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Rachel and Malik

Vol. 1, No. 6


A cool, weird, crazy, unique couple since 2012

Rachel and Malik together for one and a half years! by Malik Rahili Loving Boyfriend


appy one and a half year anniversary! The last one and a half years have meant so much to me. You have been there for me throughout this whole adventure together. I couldn’t have asked for a better girl to call mine. You mean the world to me and after a year and a half of my weird cheesy self, we are still here for each other. I brought out my inner cheesy romantic side and decided to do what I do best, make papers! This paper is dedicated to the year and a half we have spent together and all the adventures we have had. I love you so much baby! Enjoy!!

File Photo | Malik Rahili

(Left) Malik Rahili and (Right) Rachel Jennings enjoy a meal at the popular restraunt Dain’s in Durham, N.C.. Dain’s is famous for it’s burgers and bacon cheese fries which Jennings has sworn to never eat again.

The best field trip ever

Together before they knew it by Malik Rahili This photo was taken six days before we started dating and it’s crazy to think that these two crazy kids were going to be together going on a year and a half! I knew from the day said I was “staring” at you (which I clearly wasn’t!) and all the “sups” we exchanged, we had something special. I knew that a great girl had noticed me and I couldn’t have asked for a better girl to take notice!

File Photo | Malik Rahili

Rachel Jennings makes her classic facial expression while soon-to-be boyfriend talks TA business.

The first date

File Photos | Malik Rahili

by Malik Rahili Shortly after the field trip we went on our first date to Pelican Snoballs and man that was the most nervous and anxious I have been! But it the best day of my life! One the way back was the first time we held hands and I remember we held hands all the way back to school. Then the moment of truth came! After you hit your head on my trunk, I decided that was the best time to kiss you (Get em while their dazed and confused) It was my first kiss and I knew that you were the perfect girl for me and that night we became “Facebook official!”

(Left) Rachel and Malik pose together for a picture on the second night of the Outdoor Ed camping trip! Malik mentioned how cute and adorable Rachel was in her glasses and further defended his statement on Facebook (Bottom RIght). (Top Right) The group poses for a “sexy pose” photo on Pilot Mountain.

by Malik Rahili

Wow this was such an awesome field trip! From you and I locking arms and walking a mile down to the cave, making sure you were okay and not overdosed on your inhaler medication, and seeing how cute you looked in your glasses (Which you do!), this is one of my favorite moments with you. This trip made me realize how wonderful of a girl you are. The whole time I could not believe a girl as beautiful, smart, funny, and adorable could want a guy like me (even after seeing me freakout and almot die in the cave!) This trip brought us together and is one of the best things that have happened to me!


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Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy one and a half year anniversary!

A Mountaineer’s graduation

by Malik Rahili

would be okay. We loved each other enough to withstand being apart and clearly that was true! You gave me one of the best presents that day, our scrapbook and that is one of my most prized and cherished possessions! Graduation was a tough but

I’m not gonna lie, graduation was tough. Not because it was sad to leave Northern (I was happy to leave that place!) but I knew that I would be leaving you back home while I went off to school. But I also knew we

Their first summer

great day and soon I would be up in the stands watching you grab your diploma!

by Malik Rahili

Rachel Jennings stands with Malik Rahili at his graduation for a photo. Jennings looked absolutely gorgeous that day in her pretty sun dress!

File Photo | Malik Rahili

The best and worst day of his life Rahili moves into college leaving his girlfriend of almost 6 months back home in Durham by Malik Rahili Talk about a real crappy day. It was the day I started my college career and that was exciting but it was also they day where we would no longer spend everyday together. It was sad, but I knew we would be okay. It started off rough, I missed you like crazy but we made it and this day was needed for us because now distance is no issue in our relationship!

This was the best summer I have ever had! We were insufferable. Everyday I got to see your beautiful face and spend time with you. We did everything! We spent so much time in Duke Gardens, hung out with Kendra, went to the movies, and we had so much fun! It was the best way to spend my last few months at home.

File Photo | Malik Rahili

File Photo | Malik Rahili

Rachel and Malik at the beach during their first summer together.

Rachel Jennings sits on Malik Rahili’s bed in his dorm freshman year. Jennings helped Rahili move in to Appalachian State Univesity back in August of 2012.

A scary Halloween and a beautiful Christmas You have the bestdecorated house in the world! You hyped up how awesome your house was for so long and you did not disappoint! That Halloween was the first time since I was a kid where I dressed up and we looked awesome as Mobsters! (Again, really sorry I wiped the kiss off of my cheek!) Handing out candy was cold but we got to snuggle outside and call out the kids that kept coming back for seconds! (“I see

you! You’ve been here before!”) Halloween was a blast and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again this year! The Christmas of 2012 was the best Christmas I have ever had. Walking around your neighborhood with those candles in the bags was one of the most beautiful things I have seen (well other than you!). It was a perfect night! Then exchanging presents the day before you left for Florida was so much fun! The cologne

File Photos | Malik Rahili

(Left) Rachel Jennings sits on Malik Rahili’s pose in their Halloween costumes. They were 1950s mobsters. (Right) Jenings and Malik stand infront of her christmas tree last December.

(which I still use), the Star Wars book, and even the belt, were

One year later by Malik Rahili A whole year together with the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world! I never thought I would be lucky enough to spend a day like this with a girl like you. Even though you thought it was cheesy, I still loved taking you to the spot we had our first kiss. Then the picnic in Duke gardens was amaz-

ing! It was such a beautiful day and I must say, I’m a pretty awesome picnic maker! How you managed to put up with my nerdy, weird, self for a whole year is beyond me but I am so happy I have had a girl like you by my side. I look forward to many more anniversaries with you. I wouldn’t want to spend them with anyone else!

