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The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Atithi Devo Bhav Happenings Special Initiatives Quotes and Jokes

The Masters on Toastmasters:

"Toastmasters changed my life. They really did. Put me on the stage. I don't know what I would have done without that positive boost." Chris Mattews is a wellknown author and journalist who hosts MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews and The Chris Matthews Show.

President’s Message: Newsletter of a club is much more than a mere collection of information, it’s the communication of the club with the club. The newsletter provides us the opportunity to seamlessly express our ideas, emotions, feelings and knowledge without being bound by the theme of the day, objectives of the speech or the pre- selected table topics, it provides us the opportunity to enliven the best of club meetings even if we had missed any, it provides. an opportunity to know our fellow members especially the new entrants in the folds of our family. And above all, it provides us an opportunity to rewind and cherish those beautiful moments we spent in the exciting club meetings as successful speakers, role players or the winners of the contests. We at SDTM, have been missing our club’s News Letter for quite long now, depriving ourselves from so many beautiful opportunities; but after a chase, full of hurdles, failures, pits and falls, we seem to have embraced it at last . So, dear friends, the EC team feels proud while presenting to you .. your very own ‘ ICE- BREAKER’ in its ever youthful, beautiful, charismatic and charming avatar . Fall in love with it and please don’t let it go missed again. Keep it rejuvenated with your contribution..articles, jokes, poems , opinions and whatever you like.

Quiet a few members even after having attended many meetings at Toastmasters are not clear about the two tracks and different levels that you could achieve. While you might have your goals as far your communication and leadership skills are concerned; it would make perfect sense if these are SMART goals with deadlines around different levels and who else but your mentors can help you be there, smartly! Ask your mentor for clarity on these if you have not been inducted yet.

Editorial “Sachin, you have become much better! The energy was high and you seemed well prepared.” These words were music to my ears because it gave me a great sense of satisfaction. I am on the panel of an organization where I teach students of schools in different parts of India and that too LIVE through VSAT based videos. Though I had been delivering these sessions for almost an year now, yet hearing these words from the studio team that day was a reinforcement of my trust in the power of Toastmasters. I could easily install this trust during my first meeting at South Delhi Toastmasters. I was not only thrilled to have spoken in a table topic session, I was rubbing my eyes in disbelief to see such constructive feedback given to every speaker and role player that anybody who is even a little serious about working on his communication and/or leadership skills, could implement it from the very next meeting. Now I immediately get to wax lyrical about Toastmasters whenever I get a compliment for my improvement in my communication skills. Friends, it is said “What you befriend transcends and what you resist persists”. Even if you go to SDTM with resistance, it so easily befriends you that your love and respect for it can only transcend. While I am writing here and designing this newsletter, I am loving my indulgence into it. And so is the case with all our EC members too. who I have the privilege of introducing to you through this newsletter. We all work in great harmony to lay the ground for every meeting. And, our Past EC come out jumping for help and guidance at every step. And SDTM becomes an all the more beautiful place through new and old members taking up roles and assisting in every meeting, just like family members. In this feature of newsletter, we’ll be putting together the pieces of puzzle by introducing you to the new EC, reflect on how did we welcome our guests and some hot and happening recent updates like Club and Area Contests, SDTM T-shirt launch, awards received by members and not to miss our special and important re-initiated endeavor called Mentorship. And this newsletter in no sense is going to be limited to EC’s work or a one sided affair. We welcome your inputs, suggestions, updates, articles and commendations for us to make it a medium to stay connected and keep transcending our affection for this family. Let me make use of this opportunity to welcome and thank our new members for installing the same trust that I did in my first meeting and I request all of you to make this journey fruitful and enjoyable for you by holding hands of your mentor. And next time you get a compliment on how well did you speak – don’t forget to smile and spread it in your SDTM family. Looking forward to see the legends created out of little persistent steps in your journey of Toastmasters. “Some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” Let us meet up every Thursday and feel it like the first rain every time ☺ Sachin Malik VP-Education South Delhi Toastmasters

United Colors of our EC! LUVKESH JAIN - PRESIDENT Luvkesh Jain is a corporate lawyer by profession, a chef by passion and a poet with compassion. A commerce graduate , an MBA topper and Master of Law, Luvkesh has three books published to his credit. Luvkesh had joined South Delhi Toastmasters in February 2010 and completed his CC just in a span of seven months. He has been the winner of Area Level Table Topics Contest of Area C-2 in year 2012. He is one of few members who are ready to accept any role including that of a speaker or TMOD in the eventualities of last minute back outs and his confidence, commitment, calmness and energy go viral in any Toastmasters meeting . SDTM is proud to have him as its President.

