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7/7/1880 "Dear Dad,

I am leaving your home to build my own chateau of dream. Don't come for witch hunt. I am like a small needle falling on the ground from a hand, the more you will try to catch it, the more pain you will get. This is the last day of my life in your house. Tomorrow, I am leaving this place.�

Your loving son, Osin

He wrote down on piece of paper and put it under his pillow and laid down on his bed. He looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 1 pm. He extinguished the candle and put it aside. He looked around the room as shown by the moon. He started thinking about tomorrow. It was going to be special day for him, in fact more special. He felt as if his brain was coming out of skull because of anxiety and excitement. There was ado thinking about future and butterflies remembering the past. He tried to close his eyes but those two elements made his heart and mind heavy. The tik tik sound of clock was too accelerating his anxiety. His body was in thirst of sleep but his mind and heart were against it but after sometime the want of body got dominant. Slowly Osin did close his eyes. And the moon lighted night eventually became completely dark.

Next day Osin woke up slowly. He rubbed his eyes through his hand and put kibosh on the candle. He watched the clock. It was 4 am. The dogs were barking outside. He felt the barks more loudly than those of other days. Nights were Siberian and dark. He lazily got out of his bed, took the candle and went near to the door. He nonchalantly opened the door and peeked through the door to see if there was someone who had woke up. Luckily, the other side door was closed and bashful; there were no any omens of their movement. Then he hurried back, put the candle at the table and began searching his clothes. He packed them hurriedly in his school bag. Suddenly, there were some sounds outside. He paused for while but it was only for couple of minutes. Then he continued his work. He carried the bag, took the burning candle and went to the door. Languidly, he opened the door, looked around and got

down. This time, his whole mind was concentrated in making dead air. Piece of noise was dangerous this time and would cause ripples and ruin his entire plan. Slowly, he pulled the small piece of wood that was used as lock of the house. Unfortunately, it slipped from his hand and slapped the ground. Bang! There was adamantine sound. “Who is there at down?” he heard his father’s voice after couple of second. He got more frightened and uttered hurriedly “It’s me, Dad. I’m going for toilet” “Close the door firmly after you return back. Nowadays, there are terrors of tiger so, they can enter here too. “ “Okay” he spoke falterly. Then he gradually opened the door, emerged out and closed it firmly. It was nippy out. Dogs started barking louder. Then he advanced ahead with large steps. Time and again, he looked back to see if there were someone following. At one point of his heart, it was chicken heartedness as if some people were watching him. Actually, people’s activities are governed by their intention. We fear doing casual activities if our intention is something different or bad. For Osin, that was not the new road but his mind was full of fear. It’s like playing game of spoon and marble. We put all of our efforts in that marble but still we fear it of falling. Likewise, Osin had concentrated all of his effort on his plan but in some corner, it was skeptical of failure. He continued on his way and reached the ocean. Luckily one ship was about to move. He hurriedly went to the counter, took out some money that he had collected and asked for ticket. “Where are you going so early; Ocean (for Osin)? “Asked the ticket counter, who knew Osin. “I am going to my uncle’s house. He is very sick. “He replied in rotten voice. “Okay, take this ticket. “ He handed him ticket. He flooded to the ship hurriedly. Nineteen years ago, Osin first opened his eyes when his mother closed her eyes forever. After few years of her death, he got his new mom. His father married his second wife in a New York minute. In fact, man and the skin of cut wounds are similar, both longs for new after the death of old ones. In the initial days, he got immense love from his new mom but slowly the intensity of love went on decreasing after the birth of her own child. In front of his father, his new mom acted like rose. In real, the rose was only the cover; under it were many thorns which were seen prominent in the absence of his father.

Osin was born in an alluring village which was beautifully nestled in the lap of Himalayas from the three sides and kissed by the ocean from other side. The first rays of Sun used to rise from those lanky Himalayas and set along the waves of ocean. With the taction of Sun’s maturing rays, those plants of maize in the field dance crazily in their own way. Groups of birds flying in the sky rested in the beach of ocean and share their happiness and sadness with each others. The silent ocean was the peaceful shade for the thirsty travelers and crows. The sounds of spring fall always echoed the village. Budgelaa village was small but it was wonderful place to live in. It was like the shade of big tree for thirsty traveler. Many sailors came in the village with their treasures and rested for one or two days and went for another village. Osin’s father was also one of the sailors of the Ocean. He also had a dream; a dream to make his son captain of ship or a Father of church. Though he was sailor but he had seen a step ahead for his son. Every parent wants their children in higher position than themselves. It’s called the advancement of generation and a good sign of development. What is the difference between new generation and old ones? It’s just growth which leads to development in future. To accomplish the dream of his father, he was admitted to nearby school but his education couldn’t last for long. He studied till five grades and finally he quitted and chose to be a shepherd. His father insisted him, suggested and even punished but his decision was like a flowing river, once flown away, wouldn’t be back again. So, despite of thousand efforts, his father agreed his decision. There was no any choice because Osin had stopped having meal for some day, so his father was worried. At last life is superior to any of the stuffs in this world. When there is life, there is always hope of getting everything. No life, no hope and nothing at all. This single decision of Osin had multiple effects. Firstly, the depression level of his father had gone to utmost level. Osin was happy and his next mom was much happier than anyone else. Now, she had to do less works in home as they would be done by Osin from now and she was happier because now Osin would live as Shepherd and would end up being a shepherd. Now, Osin’s hectic schedules’ commenced at his home but his works never got realized properly. Always drawbacks were pointed out. Sometimes, foods were commented as tastier or sometimes less and many more comments. His mom was like a fruit grown up in a difficulty, very tough to make her satisfied. All works were done by Osin and her duty was to wander around the village, create grapevine around villagers and perform coffee chat. Osin had to wake up early in the morning and go to church for prayers and had to return back to cook food for his Choate family. During his daytime, he was busy with

his sheep and goat. He had to go to mountains, pastures, with his shepherd and return back before Sun set and had to cook again. He had especial affection with his sheep and goats. He let his goat and sheep to wander in one place and for him, he used to lie down in open land and watch the open sky. Watching the free flying birds, he used to dream of being like them and visit many places. But before his dreams got full shape, he always land in reality. One day, he was seeing flock of birds in the sky. Suddenly, some group of boys shot a bullet to it and it fell down. It was struggling to acme. He rushed to the place. The mud was hovered with red blood. He hurriedly held the bird and cleared out the blood. He put some mud in order to make it relief but it struggled much. So, he quickly rushed to his home and put some medicine that his father had brought for safety. Finally, the bird got comfortable still it was unable to fly. He decided to put that bird in his home in the group of chicken. There was no any other suitable place. So, he chose the first. One day, that eagle died after having one egg. The chickens knew that they must protect and care for the eagle's egg, so an old hen volunteered to nurture and raise the large egg. One day, the egg hatched and a beautiful eagle was born. Sadly, however, the eagle was raised to be a chicken. Soon, the eagle believed he was nothing more than a chicken. The eagle loved his home and family, but his spirit cried out for more. While playing a game on the farm one day, the eagle looked to the skies above and noticed a group of mighty eagles soaring in the skies. "Oh," the eagle cried, "I wish I could soar like those birds." The chickens roared with laughter, "You cannot soar with those birds. You are a chicken and chickens do not soar. The eagle continued staring, at his real family up above, dreaming that he could be with them. Each time the eagle would let his dreams be known, he was told it couldn't be done. That is what the eagle learned to believe. The eagle, after time, stopped dreaming and continued to live his life like a chicken. Finally, after a long life as a chicken, the eagle passed away.

All people in Budgelaa village were very hard working. The interesting part of this village was the same level of earning in the village. Consequently, all were rich. There was no any gulf demarcating the rich and poor. No one ran for money like in present day. So, they all were happy. Women ran home and their men provided the source. All men were either sailor or potter. Their work started from very early morning and remained till sun set. After work, they used to gather in one junction and count their earning. All had to put their earning in front and equal money were distributed to all. The surplus was used for enjoyment which included beer, wine, party and many more. It was the system of village. In fact, a good system.

