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Ebony Brotherhood Association

Volume 1, Issue 1


My Brother’s Keeper Preamble of the EBA Constitution In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we will strive to increase the image of black men on campus by means of educative, social, academic, and community oriented programming. We hope to stimulate and create a positive social atmosphere; to integrate our members within the greater Capital community, both through collaborative efforts and general acts of support; to provide community service to Capital as well as the Greater Columbus Area; to establish an inclusive society of brotherhood where our members feel included, accepted, supported motivated, and challenged; and to provide an authoritative voice for the cause of the black men on campus on issues of society, black culture and racial relations.

Inside this issue:

Officer Meetings: Harvesting Leadership Qualities


The Brotherhood Intiative


November Meetings


Deaing With Identity


Being A Member of the Brothoerhood


EBA Mission Statement


Brother of the Month


Presidential Address: Building Rome in One Day When I took the office of President in the Fall of 2011, I agreed to take the reigns of an organization that was a shell of it’s former self. There was less then five members consistently attending meetings. We had infrequent campus programming. We hardly had any type of university presence. In better words, the organization as a whole had a lot of room for improvement. The first time that I ran in 2011, I wanted to increase the size of the membership, implement a greater sense of brotherhood, and legitimately impact Capital University. I will be the first to admit that my first term was not as successful as I would have hoped that it would be. We started off strong, with over 25 registrations at the organization fair. There was a lot of hanging out and relationship building. Our premiere event, Night in the Mezz, was the undisputable favorite . The other desired implementations did not materialize. At the end of year, the organization would see nearly all of it’s spring semester events, including the Annual Black Male Summit, canceled.

All failures aside, we created an identity for members to believe in and therefore motivation for continued organization growth . While there were doubts on our abilities to program, the bonds and friendships that were born during my first term are undeniable. I took office with a desire to build the organization into a powerhouse dynasty with the a legacy that its members, current and future, would want to carry on. I told my vice-president, who at the time was Dajon Reese, that my desire was to build Rome in one day. It wasn't enough for me to lay the groundwork for EBA to become a great organization after I left Capital. I wanted to rejuvenate the organization, see it in it’s glory, and prepare it for stability long after I was gone. At the end of my first semester, we revamped how we ran the organization. A full executive board was elected for the first time in years. We rewrote the constitution over the summer and started programming efforts early in the year. Effort is the theme this

year, and we’ve truly tried to put our best effort forward; everything is intentional. I believe that this shows in our product. In every category, we are performing better then we did last year. This is just the next step in our evolution as an organization. This is the first Ebony Brotherhood Association Newsletter, but it certainly won’t be the last this year. My desire is to put out an issue bi-monthly. Hopefully future administrations will keep this effort going.

I believe in the future of EBA; the future is now. Thank you for your support. We are all in this together. Let’s get Rome built.

Mid-Semester update This section is to recap all members on the different events that we’ve done this year, as well as to let the Greater Capital Community know about all of the work that we’re doing to better this campus. Our attendance this school year continues to rebuke the trend from previous years. Currently, we have around 15 to 20 members regularly attending organization meetings, committee meetings and events. This is great. We should continue this trend. We are only as strong as our membership body is. Brothers In Bexley was a hit this year, just like Night in the Mezz was last year. We had nearly 30 members come and partici-

pate in the brotherhood. More information on the Brotherhood Initiative can be found on Page 2.

This was a great way to get people acclimated with other famous black males besides the commonly celebrated ones.

This year, Vice President Steven Eaton planned the event Black Film Is… The organization showed a viewing of Black Dynamite. Afterwards we held a discussion about the imagery in the film. One pertinent point brought up was the role of man in family. This was a great event that highlighted how so much of our culture is shown through media.

EBA filmed a Gangnam Style Video and posted it on YouTube. The phrase "Gangnam Style" is Korean phrase that refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul. It would be like saying “Beverly Hills Style.” This video was not only fun to make but also indicative of the attitude that EBA members posses. We’re in college, having the time of our life. Find the video on the EBA Facebook Page.

Once again, EBA hosted a Kids Korner event. This year we did a mix and match memory game featuring prominent black men NOT NAMED Martin Luther King Jr.

Please stay informed on upcoming events and make sure you come support.

My Brother’s Keeper Page 2

Officer Meetings: Harvesting Essential Leadership Qualities The great Vince Lombardi once said, “Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile.” It is under this directive that the EBA Executive board decided to start a new initiative where we make sure that we are grooming our members to be leaders.

