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Could you be our next Glynne? Changing professions was the best thing I ever did. I joined Home Instead in June 2018. After my training I was introduced to my first client, whom I still visit. She is such an interesting person and has done so much in her 90 years. In September 2018, I met another client. The first time I met Jack I was very impressed. I could not believe this man was 100! This was the start of an amazing friendship and journey that has taught me so much about myself and what a difference I can make in someone else’s life. Through our time together, Jack has become a valued friend and a big part of my life. It is a great joy for me to see what a difference I have made and how appreciative he is. I help Jack with lots of his daily needs including help with his showering and dressing, to making him meals or simply reheating the heating pad to ease his back pain or accompanying him to his various appointments.

Jack keeps on saying how lucky he is that I came into his life, but it is me who is the lucky one.

Would you like a job like Glynne’s? Give our recruiter a call on 020 8942 4137 or email to see if CAREGiving is something you could do too! Each Home Instead® franchise office is independently owned and operated.


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Welcome to YOUR Village Voice from So my office for this editor’s letter is a ram packed train (standing room only) from Preston to Glasgow central. Feeling claustrophobic and slightly nauseous – lady opposite wearing a slightly .offensive (to me) perfume and there is, literally, nowhere to go. Ouch. Bright side – have seat and table so shouldn’t grumble. We were at a fantastic Indian wedding reception last night in Manchester and also dropping off all the stuff daughter no1 didn’t pack when we dropped her at Uni only 2 long weeks ago. Very little social distancing or mask wearing on train or at party. Time will tell how safe it’s all been and whether worth it but it was fantastic to celebrate last night with hundreds of others and finally feel normal

& Since ‘05

again. I really hope that you are also enjoying similar experiences and finally able to visit friends and family who live further away. Our high streets also are feeling like normality is returning. So many of us have relied on, and got into the habit of, online shopping. With the lead up to Christmas we can now enjoy to chat to a real live person when shopping and if lockdown taught us anything, has it not made us appreciate the value of face-to-face communication? So I for one will do what I can to shop local and support local businesses. Let’s hope further incarceration is off the cards. I am just really grateful I’m still running my magazine business, mainly through the support of all you lovely readers for the advertisers, and look forward to be able to return to printing details of local clubs, events and news – so send them in! And if you’d like to find out more about advertising, just give me a call.

Jenny Since ‘08

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New Malden History It’s for you (3) by Robin Gill Continuing the history of the first telephone subscribers in the local area. Thirty years earlier (1877) the first telephone line in London was constructed, the first switchboard and exchange were used connecting ten subscribers. If you rang Malden 32 in 1908, the phone may have answered by Francis Davidson Outram a well-known Civil Engineer who lived in a large house called Manor Lodge on Royal Avenue Old Malden. The house was demolished in the 1970s and replaced by a cul-de-sac (Royal Close). Outram who hailed from Aberdeenshire was a retired (1897) officer of the Royal Engineers. He developed a “deep interest” in social work through the Army and Navy Missionary Union. Subsequently, succeeding to the barony of Bengal in India in 1925. Involved in the early Boy Scout Movement in his native Aberdeenshire. He was responsible for some of the engineering work undertaken at the Tower of London. After temporarily re-joining the Engineers during the First World War he was appointed a Staff Captain at the War Office. Doctor Davison i presume? Malden 34 was the telephone belonging to the local doctor Rashell Thomas Davison whose surgery was at 2 Kingston Road (now Pearson Hards LLP) and called Fountain House. Dr Davison was born in Eglington Northumberland in 1851. The death of Edwin Child, New Malden’s first doctor on December 9th 1896 removed from the village life of New Malden a familiar and highly respected figure. For thirty-two years Dr Child had played an important part in all matters affecting the wellbeing of the district where he lived and worked. He made a great number of friends and his death was a sad loss. He is buried in the churchyard of St John the Baptist Malden. The house at the beginning of Kingston Road was completed by 1881 and named Vernham House after the area in Hampshire where Edwin spent much of his childhood. This house which has been considerably added to is now named Fountain House and is the offices of the local solicitors. Dr Child’s death bought Dr Davison to the district. and to the property. He was appointed inspector of cowsheds in 1897 at an additional salary of £15 per year. It was an important job in what was still a rural area of Surrey. He was also responsible for investigations into various nuisances in the area, these could involve pollution of any of the various waterways locally, and when the Beverley Brook started giving


off an offensive odour in Malden, investigations showed the problem to be near its source in Epsom It was suggested that the whole length of the brook be drained. Dr Davison was also keen on cricket and was instrumental in forming a village club in 1898 this was separate to the Wanderers. Davison job was to try and find a ground on which to play. Mr Joseph Ransom a butcher on Malden Road owned a number of fields in the area, one of which was between Burlington and Blagdon Roads (Now the Malden Centre and Multi Storey Car Park) This field measured 12 acres and Ransom was prepared to let half of it to the cricket club at £12 Per year. The club estimated that preparing a pitch for a season would cost £25 and cricket equipment would be £12. Mr Barton was to be captain and Mr Meadows vice-captain; this was a club purely for the tradesmen of Malden. Rashell Thomas Davison died in 1936 aged 85 and is buried with his family in Kingston Cemetery. SOS In emergencies It is interesting to note that the emergency number 999 was first introduced on 30th June 1937. According to the BBC it was the world’s first emergency phone number started as a result of a fire two years previous in Wimpole Street London where five women were killed. A caller was held in a queue by the exchange which delayed the response. There were a number of reasons that 999 was chosen one being that on an old-fashioned dial the number 9 was located next to the finger stop and could be easily found in the dark. Also, none of the London exchanges (where the service first started) had the digits 999. The original number under consideration was 707 which corresponded with the letters SOS on a telephone dial. New Malden Fire Station could be contacted on Malden 100 in the early 1900s.