7/7/1880, Time: 12:30 pm. One night, Osin was viewing outside to the moon. Different thoughts, plans started nurturing his little mind. As far the moon reached he wished to go further than the moon. Group of birds would sometime make dark images and beauty to the moon, the scene was enticing. He also gave birth to dream to make such images and wander around. Night was growing darker and more forceful. With night, his dream of becoming like free bird grew more and more. He wanted to go to sky and make it his limit. There was frustration in home as well pushed by the activity of his mother. The depression lied in one of his heart. The depression caused by his inability to give full shape to his father’s dream. So, to get rid of these, he decided to leave home. He woke up, burnt the candle and took out piece of paper. The ship in the ocean was like bird shape. It had three apartments. Osin chose the middle one. Osin’s apartment had small window that showed the tourist view. Very few dared to sit in middle apartment as there was high risk of falling and getting drowned in the ocean. Osin chose this apartment unknowingly and confined himself in one of its edge. His heart was divided into two parts. They were like two warriors fighting for each other. One strived to go whereas other tended to stay back. But one had to win ultimately and his latest heart conquered because there were no any other choices too. He stared at his hometown for the last time. His eyes were numb and heart was speechless but he conquered the both. The ship started with big noise and wobbled down slowly. It headed towards north. Fighting with waves of ocean, the ship made Osin’s birthplace out of his vision. He watched back his village for the last time. Now, he wasn’t sure when he would see it again. With the motion of ship, Osin matched motion of his own heart. Slowly, he was fascinated by the scenes that came during his journey. Some birds were resting on the beach sharing their pains, agony. They flapped their wings against the wind. The scene was really wonderful. They were dribbling with flow of water making some fountain. They seemed like group of army marching in the field. The sun’s reflection on the spread wings made it more scattered and moreover the scene more perfect. Osin watched them gingerly with his tourist eye. The more he delved into it, the more interesting he found. Again those birds were out of sight slowly due to the repulsive motion of the ship. Many people were busy seeing distant scene with their binocular. But he didn’t have one. So, he nourished one idea in his mind. He went near the edge of ship and screamed out: “Whale, Whale!! Look the whale, so big they are!”

All people from the side went to next side but Osin took opposite direction and returned back to same place. He hurriedly picked one binocular and watched the scene. …………………. After second………….. “Wow! Wonderful” he spoke to himself. The scenes that were so far weren’t as beautiful as they are now when shown by the device. Far out there were line of small houses, so beautifully made, scenes interrupted by the to and fro motion of trees. People were sitting outside the house to wear the heat of sun. Those scenes couldn’t last long. A fat man approached and said: “Give my binocular, you liar assholes”, he snatched from his hand quickly making some scar. That man was watching him so dreadfully as if Osin had taken his two kidneys. In order to escape those fierce look, he returned back to his own place and began watching the scenes.

The ship reached the place which was covered with greenery. Then it quit moving. Not for always but for some time to take rest. Again not for it but for the people it was carrying. All went out for while so did Osin. Others went one direction but he chose the next. He had perception for everything. He perceived of same thing but very differently. In front there were many tall trees and lofty mountains hills. He carefully watched them and thought in many ways and made comparison. “What would happen if we the people could be silent like those trees? They are the most disciplined living things in the world. They neither complain nor regret. They just follow the system. Their silence and their compromise are praiseworthy. If we were like trees so decent and silent then there wouldn’t be any problems at all”. He imagined. The beauty and moreover silence of tree hit him like sledgehammer and made him to compare with human but reality was bitter. Imagination was flying high but the reality made him back to square one and all his imagination drew out no conclusion but in real he was enjoying all his imagination. With microscopic view of each and everything around, he went on in his journey with void destination. He stopped for a while to see lofty mountains and appreciate its beauty and height. It was tall, in fact taller; it didn’t do its effort to get its height. It went taller because it had to be taller. It was taller because it followed the system. It

was taller because it never boasted that it is taller. So, it is always tall. Unlike tree, man had to struggle much to get tall because they try to be taller breaking the rule. Luckily, if they managed to be at top, then they soon are down because they can’t maintain there because of their pride. There is one single way of judging it. Confine yourselves to the mid storey. If you look down, your ego develops there, if you look up, you feel you are still down, so which way to go and perceive depends upon one. In this way, Osin was moving on in path traced by unidentified destiny. Here at down, crew member was waiting for Osin. Some even shouted “Osin, Osin” but that resulted nothing except echo that was heard around the forest. Ship waited for some hours but after being unable to find him, it went away without Osin- the smallest passenger of the big Ship. Osin’s heart was allured by the undefined beauty which tranquillized his mind perception of the time. The time went on but the hour and minute hand of his clock got stuck to that forest. While moving along with grasses, some of which got attracted to his slippers, he reached near a sea. The sea seemed very big and tall. He had to bend backward to see it. Like tree, it was silent too. He went little far to view its top. But his effort became worthless. He could see nothing except those he had seen when he was near. His excitement level to see the pond grew more and more but his inability remained the same. Being unable to reach his excitement, he sat down near the pond viewing wonderful scenes around. He could feel the wave of wind. Feel the hotness of the Almighty sun in a composite way with the touch of natural beauty. “What are you doing here?” a voice uttered He looked around but there was no one. He laid down again bending his head. “From where did you come from? “Voice said again. He looked around but could see nothing. This time he got up and moved his head round. Again there was no one. So, he turned back and made his head little rested on his shoulders and looked upward. There was a beautiful lady lying there at the pond. She was staring at him gingerly. Her beauty was incomparable. She was such awesome. “What are you doing here?” she asked again. “I am trying to see the pond but it’s much taller than my height. “He shared. “Do you want to come here and see? “The lady asked.

“Yes” he replied with smile. Slowly, she stretched out her hand. It was long and they were beautiful too. “Catch my hand” she spoke softly. He stared with surprise and some fear. “Don’t worry, I am there, just catch my hand” she assured him. Then he slowly caught her hand. He was lifted up in the air from the ground. Her hands were soft and delicate like any organ. The warmth created between the hands was noteworthy. Slowly, he was made comfortable at the acme of sea. She held him very tightly. Both dived into the sea. Osin was taken aback to near. His eyes were full of surprise when he got to see the girl’s full figure. Her half body was of human being and half was that of fish. From the top to half she had body of a girl, very beautiful and hilarious and to the down, instead of legs, there were fins that were flapping against the flow of water in order to maintain the speed. They kept on diving down; he was staring at her without blinking his eyes. “I know what you are staring at, but there is long story behind it “she continued “I was born in a palace near here. We were very rich. In childhood, we used to come in this sea to play. This sea, in those days was very pure, clean. There were many fishes here. So, every time we used to come here and killed many fishes. We loved to eat fishes very much. One day, I killed many fishes and in those was the king of this sea. Due to which, there were hardly any fishes. One of the fishes emerged out and gave me curse neither to be human fully nor to enjoy as fish fully. So, from those days, I lived like this”. He kept on listening to every words of her gingerly. During their visit in the sea, they saw many fishes around. Some fishes were accumulated around one fish. “What are they doing?” he asked. “He is our new king. All have to obey his orders. He is our protectors. If any calamities occur in this sea, then he is the protector. Once there was scarcity of water here, then he went out, kept on praying for Almighty for several years and finally we had enough water.” He kept on listening to her with great interest. Every words of her seemed so interesting to her. They visited many places around; there were several kinds of fishes, whales around. Some even tried to attack Osin but the girl protected him.

He was taken near to the king fish. “Who are you?” the king asked. “He is my friend. He had come from next village to see the pond” the girl interrupted. “Don’t you know no humans are allowed here? They are the most dangerous living being for the earth. “The king roared angrily. “Tell him to go back” he continued. “But…” the girl tried to defend. Meanwhile, Osin held her and gave a signal to let him go. Slowly, they swam upward; the girl was holding Osin very tightly as if she wanted him always and didn’t want to lose him anyway.

