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January Contents New Year, New YOU! 6 History by David Rymill Growing up in Longfellow Road 8 Ruth Jemmett Writes Looking To The Future 11 View from the City How long do your New Year Resolutions last? 14 Dance Into 2018! 16 Codeword 18 Sudokus 20 What’s On 22 Crossword 23 Wordsearch and Quiz 26 Voice for Wildlife 28 Gardening Gardener’s Resolve… 30 Winter Weight Gain.... 32 Clubs 34 Recipe - Chorizo And Prawn Paella 40 Parkin’ some thoughts 42 Kids Play 44 Solutions 46

Welcome to Your Worcester Park Life 2017 saw Brian and I both celebrating a ‘special birthday’. Keeping the massive inflatable pub (complete with huge inflatable chimneys, beams and fireplace) that arrived in our garden as the party venue a secret for six months was a challenge to say the least- but we just about managed it and watching the astonishment on our guests faces was so exciting. I do love a surprise. And on my birthday I was taken aback by the thought and care that the family put into decorating the house with sunflowers and my birthday breakfast. In 2018 I’m going to encourage family Stuart go out of our way to be especially thoughtful to each other, friends, family and people we don’t know. As Princess Diana is quoted with saying... Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you. Well said! Anyway, remember that Worcester Park Life is YOUR magazine so if you are helping to organise an event in 2018 and would like some FREE publicity then please do email details. Likewise if you are part of an organisation that could benefit from attracting new local members next year then why not send in an article. You may or not know that in order to deliver the magazine to most of Worcester Park, we split the distribution over a two month period. So if you have had this edition delivered you probably won’t get the January one. There are a limited number of copies available from Waitrose, the libraries, Manor Drive surgery, St Marys and also Christ Church with St Philip but don’t forget that it is also published online - you

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year

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Worcester Park History by David Rymill

Growing up in Longfellow Road This month we look at life in Longfellow Road in the early decades of the 20th century through the words of some of those who grew up there. It was only after I had drafted this article that I heard the sad news of the death in summer 2017 of Jean Gathercole, a lifelong member of Worcester Park Baptist Church, one of those whose memories are included here. Longfellow Road, together with Lincoln Road and Washington Road, was laid out in about 1865 by the British Land Company Ltd. Originally most of the householders probably worked locally, but gradually commuters started to move in, wanting to move their families from the inner suburbs to the fresh air. By 1881 there were about 65 houses, and about ten more which were uninhabited or under construction. Many of the inhabitants were labourers on the local farms, or worked as gardeners or coachmen, perhaps at the large houses in The Avenue. A significant number worked in one of the building trades, and other tradesmen and craftsmen included bakers, a coffee tavern keeper, shoemakers, laundresses and hawkers. More unusually, there was a signwriter and a solicitor’s managing clerk. The early residents of the road included a few railwaymen, a tradition continued by Fred Kingsley who worked for the London and South Western Railway and its successors for 56 years, mainly while living here; he retired in 1967. Most of them probably rented their homes, but a few took what was then the unusual step of buying a house (by 1912 about 10% of nearly 180 householders were owner-occupiers). Jean Gathercole, who lived as a child at no. 161, recalled that her father, Edward Thomas, bought the house around the end of the 1920s. He was a postman, working in the City near St Paul’s: “Nobody bought a house on a postman’s money, really; in fact he was known in the post office as ‘that man who’s buying his own house’. When we were first there, there were no trains from Worcester Park early enough, so he had to walk to New Malden to get a train early enough to get up to the City. He got into gardening, particularly roses, and he went in for lots of competitions in the post office, but at one


time he used to take bunches of his flowers up to the City and people used to buy them, a mixed bunch, particularly roses. From what I can remember he used to charge sixpence a bunch, and after a bit he put it up to half-a-crown. At one time he won a prize in one of the evening papers for the best garden and he won a greenhouse.” The houses in Longfellow Road (and the adjacent Lincoln Road) did not offer many of the features that would be standard in the 1930s developments. Peggy Wilson, who lived at no. 216 as a young child from 1926 to 1932, recalls “We had a kitchen range where Mother cooked all the food, and then the scullery had a brick copper. Mother had to put a fire under it to boil the clothes; in those days it was all cotton or linen and they really needed boiling and hammering to get them clean. We had no bathroom, and when washing was done, Mother used to put us in the copper and give us a bath, my brother and myself.” Another family had five boys who played football, and they too only had a tin bath filled from the copper: “Who came home first got the clean water, and the last got the mud.” Another former resident adds “Although we had a bathroom, quite often I think we used to have a tin bath, because it was cold in the bathroom. Jean Gathercole recalled “When we first moved in we only had gas, we didn’t have electricity, so they came down the road saying you could have electricity put on if you wanted it, and of course my father said yes; before that we used to have to light a gas mantle. Some of the people further up the road didn’t want it – they said it was too bright.” Peggy Gibbard, who lived as a child at 4 Lincoln Road from the mid-1910s, recalled that the house had gas lighting downstairs, but upstairs “it had to be an oil lamp if you were ill in bed for a few days; otherwise it was a candle, and you read by candle-light.” Those who grew up here in the early 20th century recall their mothers producing nourishing but simple food on the kitchen ranges, much of it from local ingredients. Gladys Rutland (née Ingram), who lived at no. 127 as a child in the 1910s-1920s, recalled “We had a lot of soups and stews and chicken, and she used to make beef tea and all sorts of things with fresh vegetables mostly off the allotment. We used to have currant duff, and bacon puddings with onion and sage; eggs from Scott’s Farm or Beer’s Farm [in Central Road]. And beautiful fish from the top of Longfellow Road: there was a fishmonger’s there.”

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New ingredients from around the world were, however, appearing on some tables: Mrs Wilson adds “My father worked in an office in a warehouse just past Tower Bridge. They imported tinned stuff, and he had to keep so many tins aside from every consignment for the Minister of Health, and Customs and Excise. At the end of the time, those were anybody’s, so my father used to bring them home: we used to have quite a lot of pineapple, peaches and things like that.”

Peggy Wilson recalls “Mother used to do a good cooked meal always: we used to have a mid-day meal and Dad’s meal was either kept, or done in the evening when he came home. It was filling meals, meat and potatoes and a green veg usually. My father [another Edward Thomas] always grew runner beans so that lasted quite a while in the summer. Mother would make steamed puddings, and we would have blackberries in the fields.”

Please note our new address Unit 2 Chancerygate Business Centre Red Lion Road Surbiton KT6 7RA

This month’s illustration, courtesy of Ivor Lindsell, shows Longfellow Road in about 1910 (I think this is a view looking away from Central Road, the houses most prominently shown on the right being nos. 82-100). I’d be grateful for any more memories and photographs of Longfellow Road. David Rymill (020) 8330 6563

Worcester Park, Old Malden and North Cheam: History at our Feet Published in 2012 and available at £10 (plus £2 towards postage if required) from the Rymill family. Ring 020 8330 6563 for more details. This 300-page book tells the story of Worcester Park from the Iron Age to the present day, and includes memories of local life from 1908 onwards, and over 150 maps, photographs and drawings - mostly never published before.

