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ok, the pics will have to come later....sorry I know i have said this before...I will have to get Danielle to scan them or whatever........... so it was Aug 2007 I had free tix to OZZFEST, the plan was to go for sure I heard that Egypt Central this great band that I had been hearing on the radio (station from Fort Wayne) was playing one of the stages. I was more excited to see them than the other bands on Ozzfest actually. I had NO idea what they looked like. I had bought the cd off Itunes which of course doesn't give and pics...of course this was the 1st edition EC disc...... so, came the day of Ozzfest and it was 120 with the heat index..might be stretching it a bit but lets just say it was going to be hot as hell! So, we didn't go but the best news is that just before this date I had heard that EC was going to be in "lil ole'" Sidney, Ohio.....just down the road, a day after that was cool. They were playing along with Fixer, Hydrovibe, Bobaflex (and some poor other band that didn't do so well that I can't even remember their name...oh and this local band "Sometimes 5" (they are pretty damn good) So, I got some friends and my daughter and we headed to Sidney that night. When we get their the marquee says NOTHING about EC.... I have to say I was freaking a bit and was just about to say Fuck it!!! I really only came to see them... We decided (thank god) to go inside.....when we walked in the door there were some bands set up on the left side of the entrance. THANK GOD!! The third table there was this pretty hot guy sitting at a small table focusing on his lap top. YEAH there were EC posters behind his head......I was feeling pretty happy at that point and relieved..because the thought of missing them entirely and they were so close was making me feel sick...(haha you make me sick, literally) (also kinda the feeling I have had since moving to GA and missing them a few times since) So, we b line over to this hottie....and start looking over the merch and realize that wholly shit this is one of the guys!!! OOOOHHHH the excitement that rushes in when you meet a "rockstar" He is very friendly, he asks us how we like the band etc.....then another one walks over......... (angels were singing!!!!) IT WAS JOHN FALLS!!!!!!! so here we were standing in front of JOHN AND JEFF!!!! I ask about getting a small size shirt for my daughter..... they searched their pile and couldn't find the one she wanted but said they would look in the van. My one friend gets herself a shirt , we talk to them about ozzfest..they said it went really well but it was HOT! I believe at this point Jeff walked away and here came Blakers....... what an adorable young man! as the night when on we went back in forth with meeting the guys...talking to them about all kinds of things. Of course when meeting Heath just trying to get over the first sight of those "killer" eyes...was like "ugh, how in the hell can someone look that damn good!" and be soooo sweet! The night went ran very late.....The EC show was amazing...watching those guys on stage is so intense.. they truly show raw emotion. It is sooooo wonderful to see bands like that, they suck you in and leave you totally drained. It finally got a bit late for me and my two young ones with me......We had gotten just about all the autographs we needed except Jeff and (The God of ABS....JOEY) I was leaving the place a little sad that I hadnt been able to finish the CD jacket....on the stoop outside the theater was JOHN hanging out talking to someone. He said "you guys leaving already" I told him, to get these kids home, and plus we just might stop at wal mart and get some cheese.....He said "do you like cheese" I said YEAH>>> WE like grilled Cheese.... HE said "I like grilled cheese" I said.." I would make you one but you would have to come to my house" He said" We could probably make on over the engine in the van" That sounded a bit gross to me......... so sadly I told him I missed the two guys for the signatures but I would live........ We got back to my van...and I decided to drive around the block.....Thank God I did!!!! pulled up to the curb to John and there were JOEY and JEFF!!!!!! I had Joey hanging in the window of the van and that is where I told him he should be in playgirl....but he said he thinks he promised his mom he wouldn't do that and I said...You know...maybe they are all gay anyway and he said that he definately wasn't! hahaha He said maybe I could take the pics.....(which of course I would...heehee) then I said...well my daughter takes great pics......He said "you want your daughter to take naked pics of me" hahaha at this point my daughter was embarrassed to death!!!!! It was great!!!!!!!! WE said good bye.........then were wonderful! and that is the last time I have seen them... I bought my second copy of the cd that night for them to sign and I bought my third the day it was re

released!!! I LOVE EC they make me smile!!!!!!1

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