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Leaving things as they are, is often the easiest solution – but rarely the best. This is why Hans Still who founded the company in 1920 at the age of 22 could not put up with simply repairing electric motors. In the same year he started a quality initiative and produced his own, more reliable and more powerful engines. In Europe alone some 7 000 employees carry this innovative strategy forward today, globally setting the standards in technology, quality and concepts. The fact that in this process we question and revise everything may admittedly be somewhat uncomfortable for our staff but it has made us what we are today: The leading supplier for intelligent control of intralogistics. Together with you, we are developing perfectly tailored solutions. Our PartnerPlan® comprises a large scope of perfectly harmonised modules that altogether stand for a maximum in efficiency. It is not for nothing that STILL is “first in intralogistics”. And our responsibility does not end with delivering a lift truck – with our exemplary service concept we make sure that the truck is fully available throughout its entire service life. The STILL service hotline is available 24 hours on 365 days per year. Our tight service net with more than 2 000 service engineers all over Europe is the best guaranty for short travel distances and fast reactions. This is how we understand closeness to the customer.


Ahead of it’s time since 1920.



Manoeuvrable and efficient – this horizontal transporter reaches every corner with a minimum of effort. Thanks to its versatility, reliability and efficiency the new

when required provides comfortable and efficient transport

EXU low lift pallet truck offers the right solution for every

over medium distances. Together with a smart energy

application. Easy, safe use for the operator and the compact

efficient 3-phase drive and the wide range of options, the

build allow it to be used even in the tightest spaces, for

EXU is the ideal low lift pallet truck for all intralogistics tasks

example when loading and unloading lorries, in busy

in industry, trade and logistics.

warehouses and manufacturing operations.

The low lift ECU pallet truck with a rated capacity of 1.4

The intelligent OPTISPEED 3.0 drive control provides high

to 2.0t completes this range with a helpful and compact

operator safety, because the travel speed is dependent on

solution for simple applications. The ECU 2.5 to 3.0t allows

the tiller angle. The sprung stand-on platform is hinged and

handling of heavy loads.

EXU 1,6-2,2 t

ECU 1,4-2,0 t and ECU 2,5-3,0 t


Fast turnaround of goods on the ramp – a simple task for the EXU-S and EXU-SF low lift platform trucks. The loading of lorries or trailers requires the greatest

The EXU-S low lift truck is built for the most arduous

precision and manoeuvrability, speed of operation and

applications and comes as standard with a robust enclosed

build quality to meet the requirements of modern logistics

platform. The 3-phase drive provides quick acceleration and

terminals. The EXU-SF 20 low lift pallet truck combines these

fast speeds for longer runs as well as on the ramp. When

properties with the advantages of unique flexibility. Whilst

operating in vehicles the operator benefits from the smallest

the folding platform in conjunction with the very compact

width in its class: 720mm provides unrivalled manoeuvrability

build allows manoeuvring in the tightest spaces, the air

for speedy loading and unloading. The EXU-S is available with

suspension, individually adjustable to the driver, and also

a choice of rear or side entry.

the adjustable height side guards provide a high degree of individual support and comfort for the operator.

EXU-SF 2.0 t

EXU-S 2.2 – 2.4 t


The perfect trade partner: EXU-H.

A strong, long-distance runner: the SU.

The EXU-H low-lift pallet truck with order-picking lift is very

No distance too far, no path too narrow: The compact and

exible in use, making it the truck of choice for wholesalers

easy to use SU 20 stand-on low-lift pallet truck is perfectly

and supermarkets. When loading and unloading trailers and

suited to loading and unloading trailers and carrying out

for horizontal transport it carries out its work with a nominal

longer transport tasks. Thanks to the high performance

load of up to 2,000 kg and can, due to its low-friction

shunt-wound drive motor, fast spurts and ramp operations

steering mechanism and ergonomic tiller length, be easily

rank amongst its strengths. Highly practical: Automatic level

steered under full load. For replenishing shelves in sales

adjustment ensures that the wheels are always in contact

outlets, the EXU-H with its order-picking lift can be carefully

with the ground - even on uneven oor surfaces - and it

and safely used around people.

therefore carries the load carefully and safely.

EXU-H 1.8 - 2.0 t

SU 2.0 t


Always in use: FU-X.

Maximum operational capacity: the FS-X.