They were at the top now. “It’s time to leave now” he spoke softly. “Where are you going?” she asked after couple of second. “Don’t know, I am walking in a path whose destination is still unknown. I left my home for that and I am wandering here and there.” He replied. “Don’t go, please” she insisted him. “I have to go please, but I will try my best to come back” he requested. The girl held him tightly, narrowed the space, slowly she kissed him. It was the longest kiss ever. They increased their distance after an hour. They were completely into each other. Then Osin left and insisted her to put him in the ground. Then the girl put him in the same place from where he was pulled back. Then he walked out with less possible steps. With every step, he was turning back. She was wandering at him with some hope of return but he went out of sight after some moments. He kept on walking in the unknown land. Still in some part of his mind, there was that girl but he kept on moving leaving those parts out of it. Sun was struggling with cloud and it was about to hide down the mountain. It was about to set down. So, he increased his step. He came around dense forest. There were no any omens of people and houses around. His level of fear went on accelerating.

With every level, he increased his speed upward among the forest. The road was full of stone, so, he had to walk very carefully. Fear was killing him like sledgehammer but there was no any other option. Finally, to add his dismay, the sun went out of his sight. Now, what remained was the sight of moon. He dwindled upward with the light of moon. He got thirsty in mean time. He searched for water taps around. Luckily, there was one around. So, he moved near and had plenty of water. The boosted up his energy to some. Luckily, he saw one house few meters away up. So, he increased his pace in order to reach there. In some excitement, he however lost his balance but he managed to stay stiff. He reached the house. It was like poor old house that are often shown in some classic movies. He could see some part of it through Moon’s light. It was two storied house made up of hay rooftop. Its walls were somewhat broken. No sounds of people were heard except those of dogs and some insects. He had no other options, so, he decided to enter inside. “Excuse me; Are there anyone?” he asked in soft voice. There was no any reply. After quarter of minutes, he again spoke “Are there anyone?” Again there was silence. So, he was in puzzled what to do. He wandered around. He saw some light in upstairs. He decided to go upstairs. He went near ladder and asked “Are there anyone up?” Again there was no reply. So, he made up his mind to go up. The ladder was made up of wood like those of his village. He kept his step in first ladder. To his surprise, it began moving up itself. He was about to fall but he hold firmly. He was taken in the second floor by itself. It was like lift. His mind was full of surprises and it doubled when he reached upward. Everything was lighted upward. There was hole in rooftop. Moon’s light was gathered through it and centered to down floor. In the up, there were many bulbs but there were no any wires. He got more surprised. There was one fragile old man lying near fire reading book. “Who are you? How you came here? “He asked.

“I am Osin, I came from Budgella village. I am going to another village but the night is going deeper so, I came here” The old man looked him gingerly to whole. After some moment, he said “Come near, my boy and sit here” He felt reluctant at first but he went after wards. He sat near that old man, and made himself comfortable. It was warm due to the fire. After sometime, the old man asked “Have you eat food?” “No” he replied. “Do you want some?” he asked He gazed around and said “Yes” The old man uttered “F……O……………O………………D” Some plates carrying food emerged up from downstairs. Seeing this Osin got more frightened and thought again in order to change his decision of having food. But his hunger was more dominant. He watched at food continuously. “Have them; they are the cakes that I made yesterday” “But…………….” Said Osin “Don’t worry, nothing will happen just go on” assured that old man. So, he ate it hurriedly in some minute that showed his degree of hungriness. “Do you want more?” he asked. “No, its enough, but I want water” The old man uttered “W………….A…………..T……………….E………………R…………” Like before; it came up from down. Gathering courage, he asked “How these things are happening? Are you magician?” He laughed out loud and said “No, I am not magician. I am a scientist. All these are my discoveries. I gathered the sun and moons light there down and with their energies, I created this. Using molecules of electrons of air, I created these lights and lifts. It’s nothing but use of natural power in traditional way. You know natures have

so many powers in it but we are lagging behind because we are not using its power rationally. “How did food came here from down? “He asked with some curiosity. “Oh, that’s force against gravity. You know gravity attracts all. I created mechanism against gravity and developed code in it. I created opposite and equal forces against gravity and developed the code for each. So, when I uttered each word, they developed and activated forces against gravity. Now, I am into experiment of developing something that would attract all lights and make it invisible. I am working into it. I however developed it and experimented on mouse and it was successful. I wanted to try on you now“ “Who? Me?” he asked his surprise. “Yes, I wanted to try on human now” “Okay, go on” he replied. The man came near Osin and smeared something over his body. After couple of minute he was out of sight. “Hurray! It worked” he exclaimed with happiness. “Now bring me back” Osin requested. The man slowly erased out all his material and he was visible again. He looked upon himself to see his wellbeing. He was perfectly fine as he was before.

“Ok leave about this. Where are you going? He continued. “I am going for an unknown journey. My father wanted me to be Captain but I wanted to travel and go many places. So, I left the home. My wishes are high, I don’t know how much I can live up to this” he replied. “The more you wish high, the more pain you will get. It doesn’t matter how high you go, what matters is how much time you spend in the air. So whatever you do, do with satisfaction. Today, all are running for satisfaction. But hardly, they get so, all are unhappy. My best wishes are with you. Ok now, you sleep tired. Have some sleep” he said. He gave one light and said “Take this light. It runs with power of air. It will help you in darkness”

He took that light and put it in his bag safely. Osin’s eyes seemed little clumsy and tired which got closed soon with the warmth of fire near. The old man continued his reading lying near fire. Next day, before the sun, Osin opened his eyes. The old man was still reading and fire was still on. He slowly wiped out his eye with his hand and quickly got up. “Now, I have to leave sir, I had to go very far” said he. “Are you sure?” the man asked. “Yes” he replied. “Ok, go carefully. My wishes are with you. Whatever you do, do with best and satisfaction” he said. “Thank you” Osin greeted softly. He moved downstairs. “Please close the door” the old man requested from the top. He closed it firmly and began his walk through darkness. He walked for some miles up till he reached a ground. Then the sun also emerged through mountain. He rested in the ground some hours. It was heaven. He could see the sun from near. He could feel its warmth like never before. He could hear some birds flying near the sun and feel them. He laid down there for some hours. Then he woke up when the intensity of sun’s warmth grew more. He looked around and began his steps. This time he had to walk down. So he walked carefully. He felt walking upward was easier than walking down. Small error or misbalance would make one fall like crazy. So, he was walking slowly. He had no idea where he was heading to but he kept on. It was long mile to go. He went on. He stopped, rested and again went on. After walking hours, he could see small village. There were view houses which looked like stones from tourist view. So, he walked little fast in order to reach there. Sun was revolving round along his walk. Finally he reached the village when sun was about to set down. To add his surprise, those weren’t houses, they were the tents and there were very few people around. They all wore clothes made up of leaves. So, he wandered around some tents. He hardly found any people around. The place was

small and almost covered by hard rocks and stone. It seemed like those of stone era, still undeveloped. He could hear some animals roaring around. There was no sun above so, he took out the light and searched for one tent. As it was already night, he decided to go in one of the tent. He slowly opened curtain of one of tent. “Hey! Who are you?” screamed the lady. “No, no, I am here for shelter, its already night, Can I spend tonight here? “We don’t have large space, you have to adjust here because we regard guest as god” said the man, who was cooking food. “Okay” Osin replied. “Get in” the man said. He went inside. It was small space. There was old lady and a girl on other side. “Sit there and let’s have food” the man said. All gathered near fire. They were given meat in leaves. Osin looked around and felt reluctant again. “Have them, they are meat of tiger. We hunted yesterday” the man said. Osin ate the food. It was tastier though. The old lady and the girl were having food in their bed, small though. After having food, that man went out. Osin looked around. It was narrow place. There were only two small beds made of wood and no space was around. Then, the man appeared. “I went to search bed sheet for you but I couldn’t find one. Today, you have to sleep with my mother.” He said “Hmm...” Osin was puzzled. He looked at the old woman. She looked fragile and sick too. “There are no any other options available. We have to adjust. I married yesterday, so today is our honeymoon, so can’t sleep with you also.” The man said.

