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A Journey To A True Paradise With Charter Boat Maldives

Plan your cruise with our Charter Boat Maldives. Board Dhoni Stella where you wish and design your own itinerary. You can even mix nights on board the yacht with nights at your favorite resort.

Choose Our Yacht Tours Maldives Vacation That You Will Always Remember

Book an itinerary from the unique options touching every region of the island chain. Each itinerary has been carefully designed by Max Molteni, one of the archipelago's most expert skippers and author of the 窶郎acht Tours Maldives'. Select from our itinerary menu of touring delicacies, from live-a-board safaris to a combination of yacht and resort accommodation.

Enjoy Diving On Boat Charter Maldive

The exclusive guests of Boat Charter Maldive are free to design their own cruise, according to their itinerary preferences and favorite activities; diving, surfing, snorkeling, fishing and islandhopping are among the most popular excursions.

Memorable Wedding Experience With Yacht Charter Maldives

The Maldives is the ideal archipelago for an aquatic safari and Yacht Charter Maldives are the perfect yachts for your private cruise focused on scuba diving or snorkeling. Sharks, mantas, eagle rays, barracudas, colorful soft corals, sea fans and acroporas - the Maldives reefs offer all of this and more.

Maldives Yacht Charter - The Only Way To Experience The Maldives For More Information Visit Our Site

Charter boat maldives  
Charter boat maldives  

Renting a boat trip on the river can be an excellent way to enjoy a day or evening with your buddies, family or colleagues. There are a vast...