Driving speeds up to 20 km/h and a maximum load carrying

The FS-X, with specially designed long forks, can transport

capacity of 2,000 kg: At first sight one can see that the FU-X

three pallets at once, with a total maximum load of up to

has been designed for hard work when combining horizontal

3,300 kg. Innovative technology abounds on the FS-X,

transport with long distances. The high performance three-

including many important safety features. For example, CSC

phase alternating current drive (24V, 3 kW) is – according to

(Curve Speed Control) ensures operators corner at safe

need – available with four different battery options between

speeds without reducing productivity, whilst the automatic

230 and 640 ampere-hours. Thus it has enough energy

level adjustment makes sure the load wheels maintain

reserve for continuous daily use, i.e. in the food trade.

contact with the floor surface for optimal road grip. With the optional cold-store preparation, the FU-X and FS-X happily prove their strengths down to -30°C.

FU-X 2.0 t

FS-X 3.3 t


Performance for high demand. The EXV.

STILL presents a new generation of tiller controlled

improved traction control provides strong drive performance.

high-lift pallet trucks: The versatile EXV. It unites

Also, when lifting and lowering the load the EXV shows its

numerous innovative technologies, offering maximum

progressive side.

throughput, yet needing little maintenance. Owing to the

High performance hydraulics are not only quiet in operation,

proven modular design principle, customers can select from

but offer excellent lift and lower rates. By using a three-way

an extensive list of options to make sure the EXV pricisely

switch the performance can also be adapted to the current

matches their application. High performance and sturdy

work situation. From full performance to precise control

attributes abound – both on the truck as a whole, and

when handling fragile goods. For more individuality and

when scrutinising individual components. The maintenance

flexibility three mast types are available: Tele, telescopic full

and wear-free, totally encapsulated 1.2 kW three-phase

free-lift and, for the EXV 12 for the first time, a triplex mast.

drive motor impresses with its dynamic performance

The EXV range is characterised by good visibility onto the

and efficiency. During travel, the modern controller with

fork tips, whilst the robust, rigid mast and fork carriage have


been improved by increasing the mast depth and strengthening the fork carrier. The strength of the chassis has also been increased by using pressed panels. The result: improved handling and an increase in safety. The risk of foot injuries has been significantly reduced thanks to the angle dependent speed control via the tiller. Additionally, the impact plate at the tiller head makes trapping the operator impossible. Briefly: In every respect, one is on the safe-side with the EXV.

EXV 1.0 – 1.2 t

EGV 1.4 – 2.0 t

EGV-S 1.4 – 2.0 t


Double the load – half the time. With the increase in use of double decker trailers, the need

ideally not only to each driver, but also to each application.

for a safe and efficient means to load and unload them is a

With its 3-kW three-phase drive unit and a fixed platform

necessity. The safe handling of two pallets each weighing up

designed for the most arduous operational demands the

to 1000kgs is easily achieved with the compact EXD 20 with

EXD-S achieves maximum handling capacity. It is available

its robust mast. It is also best suited for order picking duties.

with a choice of rear or side entry. The movement of two

The versatile EXD-SF 20 brings even more movement into

pallets one above the other simultaneously could not be

your warehouse. The powerful drive enables efficient work on

achieved quicker.

the ramp and fast horizontal transport. The air-sprung folding platform and also the adjustable height side guards adapt

EXD/EXD-SF 2,0 t

EXD-S 2,0 t


When walking is too slow and horizontal transport is too low.

Master of all distances: the FV-X.

When is driving better than walking? Whenever pedestrian

This compact power pack is 886 mm wide and lifts up to

controlled trucks are no longer economically practicable,

1.600 kg. The design is also well suited for order picking

the SV makes sense. The high-lift pallet stacker with

work. If goods from the racking have to be transported

operator’s platform and perch-on seat is designed for high

to more remote workplaces the use of the SV has real

productivity for loads up to 1,200 kg. The ergonomic driver’s

economical benefits. It combines high manoeuvrability due to

compartment is a comfortable place to be with an easy to

its compact build with an ergonomically designed workplace

use, simple arrangement of the controls. Thus, when used for

for long term efficient work. Both trucks are ideal for working

horizontal transport, comfort is assured.

in restricted spaces and horizontal transport over medium distances.

SD 2.0 t SV 1.2 t

FV-X 1.2 - 1.6 t


The right way with long loads: the FM-4W.

