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Start by leaving a note. Put into somewhere like the pillow or bedside table, just make sure it’s the very first thing she will see when she wakes up. Inside it tell her what to wear. When she reads it she’ll smile because you’ve chosen something she likes. Maybe the tight, black skirt that hit’s the middle of her thigh, paired with a simple tshirt or button-up. Classy, sexy and easily maneuvered. Explain that she gets to choose what to wear underneath. Know that she will have no problem picking something you’ll like, hope that she’ll choose not to wear anything else at all. Suggest she wears heels. She’ll laugh cause she knows your only thinking of one pair, the black 4-inch heeled ones that have the stain ribbon that ties around her ankle and leaves her toes exposed. In the PS state that you’ll be home at exactly 6:00pm and that she better be ready. Don’t show up on time. By 5:20 she’ll check herself one last time in the mirror reading the rest of the instructions. At 5:45 she’ll take the position that you described; bent flat over the kitchen table, head down and legs apart. The fabric of her skirt and lace of her “cheeky panties” will barely cover her ass while it’s up in the air. At 6:00 you’ll want to pull into the driveway, want to

rush into the house and see the scene you’ve so masterfully set, but make a couple trips around the block. She’ll be waiting. Anxiety, excitement and pure hunger burning hot on her skin and specifically between her legs. A slight cramp in her right calf will cause her to turn and see that its 6:15. She’ll shift from heel to heel trying to relive the pressure and wipe the sweat that’s starting to build beneath her palms on her skirt. Frustration will start to build by 6:30 and she’ll start to plot putting on her sweats and locking you out of the bedroom for revenge. Walk in the door at 6:45. Just as she is about to push of the table and go upstairs. Come right up behind her, close enough that she can feel you there but your not touching. When she turns her head, most likely glaring, wait for her to open her mouth. Right before she gets the chance to say something rude about your tardiness, say, “face down.” Or say, “Do not speak.” Fix her position without another word. Arms straight out in front, facing down and ass in the air. Push her feet farther apart with your leg, roughly. Hook your thumbs in the bottom of her skirt and slowly lift it to expose the black lace panties she’s wearing underneath. Rub the palm of your hand across the fabric. Give the meaty part a

quick, sharp and unexpected smack. Hard enough she gives out a soft whimper. Tell her to be quite, tell her not to make a sound. Swat her one more time, harder. When she cries out do it again, and again and again. Threaten to tare her panties off and palm her bare skin. Tell her how bad, how dirty, she is for wanting it. When she agrees with you, pushing her body higher towards the air, trying to get your fingers to land on the spot between her legs that’s dying for attention. Ask her to beg for more, when she does, back off her. She’ll protest, shush her, tell her to be good and wait. Make yourself some coffee. She’ll have pre-made it and it’ll be warm and ready. Take a moment to admire her ass. Round, tight and starting to turn a rosy shade. Barley being covered by her tight lace panties. Take a last sip while moving the fabric down her cheeks, do not touch her skin. Get undressed. Do not rush. Give every button, every zipper and every slid of fabric against skin a moment. Press your bare skin to hers. Hold a cheek in each hand, strongly squeeze one than the other. Step back and pull the leather belt from your pants. Run the smooth fabric across her flesh, the only warning

she gets. Then bring it down against her. Hard so the sound echo’s in the kitchen but it doesn’t hurt too much, yet. Ask her if she wants more. When she says yes smack her a bit harder. Ask her again. When she whimpers yes slap the other side. Ask again and again and again until the flesh is warm and crimson. The color and heat will match the flush on her face. Hot shameful excitement. When neither of you can stand it any longer, when desire and need threaten to boil over and engulf you both. Pull her off the table into your hard chest, pushing a gasp from her throat. Hold her up so she doesn’t wilt against her shaky legs. Tell her how much you love her/want her/need her. Kiss her. Whisper that you hope she’s ready, cause you’re not done with her yet.

How-to Spank Her  
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