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Commercial Portfolio

Alejandra MarroquĂ­n 5th Bilingual

Index  Replies …… ……………………………………….3 Pictionary ….……………….………………..….4-5 Acknowledgements ..……..……….…...……6-7 Confirmations ………………………………….8-9 Delayed Delivery ………………………….10-11 Partial Shipment …………………………..12-13 Substitute Order …………………………..14-15 Stopgap Letters …………………………….16-17 Referrals ………………………………………….18 Refusals …………………………………………..19

 Complaints, Claims, and Adjustments ..20 Pictionary 2 ……………………………………..21 Complaints ………………………………….22-23 Complaint Response …………………….24-25 Claims …………………………………………26-27 Adjustments …………………………………28-31

 Minutes …………………………………….32-33 2


Pictionary 1 Word




A message.

The secretary forgot to send the dispatch.


To reveal or disclose.

My brother divulge my secrets.

To save from destruction.

The firefight salvaged my house from the fire.




The bosses need Insight, savvy from each understanding. activity of the company.







Extra, more than necessary.

When the company moved to another place we eliminated the superfluous of documents of the employees.


By the economics problems of the Unrequested. company we don’t unsolicited new employees.


Acknowledgments ď śAn acknowledgment should be written when you receive merchandise, material, money, or information.


4627 Montgomery Road Norwood, Ohio 45212 April 9, 2014

Smithville Community College 755 GeorgesVille Road Smithville, Ohio 44127 Dear Mr. Greenbaum:

Thank you for sending me the information that I solicited about the new RX-7. This information will be helpful to complete my term project on the ways in which American automobile manufacturers have been competing in the small-car market. I will be sending you a copy of my project as soon as finish. Sincerely yours,

Max MarroquĂ­n


Confirmations ď śA conformation letter transmit clear, correct, and complete information. Confirmations are routine for such businesses as hotels and travel agencies. ď śIn some cases a letter written to a specific individual can turn that customer in to regular by adding a personal touch.


AVIANCA, S.A. 13 street 5-60, zone 13 Telephone: 44870017 E-mail: 01013 Guatemala

March 6, 2014

Environmental Awareness Committee 15 street 4-50, zone 15 01015 Guatemala Dear Sir or Madam: This letter will confirm your reservation for a convention in the week of March 24-29. Your flight has been reserved departing from Guatemala City on March 24 in Flight 458 at 7:30 A.M. expected to arrive in Miami Airport at 9:30 A.M. You will be returning to Guatemala City on March 29 on Flight 232 which departs from the Miami Airport at 6:30 P.M. and it is expected to arrive to Guatemala City at 8:30 P.M. As requested, you will have to present at the airport one hour prior to departure to have time for check in. If you need further information or requests please contact Miss Olivia Barrera at 2479-9098. Sincerely yours,

Martina Gonzรกlez Sales Manager Alejandra M.


Delayed Delivery ď śWhen an order cannot be filled promptly, the customer deserves an explanation. It should express that you understand the customer’s disappointment and regret the inconvenience. ď śSometimes a delayed delivery is caused by the seller, not the buyer. At the same time, the letter must avoid a negative tone. 10

Lawsen Linen Company P.O. Box 762 Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003

March 5, 2014 Mrs. Marianne Rollins 444 Ross Avenue Caldwell, New Jersey


Dear Mrs. Rollins: Requests for our set of Floral Mist queen-size sheets and pillowcases are temporarily out of production because of a factory strike. Now our company has some problems of production and we are trying to complete and send you order as soon as possible. While our company is solving this problem, we would appreciate your patience and understanding of our situation. You are going to receive a discount of the 5% in the total of the invoice. Sincerely yours,

InĂŠs Mena Sales Supervisor Alejandra M.


Partial Shipment When a partial shipment can be made, the customer must be informed that certain items have been back ordered. It should also make an attempt to “resell” the merchandise.


