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With this ring

1. Why the “left hand, third finger?” In ancient cultures it was believed that the third finger of the left hand, had a special vein called vena amoris, the vein of “love,” that ran from the “ring finger” finger directly to the heart. 2. What is the origin of the word “betrothed?” The word “betrothed” comes from the Anglo-Saxon “troweth,” meaning truth. Betrothed means “giving a truth or pledge” and so, an engagement ring becomes an outward indication to everyone that a woman has pledged her love to one man alone. 3. Where does the word “diamond” originate? The Greek “adamant” means steadfast or invincible. It is from this word that the diamond gets its name. Diamonds were believed to be invincible, indestructible, and exceedingly strong. 4. What’s a “princess ring?” The “princess ring” is a type of English engagement ring which contained three, four or five diamonds in a row, across the top. This ring design was very popular in this country, in the early twentieth century.



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5. What is the smallest engagement ring ever gifted to a bride-to-be? The smallest betrothal ring on record was given to two-year-old Princess Mary, daughter of Henry VIII. When she became engaged to the infant Dauphin of France, son of King Francis I, in 1518, a tiny gold ring, set with a valuable diamond, was fitted to her finger. 6. Where and when did the custom of giving a second (i.e., a wedding band) originate? Giving a second ring, a wedding band, is a relatively recent practice. Since 1477, when Archduke Maximilian I, emperor of Austria gave a diamond betrothal ring to Mary of Burgundy, the diamond has been the gem of choice to seal an engagement. 7. How and where did the traditional engagement ring and wedding band “guard” originate? In 1761, King George III first introduced the tradition of the “keeper,” or guard ring. He presented a band encircled with diamonds to his bride, Queen Charlotte. Today such rings continue their popularity as a wedding or an anniversary band. 8. In which country is it traditional for the bridegroom to give a ring to everyone who attended the wedding ceremony? The custom existed in Persia . . . and, by the way, out to be “outdone,” Queen Victoria and Prince Albert gave out six dozen rings, each engraved with the queen’s profile, at their wedding ceremony. Photo by Anton B.

stead of traditional place cards.

memorable touches

Prior to Your Wedding


Send out squares of material with invitations instructing guests to draw a picture, copy a photo or write something on the square. The squares can be made into a beautiful quilt which can be displayed at your wedding. One couple I worked with wrote to their guests “one day this special quilt will hang above our baby’s crib.” Ask guests to send back photos of themselves (or photos with the two of you) to be displayed at your wedding. Send all of the guests who reply that they are coming to the wedding from out of town post cards from Malibu with a personal note telling them how happy you are that they’re making the trip. Use hand painted river rocks, antique picture frames, boxes of custom chocolate with your monogram or small books on love in-

Place old fashioned beach pails or canvas beach totes in guest’s rooms with personalized water, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks. Decks of playing cards, scented candles and chocolate are also appreciated. Be sure to include a note welcoming guests as well as a list of your favorite Malibu restaurants and things to do, a Malibu Guide and your weekend itinerary.

Ceremony Write a note to one another to be read by your priest or rabbi. Don’t read it to each other until the ceremony. It can be funny (one of my clients wrote “I promise to never get upset when you watch the Detroit Lions on TV”) and of course very emotional and tear jerking - what you love about each other, all of the things you look forward to doing together in the future... Have the officiant involve your guests in some way. He may ask everyone to hold hands and say a silent prayer for your lives together or repeat something after him. He could ask “who thinks this woman should marry this man?” and have everyone shout “WE DO.”

Place personalized fans, parasols or sandals in baskets for guests to take. Have special poems on love printed on unique paper at each guest’s seat.

their tables. These shots are fun and not as posed as traditional table shots.

are a considerate touch to add to w o m e n ’s b a t h rooms.

Give each of your moms something special as part of y o u r c e re m o n y – flowers in an antique tussy mussy, a lovely handkerchief, a heartfelt note.

Instead of throwing your bouquet have all married couples come to the dance floor and by process of elimination the couple married t h e l o n g e s t re mains. The four of you can do a short dance and this woman will receive your bouquet.

Have guests shower you with flower petals as you recess.

Play a cd of a favorite Broadway show, opera or love songs in the bathroom.

Instead of a traditional guest book have your guests sign a coffee table book on Malibu or the California coast. Or ask guests to “Leave your thoughts for a long and happy marriage”. Place small small squares of beautiful paper next to a glass urn for guests to write on.

