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The Lowedown by Mrs Lowe

Introduction Kia ora, my name is Maliana. I belong to a really big family. It’s pretty cool being in a big family but sometimes it’s pretty hectic with so many people to organise things with. I have six children of my own , one stepson and 14 grandchildren. Phew, that’s alot of people to buy presents for!!

And here they all are...29 of us!!!

What I like... I like children and babies, that’s why I had a few I like sport and exercise and seeing my sons score tries. I like home-made apple pie and whipped cream it makes my grandchildren’s faces beam

continue‌. I like travelling around NZ and overseas and meeting other people. I like helping my family, friends and people in need. It justs makes life more meaningful to me. and finally I love being a Christian and belonging to God’s family

What I wish…….. I wish I could sing but then I wouldn’t be a teacher. I wish I could speak 3 different languages but I can only speak one. I wish I had long black hair but know I’m growing grey. I wish I only needed to sleep for 3 hours but…

HOORAY Hey, I’m happy to be me For I am unique there is only one of me and I am loved by my great big FAMILY!!!!

Mrs lowe  

To my class of 2014

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