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Lucky to have clay soil Malden 38 would have connected you with the Norbiton Potteries and Brickworks in Blagdon Road. Blagdon Road was (in 1870s) just a track leading from the farm of the same name across the fields to Traps Lane (High Street). It was along this road that in 1876 Benjamin Looker decided to build his pottery and brickworks. The clay in the company’s previous site on Kingston Hill was exhausted, and Benjamin had acquired the 14 acres which was part of the lands of Blagdon Farm to carry on his trade. In late September that year, a rumour had swept through the village that a field had been acquired by Looker for the manufacturing of bricks or pottery. While no formal application for building had been made, the Local Board let it be known that they regarded brick making as an “offensive pursuit that would not be tolerated”. The Board also received a petition from several local ratepayers objecting to the proposal, the local doctor (Dr Child) also objected on health grounds. But it wasn’t until December that Looker formally presented his plans to the Board. He stated that whilst he would be manufacturing bricks and tiles, any fumes would be carried downwards through the kilns, and would only be emitted “as far as possible from any dwelling” (there were no houses in Blagdon Road at

this time). There would be no salt glazing, and only pure clay would be used. While some members of the Board had come round in support of the plans, they were still rejected by 5 votes to 4. The Board realised while they could not stop Mr Looker from coming to Malden, they could fine him every time he created a “nuisance” (an offensive incident) £50, plus 40 shillings (£2) a day. Letters were exchanged in the pages of the Surrey Comet between Mr Merryweather of the Board, and Mr Looker, and things came to a head when he started building wooden structures on his new land. While stone buildings would have shown he intended to proceed with his plans, wooden buildings could be erected without any problems. Looker went back to the Board with modified plans in April, and this time he was met with approval by 5 votes

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to 4. Merryweather resigned, and Looker was subsequently elected to the Board, took his place on the Planning Committee, and by the end of the year his pottery was in full production. Looker died in 1892, and the new owners of the New Malden Potteries and Brickworks Ltd upset the local inhabitants by bringing in traction engines to transport their goods to the station. The noise and smell which emitted from these vehicles proved too much for the residents, and the company was wound up in the County Court in 1900. A new company, Norbiton Potteries and Brickworks Ltd operated by William Arthur Johnson took over the site, and continued to manufacture bricks., flower pots, drainpipes, and roofings. Other subscribers Malden 41 was the home of Lewis William Huelin, a surgeon based at Guildford Hospital. A native of Jersey, he lived at a property called The Den in Westbury Road near the junction of Rodney Road.

The telephone with the number Malden 42 was in the home of an actor called James Prior living at Sunridge in Dukes Avenue. It is difficult to pin him down, but he may have been a comedian appearing in pantomimes etc in Drury Lane, described as “as entertaining as ever” in theatrical papers. He seems to have been “resting” more than working. Malden 43 would have rung in the tailor’s shop belonging to George Bishop at 6 Coombe Parade (now demolished) with three out of his six children helping in the business. He arrived in Malden in 1891 setting up his trade in Wakefield Terrace in Burlington Road. He was an early member of the New Malden Bowling Club which would later be based in Lime Grove. In 1896 he received a reward of a silver mounted walking stick when he came to the aid of a police constable who had been set upon by a couple of “street ruffians” While operating his tailoring establishment, he was also acted in the territorials for many years. he joined


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up when war was declared, and was fighting in the Dardanelles campaign in the first World War while aged 51. Another solicitor Alexander Joseph Odell was based at Chesterfield House on Kingston Road, and was allocated the telephone number Malden 0046. Malden 0047 was installed in Ewell Court Surrey the home of John Henry Bridges who was renown as a great sportsman, being the former captain of the football XI at Oxford University, a member of Surrey CC, and the champion archer of Scotland in 1905. He was also a former High Sheriff of Surrey. He died in 1925. Ewell Court House is reputably built on the site of an old Saxon burial ground, and has been the subject of reports of ghostly figures, mysterious footsteps, and moving objects. Sidney Benjamin Marshall lived at Coniston one of the first houses In Woodside Road and had the telephone Malden 0048 installed in August 1908. He was a director of the Pytram factory in Dunbar Road a firm of model makers. Illustrations 1. Dr Davison’s house at 2 Kingston Road now Pearson Hards 2. Ewell Court House 3.1960s Telephone

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Would You Like To Become A School Governor at Burlington Junior School New Malden? It is important to the Governors of Burlington Junior School that the Governing Board has a sufficient range of viewpoints, to enable robust decision making and also to aid their understanding of the full diversity of cultures within the school and the community it serves. We are looking to appoint a school Governor with experience of diversity and inclusion, either in their personal or professional lives. If you are interested in being part of Burlington Governing Body, please email your name and contact details to the school office using Any member of our local community is welcome to observe a Governing Body meeting. This may be particularly useful if they are interested in becoming part of the Governing team. Please email if you wish to do this and we will pass your email onto the Clerk of the Governors. For more information and to see who is already on our Governing Body, please use the following link to our school website To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


