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Petite Style: How to Style a Maxi Dress and Skirt for Fall/Winter 2011 Maxi dresses and floor-sweeping skirts are feminine, stylish and long to the max! These full length hemlines give sensuality to the wearer and come in a versatility of styles from bohemian, chic to modest, creating lean and elegant silhouettes. One of many must-have garments this year, however, as we shift into fall and winter mode, so do the changeable fresh looks of the maxi. Though, the maxi is voluminous and can overwhelm a petite frame, nevertheless, there are ways we can play with style to suit your size. Some helpful tips are outlined below on how to style your maxi dress or skirt, with light layering to keep you warm in cold temperatures and avoid being drowned and looking bulky.

TIPS: 1. Pick a maxi dress that has an empire waist or that is cinched around the torso area. 2. Wear a solid color at the top half of the dress with a pattern skirt for a lean and tall appearance. 3. Layer your maxi dress with comfortable undergarments, such as a camisole or tank top. 4. Pair your favourite maxi dress or long skirt with a solid color cardigan and a waist-length jacket. Be careful, too much details and patterns can weigh you down, so it’s best to wear tops, chunky sweaters and jackets that are simple with less patterns and keep it short above the hips. Also, stay away from box cut sweaters. 5. Accentuate your waist with a belt or wear it over layers to add shape. 6. Style a chunky or lightweight scarf around your neck to keep you cozy and warm. 7. Choose a dress with less gathered material below the waist. 8. Long skirts, full or slim with slit; find one with a high-waist band, this will elongate the legs. 9. Maxi dresses and full-length skirts cover all the lower half of the body, by showing a little skin at the top for example, a very low neckline gives a more interesting look. 10. In Winter, wear comfortable tights and a pair of round toe high heels or wedge boots and ballet flats are perfect for the Fall.

How to Style a Maxi Dress and Skirt for Fall  

This article provides petite women with some tips on how to wear maxi dresses and long skirts for fall/winter.

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