Reception Have snacks (nuts and olives, great bread and oil or small plates of chocolates) on each guest table. Have a card written in calligraphy on each table explaining each guest’s relationship to you both (your best friend since third grade, your groom’s college roommate etc.). You can make these a bit humorous too. Baby pictures of the two of you are fun, as long as you don’t over do it and family pictures are nice to display. Invite large groups of people (everyone who came on an air plane, all friends from college etc.) to the dance floor and have your photographer take great group photos. Ask your photographer to follow you around the room as you go to greet guests at

Offer a Cheese Course. Serve lemon sorbet inside scooped out lemons and peach sorbet inside scooped out fresh peaches for dessert. Tray passed mini caramel apples, strawberries dipped in different types of chocolate, tiny ice cream sandwiches and ice pops with edible flowers frozen inside are fun desserts that can be served in addition to your wedding cake and plated dessert. Elaborate dessert stations and candy bars are also very popular. Cones of fries, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and sliders are all fun to tray pass later in the evening. Have personalized tiny packs of tissues in the bathrooms. Baskets with pantyhose, hairspray, nail glue, aspirin, mints etc.

After guests take pictures in an old fashioned, black and white photo booth they put the photo in a book and write a note to the two of you next to it. You can instruct the booth attendant to ask each guest to keep a photo and leave one for you. Send home special treats for the next morning - giant blueberry muffins, croissants or bagels, amazing toffee in custom boxes, custom mugs with Starbucks gift cards tucked inside. Have small notes placed on each guest’s car windshield or dash thanking them for sharing in your celebration. Instead of an after wedding brunch send breakfast in bed to all of your out of town guests. Invite all of your guests back for an anniversary party in five years!

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Having your wedding or special event at a private estate can be a visual delight and a unique experience for you and your guests. However, if you have never planned an event like this before, it can easily turn your planning and budget experience upside down. Here are 10 tips from event planner and estate planning Provenzano- Kurtzof ofGianna Giannaand andCompany Companywho whohas hasaccess accessto to expert, Gianna Provenzano-Kurtz over 4,000 estates- www.giannacompany.com to help make the process stress free and run efficiently



Valet & Shuttle

If you are looking to have a late night party with amplified music, you may want to reconsider a different type of venue. However, if you don’t mind your music ending at 10 PM, then a private estate might be the perfect setting for you. Experienced music professionals know how to set the speakers so the music sounds great and doesn’t offend the neighbors.



Rental AgreeAgreements ments


Make sure you’re working with a reputable company and that the person representing the estate has full authority to rent the property. In addition, make sure that the property is not for sale and that there are no plans to renovate the grounds. You might find your lovely reception area is going to be the new tennis court!


Event Planner

Hire an experienced wedding and / or event planner with off -site wedding and special event experience. They can guide you with planning the details, walk through site appointments with your hired vendors to discuss logistics, guest flow and décor including a contingency plan.



It is important that your guests have a safe access to the venue and they can retrieve their cars with ease. If you are providing shuttle, please make sure that you provide enough shuttles, so your ceremony does not start late and the guests can be transported in a timely manner throughout and after the event.


You will need to confirm that everything you and the homeowner have agreed upon is in writing, such as your wedding and or event date, rehearsal date and time, installation and strike times, guest count, cost per guest over the estimated guest count, clean up costs, bathroom arrival (you will need one onsite from setup through strike), plus when payments are due including your refundable security deposit.

You will need a certificate of insurance for a private event. These policies are not expensive and usually run a few hundred dollars. We recommend a policy that covers setup through the strike. There are professional event insurance companies that handle these types of policies since your homeowner’s policy will not cover you or the estate. Also, make sure that all of your vendors have insurance to cover their workers and liability.




Make sure that you pull a TUP (Temporary Use Permit). Homeowners in Malibu are permitted to rent out their homes four times per year for private events. Malibu has made it easy to pull a permit – you may go online to www.ci.malibu. ca.us to find the form and follow the instructions.


Don’t spend more than 20% of your overall budget on a venue. Most estate events can cost 30-40% more than going to a venue where everything is included. When renting an estate, you must bring in everything which can include catering, rentals, lighting, bathrooms, wait staff, valet, genera-

tor, bathrooms, etc. Before you decide to sign a venue contract, we recommend that you hire an event planner to prepare a budget for you based on your venue choices and wedding style.