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Ruth Jemmett Writes Looking To The Future By Ruth Jemmett

A friend of mine hasn’t had a very happy time recently. Her father died, her car was a writeoff in a prang, someone knocked her front wall down - and then she had to have an operation, which thankfully was successful. She said “I am so glad that I can put that year behind me”. There are times when most of us feel like that. Do you remember The Queen’s ‘Annus Horribilus’? No matter who we are, life sometimes seems to give us more than we think we can cope with. Mercifully, in the main, the human spirit seems to give us a bit of strength to battle on. When we greet a new year it often makes us have a feeling of moving forward. People who have been bereaved often find it particularly hard to let go of the past, and to accept that a new chapter of their lives is beginning We all feel happier with the familiar.. I worked for many years as a bereavement counsellor, and was often confronted by people who thought that they would never be happy again.. It’s a cliché to say ‘time is a great healer’, but it is true. Gradually, bit by bit, our brains adapt to change, and help us deal with a life that is very different to the one we knew - however painful the transition is. Memories of happier times can bring us great comfort, and eventually we can create new ones, which will help us to look to the future with hope instead of dread. January takes its name from the Roman god Janus. He had two faces - one looking backwards and one looking forward. This month is a bridge of what has been, and what is to come. I truly believe that we can make ourselves feel happier by being pro-active. There are those who say “I am lonely”, without even considering that by just making a ‘phone call or knocking on someone’s door, their situation could change.

Many years ago, when I was a full-time carer for my disabled son, I could have easily gone down a black hole of depressive thoughts, but, as a family we got involved in doing voluntary work Before long, we discovered a whole new world, where we could make OTHER people happy, and broke out of our protective cocoon. Consequently we felt grateful that our lives weren’t as bad as some others. If you are feeling down, try and make the first move, instead of waiting for the world to come to you. It really works!

Did you make any New Year Resolutions? I have promised myself that I will definitely do more painting this coming year. We recently acquired the ‘Q’ system of Sky television, and watching programmes about painting has inspired me to take up the brushes again. Trying to work out how the handset for the system works is a bit like doing The Krypton factor, but I am getting there. I must shamefully admit to regular readers that my resolution to clear the garage LAST year never came to anything. It’s still a mess! On the 6th of January it is The Epiphany, which celebrates the appearance of baby Jesus to The Magi. In the Orthodox Church it commemorates the baptism of Christ 30 years later. The 6th of January also marks the last of The Twelve Days Of Christmas. According to tradition, decorations should be taken down by this date, or bad luck will befall you! Last year mine were a week overdue, which probably accounted for the washing machine breaking down not long after! This date is also the birthday of the wonderful ‘Mr Bean’ - Rowan Atkinson, who has brought so much joy to many people! On the 8th we remember the birth of Elvis Presley in 1935. When I was a girl I had a large glossy poster of him stuck to the back of my bedroom door. Apparently, he auditioned for a band at one time before he became famous. They turned him down, as they said he couldn’t harmonise! I still play Elvis’s recordings regularly, and they bring back memories of a time long

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before the use of I-Phones and computers, when, for a lot of the time, we made our own amusement. Cinemas and coffee bars were in their hey-day, and we never seemed to be bored. Today’s teenagers are too busy staring at their ‘phones to know the joys of going to a youth club, or enjoying walking because people couldn’t afford cars! There are thousands of diabetics in our country - and indeed worldwide. The total number of diabetics worldwide is estimated to be 415 million people. This means that one in eleven of us have it, and 45% of the population don’t even know they have it, as their symptoms aren-t too evident. Overweight people are much more likely to get it, so put away those sugary things! It was only as recently as 1922, on the 11th of January, that a young diabetic patient was successfully treated with insulin. We take such treatment for granted these days. People talk casually about having a viral infection, which

MOT and

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might have killed them in previous generations, and are probably unaware that it was only in the nineteen thirties that the electron microscope - which detects viruses - was invented. We are indeed blessed to be living at this point in time. On 14th of January 1878 Queen Victoria became the first monarch to speak on the telephone, after its inventor Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the device to her. I recently ran up a large telephone bill whilst chatting regularly to an old school friend in Ireland. I think my husband definitely wishes that the telephone hadn’t been invented!!! The 19th of this month is the anniversary of the birthday of Matthew Webb, who was the first person to swim The English Channel in 1875. He met his doom by attempting to swim across the rapids beneath Niagara Falls. I never learnt to swim, and am very wary of water. Matthew’s watery end makes me even more sure that doing the breast stroke isn’t for me I expect that you,like me, are wondering what the coming year will bring, particularly if 2017 wasn’t such a good time for you. I hope that lots of good things happen to you in the coming few months, and as someone once said - ‘Though no-one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now, and make a brand new ending……” Happy New Year. Ruth Jemmett is a Member of The Society of Authors

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View from the City How long do your New Year Resolutions last? Justin Urquhart Stewart, Co-founder and Head of Business Development 7IM Apparently 2017’s most popular New Year Resolutions were heavily centred on diets and exercise, which comes as no surprise after your recent surfeit of chocolate, turkey, pigs-in-blankets and mince pies (although not necessarily in the same dish). Also on the people’s list of to-dos was to read more try to learn to do something new (e.g. learn a language). What I’m keen to know though is whether any of these worthy declarations to ‘do better’ were focused on your finances. Research run previously has shown that just 27% of Britons did just that – which actually seems higher than I thought might be the case. Germany was similar to the UK with 30%, again that’s not bad. However, it’s not so favourable when you know that 50% of the French and an estimated 69% of Turks committed to a financial goal. Meanwhile, even if you have bothered to make any commitment to change, only 3% of us Brits will actually keep a resolution for the full 12 months. The vast majority don’t even last the month as good intentions go to hell on or before ‘Fail Friday’ (the third Friday in January). So, we’ve drawn up seven suggestions to help you if you’re currently in that 97%: 1. Deadlines and diaries From filing your online tax self-assessments before 31 January, to getting your latest ISA set up by 5 April, to insurance renewal dates, the list could go on and on. So please get some dates in the diary to give yourself plenty of time to get organised before the days themselves loom. 2. Spruce up the paperwork approach From any vintage share certificates to long-lost childhood bank accounts, there could easily be a small savings pot or two that has lain unattended or completely overlooked. Now’s precisely the time to see if you can consolidate a few finances – you may save a bit on some provider fees!


3. Compute the cashflow In my latte pension video (just search for it on YouTube), we highlight how a small amount saved regularly over a good period of time can compound to quite the considerable sum. The beginning of the year is a great time to dig out a bank statement and count up all those direct debits. You could find you have a whole alphabet of subscriptions from Amazon Prime to Zumba classes that could now be cancelled. 4. Careful on the credit cards The Bank of England’s increased interest base rates didn’t necessarily benefit your bank balances, but they probably hit the credit card charges. The next increase may not happen until August 2018, but some of these charges are already extortionate. And don’t get me started on store cards… Pay them off – even if you have to get a bank loan to do so – and you could save. 5. Should you switch suppliers? Price comparison sites compile so many of the best options for your household across a whole host of fees from energy bills through to mortgage providers. So it’s worth a few minutes to see how much you could easily save. 6. Review your pension Successive governments have reduced the lifetime and annual tax allowances for pensions and the Tories tinkered with them again in 2017, albeit away from the headlines of the Budget. Do you know what you can put away while avoiding a hefty tax bill in later life? 7. Have a plan I still can’t get my head around why people don’t plan their finances. Recent 7IM research showed that seven in ten of us don’t even talk about money. Staying silent about something that so many have had no formal education on for me just doesn’t make sense. So please start a conversation with the family and better still with a professional. Picking just one of these seven could see you better off. And just think how much better you’ll feel doing this as that credit card bill for Christmas lands on the mat! Seven Investment Management LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Member of the London Stock Exchange. Registered office: 55 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 3AS. Registered in England and Wales No. OC378740.

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Dance Into 2018! As you clear up the tinsel of Christmas, are you getting withdrawal symptoms about Strictly, and stepping onto the weighing scales with a despondent sigh? Do not fear, I am here to give you cheer! A way to lift yourself out of the gloom is to join a club that will make you fitter, and help you to make new friends - in other words - come dancing!

