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cash flow

work permit

cash flow the movement of money coming into a business as income and going out as wages, materials etc przepływ gotówki: We expect a rise in both our production and our cash flow. Compensation (noun) money paid to someone because they have suffered injury or loss, or because something they own has been damaged kompensacja, odszkodowanie: received compensation from the government for the damage caused to her property ; when someone behaves in a particular way in order to replace something that is missing or to balance the bad effects of something: Linda's aggressiveness is just a compensation for her feelings of insecurity. ; something that makes a bad situation better: ; American English - the money someone is paid for doing their job feel the pinch (idiom) to have financial difficulties, especially because you are not making as much money as you used to make mieć problemy finansowe : Local stores and businesses are beginning to feel

the pinch.

hush money (idiom) money that is paid to someone not to tell other people about something embarrassing zapłata za milczenie in the doldrums (idiom) if you are in the doldrums, you are feeling sad być w depresji, mieć chandrę:

Fay is in the doldrums today.

make ends meet (idiom) to have only just enough money to buy the things you need wiązać koniec z końcem: When Mike lost his job, we could barely make ends meet. sack (verb) informal to dismiss someone from their job [= fire] zwolnić z pracy: They couldn't sack me - I'd

done nothing wrong.

the purse strings (idiom) used to refer to the control of spending in a family, company, country etc trzymać rękę na kasie: She keeps tight control over the purse strings. tighten your belt (idiom) to try to spend less money than you used to zaciskać pasa: Businesses were

tightening their belts and cutting jobs.

work permit (proverb) an official document that you need if you want to work in a foreign country pozwolenie na pracę

słownik ang - pl  

Słownik pl - ang stworzony za pomoca narzędzia TLex Proffesional jako nauka samodzielnego tworzenia słownika.

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