Malibu is on a septic system and this system has limitations. limitations. Most Most homhomeeownerswould wouldprefer prefer that that owners you rent bathrooms to avoid 200 persons using their personal bathrooms! There are high-end bathroom rentals available that do not look like something you would see on a construction site and many come with bathroom attendants.

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When Renting a Private Estate or Mansion


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a Ten Tips a




Hire vendors that have estate party experience. They understand the logistics and can help make your special event a wonderful experience while helping you save time and money!

Gianna Provenzano | Gianna & Company | www.giannacompany.com | Office 818.246.2288 | Mobile 310.717.1104


have nvis oned can become a reality. T Pl a n t h e ve n t o f a l i f e t i m e a t C h u rc h E s t a e V i n e y a rd s . he perfect place to say...“I do�

Church Estate Vineyards is an unparalled destination for discerning brides who dream of a luxurious wedding on a beautifully secluded country estate. Nestled in the foothills above the beaches of Malibu, at Church Estate Vineyards you will discover a place that takes you to another world. Tranquil or celebratory, the property unfolds to allow you the rare opportunity to create memories entirely your own. Everything you have envisioned can become a reality. Plan the event of a lifetime at Church Estate Vineyards. 6415 BUSCH DRIVE

MALIBU CADrive 90265 6415 Busch MaliBu ca 90265

For Appointment: Karen M. Waldron - Director of Events 310.457.0600 Email: kwchurchestate@aol.com Direct: 310.678.6199



6415BuschDrive MaliBuca90265

Enjoy your Wedding Celebration at the Beach At The Malibu Beach Inn


22878 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, CA 90265 Phone: 310-456-6444, Fax: 310-456-1499 Reservations: 800-4MALIBU, reservations@malibubeachinn.com



piece of

The Classic Cake

This will be a classic round or square cake with multiple tiers with cream or white fondant icing. Nothing daring or over the edge, just beautiful and timeless. Tiers can be stacked, freestanding or on pillars. Although fruitcake is being faced fazed out, it is sometimes still being used especially if the bride and groom want to keep a part of the cake for their first anniversary. In this case they will make one layer the fruitcake and the rest of the cake can be marble, caramel, white chocolate or carrot cake. Photo: 123rf.com

MalibuBrideMagazine.com MalibuBrideMagazine.com

10 10

The Contemporary Cake

This is a cake with a modern twist on the classic /ortraditional traditionalcake. cake. ItIt isis ideal ideal for for aa wedding wedding in a distinctly modern setting, or for an artistic couple. With a ‘less is more’ mantra, these classic square cakes should be an innovative and contemporary work of edible art. For an elegant yet modern look, square shaped cake layers can be stacked slightly off centre in shades of ivory or white.

The Cupcake

Photo: 123rf.com

Individual, beautifully decorated cupcakes stacked high are still very popular amongst brides. It is perfect for a buffet reception or a garden wedding. Because cupcakes have their own cases, they can be enjoyed while standing and is therefore perfect for a relaxed informal wedding reception. The sizes can also differ from muffin size (if this is perhaps your only desert) to mini cupcakes.

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Malibu Wedding A Malibu wedding wouldn’t be complete without looking into the great winery’s throughout the area. The California coastline from just north of Santa Monica to Ventura County Line has more than great beaches, surfing and beach bunnies! There is an emerging wine country, yes, that’s right … Wine Country! … right here in Los Angeles County! Nothing is quite as exciting to a Master Sommelier, as a new internationally recognized wine region right in my own back yard! The scenic rugged coastline drive along Pacific Coast Highway has wine tasting sites like the Rosenthal Malibu Estate/Surfrider Tasting Room and several restaurants featuring the locally made Malibu wines!