Dave Cabot has been running the popular local dance club Glitters for seven years at Bourne Hall in Spring Street, Ewell Village, and wants to encourage more years ago, the old dance floor was replaced by a people in this area to join in the fun. David, and his wonderfully sprung, professional-standard new one. willing helpers - i.e. yours truly, and another dance It is a joy to dance on. The lighting is superb, with enthusiast, Shirley Keene, are at Bourne Hall for various state of the art fittings. The cloakrooms are clean and Fridays every month, to welcome dancers of all abilities to discover the joys of ballroom and Latin dances. It ' P U T Ywelcoming, O U R Gand A Rthere D EisNsafe, Mwell-lit A I N parking T E N Aright NCE IN TH outside, at a minimum cost. So don’t mumble to doesn’t matter if you can’t dance, haven’t been on a S O F"I S O MgoE sometime" O N E W- H O aRfriend E A Lwith LY CARES might bring dance floor for years, or even don’t have a partner.H A N Dyourself you (or more!), and enjoy the delights of pretending Glitters has a friendly atmosphere, and even if you you are Du Beke. are shy or nervous, you will soon become part of the - Tree surgery - One offDebbie Tidy McGhee or Anton happy band, as seasoned dancers will be pleased to Stump Grinding - Garden Maintenance For more details, see the Clubs section at the back of show you the ropes. We don’t give official lessons, but Strimming and Weeding and Lawns the magazine just ask you to ’have a go’. I promise you that dancing is - Decking Garden clearance addictive! People of all ages turn up - from 18 to ’don’t - Hedge Trimming ask’!!! It is well-documented that dancing is one of the - Landscaping - Path and Patio Washing best ways to keep fit as you get older. Within weeks of starting to dance you will be amazed at how your stamina improves, and you will enjoy the chance to regularly dress up a bit. Ladies usually like the chance to wear party-type outfits, and men are required to wear normal tie-up shoes (no trainers please! - they could scuff the floor), and smart everyday wear preferably not T-Shirts. You are required to bring your ‘PUT YOUR GARDEN MAINTENANCE INTel: THE020 8330 7 own drinks, but there is chilled water on hand if you HANDS OF SOMEONE WHO REALLY CARES’ want it. Mobile: 07958

- One off Tidy

We are lucky to have a great professional D.J. - Mr - Garden Maintenance Wonderful, who plays a mixture of music, ranging - Decking and Lawns from old ballroom favoourites to more modern - Hedge Trimming tunes. Dances include The Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, - Landscaping Rumba, Tango, Cha-Cha-Cha, Jive, and some Sequence - Tree surgery Dancing. During the evening there are usually a couple - Stump Grinding of ‘Bus-stop’ dances, when single people can twirl - Strimming & Weeding around the floor with a new partner on each circuit. A sure way to meet new people! We also often kick our - Garden clearance heels up to The Cowboy Charleston, which you don’t - Path & Patio Washing need a partner for - just a good swivel on the ankles, THE ENANCE IN T N I A M N E RD ES' EALLY CAR and a happy smile! You will soon pick it up! Many of ' P U T Y O U R SGOA M ONE WHO R E F O HANDS Contact us on: our members have been coming to Bourne Hall for ery - Tree surg y ding or 07958 727 272 - One off Tid years, and some of them have actually got paired up Tel: 020 8330 7787 - Stump Grin nance g nte Mai edin We den and Gar - Strimming ns and got married. ce - Decking and Law - Garden clearan When the nearby spring flooded the theatre a few

16 Washing - Path and Patio

g - Hedge Trimmin - Landscaping

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Codeword Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a different number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. Once you have filled these throughout the grid you can start guessing words and reveal other letters. As you find the letters enter them in the box below.

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Sudokus fairly easy

Pictograms 3 words


5 words


3 words

not so easy

ALL Space Saving Cloud Storage

O I P E LT You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.


3 letters: 19 4 letters: 10 5 letters: 1 6 letters: 1

Many modern Macs and PCs come with solid state drives, which are quick but expensive, so computer firms tend to use ones with fairly small capacities. So a PC with a 1TB (1,000 gigabyte) hard disk might be a similar price to one with a solid state drive of 128GB or 256GB. If you’re short of space, options include cheap USBconnected external drives, or online storage. Free POETiCloud or Microsoft’s TOEas Apple’s OPT such 3 Lettersservices OneDrive give you 5GB of free storage and even POLE TOP PET LEI capacities aren’t too pricey: Apple’s TILE PIEstorage4 Letters LET large iCloud 2TB ofTOIL online storage for £6.99 LEPT PIT offers LIE per month LITE - and like 5other Letterscloud services, that POI LIP storage be sharedPILOT among all your devices, so POL can LOPE LIT can use PELT it to share6 things Lettersbetween home and POT LOP you PC, phone and tablet. POLITE PIKE your TIE or between LOT office PLOT TIP OIL

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Join today and get your first three months half price! Join Join today today and and get get your your first first three three months months half half price! price! Unique pool with retractable Unique pool with retractable roof & sun terrace Unique pool withterrace retractable roof & sun roof and & sun terrace Sauna steam room Sauna and steam room steam room StateSauna of theand art gym and studios State of the art gym and studios State of thefitness art gym and studios Bespoke programmes Bespoke fitness programmes and weight-loss clinic Bespoke fitness programmes and weight-loss clinic weight-loss clinic advice Personaland trainers for specialist Personal trainers for specialist advice and motivation Personal trainers for specialist advice and motivation and motivation

Wide range of group exercise classes Wide range of group exercise classes for of mind andexercise body Wide range group for mind and body classes for health mind and body salon In-house & beauty In-house health & beauty salon In-house health & beauty Five outdoor tennis courts, 4 holesalon golf course Five outdoor tennis courts, 4 hole golf course & tennis 6 holecourts, putting4green Five outdoor hole golf course & 6 hole putting green & 6 hole green clinic Physiotherapy andputting rehabilitation Physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinic Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Complimentary Towels clinic Complimentary Towels andComplimentary Molton Brown cosmetics and Molton Brown Towels cosmetics and Molton Brown cosmetics

Call our friendly team to book a tour today on 020 8337 7788 Call team to 8337 7788 Call our our friendly friendly team to book book a a tour tour today today on on 020 020 8337 7788 or email Call our friendly team to book a tour today on 020 8337 7788 & conditions apply. Bring this flyer into the Club for a free two day trial. Terms Terms & conditions apply. Terms & conditions apply.

Old Malden Lane, Worcester Park, KT4 7PX Old Malden Lane, Worcester Park, KT4 7PX Old Malden Lane, Worcester Park, KT4 7PX 16_11 A5 flyer -3 months half price - version2a.indd 2 16_11 A5 flyer -3 months half price - version2a.indd 2

15/12/2016 10:18:33 15/12/2016 10:18:33

16_11 A5 flyer -3 months half price - version2a.indd 2

15/12/2016 10:18:33


Offering luxury beauty treatments, located behind Joanne Chandler Hairdressers. Manicure - Pedicure - Brows - Lashes - Waxing Spray Tanning - Facials - Massage New Client Special Offer! Receive 20% off your first treatment when you spend over £20. Quote ‘MAG-OFFER’ Open Monday, Tuesday & Alternate Saturdays


07401516319 360 Malden Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7NW


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What’s On

Farmers Market

Wallington Farmers’ Market is held from 9am to 1pm every second Saturday of the month at the Old Town Hall and Library Gardens in Woodcote Road, Wallington. Established in 1999, it is the borough’s oldest Farmers’ Market and hosts around 26 local producers stalls every month. 1st Saturday of the month - New Malden Farmers Market. By the Fountain pub. 9am-1pm

Nonsuch Park

Nonsuch Park is a link to Tudor England. The Palace that once stood here was a hugely expensive symbol of Henry VIII’s power. The Friends of Nonsuch offer guidance to a 7 feet model which has been created from contemporary documentation, paintings and an excavation of the Palace site in 1959. The model is on display in the Stable Wing of the much later Nonsuch Mansion in the heart of Nonsuch Park. The model is open from 11 am until 3 pm every Sunday in November and December Entry Free; cars via Cheam Gate. For further information please visit the website at www.