Osin’s heart started bumping faster. He thought of walking away but it was night outside and moreover too cold. So, he adjusted with the old lady. He could hear sounds of dreadful animals around. The man and his wife on other sides were busy on something. That is sex. There was frequent sound of lady that symbolizes the pain. The old lady and Osin were closing their eyes but they couldn’t stop their ear. The sound of lady and the activity were larger. “AA……………..aa……………….” that echoed the small space and the audience were Osin and the old lady; mother of that man. They were having sex in front of their mother. There were no other options available too. They were poor and it was the compulsion of poverty. Osin couldn’t close his eyes that due to that forceful sound. His eyes were in a wait. The wait was for sun so that he could leave that place early. Next day, he left that place very early before the sun. He walked very fast in order to avoid that place. Many people were staring at him like he was from another planet. So, he increased his speed to maximum. He was suffocating all night though. He came near Ocean again. He bought ticket and went to very far to the place where the ship stopped. He stopped at the last stop. It was a city full of lofty houses and crowd of people. It was unlike the place that he visited before. He walked around. People were very busy. It was over crowded. All were running for something. Air was polluted, there were cacophony around. There were kinds of disappointment in everyone’s faces. In order to satisfy his hunger, he went to one of cafes. The café was named “Sandwich Park”. Sandwich Park was the cafe which was opulent for organic coffee and sandwich. The wooden table, art, crafts were the TLC of the café. It wasn't big enough but was a cozy place to enjoy and relax. It wasn't pack always but wasn't empty also. Some visited as a time pass; some for lunch but it was prominent for dating and junction. Its customers were also of various kinds. Some were old, some foreigners, some lawyers and mostly young folks. She had seen many jamborees of guys and girls for the purpose of dating and get together. Some were tall, some were dark, some had bike, some had car, among these costumer there was one regular costumer. There was one girl sitting in one of the wooden chairs and flipping through the novel

She was different from the rest. She used to read novel, sometime play guitar, sometime order coffee, puff the cigarettes. She never talked with anyone. She didn't have friends to chat and boyfriend to date. When she sat there, she was completely in the novel. Osin kept on watching her. Full ac inside, wooden chair around, peaceful environment, bunch of lights hanging around and pleasant environment was there around. The rain began dropping down. The air became colder and colder, made her shiver. Some were with their bfs and gfs sharing in gloomy environment. But she was all alone. "Do you have matches?" the girl asked He kept a silence for a while and nodded his head. “What’s your name?” she asked. “Osin” he replied and asked “What is yours?” “Simrika” She replied, and then she paused for a while. The boy looked at her and kept a silence for a while. The girl again asked “You are the regular customer here, what you actually do?"

“No, I am completely new here. I came from my village. What you do?” he said. "I am guitarist and writer, I learn and teach guitar. We have band. I write articles and read novels in my leisure period. I love travelling” The girl again puffed smoke and spoke after the silence "I listen pop and heavy metal, really they are doing great." "I am really interested in writing. In my home I used to write poem and some pieces during my free time, it’s really fun writing. One can express his feelings through writing”. He said “Yes” she said and took her coffee. Rain began dropping quite heavy this time. So he spoke with more energy. “Why don’t you take coffee? Shall I order one?” she asked. He replied “Okay”

After some minutes, coffee arrived and both started taking the sip Her phone rang up suddenly. She took sip of coffee and left half empty and said "Ok. Have to leave see you soon, bye". She hurried through the rain. She found the boy really interesting. He was really different from the rest of the guys. Her lost feelings were struggling to grow again. Among the groups he was only the guy, she longed to talk, share and speak up with. She was really moving ahead in life. She started liking the sun, feeling the hotness and loving the nature and cycles. She started knowing this world and the people. Before this, the world to her was the only the scene shown by the window but now she had started realizing its greatness and horizon. She had become like a drug addict who never care about the world. The entire world she lived in was all in all. Osin found the girl very interesting. He decided to spend his night somewhere near around and come to the same café again. Next day, she went to coffee earlier than the guy, environment was little chilly and gloomy, sun was in hide and seek with the clouds. So, she ordered two cup of coffee. She sat outside, tried to play with guitar without rhythm. Flipping through pages of novel and somehow waiting for the guy. Then the guy appeared, came near to Simrika and sat near. She looked and smiled and went on playing guitar in her own way. “Do you want to hear me? I wrote song yesterday” she asked. “Okay. Go on” he said. She took out guitar and started singing “Here I come………………………………………. ……………………………………………….” She was really a good singer. Her soft voice and guitar were perfectly sounding. Really the environment was too cool and musical. Their coffee arrived and song was given a pause. The boy asked, "By the way I again forgot your name, what is it?"

She replied, "I am Simrika and what about you?” "Osin" said he. They went on talking for the hours. They sometime talked about the sandwich park and its customer, sometimes about the environment and sometimes about writing. "I feel really comfortable here; I forget my pain of my life. When I sometime feel lonely, want to talk to someone, I just come here.” She said. “Well! Don’t you have partner, or you broke with him." she asked, "Nope, I don't have and what about you?" he asked. "No,” she replied. “Are you here looking for one around the streets who passes by” she asked with little smile. “Every dog running after car doesn’t mean he wants to be its driver, likewise every boy looking after girl doesn’t mean he wants to be their boy friend “he replied with considerable smile on his face. “Actually I didn't feel such any day, where I was in love. Love can't happen anytime, anywhere and with anybody. To fall in love, minute and second hand of a clock of two hearts must point exactly to the same hour. If that doesn't happen and we go on crying that we are in love, then simply a lust which eventually results in lost, I think guys make partner for to have sex and time pass only. “I may be wrong also but people I had met up to now had undoubtedly proved my sayings." Continued he. "Yes, you are right but I don't think all guys and girls are same as others. I think the boys pay to girls because he wants to have real satisfaction in life." says she. They were paused for a while. After that she started writing in the notebook. "What are you writing?" asked he "I am completing my poem. I write articles and poem in my good time” said Simrika. "Oh, that’s superb, can you read out that for me, please." he shared she was too much interested in writings. She began “This is somewhat written in short and broken language but one can understand it.

Darkness in light....... You may wonder what I m talking, darkness in light But it’s gone be happen, its true n I m right No matter how bright may be the sun? One day it will stop n may not be on n on. U may say there can’t be dark in light There is, it’s just u can’t see its sight. Just the crowd see only smile When pain is darkened for a while. Success is the light that is seen Insecurity is the darkness that is in. Take ur life as a huge dark And ur death as light n see how u can put a mark. If u can't c dark in light U r the fool, that can never might U may say blind has only dark He has inner light that makes him walk. Never be always happy that u got a light Darkness is there on rest for a while. I take myself as a huge dark So that I can see light when I have a talk. …………………… He did like the poem. He got more into the girl and found her more interesting.