There are over 50 wineries in these Santa Monica Mountains and at least 10 wineries to see and a Malibu Wine Country “Wine Trail” (free maps available at the Malibu Chamber of Commerce) adjacent to the most famous surf beach in California! Surfrider Beach and the Malibu Sports Fishing Pier (home of the Beachcomber Restaurant and Lounge –where all the servers are also sommeliers) beckon you to explore the secret canyons and visit these wineries and see what’s going on. Its amazing all this exists somehow secretly alongside tennis courts, mansions and haciendas

between the 101 freeway and the PCH just a few miles from Los Angeles. It makes for a great day of touring and visiting, and get a great suntan to boot. There are some really great wines being produced from these slopes where warm and sunny Southern California days and cool nights create a long perfect ripening season for these grapes. So venture off into the canyons to and visit the many Malibu winery’s that can help you make your wedding day a true Malibu Wedding! The Malibu wine country beckons you to come discover and enjoy your special day in Malibu Style! Michael Jordan, MS aka: “Malibu Mike”


Wine Guide

Malibu Wineries Church Estate Vineyards 6415 Busch Drive, Malibu Phone 310-678-6199 www.churchestatevineyards.com Cielo Malibu Estate Vineyards 31424 Mulholland Highway, Malibu Phone 866-962-4356 www.cielowines.com Hoyt Family Vineyards 5929 Kanan Dume Road, Malibu Phone 310-457-3832 Jim Palmer’s Malibu Vineyards 23852 Pacific Coast Highway #950, Malibu Phone 310-456-3805 www.malibu-vineyards.com Malibu Family Wines 32111 Mulholland Highway, Malibu Phone 818-889-0008 www.malibufamilywines.com Malibu Solstice 29350 Pacific Coast Highway Ste 12, Malibu Phone 310-589-0773 www.malibusolstice.com Malibu Wines 31800 Mulholland Highway, Malibu Phone 888-433-9463 www.malibuwines.com Milan Vineyards 21403 Greenbluff Drive, Topanga Phone 310-455-0830 www.milanvineyards.com Rosenthal - The Malibu Estate 26023 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu Phone 310-463-9532 www.rosenthalestatewines.com Schetter Malibu Vineyard 5825 Murrhy Way, Malibu Phone 310-849-7505 www.malibusanity.com

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Selecting the perfect wedding location is critical to the success of every wedding



You’ll find only the best in beautiful Malibu. Malibu is known worldwide, as one the world’s top destination wedding locations! Whether you are looking for a beach wedding, a scenic event in the mountains, or a luxurious ballroom style ceremony, you’ll find it here in Malibu. The Malibu Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center prides itself on the quality bridal vendors and locations you can work with. We have everything you are looking to help plan your perfect day, wedding planners, florists, photographers and specialized designers. Malibu brides enjoy an unforgettable experience in a city that offers over 300 days of sunshine in a year. Locations to hold your reception or wedding are plentiful, such as the incredible beach location, BeauRivage Restaurant. BeauRivage is located at 26025 Pacific Coast Highway, 310-456-5733. French provincial romance dominates every corner of BeauRivage, from the patio’s gorgeous beach views to the roaring copper fireplace in the wood-beamed dining room. The wine cellar and the courtyard, replete with gurgling fountain offers a touch of elegance. Excellent service makes this one of the more outstanding dining experiences in the city and a perfect location for a Malibu restaurant wedding. The Adamson House, located at 23200 Pacific Coast Highway, 310-457-8185 showcases a classic Malibu home. This architectural gem and historical landmark of Malibu, was built in 1930 for Rhoda Rindge Adamson and her husband, Merritt Huntley Adamson. The house shares its location with one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California, which makes it the perfect location for your Malibu beach wedding or historical home wedding. Did you know there is a piece of Europe nestled into the Santa Monica Mountains between Malibu and Agoura Hills? Owner Denise Antico-Donlon designed Castello Dontico-Lobo Castle, located at 31400 Lobo Canyon Rd. in Agoura, 818-203-1048. Her love of everything medieval prompted her to spend many years researching the 17th century, which included numerous trips to Scotland, England and Italy. You will appreciate the Celtic stone towers; the beautiful hillside gardens and a well fountain nestled in the center of the Tuscan inspired courtyard that separates the main Castle from the guest tower. Enchanting garden hamlets, panoramic vistas and a romantic French chateau create a magical canvas for creating

