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“Predator and Prey”

“Nervous?” Eric asked as he switched off the engine to his Silverado. I could hear the amusement in his voice and only imagined how smug his expression must be. “Not at all,” I responded; looking straight ahead and trying my damnedest to stop the feverous humming of my heart so he wouldn’t hear the tremble in my pulse vibrate in my voice. I was nervous, nervous and excited. Still staring straight ahead I heard the leather in drivers seat squeak slightly as Eric invaded the passenger space. He nuzzled his nose over my jugular before laying his lips over it, teasing me with a soft kiss. Then abruptly, and without warning, he bit down tightly on the flesh that protected the vein. I yelped and jumped with surprise in my seat. “Your gonna get it for lying, babe,” he whispered; letting the warmth from his breath heat up the punished flesh for a moment then backed away. He could always tell when I was lying, always smell it on me almost. My face must have given away the fact that my mind was racing with all the ways he was going to ‘give it to me’ later because he chuckled at me before explaining that it would happen in due time. Predator and Prey

Scott 1

We climbed out the tuck as many other couples did the same around us. Parked in a dirt clearing on the edge of a slightly dense wooded area. Eric said the land was owned by Blake Edwards, Master B, the owner of The Playground an exclusive BDSM club. It was on the same stretch of land as the club and Master B would run the game himself tonight. Eric looked around at the cars, happy about the turn out. He was as excited as a little boy on Christmas morning. I couldn’t help but smile up at him, couldn’t stop myself from adoring the way he glowed in the moonlit night. His shaggy brown hair, ink black now in the dark. Sharp angular jaw covered slightly in shadowed stubble. He smiled down at me and his teeth glittered in contrast with his natural sun kissed skin. “Alright, you know the drill. Hand it over.” Eric outstretched his hand and instinctively I gripped the tie hold my silver robe together a bit tighter. A look hardened his already harsh edges of his face. A expression warning me he wasn’t going to tolerate my defiant hesitation to his direct instruction for long. I know one way or another this robe was going in his hand. Quickly I shrugged it off and handed it over; I did know the drill. Eric and mine relations was simple, I was his submissive. I still worked and lead my own life, but in private and at The Playground Predator and Prey

Scott 2

he was in charge; and I enjoyed it that way. He took my robe and tossed it in the bed of the truck, leaving my body completely bare to the warm breath of the summer night. Then he pulled his cotton T-shirt over his head and it joined the robe. I scanned the faces of the other couples to see if I recognized anyone from the club, wrapping my arms around my body to block a few peoples lingering gaze. Eric noticed and pinned my wrists to my side, yanking me roughly towards him and up on my tiptoes. “Whose body is this Katherine?” “Yours Sir,” I whispered. “Good girl. You are walking artwork Kat, to be displayed not hidden. My prized possession to show off. Just like in the club; same rules, same crowd and same punishments babe. Understand?” He spoke without breaking eye contact and in his Dom voice that came from somewhere deeper than his throat, but from somewhere below the belt. The tone meant business, an animalistic meter that was meant to show who was the predator and who was the prey. It wet me slightly. “Yes, Sir.” “Good girl, I have something for you.” One corner of his mouth went up in a mischievous half smile. He opened the car door, pulled a small bag out from Predator and Prey

Scott 3

the backseat and handed it to me. I reached in and pulled out a soft, sheer pile of fabric. Unfolding it the pile fell into a short delicate shirt of sorts. It was off white and made from some sort of elegant mesh stitched together with golden thread. It looked fit for a goddess. “O my God. It’s so pretty baby!” He helped it over my head and it hugged tightly to the curved frame of my body. The material made basically everything visible but anything was better than being completely nude. I felt sexy, and even more excited. I spun around for Eric so he could approve his gift. “Perfect,” he practically panted. Wrapping his arm around my hip and escorting me to where a crowd was forming. “Enjoy your present now, it’ll be in pieces before we leave.” Chuckling at my expression he gave me a quick swat to the bottom and we continued walking towards to others. * Katherine looked amazing in the dress. Her auburn hair falling in soft curls past her shoulder made the material seem that much gentler. It hugged all the curves that made me want to attack her on sight. I ran my hand over the lushness of her hips and the curve of ass, enjoying the way her nipples perked up at the contact. This was going to be Predator and Prey