She wasn't as bore as she seemed. Next day also, they chat on the same place but on different topics. This time; they discussed about their personal life. “From where you came to this city?” she asked. “I came from Budgella village. My mother died after I was born. My father married another wife. My father wanted something from me but I wanted something from life. So I decided to leave my village and I am wandering here and there. So, I came here. So, what about you?” he said. “There is a long story. I opened my eyes when my mother closed her own. Those innocent eyes of mine were thirsty of desert of getting mother’s love. I was lived in this world by my father and elder sister. My father was a rich man but a wino bibber. He had enough time but those hours, minute hand of his clock didn’t point for his family. He was like ATM card machine for her daughter. I could withdraw any amount till the validity didn’t end in his expenses for the drinks. During my childhood, my innocent eyes picked up many big dreams of becoming a doctor or an engineer but all turned out to be fragile and pushed to some uncertain periods when I became a drug addict. In my school days, I was quite jolly, friendly with my pals but when the time passed by, there were drastic changes in my behaviors. I spent half of childhood in hostel confining myself away from the world as far as possible, living up to my own. When I returned home, completing my high school, still I found myself more into darkness in light due to my father’s attitude and behaviors. Every time, my desire quenched for loneliness among the crowd. Behind these hazel eyes was a girl who was very lonely inside, even though on the outside I was smiling. My silence talked more than the words. Smokes, drugs, gajas became my daily necessities. Once, I was deprived of those stuffs then my body started fighting against my own soul. I didn’t walk in the road as if I ruled the world, but I used to walk in the world as if she didn’t care whoever ruled the world. I was freakier. People called me “bindas girl” in their local language, who puffed one, two packets of cigarettes daily and needed the daily dose of syringe piercing inside my skin. To meet the thirst of those drugs for my body, I started selling her stuffs when I found no money in my account. Reading novels, writing poems, articles became my favorite pastimes. I hardly had friends. Some of my close friends got distanced from me when I fell in the trap of drugs. I had circles for dealing with drugs but there were none for dealing with my emotions and feelings. I was technically and socially challenged. Unlike the people of my age, I was out of this wired world. I was out of modern era and fashions of going party, discos, and dates” she continued. “One night my father tried to rape my sister in drunken state. I tried to control him but couldn’t. So, I pulled the trigger and shoot him dead. I was put in prison for 1 year and my grandfather released me. This is all about me” she said. She looked sad. In order to divert the sadness, he said “I want to hear some of your piece” “Which one?” she asked.

“Ok” then she began…

OPTIMISM Optimism is the powerful tool to conquer the happiness. It is the last and best option to adopt when we discover that we can't win the game by anything else. Optimism is an inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions or to anticipate the best possible outcome. It is the energy which gives us power to think that everything is possible. It enlightens us to feel that we live in the best of all worlds. No matter what is happening around us, if we can develop our positive attitude at the core of our being, we will equip ourselves to survive any challenge, any disappointment, any crisis, and any source of upset. An optimist always thinks that some terrific will happen no matter how dark the present. An optimist always hopes a glimpse of light even in a scary darkness. If a door is closed, an optimist tries for next door or makes a door himself. A common conundrum illustrates optimism-versus-pessimism with the question; does one regard a given glass of water, filled to half its capacity, as half full or as half empty? Conventional wisdom expects optimists to reply, "Half full," and pessimists to respond, "Half empty”. An optimist thinks the entire world belongs to him. Optimism develops confidence that eventually results success. Pessimist always complains about the problem whereas an optimist tries to find the solution for it. An optimist can create a new way whereas pessimist doesn't see any way. Optimism does have positive influence on other also. Once, there were two business partners. Unluckily, one partner lost 2 billion in share. So, he felt very guilty and couldn’t face his partner. He even tried of winding up his life for that huge loss. Surprisingly his partner came and thanked him that he lost only 2 billion and further added if there were other, they would have lost further more. These positive words influenced that depressed partner so much that he toiled himself and made the business in profit instantly. Finally, their business became opulent. People who consistently exhibit a positive attitude are more likely to stay healthier, look fitter, and recover faster from any illnesses they do undergo. There is certainly something about optimism that goes far beyond merely being “upbeat” or “perky” — it’s a way of thinking and a way of living that actually improves our overall sense of wellbeing. Instead of viewing an illness as proof of how hopeless life is, an optimist looks it as the body’s way of telling that something needs to change, and then work on changing it. Optimism is the best cure for the patient who is not sure whether he will recover or not. Without optimism, you don't even dare to move. So be optimist, have some guts and achieve the success eventually.

Then she flipped the page and read next:

NEVER GIVE UP "Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees" -J. WILLARD MARRIOTT Success is the final outcome of many hard experiments and bad failures. We should all understand that if we don't get the desired outcome we want, then it is simply feedback. Humans have learned only through mistakes. Nothing is impossible in this world if we have real motivations and desire to achieve it. Failure is the small obstacle that tries to pull us back. Many obstacles can be found in our way and make us fail but we should go on with new strategies and more energy. History has shown time and again that if people maintain the belief systems that encourage them, they will keep coming back with enough actions and enough resourcefulness to succeed eventually. Abraham Lincoln lost some elections, but he continued to believe in his ability. He refused to be cowed by his failures and finally he achieved it. When he did, he changed the history of his country. Sometimes people produce result simply because they don't know something is impossible. There is a story of a young man who fell asleep during his math class. He woke up as the bell rang, looked up at the blackboard and quickly copied two problems that were there. He thought they were the homework. He went home and labored all day and night. He couldn't figure out either one, but he kept trying for weeks and finally he got answer to one and brought to the class. The teacher was absolutely stunned. It turned out the problem he'd solved was supposedly unsolvable. If he had known that he probably wouldn't have solved it. Dedications, hard work, motivations are the key components of success. If people had given up, then would have been still in that Stone Age. People are now able to reach other planets and moon also. If Einstein had given up then, we wouldn't have seen the atom bomb and if Thomas Edison had given up after his 9,999 times of failure, then we would have been still living in darkness. We must thank to his failures and most importantly his courage and dedications to his work. Our doubts are traitors. The fear of failure makes the things impossible to achieve. Many struggles, failures, complications make the final product really beautiful. The timber tree becomes tougher when it bears heavy winds. Future is really uncertain. We don’t know what the result may be. The result that is obtained easily may not be as beautiful and perfect as the result obtained with great struggles and failures.

We know that failure is temporary but giving up makes it permanent. So never give up, always go on. …………………………………………………. “Wow they are nice. I want more” he requested. “Okay, here are pieces that I wrote regarding present day women and condition of our city and movies” I will utter them out. She continued. WHAT PRESENT DAY WOMEN WANT? All men out there…please listen to what we girls have to say….and boys please agree to this alright..!!.. lol WOMEN WANT IMPERFECTION It’s okay if you are flawed. It’ll go well with our blemishes. Nothing annoys us more than someone who’s kind, sweet, loving and understanding ALL the time. We need a little friction. A reason to run to our best girlfriends and complain. The typical screen hero with the heart of gold and bulging muscle may go well with a bag of popcorn. When it comes down to real life we don’t want someone unknowingly perfect, he makes us look and feel inadequate. So go ahead, honey, open a can of beer and watch that cricket match all Sunday. It’s okay if you let a few burps too. Don’t mind our menacing scowls and threatening looks. Just remember, diamonds are very pretty!! WOMEN WANT ATTENTION Let’s bury chivalry first. Kindly refrain from holding the door. We are not stupid, we won’t walk through it. (but ‘sweety’ I liked it when u did that, okay!!!). But at the same time we want to be stared when we are not looking. We want a little bit of fussing when our knees get scraped. The latest novel by our favorite author waiting by our bedside table when we wake up. Our favourite brand of chocolate to mysteriously keep popping up in the fridge. As far as love is concerned, it’s the little things rather than the unimaginative extravaganzas that make out toes curl. WOMEN WANT LOVE Not the ‘let me pluck these roses and see if he loves me or not’ kind. Or the r the ‘sweetie, can u run around a foggy moor and hysterically scream my name please’ kind either (though that’s not a bad idea!!...ummmm) Welllll…….I believe in love. But after everything you have been through if someone knows how much sugar you have in your coffee without having to ask (I know you very well know I want sprite and lemon juice hai!!) or knows that you have always wanted to have a puppy without having to be told (and I very well know u want a doggy, later of course) or holds your history in a way, you feel that to him, you are a superstar you always knew you were, that’s the guy

for we girls. It all boils down to companionship. Knowing each other intimately to say ‘hey, there is something in your teeth, stand still, will you??’ or to say ‘buy me that navel ring right now’…when he very well knows you cannot unscrew you previous one anyhow…uhmm uhmm....we are tired of grooming ourselves and making it look like we have just fell out of bed. Lets get real now. We want love. Just not the entire manufactured production that goes into it. …………………………………………………………………………………………………… ……………………