the picture perfect wedding at Church Estate Vineyards, 310678-6199. Whether a gala event or intimate gathering, grand day or weekend affair, they delightedly help bring fairytale weddings beautifully to life. With a passion for creating and flawlessly executing unforgettable events, their in-house wedding planner will happily arrange wedding itineraries and full orchestration of your special celebration, including ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, accommodations, catering services, photography, entertainment and transportation, as well as referrals for invitations and officiants. Malibu’s Private Retreat Malibu Phoenix, located at 26860 Mellus Drive, 310-457-5119, invites you to the beautiful Malibu Mountains... A completely secluded and private recreation facility available less than an hour drive from LA Civic Center and a half hour drive from West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. Located up beautiful Latigo Canyon in the impressive and world-renowned Malibu Mountains, this 15-acre recreation and resort property is only 1.5 miles from the Pacific Ocean, where refreshing ocean breezes stimulate healthful recreational activity. Centuries-old oak and sycamore trees surround this beautiful facility with the Escondido Stream traversing the retreat grounds. They specialize in Weddings, Private Parties, and Company Picnics. Video Taping and Photography available. Weddings performed by Rev. Fred Pierson or a minister of your choice. Sea Lily, located at 6444 Trancas Canyon Road, 310-4578100, is a Malibu-based, Eco-friendly floral design boutique, with a fresh green approach. Floral bouquets and arrangements range from European and natural garden style to stunning contemporary designs. The majority of the flowers used are grown in a sustainable fashion from local growers. Located in the hills above the beaches of Malibu, The Serra Retreat located at 3401 Serra Road, 310-456-6631 was built in 1942 and has long been an inspirational setting of natural beauty. Perched high on a hill above the blue Pacific Ocean, its scenic walkways and lush gardens provide a perfect location for wedding ceremonies. This site can accommodate up to 250 guests. Jennifer Naylor, Inc. is a chef-owned and operated full service catering and event planning company. As Malibu’s premier caterer, currently expanding services throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, Jennifer brings remarkable dedication, inventive cuisine and more than two decades of fine dining restaurant experience to the planning of your unique and memorable event. Contact Jennifer at 310.753.7619. The Godmother of Malibu, Inc. located at 23847 Stuart Ranch Road, 310-456-3254, has been specializing in weddings since 1980 with two exclusive site locations for wedding ceremonies and receptions The Serra Retreat and The Malibu Racquet Club. One location is the picturesque, intimate and lush gardens of the Malibu Racquet Club, which is also in the heart of Malibu and nestled just far enough back into the quietude of the hills yet still offers a not too distant view of the Pacific. This site can accommodate up to 150 guests. As you can see, Malibu offers so much for your incredible day! Visit The Malibu Chamber of Commerce website at www. Malibu.org for more information to plan your wedding or call 310-456-9025.

devon meyers photography 310.422.9380 devonmeyers.com


Selecting the right music for your wedding A wedding reception is a time to celebrate the love between you and your fiancé that will last a lifetime. The perfect way to do this is through dancing. Dancing lightens the mood and makes for an enjoyable evening. But remember, to have a successful dance you need to have the right music. Choose music that you and your fiancé enjoy and something that the guests will feel comfortable dancing to. The music that you play throughout the entire reception, whether or not you dance, will set the tone of the event. As a rule of thumb, most couples play soft, slow music at the beginning of the reception to set a light mood. While guests are eating or after they have eaten, pick up the tempo. This will encourage dancing to really start the celebration. When


it is time for the reception to be ending, slow down the music again; this will be a clue to the guests that it will end soon. When preparing a playlist, try to compile a variety of music styles. Since this is your day, include your and your fiancé’s favorite songs. A well-rounded mix will include styles such as jazz, classical, oldies, country, swing, and rock and roll. Review the playlist with the bandleader or DJ. If you are stuck on what to play, consult the bandleader and DJ. They will have more experience with weddings and will be able to tell you popular weddings songs. They might even already have a playlist that you can review and use if you prefer. When hiring a DJ, you shouldn’t have to worry about the amount or selection of music he or she has. This is something you might consider though when hiring a live band. You will need to make sure that the band can play any type of music that you want played, although if you are working with a band that is experienced at playing for weddings, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

photo by One Love Photography


Coordinate with your DJ or live band when you will cut the cake, throw the bouquet and garter, and dance to the first song. This way they will know when to stop and start the music. Some DJs and bandleaders will even double as Master of Ceremonies for you. Before hiring a DJ, make an appointment to talk with them, try to listen to them perform somewhere else so you can get an idea of what they will do at your reception. Also, know what kind of sound system the DJ uses or if there is already a system he or she can use at your reception location. Many couples prefer to hire both a DJ and a live band, alternating them during the festivities. This will give them each time to rest and also enjoy the night, although DJs won’t need as many breaks as a live band. Remember to add these professionals onto the list of who is eating for the caterers; these people will also need to eat and drink during the event. However you decide to do the music at your wedding and reception, it will make for a great event. Background music sets a nice tone and encourages guests to mingle and chat. Louder, faster music will get the dancing started right away. Either way, you, your loved one, and your guests will have a great time. Caprice Pettit, Staff Writer

You’ve been planning for this day your whole life. Protect it.