Epsom Playhouse,

Ashley Avenue, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5AL The Elvis Years Saturday 13th January The Story of the King The Elvis Years is an outstanding musical production which brings to the stage the incredible and compelling story of the ‘king of rock and roll’ - Elvis Presley. Stephen K Amos Tuesday 23rd January The Beach Boys Story - A Tribute Friday 26 January Guaranteed to leave everyone with a smile on their face, a song in their heart and a truly memorable live music experience to cherish, this is a show you do not want to miss. The performers of this extravaganza express, Beach Boyz Tribute Band deliver a stunning show of technicolour harmonies that will take your breath away. The Nick Ross Orchestra presents Sounds of the Glenn Miller Era Saturday 27th January The lights soften, the mood settles. An audience waits for that first moment of sound. The Nick Ross Orchestra is poised, relaxed, but with eyes anxious for the lead. And then, as if giving body to an echo, the murmured notes of ‘Moonlight Serenade’…and the night, it seems, is suddenly full and timeless.


There are those who watch and listen who tap a shy finger to the melodies, others who follow with a silent foot-beat, still others who murmur softly through the lyrics, and those who simply permit a fleeting smile. But common to all are memories. Close Up Magic Jan 2018 Saturday 27th January Prepare to be amazed! A Playhouse regular, Close Up Magic is one of the most impressive forms of the art and this unique format showcases some of the best and most skillful exponents. Audiences get to experience the magic in an informal, close up setting, often taking part themselves and witnessing the impossible from only inches away. An intimate evening of close up magic, trickery and sleight of hand. Adrian Cox Quartet Monday 29th January Adrian Cox Quartet - Profoundly Blue Taking a look at the life of Edmund Hall Voodoo Room - Music of Hendrix & Cream Friday 2nd February Paying tribute to both Hendrix & Cream - Voodoo Room are a stunning classic power trio, featuring some of the UK’s finest musicians. They perform an incredible high energy show, delivered in the true spirit of these legendary superstars. Jonathan Pie - Work in Progress Tuesday 6th February Jonathan Pie returns to the stage in early 2018 with a brand new live show following a sell out tour ending at The London Palladium, A show that was described as “electrifying” CHORTLE, “Blistering” Evening standard and ‘desperately misjudged’ The Times. The frustrated News reporter is back and he’s angrier than ever. Pie attempts to host a night of serious discussions on current affairs whilst simultaionously attempting to smash the system from within. Join him for a night of political comedy that soon descends into chaos. Jim Davidson - On The Road Again Thursday 8th February The people’s favourite comedian takes to ‘The Road Again’ with a brand-new show which promises to be the antidote to this ‘PC’ world we now live in. Guaranteed to be outrageous and as truthful as ever James Phelan - Trickster Friday 9th February James Phelan presents his unique magical prank show that is both jaw-dropping and laugh out loud funny. A night of light entertainment described as extraordinary in The Mirror and legendary by The Sun. A night of hilarious, mind-blowing magic in a show where anything can happen – and quite often does. People are tricked, phones are destroyed, needles are swallowed – no-one is safe.

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Cryptic Crossword Across 1. Plush, like a little W.C.? (6) 4. City rains ebb differently (8) 9. Inexperienced cop opening permit (6) 10. Fool a backward girl attacked (8)

S t

12. Rat involved with fern’s movement (8) 13. Inventor onside, surprisingly (6) 15. Monster therefore coming back (4)

A C 1 2 S T

16. Suitability of nests, if sabotaged (7) 20. Wonders Mrs Vale brought about (7) 21. Garden some avoided entirely (4) 25. Uniform length is reduced greatly (6) 26. Farewell perhaps upsetting Aaron (8) 28. A man sure to hear a vehicle (8) 29. Cast without play back in the air (6) 30. Staggered child? Deter treatment (8) 31. Escort round a zone (6)

Down 1. Spot calcium in a balm (8) 2. He wrote to a viler sort (8) 3. A partner editing opuses (6) 5. Sweep not starting race (4) 6. Hit-and-run? That’s careless (8) 7. Map book sent back finally (2,4) 8. Sudden din gets partial conclusion (6) 11. Note a guy and girl accept (7)

14. Vague kinsman stripped bare (7)


17. Team game – man breaks tie (8) 18. Visionary said tile cracked (8) 19. Close to nettle, put at risk (8) 22. Wine cellar abandoned by the Spanish alien (6) 23. Leggy bird redirected to cave (6) 24. Dog chewing lead Oliver shortened (6) 27. Unexciting meat casserole (4)

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Mathematics Add Algebra Area Arithmetic Binary Circle Count Cubic Decimals Diameter Divide Formula Geometry Median Minus Numbers Plus Radius Statistics

Subtract Sums Tables Tangent Total Triangle


ra Algeb Geo met ry


Find the words associated with mathematics in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase

Review Of The Year 1. Along with a portrait of Jane Austen, the new Bank of England ten pound note features a foil image of which cathedral? 2. Beginning with the letters "I" and "M", what were the names of the two category five hurricanes of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season? 3. 14 years after being voted first in a 2003 book called Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places To Live In The UK, which city was the UK City of Culture for 2017? 4. An international football match in October saw three players with what first name playing for England despite no one of that name playing for them anytime from 1955 to 2014? 5. First used in the 14th century and used by Kim Jong-un in September to describe Donald Trump, what six-letter word is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as "an old person, especially one who has become weak or senile"? 6. Of the three acts to headline the Pyramid Stage at the 2017 Glastonbury Festival, name the only one not to have won a Brit award. 7. Which city hosted the 2017 Invictus Games? 8. Name the two parties who won more seats in the 2017 general election than they did in 2015, but with fewer votes overall. 9. In April, which boxer became WBA World Heavyweight Champion after beating Ukraine's Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium? 10. Who said in July that she was "moved and honoured" after councillors unanimously agreed to make her Manchester's first honorary citizen?


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For a beautiful new kitchen...

just change the doors

Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams, but can’t quite justify paying the expensive price tag that comes with it? Now you can by just swapping the doors and worktops.

Less cost, less time, less mess...

