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April Contents

History by Robin Gill 6 Recipe Ricotta stuffed chicken 12 View from the City 14 Cryptic Crossword 18 Help Us Help Your Local Schools 18 Team Chordoma 20 Finance 24 CureCJD. 28 Sudokus 30 Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 30 Codeword 35 What’s On 37 New Malden Residents’ Association 40 Gardening Flower Power 42 Clubs 44 The Dawn Raiders 48 School Focus 49 Kid’s play 52 Parkin’ some thoughts 56 A Photographer Dreams 58 Solutions 60 Royal British Legion Malden & Coombe Branch 61

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Welcome to Your Village Voice Well, after years of resistance, denial and persistent pester power from children and husband I finally caved and we are now the very proud new family of puppy Matty – a 12 week old bundle of fun, affection and gold & apricot fluff. Who’d have thought! Trying to minimise our posting of cute puppy videos on youtube and facebook – but, I can totally see why people get carried away. (If you are interested then I have sneaked in just a small picture onto page 30.) One unexpected benefit is a much tidier house as leaving shoes and household items within his reach is just not an option (we’ve learnt to our cost!) – and a long overdue declutter is systematically taking place before a new area becomes his playground. Anyway, to all fellow dog owners all I can say is - OK, yes, I get it now! Remember that the Village Voice is YOUR magazine so if you are helping to organise an event and would like some FREE publicity then please do email details. Likewise if you are part of an organisation that could benefit from attracting new local members next year then why not send in an article. Did you know that in order to deliver the magazine to most of the KT3 postcode, we split the distribution over a two month period. So if you have had this edition delivered you probably won’t get the next one. There are a limited number of copies available from Waitrose, New Malden library, Tudor Willams and the Malden Centre but don’t forget that it is also published online - you can get the link from our website. So, until next month, best wishes


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New Malden History Not that long ago by Robin Gill

Sixty years ago in Malden, it is easy to say life was different. But how much more different could it be? On Saturday 20th July that year, our Prime Minister told a meeting in Bedford “Most of our people have never had it so good” In the same speech, he also referred to production being the answer to the “$64,000 question” of combatting inflation. Wartime rationing had ended three years earlier, although there was rationing on petrol for a short while in 1957 due to the Suez crisis. A recent survey in the Daily Mail reported that 1957 is regarded as the happiest year of the last century! Even though, only 20% of households had a washing machine, and 5% a fridge. Most still had outside toilets, and there was little central heating. You could purchase a decent house for around £2,000, but with wages on average paying £7.50 per week it was still difficult to get on the property ladder.

Quiz of the week The $64,000 reference came from a television programme which had started in the United States as a quiz show, but had become a popular programme on Saturday nights as well in Britain two years after the start of commercial television in this country. Of course, these fledgling companies could not afford prize money of $64,000 let alone £64,000, so the original prize here was 64,000 sixpences (£1,600) which was raised to 64,000 shillings (£3,200) later in the programme’s run (1956-58). It is unclear whether they had this pile of coins in the studio, and whether they paid the winners in tanners! The most popular television programme in 1957 started in February that year. Emergency Ward 10 (between 2-3 million viewers) can rightly be regarded as one of the first soap operas broadcasted, predating EastEnders and even Coronation Street. Of course, television wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea, and great excitement gripped Malden when it was announced that an episode of the Gardeners

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Question Time radio programme was to be recorded in the Council Chamber in October. The chance to meet Freddie Grisewood , Alan Gemmell, Fred Loads, and Bill Sowerbutts was thrilling for the gardeners of the borough. The episode was broadcast on the Home Service (radio 4) on November 10th. Housing problems Early in the year there was a dispute with the council who wanted to compulsory purchase 800 square yards of land at the Fountain for a public convenience, open space, ornamental garden, footpath, and service road. This was the site of numbers 1 and 3 Kingston Road which had been hit by a flying bomb in August 1944 which killed one of the occupants. Malden Council had built over 850 houses since the end of the war, but more were still needed to replace those destroyed, and plans were in the pipeline to build nearly 100 in 1957. The council were also considering the compulsory purchase of land at the junctions of Cleveland Road/Kingston Road and Acacia Grove/Coombe Road with a view to building flats, maisonettes, and shops.

Malden Old People’s Welfare Association were converting the property at 32 Poplar Grove into ten flats for elderly able bodied people which was bought for £2,800. They had achieved something similar at Newitt House in Chestnut Grove back in 1955.Together with the help of a large mortgage from the council, who also agreed to meet half the cost of converting the property. Any person or organisation who were able to make a donation of at least £75, had the opportunity to name one of the ten rooms. Mrs Cicely Hobkirk the chairman of the association reminded the council “All the doors open for our old people must be kept open, if we relax, even for one year, one of those will close. ” The property was name Maeldune as a compliment to Malden Council. Malden was regarded as “a good place to be old in”. Another house being renovated was Winchester House which stood off Kingston Hill (now Winchester Close). The property was being refurbished by members of Birkbeck College (London University) to accommodate thirty Hungarian refugees, who had escaped from their country after invasion by the Soviet Union. People power was alive and well, especially in

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Coombe Gardens where several of the residents obtained a cut in their rates due to complaints about the noise and smell emanating from the several breakers yard which stood in Blagdon Road which were also infested with rats. A reduction was also achieved by a resident of Woodlands Avenue, after it was found that a previously unknown underground stream had caused dampness in her property, involving her in “constant redecoration” and the repairs of gates and fences. Movies not moving The public were reassured when the Rank Organisation and Decca denied that the Odeon at Shannon Corner (Malden’s only cinema) was to be sold by the former company to the latter. The cinema which opened in 1938 with 1500 seats was closed in January 1960, converted into offices by Decca, and demolished in 1985. High street hazards Changes were also afoot at the railway station where the British Transport Commission changed the name of the stop from Malden to New Malden on 16th September. A small change, but all the signage and tickets had to be altered. Considering it had only been called Malden (For Coombe) for two years, it does show a lack of forward planning. Its previous name had been Coombe for Malden (1912-1955).

If you think the High Street looks untidy today, back in 1957 there were no litter bins in the whole stretch of Malden Road shops, in fact there were only five in the whole borough. Because of this, the council decided to invest in 25 metal plates with the slogan “Keep Britain Tidy”, at 7/9 (40 pence) each. But the question of buying 50 or more litter baskets to satisfy the whole borough would cost about £175. This could be paid by outside firms provided they could advertise on them. Comings and goings 1957 also saw the arrival of the RACS (Royal Arsenal Co-Operative Society in New Malden opening a store at 69-73 Malden Road (now occupied by McDonalds and The Salvation Army) but formerly the site of the Malden Picture Palace which became the Malden Plaza and burnt down in December 1936. The RACS occupied two floors and sold everything from electrics to clothes to hardware, in an open plan showroom. Item could be purchased over two years on HP with interest at 5%, or by 9 monthly instalments. Special offers on opening day were pillow cases (Housewife style?) at 2/- (10 pence), table lamps (complete with shade) 17/11 (90 pence) and a three-piece suite at £19 15/- (£19.75).

A problem with traffic in Malden Road (High Street) made the council consider “unilateral parking”. This involved parking on only one side of the road one day, and the other side the following day. There was also a free car park in Blagdon Road. The only other alternatives were a “no waiting” scheme, or to ban parking altogether, but councillors felt “motorists were also ratepayers, and required equal consideration as pedestrians and cyclists”. At the same council meeting, councillors voted to spend £900 on a replacement Mayoral car, as the existing one was eleven years old, and had covered 67,000 miles. The no waiting scheme came into force on 1st January 1958. 8

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A departure from the area was by a company called Pytram Limited of Dunbar Road who had been trading in Malden since 1913. Started by Sidney Benjamin Marshall of Dukes Avenue, they were specialisers in advertising display models, but started by making electrical fittings from laminated paper. During World War One they were approached by a firm of pen makers asking them to make a paper model of their trademark. With the help of Paul Typke a chemical manufacturer from Sycamore Grove, the company was set up, the model made, and 250 sold. The finished product was of such a high standard that soon other orders were taken up. The company moved from its original premises in Cambridge Road to a larger factory in Dunbar Road soon after the war. In 1937 the company were asked to experiment with paper in the manufacture of aircraft parts and during the Second World War, made petrol tanks for planes and other parts. In 1955 the company was taken over and expanded their range to include products manufactured from fibre glass, rubber, and plastic. They also diversed into anatomical and medical

models for training purposes, and boasted that they could reproduce anything “from a pea to an elephant”. Their display models are still found today on auction websites where they are very popular. Times past but nothing changes Malden’s Youth Committee took over Barton Green Pavilion. During daytime, it was to be used as a classroom for the new Clarence Avenue Primary School. Otherwise it was to be used by the various youth clubs of the area. The pavilion had been bought by the corporation in 1946 to be used as a meeting place for the town. It was underused and sold to Surrey County Council in 1956 who rented it out to the Committee. Finally, to show that everything comes around. The council refused to allow the display of three advertising panels under the railway bridge at Malden Road Plough Green as they felt they would be a distraction to road users, which has echoes of the display signs under the New Malden underpass on the A3 currently causing much discussion.

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Recipe Ricotta stuffed chicken This recipe is a great way to turn chicken fillets into something special. You can prepare them a couple of hours in advance and keep covered in the fridge, then simply cook when needed. Serves 4 Ready in 1 hour 10 minutes 75g ricotta cheese 2 tbsp fresh thyme leaves 2 tsp finely grated lemon zest 4 large skinless chicken breast fillets 12 thin-cut rashers streaky bacon 5 tbsp olive oil 2 tbsp white wine vinegar 1tsp Dijon mustard Pinch of sugar 100g baby spinach leaves 2 tbsp pine nuts, toasted new malden counselling associates

new malden COUNSELLING FOR counselling INDIVIDUALS & COUPLES associates

1 Use a sharp knife to make a deep pocket in each chicken fillet, making sure not to cut right the way through. Place the ricotta cheese in a bowl and stir in the thyme leaves and the lemon zest. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. 2 Place one-quarter of the ricotta mixture in the pocket of each chicken fillet. Use the back of a knife to stretch the bacon rashers. Wrap 3 rashers around each chicken fillet and secure with a metal skewer. Preheat the oven to 180C, 160C Fan, Gas Mark 4. 3 Heat 1tbsp of the oil in a frying pan and fry the chicken fillets over high heat for 2-3 minutes until the bacon is browned, turning once. Transfer to a roasting tin and cook for 35-40 minutes until the chicken is cooked through. Cover and leave in a warm place to rest for 10 minutes. 4 To make the dressing, whisk the remaining oil with the vinegar, mustard and sugar in a small jug and season to taste. Slice each chicken fillet into 6 pieces and arrange on the salad leaves. Scatter over the toasted pine nuts and spoon over the dressing. Serve immediately.