POLITICS ALL AROUND Why are there so many problems in Nepal? It’s mainly because of two reasons—politics and preferences. A student doesn’t read, but engages in politics, a businessman doesn’t do business but plays a political game, and the same goes for workers. But unfortunately, the political game isn’t always fair. Many times they revolve around power and pulling each other’s leg. One reason behind many problems is preference. In any organisation, if you apply for the job, in most of cases, you get job because you have some kind of relation to the boss. Due to this, the wrong person often gets a good position and the right person never gets chance. Here, talent counts less. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, what counts is how many links and relations you have. Everywhere you go, there are politics. You may travel in a public bus, but you are afraid to argue with the conductor when they charge you more. After all, they often have unions affiliated with some political leader. In colleges, there are student unions affiliated with political parties. Teachers fear to charge students for breaking rules in fear of some kind of political retribution. A boss fears to criticize his employees because they belong to political parties. The police are forced to release criminals due to pressure from political parties. Traffic police fear punishing law breakers because of misdirected political pressure. In one incident I saw where a young man on a bike hit a pedestrian. Luckily the pedestrian wasn’t hurt. The man driving was actually in the wrong— driving on the wrong side of the road. The traffic police arrived and

asked him for his licence, but the boy didn’t have one. After some arguing, the young man made a phone call and handed it to the officer. After a short conversation they released him without any punishment. I was shocked—where was the justice? And this political pervasion isn’t limited to people with links with people high up in the political spectrum. In this situation, real talent is often overshadowed. You get a job not because of your talent but because you are have a connection to the boss, owner or person even higher up. And when these connected few get a job, they think they are superior to anyone else. Recently, one of my relatives applied for job in an organisation. He had a Master’s degree with first division and with a long list of experience as well. In the end, there were two candidates for job. The other one had a Bachelor’s degree. But the second one got the job simply because knew the employer. If everyone does their respective work independently and decently, then there won’t be any chaos. Let students read, businessmen do business, workers do work and politicians do politics fairly. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

COST OF GOOD MOVIES Just imagine, you go to a movie hall, pay for a high-priced ticket to see the latest Nepali flick, only to leave long before the interval because you weren't enjoying the movie. How would you feel in that situation? Perhaps a little disappointed, or maybe even a little bit angry having wasted your valuable money. At least that's how I felt when I watched Nepali movies after not going to see one for a long time. We were excited to see a product of our own film industry, but unfortunately, we did not like the movie. It was like a serial, lacked clean cinematography, featured bad acting, and didn't have a good storyline.

There are many youth in our city that prefer watching foreign movies over our domestic productions—especially in Kathmandu, which is flooded with countless foreign movies featuring Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, and many others. Some people argue that our film industry doesn't have a large enough budget to make quality movies. They say that we shouldn't always look at our movies in comparison with foreign movies. But is the budget the primary reason for the poor quality of recently produced our movies? Even good movies can be made with a small budget. Take the movie Rock on!! for example. Though it was a low-budget production, it still rocked audiences. This just shows that ideas and stories are more important than a large budget. Most of the time, we copy foreign movies or use the same old formula. In many movies, we either have the same old love stories or fight scenes. Most people don't dare make experimental movies. They are afraid the risk might cause them to lose money. But filmmakers need to concentrate more on quality rather than making money. If the quality of a movie is good, then the quantity of money should match. So people focus on same story and formula targeting a select audience. Producers and directors focus on what has worked in the past, and what will most easily win publicity. But repeating the same formula does not necessarily make a good movie or ensure its popularity. If it is an excellent movie, people will throng to the movie halls. It's time for movie makers to redirect their efforts to making quality movies, not making money. Because going by the most recent releases, the latter strategy is not producing the desired results.

He really loved the piece and he demanded to recite some of her best piece.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “Yes, go on” he replied. She began……

Tranquility of mind Tranquility of mind is the beautiful way of living our life. It is the beautiful symbol of wisdom. The person with calm mind is the one who is far from fuss and fume and worry and remains poised and tackles each problem easily. Once you attain this peace of mind, you think the world is a beautiful heaven and you began to love its accessories and its people. You think you are in the best part of the world.

The calm person, having learned how to be the master of own, knows how to adapt themselves to ups and downs of life and they believe in optimism. The more tranquil a person becomes, the greater is their value and success, their fields of attraction, their power for good. Even the ordinary shopkeeper will prosper in his work as one develops a greater self control and equanimity, for people will always prefer to deal with such person who never gets angry while dealing with them. Really, this is one of the finest ways to move ahead in life.

The strong, calm person is always adored by all. People always want such people to nestle them in their eyes. They can’t hurt anyone. They can catalyze themselves into pure water for thirsty travelers, or be a sheltering rock in a storm. Who does not love a tranquil heart, a sweet-tempered, beautiful and peaceful mind? The mind looks beautiful when it is at peace. It does not matter whether it rains or shines, or what changes and obstacles there are in the way, for they are always sweet and calm. It helps to dive in the oceans of truth, far from explosive bombs of temper, heavy heart, crazy, loud and hot blood. Calm people are regarded as people with high dignity and knowledge. It is the one important key to success. But we often tend to forget this key. Gautam Buddha is today regarded as the light of Asia. He was the man with peaceful heart and mind. He

totally changed the view of people.

Only the wise man, who is the master of his thoughts and purified, makes the winds and the storms of the soul obey him. He knows the passion and become it and finally let it become him. He doesn’t care where the majorities are once he is the ruler of his thoughts .In the ocean of life the isles of blessedness are smiling and the sunny shore of your ideal awaits your coming. Self control is the power, the power that can change you. So, put your hand on your heart, knit your eyes and say unto your idiot heart “Peace in mind, the life is what it goes on so, you go on with it”. COME ALIVE… Nowadays, many of us are struggling hard to chase the dreams seen by others. We simply pick up a dream to be a doctor, engineer or something famous because our parents, society want that. We don't give a single moment from our tight schedules to discover our passion.. Sometimes we bury our passions deeply because of something that has happened in our life or out of the fear of what may be asked of us should we open this area of our life. We cannot open ourselves to our passion or our purpose until we are prepared to go beyond our comfort zone, scary perhaps, rewarding definitely.

We can begin to identify our passion when we ask ourselves questions about what we really feel strongly about. What would we defend to the death? What sparks our excitement? What is the most important thing for us? What do we thoroughly enjoy in life? What makes us come alive? What brings great joy? Maybe our answers are tentative at first. Maybe we have more than one thing that sparks our passion. That's fine. Sometimes our passion evolves as we pay attention to it. When we allow ourselves time to explore our passion, more opportunities for it will show up. We should grab that passion when it is present. Finding our passion and expressing it in our life and work is a wonderful way to make our life meaningful and fulfilling. And isn't that what living is all about?

If you discover that you have passion for art, music or something else, go completely for it no matter where the majority are. When you are inspired by a passion or purpose which lights up your life your world expands beyond bounds and previously conceived boundaries and you discover yourself to be a greater person than you can imagine. Along your path of discovery there will be those that will endeavor to discourage you. Do not let anyone steal them from your - do not be distracted. It is only by persevering that you will achieve and live out your passion and purpose. Never underestimate the greatness that is in all of us. If we turn out the pages of history, greatest things were created when there was a perfect blend of passion and devotion. Albert Einstein, the man with beautiful mind discovered his passion, toiled on it and finally gave the science new way. Could we know Picasso if had chosen to be doctor or soldier? He had passion in art, he went discovering himself and finally died ending up as Picasso, the great artist.

If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? So, find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen for you. Be gutsy, break out all the limitations, go for your passion, work on it and finally you will be the happiest fellow in this earth.