New Malden Rotary Emerging from hibernation It’s been a quiet time for Rotary over the last 18 months. With no normal meetings, no chances to reach out to schools, businesses or residents we have had to rely on technology for virtual meetings and suitably distanced small groups. But change is happening and we have the feeling of emerging from hibernation. • We’ve started to meet face to face again with a new more informal format to our business meetings and full meetings only twice a month. • With RBK and with other local community groups we’re looking at ways of brightening up our High Street, its appearance and facilities. • Engagement has started with local businesses to facilitate the formation of a Business Forum for New Malden; there has been no formal link for members of the business community to talk to each other for many years. We see a future for our town in encouraging such communications for the common good. • We continue to press for a resolution of the problems with maintaining the Christmas lights in the High Street. • With the Christmas festive season only two months away we are bringing Rudolph out of his prolonged hibernation so he will be fit to do the rounds of New Malden with Father Christmas and his sleigh once again. 2020 was the first time Rotary has failed to bring its magic round our streets in December in the last 70 years – we’re determined to be back this year. • Reconnection with local schools is a high priority, hopefully restarting our help with reading skills, interviews and general communications. The music event combining the talents of our four secondary schools, so successful in 2019, is planned to return in 2022. • Protection of the Environment and action on Climate Change are increasingly within Rotary’s sights and we are looking at ways of working with the community to meet the increasingly greater challenges faced by everyone.


And a lot more, locally and further afield. Rotary is not just a local organisation; it is part of Rotary International, linking our service with Rotary clubs worldwide. Using links to Rotary in countries affected by natural disasters such as the Haitian earthquake earlier this year makes direct assistance so much more meaningful.

Look out for us in print and in person over the coming months. If you are interested in helping with any of our activities or would like to join, get in touch via contact details on our website www.newmaldenrotary. And follow us on Twitter @NewMaldenRotary or Facebook.

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Clubs How COVID has affected grassroots rugby COVID has had an impact on the lives of everyone in the UK and grassroots sport is no different. In many ways, it has been affected even more given their existence owes much to volunteers, supporters and patrons using the facilities; as the facilities were closed, the money to run these organisations dried up. In this article, I want to give you an understanding of how my amateur sports club, Old Emanuel Rugby Club based in New Malden, was affected by the pandemic and how we are trying to rebuild its sporting community. From the outside, Blagdons – home ground of Old Emanuel Rugby Club – looks unaffected and ready for the new season. The grass is nicely cut, the corner flags are up and the doors to the clubhouse are open. But COVID had a damaging impact behind the scenes that will take years to recover from both financially and socially. Our finances from the bar and subscriptions were hit significantly given we had nearly 18 months of no rugby. We had to drastically reduce every cost we had in lockdown….even the TV subscription had to be turned off! We are only now starting to get people back in the bar and training that will increase our revenues However, it’s the impact on players that will take time to recover from. We have lost a lot of older players that would have played for a few more years that have decided to hang up their boots. At the same time, we have not been able to get into schools to recruit new Lions for our Under 5-6s We need to rebuild a new generation of players. And rebuild we are. The 1st XV team played their first league match of the season with 9 debutantes – all under 23 – and 5 of them came through the mini/ youth rugby setup. “We are lucky that we now have teams from under 5 all the way through to Colts (under 18) and these players are starting to play for the senior teams. The future of the club is with the 400 kids we have training every Sunday morning and are inspired to play rugby. We have started getting the age groups creating a ‘guard of honour’ for the 1st XV to give them their first taste of watching senior rugby.

in South West London’. If you wish to join either one of the 3 senior teams (both social and competitive standards) or the Lions (Under 5-18), please go to and click on ‘Fancy Joining the Club?’. Alternatively, you can email me at OERFC@

Simon Parley, Chairman - ‘Lions’ Mini/Youth rugby section, Old Emanuel Rugby Club, based in New Malden

Old Emanuel Rugby Club still want more players joining what we like to call ‘the friendliest rugby club


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WITH ALI ELSTONE Hi, I’m Ali Elstone certified life coach. I created The LifeVine to help women find their confidence, clarity, and inner strength. I support women through;

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Opportunities Calling all budding young journalists By Diana Jarvis The Young Reporter Scheme kicks off for the fourteenth year running this month and students keen to experience life in the media, are busily signing up to get involved. The scheme, which runs for eight months from the beginning of the Autumn term through to April next year, is open to all school students from year 10 and above. Students register through their schools and are given the task of writing eight short articles over the period, all of which are published on Newsquest’s regional newspapers. This is an exceptional and unique opportunity and thousands of students over the years have taken advantage of this work experience and written some amazing articles, which they have used as reference on their CVs and UCAS applications. Anthony Fitzgerald, Director of Careers at Kingston Grammar School, said: “Always a winner, this scheme has become even more appealing in the pandemic,

Magic 1.




