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RADIUM GIRLS - DECEMBER 2, 3, 4 AND 5 MHS AUDITORIUM Thursday, 12/2; 7pm Friday, 12/3; 7pm Saturday, 12/4; 7pm Sunday, 12/ 5; 2pm

A true story about the effects of environmental hazards on a group of women who took on big business in a case of conspiracy and won. Radium Girls, written by D. W. Gregory, is based on a human tragedy that played out in the 1920s and 1930s involving women who had worked in a New Jersey plant painting dials that would be used by the military in World War I. A dramatic documentary that will hold your attention and tear at your heartstrings--Radium Girls offers a wry, unflinching look at the peculiarly American obsessions with health, wealth and the commercialization of science. [1]

Dr. Mark Kelly’s PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE Dear Parents, A few weeks back, I had the privilege of hosting my elementary school principal colleagues from Juan Cabrillo, Pt. Dume and Webster. We, together with district staff, engaged in a practice called a learning walk, which is a structured event of visiting classrooms looking for evidence of various teaching practices. For this particular walk, we documented strategies that our middle school mathematics teachers use for checking for understanding. As a learning walk team our task was to document the practices and to provide feedback on how teaching practices might be strengthened. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to be with my fellow principals doing what we love most – seeing and engaging in dialogue about teaching and learning. I was proud to showcase the work of our teachers as they employed a wide range of strategies in seeking whether students were making sense of their lessons.


In a way, our methods are a compromise in that we give enough guidance so students engage, while leaving room for them to struggle as it is this struggle that develops thinking. Eventually, we require students to take hold and demonstrate that they are adopting mathematical thinking and reasoning. In each of our subject matter disciplines, we hope to teach the thinking and reasoning accepted as convention in our disciplines. Ultimately, our goal is for students to learn how to learn as this is what will be required in “the real world.”

As a teacher of mathematics, I often found myself asking my students, “Why do you try to go out through the window when I opened the door?” In other words, why, when I have seemingly put forth logical reasoning, do students go off in a direction that makes little sense? As a teacher, I must remind myself that it is much easier to understand something you know, or in my case, have long since-forgotten, than to try to understand for the first time. In the course of our debriefing, one of my colleagues asked As teachers, our task is to construct experiences that are rich the all important question, “When, in anyone’s life are they in how they require students to engage in discipline-specific going to use algebra.” As a former (and current) thinking and reasoning. Refinement of thought comes from mathematics teacher, I naturally reacted with polite providing students with tools and engaging them in rich indignation. Did I need to once again drag out the countless experiences where they figure out how and which tools to examples of when one uses mathematics? Was it necessary use. As teachers, we have to be patient with our students for me to inform him of the vast number of professions that and attempt to see what we are asking of them using a require mathematics? Somewhere, I have a poster I can student’s lens and not an “I already know” teacher’s lens. show him. Of course, I knew he was only half-heartedly This is one of the messages we left with the mathematics asking the question. I also knew that in his daily work he is teachers we visited on our learning walk. We asked our rarely solving equations, investigating the logic of various teachers to reflect upon those students whose thinking geometric shapes, or representing word problems as needed further refinement; think about the students who mathematical statements. We briefly touched upon the made errors. What do they need and how might their errors difference between arithmetic, mathematics as application become the teachable moments? Ultimately, our teaching and, (for many) the least useful of all, pure mathematics. requires a mixture of content and discipline specific Ultimately, his question remained unanswered. experiences that help students develop their way of thinking. I cannot say that all students will be using the I left the day pondering the question of why we teach specific concepts that I teach in math class each day. What I mathematics. I also generalized the question to why we can say is that each opportunity to struggle with new ideas, teach any of our subjects. A very long essay (or book) concepts, and procedures is a step toward a better thinking would be required to even start with an answer. I did, and reasoning person. however, come up with one good response. It is true that in “the real world” our young people may not be doing many I loved doing the learning walk because it reminds me that of the tasks that we ask them to do in school. What we will our work as principals is to keep the conversations about ask them to do is to think and reason. To do mathematics is teaching and learning alive amongst our teachers. To talk to think and reason mathematically. When asking students with teachers about what is happening in classrooms is the to do the wide variety of problems over the many series of most enjoyable part of my job. The learning walk mathematics courses we teach, we are asking them to experience gave me this wonderful opportunity to defend employ mathematical thinking and reasoning. The why mathematics, and the teaching of any subject is mathematicians of the world criticize how we teach important. I cannot wait until the next one. mathematics because we don’t let the wonder and beauty of mathematics take hold as our methodologies are far too Respectfully, structured. On the other hand, mathematics teachers know Mark O. Kelly that we need to provide structures and guides if we are Principal going to engage all of our students as we are expected to do. [2]

