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TANAMERA SPA Authentic traditional treatments is like an escape to an oasis of calm and tranquility as you indulge on the ultimate spa experience at the Tanamera Wellness Spa in Starling Mall. Awaken your senses and pamper yourself from head to toe with traditional treatments made from 100 percent natural ingredients, such as indigenous flowers and herbs. The history of Malay beauty treatments are passed down from generation to generation and rarely shared for commercial gains. Tanamera Wellness Spa treatments are a revival of these traditions and complemented by products that are free from toxic chemicals, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrance and chemical preservatives. The brand’s Massage works offers different massage techniques to help your body rebalance, rest and be restored, and the four massages offered are Holistic, Malay Traditional, Aromatherapy as well as Neck and Shoulder. Tanamera Faceworks offer facials using freshly ground natural botanical ingredients to promote clear, hydrated and supple skin. There is also the Traditional Facial, Aromatherapy Facial and Tanamera Facial. Other services available include foot spa session, body scrub and body wrap, body herbal compress, post and prenatal massage and treatments. One of the speciality is the pre and post-natal massages available at Tanamera Wellness Spa. As pregnancy comes with the usual aches, pains and tender spots, this specially designed pre-natal massage

“ your body rebalance, rest and be restored, and the four massages offered are Holistic, Malay Traditional, Aromatherapy as well as Neck and Shoulder.� helps to ease muscular discomfort, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness. Knots are being worked on in all the right spots using the Swedish technique of long and gentle strokes, making the experience a most relaxing one. The oils being used are 100% natural and plant based and without the nasty chemicals and preservatives, which is ideal for the inherent sensitive skin during this period. For the post-natal massage, there is a delightful range of services that is being offered, ranging from herbal steam baths to body scrubs based on careful techniques derived from Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and Malay herbal traditions to help mothers into postpartum life. Done over a course of three, five, ten or fourteen days for a minimum of two and a half hours a day, this ritual is inclusive of the famous Tanamera Postnatal set, which comprises the postnatal massage, herbal bath, Tungku hot stone therapy, and Bangkung binding. For more infomation, check out

Malindo Air passengers are entitled up to 20% off savings on total spa bill* when the boarding pass or Malindo Miles membership card is presented. 3 0 | M ALIND OM AG | S EPTEM B ER 2 018

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