For combined indoor and outdoor use: the FM-SE.

If long and bulky goods have to be carried in restricted

Maximum performance on uneven floors and in the

spaces, the FM-4W is the machine of choice. With its 4-Way

tightest space: The reach truck with Superelastic tyres is

construction, the stacker can be steered smoothly in all

the versatile choice for different applications. It provides

four basic directions. The all-electric 360° steering gives

maximum productivity and driving comfort even under

increased driving comfort and when the load is picked up, the

difficult floor conditions The drive unit mountings are

widely adjustable fork tines (up to 2,250 mm across) ensure

damped. Large wheels and special tyres coupled with an

maximum safety and stability.

efficient drive technology ensure the best traction and driving characteristics.

FM-4W 2.5 t

FM-SE 1,4 t/1,6 t/2,0 t


Rotate and turn as you wish: the GX-X/GX-Q. Whether you choose the GX-X with turret head or the GX-Q

The new trucks are highly manoeuverable and allow better

with telescopic forks depends solely on your warehouse

use of warehouse space The compact dimensions and the

preference. The innovative modular design concept used for

innovative OPTISPEED control concept represent the most

the GX range allows the performance of each truck to be

cost effective storage of goods in the smallest warehouse

precisely tailored to the individual needs of each customer.


GX-X/GX-Q 0.2 – 1.35 t



You have the storage. We have the solution.


STILL PartnerPlan® – we’ll show you the way. Use STILL PartnerPlan® to navigate your way through our extensive range of products. Whether you’re in search of small or large storage solutions, this easy-to-understand plan offers the maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing STILL logistics products – and that includes vehicles, racking systems, intelligent automation solutions, after-sales service and even finance. Whether you’re looking for an entire storage system, or need to manage complex movements of materials and vehicles, STILL’s highly successful products offer endless possibilities. They’re completely modular, so they can be combined in whichever way you want, and matched to your specific needs for maximum efficiency. Let us help you plan for success.

STILL PartnerPlan® – we’ll show you the way.


Electric Elektrostapler forklifts trucks

Diesel and LP Diesel- und Gas forklift Treibgasstapler trucks

LAGERTECHNIKWarehousing GERÄTE equipment

Platform Wagen trucks und and Schlepper tractors

Tugger Routenzüge trains

GebrauchtUsed trucks geräte


LagerverwalWarehouse guidance tungssystem

Transport-/ Truck control Staplerleitsystem system

Automation Automatisierung

Fleet Flottenmanagemanagement/ ment/Fleet Manager™ TM FleetManager

Racking Regalsysteme systems

Driver Fahrerassistenzassistance systeme systems

Sicherheit Safety

Maintenance Wartung

Reparatur Repair

Full Service

Driver Schulung Training


Short term Kurzfristmiete rental

Long term Langfristmiete rental



Hire Mietkauf purchase

Purchase Kauf



The warehouse product programme from STILL. Better transport, stacking, order-picking. In

lift VNA machines – STILL already has solutions

narrow aisles, on trailers or ramps, in warehouses

specifically developed for each situation.

and manufacturing: With warehouse products from STILL you can achieve more. From pallet trucks to high lift reach trucks or order-pickers up to high THE WAREHOUSE PRODUCT TRUCKS

FM-X Driver seated reach trucks

FM-X 10






1,0 1,2 1,4 1,7 2,0 2,5 t

FM-4W 4-way reach trucks

FM-SE Driver seated reach truck with SE tyres

GX-X/GX-Q Racking trucks

MX-X/MX-Q Order picking stackers

FM-4W 25

FM-SE 14



2,5 t



1,4 1,6 2,0 t

0,2 - 1,35* t

0,5 - 1,5* t

* Variable

* Variable


CX Horizontal order picker

CX-M Horizontal order picker

CX-S Horizontal order picker



CX-M 10


CX-D 20

20 2,0 t

1,0 t

16 1,6 t


EK-X High lift order picker

EK 11/12 High lift order picker


EK 1,0 t

11 12 1,1 1,2 t


HPT/HPS Hand pallet truck

HPT 101 202 253 25 30 1,0 2,0 2,5

CiTi Hand pallet truck

ECU Pedestrian low lift truck

EXU Pedestrian low lift pallet truck

EXU-SF EXU-S Stand-on low Low lift pallet lift pallet truck truck with hinged platform