• Huge choice of Doors, Worktops, Appliances, Sinks & Taps • Free Estimating and planning • 50% deposit with balance on completion

For a FREE NO OBLIGATION home visit telephone 020 8399 1226 Or visit our showroom: 406 Ewell Road, View our credentials at Tolworth, Surrey KT6 7HF Email To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Voice for Wildlife

Saturday mornings at about 11 am if you can spare any time.

by Carol Williams

SOS! Shadbolt Park Could Be Built On! Our work on the pond site and wildlife area in Shadbolt Park continues each week, albeit with a slight anxiety hanging over us about the future of the park. Last month I alerted people to the possible threat to the site from housing development and the small window of opportunity that we had to respond to the consultation and planning process.The word ‘possible’ is the important one here. The park was one of a number of sites allocated for consideration. Many of us wished to ensure that the Council did not, in fact. pursue that avenue of thought - so a big thank you to everyone who commented on the planning document or sent emails to the Council offices to make their views known. I have been reassured that Nonsuch Park is NOT at risk of any building. I am told that it already has the status of Metropolitan Open Land and that giving it Green Belt status is about creating an additional insurance policy, for no development. One piece of good news at least! However, this information did not come from Epsom and Ewell Borough Council. I sincerely hope that there will be no further talk of building on Shadbolt Park, or any of our parks, and that they will continue to be wonderful recreational spaces for us all for many years to come. Tesco are running a scheme until 1 January where we can vote for improvements to Shadbolt Park. Details here: Please do go and register your vote. Hopefully by showing positive support for the park we can demonstrate to the Council how much love there is for the place and any idea of building on it in the future will not arise. We are always looking for new people to join us in working there too - the pond is thriving, but maintenance is necessary. We need to keep some of the vegetation in check - an ongoing task and, in the Autumn, remove fallen leaves from the water. Some extra help in the Day Lily garden would also be much appreciated. Come and see us on Wednesday or


Shadbolt Park has become, since the restoration of the pond, an important watering place for many birds, as well as habitat for quite a variety of aquatic life. Biodiversity in the park has shot up since the wildlife area was created. It is no exaggeration to call the place a little ‘oasis’ in an increasingly urban landscape. Winter is approaching. As I write, there are many berries on the bushes in the park - pyracantha, hawthorn, holly and ivy -these will be valuable food for birds when the weather turns cold, but the most important resource for wild creatures is water. Please remember to put water out for the wildlife which visits your garden, and on frosty, icy mornings, make sure you break the ice for them. During very cold spells, without access to water, birds will die. Wishing all my readers a merry Christmas and may your New Year resolutions include doing all you can to tread more lightly on this earth, being kinder to all creatures and helping wildlife in every way possible.


Learn to Bowl Free Coaching All Ages & Abilities Welcome Bar • Restaurant Social Events Large Car Park FUNCTION ROOM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Jubilee Way, Chessington KT9 1TR

Tel: 020 8397 7025

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Gardening Gardener’s Resolve… Pippa Greenwood

Happy New Year! Now that 2018 is here, what are you going to resolve to do (or not do!) in the year ahead? I could write a book about what I need to do in the garden, but like those non-garden resolutions, I’ve long since realised that it is best to stick to things you’ve got at least some chance of achieving! So I’ll probably not say I’ll re-turf the lawn or create the much wished for wildlife-friendly pond…I’ve been planning both of these for years with no sign of progress! Re-cycle pots I’m sure that there is virtually no need to buy another plastic plant pot...and I’m sure that landfill sites would breathe a sigh of relief if we could all stick to this resolution: save all the pots you get when you buy new plants, and any plug-style trays that house bedding plants. Rinse them out and let them dry off, and next time you need a pot there will already be one there, free of charge as well as saving you a trip to the local garden centre. Pots stored away from sunlight will last much longer as they will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun which make many types of plastic disintegrate. Cover it up! Make a resolution to dry off and cover up garden furniture once the summer is over. Left out there throughout the worst of the weather, pretty well all furniture will take a serious battering – from rain, cold, ice and, in some cases, even fungi! Shop around for furniture covers that won’t break the bank or, better still, store the furniture in a shed or garage if you have one. Stored properly, it will last much longer and you’ll save yourself a fortune. Grow your own This needn’t mean total self-sufficiency for twelve months of the year, but aim to grow more of your own fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. It might mean buying yourself a couple of tomato plants for the first time, or creating a small herb planter, or it could be larger scale and more complex plans if you’re already big on growyour-own...but increase what you do! Don’t forget that if you’d like UK-grown vegetable plants accompanied by my weekly advice and tips emails, you will find a great choice of some of my favourite varieties at www.


Compost more It is easy to put things that should be composted in the waste bin, but once you get in the swing of it composting will soon become second nature. Make it easier to compost kitchen waste by putting a container in the kitchen for vegetable peelings, apple cores and so forth. Empty it regularly and there won’t be problems with smells. The amount of extra compost you’ll generate will be well worthwhile. Many local councils offer a really good deal on basic plastic composters. Use that space! If you have a cold frame, porch, conservatory or greenhouse, put it to use! Far too many of these potentially great gardening structures are left abandoned for much of the year, perhaps just being graced with a handful of tomatoes for the summer months. Any sort of protected growing area has the ability to increase what you can grow and when you can grow it. So raise your own summer flowers in it, force some bulbs in it in the winter or make off-season sowings of salad crops…make it work, but whatever you do, don’t use it as the family rubbish dump! Mulch more Make use of any organic matter that is bulky – mulch with it. Whether it is well-rotted manure, garden compost, leaf mould, or the used compost from a seasonal bedding display or growing bag, make it into mulch! Applied a couple of inches or more deep over the soil surface, a mulch like this will improve the soil’s ability to conserve moisture (saving you both watering time and water) and may also help to keep weeds at bay. A win-win situation. Pause before you buy When you’re looking through the seed, plant and bulb catalogues, browsing online or wandering around a garden centre, pause before you buy. I know I’m not

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alone in having eyes that are much bigger than my plot! It is very easy to order more seeds than you’ll ever be able to sow and plants that you’ll never be able to squeeze into your garden.

Bunny Guinness, garden designer and Chelsea gold medallist: ‘To reap all I sow. My pigs have had rather too good a diet this year - copious quince, grapes, apples and even peaches! It is quite difficult to find time to eat or store it all, but at least they were extremely appreciative reciprocates!’

Seasonal saver Make sure you recycle your Christmas tree. Real Anne Swithinbank, panellist: ‘My resolution is to trees can be recycled at locations up and down the tackle some serious decluttering. In the gardening country – many garden centres and councils offer department, this means sorting a horrid muddle of the service. The trees will be shredded and added to fleece, R.J. netting, twine, handdedicated tools,qualified gloves, propagator Tree Services & profession R.J. Tree Services qualified & professional staff are other green materials to make a great soil conditioner and flower pots filling my sheds. I’m sure I can and planting to mix.the highest levels of service inlids to the highest levels of service in every i every throw half instance. of it away, then give everything its special place. It’s silly to waste precious time looking for I asked some We of myare well-known on – on all your We are happy advice – on all you happygardening to give friends advice arboricultural queries. these things, when it wouldtobegive better spent sowing, BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time for their New weeding and planting. ’ Years’ Resolutions:

• Free quotes • Free quotesVisit Pippa’s website re dedicated Eric Robson, our Chairman on the show: ‘I’ve joked • Fully • – Fully qualified you’ll find some great gardening things:NPTC ‘Grow qualified about it lots in the past but I’m definitely and I NPTC and Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ (where you • Tree reductions / cr mean definitely – going to found the Ground Elderreductions / crown thins • Tree receive your chosen garden-ready vegetable plants plant, ultural Appreciation queries. Society. Great ground cover • Tree felling • Tree felling in the spring accompanied by weekly advice and wonderful as an alternative to spinach and the tips from Pippa) plus gardening tools, raised • Stumpbed removal • ofStump variegated version should have an Award Garden removal kits, Grower Frames, signed books and more! Merit. ’ • Hedgeworks • Hedgeworks R.J. Tree Services qualified & professional staff are dedicated • Tree surveys & repo • Tree surveys & reports to the highest levels of service in every instance. s We are happy to give advice – on all your arboricultural querie


• Free quotes • Fully NPTC qualified R.J. Tree Services qualified & professional • Tree reductions / crown thins staff are dedicated to the highest levels of service in every instance. • Tree felling Free Quotes • Stump removal Diploma qualified NPTC licensed • Hedgeworks Tree Reductions / Crown Thins • Tree surveys & reports Tree Felling Stump Removal Hedgeworks Tree Surveys & Reports £10 million insurance liability cover

Look out for the LookOffiout for the red tree! ce: 020 8399 0103

J.tree Servi ces, Berrylands, r.J.tree Services, Berrylands, Surbiton 020r. 8399 0103 07980 903 881 Surbiton 020 Mobile: 07980 903881 Visitallour website for information and videos Visit our website for information and videos on aspects of our work LOOK FOR THE RED TREE!


