel and go many places. So, I left the home. My wishes are high, I don’t know how much I can live up to this” he replied. “The more you wish high, the more pain you will get. It doesn’t matter how high you go, what matters is how much time you spend in the air. So whatever you do, do with satisfaction. Today, all are running for satisfaction. But hardly, they get so, all are unhappy. My best wishes are with you. Ok now, you sleep tired. Have some sleep” he said. He gave one light and said “Take this light. It runs with power of air. It will help you in darkness”

Osin Fisher  
Osin Fisher  

This is a fiction of young boy who dreams to traveler. He wonders in many dreamland.