Malibu’s Exclusive Transportation Company for over 20 years

So much time has been invested in planning your dream wedding -your heart, your time, and your money. But what if severe weather rolls in? Or the bridal salon loses your dress? Or your caterer backs out? For as little as $160, Travelers can help protect your special day and significant investment with Wedding Protector Plan. Call us today!

28955 Pacific coast HigHway • Malibu, ca 90 265

Ashford General Insurance Agency, LLC Sean McCann

(800) 922-liMo

118 W Kinzie St, 3rd Fl Chicago, IL 60654 Phone: 877.605.6770 • 312.923.9935 Email: smccann@ashfordins.com Web Site: www.malibuinsurance.net

(310) 457-7307 • fax (310) 457-6307





Identity Theft Protection

Va l u a b l e I t e m s

•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• This material is for informational purposes only. All statements herein are subject to the provisions, exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. For an actual description of all coverages, terms and conditions, refer to the insurance policy. Coverages are subject to individual insureds meeting our underwriting qualifications and to state availability. ©2009 The Travelers Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. The Travelers Indemnity Company and its property casualty affiliates. One Tower Square, Hartford, CT 06183

Exceeding Transportation Expectations since 1987

on !



www.gemstarlimo.com fully licensed and insured • tcP4194

Mention Malibu Bride for Special Rates


photo by On 3 Photography

To Fit Your Needs!



One of the most important things you’ll need to remember when you plan your special day is the caterer. This is because the food you serve will be one of the most memorable parts of the reception for your guests. Caterers can be booked up to a year in advance, so it is wise to search one out early. A simple time line for finding a caterer is to start looking for one at 10 months before the wedding, make sure you have booked the caterer by 8 months, and decide on a menu by 6 months.

A good caterer does more than one might think. They are well trained in food selection and preparation, reception staging, serving and clean up. Some go as far as to decorate for you, hire bartenders, and provide the wedding cake. Others may only prepare and serve the food and then clean up. When looking for a caterer, keep in mind these things: • Find a caterer with a good reputation whose food you can sample before signing a contract. • Make appointments and interview many different caterers to find the right one for you. Some caterers may even give you phone numbers of past customers who were pleased with the caterer’s work. • Many reception sites have their own catering services, so when you’re looking for a hall, decide if it has what you want in both catering and atmosphere. • Check to see what services the caterers will provide other than just the meal (electricity, lighting, tents, tables, linens, chairs, etc). If you feel like you have found the right caterer, wait to sign a contract until the caterer understands your expectations and you understand the terms of agreement. Keep in mind questions such as: will the cost be a flat rate or a per-person fee? Are gratuities automatically added? Are you going to have a sit-down dinner or a buffet? Will drinks be included in the price?

Catering is one of the most expensive parts of the wedding, so when it comes to cost, it is up to you whether you want to spend any amount or keep costs down. There are different ways serve food at your wedding that will vary the price. Some tips to keep in mind are: • Most caterers will charge per-person, which means the cost will depend on the number of guests that you expect to come. • American food will cost much less to serve than an exotic or international dish such as French, Mediterranean, Thai or Indian. • Cost will increase if you decide to have the caterer take care of the wine and the wedding cake instead of doing that yourself. • Buffet-style catering will cost less than if waiters serve your guests, yet it is also less elegant. • Most caterers include set up and clean up in perperson cost; if they do not, that will increase the cost. • Most caterers have special rates for children, so be sure to ask about that. • Overtime costs, gratuities or taxes will all affect the final cost of your caterer. Many people forget about the cost of drinks when planning for a caterer. This can really rack up the price depending on what you want to serve for beverages: • The least expensive option is to not serve any alcohol, and instead have a cash bar where guests can buy their own drinks. If you decide to do this, inform your guests so they know to bring their own money. • A nicer option, but more expensive, is to serve only beer and wine. You can buy the beer and wine yourself or have the caterer provide them (this will be a little more expensive than buying it yourself ). • The most expensive option will be to have an open bar with free drinks. Your guests will love this and you won’t have to worry about providing drinks yourself. Remember to include champagne for the wedding toast. Because the food and drink at your wedding will be one of the most memorable parts for the guests and for you, be sure you are happy with your choice of a caterer. Remember these tips when selecting a caterer, and make sure they have what you want. Caprice Pettit, Staff Writer

byRochell" byRochell"