According to the lyrics of the 1989 hit single The Magic Number by De La Soul, what is the magic number? In a TV series first broadcast in 1997, who worked as a creative consultant to a stage magician called Adam Klaus? What sport do Orlando Magic play?

with online mentoring and launches. It is the highest quality of virtual work experience.” Today universities want more than just good grades. They want to see that students have gone the extra mile and this scheme allows them to do just that. They are given full support throughout the scheme and all schools are offered mentoring sessions and tutorials, giving them every opportunity to make sure they


Who would often tap his magic wand to perform magic when he heard the catchphrase “izzy wizzy, let’s get busy”?


What was the title of the 2015 sequel to the 2012 film Magic Mike?


In the story of Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves, a cave full of treasure was sealed by magic. What two-word phrase allowed access to this cave?


In the Harry Potter novels, what magical object can change all metals to gold, and can also be used to make a potion called the elixir of life that makes anyone who drinks it immortal?


In the fairy tale Jack And The Beanstalk, what does Jack exchange to get the magic beans that cause the beanstalk to grow?


Who recorded the album 24K Magic, which won seven awards in total at the 2018 Grammy Awards?

10. On the TV show The Magic Roundabout, Zebedee would often close the show by saying what three-word phrase?

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complete the scheme. At the end of it, those that have completed the task, compete for prizes and the winners attend a media award ceremony and a day at a London university, experiencing what it is like to be a journalist student. During the scheme, students are given additional opportunities to compete for every month. They attend theatre productions and report on the shows, take part in press events, online activities and interview some interesting people, all arranged for them. They also have the chance of competing to have their articles published in the Student Comet, a quarterly newspaper published as an e-edition on the Newsquest Media websites. Katie Hasler, Head of Sixth Form at Woodford County High School, said: “the Young Reporter Scheme is a great opportunity for our sixth form students to get involved with real-world journalism. It forces them to take a step outside their world of school and A Levels and to get involved in current affairs and local issues.” The majority of students who have done the scheme in the past, have not necessarily wanted to pursue a career in journalism but all those who have

completed the scheme, agreed that it helped them with time management, honed their writing skills and built their confidence. Selin Akdemir, our year 12/13 winner from last year, said: “The Young Reporter Scheme was a wonderful experience, which helped me improve my writing and enhance my confidence. The process of finding interesting topics, contacting people for quotes and publishing articles in an actual newspaper, gave me the encouragement to consider a career in journalism. This student secured an internship following completion of the scheme with KCW London, which is a monthly publication covering the West London boroughs. Nandinee Thatte, our other winner from year 10/11, said that she had loved taking part in the scheme as it had helped her improve her writing skills and gave her the opportunity to speak to people in her community. To take advantage of this exciting opportunity, schools and students need to contact djarvis@london. for further information.

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Folk Law from Pearson Hards No fault divorce – a better way forward A new system for divorce on a no fault basis is to be introduced in England and Wales in April 2022. This means that couples can get divorced without one person being required to blame the other. The new law was initially proposed in February 2019. Under the new law, the concept of fault or blame is removed from the divorce procedure and instead a divorce application will solely rely on the basis that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. There will no longer be a need to rely on one of the five previous reasons; adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, two years’ separation with consent of the other party or five years’ separation without that consent. The no fault divorce system will also mean that both parties can apply for the divorce jointly. The intention of the changes is to encourage a more constructive approach for couples who wish to separate. The current law has been criticised over a long period of time for being outdated and confrontational. Divorce or separation is inevitably a daunting and exhausting experience for everyone involved. However, the new system will reduce the stress of the process, by keeping acrimony to a minimum and also reducing the costs of argument over blame. A minimum waiting period has been incorporated into the system, this will allow couples to reflect and work through some of their differences before committing to a divorce. At the same time, it allows parties to move on quicker with their own lives and have a greater chance at staying civil, which is particularly beneficial if there are children involved. Alternatively, couples can draw up a separation agreement, which is a written agreement with the terms of the separation outlined. A separation agreement will not end the marriage but can be used as a basis to confirm agreements about the arrangements for children or for a financial settlement to be set out. A no fault divorce eases some of the stress and emotions which couples already experience during the separation, as there is no obligation to hold either party accountable. It is also the case that putting blame on one another causes the relationship to deteriorate even further, as the whole current process requires one person to collate evidence of the other party’s behaviour. Where there is considerable acrimony in one aspect of the process, this is known to cause the positions of the parties in other aspects of the divorce


to become more entrenched. Discussions about arrangements for children or the sharing of family assets become more difficult and costly to resolve. It is therefore worth obtaining tailored legal advice about whether an application for a divorce is more suitable now or whether waiting for the new no-fault divorce would be more suitable. At Pearson Hards our family solicitors are members of Resolution, meaning they strive to handle matters in a constructive and non-acrimonious way. Emma Rothstein who is a Partner and Head of the Family Law Department, is an Accredited Resolution Specialist in financial matters. Within the Family Law department, each member strives to be empathetic, understanding and non-biased towards any background. A fixed fee no-obligation appointment is offered at Pearson Hards at a cost of £160 plus VAT, whereby clients can explore their options and receive answers to their questions in relation to their family matter. For further enquiries, please call 020 8949 9500.

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Puzzle Time fairly easy

not so easy

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R.J. Tree Services providing excellence locally for 15 years. Our qualified & professional staff are dedicated to the highest levels of service in every instance.