EXU-H Pedestrian low lift pallet truck with order pick lift

SU Stand-on low lift pallet truck

FU-X/FS-X Rider seated low lift pallet truck

CiTi One 05

ECU 14 16 18



EXU-H 18 20


FU-X 20 FS-X

2,5 3,0 t

0,5 t

HPS 10 20 25 W

ECU 20 25 30

2,0 2,5 2,5 t 1

1,4 1,6 1,8 t

16 18 1,6 1,8 t


2,0 2,5 3,0 t

EXU-S 22 24

2,0 t

2,2 2,4 t

1,8 2,0 t

20 2,0 t

2,0 3,3 t

20 22 2,0 2,2 t

HPT 10 XM/XE 2 HPT 20 FL 3 HPT 25 ST/GA


EXV Pedestrian high lift pallet truck

EGV Pedestrian high lift pallet truck

EGV-S Platform high lift pallet truck

EXD-S Platform double stacker truck

EXD / EXD-SF Pedestrian/Platform double stacker truck



EGV-S 14 20

EXD-S 20


10 12* 1,0 1,2 t

* With initial lift.

14 16 20 1,4 1,6 2,0 t

1,4 2,0 t

2,0 t

20 EXD-SF 20 2,0

2,0 t

SD Stand-on double stacker truck

SV Stand-on high lift pallet truck

FV-X Rider seated high lift pallet truck




20 2,0 t

12 1,2 t

12 16 1,2 1,6 t


Fast and strong: the platform trucks and tractors.

(using Kanban philosophy) - with and without trailers.

The robust electric platform trucks and tractors are

Typical uses are movements of material between

very flexible in their application. They are ideal for

stores and production lines (i.e. in car manufacturing,

in-plant transport, for medium and longer distances,

airports, railway stations, or post sorting offices).

for towing routes and for the supply of production lines PL ATFORM TRUCKS AND TRACTORS

R 08 Electric platform truck

R 06 Electric platform truck

R 07 Electric platform truck

CX-T Electric tractor

KANVAN 05 / 10 Multi-function tractor

R 08

R 06

R 07



2,0 t

6,0 t

25 t

40 4,0 t

6,0 t


0,5 1,0 t 4,0 4,0 t


E-TYPE FRAME Trolley for tugger trains

C-TYPE FRAME Trolley for tugger trains

TROLLEY Trolley for tugger trains







1000 kg

1600 kg

1000 kg

1000 kg

Lean production without forklift trucks: Tugger train

other. Train lengths of up to five E-frames or four C-frames

components. A construction kit system of tugger train

are possible. A production section is supplied by a single

components allows individual adjustment to any in-house

operator, without forklift trucks or hand lift trucks. Fewer

situation. The trailers (trolleys) are compatible with each

vehicles in the fleet allow savings in investment, operating and personnel costs.



Seen today from the future. The FM-X reach truck with intelligent technology.

Much of what the FM-X reach truck has to offer cannot be seen at first glance - for example: high productivity, reliability and economy. In all areas, the FM-X convinces by the use of progressive technology and its outstanding quality. The improved, maintenance-free drive is characterised by powerful and smooth acceleration under load and more productivity when moving pallets. The maximum speed has been increased to 14 km/h. When the driver brakes, energy is recovered and fed back into the battery for intelligent efficiency. The ergonomics and travelling comfort for the driver are covered by two patents showing the innovative nature of STILL. The optional sprung and damped driver’s station decreases the effect of road shocks by up to 57 %. The proportional adjustment of seat and floor-plate is likewise patented and available as an option: The floor-plate and pedals can be elevated simultaneously therefore even the smallest of drivers can always have the best possible view of the forks. One of the technological highlights is the OPTISPEED control system, which automatically controls driving speeds when cornering and, as a function of lift height and load, the speed of the auxiliary functions. Practical features abound, like the five individually selectable driving profiles, camera systems, lift height display and height pre-selection, which all help to maximise productivity.

FM-X 1.0 - 2.5 t


The CX low level order picker: down to earth maximum output. The CX low-level order-pickers from STILL have always

battery capacities or fork arrangements. Fitted with an order-

been special, because, apart from having the highest lateral

picking lift mast, the CX can lift a pallet for improved manual

stability and tractive grip, the CX series is characterised

handling and in the scissor lift format can handle two pallets

by a host of intelligent details: the all-electric steering unit


with automatic return to neutral position, automatic speed decrease when cornering and the ergonomic multi-function cockpit, for example. Due to the modular construction system it can be tailor-made to each individual order-picking application to precisely match your needs e.g. with different

CX 2.0 t


CX-M: Order-picking can be so simple.