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TIP Instead of ricotta you could use low-fat soft cheese such as Philadelphia or a mild and creamy goats’ cheese.

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View from the City by Justin Urquhart Stewart 7IM Lemons don’t always lead to lemonade My penchant for Sipsmith Gin and Fever Tree Tonic Water is well-known among family and friends, as well as regular readers of my many musings on the investment industry. This year, it seems that (for a change) I am on trend – although the hipsters and I probably only concur on the gin. Sales of the stuff have shot through rooves of small-scale distilleries. Between 2009 to 2015, they rose from £126mn to £239mn a year…although I’m quite relieved that the increase is not being ascribed to my personal consumption! But what does all this have to do with investments? Well, it boils down to the news that the tipple has been re-added into the official basket of goods used to calculate inflation and produce the Consumer Price Index (CPI). After a 13-year absence, its spread from suburban semis to cool clubs means more of us are lingering over a G&T than for quite some time. Changes are made to the CPI basket of goods every year by the Office for National Statistics and have been since the basket was first developed in 1947. They survey what the average UK citizen buys, ‘weight’ those purchases according to the level of actual money spent and use a formula to take into account that people will almost certainly switch to a lower priced alternative when prices rise.


The basket serves to estimate how much it costs for us to live the same lifestyle as we did in previous years, while trying to incorporate society’s vagaries. Last year, lemons were added as a separate purchase from other citrus fruit and…proving that they don’t always lead to lemonade…this year it’s gin that’s in the headlines. Also now included are flavoured ciders – not just apples and pears – non-dairy milk drinks, cycle helmets and a base layer top – whatever that might be! Other items were removed as they’re not as prevalent. So out go children’s swings, fees to stop a cheque and single sink drainers. Once calculations are done, if the basket’s more expensive, there’s inflation in the economy. If it’s less expensive, then there’s deflation present. But unfortunately the basket is becoming more and more expensive. Inflations now at 2.3% that’s the highest it’s been since 2013. Inflation is supposed to peak towards the end of this year at 2.7%, before then starting to fall to 2.3% in 2018-19, but it could go higher. As investors, we need to be aware of these facts and figures in order to understand how hard our investments need to work just to keep pace with our cost of living. Only then can you really calculate how much each ISA or pension pot is actually growing (rather than just going up) to meet all your long term goals and aspirations. If you’re a multi-asset investor, you should already be benefiting from diversification. So, while your fixed income and cash investments are likely to suffer from inflation, your equity investments should help balance out any losses. In general, when inflation is up, equities rise too – even if their volatile nature means you need to step back to see that longer term trend upwards. Commodities also tend to be assets that rise with inflation. But by being invested in a broad swathe of assets, you Now…my only question left to ponder is what constitutes the adult jigsaw also now included in the basket?

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Education Help Us Help Your Local Schools by Ella Fearon-Low As one of the mums who organised the fair funding for all schools public meeting at Burlington School on Monday 13 March I stood in stunned amazement as the hall filled to standing room only. Maybe it’s my experience as co-chair of the PTA at my school but I had secretly been wishing for at least 50 people to turn up. I’d have been happy with that. Instead, nearly 300 parents came to our meeting and listened as two MPs, two headteachers and Matt Dykes from the national fair funding campaign spoke. It was clear from the off that this meeting was having the impact we had hoped for as parents sat in silence, avidly listening to what was said and watched our little visual film about the way that a supposedly ring fenced budget was being eaten away by additional unfunded expenses. As one parent put it, “It was extremely interesting to hear from the range of speakers and gratifying that the two MPs put party politics to one side in order to fight the schools’ funding crisis. The two heads spoke passionately and candidly about their budgetary realities and the very grim choices facing them. The national spokespeople underlined the need to act together and to act now, and emphasised the importance of the parent voice. “The evening brought home that education funding is facing a multitude of serious and complex issues and there is currently no way out, aside from people power, which must never be underestimated.” We emphasised from the beginning that this meeting was organised by parents for parents and our speakers were brilliant at putting politics aside to make their message clear. Sarah Olney MP, and mum of children at state schools in the borough, spoke of her passion for education and that she was campaigning relentlessly for the government to increase funding. James Berry MP was equally supportive and both asked that attendees write to Justine Greening and Theresa May to express how they feel about the tipping point that education is at. James Berry also asked for us to come up with solutions to the funding crisis when writing.


The reality of the situation was so eloquently expressed by Rachel Nye, the headteacher at Tolworth Infants and Junior Schools, where more than 50% of the students have English as a second language and where 38% of her students are on the SEN register. When asked if inclusion will be affected she had to admit, having never excluded a pupil, she is now having to look at whether they can afford the therapies and support that child with SEN might need to thrive in her school. As a parent of a child with a statement for SEN, this only confirmed what I already feared. Inclusion is simply becoming far too expensive on such tight budgets. The head of Richard Challoner, Sean Maher, confessed that he had to think long and hard about whether to replace his retiring Drama teacher this year, as it would be a good opportunity for a saving. Luckily, for his students, he found a way to keep his drama department, but for how long? He said cuts will have to be made and the arts will be the first to go. He anticipates that, in three years’ time, his school will be in deficit by more than £400,000, which is the equivalent of 8 teachers’ salaries. Mr Maher even suggests ways to help. They seem pretty obvious to me. “Take back the additional unfunded NI and pension contribution increases. Don’t cut the Education Services Grant. Make schools exempt from the apprenticeship levy. Finally, instead of investing in free and grammar schools, how about investing the schools that are closing because of falling rolls?”, he says. The last speaker, Matt Dykes, from the national campaign, Fair Funding for All Schools (http://www., spoke at length about the importance of parent power and parent voice. The teachers have been saying for a long time that education is in trouble and have been ignored but, with the support of parents, they are far more likely to get heard. He invited Philipa Harvey, from the NUT, to tell of the website, where anyone

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our society, deserve a well funded, good education. Without it, how can our society progress? If you want to do something to support our campaign, please go to act-now.html. Write to your MPs, Justine Greening and Theresa May. Letters are more effective than emails. Tell them what you want for our children, more money in education, and suggest ways to provide it. Sign the petition, currently at 26,255 signatories, and add your voice. Follow us at for the latest news and updates. can find out how the cuts are going to affect their school by 2020.

Andy Reeve

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Inspirational Stories

team at St Georges Hospital managed to ensure that, at present, my spinal cord is no longer compromised and a lot of the tumour has been removed. I now have by Emma Holloway a great deal of metal in my neck supporting my spine so movement is fairly limited, but it’s a small price to In November 2015 my world was turned completely pay to be able to look after my family the way I want upside down when I was diagnosed with Chordoma, to. Unfortunately Chordoma is incurable at present a very rare (1 in a million) primary bone cancer that and so I know my tumour will grow back at some grows out of the spine and skull. At the time of point. IR.J. still have some tumour leftqualified next to my brain Tree Services & profession R.J. Tree qualified & professional staff are dedicated diagnosis my daughter wasServices just six months old and my that has yet to be operated on so regular MRI scans boys were six and eighthighest - it was an levels of service in to the highest levels of service in every to the every instance. and monitoring are becoming my extremely difficult time. new normal. For now it’s a watch and We are happy to give advice – on all you We are happy to give advice – on all your arboricultural queries. wait game. In some ways I’ve been very

Team Chordoma

lucky as my tumour was a purely After just over three weeks in incidental finding and had reached • Free quotes • Free quotes hospital and not being very mobile re dedicated a critical stage, compromising my Fully NPTC even qualified • Fully NPTC qualified by the time I was• discharged spine to such an extent my spinal taking a few steps was exhausting cord was bending. If my tumour • Tree reductions / cr • Tree reductions / crowndue thins to the muscle wastage in my had not been found it would have ultural eventually queries.snapped through my Tree felling legs, my broken•foot prevented a • Tree felling huge amount of mobility. To climb spinal cord resulting in paralysis • Stump removal • Stump removal the stairs felt like a massive feat. So, from the neck down. After nine • deciding Hedgeworks in February 2016, I needed • Hedgeworks long hours of surgery my fantastic R.J. Tree Services qualified & aprofessional staff are I dedicated really positive focus and goal neurosurgeon, Matthew Crocker Tree surveys & repo • Tree surveys & reports signed up for the• Hampton in every instance.Court (pictured right with Emma) and his to the highest levels of service s Half Marathon. In doing so hoping


We are happy to give advice – on all your arboricultural querie

• Free quotes • Fully NPTC qualified R.J. Tree Services qualified & professional • Tree reductions / crown thins staff are dedicated to the highest levels of service in every instance. • Tree felling Free Quotes • Stump removal Diploma qualified NPTC licensed • Hedgeworks Tree Reductions / Crown Thins • Tree surveys & reports Tree Felling Stump Removal Hedgeworks Tree Surveys & Reports £10 million insurance liability cover

Look out for the LookOffiout for the red tree! ce: 020 8399 0103

J.tree Servi ces, Berrylands, r.J.tree Services, Berrylands, Surbiton 020r. 8399 0103 07980 903 881 Surbiton 020 Mobile: 07980 903881 Visit our website for and videos Visit our website for information and videos on all aspects of our information work LOOK FOR THE RED TREE!


R.J. Tree Services, Berrylands, Surbiton Visit our website for information and videos on all aspects of our work

20 3 07980 903 881 ects of our work

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to raise money and awareness for this rare cancer and Chordoma UK. Chordoma UK is a fantastic charity set up in 2007, through recent fundraising they have recently employed two researchers at UCL who work solely on understanding this rare type of cancer and also researching possible new treatments and a cure. This is great progress as at present options for treating Chordoma are limited to just surgery and proton beam therapy. As news spread about my Hampton Half entry many friends and friends of friends within the local community offered to run it with me and help raise money - by April 2016 Team Chordoma (as we have now become) was born. When we started our training Team Chordoma, were, in the main, non runners. This team has come together in an extraordinary way and I’ve been truly touched and overwhelmed by their commitment to training for this event; overcoming the dark evenings training with headlights and torches, waking up at the crack of dawn to fit in a ‘bootcamp’ all this done before the school run, before work and at times, before both. All under the watchful eye of Pete Bodley-Scott or ‘The Captain’ as he is now known. Pete has been a constant source of encouragement, motivating us to push ourselves that little bit further and we have so much to thank him for. Being a bunch of runners in our late 30s and 40s there has inevitably been injuries along the way and I have been amazed

by the teams dedication and determination to overcome them and carry on. New friendships have been made and an increased sense of community. Every single one of them totally rocks. What they probably don’t realise is how much they’ve saved my sanity over the last few months. On February 19th, all of Team Chordoma’s training efforts paid off as seventeen of us pounded the streets of Thames Ditton, Kingston and Hampton Court completing the Half Marathon in great times. My neurosurgeon Matthew Crocker even joined us - it was a really great experience running with the person who has basically kept me walking and running. I’m so proud of what Team Chordoma has achieved, to date with gift aid the total sponsorship we’ve received is around £19,000. As Chordoma is so rare it gets very little funding so this money will make a significant difference to the work of Chordoma UK. Team Chordoma ran the Half Marathon to raise money in the hope that one day when someone just like me faces a Chordoma diagnosis they won’t be told it’s incurable. They’ll be given options. If you’d like to help make this happen please look at our Just Giving Page and donate, a little or a lot it is all very much appreciated. Thank you!