R.J. Tree Services, Berrylands, Surbiton Visit our website for information and videos on all aspects of our work

3 07980 903 881 ects of our work

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Pets Winter Weight Gain....It Happens to us All! As the weather turns colder and the days shorter, curling up on the sofa with a treat (or two!) is a common way to beat the winter blues! And with the inevitable Christmas over-indulgence on top of this we often start the New Year a pound or two heavier! But is this also true of our pets? Our lack of activity often leads to shorter walks for dogs and it feels unfair not to give them a treat when we have one. Obesity in pets is a common problem and, unfortunately, even a small gain above their healthy weight can have serious consequences. If your pet is overweight they are much more at risk of developing heart disease, breathing issues (especially in smaller breed dogs) and diabetes (especially in cats). In addition, they become less able to move around and conditions like arthritis will be exacerbated. However, help is at hand! At Maven Vets in North Cheam, our lovely team of nurses run a Weigh in Club for pets! As part of the membership our nurses will provide you with a


customised feeding regime for your pet, advice on weight loss tips and, most importantly, support! In addition, we will chart your pet’s progress on their journey and send you photos and measurements to show you just how far they’ve come. Weight loss needn’t be an uphill struggle so call us today on 0208 337 2214 to book in. You can also visit our website at pet-weigh-in-club for more information.

Andy Reeve

Plumbing & Heating Engineer ALL PLUMBING SERVICES from tap washers, toilets & garden taps through to installation of Central Heating Systems, Kitchens & Bathrooms.

No call out charges • Over 25 years in the trade Mob : 07973 733649 / Tel : 020 8393 0180

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To feature in this section email


Do you enjoy listening to show tunes, big band music, jazz, light classics etc? Come along to an evening of live music played by top artistes. We meet on the second Monday of each month at our Banstead venue Banstead Organ & Keyboard Club Church Institute Hall, High Street, Banstead SM7 2NN Doors open 7pm for 7:30pm start.(Visitors £7) Visitors & new members are always welcome to our concerts.

Vibrant Ukulele Club meets most Mondays from 7.30-9.30pm at Christ Church with St Philip, Ruskin Drive, WP. Beginners and players all welcome. The club is aimed at adults learning to play the ukulele and singing a number of well-known songs in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Music is provided and also tuition for beginners. Sessions are FREE with a small donation towards music and refreshments.

020 8330 5795, or visit

Worcester Parkers Women’s Institute meet on the 3rd Monday of every month 7.45pm to 9.45pm at Christchurch with St Philip Church Hall in Ruskin Drive, Worcester Park. For more information contact Sue Hostler on 020 8337 3756

Contact Steve 07795 085600

New Malden Rotary Club Malden Golf Club,Traps Lane Monday evenings 6.15 for 6.45pm

Barry Collins 07740 257 255

Worcester Park Civil Service Retirement Fellowship Group first Monday of the month at 2pm and finishing by 4pm. If the first Monday falls on a Bank Holiday the meeting takes place on the second Monday. Old Malden Scout Hall, 411 Malden Road, KT4 7NY. All retired civil servants and friends are welcome to attend and if you are interested in listening to one of our speakers please contact John Wright on 020 8337 8965 or

*There is currently a waiting list. Cheam Common Art Group Small friendly Art Group who meet at Christ Church With St Philip Ruskin Road, Worcester Park 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. Welcome new members just to draw and paint in any medium without tuition. If interested come down for an evening and meet us to see whether this is for you Brenda Banks 020 8330 0928





High Performance Cars Light Commercials Family Saloons 4WD Vehicles

l l l l

All leading makes of tyres Available from stock Wheel alignment and balancing While U Wait service



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Worcester Park Over 60’s Welcome Club meet every Monday from 1pm to 3pm at Christ Church with St Philip Church Hall in Ruskin Drive. Worcester Park. All over 60’s welcome to join us for a cup of tea and a biscuit or two, plus some outstanding entertainment in the way of singers and musicians. One Monday a month we have Bingo and every Monday we run a raffle. Days outings to the coast are organised throughout the summer months, and mid week holidays are organised two or three times a year. Come a little earlier and meet up with some friends and have a chat before the entertainment starts. We would love to see you. Contact Joyce on 020 8330 5065. The ladies After Eight Club 2nd Monday of every month from 8pm onwards at Christchurch with St Philips church hall. We have interesting speakers, outings and dinners and all are welcome for a small subscription to cover our costs. Just come along and join in. Carol on 020 8337 2452 St James Players If you enjoy acting do come or help backstage. Monday and Wednesdays 8pm New members welcome. St James Church Hall, Bodley Road New Malden. Mem Sec: linda@dunnz,net


Vegan Group - monthly bring and share buffet,. every second Tuesday. 7.30pm until 9.30 in Room 1,Christchurch with St Philip, corner of Ruskin Drive, WP. For vegans and anyone interested in learning more about veganism. Conquest Art Group inspires people living with disability or long term health issue to discover their creative energy and build self-confidence through art. Our art group meets every Tuesday at St Mary’s Cuddington, The Avenue, Worcester Park, KT4 7HL from 1:30 to 3:30pm. Anyone over 18 is welcome, all art materials and refreshments are provided. If you would like to come along and give us a try, please contact Carole on 020 8786 8534.

The Worcester Park Dramatic Society is a local amateur drama group of long standing. We stage two major productions a year at the Adrian Mann Theatre in Ewell, in April and November. We meet every Tuesday and most Fridays at 8.15 pm in the Elmcroft Community Centre in North Cheam, on the Sainsbury’s site. Apart from play readings, rehearsals and set construction, we have quiz nights and various social events. We also arrange group outings to amateur and professional theatre productions. We welcome new members to help us stage future productions, anyone willing to act or work backstage. membership secretary, Trevor Payne on 07540 084430.

“Lunch Break” - a friendly lunch club for those retired, meeting on a Tuesday 12-2pm (term time only) at

Worcester Park Baptist Church, The Avenue - free, but donations invited. Occasional speakers. Brian on 020 8224 6675 or Rowena 07837 941298

NHS Retirement Fellowship Are you retired or about to retire from the NHS? Why not join us on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 10am -12 at Christ Church Hall, Christ Church Road, Surbiton, KT5 8JJ. We have speakers, activities, coffee & chat.Other outings & activities are also arranged during the month. Lorna on 020 8337 4121


Keep Fit Stay Fit every Wednesday 10.15-11.15am at Christ Church with St Philip, Ruskin Road. Come along and give it a try ! Jo Hamilton on 020 8786 3444. The Probus Club of Ewell Coming up to retirement? Just retired? Looking to make new friends? Why not join the Probus Club of Ewell? Since it was founded over 40 years ago, the Probus Club of Ewell has been attracting businessmen from Worcester Park and its surrounding areas with a broad range of professional and business backgrounds. We meet on the first Wednesday of each month, usually at The Chalk Lane Hotel, Epsom for a Lunch followed by a Speaker. Anyone wishing to know more about us or wanting to make contact can do so through our website www. or by email to addition to two Ladies Lunches during the year, there is an active social programme for members and their partners with visits to places of interest and West End Shows. Talking Of Trains In Surbiton Programme of talks which take place locally at the Surbiton Library Hall each Wednesday evening throughout the winter months. The first meeting is free; the fee for the complete year is just £50. www.talking of