FOUNTAINS OF PLEASURES Reading books is one of the wonderful charms of a cultured life. The man who doesn't read book is imprisoned in his immediate world. It hits our narrow, delicate, intolerant views with new ideas and strong facts. It stimulates growing up instead of growing old. A good book takes a reader to different countries or ages. W. Basil Worsfold says, through literature we learn wisdom from Aristotle, geometry from Euclid, law from Justinian and morality from Christ and St. Paul. Creative literature attracts all. It nourishes youth, entertains old, and solaces adversity. Really, it prepares us to face life cheerfully. Good books let us into their own soul and lay open our own secret. Reading is the great form of learning and enjoying. Let us play with each words of book and explore the real happiness and joy.

Sometimes when we are required to read so many books that other people want us to read, we forget that we can still read for ourselves. Reading becomes an exercise in choking down as many pages as possible--while retaining the relevant information for that test or essay. Then, when we finally have the diploma or the degree (or we move on with our lives), we breathe a huge sigh of relief. Yes, you may need a break from reading... but don't let academia ruin the pleasure of reading forever. Reading is fun. It's just a matter of remembering what you once enjoyed reading. Get back to it!.

A good book exists to please. It lightens the burden of men's lives, to make them short for a while forget their sorrows, their silenced hearts and their disappointed hopes. It excites thought, increases our vitality and influences our personal conduct. A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. They are the true friends; they will neither flatter nor dissemble. I am sure you live several lives while reading it. Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book.

All books aren't the best. There is one saying "Don't read health books, you may die of misprint". So, sometimes, they are fatal. We can pick up a book from the libraries of our interest. It can be literature, biography, or history and many more. Great poems and novels also give us an insight to us. For a look, Shakespeare's Macbeth mirrors our dishonest ambitions. I find television to be very fruitful and educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go in the other room and read a book. One day, somewhere if you feel lonely, don't get disappointed, be a friend of a good book, conquer each word and play with them. You will get the real pleasure.

SIMPLICITY MATTERS Simplicity is the finest way of living life. Simplicity implies beauty, purity and clarity. Who doesn’t love a simple man? In fact, they are the ones who are adored and wanted by all.

Simplicity denotes truth. It is the theme of Christian religion. According to St.Thomas Aquinas, even God is infinitely simple. Simplicity is the greatest ornament of man. It adds to his charm, personality and popularity. Simplicity matters a lot in everything. A reader gets more fascinated towards the book due to its simplicity in writing and presentation. According to E. F Schumacher, any fool can make things complicated, but it requires a genius to make things simple. The beautiful element of clarity comes along with the simplicity of the language. People mostly try to avoid reading extra long paragraphs that are full of exaggerations. A nice few short words make the sentences simpler for the writer as well as the reader. Simplicity is the inevitable part of perennial wisdom that is promoted by many great thinkers and visionaries. Although sometimes people think simplicity means a kind of ‘hair-shirt’, simple dressing lifestyles, but they are not the core point. Simplicity is a positive quality; when things are simple they are well-made, they last forever,they are made with pleasure and they give pleasure when used. According to Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Simplicity requires fewer egos and more imagination, less complication and more creativity, less glamour and more gratitude, less attention to appearance and more attention to essence. Simplicity is the greatest treasure. The value of the greatest achiever goes higher due to his simplicity. In all, manner, character, the supreme excellence is simplicity. There is a saying that beauty lies in simplicity. A woman looks more beautiful when she is simple. The outer make ups is temporary beauty but it soon fades away. In the same way, a man is good,adorable when his simplicity is at his best. People don’t like those who are proud and loud. And successful people are those who always bow down whatever height they have reached. It is a fact that all fruit trees always bow down when laden with fruits. So, simple living high thinking is the best way to live our life. So, let’s be simple and be a model to other. ………………………. “These are my pieces. Why don’t you try once? You told you used to write in village. Recite me tomorrow, ok” she said. “Okay, I will try” he uttered immediately. That night he again stayed in the same hotel and wrote a piece. Next day, before Simrika, he went to café with notes and ordered two cup of coffee.

After hour, the lady arrived and sat in the same place. “Have you wrote?” the girl asked. “Yes, I tried” said he and turned out his note and began. LITTLE THINGS WE DOLittle things we do can make somebody so special and happy. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can bring out great results. A little smile can touch the heart of millions, a little help given to the needy means a lot to them, a little support can push up many, a little touch can heal many illnesses, and a little thing done can make you special. Great things aren’t made great by themselves; they are the ones made by doing little things by many. Sometimes, the little things we do can please the heart of many. Sometimes, little things done can catalyze into pure water for thirsty travelers, be a sheltering rock in a storm. It doesn’t matter how much we do, what really matters is how we do. Once there was a small boy who went in a restaurant for an icecream. He asked the waiter, “What is the price of a big cup?” “Rs.20,” the waiter replied. He again asked price of a small cup. It was Rs.15. The boy ordered for a small one. After having the icecream, he ordered the bill, paid the money and left. The waiter came to his table. There he found a piece of paper and money was rolled inside it. He stared at the boy far away, and drops of tear rolled down his eyes. Actually, that small boy had left Rs.20, and in the piece of paper “Rs.5 for your service. Thank you!!” was written A country can be made a better place by the little efforts of all. Likewise, in any organization, a little effort of all can enhance its development. A little help rendered to the poor, orphans means a lot to them. A little motivation, a little encouragement can bring out great accomplishments. Sometimes the works that are supposed to be impossible are made possible by the little efforts of many. Let’s take our city, our rivers, our ponds; we often complain it to be dirty, impure day by day. But, who made it so? It’s all due to our activities. We often wait for the government, and others to make them clean. Let each of citizen stop throwing waste materials in the ponds, rivers, to spit on road, to burn tyres and to do any activity that results in pollution. It’s a little effort of ours, but those little efforts can make our city clean, green and healthy.

It’s the little things that we do make somebody, something so special. SEIZE YOUR DREAM……….. Deciding to seize ones dream means I am doing what it takes to make my dream a reality. I have a dream means I wish to achieve but seizing my dream makes me the real achiever.All have dream but few makes it a reality.Dreaming is not great but acquiring it make so. It says I am in control of my dream. This takes consistent work and commitment. In order for this to happen we must move from thinking about it to doing something about it.It is essential for us to realize that seizing our dream means we will experience setbacks, frustration, and disappointment however we must weather the storm. In order to seize the dream within us we must began to think and act in terms of where we want to be rather than where we are.

How often have you had a dream, something you just knew in your heart you wanted and could do even though you had no idea how, and you shot yourself down. If you did pursue it you did what most people do, you took that dream and shrank it till it was only a tiny fraction of what you could have accomplished, until it was big enough to fit into the box of your comfort zone and leave you pretty much unchanged.Dream can come out from seeing other,being somewhat like that;getting the things which are supposed to be quite cozy and high.

Some go on dreaming and some work for it.Today,many of us are in same condition.We weave a good dream,we know we should acquire it but we just go on living in our own way keeping it beside.Sometimes we have good plans for our dream but we are forced to sacrify it for the society and parents.Smash through the boundaries of what you believe is possible and break loose from your own limitation. If your dream is to be the richest of country within 15 years,then go for it!The richest person idea will come if you visualize it, believe in it, expect it ,go completely into it and get totally psyched about it.

I dont want to leave further means I don’t have any dream or I am not worth of conquering my dream. We should always dream big. The bigger you dream the bigger the ideas you'll have and the bigger the opportunities will be that are presented to you.It's just as easy to dream a big dream as it is to dream a small dream. Most people fail at life not because they aim too high and miss, but aim too low and hit.