CX-S: lifting is not its only work ethic.

It has everything that distinguishes it as an order picker

EfďŹ cient transport and smooth operating low level order

from the CX series, i.e. the electronically damped steering

picker: With a load carrying capacity of 1,600 kg and a

unit, which eliminates unwanted steering movements

maximum lift of 700 mm the CX-S 16 is the ideal machine for

in the straight-ahead position, or the “BOOST� mode,

businesses with medium requirements and high movement of

which increases the performance of the drive motor when

goods. Typically of the CX series the CX-S has a strengthened

necessary by up to 25 %. Practicality: Loads (1,000 kg with

front panel which acts as ram protection and is particularly

the CX-M 10) can be lifted and lowered, by additional buttons

low-maintenance due to the lateral battery change and easily

in the backrest, with the driver alongside the machine.

accessible electronics.

CX-M 1.0 t

CX-S 1.6 t


Artistic movement at all levels - the EK-X. The demands on a vertical order picker are high – and this

modular build it can be individually adjusted to all warehouse

is precisely why we have developed the EK-X. With a picking

applications, and thanks to its OPTISPEED concept it can

height of up to 6.35 m the EK-X is ideally suited to order

achieve greater performance and safety. In addition the EK-X

picking right up to the third level, for block stacking and for

is equipped with the Blue-Q efficiency mode, which can be

horizontal transport. To give maximum working performance,

activated with the push of a button. By intelligent optimisation

operating comfort and efficiency we have equipped the EK-X

of the drive characteristics energy is saved without impairing

with new innovations. With its compact dimensions and its

on the performance and productivity. Blue-Q = IQ.

EK-X 1.0 t


If it has to work high: EK 11/12 I. The two high-level order-pickers EK 11 and EK 12 know no

By networking and controlling the individual elements by

bounds: With simplex, telescopic and triplex full free lift

means of CAN bus technology the entire system always

masts, pallets can be picked from at up to 10.5 m height,

works with the optimal efďŹ ciency. That means, on the bottom

easily and efďŹ ciently. Really innovative however is not only

line: up to 35 % more productivity, up to 25 % less energy

the energy-saving and wear resistant three-phase alternating

consumption and up to 20 % less maintenance time and cost.

current drive, the OPTISPEED control system, hydraulics and control engineering, but also the interaction of all systems.

EK 1.1 - 1.2 t


MX-X/MX-Q – the order picker that reaches beyond its limits every day. Its innovative control technology makes the MX-X/MX-Q a pioneer for the whole industry and stands for their economic warehouse concept. A special strength of our order pickers is its adaptability. The modular design of the individual components makes the MX-X and the MX-Q a perfect solution for your warehouse and not the other way around. The trucks are available with turret heads or telescopic forks and different lift mast modules for ceiling heights up to 15m and load capacities up to 1500kg. Two control concepts are available for the ergonomic driver’s compartment: The control panel can be placed centrally on the railing of the cabin or it can be integrated into the armrests of the seat. This makes one thing very clear: We do not offer you standard models but individual, intelligent and top level system technology. The STILL OPTISPEED control system automatically adjusts the travelling speed to the actual load weight, lift height, acceleration speed and to the driving direction. This makes sure that you always move as fast as is physically possible. All in all, this option allows you to increase your turnover by as much as 30%. Further OPTISPEED levels such as the semiautomatic approach to destination storage bays and fully automatic operation give proof of the innovative characteristics of the MX-X/MX-Q. The new OPTISAFE feature offers even higher safety and more flexibility inside the aisle. The system detects each individual aisle and relevant safety functions can be automatically triggered at any given position inside the aisle. The MX-Q with its telescopic fork is at home, especially in narrow aisles. Thanks to its compact design, the aisles in the warehouse can be up to 20cm narrower compared to the needs of an MX-X. The MX-Q can access both sides of the aisle without having to swivel, it also saves a considerable amount of time. This in turn increases your turnover and efficiency.

MX-X/MX-Q 0.5 – 1.5 t


Intelligent system engineering at the highest level: the MX-X/MX-Q.