SACHIN MALIK – VP, EDUCATION I am a Memory and Learning Skills trainer and coach. I train schools, college students and corporate professionals and do special camp and club based Fun with Science programs for young students. I left my job of an IT Project Manager after 9+ years of serving Genpact, Bharti and NIIT Ltd and found my bliss in making a difference by training people. I love being on stage and talk about topics that could create a lasting impact and bring change in the minds of the audience. I am grateful being appointed as VP-Education and being part of a great EC team. I call SDTM my family and am committed to nurture it to my best in my tenure and beyond. I have a fishbowl at home that only carries all the feedback slips that I get from SDTM members ☺

ANKUR LUHADIA – VP, PUBLIC RELATIONS I am a Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary by profession, presently associated with ICICI bank Limited as a Risk Analyst. I joined South Delhi Toastmasters in June, 2012 and since then, I added public speaking as my hobby. I am a true believer & follower of the saying " Practice makes a man perfect“. I am a very happy go lucky personality, and socialize with everybody easily, am a passionate sports man and am delighted currently holding a position of Vice president- Public Relation of South Delhi Toastmasters club.

I am a Chemical engineer born, bred in Chandigarh and now roasted in Delhi (working in Delhi) . I have a penchant for anything that satisfies & excites my sweet palate (e.g. rasmalai, rosgullas, gulabjamun, rabri already feeling hungry. I Joined SDTM 3 months back and this roller coaster has been spectacular, to say the least. I find TM an ideal platform to spread my wings and fly to zenith of oration. Public speaking is an essential ingredient in my life where as a sales professional i need to interact and influence both national and international clients. After joining TM, there has been paradigm shift in my approach towards communicating, which made me cognizance to the fact that listening is as important as speaking, if not more.

United Colors of our EC! RAHUL NANDAN – SERGEANT AT ARMS I am an engineering graduate and after completing Enterprise Management from IIT Delhi, I started my own venture. I am excited about Toastmasters as it gives me a platform to learn and a healthy break from hectic work as it stimulates and rejuvenates my mind. I am equally excited being an SAA at SDTM. With responsibilities comes maturity, and I hope to become a more mature and knowledgeable Toastmaster in the next 6 months. As a diehard Toastmaster, I am constantly encouraging fellow members to give in their best. Filled with a zest for everything at Toastmasters - whether it is participating in contests, attending meetings regularly, motivating fellow members, volunteering for various roles or giving constructive feedback – I am always at the forefront of the SDTM. I made a lot of good friends here and I feel that’s what SDTM is all about :)

RAKESH VERMA – TREASURER I am a practicing Chartered Accountant for the last 30 years at Padam Chambers, Karol Bagh, New Delhi. I came to know about Toastmasters through online search. I remember being asked to speak on a Table Topic in my very first meeting. I always find the atmosphere at SDTM very electrifying and get charged up by attending meeting every week. When I visited US some months back, I got a chance to attend a Toastmasters meeting in Boston and found what distinguishes SDTM from many other clubs is it’s high energy level. I am re-elected as the Treasurer of this Club. I am confident that my happiness, and my popularity depend to no small extent on my skill in dealing with people which can only be improved at Toastmasters .

SANJAY BILLORE - SECRETARY I am from Madhya Pradesh and am currently working as a freelance content writer, in Delhi. I joined SDTM in March 2012 and I completely enjoy being part of this wonderful club. Other than the being a Secretary of SDTM Club, as a member of the club, I have seen a lot of improvement in my verbal communication skills and writing skills as well, which I find significant for both my profession and career.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. -Henry Ford

Atithi Devo Bhav! ‘Athithi devo bhav’ (Guest is equivalent to God) and SDTM is proud to have a large number of guest stepping in each of its meetings; and in the month of August and September, we got opportunity to welcome two special guests of International stature and repute in Toastmasters club. DTM Naomi Takeuchi, District Governor, District-37 visited our club on 14th September and also played the role of General Evaluator of the meeting. Her evaluation was a precious gift to the club as there were so many things for us to learn from the seasoned leader. Where at one end the members learnt how a perfect evaluation should be like, on the other end, her eye for detail helped the role players especially the speech evaluators to get instant improvements tips. SDTM will remain indebted to her for such a wonderful evaluation session. We are also thankful to our beloved and veteran member of South Delhi Toastmaster Club, Five times DTM Deepak Menon for making her visit happen to SDTM.

I learned a great deal and will plan to integrate some of the best practices here in North Carolina. Your group was so welcoming, and I appreciate all the gifts they provided including the mug, the T-shirt and especially the Best Supplemental Evaluator award! That was so surprising, and I am glad I could provide value to your group in my short time there. …let them know how much I feel blessed to have them as part of my Toastmasters extended family.

TM Vinay Jain, District Governor, District-41 attended the meeting on 9th August and also joined the birthday babies to celebrate his birthday with us. He motivated the members with motivating story of his own life with the pivotal theme that the man is creator of his own destiny. His ever smiling face, composed posture and down to earth and friendly nature makes him effortlessly gel with any group.