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Diploma qualified NPTC licensed Tree Reductions / Crown Thins Tree Felling Stump Removal Hedgeworks Tree Surveys & Reports £10 million insurance liability cover

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Garden trends – what’s hot and what’s not by Caroline Knight

Passion for gardens has probably never been greater. Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions that we were all obliged to follow, outside spaces have taken on a whole new vibe. The trend for utilising even the tiniest of outdoor areas is probably here to stay – at least for the next few years. This fact is borne out by estate agents who have noticed that at least a quarter of potential property buyers are seeking more green space. Flats with gardens are now hugely popular, whereas a few years ago most people purchasing an apartment weren’t interested in owning outdoor space. Working from home has encouraged people to use every room in their house and to value their garden equally. Many will continue to use their home office rather than commute, because it makes perfect sense. In line with our new appreciation for gardens, many of us have created garden ‘rooms’, where the inside flows into an outdoor kitchen and dining area. The lines between indoors and out have been blurred. It is no longer unusual for people to install outdoor fridges, cookers, storage, food-preparation surfaces and, of course, seating. The latter will probably include a dining table with chairs but also an outdoor lounge with comfortable furniture. Sometimes this can take up most of the garden, but hopefully there will be some attractive planting to provide screening, perhaps a soothing water feature and definitely a firepit so that everyone can stay outside during the evening. Gardens need life Treating a garden as an extension to the home is a developing trend for those who can afford this impressive display of luxury. But is it good for gardens? Paving over lawns and restricting planting to very limited zones isn’t great for biodiversity. Beware of creating a desolate, cheerless space with little life to be found. Most people love the softness that plants bring to hard landscaping, therefore every opportunity should be taken for prioritising plants over paving. Aim to develop a passion for the right plants in the right places.


We can all learn from the experts. The re-scheduling of RHS Chelsea Flower Show invigorated people at a time of year when interest is generally waning. We were wowed by the array of plants that look stunning, even though summer had passed. The show exemplifies the very best combination of hard and soft landscaping

and this is what we should aspire to. A garden can, indeed, perform many functions and a seating place amongst the planting enables us to enjoy it to the full. Above all else we should make provision for wonderful plants that will attract pollinators, provide structure, movement, scent, colour and soak up the excesses that the sky deposits. Plants absorb pollution, they clean the air and produce oxygen. Just relax by some lush planting and see how it makes you feel – plants really are good for us. Allow a little rewilding in your garden and consider it a compliment when spiders and insects populate your space. Don’t be tempted to prune your hedge every time it grows beyond the picture-book rectangle. Try to change the way you see things and avoid the concept of a tidy garden. These can be hostile places in terms of nature. The greatest garden trends during the last two years •Al fresco dining, often with built-in appliances and heating and even a retractable canopy.

JUST GARDENS & LAWNS Your local complete garden and specialist lawn care service

CALL US NOW! 10% DISCOUNT FOR OVER 60’s Please call us for a free quote: TEL: 0800 043 2454 or Email:

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are all increasing in popularity. These contemporary features combine style with function and they provide wonderful nooks and crannies that are valuable for wildlife.

• Extending interior decor into the garden. People now decorate gardens with lanterns, ornaments, colourful accessories, rugs and cushions. Some even sacrifice kitchen dressers, sofas and throws in a bid to make a bold outdoor statement that creates a cosy space. • Grow-your-own is a growing trend. At least fourteen per cent of adults in the UK are following a meat-free diet. Almost half the population now grows fruit and vegetables at home. Not only is it fun and rewarding, but it can be completely chemical-free too. •Dry stone walling, gabion walls using wire baskets filled with stones, and rocks, boulders and pebbles

• Porcelain garden paving is the surface of choice for a growing number of householders. It’s a rapidly rising trend. Porcelain can look like stone but is less porous, therefore it doesn’t turn green quite so easily. It’s longlasting, tough, slip-resistant and contemporary. • Sowing seeds and planting for wildlife. There has been a record demand for wildflower and other seeds over the last eighteen months, with sales increasing more than 600 per cent.

A.C. GARDENING GARDEN AND LANDSCAPE SERVICE • Garden design • Lawn mowing • Treatment and Turfing • Clearance

• Hedge Trimming • Borders • Landscaping • Reliable, Friendly, Fully Insured

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5LBC 5LBC 5LBC The Urban Gardeners are an experienced local gardening company who are passionate about plants and creating beautiful gardens. • Seasonal Tidy-ups • Regular Maintenance • Planting • Garden Design • Landscaping services • Professional, friendly, reliable Contact us for a free consultation and transform your garden this year:

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Parkin’ some thoughts Smoke (and Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvres) by Nick Hazell My Father was a smoker. Rarely was he seen without one of Benson and Hedges finest hanging from his mouth. He once convinced my Mother he was giving up the habit. His cover was blown after the third month of his decorating a downstairs toilet no larger than a small postage stamp. Curious as to why it was taking so long, she found him leaning out of the window reading the Sun and puffing away without a paint brush or for that matter any paint in sight. He said it helped to keep him calm which was probably why he got through at least 20 when he agreed to administer my first driving experience. It was a brief affair. It started (and ended) with several attempts to reverse my Mother’s aged mini up a driveway of Kilimanjaroan proportions. Frankly, I would have had more success reversing a camel up an iceberg. The combination of a temperamental clutch, lack of instruction and the inability to see through the cabin smoke led to all hands abandoning the vehicle before something was struck other than the garage door. I was reminded of this formative driving “adventure” while watching eldest child negotiate her own first time behind the wheel, that is if we ignore her single handed obliteration of the Lego Driving School track in 2011. The venue this time was Kempton Racecourse although the only horses on display were powering a selection of Vauxhall Corsas. These were being steered around, through and on frequent occasion, over a variety of traffic cones and markers laid out as an optimistic guide for the days’ under aged drivers. Safe from the distraction of chain smoking instructors or reverse hill starts up sheer cliff faces, the drivers of tomorrow were free to kangaroo jump, stall and propel themselves at frightening speeds (both high and low) whilst marking their turns with a liberal distribution of screen wash rather than application of indicators. To my mind, the new heroes of this post pandemic age are the instructors putting their life on the line during each hour on this particular highway to hell. Thank the Lord for dual controls. To her credit, Anna survived several attempts by Baseball capped youths to rear end her vehicle and came away with a glowing report as to her technical ability from her own instructor who seemed genuinely surprised it was possible to get through an entire lesson in first gear. Once home from this terrifying mix of the Fast and the Furious meets Driving Miss Daisy crossed with


Wreck it Ralph, I felt the need to consult the inter web as to the likely cost of getting to the conclusion of the exercise we’d just embarked upon. The expense is endless. License fees, lessons, test, more lessons (all good drivers pass second time around), another test and insurance all need accounting for and then there’s the car. In that regard I was alarmed to discover that more than three quarters of us Brits buy or contribute towards their child’s first car. Then again, the thought of lending your car to a teenager is not one that allows for too much contemplation. Totting it all up came to £4,961 according to the RAC. Hopefully that’ll include an ash tray. After all, it’s enough to make you start smoking.


Electrical Contractor Domestic and Commercial Work Additions and Repairs Safety Testing and Inspection Security & Garden Lighting

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about your business in your local magazines in 2021 from just £28 plus vat a month Be seen and heard by the your local market in the Village Voice and Worcester Park Life.

Serves: 2 Preparatio Marinate: Cooking t

Ingredien • 1 lemon • Handful • 1 small • 2 garlic • 2 cm pie • 1 tbsp c • 1 tbsp ta • 1 tbsp fi • ½ tsp tu • 1 tsp ga • 400ml c • Salt and • 4 skinles thighs o into larg • 1 tbsp c • 1 red ch • 1 bunch • 100g ma • 4 shitak • 60g coo or rice n • Handful • 2 spring

With competitive pricing, friendly efficient service and helpful advice it’s simple and effective... But then the best ideas always are.

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Serves: 2 Preparation time: 15 minutes Marinate: at least 1 hour Cooking time: 1 hour Ingredients A hearty meal in a bowl, lightly spiced and packed • 1 lemongrass stalk, chopped with nutrient-rich vegetables. This dish contains a • Handful of coriander leaves wealth of anti-inflammatory ingredients, including • 1 small onion, chopped ginger, garlic and turmeric together with immune• 2 garlic cloves, crushed • 2 cm piece of root ginger, grated supporting shitake mushrooms and coconut. • 1 tbsp coconut sugar or honey Buckwheat noodles, also called soba, are a • 1 tbsp tamari soy sauce nutritious staple in Asian dishes. • 1 tbsp fish sauce • ½ tsp turmeric 1. Place the lemongrass, coriander, onion, garlic, ginger, • 1 tsp garam masala coconut sugar (or honey), tamari soy sauce, fish sauce, • 400ml coconut milk turmeric, garam masala and coconut milk in a blender and • Salt and pepper process until smooth. Pour over the chicken. Season with • 4 skinless, boneless chicken a little salt and pepper. Marinate for at least one hour. thighs or 2 chicken breasts, cut 2. Heat the coconut or olive oil in a wok or frying pan. Drain into large chunks the chicken, reserve the marinade and stir fry the chicken • 1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil for 2-3 minutes. Add the chilli, pak choi, mangetout • 1 red chilli, deseeded and diced and mushrooms and cook for a further minute. Add the • 1 bunch of pak choi cut into strips marinade and simmer for 10-15 minutes until the chicken • 100g mangetout is cooked. Toss in the noodles. Sprinkle over the bean • 4 shitake mushrooms, sliced sprouts and spring onions to serve. • 60g cooked buckwheat noodles or rice noodles Nutrition per serving: 394kcal, fat 16.5g (of which saturates 7g), carbohydrate 29.2g • Handful of bean sprouts (of which sugars 24.1g), protein 32.3g. • 2 spring onions, chopped


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Forward thinking teenager invests in property Preston born and bred, Hamza was in a school run car accident at just 11. After a drawn out investigation, further complicated by Covid, his fiscal compensation was finally awarded when he was 18. He was immediately advised to invest in a pension. Hamza had a think about that, sought counsel from his parents and was inspired to seek out an alternative, less stilted direction. His mind drifted to thoughts of bricks and mortar… His mum and dad agreed, but were anxious. They encouraged him to look up north –they were familiar with the neighbourhoods and could even be his tenants. Hamza wasn’t so sure, and after a swift consultation with Mr Google up popped Buy to Let Hunter. Hamza met Adrian and Alex and found them relatable, trustworthy and they spoke the same language. Hamza tentatively asked for some advice and with some sensible guidance, he investigated all of his options with his new chums. “I was sold.” He sighed with relief. There were a few struggles finding a mortgage broker, a scuffle with solicitors but eventually a loan was secured, an offer made and accepted, walls painted, furniture purchased and his two-bedroom semi was ready for the first guest.