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Do you have jewellery you no longer wear? Is your jewellery “tired” and in need of a re-vamp? Adorn will repair or totally re-model your existing jewellery to create a beautiful new piece. Why not create your own custom designed jewellery? From bangles to pendants, rings to earrings, we will help you through the design process to create a totally unique piece.

Handmade Gifts Adorn will create the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones that reflect their favourite pastime. • Made in silver, gold or platinum • Engraved with your personal message • Can be set with precious stones

Need help with gift ideas?

Here are some gifts we made recently: • Golf ball markers • Guitar plectrums • Bookmarks • Fishing hooks • Keyrings • Poker chips

David Sutcliffe, your local Goldsmith and owner of Adorn Jewellers, will give you free expert advice on all your jewellery needs.

Visit Adorn Jewellers for friendly, expert advice 155 High Street, New Malden or phone 020 8942 8767 In-house Repairs & Commissions · Engraving · New & Antique Jewellery · Valuations · Watch/Clock Repairs · Trophies


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Do you have space in your life for a child or teenager? Come and find out

We’re looking for foster carers for children of all ages, but in particular for young people over 12.

if fostering is for you at one of our

Foster carers provide a safe place to stay for babies, children and young people aged up to 18 who are in Local Authority care.

drop-in Information Events below

This usually happens when their birth parents can’t look after them because of drugs, alcohol or mental health problems, or there’s been a family crisis.


We also take in children who arrive from abroad alone – they’ve often escaped from traumatic situations in their own country where they might have lost their families.


Children areEXPRESS looked after(upstairs as part of the family inHigh a carer’s home,Kingston, either full time, at At PIZZA section), Street, KT1or1EU weekends and sometimes during school holidays.

between 6.00pm and 8.30pm - light refreshments are provided.

For more information, please call on

0800 085 7072 or visit To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Finance Ways to reduce ‘hidden’ spending so you can save money or pay off debt There are the obvious ways to save money, such as using comparison websites or cancelling an unused gym membership, but what about the ‘hidden’ money pits that drain your cash in a less evident way? Three areas immediately spring to mind – food, cars and technology – all essential parts of life but ones that can seriously deplete your financial reserves. So what can you do to stem the flow of cash, start to pay off your debts, or save towards something special such as retirement or a family holiday? Food shopping According to Love Food Hate Waste, £13 billion of edible food was wasted by households across the UK in 2015, equating to 7.3 million tonnes.¹ One of the issues is that people don’t plan their food shopping, and overestimate how much their household needs. Although it’s a very convenient way to shop, supermarkets encourage overspending with so-called ‘deals’ and careful placement of goods around the store. This can result in food wastage as consumers are encouraged to buy more than they need – a particular danger if you also shop when you’re hungry. By planning your meals ahead (even for just a week), making a list and sticking to it, you’ll have more control over your household budget and be able to make regular savings. Shopping for fruit and vegetables at local market stalls can also be a cheaper option – the produce will be fresher and you’ll be supporting your local economy. Cars An essential part of everyday life for most people, running a car is expensive and constitutes a significant chunk of the annual budget. So although you may already be resigned to spending a small fortune on your car, have you looked closely at all the costs? You can reduce the outlay on insurance, petrol and servicing, making smaller savings over a number of areas. Insurance premiums The ever-increasing cost of insurance is a particular bugbear for motorists. On top of the annual increase in premiums, Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) has also risen


from 5% to 6%, making insuring your car even more expensive. Although there’s nothing you can do about IPT, if you plan in advance and can afford to pay in one lump sum rather than by monthly direct debit, you’ll save

Est 35 YEARS



INTERIOR & EXTERIOR PRIVATE & RESIDENTIAL High Quality WORK AT LOCAL RATES Experienced professional Tradesman


020 8399 9803



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money in the long-run. It’s also worthwhile looking at the level of cover your current policy provides, and whether it’s still appropriate. Maybe you’ve included one of your children on the policy, for example, but if they don’t drive the car regularly, is it really necessary when you could always insure them on a temporary basis if needed? To further reduce premiums, try: • Increasing your level of voluntary excess. • Having an immobiliser or approved tracking device fitted. • Taking advantage of multi-car discounts if you have more than one car in the household.

Also consider whether • You consistently exceed your data or minutes - you’re probably paying more than you need in additional charges, and could save money by choosing a deal with a larger allowance. • You need a fast broadband speed, or if a cheaper ‘standard’ broadband package would suffice. The best deals are generally reserved for new customers, so it’s worthwhile haggling if you’re not completely satisfied with the deal they’re offering, but be aware of any early exit penalties that might form part of your contract. WONGWONG KITCHEN

Fuel Fuel is usually the largest cost for motorists, and one of the best ways to save is to alter your driving habits. Avoiding harsh acceleration and braking, and reducing your speed on the motorway, if only by a few miles per hour, will help you save.

106 BURLINGTON ROAD NEW MALDEN KT3 4NS TEL: 020 8942 3336 WONGWONG KITCHEN offers food lovers the come and Taste the authentic

You can check the price of local petrol online using, and plan ahead so you’re not forced into buying expensive fuel at motorway service stations en route. Making sure your tyres are at the correct pressure, and reducing unnecessary weight in the car, will also help.

flavours from Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan. All ingredients are sourced especially for each dish. Nothing is added or taken away from the original recipe. Pop in to try us out, you will definitely won’t be disappointed……….

Servicing and MOT Package deals on servicing are available on new and used cars, and although it may seem a large outlay at first, they can offer long-term savings. As far as MOTs are concerned, you can save the cost of a re-test just by carrying out a few simple checks before taking the car in, such as tyre tread depth and light bulbs. Phones and technology Most people don’t question the fact that they have a landline, but do you really need one? If you naturally reach for your mobile to make a call and could manage without a home phone, you’ll make a significant saving on line rental and call costs. If you prefer to keep the landline, maybe you could save on the cost of your mobile phone. With so many competitive pay-as-you-go deals around, it’s worthwhile checking them against your contract. Also, don’t forget about recycling any old phones to raise extra cash. The mobile phone and broadband market is so competitive that simply by contacting your provider and saying you want to leave, you’ll probably be offered a better deal just to retain your business.

Please note our new address Unit 2 Chancerygate Business Centre Red Lion Road Surbiton KT6 7RA

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915




Computer Solutions

For a complete Local, Professional, Reliable and Independent service. Home or Commercial, I come to you. 20+ years IT experience. Fully Insured. Clive Lawrence M: 0772 5525840 T : 0845 8055231

Want to stay independent? High-quality bespoke fitted furniture installed in your home by a company that listens to your requirements

Call now to book your FREE design consultation 020 8942 7556

Hardware repairs /upgrades Virus Removal Windows 10 Training Memory Upgrades Email / Spam ADSL / Broadband System clean-up Wireless Networking Software upgrades Setup / Data Transfers Digital Camera / iPods Video transfers Windows Server support Lotus Notes /Domino


Learn to Bowl Free Coaching All Ages & Abilities Welcome Bar • Restaurant Social Events Large Car Park FUNCTION ROOM FOR ALL OCCASIONS Jubilee Way, Chessington KT9 1TR

Tel: 020 8397 7025


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Apprenticeships at Nescot “As long as people have cars, my future is set.” From motor vehicles to management, construction to catering, hairdressing, animal care and child care, plus plenty more, Nescot continues to be at the forefront of apprenticeship education in Surrey. Nescot, the best route to your career, contact us today.

020 8394 3038

Visit Nescot, Reigate Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT17 3DS


Highly-qualified hair and beauty specialists offering a wide range of treatments to the public

020 8394 3110

We treat muscle pain, sports injuries, arthritis symptoms and more

020 8394 3154

Gym and facilities hire at Nescot.


020 8394 3133

020 8394 3111

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Fundraising My name is Lottie Wood and my family and I are doing Tough Mudder on the 7th of May to raise money for a charity called CureCJD. Four and a half years ago, my mum became ill with a rare disease called CJD. My mum was a much loved friend to many, and a fantastic mum to me. I grew up with it being just the two of us, we had a very strong relationship and, over my first 12 years, she taught me so many things which I carry with me as part of who I am every day. I will always admire her for all her incredible qualities and her positive and enthusiastic nature which taught me to appreciate any opportunity for adventure, and her strong-minded and determined outlook which has made me who I am, and which makes me proud to say I’m her daughter. CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease) is a degenerative brain disorder which, usually within a year and often much sooner, shuts down all the cells in the brain and kills the person suffering from it. It affects less than a 100 people a year in the UK a year and unfortunately there is currently no cure, so CureCJD is trying to raise funds to develop the first use of an antibody drug to treat it. My mum was diagnosed in the summer of 2012 with CJD, and died just 2 months later and we lost a dear mother and friend. I became part of the Lucas family and, although the circumstances were not ideal, four and a half years later I am so grateful to have been blessed with my 3 incredible new sisters and family. I cannot begin to explain how much I value them and how amazing they all are both inside and out. They have supported me through the last few years which have been hard for all of us, and they continue to show their support now, by joining me in taking part in the 2017 Tough Mudder. Tough Mudder is a 12 mile run in thick

mud, with obstacles after every mile. These obstacles include things like electric nets, a ‘leap of faith’ to a trapeze, and extreme conditions like icy waters and rings of fire... CureCJD is a small charity but their cause is very important to us and anything you can give will help them get closer to finding a cure to this rare and awful disease. We have put together a Just Giving page where you can donate online: fundraising/rememberKym. Or you can donate through text - by texting KYMW63 with an amount to 70070. Our aim is to reach at least £1,000. Anything you can give will be hugely appreciated. Let’s do this!

Want to do something rewarding, fun and worthwhile?

We’re looking for volunteers!

When times are tough you have to shout about your business

EVEN LOUDER Be seen and heard by the your local market in the Village Voice and Worcester Park Life. With competitive pricing, friendly efficient service and helpful advice it’s simple and effective - but then the best ideas always are.

Call jenny on 020 8336 2915 or go online

Wide variety of ways you can help, working with older people or behind the scenes. Friendly team and flexible hours. 