Group Picture from “Brothers In Bexley”

From our body, every year, we choose 6 men to lead us throughout the following school year. This is a big responsibility and sometimes we place this trust with guys who have don’t yet know how to lead. This is not to say that we do not fully appreciate the effort, and enthusiasm. Even agreeing to sit on the exec board is a great step, and it takes heart to accept that in the first

place. What we intend to do, is make sure that this enthusiasm is met with equal aptitude; we would be fools to allow the inept to guide us. That said, I would like to formally introduce the Leadership Initiative. The goal is to have one dedicated meeting, every month where we workshop specific leadership skills. Some of the sessions will be geared towards leadership development. We will talk about leading committees, functioning as a liaison to other campus events, and speaking before the organization. Other sessions will deal with internal development. We will go over the EBA constitution, by-laws, and campus policies. We will

also cover how to make constitution amendments so that the organization can live and evolve over the years. We will have sessions on programming. The leaders of tomorrow need to know how to throw effective programs independent of the hand of the executive board. These are just some of the topics that we want to cover in these sessions. It’s highly encouraged that those who want to step into leadership roles in EBA, attend these officer meetings. There are ongoing talks among the current exec board to require those seeking office to be officer-certified. More importantly, these workshops will help you as individuals grow, while you’re in EBA, as well as once you leave college.

The Brotherhood Initiative

“Good organizations do not have a tolerance for mediocrity”

Upcoming Programs

November 17th Sister Network Unity Dinner $3 for EBA Members

December 6th MultiCultural Affairs Office Hosts Annual Pre-Kwanzaa Celebration

December 9th EBA and Sister Network Study Break Game Night December 15th Winter Break

The consensus favorite organization event from last year was the Night In the Mezz. What started off as a pun on the popular Jay-z and Kanye West song N.I.P (Ball So Hard), the event ended up being one of our best bonding events. We followed up this year with the sequel: Brother’s in Bexley. Staying in the same initial spirit of the song, (“Ball so hard, I’m shocked too, I’m supposed to be locked up too; If you escaped what I’ve escaped..etc.”) , we tried to put together an event where we could join together, have real talk conversations and just have fun. Needless to say, it was a huge success again this year, but we want to do more.

Starting on November 20th with the Brotherhood Meeting, we are going to make sure we have a consistent focus on building our friendship with eachother. Coming up in the Spring Semester, we want to increase the number of events that EBA funds. Stay tuned for more information on that. A key element of retention is a feeling of belonging. As members of EBA, you will always have a home, and it’s imperative that you know that each and every one of us have your back. May the true spirit of brotherhood continue to guide you as you seek to increase the image of black men on campus.

Brotherhood Building Events Spring Semester

Trips to the AMC Movie Theatre

Poker Nights

Spades Night

Trips to Easton

Madden /2K Tournaments

Skate Night

Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3

Meetings For November

November 6

General Body Meeting

LC 07. 8:30 PM

November 13

Officer Training

First Officer Training. Orientation and familiarization with Officer Protocol. LC 07. 8:30 PM

Brotherhood Gathering

November 20

Movies Over the Projector. Cards. Light Refreshments.

The 2012-2013 Ebony Brotherhood Association Executive Board. (Left to Right Prince Otchere, Malcolm White, Camren Harris, Steven Eaton. Not pictured: Re’Sean Johnson and Nathaniel Carr)

LC 07. 8:30 PM

Committee Meetings

November 27

(All in EBA Room)

8-8:30 EBA Week/Black Male Summit 8:30-9 Formal 9-9:30 Lip Synch

Dealing with Identity Being a multi-cultural student on a predominantly white campus is an experience that all black students have to face. It’s an experience that is hard to explain if you’ve never been in the situation. I’m sure by now, you’ve probably shouldered the burden of representing your entire race. Sometimes this comes in the form of a teacher singling you in class and asking you to speak on behalf of your entire culture. Other times, it comes as you walk down the hallway, and have e a classmate make a remark generalizing everybody that looks like you, based on something that you do or say. It’s not fair. It’s not right. Often, people don't even know that they’re doing it. Nonetheless, it’s something that we have to contend with.

“Transition As a member of this organization, I applaud you for taking that burden and manipulating it into a positive, rather then a negative. The ever present aim of the Ebony Brotherhood Association is to increase the image of black men on campus. As black men we are always under the scrutinizing eye of a majority population who doesn't quite understand us; as members of EBA, we’ve decided to take that magnifying glass, and intentionally try to positively direct the black male narrative on campus.