Laico Products 34 Green Street Miami, Florida 45382 March 6, 2014

Mr. John Smith 609 San Anselmo Avenue San Anselmo, California 94960 Dear Mr. Smith: Thank you for your recent order number 43-7. We are always especially delighted to serve an old friend. Your 37 Revlon lipsticks (Code 438-51) will be sent to your boutique by United Parcel and should arrive on March 12, 2014.

Unfortunately, due to a transportation problem, the stock of 12 L’Oreal beauty sets (Code 332-1). We hope you will receive the products in two weeks maximum. By the situation we have, you are going to receive four extra products as gif for the inconvenient. Sincerely yours,

Karla MarroquĂ­n Sales Manager Alejandra M.


Substitute Order ď śA substitute order is used when a order cannot be filled at all. Naturally, the suggested merchandise must be comparable to the original order. The letter must include a sales pitch for the suggested item.


Gleason’s Hotel 842 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10018 April 23, 2014

Ms. Sharon Lawson 693 Pelham Parkway Bronx, New York 10422 Dear Ms. Lawson: Thank you for your preference. As you know, during fifteen years our hotel is well-known for our excellent service. Sadly, we cannot provide the room that you need for the week of August 22 because the National Word Processors Association will be holding their convention at our hotel during that week. As you will surely understand, we have to reserve as many rooms as possible for members of the association. If you would like we can give you a new reservation in the Norp Hotel that is part of our hotels chain in the same day that you need. Sincerely yours,

Alexander Mazariegos Order Manager Alejandra M.


Stopgap Letters ď śSimilar to a delayed delivery letter, a stopgap letter informs your customer that you need time to process the request. They are often answered promptly. ď śYou can assure your reader that his letter will be given to your employer as soon as her returns. 16

INTERNATIONAL LAW FIRMS 842 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10018

March 6, 2014

Mr. Jonathan Ross 693 Pelham Parkway Bronx, New York 10422 Dear Mr. Ross:

According to your letter from last Thursday, we cannot give you the information you need, because Ms. Leonard is out of town, because she has an important meeting in China. I will be sure to inform Ms. Leonard about the information of the contract of Hasting Development Corporation you asked for and as she returns she will answer you. Sincerely yours,

Marisol Gonzรกlez Assistant Alejandra M.


Referrals ď śA letter of referral acknowledge is receipt of the inquiry and explains why and to whom it is being referred.


Refusals A refusal letter is a way for say “NO” gracefully. The letter should be as positive or business savvy. You should be careful to keep your letter “Open-ended”.


Complaints, Claims, and Adjustments

Pictionary 2 Word




In our restaurant the clientele is exigent.


Payment, repayment

He received one year's salary as compensation for loss of office.


Reparation, repayment

The victims are demanding full restitution.



He apologized subsequently




Complaints ď śWhen a customer is dissatisfied with goods or services, a complain letter will inform the company or organization of the problem.


Atlas Association, Inc. 72 Elm Street Kennebunk, Maine 06606 April 30, 2014 Mr. Enrico Cammarata Club Cammarata 2 Merrimack Road Merrimack, New Hampshire 70153 Dear Mr. Cammarata: On the afternoon of April 26, I made a reservation in your restaurant at 7 P.M. for entertain and impress an important out-of-town business associate. When we arrived at the restaurant our table was not ready, and we were kept waiting for one hour and fifteen minutes. Intermittent inquiries were received by the maître d’ with rude indifference. Consequently, my guest became extremely annoyed with the service that we received. As a customer I feel disappointed because I wanted to receive an amazing service and spend a good time. And I hope this problem does not happen again in a new opportunity. Sincerely yours, Lola Hernández Manager

Alejandra M.


Complaint Response ď śA response to a complaint is concerned and courteous, but not defensive. It may offer an explanation and suggest remedies that are being followed. ď śIt definitely should extend an apology.