A Bouquet of Memories A Bouquet of Memories



original paintings original & printpaintings suites print bouquets, suites of &bridal of bridal bouquets, floral arrangements !! floral arrangements & signature flowers & signature flowers

JULIE PRYOR • www.PryorEvents.com • 310.478.1767

RLB ARCHITECTURE RLB Committed to to the the creation creation and and renovation Committed renovation of quality quality residential residential architecture. architecture. of

www.byRochelle.com www.byRochelle.com

Richard L. L. Blumenberg, Blumenberg, AIA, LEED AP Richard AP Architect 15200Sunset Sunset Blvd., Blvd., Suite Suite 201, Pacific Palisades, CA 15200 CA 90272 90272 310-459-0244 richard@rlbarchitecture.com richard@rlbarchitecture.com 310-459-0244 www.rlbarchitecture.com www.rlbarchitecture.com

Having a wedding will mostly be all about you and your special love, yet you need to remember some etiquette rules that apply to your guests. The better you treat your guests, the more likely they are to enjoy your wedding and think of you in a positive light.

Wedding Invitations



Wedding invitations should be mailed out six weeks prior to the wedding day, unless friends or relatives need to fly in from out of town. Then the invitation should be mailed eight to ten weeks in advance to give your guests time to make travel and hotel arrangements. Custom also has it that invitations need to be mailed from the bride’s home, even if guests are friends of the groom. The envelope should have the full names of the family or persons you are inviting, and the inside card should just have first names. When you are inviting a single person, it is polite to write “and Guest” next to their name. Weddings invitation wording should reflect the formality of your wedding. The more formal, the closer to tradition you want to be. Invitations should tell your guests exactly what they need to know. The wording you use is also important, although there are many varieties to choose from. Consult a wedding invitation magazine or guide before you order your invitations to know which wording will suit you best. For destination weddings, make sure you mail the “Save the Date” cards well in advance so guests can begin making travel plans.

Thank-You Notes

It used to be that if you said thank you to someone in person for his or her gift, a thank-you note was not required. But these days, when couples are inviting more guests to the wedding, and more people send gifts through mail, thank-you notes are the only way to express your sincere appreciation. When should you send out thank-you notes for your shower and wedding? ASAP! The sooner, the better. Everyone

appreciates a thank-you note, especially if it comes soon after the event. For the shower, notes should be sent out 10 to 14 days after the shower. Thank-you notes for weddings gifts received before the wedding should go out two weeks after receiving the gift so a prolonged period of time does not go between receiving the gift and sending the note. Proper wedding etiquette says that notes should be sent out two weeks to a month after you return from the honeymoon. If time starts racing and you’ve put notes on the back burner for too long, send them anyway. People expect thank-you notes for their gifts and they will still appreciate one even if it is late. Handwritten notes are the only way to go. If a guest receives a pre-printed thank-you note, he or she will feel unappreciated and think you are not thankful for their time and effort to get you something. No matter how short your handwritten note is, it expresses your appreciation so much better, and your guest will know you are truly thankful. Along with sending notes for gifts, be sure to send thankyou notes to friends and family who planned showers or parties for you; they worked hard to celebrate for you. If you receive more than one present from someone, write a thank-you note for each gift. If someone gives you a gift for your shower and then three weeks later for your wedding, it is not polite to write one note for both gifts. Get the shower thank-you note out before the wedding. Colored ink is getting more popular these days, but for thank-you notes, black or dark blue ink should still be used. These colors are easier to read and they just look better. These tips will help your guests appreciate your politeness and the time you spend thinking of them. Some of you guests will spend a good amount of money or time on you, and they want to know you appreciated that. Caprice Pettit, Staff Writer

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Invitations & Thank-you Notes

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Malibu Bride Magazine Spring 2011 Edition. Features exciting information and articles to help brides plan the perfect wedding.