Dr. Mark Kelly: Mensaje del Director Estimados Padres, Hace algunas semanas, tuve el privilegio de ser el anfitrión de mis colegas directores de las escuelas primarias de Juan Cabrillo, Pt. Dume y Webster. Nosotros, junto con empleados del distrito, participamos en una practica llamada un “learning walk (excursión de aprendizaje) la cual es un evento estructurado de visitar salones de clase buscando evidencia de varias practicas de enseñanza. Para esta excursión en particular, documentamos estrategias que usaron nuestros maestros de matemáticas de secundaria para revisar el entendimiento. Como equipo de esta excursión de aprendizaje nuestro trabajo era de documentar las prácticas y proveer nuestra opinión sobre como las prácticas de instrucción podrían ser fortalecidas. Para mi fue una oportunidad maravillosa el poder estar con mis colegas hacienda lo que más amamos – mirando y participando en dialogo sobre la enseñanza y el aprendizaje. Me sentí orgulloso de poder exhibir el trabajo de nuestros maestros a medida que ellos empleaban una variedad amplia de estrategias para saber si sus lecciones tenían sentido para los estudiantes. A medida que compartíamos sobre lo que habíamos visto, uno de mis colegas hizo la pregunta más importante, “Cuando, en la vida de cualquier persona va a usar el algebra.” Como maestro de matemáticas anterior (y presente), naturalmente reaccione con indignación cortes. ¿Necesitaba una vez más sacar a rastras los innumerables ejemplos de cuando uno usa las matemáticas? ¿Era necesario que yo le informara sobre el gran número de profesiones que requieren de matemáticas? En alguna parte, tengo un cartel que puedo enseñarle. Por supuesto, yo sabía que el solo estaba haciendo la pregunta a medias. También sabía que en su trabajo diario el raramente está resolviendo ecuaciones, investigando la lógica de diversas formas geométricas, o representando problemas de palabras como declaraciones matemáticas. Tocamos brevemente sobre la diferencia entre la aritmética, la aplicación de las matemáticas y, (para muchos) la menos útil de todas, las matemáticas puras. Ultimadamente, esta pregunta permaneció sin respuesta.

Terminé ese día contemplando la pregunta de por que enseñamos matemáticas. También generalicé la pregunta de por que enseñamos cualquiera de las materias. Un ensayo muy largo (o un libro) sería necesario para comenzar con una respuesta. Pude, sin embargo, encontrar una buena respuesta. Es cierto que “en el mundo real” nuestros jóvenes no tengan que hacer muchas de las cosas que les pedimos que hagan en la escuela. Lo que si les pediremos que hagan es pensar y razonar. El hacer matemáticas es pensar y razonar matemáticamente. Cuando les pedimos a los estudiantes que hagan una variedad amplia de problemas durante muchas series de cursos de matemáticas que les enseñamos, les estamos pidiendo que empleen el pensamiento y razonamiento matemático. Los matemáticos del mundo critican como enseñamos las matemáticas por que no permitimos que la maravilla y la belleza de las matemáticas se arraiguen por que nuestras metodologías son demasiado estructuradas. Por otro lado, los maestros de matemáticas saben que necesitamos proveer estructuras y guías si vamos a involucrar a todos nuestros estudiantes como se espera que lo hagamos. De cierta manera, los métodos son una concesión en la cual damos la orientación suficiente para que los estudiantes participen, mientras dejando espacio para que ellos batallen ya que esta es una batalla que desarrolla el pensamiento. Eventualmente, les requerimos a los estudiantes que se arraiguen y demuestren que ellos están adoptando el pensamiento y razonamiento matemático. En cada una de las disciplinas de nuestras materias esperamos enseñar el pensamiento y el razonamiento como convención en nuestras disciplinas. Ultimadamente, nuestra meta es que los estudiantes aprendan como aprender ya que esto es lo que será requerido en “el mundo real”. Siendo maestro de matemáticas, me encuentro preguntándoles a mis estudiantes, ¿“Por que tratas de salir por la ventana, cuando abrí la puerta”? En otras palabras, ¿por que, cuando aparentemente he enunciado razonamiento lógico, los estudiantes se van en la dirección que tiene poco sentido? Como maestro, tengo que recordarme a mi mismo que es mucho [3]