Meeting and greeting


Supporting basic IT

Admin behind the scenes

Visiting people at home

Photography... and more!

Contact us:

020 8942 8256

The working name for Age Concern Kingston, est. 1946


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Charity number: 299988

Are you over 50? Do you live in Kingston? Do you want to improve your bone health? If you are at risk of osteoporosis or have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you could benefit from our FREE 14-week exercise course and/or information session. New Malden Library

Kingston Road, New Malden, KT3 3LY starting Tuesday 18th April, 11:00am

Star Centre

King Charles Crescent, Surbiton, KT5 8SU starting Wednesday 19th April, 17.15pm

St George’s Church

111 Hamilton Avenue, Tolworth, KT6 7QA starting Thursday 20th April, 2.30pm Places are limited. Please register by: Tel: 0300 123 8086 Email: Web: To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915 Promote your local event FREE email details to




3 words

fairly easy


2 words


4 letters: 8

D SI 5 letters: 5

6 letters: 2


You have two minutes to find all the words of three or more letters that can be made from the letters above. Plurals are allowed, proper nouns are not. The 6 letter word will always be just a normal everyday word.






not so easy

3 letters: 13



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We are a local, fa mily business and offer very competitive prices on our exceptional dry cleaning services Shirt service: £1.50 2 piece suit: £8.30 Football / rugby kits washed & laundered Shoe repairs Any size duvet: £9.50 Feather duvet: £16.80

171 South Lane, New Malden KT3 5ES 020 8949 5333

E rig E P h A th t o RK e ut sh sid IN op e G !

Thurs .30pm Mon -5 am 0 .3 8 n Ope at Fri 9am-1pm S 8.30am-5pm



F in d u s oo k on Fa ce b 1 D ry C lea n e rs

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Call us on

020 8605 1300

Spring your property dreams forward – now is the perfect time to buy or sell Let us help you sell or let your home and find a new one If you’re thinking of selling or letting and would like some expert advice on current market conditions, call us today. We’ll support you every step of the way.


Please remember to mention the Village Voice you speak toManagement our advertisers Residential Sales • Lettings • when Property

Outstanding Care Time and again our patients rate us as one of the best private hospitals with 99% rating our overall quality of care as Excellent or Very Good*

• • • • • •

Exceptional nursing Highly skilled Consultants New state of the art operating theatres New cardiac diagnostic facility Recognised by all major insurers Fixed price surgery and finance packages available

A private, charity owned hospital providing compassionate healthcare for almost 60 years *Patient Satisfaction Survey Jan-Dec 2016


+44 (0) 20 8949 9000



Find us: Just off the A3 184 Coombe Lane West Kingston KT2 7EG

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


BE GOOD AT BEING YOURSELF Unlock your child’s potential with Stagecoach Performing Arts Singing, dancing and acting classes for 4 - 18 year olds, where students learn to embrace life with creativity and courage 0208 773 4242 - Cheam & Worcester Park 0208 540 7791 - New Malden


Creative Courage For Life


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Stagecoach Performing Arts Schools are operated under franchise and are independently owned by their Principals. Stagecoach is a registered trademark of Stagecoach Theatre Arts Ltd.

Find out more today:

Get spotted @

One of the most successful tennis academies in Great Britain is looking for their next generation of champions. Could it be your child?

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915





Pro-fit Window Systems Ltd supply & install Double Glazed Windows, Doors and Conservatories We are an established family run business who focus on serving householders within the community. l l


TEL: 020 8288 8893 FAX: 020 8288 8894 l

164 Leatherhead Rd Chessington Surrey KT9 2HU l


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What’s On Give blood

Find out times an book an appointment by calling 0300 123 23 23 St James’s Church Hall, Bodley Road, New Malden 5th April A.F.C Wimbledon Football Club, Jack Goodchild Way, 422A Kingston Road KT1 3PB 4th April Raynes Park, Dundonald Church 577 Kingston Road, Raynes Park, SW20 8SA 13th June St Philip, Ruskin Drive, Worcester Park KT4 8LG 11th May

New Malden Farmers Market

@ the carpark behind the Fountain pub 9am-2pm 1st saturday of each month


Music in New Malden 3 o’clock, 2nd Sunday in the month New Malden Methodist Church, High Street KT3 4BY an hour of music followed by tea and cake All concerts and programmes are subject to confirmation. Check the website for latest news. web:


There’s still time to sign up for the world’s biggest fundraising swim and make a splash for charity at the Malden Centre (all in aid of Marie Curie) Official sessions for people wishing to take part in the UK’s 30th Swimathon will be held between 2.30-5.30pm and 6.00–9.00pm on Saturday 8th April – details for last minute registration can be found at As an added incentive, everyone signing up to the Swimathon at the Malden Centre will be entered into a free raffle, with the chance to win a 3-month swim membership and other great prizes.

Kingston Museum’s new thought-provoking

exhibition will showcase artwork by local tattoo artists and photographers, as well as how the borough played a pivotal role in the history of British tattooing. The exhibition, which runs until 15 April, will also examine how the local community perceives tattoo culture, giving visitors the chance to join the debate. Councillor Andrea Craig, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Heritage, Arts and Leisure at Kingston

Council, said: “We’re proud to offer such an eclectic mix of exhibitions at the museum, which sits in the heart of Kingston. The practice of tattooing has stood the test of time, from Neolithic iceman to present day. This exhibition will explore the change, diversity and importance of tattoo history and culture. “This particular exhibition could not have been possible without the work of the Young People’s Board, which is made up of a group of 18 to 30 year olds who take an active role in the shaping of our Museum. If you’re interested in joining the board, or indeed volunteering at the museum, do get in touch.” To find out more about the Young People’s Board, or volunteering at the museum, email kingston.

Rose Theatre Kingston

24-26 High Street, KT1 1HL Box Office: 020 8174 0090 (bkg fee) Wed 5 – Sun 16 Apr The Twits “Mr. Twit was a twit. He was born a twit. And, now at the age of sixty, he was a bigger twit than ever.” Mr Twit has a very hairy face. His beard is spiky and smelly. It also contains cornflakes, sardines and even some stilton. Mrs Twit is equally as foul and she hates Mr Twit just as much as Mr Twit hates her. The Twits really are the most spiteful and revolting couple you could ever hope to meet. They spend their days playing wicked tricks on each other and mistreating Muggle-Wump monkeys. They also have a particularly sticky trick to catch Roly-Poly birds for their bird pies. But not for much longer because the monkeys have a cunning plan to teach those terrible twits a lesson. Rose Theatre Kingston and Curve Leicester’s mischievous new production, directed by Max Webster (The Lorax at The Old Vic), promises to be just as disgusting and repulsive as earth worms disguised as spaghetti – the perfect Easter treat for all the family. Recommended for ages 6+. Wed 19 – Sun 30 Apr Junkyard It’s 1979, rubbish is on the streets, and it’s tricky being Fiz. She’s 13, she’s got no money, her sister’s pregnant and her mum thinks she’s a waste of space... Rick remembers what it’s like to be a teenager. So when he decides to build a junk playground in Bristol, he’s pretty sure he has the charisma to get a bunch of reluctant kids involved. He’s wrong. But with some old-fashioned emotional bribery, Rick persuades Fiz, Higgy and Ginger to help him. And the project turns from something that means nothing to something that means a lot. And kids that care about nothing, start to care a lot.

To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Epsom Playhouse,

Ashley Avenue, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5AL (01372) 742555 / 742227 Magic of The Beatles 31 March Yesterday - the Golden Anniversary Tour Join the authoritative live concert show, celebrating the 50th anniversary of Yesterday! 1966 saw Lennon and McCartney come of age as songwriters: the Beatles’ 11th EP, Yesterday, and seventh studio album Revolver both topping the charts. The Magic of the Beatles returns us to this golden era, and more. Taking you from the Beatles’ Mop Top roots

to the psychedelia of Sgt Pepper and beyond. From Love Me Do to Let It Be. The Music of Bob Marley 1 April Combining his superb, distinctive vocals with flawless musicianship. . . timeless, million-selling hits Could You Be Loved; Is This Love; One Love; No Woman, No Cry; Three Little Birds; Jamming; Buffalo Soldier and scores more reggae classics come to life. A truly talented cast that has performed with Desmond Decker, Dennis Brown, The Mighty Diamonds, Errol Dunkley and Burning Spear, capture to perfection the charismatic cultural icon that was Bob Marley. Prepare for a legendary night of happy vibes. Pete K Mally. On The Road (Myers Studio) 1 April Pete K Mally is back on the road to share his stand-up routine based around his twenty years experience of teaching, his new novel and frankly everything else. As usual expect special guests, a few surprises and a belly load of laughs. Albert Lee 2 April Double Grammy Award Winner, Albert Lee returns to Epsom Playhouse this time accompanied by his American Band. Undoubtedly one of the finest guitarists the world has ever seen, Albert is also an accomplished piano player and has a fine singing voice. He has a soulful voice but can equally ‘tear it up’ rock ‘n roll style. Pull the Other Theatre Education: Easter Holiday Shakespeare Drama Workshop ‘THE COMEDY OF ERRORS’ 3 - 7 April Come and laugh with PTO Theatre in their fun and dynamic 5 day drama workshop on Shakespeare’s most farcical of comedies, ’THE COMEDY OF ERRORS’. A hilarious story about two sets of identical twins’ separation and their quest to find long lost relatives and make lifelong friends. Patsy Cline - The Concert she never gave 3 April An evening of song, laughter and legendary stories is promised when you come along to this enthralling tribute to the music, life and times of one of the world’s biggest country music stars - Patsy Cline. It is some 50 years since patsy left a great legacy of hit records. This wonderful show pays tribute to country music’s world renowned superstar. Seven Drunken Nights - The Story of The Dubliners 4 April Seven Drunken Nights brings to life the music of Ireland’s favorite sons - ‘The Dubliners’. Telling the story of a career spanning 50 years and evoking the spirit of Ronnie Drew, Luke Kelly, Barney McKenna, Jim McCann, Ciaran Bourke and John Sheahan, this hugely