A summer of smooties and fun by Malik Rahili “Malik do you want a summer just as awesome as the one before?” “Sure!” The second summer we spend together was just as awesome as the previous one. We spent soooo much time with Will and the adorable Chinese waitress at Bali Hai! The zoo was amazing and despite almost dying, we had a blast with Suzy! I don’t think any doctor can solve your Tropical Smoothie addiction and we should just buy lifetime passes to TRC. On the downside

some of the best presents I have received! I loved spending Christ-

mas with you and I look forward to many more with you!

A catamount’s graduation! by Malik Rahili You did it! You managed to survive the hell-hole that was Northern High School! I was so proud you when you walked across that staged and grabbed your diploma. You were now “gradiated” and entering the world of college and on your way to doing great things

File Photo | Malik Rahili

Rache Jennings walks to her seat at her graduation back in June.

1 1/2 years later and still in love

File Photo | Malik Rahili

(Top) Rachel Jennings poses with her cousing at the Zoo in Asheboro. (Right) Jennings happily posing after her wisdom teeth removed.

you had to get your wisdom teeth takin’ out (but I took care of you!) and you got me addicted to Grey’s Anatomy (Thanks for that by the way…)

by Malik Rahili

But we had fun and I loved spending all that time with you. I could spend everyday taking you to Tropical Smoothie and watching Grey’s with you!

So here we are, one and a half years later. I wake up everyday and am thankful to have you in my life. I find myself loving you more and more every day. We have had some amazing times and some rough times but we always make it. I love you baby. I care about you. I want you in my life forever. So in another year and a half, I want to make a second issue. I love you Rachel Jennings, happy one and a half year anniversary!


Monday, September 30, 2013


Happy one and a half year anniversary!


Two nights they will remember forever

(Left) This is Malik’s favorite picture from their first prom night! (Right) Rachel the morning after her prom night!

by Malik Rahili


his is gonna sound sad but I never thought I would have a date to prom. You were the best prom date I could have asked

for! I had so much fun dressing up as James Bond and dancing with you all night! Then for your prom I was probably more excited than you to go because I got to do it all over again! Your prom

night was way more interesting than mine and the picture of you surrounded by marshmallows and candy pretty much sums it up! I wish we had another prom to go to because those two

File Photos | Malik Rahili

nights were amazing! Both prom nights you were so gorgeous and I could not believe that you were my date. Also, I look too damn good in a tux! Thank you for two wonderful nights!


Game of Free Gatsby’s Anatomy: Too many movies/tv shows by Malik Rahili I don’t know how many movies we have watched together! Mighty Joe Young, Great Gatsby, Free Willy, and the Lone Ranger were just some of the awesome movies we have watched together! Plus we still have many more to watch! Let’s not forget all of the shows we watched together as well! Raising Hope, Modern Family, and that weird Sci-fi game show were all some fun moments we spent lay-

ing on the couch enjoying the boob tube! But your obsession with all of the wedding shows is kind of concerning. But we cannot forget about the two big shows we are addicted to. Grey’s Anatomy and Game of Thrones. I wouldn’t have watched Grey’s if it weren’t for you and you wouldn’t have watched Game of Thrones without me. I think we have problems and addictions to those shows, but it’s okay because we get to be addicted together! :)


Hello, I am Rachel Jennings, and I am addicted to Minecraft by Malik Rahili You have a Minecraft addiction! We have created some awesome things in Minecraft. The torture chamber, your four-story house, and all the cute messages we made for each other on the iPhone version of Minecraft have been some of my favorites. Your hatred and vendetta against the sheepies is a little strange but its cute! I knew after a certain amount of time you’d eventually start playing video games! My plan is working! ;) Those damn sheepies are up to no good.

File Photo | Malik Rahili


War of the mushy, gushy and cheesey love songs by Malik Rahili The song battles were some of my favorite times with you. It was probably some of the cheesiest things we have done and our Facebook friends were probably sick of us. But I loved it. I loved picking out songs about how I feel about you and listening to the songs you picked out for me. It was cute and fun. Plus when it was over, I got a pretty awesome CD out of it! I miss doing the song battles with you, so right here I am starting another one! Peter Gabriel – The Book of Love. Listen to it and I better see a song on my Facebook! ;)

Sports Monday, September 30, 2013


by Malik Rahili

Happy one and a half year anniversary!


Saving lives and taking names


robably the most hardcore thing about you is you go out there and save lives! Seeing you down on the field helping a football player up after being tackled or seeing you being helped up because you split your ear in half is one the most interesting things about you! I may not know much about sports medicine but you are going to be awesome when you graduate and pursue a career in athletic training! I am so proud of you and all the hard work you do down on the field! So go out there and continue to save lives!

File Photos | Malik Rahili

(Top Left) Rachel takes a group photo after a succesful blood drive back in 2011. (Top Right) Rachel stands with her mentor Doc. Brown and his wife. Rachel loved these two to death! (Bottom left) Rachel gets stiches in her ear after her fall. (Bottom Right) Rachel poses with her lax boys!


So many rocks, so little climb them all

by Malik Rahili I don’t know how many times we have gone rock climbing! No one can count that high! But I loved being your belayer! As you know, I was not a very active and sport-enthusiastic individual before we met and after being in outdoor ed and all the time spent rock climbing with you has changed that in me! I love rock climbing with you and we are due for another trip to TRC soon! File Photos | Malik Rahili

(Left) Rachel elays a climber with her awesome belay gloves. Shes pretty legit. (Top) Malik takes a photo with Rachel at the Triangle Rock Center. Rachel is not ammused with Malik’s shenanigans. (Bottom) Rachel coaches her cousing along as they scale a wall at TRC!


Happy One and a Half Year Anniversary!  

I love you Rachel!

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