DECIEMBRE más fácil entender algo que uno conoce, o en mi caso, hace tiempo he olvidado, que tratar de entender algo por primera vez. Como maestros, nuestra tarea es de construir experiencias que son ricas en la manera en que requieren que los estudiantes se involucren en pensamiento y razonamiento de disciplina especifica. El refinamiento del pensamiento viene de proveerle herramientas a los estudiantes e involucrándolos en ricas experiencias adonde ellos figuran como y que herramientas usar. Como maestros, tenemos que tener paciencia con nuestros estudiantes y intentar ver lo que les estamos pidiendo usando el lente del estudiante y no un lente de maestro de “Ya lo se”. Este fue uno de los mensajes que dejamos con los maestros de matemáticas que visitamos en nuestra excursión de aprendizaje. Les pedimos a nuestros maestros que reflexionaran sobre aquellos estudiantes cuyo pensamiento necesitaba más refinamiento; pensar en los estudiantes que cometieron errores. ¿Que necesitan y como podrán sus errores tal vez convertirse en momentos de enseñanza? Ultimadamente, nuestra enseñanza requiere una combinación de contenido y experiencias específicas de la disciplina que le ayudan a los estudiantes a desarrollar su manera de pensar. No puedo decir que todos los estudiantes usarán los conceptos específicos que yo enseño en la clase de matemáticas cada día. Lo que puedo decir es que cada oportunidad para batallar con nuevas ideas, conceptos, y procedimientos es un paso hacia delante en ser una persona con mejor habilidad para pensar y razonar. Me encanto hacer la excursión de aprendizaje por que me recordó que nuestro trabajo como directores es de mantener vivas las conversaciones sobre la enseñanza y el aprendizaje entre nuestros maestros. Hablar con los maestros sobre lo que está pasando en las clases es la parte más agradable de mi trabajo. La experiencia de la excursión de aprendizaje me dio esta oportunidad maravillosa de defender el por qué las matemáticas, y la enseñanza de cualquier materia es importante. No puedo esperar hasta la próxima. Respetuosamente, Mark O. Kelly Director



Congratulations to our 2010-11 Malibu High School Reflections winners. First Place entries will advance to the next level of judging. FILM HS 1st Place: Nicholas Anthony 2nd Place: Hailey Hoffman 3rd Place: Evan Anthony   MUSICAL COMPOSITION HS 1st Place: Destiny Edman 2nd Place: Jenny Pelligrino 3rd Place: James Burnett   Honorable Mention: Alissa Myer

VISUAL ARTS      MS 1st Place: India Sposato HS 1st Place: Sarah Larson       2nd Place: Jamie Levine    3rd Place: Paige Schwimer          Honorable Mentions: Nina Lampcov Colin Branham

LITERATURE                        MS 1st Place: Aaron Kagon 2nd Place: Isobel Anthony 3rd Place: Nalani Kelley Marsh

PHOTOGRAPH MS 1st Place: Natasha Rothenbucher HS 1st Place: Riley Spencer         2nd Place: Jack Platner       3rd Place: Ryan Brown

HS 1st Place: Carolyn Pushaw      2nd Place: Christiane Horn             3rd Place: Brooke Schwartz




FRONT ROW: Sienna Miller, Sarah Larson, Zada Michaels, Zola Crowder, Ara Bolander, Devin Freeman, Dr Kelly BACK ROW:Alex Goodman, Emma Blackwood NOT PICTURED: Bryan

       Malibu  High  School   honors  students  from   each  grade  level  for  hard   work  and  dedica9on  to   the  school  and  the   community.  Selected  by   their  teachers,  these   students  exhibit   outstanding  work  habits,   ci9zenship,  and  a  posi9ve   a@tude.  Students  of  the   Month  receive  a   cer9ficate,  a  small  token   of  apprecia9on  and  get   their  picture  taken  with   Dr.  Kelly.