talented cast of musicians and singers bring the music of this iconic group to life. An evening with John Humphrys 5 April Broadcasting’s toughest interrogator talks about his 50 years in journalism and broadcasting and invites you to turn the tables on him. Proceeds to his Kitchen Table Charities Trust which finances projects supporting people in the poorest areas of the world. This meeting is sponsored by EPSOM TALKS! – bringing prominent speakers to Epsom & Ewell since 1898. Membership £32 per season (pro rata rates available). Visit: or contact Elizabeth Mackie, Membership Secretary, on 01737 355300 Magnificent Music Hall Matinee 6 April Back by popular demand. Take a trip down memory lane to the glorious and glamorous heyday of traditional Music Hall, a truly golden era. All New Rock n Roll Paradise 7 April In 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll Paradise returns to the UK’s theatres for the 8th successive year but in a new and exciting format. For the first time ever the show’s producers are not disclosing ‘who’ will be performing at each show. Alice in Wonderland - Ballet Theatre UK 8 April Join Ballet Theatre UK and follow Alice on her magical adventure as she tumbles into Wonderland. Basing his Ballet on Lewis Carroll’s much loved classic books Artistic director Christopler Moore has created a captivating piece, brimming with wit, humour and charm. With its whimsical flights of the imagination, eclectic music and joyful dance, Alice in Wonderland is delightful entertainment for all ages. The Searchers 9 April The Searchers remarkable career continues. With such classic hits as, Sweets For My Sweet; Needles and Pins; Don’t Throw Your Love Away; Sugar and Spice and When You Walk In The Room, they have contributed enormously in establishing the UK as the world’s leading nation in the music industry. There is no doubt that the decade that gave us The Beatles as well as The Searchers and many others was very special and will go down in history as being the most imaginative period of music creativity and expression. The French Quarter All Stars 10 April Authentic jazz from the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans. Beauty And The Beast 11 April Belle lives a quiet provincial life in the village of Ooh La La… until an Evil Enchantress arrives in town. Belle’s father accidentally stumbles across a terrifying Beast and his daughter is taken captive… Now it is up to Jolly King Cheggers, the village idiot Wally, Dame Dolly Doolittle and the mysterious Fairy Tale to save the day and unlock the Beast’s magical secret. Mr Bloom’s Nursery - LIVE! 12 April Bring your ‘tiddlers’ along and join Mr Bloom and the Veggies on their first ever live tour. Mr Bloom and his Veggies are getting the Nursery ready for a very special occasion - a member of the Royal family is paying them visit! Can you lend a hand and help them get the Allotment ready in time? They certainly hope so! Featuring all of the much loved elements of the TV show, Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) will be joined by all his gardening friends: Margaret, Joan, Colin, Raymond and Sebastian, the lovable Wee MacGregors, and not forgetting Mr Bloom’s trusty machine ‘The Compostarium’.

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MALDEN FORTNIGHT LOGO COMPETITION 2017 ÂŁ50 PRIZE TO THE WINNER and ÂŁ75 FOR THEIR PRIMARY SCHOOL OR CLUB This year the Malden Fortnight Committee are looking for a fantastic original LOGO to promote our 2017 events. The winning logo will be used on our website and printed on the huge banners displayed around New Malden & over 20,000 leaflets.

Our theme this year is


1. Just print a4 the template from our website onto white a4 paper. Your design needs to stay within the oval shape and be colourful ! 2. Include the words

Malden Fortnight 2017 and The Sea

3. Make sure you write your name, age and class and school or club on the back and hand it into your school office or club organiser by

2nd May 2017

If your school is not participating then hand it into Suttles, New Malden (56 High Street) 4. Finally, you need to be aged 11 or under


pp or tin g th e Hig

un d

Our last 3 winners....

i as L h Street Christm

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New Malden Matters New Malden Residents’ Association Cocks Crescent - Facts Not Fiction On the 19th April, the draft Supplementary Planning Document, published in 2016, will be put before the full Council. This has come about because MICO’s petition opposing “overdevelopment” in Cocks Crescent obtained sufficient signatures for the proposal to be “called in”. This site has been cleared since 2012 . New development guidance Supplementary Planning Document) put forward in July 2014 was declared “not fit for purpose” by the Neighbourhood Committee in response to issues raised by local residents and councillors. As a result of this councillors turned to the local community to come forward with their ideas and views on how the land should be developed. The New Malden Future Group came about as a result of this made up of representatives of the New Malden Residents’ Association, Groves Association, Community of New Malden Businesses, Kingston Society, Brycbox Action Group and various interested individuals. The New Malden Future Group developed a vision that would be to the benefit of New Malden and its future generation to create a new heart for New Malden so as to secure a sustainable future for the town centre. It has been working with the Council in producing a realisable and exciting plan for the town centre. This would involve creating a community hub to include a new town square with a Leisure Centre and other community facilities. This could be, as so many other Centres are today a central hub, including possibly, not only the swimming pool and fitness facilities, but a new library, a flexible space that could be used for cinema, theatre, rooms for meetings etc. This is not fanciful; many town centres are utilising their space in this flexible fashion which provides a myriad of uses for Mums and tots, children, teenagers, adults, the older generation. This is what brings a community together - this is what provides space for imaginative and exciting activities. Children need physical activity and challenges, and a new Leisure Centre could provide these in a much better environment. And maybe a climbing wall? Great for physical ability and for confidence building. The Community requirements are an essential requisite for this site. The existing Leisure Centre was built over 30 years ago and whilst it has served New Malden so well over the years, new Leisure Centres are now built to different standards with different requirements in mind. In the words of Councillor Kevin Davis:


….………..”However, the current pool is simply not good enough. I remember it as being an OK pool when it opened, but it was not built with a mind to the future and it has struggled to meet demand for some time. It is now in need of refurbishment, but the reality is refurbishment could be throwing good money after bad. The pool is not big enough for the number of people who now wish to swim. I have been turned away on more than one occasion because when lessons are going on there is simply no place to swim. The community facilities around the pool are equally not big enough.” A new leisure facility has to be paid for. Even if the existing Leisure Centre were to be refurbished, it would still have to be paid for. And whatever happens on the Cocks Crescent Site, there will be development. It is much better that the Council retain control of what will be built, than for the land to be sold to Developers who will try to get as much as they possibly can on the site. Again in Kevin Davis’ words: “Unlike many planning briefs, we own this land. This means that we are in complete control of our destiny subject to what is being proposed being financially viable. This is a lock that does not exist elsewhere” A more flexible building would enable different activities to take place with rooms that can be moved around. Air conditioning, which is now noticeable by its absence, would enable exercise classes, and any other physical activity, to take place in manageable temperatures. And one very important fact, new Leisure Centres (Clapham, Streatham and Westcroft Leisure Centre, Carshalton) to name but a few, increase their membership and actually make a profit! Clapham Leisure Centre makes £1.3m profit every year, money which is divided between the Council, investing in other leisure facilities in the borough and the operator of the leisure centre. Our Leisure Centre has a footfall of 500,000 every year - this could increase bringing with it a much needed boost in income. New libraries also increase their membership, because libraries are now more than just lending establishments, they have book clubs, toddler groups, computer rooms, etc. They have become multi-media/multi functional information learning centres as well. Again in Clapham, the library was moved from its original backwater location outside the town centre to the High Street. This resulted in it becoming the most well used library in the borough. Our existing Library is not central and not easily accessible to many people in New Malden. A Library in the town centre would attract many more residents. We also need a town square. At the present time there is no space in New Malden that could fulfil this function. The vision put forward by the New Malden Future Group has had overwhelming support during the various stages of public consultation carried out by the council. The council has made various changes to the Supplementary Planning Document as a result of public consultation.

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The New Malden Future Group would have liked more changes to the SPD but that it provides a platform for the successful creation of a New Heart for New Malden in a bold and imaginative way that will give New Malden the sustainable future it deserves. It is crucial that that future development provides the public and community benefits in our vision however, this needs to be paid for by enabling housing development. It is essential that the scale of development does not overwhelm the area and that it is sensitive to and integrates successfully with the surrounding residential area. Through its ownership of much of the land the council is in the perfect position to secure this together with the framework provided by the SPD. It is, of course, essential that the council does not waiver from its commitments in delivering the community’s clearly expressed aspirations and ambition for a first rate new focus for New Malden of the highest quality, and which will be key to securing it with a sustainable and viable future. The New Malden Future Group has written to all Councillors and is meeting our local MPs and the leaders of the political parties on Kingston Council to stress that Cocks Crescent should not be made into a political football. The development is far too important for Councillors to play politics with.

So if you do attend the Council Meeting on 19th April, please think about what we are voting for. It is all very well to continue to say “No”, but we need to work with Councillors to ensure that we have a Centre of New Malden that provides us with a manageable number of residential dwellings, a community hub that will benefit our residents and an open space that is more user friendly and safer than it is now. Other Councils can do it - so can Kingston. Frances Marsh

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PART-TIME SECURITY BARRIER OPERATOR A security guard is required on a part-time basis to operate a two-arm electric traffic barrier installed by Kingston Council on the private Coombe Estate at the junction of Warren Road and Coombe Lane West. The hours of work, Monday to Friday, are 9am to 11am. The Coombe Estate has a problem with rat running traffic, and the holder of this position will be required to alleviate this issue by turning away unauthorised vehicles. Authorised vehicles are identified by means of windscreen stickers. A gateperson’s hut is provided. This position could suit a recently retired member of a security company or a retired police officer. If you are interested and would like further information, please contact Mr Mick Taviner, Secretary to the Coombe Estate Residents’ Association by e-mail at: or telephone on: 020 8337 2766. To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Gardening Flower Power Pippa Greenwood

You can grow a huge range of flowers from seed at home. It’s amazingly inexpensive and surprisingly easy too. If you’re after some long-term residents for your flower borders then rather than paying several pounds for each and every plant you buy, why not be a bit more adventurous and grow your own from seed? Just about every perennial flower - that’s those that last for years and don’t have to be replaced on an annual basis - is available to grow from seed, and although you’ll have to wait until the plants have put on plenty of growth before they start to perform, once they have reached flowering size, they’ll just keep on and on performing! There are lots to choose from, including lupins, silene, Echinaceae, geranium, perennial poppies, delphiniums, gaillardia, hollyhocks, rudbeckia and salvia. Pay a visit to your local garden centre or study the pages of some seed catalogues and start plotting and planning what you’d like; you could save yourself a fortune, and all from a packet or two of seed.

