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Mark Randall Pool & Spa 28711 P.C.H. #8 Malibu, California 90265 (310) 589-5127 | Thank you for choosing Mark Randall Pool & Spa as your pool service company. We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with excellent pool and spa care. As a new client, here is what you can expect from your service technician: Regular Service  Once or twice per week, a technician will check and adjust your pool water chemistry.  Chlorine and muriatic acid will be added as needed.  If the water level is low, water will be added to the pool while we are cleaning, however it is the homeowner's responsibility to maintain an adequate water level in the pool or spa.  The technician will either vacuum or LeafMaster, depending on conditions (heavy leaves and debris cannot be vacuumed).  The surface of the water will be skimmed.  The skimmer and pump baskets will be cleaned.  The pool or spa tile will be scrubbed. Annually  Once per year and generally in the springtime, cyanuric acid (conditioner) will be added to the pool. This is a chemical shield that prevents the ultraviolet rays of the sun from destroying chlorine before it acts on bacteria and sanitizes the water. Conditioner costs $6.00 per pound, and an average sized pool will use ten pounds in an application. Pools with Alternative Treatment Systems  Our pool technicians are versed in working with alternative pool and spa treatment systems such as Ozone Generation systems, Salt Water systems and will use as little chemical additives as possible. We will work in conjunction with your water treatment specialists to ensure proper system operations and to maintain the correct parameters for these chemical-reducing systems. Pool Filter Service and Other Repairs  To disassemble and clean your pool filter, our technicians charge $70.00. This is done on an "as needed" basis, as some pools get a lot of dirt and debris and others can go months with only and occasional backwashing (performed at no charge).  When a motor or other component of your pool equipment is in need of repair, we will inform you of the cost for labor and parts at that time.  Other additional services would include the addition of algaecide, conditioner (as mentioned above), chlorine tabs for a chlorine dispenser, bromine tablets, and any new baskets or small parts that require replacement. Inclement Weather  Even in pouring rain, our technicians will still come out to clean your pool. However, we usually cannot see the bottom to vacuum, so the surface debris will be removed, the baskets cleaned, and chemicals will be added. We strive to do our very best under rainy weather conditions.  In regard to Santa Ana winds, there is little we can do when the winds are blowing. We will remove as much debris as possible, but generally during Santa Ana's an hour after service it will appear we were never there. In severe Santa Ana winds (and we have witnessed up to 80 mph winds), it will probably take a couple of visits to return the pool to normal. We have seen furniture, large tree limbs, fences and even car tops in pools. Most things can be removed easily, but if we encounter something absurd we will need to use other measures. Our company has been providing excellent pool and spa service for over 28 years! Please feel free to contact our office with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. We are confident you will be pleased with our services- thank you for your business.

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