FIVE MHS CHOIR MEMBERS EARN SPOTS IN NATIONAL HONORS CHOIR Five talented singers from the Malibu Middle and High School Choral Department earned spots on two prestigious National Honor Choirs last week. Isobel Anthony, Katie Reinhold, Caitlin Shoemaker and Nancy Walecki were accepted into the 2011 National Children’s Honor Choir. All are in the Girls’ Select Choir at Malibu Middle School. There were 800 applicants for 300 positions. The choir will be directed by Henry Leck, an internationally recognized choral director and an associate professor and Director of Choral Activities at Butler University. MHS freshman Martha Thatcher was accepted into the National Junior High/Middle School Honor Choir for grades 7-9. There were 1,200 applicants for 300 positions. This group will be directed by Rollo Dilworth, associate professor of Choral Music Education at Temple University. The girls will travel to Chicago in March to rehearse and perform with the National Honor Choirs.Amy Loch, choral music director at Malibu High School, said, “This is an incredible honor. I was hoping that we might have one student from MHS selected, and to have five students chosen is amazing! It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to work with a National Clinician and to rehearse and perform with 300 dedicated peer musicians from across the country.” [6]



JUNTAS DEL COMITE BILINGUE(ELAC) PARA EL ANO ESCOLAR 2010/2011 Las juntas para este año se han cambiado Jueves 7 de abril 2011- Se Anunciará de nuevo para Jueves 5 de mayo, 2011- Se Anunciará Cada PRIMER JUEVES DEL MES A LAS 5pm en Juan Cabrillo Jueves 2 de junio 2011- Se ¡RESERVEN LA FECHA!

Bilingual Liaison,

Jueves 2 de diciembre 2010Tema: Los Derechos de Los Padres en el Distrito Escolar Con Aída Díaz

Yalile Pieper


Jueves 6 de enero 2011Tema: Como Combatir El Estrés con Mónica Salinas Jueves 3 de febrero 2011-La Intimidación en la Escuela Jueves 3 de marzo 2011-Se Anunciará

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A MESSAGE FROM THE PTSA PRESIDENT, WENDY SIDLEY As Thanksgiving is already behind us and the holidays near, we are probably thinking about what we are thankful for. I think we should all be thankful for our amazing staff and teachers who work hard every day of the week to help our kids become better humans. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated group of people working with the kids of this community to make them better athletes, thespians, artists, community members, musicians, and of course better students. Thank you to Mark Kelly and his team of teachers and staff for everything that they do for our children. What a great group of parents we have who are also working hard to make Malibu High the best school it can be. Thanks especially to the parents on the boards of The Shark Fund, Arts Angels, Athletic Booster Club, and the PTSA who are constantly volunteering their time to provide special programs and support to our students and staff. If you were able to attend our boutique and PTSA fundraiser, thanks so much for being there. It was a huge success thanks to all of the hard work put in by Sandy Thacker, Kim Stefanko and their committee. We hope those of you who couldn’t make it will be able to attend next year. A special thanks to the people of Santa Monica who voted Yes for Propositions Y & YY. That will bring in about 6 million dollars annually to our school district and will benefit the students of Malibu. Thanks to all of you who support our school with your time, your money, or both. And if you haven’t had a chance to make your donation to The Shark Fund, or you haven’t yet had a chance to volunteer your time in some way, I hope you will take some time to do so in the coming months. It is this support that gives us so much to be thankful for in this community and at this school. Happy Holidays! Wendy Sidley MHS PTSA President


Thank You for Your Generous Contributions! The Malibu High School PTSA would like to thank the following donors for their contributions to our 2010 Fall Fundraiser – “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere”. We couldn’t have done it without you! American Golf Corporation – Keith Brown Arts Angels Avant Garde Barbara & Steven O’Neill Becker Bobbi Miller-Barton Brooke Bohm Canyon Beachwear Center for The Arts Pepperdine Craig Cignarelli D’Amore’s Pizza David Thayne Debbie Irwin Diane Sittig Dogeared Dorothy Lucey Doug Olen Dr. Elliot Felman Eamon Harrington European Shoe Repair Geoffrey’s Malibu Giovanni’s Restaurant Girls Living It Up – Tova Fagan Greg & Laureen Sills Guido’s Restaurant Heidi Myer Wong Henry Hangers Home Hollywood Wax Museum Horseback Rides With Heart – Tally Hutchinson Intemperantia Chocolates Isabelle Bryer Jack & Pam Keese Jackie Penta Jill Smoller John McCampbell Karen Blackmore Katherine Marinaro Katy Frame Kerri Wilder Kier Design – Heidi Kier Le Merigot

