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Pictured: Double Locking Suction Handle ss960-03 pg8 and Single Locking Suction Foot Rest ss960-02 pg9

100mL bottle of silicone lubricant specially designed for Sex In The Shower™. Cosmetic bottle design has a delicately shaped pump applicator. For ultimate discretion, the bottle label “unzips” and can be completely removed, leaving a nondescript bottle that can be placed anywhere. Specially designed for Sex In The Shower™ 2

Contoured bath soap with massage bumps and an embedded single speed bullet vibrator. Perfect to add a good, clean “buzz” to your bath or shower.

Foam sea sponge with discreetly placed, single speed, waterproof bullet vibrator. Perfect for sensual massage or self-stimulation.

“Add more power to your shower!” -Shira F.


You know you want to watch! Set of four 6-inch square mirrors with adhesive backing. Adheres to any smooth surface. Watch your sensual good time from almost any angle. •add a Double Sided Suction Cup for a movable mirror

Unique double-sided, 3-inch suction cup can be used to hold myriad items to any smooth surface. Perfect for a dildo, plug or for use with a mirror. 4

This kit includes a Double Sided Suction Cup as well as a 6 inch, sleek, rubber, flared base dildo. Sticks to any smooth surface. Great for shower and tub play. 5

“…we can honestly say that we can’t think of a more useful line of products.” – Jennifer Peters, Penthouse Forum

Pictured: Suction Cup Handcuffs ss960-04 pg11

Large handle with 2 lock-down suction areas secures to smooth surfaces. Add instant leverage and achieve perfect positions in your shower or bath. • Pair it with Single Suction Foot Rest

• Pictured on cover, page 1 and page 12 “This does exactly what it says on the box! It was incredibly strong and didn’t give way with most of his weight or my weight on it! I think the bathroom tiles would have given way first!” – LoveHoney review


“I have a durable handle that holds me up with no problems...I really enjoy having Sex in the Shower, after hours!” – Tamara Bell, Certified Loveologist

Works great to provide optimal angle for intercourse. Can be paired with Dual and/or Single Locking Suction Handles for increased leverage.

The perfect “starter” handle or grip that is small and easily portable. Buying two allows for greater stretch as compared to the Dual Suction Handle. • Pair it with Single Suction Foot Rest “I found that the Single Locking Handle is the most versatile sex in the shower product.” – BetterSex review

Perfect for personal grooming of those hard to see areas, as well.

• Pictured on page 1 “A brilliantly useful product for the shower with enough room for her to place her toes on, for great enjoyment. No more complaints of her not being able to keep her leg up! “ – LoveHoney review “This is great for a small stand up shower.The suction can hold a good deal of weight. Lets me get my foot as high as needed, and is comfortable. It also makes a great foot rest for shaving legs.” – BetterSex review


A waterproof, mini vibrator. Includes one vibrator with 4 interchangeable heads.

Soft, sensual sponge with channel for waterproof bullet vibrator (included). An elastic strap snuggly fits hand to help keep it right where you want it. “These sponges could definitely add a new element to your sensual/sexual life whether using them on yourself or every dripping inch of your partner” – Liz Langley blog

Soft, mesh sponge discreetly hides bullet vibrator (included). One speed waterproof bullet vibe provides the buzz for a sensual massage or self-stimulation. “The Vibrating Mesh Sponge is a must have in my shower. It’s easy to operate and discreet! Perfect for scrubbing away a long day or vibrating your way to the beginning of a romantic adventure!” – Debra P, FL


Wet enough for two! Conserve water, never shower alone! Keeps you both wet during sex in the shower. Both heads have multiple settings for the perfect feel. “This shower head is amazing and it only took my husband a few minutes to install it… It definitely ups the erotic factor in the shower and we love us some shower fun!” – BetterSex review

Industrial strength suction cups with neoprene & Velcro® cuffs attached. Also works on windows, glass doors, car window, kitchen counters, etc.

• Pictured on page 6 “These cuffs are amazing because they’re the first set I’ve seen that can safely go along with you into the shower! They stick very well to tile, countertops, glass and metal…” – BetterSex review

Purple neoprene harness; 4-point adjustable and fits up to 60” hips. Rubber dildo can be used with silicone lube. The perfect introduction to pegging. “The waterproof harness and dildo is a wonderful idea.The beaded feel and curve of the slender dildo is perfect…Makes sex in the shower much more enjoyable.” – BetterSex review

12 sexy, adventurous position cards printed on waterproof paper. Includes suction cup to hang them.


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