pension and take his place on the first step of the property ladder instead. “I can always sell it in a few years if my situation changes – or if I get married…” he added, eminently sensibly, understanding the flexibility of his choice. Asked if he had any advice to anyone else considering speaking to the team at Buy to Let Hunter, Hamza said: “Adrian and Alex were very responsive to all my phone calls and emails throughout. Trust the process – even though other people might doubt you.” Hamza felt very supported throughout; a student studying PPE, Hamza plans to use the income from his property to help pay his tuition and living expenses. It will enable him to go on and pursue a master’s degree in environmental consultancy. “Working with the BTLH team was a very positive experience. I cannot imagine doing this on my own – but look! Now I am on the property ladder and a lot of the credit goes to Adrian and Alex!” Unlike most of us twice his age, Hamza has a clear view of his future, and has eschewed the usual options for a young lad with money in his pocket. We are so proud to have assisted him and can attest that Hamza is the very embodiment of aspiration; is this the beginning of his empire? Can BTLH help you find the perfect property? Get in touch and have a chat: 020 7550 9396 or hello@ For more information check out Quadrant Road, Richmond, London, TW9 1DH

Buying his little house in Hitchin was a great move for Hamza: “I realised that I don’t want to buy up north: the returns are too low and anyway my parents would be able to reel me in on a thread if I bought near them.” His father argued that the money Hamza spent in Hitchin would buy him a mansion closer to home – but Hamza, his eye focussed on the future, stayed strong! Hamza feels confident in his decision to eschew a

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A Photographer Dreams... by Hugh Griffiths

This time last year we were enjoying freedom from lockdown (for those of us who are clinically vulnerable, the lockdown finished at the end of July), sadly a happy experience that didn’t last … let’s hope that our current freedom lasts. I have written about how I took up still life photography during those long days with nothing better to do than sit in my garden with a cold drink and photograph the birds; I enjoyed creating these images and realised how much more practise I was going to need before I could enter any results in a competition. I wondered if the habit would stick, or sink: and fortunately, some of the fun of it has stuck with me. Outdoor photos still give me a lot more joy, but now there is another choice for me to practise my art. In general, it is always a good idea to be challenged to try new things, many of which may turn out to be not for you. But some may be and for me, still life is one of those. The big problem with still life – for me at any rate – is the need to create an artistic scene out of, possibly very ordinary, props from around the house or from my walks. There’s a lot to learn, and the only way to get it done is to practise a lot. So, this picture is made up of two bits of nature that I picked up while walking my dog, Poppy, one morning. They just seemed interesting, particularly the old driedup leaf. Making the design, the composition, came next, and I tried several combinations of these together with other bits of nature that I had. In the end, this simple layout seemed to be best. I like the way that the skeletal framework of the leaf is covering the acorn, but, obviously, showing the acorn through it. On reflection


I might have photoshopped away the bit of twig at the top of the acorn, but apart from that, it leaves me with a comfortable feeling of late summer. And now for something completely different (for Monty Python lovers!). I had a photo of the sea at Lancing, with two seagulls (herring gulls probably) flying in the distance towards the horizon. On its own it wasn’t a very catchy picture, so I played with the texture of the sky and the sea – separately – to get the more stylised image that you can see here. But it still wasn’t enough. There was too much space on the left – so I took a photo of Poppy on the beach with her frisbee. That frisbee is an essential part of her life when we’re down in Lancing. She doesn’t seem to mind not having it when we’re at home, but every morning in Lancing, when it’s time for her walk, she is pushing at the bag where it’s kept, trying to get it out and hang on to it. It’s even valuable enough for her to go into the sea when my throws go wrong, and it splashes down in the shallows. Cutting Poppy out of the photo was fairly easy, and I placed her on the surface of the water, on the horizon line. But it still wasn’t right. So, I took the cut-out of Poppy and her frisbee, turned it upside down and stuck it beneath her, like a reflection. Then I faded it slightly and added some waviness to the reflection so that it looked like it could be in water. Wow – a lot of work, but it was really worth it. It’s one of my favourite pictures and has won good scores in competition. Very different from a straight picture of what’s there, but the creative process and the photoshopping were very fulfilling. I love visiting cathedrals and churches. In fact, I enjoy attending services there: one of my fond memories is being at a Welsh/English Sunday service at St. David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire a couple of years ago. Putting my heart and lungs into the Welsh hymns was