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College and  Career  Center  News   The  College  and  Career  Center  website  is  regularly  updated   so  that  it  can  remain  a  valuable  resource  for  Malibu   HS.  Make  sure  to  visit  this  website  o>en  and  pay  close   a?en@on  to  the  CCC  Calendar  for  important  upcoming   events  like  the  ones  highlighted  below.   Full-­‐length  Prac5ce  ACT:   December  4,  2010,  9:00  a.m.  –  1:00  p.m.  at  MHS. On  December  4,  2010,  Malibu  High  School  and  Revolu@on   Prep  will  be  offering  a  full-­‐length  Prac@ce  ACT  as  a   fundraiser  for  Malibu  HS.  The  exam  is  $20,  and  100%  of  the   proceeds  benefit  the  college  counseling  program.  This  is  an   excellent  opportunity  to  prac@ce  or  simply  to  explore  if  the   ACT  might  be  the  right  test  for  your  student.  Each  student   will  receive  an  on-­‐line  score  report  with  detailed   performance  analysis,  including  wri?en  feedback  on  the   essay.  To  register,  click  here  or  call  Revolu@on  Prep  at   877-­‐738-­‐7737.  

Financial Aid  Night  for  Seniors  and  Parents:   December  7,  2010,  6:30  p.m.  –  8:30  p.m.,  MHS  Library A  Financial  Aid  Officer  from  a  selec@ve  four-­‐year  university  will  present  to  our  students   and  parents  about  the  financial  aid  process  and  the  different  types  of  aid  that  are   available  to  finance  a  college  educa@on.    The  Free  Applica@on  for  Federal  Student  Aid   (FAFSA)  submission  begins  on  January  1,  2011,  so  don’t  miss  this  opportunity  to  get  all  of   your  ques@ons  answered!   Save  the  Date! • PSAT  Results:  Now  What?  –  Monday,  January  10,  2011,  6:30  p.m.  –  9:00  p.m.     Click  here  for  more  informa@on. •

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Facilitated panel  discussion  will  immediately  follow  the  screening.

Director Vicki Abeles turns the personal political, igniting a national conversation in her new documentary about the pressures faced by American schoolchildren and their teachers in a system and culture obsessed with the illusion of achievement, competition and the pressure to perform. Featuring the heartbreaking stories of young people across the country who have been pushed to the brink, educators who are burned out and worried that students aren’t developing the skills they need, and parents who are trying to do what’s best for their kids, Race to Nowhere points to the silent epidemic in our schools: cheating has become commonplace, students have become disengaged, stress-related illness, depression and burnout are rampant, and young people arrive at college and the workplace unprepared and uninspired. Race to Nowhere is a call to mobilize families, educators, and policy makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens.


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Our Mission is to significantly enhance the lives of youth to fulfill their potential as caring, productive contributing citizens. For more information go to