Losers see the dream but winners seize it.Now it depends on you whether you want to be a winner or remain only as a loser.So,better dream,seize it and be the winner. After that there was a little smile on her face. She kept on gazing at him for some time and began "Wow! You came out to be better than me. It was really awesome”. He was really satisfied with her and felt proud of her. He blushed. It was cool outside; the whole environment was filled with soft and romantic songs. People kept on visiting the place, they were deep into their conversation, being more near, knowing better with each other. They were together because they liked to be and moreover, they enjoyed their company. Really, there are many fishes in ocean but, we choose one among numerous, may be just may be we like them or we can't ignore them and let them away. When we walk in streets among the groups, our heart pointed to one. May be our inner vibes find out them and we try hard to treasure and try not hurting them, may be that is the word what we called a love. Love can’t be made, searched, conquered, it just happened, when it does, it even doesn’t make us aware. Who can catch it, they are happy and one who doesn't just wonder searching to be loved. She, in attempt to make him feel strong and believe, she read out one of his article, That was like this: Be the mogul of yourself "If you could only love enough, you could be the most powerful person in the world." EMMETT FOX You are the master of yourself. We spend so much of our time waiting to be loved, hoping love will find us, searching, and yearning for that special love. Feeling empty and lost without it. Wanting someone to give us love and fill us up. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. You will draw to you exactly what you create in life, and what you believe you are worthy of. So loving yourself can create love in your life. So, be confident, love yourself and discover the real you. We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies. Confidence is the preparation; other things are just beyond our control. People are like stainedglass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within. Once you love yourself, you will find

your life a beautiful game to play with. Love yourself and try to love other. Don’t listen what critics say, believe in you and go on. You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose. Success also runs away from us if we are not strong and confident. You can't grab the fruit from the tree by failing to attempt to climb. There comes a time when our faith, our values our patience, our compassion, our ability to persist, are all pushed to our limits and beyond. Some people use such tests as opportunities to become better people, others allow these experiences of life to destroy them. We can turn anything impossible into possible if we love ourselves. Once there was a blind girl who decided to take part in a race. Her teacher asked her how she could compete with other participants who could see. Teacher was really proud when she replied that she just need little more efforts than other in that race and she was confident that she could stand first in that race. Luckily, she topped all those perfect racer .This proves that if you believe in yourself, you can win the world, everything seems possible and life becomes really beautiful. Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong. The best way to gain self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. Take it easy on yourself. In this existence, mistakes will be made. That's what makes us stronger to face new challenges. By overcoming Certain obstacles we are equipping ourselves for what may come next. So, love yourself and be the real ruler of yourself. …………………………………..

Then next day, she set out for going concert. She was giving concert and she invited Osin too. There were huge crowds. Osin confined himself among the crowds. Then, came turn of Simrika; band in her head, guitar, long hair, she looked like a pop celebrity and he began singing ………………… All crowds were cheering, dancing, and banging their heads. She was completely into it. He had never enjoyed the crowd as such ever in his life. Then that night, they moved for party as celebration along with Osin. He enjoyed dance party there. Dance was couple dance and one of them were Simrika and Osin enjoying with soft music going on, couples looking at each other, completely lost into each other .It was a romantic night. All set for celebration, all; guys or girls, innocent or wild, began drinking beer. "Please, take a sip for me, today is my day, are you enjoying here?" she asked.

“Yes, its wonderful tonight” he said. He felt little gauche at first but sip at last. Night was going deeper and deeper. Moon was emerging slowly, so they decided to set for home. They started the conversation. She began sharing about her life. "I had happy life; what a luxurious life I had! All friends hover around me but the moment changed my life. Today I know, I am not perfect, I don't have many friends still some of my friends call me druggist. I, when take my step back I realize how amazing is my life and that may be, the reason I like the imperfectness. But now, I realized I started loving a boy, missing his presence, smile. I sometime used to think how wonderful the life is, if we have someone to love, care, miss and understand us; one who will just sit besides and encourage us to move forward in life; one who gives us company, when we are lost by our self." "I love you" Can I be your girl and walk miles with you?” she proposed him. “I think it's a right time and I don't want give my lives miss this wonderful time." Then there was a silence for the while, she closed her eyes and started thinking was he the right guy was he the guy of her type to whom she was in search of. She realized he was the one who taught her to live, to love and to compete with this world. “Yes, I love you too” he replied. Then, they started starring each other’s eye and getting completely into each other. Clouds were denser and denser up above the sky and drops of rain were seen on earth, so they decided to leave for home giving a start for the love and putting comma for while. Days and years went on slowly along with sun rise and sunset. Days were like rainbow in the sky. At last they decided to marry. Simrika agreed to run away with him. After some days, they decided to leave that city. They went to beach of one peaceful river and decided to live there. It was far from the city. There Osin decided to live as fisherman. The two couples happily lived ever after. One day, he was lying on a beautiful beach, with his fishing pole propped up in the sand and his solitary line cast out into the sparkling blue surf. He was enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun and the prospect of catching a fish. About that time, a businessman came walking down the beach, trying to relieve some of the stress of his workday. He happened to be his classmate of his childhood days. He noticed the fisherman sitting on the beach and

decided to find out why this fisherman was fishing instead of working harder to make a living for himself and his family. "You aren't going to catch many fish that way," said the businessman to the fisherman. "You should be working rather than lying on the beach!" The fisherman looked up at the businessman, smiled and replied, "And what will my reward be?" "Well, you can get bigger nets and catch more fish!" was the businessman's answer. "And then what will my reward be?" asked the fisherman, still smiling. The businessman replied, "You will make money and you'll be able to buy a boat, which will then result in larger catches of fish!" "And then what will my reward be?" asked the fisherman again. The businessman was beginning to get a little irritated with the fisherman's questions. "You can buy a bigger boat, and hire some people to work for you!" he said. "And then what will my reward be?" repeated the fisherman. The businessman was getting angry. "Don't you understand? You can build up a fleet of fishing boats, sail all over the world, and let all your employees catch fish for you!" Once again the fisherman asked, "And then what will my reward be?" The businessman was red with rage and shouted at the fisherman, "Don't you understand that you can become so rich that you will never have to work for your living again! You can spend all the rest of your days sitting on this beach, looking at the sunset. You won't have a care in the world!" The fisherman, still smiling, looked up and said, "And what do you think I'm doing right now?"

What is the difference between dream and reality? It’s just a wink of an eye. If you close your eyes, there is your dream and if you open, there is reality. Dream and reality nestle in your eyes only. The point of space confine only in the movement of eyelids. Dream requires effortless sleep and to make your reality beautiful, you need sleepless effort. We put tireless effort to make our dream true. Reality is seeing the visible and saying why but dream is about seeing invisible and saying Why not! Dream is about seeing light in the darkness, but reality is about facing it. We go on painting wonderful dreams on confined art paper hanging under water drops and we don't know when, how, why breeze comes; spill those ripples of drops or take away with it and we come to be just a prostrate and helpless creature. To make your dream a reality is like to start a journey and terminate it to its destination with a huge sigh on your mind and heart. But before you start, your heart is always skeptical of some bad omen. If that omen is won,

you reach the destination, else you never know…… Likewise dream is a beautiful journey and destination is a reality. The journey remains only a dream unless you dream to make it a reality.

You become what you believe you are; else, life becomes meaningless and dumb.

A dream is temporary but a reality is permanent and real but unfortunately all dreams seen don’t turn out to be the reality. All have dreams and nightmares; one can conquer the nightmare because of dreams. One should better love the dreams of future rather than history of the past. Let’s take the words of Woodrow Wilson; he says “We grow great by dreams.” All big men are dreamers. They see things in the soft haze of a spring day or in the red fire of a long winter's evening. Some of us let these great dreams die, but others nourish and protect them; nurse them through bad days till they bring them to the sunshine and light which comes always to those who sincerely hope that their dreams will come true. So like Osin if one wishes to fulfill his/her dream, the whole universe will be with you. Whatever be the condition, just listen to your heart no matter where the majority are.


Osin Fisher  
Osin Fisher  

This is a fiction of young boy who dreams to traveler. He wonders in many dreamland.