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GreenGuard Today, society as a whole has a responsibility to continuously improve their home and place of work’s carbon footprint. We all need to diligently focus on how we can reduce our waste, support recyclable and compostable products and packaging, and promote recycling in the workplace. The Bodecker single serve capsule is a very unique package concept. It encapsulates high quality products in a recyclable container. Recycling of aluminum begins a cycle of infinite reusability.

International Paper co. has developed a compostable hot beverage drinking cup. This cup can be placed directly in the green bin with other food waste. These cups fully decompose after 4-6 weeks.

Nature Clean has created a line of dishwasher powders and liquid dish soap that are eco and sensitive skin friendly. Nature Clean doesn’t contain any phosphates, eliminating contamination of our fresh water source.

North River Paper Company has 2 styles of eco-friendly paper towel. Large offices tend to require a dispensed continuous roll to eliminate waste. Made from 100% post-consumed fiber reducing the need for foresting. Our water filtration systems have proven to reduce or eliminate the need for bottled water in the office. These machines are clean, compact, and affordable. Bottled water is more expensive when consumption exceeds 1 bottle/week/machine. Our systems eliminates the need for storage and handling of bottled water.

Mister Coffee - Bodecker Single Serve