Club Cammarata 2 Merrimack Road Merrimack, New Hampshire


May 14, 2014 Ms. Lola Hernรกndez Atlas Association, Inc. 72 Elm Street Kennebunk, Maine 06606 Dear Ms. Hernรกndez: Thank you for bringing to my attention the inexcusable wait you and your guest endured in the restaurant because your table was not ready. I am extremely sorry for your guest because he is an important person for you. Allow me, however, to offer an explanation. Shortly before you arrived, and employee had an accident with the stove. And we had to call an ambulance. Nevertheless, I can assure you that your future arrivals to our restaurant will be treated with concern and prompt attention. Again, I apologize for the event of April 26, and greatly appreciate your letting me know about them. Sincerely yours,

Enrico Cammarata Manager Alejandra M.


Claims It is use to make claims due to unsatisfactory work or products by other companies. But the most common causes for claims are: An incorrect bill, invoice, or statement A bill for merchandise ordered but never received Delivery of unordered merchandise Delivery of incorrect merchandise 26

Arnold Hayes 80 Arch Drive New Orleans, Louisiana


May 15, 2014

Nayak & Nolan 10 French Market Place New Orleans, Louisiana


Dear Gentlemen and Ladies: I have just received the May statement on my charge account (No. 5456-3247). The statement lists a previous balance of $81.23 which I am quite sure I paid on April 7. I enclose a copy of the canceled check for the $81.23 I paid promptly. Additionally, I enclose a check to cover the remaining balance ($107.80) of my May statement. I would appreciate your looking into this matter so that my account may be cleared. Sincerely yours,


Adjustments Emphasizes the solution rather than the error and convinces the customer that you understand and want to be fair. As the writer, NEVER: Accuse the customer. Refer to the original problem. Try to maintain goodwill.


Granting an Adjustment Three types of Adjustments

Offering a Compromise adjustment Refusing an Adjustment


Grating an Adjustment

Nayak & Nolan 10 French Market Place New Orleans, Louisiana 70153

May 21, 2014 Mr. Arnold Hayes 80 Arch Drive New Orleans, Louisiana


Dear Mr. Hayes: As you mentioned in your letter of May 15, you explained us that we charged an extra amount ($81.23) in your account. We are very sorry for our mistake, and your right, because we had some problems with our system and it has been failing lately. But the sum has been stricken from your account. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We apologize for the problem and we hope to know about you promptly. Sincerely yours, Jack Patterson


Alejandra M.


Offering a Compromise Adjustment

m&m STORE 22 Grand Street Grahamsville, New Jersey


May 28, 2014 Ms. Peggy Sawyer 201 New Oak Street Newark, New Jersey


Dear Ms. Sawyer: We are very sorry that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase of Muenster Cheese. We appreciate your giving us the opportunity to solve your problem. If you wish it, we can change the cheese for another cheese or product for the same price ($12.44). Additionally, we are going to discover the reason for this problem. We hope you have not been inconvenienced and will visit m&m STORE soon, so that we may again have the pleasure of serving you. Sincerely yours, Ian Poe


Alejandra M.


Minutes A Minutes is a record of everything that transpires at a meeting.


Minutes of the Meeting of the MICROFINANCE IMPROVEMENT Blue Mountain Bank May 5, 2014 Presiding:

Gabriela Cifuentes


Sandra Rosales Alejandra Marroquín Jessie Mejía


Max Morales

The meeting of the Microfinance Improvement of the Blue Mountain Bank was called to order at 8 A.M. in the conference room by Ms. Cifuentes. The main discussion of the meeting concerned if it was a good investment giving microfinance to customers. Among the proposals were these: Ms. Rosales presented information regarding this project would be a big opportunity to motivate customers and depending their microfinance rate. Customer could receive a variable return. Ms. Marroquín presented the problems this project can cause when customers use this money for little investments giving as the result that the company would not get any gain. Ms. Mejía presented information regarding this project should be only for the local market giving capital to small and medium sized enterprises. Having a better response from local communities when they invest locally. The Microfinance Improvement Project was approved. The team will discuss when this project will begin. The report will be presented by Alejandra Marroquín at the next meeting, to be held on May 7, 2014, at 8 A.M. in the conference room.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 A.M. Respectfully submitted,

Jazmin Ramirez Secretary


Commercial portfolio unit 2 (commercial) pdf  
Commercial portfolio unit 2 (commercial) pdf  

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