Tugger trains from STILL – this is pulling power and reliability without rails The CX-T electric tow truck and the KANVAN multifunction

Even on gradients the truck uncompromisingly maintains its

truck offer everything that a driver would wish for: the high

course: This also applies to stopping without rolling back.

torque 3.0-kW motor enables dynamic starting at every delivery point, even with full trailers. Thanks to a good floor

This only leaves one thing to wish for. When required the

clearance of 70 mm, driver’s platform with vibration damping

KANVAN can also load and unload pallets. This multifunction

and comfortable PU tyres the truck can operate on uneven

truck combines the driving performance of the CX-T with

floors without adversely affecting the traction or the driver.

its patented system for comfortably folding the forks in and

High manoeuvrability, the clearly visible coupling and the low

out at the push of a button. Up to 1000 kg can be lifted in

entry, facilitate shunting with the compact and robust CX-T.

this way. A truck with two functions, which puts the driver


in a position to fulfil all the tasks on his rounds completely

polyurethane wheels each “liftrunner” exactly follows the

autonomously – without needing help from other trucks or

track of its tow truck even around the sharpest bends. The

from colleagues. This is efficiency from STILL!

rollers of the trolleys cause no noise and also cannot be damaged whilst doing so. Due to the availability of numerous

A railway does not only consist of locomotives: this why

options the train can be tailor made for different loads and

STILL offers the whole train. With the intelligent liftrunner

also used outside. With this system lean manufacturing

system standard trolleys can easily be pushed into the train

concepts become both real and practicable. Efficient towing

at ground level, before they are raised for travelling so that

trucks and the pneumatically or hydraulically raised liftrunner

only the wheels of the tow truck touch the floor. On quiet

form one intelligent unit for modern intralogistics supply concepts from STILL.


Its followers are enthusiastic. The R 06 electric tow tractor.

Every time work is lined up, our electric tow tractors

to limit the maximum speed or acceleration and braking

come into their own: The model R 06 is ideally suited to

values which could further increase the working reliability and

in-plant transport for medium and longer distances, i.e. for

life span of the tractor.

moving material between stores and production halls. As

The three independent brake systems make an important

a three-wheel tractor it combines highest manoeuvrability

contribution: As well as the hydraulic drum brakes and a

(turning circle of 1,650 mm) with the driving performance of

mechanical emergency brake, the R 06 has regenerative

a powerful electric motor. The driving speed can be adjusted

braking, which gives automatic braking when releasing the

by the modern digital MOFSET control very accurately with

accelerator pedal and when changing direction. Thus, not

the accelerator pedal which provides very gentle acceleration

only is the wear of the brake linings minimized, but the

and deceleration. In addition, the R 06 offers the possibility

operating hours are extended.

R 06 6.0 t


For continual coming and going. The R 07 electric tow tractor and R 08 electric platform truck.

Two models, one role: efficient transport from A to B.

to the battery. Both models are as efficient and simple

This is the role of the R 07, with its extreme traction power

as possible and are also characterised by a particularly

it has the capacity to tow trailer weights up to 25 t. The R 08

low-friction power steering, a robust steering axle and

by comparison is distinguished by its loading area for flexible

outstanding all-round visibility e.g. on the R 07 the driver

use. It has a maximum load-carrying capacity of 2,000 kg.

has a clear view to the trailer coupling. As standard, the

If it is not loaded, the R 08 can pull loads up to 6 t. The high

machines are equipped with an ergonomically sprung

performance, maintenance-free and totally enclosed 80 V

driver’s seat and an adjustable steering column. The work

three-phase drive motor (no carbon brushes) with controlled

can be completed efficiently and comfortably.

drive is common to both models. The controller ensures that the travel speed remains the same for a given accelerator pedal position independent of any gradients. During braking, the drive motor functions as generator and returns energy R 07 25.0 t

R 08 2.0 t

Your contact STILL GmbH BerzeliusstraĂ&#x;e 10


D-22113 Hamburg Telephone: +49 (0)40/73 39-2000 Telefax: +49 (0)40/73 39-2001 Lagertechnik 3.5 HHe 10/2011 Subject to technical modiďŹ cations. For further information please visit:

first in intralogistics

Programa carretillas de interior STILL  

Gama completa de carretillas para trabajos en interior. Transpaletas, apiladores, retráctiles y trilaterales.