To get started, all you need are some containers into which you can sow the seed – I like to use half-sized seed trays, RootTrainers or smaller individual cells. You will also need some good quality compost and your chosen seeds. The job will be all the easier and better if you have something to tamp down the compost too, plus labels, a permanent marker, a dibber and some vermiculite (for covering seeds that need some light to germinate well). Compost often has a fair number of lumps in it, so sieving it through a compost sieve (which has much larger holes than a kitchen sieve) will allow you to remove the larger lumps, leaving fine compost perfect

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Groveland Way KT3 A beautifully finished three bedroom semi-detached house with a stunning kitchen/family room with bifold doors which open onto a southerly garden. No forward chain. £595,000 Freehold

Burlington Road KT3 Ideal for sharers* A two double bedroom first floor flat. The property is neutrally decorated throughout and includes the electricity bills in the rent. Available now, part-furnished/unfurnished. £1250pcm

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for seed sowing. If you sieve it straight into the pots, cells or trays, make sure you collect up any that falls on the surface below. Once the compost is in the tray or pot, firm it down so that there are no large gaps beneath the surface, as you don’t want subsidence later on. Levelling it off will make it easier to ensure the seeds are all sown evenly and at the same depth. You can make your own tamper using a piece of wood with a small block of wood nailed to it to make a ‘handle’. When it comes to sowing the seed, it is worth remembering that it is easier to look after the seedlings later on if the seed has been sown in rows, rather than randomly scattered. Straight rows are easily made using a plastic plant label. Check the seed packets for the precise depths at which the seed needs to be sown as this will differ from variety to variety. If you are sowing seeds in small cells then it is easier to make the holes using a dibber. If you don’t have one, a pencil works perfectly well! RootTrainers are particularly useful for larger seeds such as sunflowers. Sowing the seed thinly along the drills in a seed tray makes life easier later on. Sown too densely, the seedlings that emerge will need more thinning out, and will be more likely to become drawn, leggy and weak, whereas


SJL Paving provide a vast range of paving and patio services. We use all types of manufactured & natural stone paving. All of our staff have many years of experience. To ensure the highest standard of improvement to your property we make sure that the ground is properly prepared to ensure a long and lasting flawless finish.

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given a bit more space they tend to be a lot sturdier. Once in place, just cover the seed with compost. If you are sowing larger seed into cells, just pop the seeds in to the prepared holes and cover to the required depth. The ideal sowing depth will be stated on the seed packet – it is not too exact a science, but it is best to get it about right! When all the seeds are sown, use a watering can with the rose attached to water the compost thoroughly. If the seed sown was quite small then it is best to water the compost by standing the tray in a shallow tray or bowl of water, and allow the compost to absorb the water from below – this way the seeds are less likely to be displaced. Finally, don’t forget to label your seed trays clearly, ideally with a permanent marker. You may think you’ll remember what is in each tray, but seedlings don’t always resemble the full-grown plants that closely. Many perennials need heat for the seed to germinate reliably. Put the trays, pots or cells into a propagator, standing each on moist capillary matting. Once the seedlings appear, gradually lower the temperature and then prick each one out into its own pot. Allow them to grow on, keeping them fed and watered as necessary. In just a few weeks or months you can have some great plants ready for the garden. Visit Pippa’s website www.pippagreenwood. com to buy gorgeous UK grown vegetable plants accompanied by weekly advice emails from Pippa, or to peruse the really useful selection of Pippa’s favourite gardening items including SpeedHoes, SpeedWeeders, raised bed kits, Nemaslug and other nematode controls for leather jackets, vine weevils and other pests, pull-out EasyTunnels, signed books and lots more besides.

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To feature in this section email


New Malden Rotary Club Malden Golf Club,Traps Lane Monday evenings 6.15 for 6.45pm Barry Collins 07740 257 255

Monday Netball Club Mondays 8.30pm

Katie Leason 07910 256107

English Conversation / Lessons Christ Church Centre, Coombe Road. Mon & Tues, 10am - 12noon Chris Coke 020 8942 7388

St James Players If you enjoy acting do come or help backstage. Mon and Weds 8pm St James Church Hall, Bodley Road New Malden.

NHS Retirement Fellowship Are you retired or about to retire from the NHS? Why not join us on the 1st Tuesday of every month from 10am -12 at Christ Church Hall, Christ Church Road, Surbiton, KT5 8JJ. We have speakers, activities, coffee & chat.Other outings & activities are also arranged during the month. Lorna 020 8337 4121

Half Shares We are a group of widows who meet together on the 1st Tuesday of every month. We have a speaker and enjoy a cuppa and a chat. Come and join us at 1.45-3.15pm at Christ Church Centre, Coombe Rd Lily 020 8949 1431 The New Malden Investment Club Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at the Grafton Club, Grafton Road, New Malden.

Colouring Club A soothing and enjoyable pastime for adults with no skills needed. 1011am at Cafe Galio. Royal British Legion, Malden and Coombe Branch meetings are held at the Grafton Club on the second Wed of the month at 2.30pm. New members welcome. Jan Feist:


Early Morning Running Group Speed work on tarmacked areas, totaling 6-8 miles. Mixed ability group. No fee. Meet: The gates of Sir Mem Sec: Joseph Hood Playing Fields, Marina St James Cafe, Bodley Road, New Ave, Motspur Park, KT3 6NE. (Three Malden runs on the 3rd Monday minutes walk from Motspur Park of every month (except August) station). Time: 6.00am at the gates. between 9.30am and 11.30am. Finish 7.30-7.45am. Olwen 07941 Secretary 020 8942 1926 Everyone welcome. Come for a chat Malden Bridge Club When: Tuesday 898896, over a hot drink and a tea cake. Dates New Malden Quilters Association evenings 7.30-10.30pm Graham for the rest of 2016 - 17th October, is a not-for-profit group which Spicer Institute, by entrance to 21st November and 12th December meets on the first Thursday evening Waitrose car park. (note earlier date). Contact Heather of each month at St John The John 020 8942 7560 020 8336 1582. Act For Justice New Malden Baptist Divine, Kingston Road, New Malden church; Westbury Road. KT3 5BE. first from 7.30 – Refreshments Tuesday of every month, 8 - 9.30pm. are provided during the evening. Tuesdays We enjoy a variety of speakers, This group aims to combat human Tuesdays workshops, meetings, friendship trafficking. We’ll discuss issues of Early Morning Running Group and welcome anyone interested in forced labour, sexual exploitation and Hill training on The Hamptons, domestic servitude, raise awareness Quilting and its associated crafts. covering 6-8 miles. Mixed ability £6 entry for guests. and fundraise. group. No fee. Meet: The gates of Sir We are lucky to have a number of Joseph Hood Playing Fields, Marina talented members who are willing Ave, Motspur Park, KT3 6NE. (Three to share their knowledge and minutes walk from Motspur Park expertise with us. A warm welcome Wednesdays station). Time: 6.00am at the gates. is extended to all visitors, especially Malden & Coombe Social Club For Finish 7.30-7.45am. Olwen 07941 beginners. The Blind Alternate Wednesdays 898896, 2pm to 4pm Mike Ball 020 8942 0819 Arthritis Care New Malden Branch 075785780726 Volunteer drivers/helpers VERY Arthritis Care Kingston and District welcome Meetings 3rd Tuesday of the month St. John’s Hall is open between Talking Of Trains In Surbiton 7.30pm in the evening at Alfriston 2.00 and 4.00pm for Tea And Chat. If Talks at the Surbiton Library Hall each House Berrylands Road Surbiton you are on your own please feel free Wed evening throughout the winter Jocelyn King 0208 942 6745 to drop in for a free cup of tea and months. 1st meeting free, cost £50pa The New Malden Ladies Badminton some company. 411 Malden Road www.talkingof Club When: Tuesday at the Malden (between Worcester Park station Centre from 20.30 till 10pm We are and The Plough). 213 Bus stops a mixed ability club looking for new nearby. members. Lynda 020 8949 2673 or just pop in.


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The Malden and Coombe Townswomen’s Guild welcome new members. We meet at 10am on the third Thursday of the month at the United Reformed Church hall in New Malden. We are a friendly group of women of all ages and backgrounds. We have interesting speakers from various organisations; outings, clubs, bring and buy sales and competitions. We charge just £3 for your first visit which includes coffee and biscuits. Deirdre Banks on 020 89494743

Malden Camera Club New Malden Library, Kingston Road Thurs evenings throughout the year at 7.45pm

Malden Centre Orchestra Malden Centre, Blagdon Road, 10am-12noon every Thursday (term time only). Come and enjoy great symphonic music in a friendly group of players under the leading of an experience conductor. Contact:

Tolworth Badminton Club Tolworth Recreation Centre Thursday evenings 7.30-9.30 Intermediate/advanced level

always available. £5 table money. Parking available outside the hall. Also buses and trains from very close by. Rosemary Vase 0208

Malden Emergency First Aid Society (Mefas) Members meet each Thursday evening at 7.30pm for First Aid training. New members required. Everyone welcome. Hall available for hire. Christine 07966661015 Kingston Association for The Blind Lunch Club at The Mefas Hall, rear of Malden Centre, Cocks Crescent, New Malden - for people with a severe sight loss - for a sandwich lunch on the last Thursday of every month 12.30 to 2.30 pm. £3 per person and friends or family are welcome.Kerry at

Malden And Coombe Flower Decoration Society St.James Church Hall Bodley Road 3rd Thurs of the month 7.30pm. Why not come along to these evenings and dazzle your family and friends with your expertise! Visitors £6 Pat 0208 395 9175 or just turn up

K.A.B. 020 8605 0060

Come and join our friendly local bridge club at the Shiraz Mirza hall (behind Norbiton station). We play 24 hands of duplicate bridge - with electronic scoring - every Thurs from 7.30pm.Host system so partners

5468719 or Pauline Finn 0208 549 3270 or just turn up

Alison Honor 020 8949 8036

Malden Wanderers Badminton Club 22, Cambridge Avenue, KT3 4LE When - 8.30-10pm We are a friendly club looking for new members. Bobby 07946 532 846

New Malden Women’s Institute Shiraz Mirza Hall, Manor Park Hall, Malden Road, New Malden, KT3 6AV. 2nd Thurs of each month at 7.30pm Barbara 0208 546 1495 or

PART -TIME GARDENER An experienced part-time gardener is required for a unique private 9 acre garden in Kingston. This is a mature garden containing many rare and important trees and shrubs, and is open to the public twice a year. It also features a Japanese water garden. You will work as part of a team with two other gardeners, 2 days a week – 8am to 4pm. Salary according to experience and qualifications If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Tanika for an application form at: or telephone 020 3542 0177 To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915


Kingston Debating Society An evening of lively intelligent debate, where you get to have your say. Thurs7.45pm 10 March Kingston Methodist Church, Avenue Road, off Fairfield South, KT1 2UJ

New Malden Voices for all adults 8-9pm every Thursday in term time at New Malden Methodist Church. New Malden Youth Choir for children 7-15 years old 6.15-7.15 every Thursday in term time at New Malden Methodist Church Contact Jane on 07775654854


Craft Group We meet at New Malden Baptist Church on the 1st Friday of the month from 7.30pm - 10pm to knit, crochet, sew, papercraft, bead. Fiona on 0208 949 8269 or

Friday Morning Running A mixed group, consisting mainly, but not restricted to, mothers with children in school, meet each Friday morning at 9.50 am in the Pembroke Lodge car park TW10 5HX, for a run of between 3 and 4 miles in Richmond Park. This is a social group of runners with no pressure on ability. New runners are more than welcome (everybody has to start somewhere) and time will be taken to accommodate them. Don’t feel inhibited, come and try us! Bob 07936 240937

RSPB Epsom & Ewell Local group 2nd Friday of every month at 7.30, apart from July and August, at All Saints Church Hall Fulford Road, West Ewell with guest speakers who illustrate their enthusiasm on a variety of natural history subjects. We also have several birding outings throughout the year which is arranged to suit all ages. There is a small charge for non-members of the RSPB. groups/epsom.

