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20 questions with Malice 20 Questions with Malice Cool interview I (Shawn) got to do today...check it out.

1. Describe for me the rituals you go through to prep for a stage performance. Usually just getting myself alone for a few minutes. Sometimes it’s impossible to do, so when I can’t I withdraw into my head and try to invision what I want to accomplish. 2. What motivates your music? When I write, it’s usually whatever mood I am in, good or bad. Sometimes it’s something weird like trying a new tuning and I come up with something that I like or a new or different chord progression. 3. How did you get started in the music business? It started way back in my first band Raze. I basically just started shaking everyones hand whether they wanted to meet me or not. But I repeatedly got my name out there. I met Todd by doing the same thing. The original Rail opened for my band Soak Lucy and after they played I just walked up and introduced myself. Later on, we opened for them at the Hard Rock Cafe. There were several other people that were key to me getting to where I am. But it was just a long series of shaking hands and getting my name out there. I wanted more for myself than to just be in some local band. When I joined Rail, we became pretty big and got to open for Disturbed, Seether, Shinedown, Echo 7, Die Trying, Chevelle, Taproot, Breaking Point, and a lot of other signed bands. So I would say it all paid off. StiffKitty is just another step. 4. Who were your childhood influences? Way back in the day, it would have had to of been Motley Crue, Dio, Cinderella, and a lot of those rock bands that were out at the time. I also listened to stuff like the Cure and early Red Hot Chili Peppers, Duran Duran, and other bands that were out like that. 5. What keeps you grounded when your world falls apart and it all goes to Hell? My daughters, no matter what, they love me for who I am. 6. How many tats and piercings have you got? where are they? what are they? Two piercings, lip ring and nose ring. I have eight tats. I have a tribal sun on my stomach, a tribal on my back, a chinese symbol on my band that means "Crow", a sun/moon, on my right shoulder, a celtic cross on my left shoulder, my daughters names on my chest, and a red tribal on my left calf. 7. Who’s your favorite tat artist? Too Cool Kenny in Henderson, he’s not as well known as he should be, but he’s amazing. 8. What has been your favorite venue to date? I don’t really have a favorite venue. I have favorite shows at certain venues. My all time favorite show was when we opened for Breaking Point at the Daisy. The place was packed, and it was just insane. We also did a few dates at the Stage Stop that we packed out that were just as intense. 9. Where is your DREAM VENUE? I want to play at home just once...which is in Dallas, Texas. Any venue.

10. If you could share a stage with any of your musical influences, who would it be? I got to play with a few already, but I would have to say Finger Eleven. James Black is my guitar hero. 11. What do you do to escape the insanity of traveling on the road? I listen to a lot of music. So it would just be laying back and getting inspired by my heros and trying to hear what they were thinking when they wrote a certain piece of music. Kinda like trying to get into their heads. 12. How old were you when you got started playing music? I started singing back when I was younger, I picked up the guitar at about 14. Never put it down since. 13. List your music history, i.e. your first band, who was in it with you, are you still friends with your old band mates? The first real band I was in was Raze. It was my and my friend at the time Anthony Lawson, the rest of the guys drifted in and out. We had a singer at the time but we fired him and I took over vocal duties. I really don’t see much of the guys anymore which is a shame, but I think they are all still doing something musically. 14. Do you personally know any of the Memphis Legends? I met J. Jamison back when I was in Rail, and he let me use an acoustic guitar of his for a piece in a Rail song. It was like a $4000 Gibson...I was afraid to touch it, but he was very kind. And this one is kinda funny. My dad played drums for Jerry Lee Lewis way back in the day. On a layover in Memphis, they were heading out on the road as Elvis was coming in, and they all went on the plane to say hello. Elvis held me and said (in my best Elvis voice) "cute kid". Of course I was too young to remember, but my mom told me about it. 15. i want to hear stories that you have of your fellow musicians...NO TRASH TALKING...funny anecdotes, shared experiences, how they influenced you. HAHAHA, it would have to be last night. Me and Inga and Eric from the Naked Beggars were taking a pic, and when we got done, inga was smelling her underarms, so we all started smelling our underarms. Eric had taken a shower but had forgotten his deoderant. It was him that smelled a bit off, lol! So when we were backstage, I let him use my deoderant! It was so funny! One of my childhood idols from the band was classic! 16. What’s your band’s mode of travel? Right now, beings as how we are just getting started again, it’s our own vehicles. When I was in Rail, we had a 15 seater van we traveled in. 17. What is YOUR view of SUCCESS? To me, it’s just watching people enjoying what I play. It isn’t about money or anything like that. in the end, if people enjoy what you do, the money will come. 18. List your discography. RID Soak Lucy-Enslaved Soak Lucy-Demo Rail Surrender The Fall-Acoustic "Father" 19. Is it tough keeping your personal life together when you’re surrounded by all the trappings of stardom? Not really, as long as you are smart about what you are doing and conscious of the people around you and respectful of their feeling, it can go hand in hand.

20. How does your wife/girlfriend/significant other feel about all the attention you receive from overzealous female fans? I currently am single. When I have had one around during those times, they either were okay with everything, or they weren’t going to be around.

20 questions with Malice shawn  

6. How many tats and piercings have you got? where are they? what are they? Two piercings, lip ring and nose ring. I have eight tats. I have...