Scott 4

a fun night. Kat’s first run and I knew she was going to love it. Of course I could tell she was hesitant and nervous, but that’s exactly how I wanted her feel. I led her to the crowd of about a dozen or so couples. Blake was already standing in front of the crowd; he nodded at me when we caught eyes, then checked to see if any other cars were pulling in last minute than began. “Hello friends, today I will be the contact of this role-play scene. There are strict rules and I will get to hand out the punishments so I suggest you all listen up.” There were a few gasps from subs and laughs from Doms. Blake could be harsh if needed. The club was his life and he did not tolerate people who did not respect it or that purposely broke the rules he put in place to keep everything safe and consensual. “There a few of you who have not played this game before, no worries its very simple. The sub is released into the forest with a head start. Subs the trees only go a yard or so then the forest opens up in to a less dense field. When I say the Dom is to hunt their sub down.” I could feel Kats body stiffen slightly, I had been very vague at the nights experience and she was just fully catching on. “Once the sub is captured you may take any Predator and Prey

Scott 5

satisfaction you have agreed upon, either right where you fall, on any of the equipment on the perimeter or dragged back to the private of your vehicles.” Kat looked up at me, her lily pad green eyes almost overpowering her face in shock I leaned down and kissed the silken top of her head. “When I find you, when I hunt you down and catch you, I will take you right there,” I punctured the statement by gripping tightly to the meat of her round butt. She bit her bottom lip, a tell I was familiar with of her arousal. Master B continued “It is expected that there will be resistance. However serious fighting is not tolerated just like in the club. That goes for subs and Doms. There will be scene masters in the forest, the games safe word is red.” The same safe word as me and Kat used at home so I knew she wouldn’t forget it, not that she’d ever used it before. But the Dom in me had to make sure she knew how to make a scene stop if she needed it too. “Doms, you must only chase the sub that belongs to you. Couples will be color coordinated,” Blake motioned for a couple in the front to step forward and he attached wrist and ankle bands to the sub and wristbands the Dom. He pushed something and they lit up a glowing pale yellow. “Chasing someone else’s sub will be asking for trouble Predator and Prey

Scott 6

and is forbidden. The game will last 2 hours to be used as needed and I will announce the end. You may line up; let’s play shall we.” As Blake finished the explanation I noticed that Kat had shifted so close to me I could feel the stitching in her shirt. I lifted and kissed the top of her hand and led her to the line. When it was our turn Blake asked her if she understood the rules, she nodded weakly and he smiled at me. “Lovely sub you have Eric. Her first hunt I see.” “Yup. Your not playing today B?” I looked from B to his sub, Emily, who pouted and shook her head no. “Not tonight. Emily will have to wait till later for me to have my fun with her,” he gave her a look and she bowed her head but I could tell she was stifling a giggle. They were a good pair. “Alright Eric here you go.” Blake fastened the cuffs to Kat then myself before lighting them, the glowed a vibrant pink. “Really B? Pink?” “It looks so good on you though,” B chuckled. I gave him a little shove and moved on, I heard Katherine let a giggle escape, she knew I did not like the color pink. “Watch it sub,” I warned and she made great effort to Predator and Prey

Scott 7

choke it back down. Down a path right before the opening of the forest was a few scene masters I recognized doing prep. “Hey Eric!” Tim called out. I greeted him and introduced him to Kat. “Very pretty, and curvy, I approve. So how would you like her?” Kat snapped her head at me confused. I smiled down at her. “Lots of oil. It should go through the dress.” “Perfect, Mike will give you any toys you want to bring with you.” I gave Kat one last kiss before leaving her with Tim. She opened her mouth to protest but caught herself, my good girl. * Oil? What was I getting myself into? Eric kissed me one last time and walked over to another Dom who was standing buy many large black crates. “Sub, spread your legs and outstretch your arms. Now.” I quickly did as he asked. He picked up a sprayer of sorts pumped it a few times then pushed down the handle. Slick vanilla scented liquid flew out and the Dom coated my body from the neck down with it. Then he dropped the machine, came closer and began to rub the oil over my body. Predator and Prey

Scott 8

I stiffened, but I knew he was in charge for the moment and I must not upset him and embarrass my Dom. I closed my eyes so the stuff wouldn’t get in my eyes but I could hear other machines spraying subs down and then smacks and yelps as they were let loose in the wood. “Alright subbie, perfect. Give your master a good run.” He smacked me hard on the bottom and sent me into the woods. Instinct gave in and I ran. It was obvious at once that the landscape for the scene was manmade. The ground was abnormally soft and cut low like a golf course. The trees were perfectly spaced and there were no leaves, no bumps, nothing to disrupt the flawless ground. I ran past the few layers of tall tress until I hit the opening to the field. There was a mist that covered the ground. It flowed out of fountains of different heights and spread out over the grass like ghostly white fingers stretching out. I slowed to look around. There were flowerbeds, bushes and tress sporadically and in clumps that provided small hiding places and secluded nooks. The fountains glistened with soft lights which was the only thing illuminating the space besides the moonlight and dashing lights from the other subs that came and went like lightning bugs. Then a mans voice, masters B’s voice, rose from some Predator and Prey