Over 60’s club St. James Church Hall. Bodley Road, New Malden from 1pm to 2:30 pm (Doors open at 12:30) We have musical entertainment, a raffle and refreshments. Coach outings are organised during the Summer months. Sheila 0208 949 5118


Saturday Dementia Club staywell Services 2nd Saturday of the month 11am to 2pm in New Malden for people living with dementia, their family and carers, Call 020 8942 8256 and ask for

Cathy or Marion email Learn to sew and knit! Do you want to learn to sew or knit, improve your skills or just meet other knitters and


sewers to work and chat? Join the Sew and Sews on the second and fourth Saturdays at 10.30 a.m. at St. James’ Bodley Road. Everyone welcome. 50p for refreshments.


Emanuel Rugby Where: Shannon Corner, KT3 4PU When: Adults Tuesdays and Thursdays,7.30pm, Saturday 2-3pm. Children: Registration at the club is 1030am with training starting at 11am on Sundays Fergus McCarthy 0845 8338974

Malden Lime Grove Bowling Club, New Malden Both new and experienced bowlers are welcome at our friendly club with coaching on hand to guide and advise. We bowl outside from late April to the end of September, but social events for members are run throughout the year.

For enquiries ring Sue on 0208 395 6778 or John on 0208 949 4315

Supreme Bowls Club

We welcome new bowlers of both sexes, all ages, and all abilities from late April to end of Sept. Come and try bowling for free. We are a friendly club with around 70 members on the Kings College Sports Ground close to Woodies pub at the junction of Thetford Road and Windsor Avenue, New Malden, KT3 5BF. Mick or Di on 020 8942 0294.

West Wimbledon Society Table Tennis Club

Friendly social table tennis club in Raynes Park welcomes new members (sorry not complete beginners). 020 8947 3564. Surbition Bowls Club Alexandra Rec, Tolworth. Roll ups Tuesday evenings from 5,50pm. Small friendly mixed club (35 players.) David 020 8224 2385 From The Ground Up local affordable organic box scheme - Kingston’s own - fresh organic veg, fruit, bread, cheese and preserves at exceptional price. Collection every Saturday from Kingston or Surbiton.

Surbiton Croquet Club

Where: Alexandra Drive, Berrylands. Croquet is a game for all ages and abilities. All welcome at very friendly club, including (especially!) complete beginners. Free introductory croquet coaching sessions. Chris Osmond 020 8330 6698 Malden Manor Bowls Club, Manor Park, Malden Road. New members will be made very welcome. Roll ups, league matches, internal and external competitions; we offer bowling for all levels of interest and ability. Men’s Secretary Gerald 020 8949 4623 or Ladies Secretary 020 8394 0877.

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Suppliers of Quality Fencing Materials

DISCOUNT AVAILABLE WHEN YOU MENTION THIS ADVERT We Supply l Featheredge, l Timber Posts l Concrete Morticed Posts l Concrete Gravel Boards l Timber Palisade l Sleepers

Arris Rails Timber Gravels Boards l Concrete Slotted Posts l Lapped Panels l Decking l Concrete Spurs l l

We also manufacture our own Handmade Closeboard Panels, Trellis & Gates TRADE & DOMESTIC CUSTOMERS WELCOME Open Mon - Fri 06.30am - 4.30pm Sat 07.30 - 12.00pm

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The Dawn Raiders The DAWN RAIDERS strike every Tuesday and Thursday morning, meeting at the gates of Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields in Marina Avenue, Motspur Park KT3 6NE at 06.00 am. We’ve been meeting here for several years. It’s a mixed ability group and because we use “loops” everyone can train together without feeling left behind or inadequate. The sessions are tough and serious but you can work as hard or as easy as you wish. The effort involved is down to the individual; there is no pressure on pushing yourself to the limit. We have welcomed Comrades Marathon competitors, Ironmen, triathletes, marathon runners, mums on maternity leave, social runners and, of course, there is our hard core of regulars. Most of us are members of the Windmilers running club, but prefer to do our midweek training early morning. The Tuesday morning warm up involves a gentle jog along the track by the cemetery to The

Hamptons where we have a quick mobility stretch before continuing up the side of the hill and down to the clock house where we start and finish our hill sessions. We use different undulating loops and the total distance at the end of each session is between 8-10k (this does not include the warm up and warm down, approximately 2 miles). The longest undulating loop is 1.3k and the shortest 560m. We sometimes throw in a five-six times one mile loop which goes round the boardwalk and along Pig Farm Alley back to the clock house. Our Thursday warm up takes us alongside the cemetery, looping back along the horse fields. We have a quick mobility stretch with drills before starting our speed session. This involves repetitions of anything from 200m-2000m around the playing fields or along Green Lane. We usually save the longer reps for our marathon training preparations. The speed session usually covers 6.4k-8k. Of course, you are not compelled to complete the full session, you can leave earlier, but always let someone know so that we don’t go looking for you at the end of the session! Nothing stops us! We even meet on dark, snowy mornings. We also celebrate birthdays with cake and bubbles post run before everyone dashes off. We have a community spirit and there is no fee. We want to see more people running and training. So if you are interested in joining us just turn up or contact Olwen on 07941 898896 or email


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Schools A Wonderful Win for Christ Church New Malden Primary School! On Tuesday 14th of March, 16 specially selected gymnasts from Christ Church New Malden Primary School took part in an intense competition at Chessington Community College, which showcased the very best gymnasts from junior schools across Kingston Upon Thames. We were one of 16 local schools fighting for first place! The year 5 and 6 team included Darci Whiting, Poppy Mulcahy, Bethany Thorn, Caitlin Wilkins, Owen Miles, Ruby Hill, Katie Stone, Frankie Thorne, Seth Williams, and Daniel Sheen. Representing year 3 and 4 were Kezia Caldwell, Alex Mischi, Joshua Lee, Freya Wennstron-Brown, Christy Waller and Beau Bristow. Bethany, Ruby, Owen and Seth formed the Squad, and all others competed in the individual Elite trials, performing 3 routines including floor, vault and body management. When we arrived, we were overwhelmed by the atmosphere, and buzzing with nerves and excitement! 4 hours later, after some furious flipping and superb

stretching, it was time to announce the winners. We couldn’t believe our ears when the results came in that the Christ Church squad had won gold and would be representing Kingston upon Thames at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in July. Further success was then announced that Poppy incredibly won gold in the Elite individual trials, Darci took bronze, and from the key steps 2 group, Freya won silver! 7 medals and 16 happy faces! This was a fantastic experience and we would like to say a huge thank you to our amazing coach Miss O’Conner for her time, encouragement and support – you’re the best! By Ruby Hill and Katie Stone, year 5, Christ Church New Malden Primary School.

Pengilly Shoe RePaiRS

and Key Cutting

Specialising in Quality Shoe Repairs Key Cutting Polish and Sundries leather goods School Bags 153 High Street New Malden KT3 4BH

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Codeword Each letter in this puzzle is represented by a different number between 1 and 26. The codes for three letters are shown. Once you have filled these throughout the grid you can start guessing words and reveal other letters. As you find the letters enter them in the box below.

Local, Friendly & Professional Local, Friendly & Professional removal services

Removal Services Free quotations – packing – storage – local/national/international

“We’ll hump anything” Office : 020-8336-1956


WE’LL HUMP ANYTHING Packing • Storage Local / National / International

Tree Surgery • Tree Felling Stump Grinding Tree Surveys and Reports Planting• Hedge Maintenance Fruit tree management Fully qualified Arborists £5 Million Liability Insurance Local Authority Approved Free Quotations and Advice

020 8393 3222

020 8336 1956 50

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Heartfelt care in your home Care from 30 minutes support each week to full time live-in care We pride ourselves on delivering a personal service enabling you to live life in your own comfortable and familiar surroundings Hourly Care at Home is an ideal solution if you want a little support during the day, evening or night Live-in care is an excellent alternative to residential care if you want to remain at home and require one-to-one full time care.

To find out more, come and visit us or call our award winning team

“I cannot thank the team at Trinity Homecare enough for their support in caring for my Mum...they are worth their weight in gold.� Julia S, Surrey

Central House, 1-15 Central Road, Worcester Park, KT4 8EG

020 8108 To advertise4564 email or call 020 8336 2915


Kids Play There’s lots going on for pre-schoolers Mondays

10am to 11.30am Tots In Tow St John’s Church, Kingston Road Contact Dave on 02089425643 1.15 pm 3.15pm. St James Tiddlers Group We welcome all parents and toddlers, plus big sisters and brothers when they’re on holidays. St James Church Hall, Bodley Rd Contact Angie: 020 8942 2093 9.15 11.15 Stay and Play (0-18 months) - New Malden Children’s Centre, Burlington Road 020 8336 1561. Bumps and Babies under 1 NCT coffee morning, fortnightly Mondays. 10am to 11.30am. The Watchman Pub, New Malden. All welcome. NCT members and nonmembers. For more information and to confirm the next meeting date please contact


10am to 11.45am St Joseph’s Toddler Group St Joseph’s R C Church, Montem Road 9.30am to 11.30am Sparkles United Reformed Church, Cavendish Hall, Cavendish Road Contact Peggy Cox 020

8949 3402 to visit. 9-11.30 Stay and Play New Malden Children’s Centre, Burlington Road 020 8336 1561


10am to 11.30am Tots in Tow (see Monday) 10am and 11.45 ST Joseph’s Toddler Group (see Tuesday). 12.30pm - Stay and Play (0 - 5 years) - New Malden Children’s Centre, Burlington Road 020 8336 1561


9.45 to 11.30am Methodist Church Parent and Toddler Group Methodist Church, High Street, Contact Julia Morton 020 8942 1288. 9.30am to 12.30pm 9.30 - 12 noon Childminders’ drop in including school holidays, Norbiton Children’s Centre, The Mount School, Dickerage Road, 0208 942 2559 10.30-11am Story Time for age 2.5+ at New Malden Library


9.30am to 11.30am Christ Church Parent and Toddler Group Christ Church, Coombe Road Contact Susie Gregerson 020 8241 9423. 9.45am to 11.15am Tadpoles Parent and Toddler Group New Malden Baptist Church, Kingston Road 020 8942 6912 – not a drop in session so call first. 10.30-11.00am Rhyme Time for age 0-3 at New Malden Library 9-12.Toy Library New Malden Children’s Centre, Burlington Road 020 8336 1561. Also at NMCC Breastfeeding Support Group - 10.00 - 12.00 - first week of

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the month Twins Support Group - 10.00 - 12.00 - Second and fourth weeks of the month,


Parent and Toddler Play Sessions Dickerage Lane Adventure Playground Dickerage Lane, Daniel Slocombe 020 8942 1707,


10-12noon Who let the dads out is at Norbiton Children’s Centre, The Mount School, Dickerage Lane, New Malden Runs the third Saturday of every month. 10am-12pm Stay and Play - Dads group - - first Saturday of every month New Malden Children’s Centre, Burlington Road 020 8336 1561. Every second Saturday of the month, New Malden Library 10.30-11.00am. Free Saturday Rhyme Time for under 5s. Dads especially welcome. Join us for 30 minutes of rhymes, songs and instrument shaking! Men behaving Dadly is a group that meets on a Saturday morning once a month in the Christ Church lounge. Dads bring their young children to enjoy playing with the toys and relax together by eating bacon sandwiches and drinking coffee.