Tunes’n’Tea An afternoon of live music, tea, coffee, home made cakes, conversation and dancing if you wish. Guest musicians perform for your delight! Relax and listen to a mix of songs and tunes, old, new and everything in between! January 11th 1.30 - 3.30pm St John’s Church Hall, Station Approach, Stoneleigh, Epsom, KT19 0QZ (next to Stoneleigh Station on the West Side) Entrance: £3 Ewell Badminton Club Meet every Thursday 9.30 11.30 am in hall in Welbeck Close, Ewell, KT17 2 BJ ( near Honda Garage, Ewell Bypass ). We have use of 3 courts, and are a very friendly group of players. New players would be most welcome. Elizabeth on 0208 393 3355 or e-mail libbymuscutt@

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


St. John’s Hall is open between 2.00 and 4.00pm for Tea And Chat. If you are on your own please feel free to drop in for a free cup of tea and some company. 411 Malden Road (between Worcester Park station and The Plough). 213 Bus stops nearby. Sutton Mariners Sailing Club A local offshore sailing club founded in 1988 that meets at 8pm every Thursday evening at the Borough Sports Ground, home of Sutton United FC, Gander Green Lane, SM1 2EY. We are a small and friendly club of about 60 members and have about a dozen boat owners amongst us providing crewing opportunities during the summer months as well as enjoying meetings listening to interesting speakers and social nights. If you would like to get afloat come along and meet us – we’re sure you will enjoy the experience.

East Surrey Family History Society For those who are interested in finding out how to investigate their family history the Sutton Branch of the East Surrey Family History Society holds meetings on the first Thursday of the month at St Nicholas Church Hall, Robin Hood Lane. Most months we have a professional speaker. March 2 Miss Anne Carter How life changed forever in 1914 April 6 Ian Waller: Village Crafts Finding out about the records of those who worked in rural industry.


Kingston Phoenix Road Club is a cycling club with members in Worcester Park, New Malden, Epsom and Ewell. The club was founded in 1936 and currently has a membership of 85. New members are welcome to join us at the car park in Horton Country Park on Saturdays at 10am for either a road ride or an off-road ride. Our rides are usually between 20 and 35 miles and always include a cake stop before returning by 1pm. or see our website at

Malden Emergency First Aid Society (Mefas) Members meet each Thursday evening at 7.30pm for First Aid training. New members required. Everyone welcome. Hall available for hire. Christine 07966661015 Breathe Easy (Merton & Sutton) Group Wheezy? Breathless? you are not alone, come and join us at your local friendly support & information group for anyone affected by a lung condition. We meet between 2-4 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month at St. Bedes Conference Centre, St. Anthony’s Hospital, London Road, North Cheam. SM3 9DW George on 0208 647 7530

Thursday Fellowship Every Thursday at 2.30pm for men and women, finishing with a cup of tea and biscuits or cakes. A lively, friendly meeting at Worcester Park Baptist church in The Avenue. Well-known, familiar hymns and prayers, musical

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afternoons, and a variety of speakers on topical subjects, including help and advice. New members welcome. Church office 0208 330 1755 The Worcester Park Hello Club launched last November and is welcoming new members! We meet every Thursday morning from 10am – 12 noon. The club is aimed at anyone who would like to come and join in with board games, quizzes, cards, occasional craft sessions - or just to have a chat and a coffee. Adults of any age are welcome to come and get to know each other. The main aims of the club are: • To meet new people and build friendships • To become involved with the local community • To access activities, information and advice The club is very friendly and informal. Every month there will be a member of staff attending from the SCILL Information & Advice Service – they have information on most topics for all your needs and will be pleased to assist you. The drop in club was set up by Sutton Vision, Christ Church with St Philip and SCILL , working together in partnership. We are fortunate to be provided with a welcoming and comfortable venue at the Christ Church with St Philip Community Hall. There are accessible toilets on site. There is a small charge for coffee and tea at the church café. SCILL 020 8770 4065 Sutton Vision 020 8409 7166 Christ Church with St Philip 020 8330 7630

New Malden Women’s Institute Shiraz Mirza Hall, Manor Park Hall, Malden Road, New Malden, KT3 6AV. 2nd Thurs of each month at 7.30pm Barbara 0208 546 1495 or twocavs@


Quest a meeting place for people with physical disabilities between the ages of 20 - 60. However, once a member there is no age cut off. The aim of the club is to provide a welcoming, caring atmosphere for the members and allow the carers to have a regular break. Annual subscription. and £2.50 for lunch. We have various social activities and every second month we have a speaker. Christchurch with St. Philip, Ruskin Drive, Worcester Park. We meet the 2nd and 4th Fridays in the month from 12.45 to 4p.m June Day, Club Secretary, on 02083301220

The Association of Surrey Bookbinders - we meet on Friday mornings in the Scout Hut in Dell Lane, Stoneleigh 020 8330 2306


North Cheam badminton club meet every Sunday at the Elmcroft Community Hall North Cheam. We are a small mixed club looking for new members of reasonable club standard especially ladies. Contact Pat Odonnell on 02083938895.


Auriol Bowling Club Auriol Park, Salisbury Road,

Worcester Park. It is a mixed club of around 45 men and 25 women, who play outdoors from April to Sept with a busy fixture list of league and friendly matches against other clubs, as well as internal club competitions. David Regan 020 8337 8919 Cuddington Bowling Club Sandringham Road, Worcester Park and we play on an excellent 6 rink green that has been acclaimed by many of the club’s visitors this year. We are a mixed club with about 60 members and play a range of friendly and league fixtures catering for all abilities. Secretary Mike Ridley 020 8715 8326 Treasurer Mark Broughton 020 8337 9699

Social Dancing with Glitters at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell Village. 8.30 - 11 pm. Over 18s. Entrance fee £8. All standards of dancing. 5th and 19th January. National Trust - Epsom, Ewell and District Supporters Group Formed in 1971, we run a varied

programme of social eventswhich includes Evening Lectures at Bourne Hall in Ewell, once a month from Oct. to June, Coach Outings which visit historichouses and gardens(not necessarily N.T.),Guided London Walks, and other trips to London e.g.The Magic Circle, The Royal Opera House (backstage tour).Other special events include Coffee Mornings, Holidays and Christmas Lunch. Newsletters are produced four times a year.If you would like more information please visit our website: or telephone Paul on 020 87158486 Malden Manor Bowls Club, Manor Park, Malden Road. New members will be made very welcome. Roll ups, league matches, internal and external competitions; we offer bowling for all levels of interest and ability. Men’s Secretary Gerald 020 8949 4623 or Ladies Secretary 020 8394 0877.

RSPB Epsom & Ewell Local group 2nd Friday of every month at 7.30, apart from July and August, at All Saints Church Hall Fulford Road, West Ewell with guest speakers who illustrate their enthusiasm on a variety of natural history subjects. We also have several birding outings throughout the year which is arranged to suit all ages. There is a small charge for non-members of the RSPB. groups/epsom.

