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About KSM Superclean Established in 1997 KSM Superclean specialises in Micro Contamination Removal Technology. KSM Superclean produces a range of hand tools plus 10 machine designs that cover most contact cleaning applications. Machines with the capability to clean at speeds of up to 250m per minute and operate 24 hours a day every day. Our products, designed and built on our foundation of Strong, Simple and Reliable, are supplied to customers all over the world.

Superclean: ECK12 Contact Cleaning Kit

Superclean: MLP Roll to Roll Cleaning

What is Contact Cleaning Contact cleaning is a reliable method of removing surface contamination from flat and semiflat material in sheet, panel and roll form. Cleaning panels and flexible sheets down to 50 microns.

Superclean: Clean Room Floor Cleaner

Superclean: ESD Panel Cleaner

Superclean: ECC 200 Presaturated Wipes

How does Contact Cleaning work The system consists of two main components these are:

Superblue™ Elastomer Rollers These are formulated from chemically stable elastomer material, the rollers conform to the contours and surface variations of the material being cleaned without applying surface pressure. The elastomer roller will not cross-contaminate the substrate being cleaned. Utilising surface tension properties all loose particles down to less than 1 micron will be removed from the substrate.

Superclean Adhesive Rollers KSM Superclean Adhesive Rollers are the result of 15 years experience with global high technology users of contact cleaning systems, formulated by independent specialists to provide the perfect contamination trap. The adhesive only allows one way transfer of particles from the elastomer rollers to the adhesive. Adhesive roll cores are made of plastic and the adhesive is carried on a sealed carrier.

Superclean: Adhesive roll core chuck Superclean: Adhesive rolls in three core diameters

Why should we clean Surface contamination can consist of dust, skin, hair, fibres from clothing and offcuts of the materials being processed. This contamination may not be evident to the human eye but could result in the finished product requiring rework or rejection. Undetected surface contamination may cause product failure after the completion and delivery of the finished product, this type of failure is the most costly in terms of customer relationships and financial claims. The benefits of using contact cleaning are:

• Improved Product Quality

Superclean: ILS cleaning Printed Circuit Boards prior to population

• Reduced Rework and Product Scrap • Reduced Product Returns • Increased Profitability • Good Customer Relationships Contact cleaning running costs are low and the Superclean: SSD Panel and Sheet cleaning of thin films to substrate up to 10mm thick

Superclean: ECR Heavy Duty Hand Roller

Superclean Services

Superclean Products

Panel and Sheet Cleaning

Thin Film Panel Cleaner

Reel to Reel Cleaning

Single and Double Sided Cleaning

Floor Cleaner

Hand Rollers

Adhesive Rolls

Adhesive Pads

Adhesive Pad Holder

Elastomer Rollers

Presaturated Wipes

Core Chucks

Dry Wipes

IPA Spray

Tacky Wipes

Adhesive Floor Mats

Replacement Elastomer Rollers

Static Bar Checker

Static Meter

Static Control Equipment

Superclean: SH Roll to Roll cleaning of films and foils

ksm superclean  

ksm superclean

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