KT3 0-5 yrs Softplay £2.95 per hour, £1.50 2nd hour

SIBLING DISCOUNT AVAILABLE Open Monday - Friday 9.30am-5pm, all year round BOUNCY CASTLE, BALL POOL, RIDE ON TOYS AND LOTS MORE CAFE WITH CHILDREN’S HEALTHY LUNCH BOXES The Pavilion, Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Park Marina Avenue, Motspur Park, KT3 6NE Plenty of free parking

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  

                               

   

   

   

 

 


 

 

 

 

 

 

 

 

 


  


  

 To advertise email or call 020 8336 2915 


Parkin' some thoughts Technologically Challenged by Nick Hazell I admit to being a bit old fashioned. Take technology. It’s all around me, but I’ve never quite fully embraced what it has to offer. In fact, I’m rather resentful that it’s taken away some of life’s simple pleasures. In my job, slamming the phone down in an arrogant fit of negotiating peak was far more satisfying than the modern alternative of attempting to violently press the call end button on one’s iPhone and inadvertently ordering a pizza. There is also something special about receiving a hand written letter. My father was a great letter writer. In public he was a man of few, normally well chosen, Bristolian twanged words. On paper, those words flowed more freely. Every month at University, I received several pages of neat prose recounting the latest office politics, trips away with friends normally involving the consumption of three bottles of red wine before elevenses and anything else that was on his mind. Each letter was accompanied by his monthly stash of Luncheon Vouchers. These were intended as a food subsidy rather than as a credit line for establishments of ill-repute which, I’m told, was one of their alternative uses. My reluctance to engage fully with the modern age and preference for pen and paper has meant that I’ve never really embraced social media. I’ve always thought that being “famous” on Youtwitfacetube is a bit like being rich in Monopoly. I’m also struck by the irony that when angst ridden, teenage dreams were once committed to diaries, the authors were incensed if someone read them, whereas now there’s an equal feeling of discontent if an on-line revelation isn’t read by everyone. I would quite happily have seen out my days without having to consider which emoji or hashtag to apply to any emotion or thought. I have a problem though. In Parky World, the use of social media seems to be a handy, if not essential, tool for communicating. This might be to do with some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s meaning that as a group, we’re more likely to drop our phones down the toilet and less likely to write a decipherable letter. Whatever the reason, the internet is full of Parkinsonian inspired twitter accounts, blogs, vlogs, google hang outs and You Tubers. You’ve got to be in it to get it.


So, I thought I’d give it a go and opened a Facebook Account. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve not dived in to the pond of on-line chat forums from the 10 metre board, wearing a pair of multi coloured, tight fitting speedos and creating an enormous splash upon entry. Indeed, my appearance has been carefully concealed wearing the technological equivalent of a false moustache, wig and dark glasses. I’ve no desire to be tracked down by axe wielding, sociopathic former school mates arranging “reunions” or elderly friends of my Mother whose lack of hearing is reflected in their WRITING IN CAPITALS. I took the plunge to gain access to a Parkinson’s UK London Marathon chat group. The idea is sound enough. Through an exchange of supportive messages we see each other through the horrors of our respective training programmes as we work towards the big day. There’s no doubt that it works for some, but I’m not sure this on-line shoulder to cry on is really for me. First, everyone seems to be

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injured, worrying about being injured, not having trained enough or being too slow or in contrast, demonstrating just how much they have trained and how fast they can run. It’s not settling for the nerves. There’s also the perceived need to validate one’s existence through the on-line currency of “likes”. Once I’ve posted what I consider to be a witty remark, certainly compared to yet another query about whether bananas or mini cheddars make for a better fuelling strategy, I feel a wave of insecurity wash over me as the “seen by” number exceeds the “like” counter by some distance.


Using only the letters in the Wordwheel, you have ten minutes to find as many words as possible, none of which may be plurals, foreign words or proper nouns. Each word must be of three letters or more, all must contain the central letter and letters can only be used once in every word. There is at least one word that uses all of the letters in the wheel.

TARGET Excellent: 43 or more words Good: 36 words Fair: 30 words

I’m unlikely then to take this particular social media adventure much further. Mrs H, who is worldly wise in the ways of the Internet, suggested that maybe Facebook just isn’t my thing so I should try another format. There has even been talk of a blog, whatever that is. I’ll no doubt move on from my traditional way of thinking, but there will always be limits. For example. when out on a recent training run, I opened my pack of energy giving Love Heart sweets and was, somewhat prophetically, confronted with one of their modern slogans, “Tweet Me”. That’s where I draw the line though. I mean having Parkinson’s is bad enough, but writing in 140 characters or less? Now, that really is a challenge!






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A Photographer Dreams.... by Hugh Griffiths I love April – it’s the real beginning of Spring … there may have been a couple of false starts last month, but now we can see the days really being warmer and our gardens, parks and streets getting more colourful. The flowers are coming out, cherry blossom is all around us and the birds are doing what birds do in Spring. I particularly love robins and I see that I haven’t included any of my photos of these beautiful creatures in these articles. What a mistake! Their colour, their cheeky attitude, their willingness to come very close to you and check out how you are disturbing their patch of ground; all of these are lovely and makes them fairly easy to photograph (although I once was gardening with my camera ready to take the picture only to find that he was sitting on my camera. A picture missed!). Wisley Gardens – the RHS centre just down the A3 – is a great place to take pictures of flowers and trees. I was lucky to find this hawthorn with a resident robin, who made sure that I was no threat to its domain. He sat on the branch, looking at me and cocking his head. I was about 2 metres from him and was able

to spend about 5 to 10 minutes watching and snapping. There are a number of things that make this picture work – for example, the eye of robin himself (herself?) is at the intersection of a “noughts and crosses” pattern on the photo and this seems to make the picture more attractive to our minds. The flowers are nice and don’t distract from the bird; and the branch is angling slightly upwards from the left, giving a slight sense of dynamism. These tricks of photography seem a bit odd and (to me anyway) are not intuitively obvious), but they do seem to make good pictures. Down on the coast again. I was up very early that morning (this picture was taken just after 6:30) and walking along the beach with the tide out. Here was a man, digging up bait for his fishing later that day. The sun was behind him,



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making him into a silhouette with his reflection in the sunlight on the wet sand. When I asked if I could take a picture of him, I got the impression that this was an every day occurrence … standing there in the early sunlight he was a photographer’s dream! I’m not very good at taking pictures of people I don’t know – get a bit embarrassed at doing it without their knowledge, and don’t find it easy to just ask. But, I have found that there is almost no push back when you do ask, and that almost everyone is happy to be photographed. In fact, I have only once been given a negative response to my question. However, it is usually polite to ask and to be aware of how your subject (not a subject, of course, these are real people!) might react. In this picture, I have got all the interest on the left side, with the right getting gradually darker and with little places to focus. I like that balance but it’s worth asking yourself, when you are taking a picture or doing some editing on it, about how the final outcome will look. Incidentally, cropping a photo – making it a different shape – is the single most important editing tool that I use. And then a return to Wisley, later in the month, gave me a chance to take pictures of blooms. Some flowers just cry out to have a close up taken of their heart. And this is absolutely one of them. It’s a very simple photograph – and anyone could take one like it of flowers bought from a shop and sitting on the dining room table at home. In this case, I had a tripod with me and was able to look down on the flower and to centre the picture on the heart of the petals. Then, cropping it to a square format so that there are no edges, makes the picture quite striking. The way that the yellow centre gradually blends into the white is

attractive and helps to make this a picture that could be blown up and hang on the wall in your living room. And, you know, it really isn’t that expensive to have a canvas made of your photos, or a large poster print made and framed for your home.

Don’t forget that the Malden Camera Club meets on Thursday evenings at the Library in Kingston Road. We are a friendly group, and love our photography. Come along one evening. You will be very welcome!

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Solutions Quick Quiz

1. Rin Tin Tin 2. Tate Britain 3. Rugby League 4. Marie Curie 5. Time Person of the Year 6. Blankety Blank 7. Eusebio 8. George Bernard Shaw (winning the Nobel Prize for Literature and an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay for Pygmalion) 9. One million pounds 10. Pigeons





WORDSEARCH Hidden phrase: Wonder is the seed of knowledge; Francis Bacon




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Royal British Legion Malden & Coombe Branch Well, as I write this column it looks like Spring has finally sprung!! New life has begun to grow in the gardens and we are hoping that this year the same is going to happen at Malden and Coombe Royal British Legion. We are hoping that you and others around you can bring new life into the branch by joining our lively group. No attachment to the armed services is necessary, just an interest in helping those in need both for current and veteran service men and women. For just £20 per year (0.39p a week) you will help those in need. You need not do anything else within the Legion. However if you wanted to join us on the 2nd Wednesday each month at the Grafton club, you could help us plan future events such as visits to local Poppy factory and BBQ ,as well as any artistic people out there who are able to help with the Malden Fortnight Float. If you wish to join us or need more information as to how to join us please call Jan on 07900482379 or Roger on 07572390203.We can deliver membership forms to you locally.


NOW THEY NEED YOU WE ARE IN THEIR DEBT! Join the Malden & Coombe branch of the Royal British Legion

Please contact the membership secretary for information & application form Annual Membership £18.00 which includes £2.00 branch fee.

Registered Charity 219279

The Battle for Passchendaele took place 100 years ago , with a million British, Canandian and Australian troops taking part in this mudbath of a battle.Over the five months, thousands of brave men lost their lives there, including my Gt grandfather and we intent to commemorate those brave men throughtout 2017, at Malden and Coombe RBL. TO THE MEMORY OF THE FALLEN AND THE FUTURE OF THE LIVING You can now follow us on social media: Twitter @MaldenCoombe Facebook Malden and Coombe Royal British Legion

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61 19/02/2017 23:43



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Maldens village voice april 17