For these reasons, I would like to remind you that in the case of all events that we host, and among all EBA related posts, we need to be representing the very highest level of excellence. Everything that we do affects the integrity of everything that we stand for. Moreover, irrelevant to your standing in the organization, you are always a black male. It’s imperative that you remember, when in class, when at the fountains, when in the MDR, that the way you act changes the way that people look at other black males. Be a beacon of continuing success, and do not hold us back. All together, for us, we stand.

from fitting in, to standing out.”

Being a Member of the Brotherhood Often times, the idea of being a member of EBA is misunderstood. Though the mission of the organization is to increase the image of black men on campus, the population of the organization is much more heterogeneous than just African-Americans.

The qualifications for the organization are simple:

You have to be pursuing an undergraduate degree at Capital.

You have to be in good standing with the organization

You must maintain a 2.0 GPA

You have to have completed an EBA Membership form

*note: We have not yet made these membership forms available, so please be on the look out for them in the near future. You have to pay a membership due, each semester

You have to make sure and uphold the standards of EBA, as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws

These are the core of the membership requirements for the organization. The full requirement is listed in depth in the consti-

tution, freely available to anybody that ask. It should be noted, if you are not a member or you fall out of membership compliance, you can still be a supporter of EBA. We have a special designation for these gentlemen : “Friends of EBA.” Friends of EBA do not have voting privileges, or a voice at meetings, but they are recognized enthused supporters of the organization. Alumni, inactive members and nonstudents are the most common type of “Friend of EBA.” If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Vice President Steven Eaton.


Increasing the image of black men on campus. We, the members of the Ebony Brotherhood Association, are sincerely interested the creation, maintenance and repair of the image of black men on campus.

Ebony Brotherhood Association President Malcolm White Vice President Steven Eaton

EBA Room Basement of Lohman Complex West Wing Capital University 1 College and Main Bexley, Ohio43209

In the spirit of diversity and inclusion, we will strive to increase the image of black men on campus by means of educative, social, academic, and community oriented programming. We hope to stimulate and create a positive social atmosphere; to integrate our members within the greater Capital community, both through collaborative efforts and general acts of support; to provide community service to Capital as well as the Greater Columbus Area; to establish an inclusive society of brotherhood where our members feel included, accepted, supported motivated, and challenged; and to provide an authoritative voice for the cause of the black men on campus on issues of society, black culture and racial relations. We will positively impact the perception of black men on campus by exuding positive lifestyle choices, earning excellent academic marks and performing as leaders in every facet of the Capital University campus.

Phone: 614-736-0995 E-mail: Advisor Marcus Jackson Phone: 614-236-6950 Email:

If You Haven’t Already Join The Facebook Page!

October EBA Brother of the Month : Bryan Donaldson It is with great pleasure that we are formally announcing Capital University freshman student, Bryan Donaldson to be our EBA Brother of the Month. The brother of the month award is a new accolade, established for the first time this year. It is the little brother of the recently established Udugu (which means brother in Swahili) award. The award is merit based. It is intended to be appropriated to the EBA member who best exemplifies the class and character appropriate for EBA’s standards. Things considered for the award are the level of academic scholarship the member holds, the active participation in events held by the Ebony Brotherhood Association as well as around Capital’s campus, how the member increases the image of black men around campus, and the strength of brotherhood that the member maintains with other members of EBA. Bryan was an easy choice to be selected as our first Brother of the Month, just as his friend Prince

Otchere was an easy choice for the first Udugu award. Bryan is a consistent presence in nearly all EBA functions and events. He is often the first member present and one of the last to go. Though he is only a freshmen, Bryan has already made quite a mark at Capital. He’s a recent initiate to the Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity and a leader among his graduating class. Bryan exemplifies leadership in many ways. He is always quick to offer an opinion on direction. He’s actively sought out ways to better improve his own leadership abilities by attending a conference at Mt. Union with the Multicultural Affairs Office. He also participated in the Smooth Transitions program prior to officially starting at Capital. Most of all, Bryan cares about his academics. He is a regular attendee at the weekly EBA study tables and he prioritizes his work over fun. Bryan is a great member of EBA and we are glad to have him amongst our fold. Keep doing a great job and continue to be the role model and leader that you are destined to be!

My Brother's Keeper Vol 1 Edition 1  

Capital University Ebony Brotherhood Association

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