Scott 9

place unseen like a divine being; “Doms your slaves have escaped, hunt them down and punish them for their disobedience.” I swallowed hard. Shit he was on his way, and he was going to catch me. If I didn’t make the chase worth wild he’d be disappointed. I had never been so aroused, knowing Eric was hunting me. I picked up speed looking for a place to hide. It was dark and cloudy. I turned around to see pink lights shooting through the trees. Forced myself to move faster. I spotted a fountain that seemed to have mist spilling out of it heaver than the others and curled up behind it. I tried to cover the lights under my legs but the glow showed through my pale skin. A Scene Master strolled past, startling me. He glanced down at me smiled and nodded to my left. I turned and saw pink lights quickly approaching. Scrambling to my feet I took off in the opposite direction. My breasts were bouncing and the skin between my legs were slickening searching for something else to hide behind. I turned a corner and saw a large shadowed hand reach out for me, it was Eric, I screamed and evaded it. Pushed my body to sprint. Passed another fountain, passed a man pounding a woman on her back and passed a group of flowerbeds. A hand grabbed my wrist, I yanked and it slipped off Predator and Prey 10


my oiled skin. A few more steps and Eric grabbed me again, but slid off. A few more feet and he grabbed me around my waist, capturing me. I tried to struggle, tried to push his arms off but I wasn’t strong enough. So I jumped up in his arms then forced all my weight down, sliding through his grip to the ground. I rolled onto my knees and tried to crawl away. But Eric was too fast and flattened over me, grabbing hold of my waist again and the flipping me onto my back so he straddled me. “My sneaky kitty kat,� he panted. Then he pulled a hook from his pocket attaching my two wristbands together. He lifted my wrist up until my arms were stretched high above my head, held them with one hand, and kissed me. He kissed me roughly, devouring my mouth, staking claim. Building my arousal to a level that was borderline unbearable. With his other hand he bunched up the thin fabric of the dress, tugged it hard until it tore apart under his hands like paper. Then the same fingers played with my breasts, stroking and tugging them to a heated point. I moaned and arched my back up to him. * I enjoyed the obviousness of her arousal. I could feel her body shiver and the wetness of her sex, hear it in the Predator and Prey

Scott 11

whimpers and moans escaping her mouth and smell it on her skin. “Do not lower your arms sub,� I ordered her. She shook her head and I used the hand that held her wrists to pin her hips to the ground. I lowered my mouth to suck her nipple and the surrounding area into my mouth. Flicking the sensitive, hard nub with my tongue until she shook with need. Then releasing it I did the same with other. Wishing I could admire the deep pink color I knew they were but settling for feeling their stiffness. I kissed down the center of her soft body, stopping to dip my tongue into her belly button and nibbling the slightly meaty parts. When I got to the V of her thighs I spread her slick, sensitive folds with my finger and lightly licked her swollen clit. She hissed with pleased and tried to grind her body against my mouth but I held her in place. I slid, flicked, fluttered and licked at her clit until she begged me not to stop. Then I commanded her not to move. Stood, removed my jeans and recovered her body with mine. Again I pinned her lush hips to the soft ground and with no mercy dove deep in side her gripping sex. She screamed out, and I enjoyed it so very much. She was tight and dripping, I could feel the beginnings of her release in small tremors Predator and Prey 12


inside her. * My inner tissues were so swollen, so sensitive, that each pump of his thickness was increasing the wave of sensations flowing over me. He pounded into me slowly, speed up until I hung on the edge then slowed. Teasing me until tears wet the side of my cheek. I begged him to let me go, but he only told me I was not allowed to yet. He worked me over and over the top until I stood on the precipice, everything inside me so tight he had to grit his teeth against it. I couldn’t breath. Then he pumped deeper and harder, borderlineing pain but never leaving pleasure. “Come now Kat, come on.” It was an order I was more than happy to follow. Everything splintered as my body convulsed so tightly that it brought his own release. I screamed out in unyielding pleasure, lost in my own splendid orgasm that the world fell away. When my breathing slowed and I was reminded of reality I felt Eric was still atop me. Breathing deep ragged breaths and placing soft, swift kisses on my chest. I smiled up at him and he leaned down to kiss my passionately. “If you ever think of running away from me for real Predator and Prey 13


sub,” he growled, “remember how well I can hunt you down.”

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Predator and Prey