CLUB Stay Lates Is your teen bored on Friday nights? The CLUB will be taking a trip to see The Nutcracker at Pepperdine on Friday December 3rd from 6:30pm to 10:00pm. Limited spaces are available on a first come first serve basis. Pick up a permission slip at The CLUB and turn it in ASAP to reserve your spot! SMART Girls Sleepover The 6th & 7th grade SMART Girls program is coming to an end this semester with an exciting sleepover party! All girls who attended regularly are invited to participate in this awesome event on Friday December 10th. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to hang out with the girls! Goals for Graduation – FAFSA Party This session will introduce teens to the complex financial aid application that is a crucial part of the college going experience. All High Schools members are welcomed to attend, seniors are strongly encouraged to attend to get a head start on the FAFSA. The FAFSA Party will take place on Monday December 13th from 3:30pm to 4:30pm in the Learning Center. Winter Break The CLUB will be open during winter break from 9:00am to 6:30pm except on December 24th and December 31st. Torch Club A yearlong leadership and service club for teen’s 6th-8th grade. Members learn to elect officers and work together to implement community service projects at The CLUB, MHS, and community. Next meeting before winter break will be December 2nd! Late sign ups are accepted. Green Teens An environmental based team for middle school and high school teens with project initiatives to save the ‘bu. Green Teens also partner with MHS’s ‘The environmental Club’. Our next meeting before winter break is December 9th! Late sign ups are accepted. Man Up! For 6th-12th grade boys designed to provide guidance and mentorship. Topics include cultural and social pressures, aggression, bullying, and healthy life choices. The final meeting for 6th - 8th grade will be Wednesday December 1st at 3:15pm! Next meeting for 9th – 12th grade is December 2nd and meets every Thursday @ 3:15pm! Triple Play Promotes fitness through fun, engaging and competitive intramural sports and recreational activities that also emphasize teamwork and sportsmanship. Sports include basketball, football, soccer, ping-pong, fooseball, pool, and many more! Next session is December 3rd @ 1:00 pm and is every following Friday. Power Hour A yearlong incentive based homework program where teens can receive tutoring use computers for homework and are encouraged to complete their homework to succeed! Members who participate regularly are invited to attend Power Hour parties where their educational accomplishments are acknowledged! Monday-Thursday from 3:20-4:30pm! Parent Co-op Parents and family members are encouraged to join and volunteer weekly, monthly or whatever your schedule allows. Get involved by sharing your expertise and resources and help build a sense of family at The Club. Most areas of expertise welcome; including arts and crafts, tutoring, maintenance, photography, free snack and Friday BBQ program, yoga, help with events and much more!

Please call Siugen Constanza or Mayra Herrera at 310.457.2582 should you have any questions regarding our programs. THE CLUB’S business hours are 9:30am-6:30pm. Interested in making a donation to the Malibu Foundation to help support Boys & Girls Club? Please call Kasey Earnest at 310-457-1400. [17]

become a service club. MHS already has 6 clubs as official registered service clubs and we want more! This is a great way to pursue your passion, help the community and earn those CSL hours! See your ASB President or Mrs. Ross-Neier for more info. ONGOING CSL OPPORTUNITIES! The Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue needs volunteers for a new afterschool program! See Mrs. Ross-Neier or visit the CSL Calendar for more info! This is a great way to earn hours afterschool while working with young people. You can come every week or whenever your schedule allows.

ATTN SENIORS! New this year!! All seniors must schedule a short meeting with Mrs. Ross-Neier to discuss your CSL plan for the upcoming school year. Mrs. Ross-Neier has already visited many senior English classes, but if you haven't met with her be sure to schedule a time now. Contact Mrs. Ross-Neier at  Office Hours are T/Th 9:30-2:30.

Do you like art and need CSL hours? Juan Cabrillo needs help with their after school art program on Thursdays and Fridays after school. Contact Mrs. Ross-Neier or visit the CSL Calendar for more info.

The Topanga Community Club needs your help one Friday a month! Now how easy is that? Help CSL Calendar setup and Visit the MHS website under Student Life and prepare meals Community Service Learning to learn about for senior upcoming events and catch the latest citizens in your community info. community. Visit the CSL SERVICE CLUBS!! Calendar for New this year to MHS! Are you in a service club more info or on campus and want to earn your CSL hours? see Mrs. RossJust register your club charter with ASB and

The Malibu High Enews is produced by the Malibu High School PTSA. Volunteer parents collect the information and compile it to send to every family on the first Monday of every month. If you would like a printed copy of the newsletter mailed to your home, please send an email to and request your mailed copy. In the interest of saving energy, time and paper the newsletter committee is striving to

change the way the school communicates with parents. Contributors include: Mark Kelly, Wendy Sidley, Wendy Gellis, The MHS PTSA, the Shark Fund, the MHS Counselors, Bobbi Ross Neier, The Boys and Girls Club, The College and Career Center, Arts Angels, The Athletic Booster Club and other individuals and organizations throughout our school community. A special thanks to Yalile Pieper for


Bobbi Ross-Neier

translating our Principal’s letter. Thank you for making this possible.

MHS ENEWS 30215 Morning View Drive Malibu, CA. 90265

December 2010 Enews  

Malibu High's monthly newsletter

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