TM Simon Miller, from Toastmasters Club of Manchester not only visited our club as part of his around-the-world Toastmasters Clubs tour, he also participated both in our regular meeting as well as a contest. He was made feel at home by our EC team and few new members of the club as well. During his conversations with us in those two meetings, we exchanged best practices and had some fun moments, that we will cherish for long ☺

Happenings at Happening SDTM! The months of August and September were not only filled with exciting meetings of SDTM but also brought along with them, the moments full of pride, bonding , hospitality, valiance and rejoice.

Moments of Pride We celebrated the completion of DTM award by our ever enthusiastic, energetic, charismatic member of the Club. She is the first and youngest member of the club who has achieved this award by being member of only South Delhi Toastmasters Club. This occasion was celebrated by the club with Akshita’s favorite Choco-truffle cake, which left us licking our fingers.

Moments of Joy and Bonding:


The musical chanting of the rhyme ‘Happy B’Day to you…happy b’day to you’ immediately brought us the return gift of genuine, beautiful smiles on the faces of the B’day babies of our family. The cake and snacks were of course the bonus.

Happenings at Happening SDTM! Moments of Rejoice and Learning: The Club conducted its Speech

Contest on



August 2012, when the seven eagle eyed evaluators accepted the challenge to evaluate one speech delivered by Toastmaster Ankit Aggarwal. These types of speeches pose challenges for maintaining the balance in CRC layers of evaluation while meeting the time limit but the evaluation done by our seven contestants was an eye opener. While all of them were winners, the first, second and the third position was bagged by TM Akshita Agrawal, TM Rahul Nandan and TM Luvkesh Jain respectively.

The Humorous Speech Contest of the club was held on 6th September and in this contest also seven members fought the battle of smiles. While audience had the opportunity to be served laughter in big platter, the PICKLE prepared by Toastmaster Rajinder won the First Prize. Toastmaster Arun Uchil and Toastmaster Avik Mukherjee won First and Second Runner up respectively. Needless to mention that both the contests were smooth, fair and flawless; courtesy the well trained judges and the experienced seasoned and revered member of SDTM, TM Monika Lal, who was the contest master for both the contests teamed with alert, dedicated and brilliant role players.

Area C2 Contest SDTM had the opportunity to host the Area Level Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contest of Area C-2, District-41. While the all representatives of all the clubs were well prepared, eloquent and lucid, the winners’ trophies of both the contests was brought home by our valiant fighters TM Akshita Agrawal (Evaluation Contest) and TM Rajinder Popli (Humorous Speech Contest).

Special Initiatives at SDTM Mentorship and its significance‌ We are happy to share that our team is becoming bigger with a perfect mix of new and old members. With the increasing influx of new members, we feel it is imperative that they get the right guidance and assistance through regular communication from the members who have graduated to a level that they can help with their experience, expertise and know-how of the club. Therefore, the idea of Mentor Mentee at SDTM, needs attention towards immediate implementation. Sudeep Minhas, our Immediate Past President has always expressed the importance of making mentorship an essential part of SDTM and therefore has been kind enough to take the position of Mentor Chair. As a Mentor Chair, Sudeep would be responsible to make sure that: 1. Every new member, at the time of joining, is assigned a mentor. 2. He keeps regular communication with Mentors and Mentees to keep this initiative alive and active. 3. Every mentor considers this as an equal responsibility to talk to his/her mentee as it would be for a mentee to stay in touch with his/her mentor. 4. Mentees get a smooth and comfortable experience in their initial some weeks till they feels settled in the club environment through their mentors hand-holding. I would request all the mentees who have been assigned a mentor to get in touch with their mentors, even when they are taking a supplementary role in a meeting. In the meanwhile a file containing details of supplementary roles would be shared by all for an initial reference. I am sure all of you equally feel that it is going to be an effective and a win - win model for all the members. If you have any queries around it you could write a mail to and could also copy for us to address some of the queries, wherever applicable.

SDTM also saw initiatives on the following fronts: 1. New professionally designed agenda (Designed and Automated by VP-Education, Sachin Malik with inputs from 5x DTM and Immediate Past Region 13 Advisor, Deepak Menon) 2. New Agenda Banner (ideation by President Luvkesh Jain, designed by Sachin Malik) 3. New Minutes of Meetings designed and automated by Sachin Malik, carried out by Avik Mukherjee

They said it... “There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave” - Dale Carnegie

“Be sincere; be brief; be seated” Franklin D. Roosevelt

On a lighter note... TMs will find it relevant…

If you can’t convince them, confuse them. Now I'd like to open the floor to questions. And since they never get a chance to speak, why don't we start with the married men? [When there’s a Mic problem] This microphone is like my wife: it won’t let me speak. Always remember you’re unique, just like everyone else

The mind is a wonderful thing, it starts to work the minute you are born and never stops until you get up to speak!

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