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fantastic (for me at any rate)! A visit to Ely Cathedral was a highlight of August. I can’t describe it better than they can: “Worship has been offered to Almighty God on this site for nearly 1400 years and the Cathedral continues to be a dynamic witness to the presence of God in the world, and of his love and care for each and every one of us. The Cathedral was founded as a monastery in 673 by St. Etheldreda … Destroyed by the Danes in 870, the monastery was re-founded as a Benedictine community in 970. Work on the present building commenced in the early 1080’s under Abbot Simeon. The monks knew that only the best can ever be good enough to offer to God. They built this massive church as an offering to him, and the worship that has been offered here ever since is an echo in words and music of their practical work as builders.” So, it’s quite old! But very well looked after. And still a very active place of worship and centre for the community. I always like the views of the altar from the congregations’ perspective: the beautiful artwork around the altar, the stained glass windows, the wall coverings, the wooden wall carvings. All of it make a

beautiful and peaceful whole. But for me, the single candle burning on a table in front of the altar and the back of the church summed it up perfectly. A still flame, representing, maybe, the prayers of the saints, but certainly representing a peaceful and calm way to God. I loved my visit there! At the Malden Camera Club, we are hoping to have a real, physical annual exhibition in mid-September. If we are able to go ahead with it, then it will be at the Methodist Church in the High Street on the 17th / 18th of the month. If we don’t then there will be a virtual version of this available online – check out our website to see it. The Malden Camera Club has cancelled its physical meetings while coronavirus is around, but we still have virtual meetings using Zoom. We may be meeting in person at the Malden Library from September on Thursday evenings but will be keeping this under review. If you want to know more about us, then contact us via the details on our website …

Happy Easter from all Thinking of moving at Groves Residential this autumn?

Independent Family Run Firm - NAEA and ARLA Regulated

Park View KT3

Portland Avenue KT3 A superb semi-detached house with three bedrooms plus a study, reception room, kitchen/dining room, conservatory and a 65’ rear garden plus parking to front. EPC rate D. Guide Price £700,000 Freehold

A large three bedroom house opposite Beverley Park and close to Burlington School. Double reception, kitchen, bathroom and ground floor W.C. beautiful gardens and parking. EPC rate D. £2,200pcm

TEL: 020 8949 0094

Green Lane KT3 A refurbished and extended semi-detached house with a front reception, a wonderful kitchen/family room, three bedrooms, bathroom, south facing rear garden and parking. EPC rate D. £665,000 Freehold


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1. Three 2. Jonathan Creek 3. Basketball 4. Sooty 5. Magic Mike XXL 6. Open Sesame 7. The Philosopher’s Stone 8. A cow 9. Bruno Mars 10. Time for bedg

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Royal British Legion Malden & Coombe Branch Finally, after over 18 months, Malden and Coombe Royal British Legion were able to hold a branch meeting in the Grafton Club. We usually meet on the second Wednesday of the month at 2.30pm but due to space we are currently meeting at 10.45 in the Grafton main bar. As you can see by the photo, we started small but hope to build the meetings to our normal numbers. If any members wish to come along please do so at the next meeting on 13th October at 10.45am. If you would like to join us as a member please ring or email The RBL on 0800 307 7773 and Joining will cost you £18 a year (or 0.34p a week!) If you add the Malden and Coombe Branch charge of £2 a year it will be £20 per year (38p a week) please mention Malden and Coombe when enquiring. This

Tree Surgery • Tree Felling Stump Grinding Tree Surveys and Reports Planting• Hedge Maintenance Fruit tree management Fully qualified Arborists £5 Million Liability Insurance Local Authority Approved Free Quotations and Advice

020 8393 3222

money of course helps ex service personnel and their families. If you need more information, please come and see us at The Farmers Market on Saturday 2nd October between 10 and 3pm. We are selling new Poppy Shop merchandise, earrings, necklaces bags etc ready for Christmas at very reasonable prices as well as 2021 badges. We look forward to meeting you. If you would like (you don’t have to be a member) to help with the Poppy appeal, we will be making up boxes on 19th October between 11 and 2 at Scout Hall in Tadworth Avenue KT3 6DJ and signing up volunteers for Poppy selling stints on 23rd October from 12 to 3pm at Guide Hall - Tadworth Ave KT3 6DJ. It would be wonderful to see you. Please email me on with any queries. The collecting appeal dates are from 30th October to 14th November and you only need to sell for 1 or 2 hours at your choice of times. We are hopeful that our wonderful Remembrance Service and Parade can take place this year and preparations for that are also being discussed and organised. Letters will be sent out to Invite Parade groups in next couple of weeks. Please keep safe and hope to see you at one of our dates above. TO THE MEMORY OF THE FALLEN AND THE FUTURE OF THE LIVING

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Tel: 0208 330 0865 Mobile: 07836 389 119


We supply quality fencing materials, decking & sleepers


TRADE & DOMESTIC CUSTOMERS WELCOME Open Mon-Fri 6.00am-16.30pm, Sat 7.30am - 12.00pm Family Business Est 1960

0208 330 0865

Unit 16, 193 Garth Road Industrial Estate, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4NE 34

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Andrew & Robert Lodge with their eco-friendly hybrid funeral fleet


Ranked No.1 Funeral Director in the UK “Wonderful empathetic service. Absolute kindness and professionalism, could not recommend highly enough.”

For over 240 years, seven generations of the Lodge Family have been proud to help local families in their time of need.

by Catherine

We provide all funerals, whether modern, traditional, green or alternative, with care and compassion.

NEW MALDEN 26 Coombe Road 020 8075 6112 FLORAL TRIBUTES



W I L L S & P R O B AT E

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Cosy up this Autumn, add a new carpet for that little extra comfort

Epsom based, friendly, Father & Daughter family run business with over 40 years’ experience. We bring 100’s of carpet samples to your home in a variety of colours all at competitive prices.



01372 632 118

www.carpets DISCOUNT

Over 1,000 Customer Reviews



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