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November 2019



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Parent-Teacher Conference agreements Family Day soon! Model students of the quarter

Hello! As Chair of MaleVoicED, a charity providing a platform for men to voice their experiences of eating disorders and associated co-morbid conditions, I am delighted to welcome you to our first charity update. We are very excited to share with you an insight into the work we have been doing so far - our peer support groups, partnerships and opportunities to promote not only the charity, but the cause! Debbie Roche Malevoiced @MaleVoicED MaleVoicED

MaleVoicED - the beginning In January 2019, the MaleVoicED charity was born. Wishing to be a necessary platform for the voice of males of all ages, battling eating disorders and their co-morbid conditions, MaleVoicED became an entity.

Logo-tastic Believing that peer support groups belong to the peers and not to the organisation, our Sussex and West Sussex peer support groups were invited to design their own logos. Brighton produced this fantastic piece of work.

With our cause recognised, we were delighted to have attracted interest from Lord Lingfield who kindly sponsored our official launch at the House of Lords in February. We were honoured to have guests from a variety of agencies and organisations, including both MPs and Peers, as well as academics and individual supporters.

where interested people picked up goodies and information about our peer support services which are made possible with the funding from Sussex Partnerships. Beat kindly provided other important information.

EDAW 2019 Eating Disorders Awareness Week was one of activity for Helen our great facilitator for our Brighton groups.

We are happy to report that Lord Helen, accompanied by Laura Lingfield has since kindly agreed and Nicky, hosted a stall at Brighton Railway Station, to become our first patron.

EDAW 20 If you would like to join us in raising awareness during March 2 - 8 let us know!Â

Meet our trustees - Debbie Roche, Chair Debbie, a former health and social care lecturer, became involved in the eating disorders arena when her then teenage son was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa ten years ago. Alongside her many years' experience of strategic and charity boards, Debbie has a Diploma in Eating Disorders and a Masters Degree in Social Policy. This valuable theoretical

experience, alongside the the lived experience as carer to her son whilst battling anorexia, is being used to support and progress the work of MaleVoicED. Debbie is author of Anorexia: A Son's Battle, A Mother's War which provides useful information and reassurance for those with children battling eating disorders, that they are not alone.

Promoting the cause

Our Social Media Volunteers

We have accepted various invitations to speak at conferences and events. Such opportunities have allowed us to meet with some great people and organisations with whom we hope to have longstanding relationships.

We have been fortunate to gain the services of two fantastic women to assist us with our social media. Chelsie and Molly, both graduates from Plymouth University, have been brilliant in promoting our social media presence and the cause. Chelsie and Molly also steer our search for people to provide blogs for our website, If you, or anyone you know, believes in the power of lived experience and is willing to share such experiences, please get in touch.

Public Policy Exchange, Eating Disorders panel. EDAW 2019, Brighton Train Station information stall House of Lords, our official launch Public Policy Exchange, CAMHS. Talk and panel Bournemouth University, Masculinity and Eating Disorders talk Plymouth University, Mental Health Awareness Day talk Dundee City Training Consortium, talk

Eating disorders are not fads or lifestyle choices. They are serious complex psychological conditions that have severe consequences for both mental and physical health regardless of gender. MalevoicED believes that the stigma surrounding eating disorders and mental health generally, has to be addressed in order to ensure that all affected by such illnesses can

receive appropriate therapy and treatment. Needless to say we support mental health and eating disorder awareness days, whether local, national or global.

During this year's Mental Health Awareness Week we held a fun Facebook Freebie event. Fran Marriott (below) was one of our Facebook Freebie winners!

We welcome ideas and support for any awareness activities. Please feel free to contact us via our website or on

Meet our trustees - Danny Bowman, Vice-Chair Alongside his role as head of Campaigns with Parliament Street, Danny is currently studying Social Policy at York University. Danny's lived experience as someone battling body dysmorphia supports MaleVoicED's focus on the comorbid conditions which accompany eating disorders.

Danny has vast experience of media exposure. Not only does his job encompass such responsibilities, but his personal story has seen him on national and international TV and radio channels. Danny's exposure to media is a most welcomed experience which will benefit MaleVoicED throughout its journey.

MaleVoicED mentions

...and in The Observer.

MaleVoicED had a mention in The Telegraph

In partnership with Michelle Sank, a social documentarist of worldwide acclaim, we launched our very exciting photographic project, This Is Me.

We received a mention at Dave Chawner's Edinburgh Fringe Festival show. Thanks Dave! Interviewed by DJ Foxy on Omnium Community Radio. Interviewed by BBC Devon Spotlight.

Meet our trustees - Ian McKay, Treasurer Ian is not new to the role of trustee of an eating disorder charity. Formerly the chair of a charity in Scotland, Ian now shares his expertise and knowledge for the benefit of MaleVoicED. Ian holds qualifications in Business Management and Human Resource Management. A former

Health and Safety tutor, Ian brings important skills and knowledge required for a successful board. Ian has lived experience of poor mental health and weight related issues. MaleVoicED view such experiences as a positive addition to his already professional qualifications and experiences.

Peer Support Group Stats

Peer Support Group News We have experienced a change within our team of West Sussex facilitators. First of all, we said goodbye to Cheryl. Cheryl facilitated our Horsham and Haywards Heath groups. We wish her all the very best for the future and hope to see her again. We did however, welcome Sarah to our team. Sarah was appointed to the position of facilitator with the Haywards Heath group. This of course now means that we are recruiting a new facilitator for our Horsham group - looking forward to greeting the new member of our illustrious team!

Meet our trustees Also, work is progressing around additional peer support groups inBowman, the South West and the North Danny Vice-Chair

East. We are extremely excited about this. Service provision for men has witnessed under investment for a very, very long time. It is hoped that we, through our peer support groups, can begin to provide some of the much needed support around the country.

Training MaleVoicED is planning to offer a suite of training courses suitable for anyone with an interest in eating disorders and the co-morbid conditions. Although this suite is not yet available, we have been fortunate and privileged to have Dr Russell Delderfield agree to become our first associate trainer. Author of Male Eating Disorders and Visiting Lecturer in Clinical Education at King's College London, Russell is keen to raise understanding of men with eating disorders.

Published by D Roche, MaleVoicED, October 2019

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Introductory edition. An insight into the first few months work of the new charity, MaleVoicED.


Introductory edition. An insight into the first few months work of the new charity, MaleVoicED.