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Pro-fit Window Systems Ltd supply & install Double Glazed Windows, Doors and Conservatories We are an established family run business who focus on serving householders within the community. l l


TEL: 020 8288 8893 FAX: 020 8288 8894 l

164 Leatherhead Rd Chessington Surrey KT9 2HU l

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Recipe Chorizo And Prawn Paella This one-pan supper can be on the dinner table in less than one hour. Serve with a crisp green salad and some crusty bread for a delicious and filling midweek meal. Serves 4 Ready in 50 minutes 1tbsp olive oil 250g chorizo sausage, diced 1 large onion, peeled and chopped 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 4 celery stalks, chopped 225g paella rice Few strands of saffron 850ml hot chicken or vegetable stock 200g raw king prawns (thawed if frozen), peeled with tails left on Salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 tsp paprika 1 Heat the oil in a large deep frying pan and fry the chorizo sausage for 2-3 minutes, stirring frequently until browned. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the onion, garlic and celery to the pan and

ELEGANT CURTAINS SOFT FURNISHING SPECIALIST Made-to-measure curtains • Roman blinds • Black out blinds • Roller blinds


fry gently for 8-10 minutes, stirring, until softened. 2 Stir in the rice and saffron strands and cook for 1 minute, then pour in the stock. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to a simmer and cook for 20-25 minutes, until the rice is almost tender and nearly all the liquid has been absorbed, stirring frequently. 3 Add the chorizo and prawns to the pan and cook for a further 5-6 minutes, until the prawns are cooked through and pink. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper and serve in warmed bowls sprinkled with the paprika.

• Pelmets & Upholstery

Choose from our wide selection of fabrics, including our range of children’s fabrics or we can make up from your own fabric. Tracks & poles supplied and fitted. For a free estimate and appointment, please call Linda Jordan on



Mobil FOOT Care (Toe Nail cutting service) • Therapeutic treatment for your feet • Soak • Remove hard skin and corn • Cut and shape your toe nails • Cream and aromatherapy oils are massaged into you feet Please contact Anna on: 07942 247881 High Professional trained with DBS certificate

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wishes you a

Happy New Year! Start the year by booking a spring clean or have you thought of having a regular clean. We are pleased to introduce our new ironing service to compliment all our other services. Please call us for a free no obligation assessment and quote. We look forward to hearing from you. | 02083935506 |

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Parkin' some thoughts by Nick Hazell

Hawaii Five o[h]! Dr Arnall had a theory. Being a clever chap he expressed it as the equation, [W+(D-d)] x TQ/M x NA. In his calculations, (W) represented the weather, (D) debt, (d) monthly salary, (T) time since Christmas, (Q) time since failed quit attempt, (M) low motivational levels and (NA) the need to take action. In the employ of a travel operator, he was trying to find a way of establishing which day in January was the most chronically depressing of the year so it could better market its expensive offerings. A cynical and I dare say well paid study, but he had a point. After the merry cheer and hearty celebrations of the festive period and the good cleansing intentions of the New Year’s resolutions, most people have at best fractured and at worst broken their healthy promises within the first week of the new month. Even the most resolute hangers-on have leapt from the wagon, torn off their nicotine patches or eaten the contents of the fridge and their children’s selection box by the third week. Any residual dregs of festive goodwill, seasonal cheer and “family fun” have well and truly kicked the bucket by 24 January. Anyone mentioning the word “Charades” is likely to be bludgeoned on the spot. Then the credit card needs paying and what seemed like justifiably seasonal largesse at the time looks, with the benefit of hindsight and the sound of Wizzard fading into the background, like some sort of financial Hari Kari of Venezuelan proportions. Dr Arnall then, was and probably still is, a smart arse but in its application to the Hazell household his formulaic representation of the post-Christmas apocalypse is missing a “+ ABB” which stands for “Anna’s Birthday Build-up”. This year she turns 13 on 24 January. An inauspicious day in Dr Arnall’s book, but in the tome of soon to be teenage existence, an important milestone and one which


meant the annual celebration summit talks and associated stress started in July of last year, somewhat earlier than is typical. As usual, Anna opened negotiations with an outrageous proposal, both financially ruinous and gargantuan in scale. After a tense stand-off and without the intervention of UN peace keepers, a settlement was reached. With a nod to the incongruous and the faintly surreal, she decided on a Hawaiian, beach themed, BBQ party. However, despite the initial anxiety associated with her selecting the right event and an accompanying choice of outfit, taking into account the prospect of further expense, the need to grow a Magnum PI moustache in short order and the requirement to cook under an umbrella in an floral shirt which would bring tears to Gok Wan’s eyes, this late January cause to celebrate provides the perfect antidote to the learned Doctor’s theorem. Witnessing Anna’s excitement, pleasure and the simple enjoyment at the passing of another year in the company of her friends more than compensates for the January blues. You see, sometimes in life there are things we can’t control. Earthquakes, floods, the mouth of Katie Hopkins and other natural disasters refuse to be harnessed, nor can we accurately determine in January whether (or not) the next year in our lives is going to be better, or worse than the one before. We can worry about “what might” be before seeing “what is”. We can rail against the injustices we perceive to have befallen our lives, but that’s not time or energy well spent. Accepting life for what it is makes for a much better ride. As Sir Michael Jagger once said “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just get what you need”. A sounder theory than that of the January blues. More importantly though, February is just around the corner!

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Kids Play


Christ Church with St Philip Parent and Toddler Group 9.30 until 11.15am - see Monday Worcester Park Baptist Church 9.30-11.30- see Monday. we have vacancies on a Wednesday

There’s lots going on for pre-schoolers



Worcester Park Baptist Church 9.30-11.30- a lively toddler group, where carers of any kind are welcome to attend and supervise their youngsters. Our age range is from young babies to 3-4 years. Sarah on 020 8393 7299 or email via the church’s website Christ Church with St Philip Parent and Toddler Group is a very welcoming and relaxed place to meet new friends for yourself and your toddlers. We are open to all Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers. We meet in the Church Hall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30 until 11.15am during term time


Toddling2Church, Christ Church with St Philip 2-3pm. Parents, carers and pre-school children are all welcome to join us for songs with percussion instruments, a Bible story simply and sensitively told, a story-related craft activity and, of course, drinks and biscuits.


Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel.

Carer and Toddler group for all families with twins and multiples. Come and meet other local families who understand all about having more than one of everything! We meet every Thursday at Worcester Park Baptist Church from 9.30- 11.30 am with toys, craft, songs, refreshments and stories during term time. Come along and join in - other pre-school siblings also welcome. There will be a minimal cost of £2 per family.


Christ Church with St Philip Parent and Toddler Group 9.30 until 11.15am - see Monday


Men behaving Dadly, Grace Church - every 3rd Saturday of the month, 9.30 to 11 am, at Green Lane Primary School. For Dads and their pre-school children (0-4). The kids get to play with the toys, the Dads get a bacon roll and coffee, and Mums might possibly get a lie-in... £3 on the door. For more information & contact details, Old Malden Library (Church Road, Worcester Park) Tuesdays, 10.30-11am, Rhyme time aimed at age 0-3 Tuesdays, 2.30-3pm, Story time aimed at age 3+

TARGET Excellent: 56 or more words Good: 43 words Fair: 37 words






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Lakeshore Care is a Family oriented Company that provides help in the Home to a variety of Clients. This help and support often enables our Clients to remain in their home

‘Flexible and Affordable Home Care’

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Review Of The Year 1. Winchester Cathedral (where Jane Austen is buried) 2. Irma and Maria 3. Hull 4. Harry 5. Dotard 6. Radiohead 7. Toronto 8. The Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru 9.Anthony Joshua 10. Ariana Grande (honoured due to her response to the terror attack at her gig at the Manchester Arena)


WORDSEARCH Hidden phrase: Trigonometry is a sine of the times Author Unknown

Wordwheel ORGANISE



1. Turn Up Trumps 2. Thick As Two Short Planks 3. All In All


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Dec 26 Feb 25

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Buy any Double Mammoth Mattress and upgrade to a Kingsize for FREE* or Buy any Kingsize Mammoth Mattress and upgrade to a Superking for FREE*

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53-59 High St, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 4BU Telephone:

020 8942 2277


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0800 566 8198 • 07889 255 097 • 48

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