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2014 Media Planning Guide The Association of Financial Analysts is the premier global network for Financial Analysts and high level finance professionals. This group is a premium networking group and has been growing rapidly since 2008 with 18,000 members around the globe. Direct engagement with our members ensures messaging is being read by the people that really count worldwide. Connect via a group announcement or take advantage of discrete banner advertising to promote your event. Targeted messaging for:   

Conference Producers Enterprise Marketing Financial Training

     

CFOs Financial planning summits Events organisers Finance organisations Communications teams

    

Technology providers Company updates Public Relations Media Producers Market news

Group member experience covers a wide range of areas with 7% specialising in Accountancy, 6% in Research and 3% in Consulting. 30% of members work in the Financial Services industry, 8% in Banking, 7% in Accounting, 4% in Investment Management

Advertising rates Group Announcement Email blast to group members Manager's Choice (featured discussion) Advertising rates

x1 $960 $160

x3 $2100 $350

1 month 3 months 6 months Website banner -small banner (200x300px) $310 $800 $1,200 Website banner - Large skyscraper (200x600px) $500 $1,350 $2,050 LinkedIn Group banner $800 $2,160 $3,280

Aofa media pack 2014