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Contents Chapter 1

- Brief 1: weeks 1-6 #01 Position Yourself #02: Failure #03: Colour #04: Memory #05: The Everyday #06: Dance

Chapter 2

- Brief 2: week 7 Interim Review

Chapter 3

- Brief 3: weeks 8-9 2 weeks Further Development

Chapter 4

- Brief 4: week 10 Creative Writing

Chapter 5

Final Creative Work Final Major Project Ideas Bibliography Evaluation

Chapter 1 - Brief 1 #01 Position Yourself I went out of this briefing feeling confused of what I was asked to do. After reading my notes I decided to make something hands on using drawing charcoal, chalk pastels and printed images. I thought of it as telling a story of the things I like to do and what represents me. On the next page you will see the stages of my drawing collage piece from starting in pencil then moving onto charcoal and ending with a hair full of adventure.

Drawing Collage

This page includes all the pictures I had either gotten from the Internet or from my own archive I have taken, which I printed off and made a collage with. Pictures include friends, family, food, activities I have done, place traveled, things I like and more.

Chapter 1 - Brief 1 #02 Failure Below is a mind map with ideas I had come up with and had trouble getting started because I procrastinated. This brief didn’t go so well because I didn’t know what to do with the information I had collected (next page). I had asked people this question, “When you hear the word failure what comes to your mind?” I was curious to see what responses I would get. I wish I had done more with this brief, but I was struggling with ideas to do.

On this page is a word collage I had done using words that mean the same as failure done in the font ‘lindy’ and just played around with the capitalization and lower case, making it bold, changing the background colors to give it a different feel and overlapping the words unintentionally. While I was making this I had just put the cursor anywhere and where ever the word ended up I left it how it was.

Above is a panoramic photograph I had taken of the sunrise with my Olympus 16 mega pixel digital camera and it failed because I didn’t line up the image correctly before taking the picture. I’m not quite sure what the double image is, but it looks like they are trees blowing in the distance.

Chapter 1 - Brief 1 #03 Colour I felt really great about this brief because I started early and tried out different mediums/textures such as, lino prints, screen printing and collage to show variety. Color is all around us and is very vibrant, exciting, inviting and interesting to me. I focused on the primary colors red, yellow and blue as well as the secondary colors orange, green and purple because these are the basic colors we use. I also used pink because it is my favorite color. I came up with the idea to do a color collage based on things relating to a certain color. For example, red is known for the stop sign, fire hydrant etc. Afterwards I will screen print each collage according to their color using the collages on the right page.

Color Collages

First, I printed my seven collages onto an A1 piece acetate, which I then put onto an A1 screen and screen-printed each one doing two colors at a time. The next page has all the screen prints I did including the mistakes and the good ones. Once I trimmed them I carefully looked at all my prints and picked out the best ones, which are displayed on the next page.

These are my seven screen printed color collages which are colored according to the things relating to them in the pictures. It was just an experiment/test to see how the prints will turn out and I was quite happy with how they did turn out. The blue and purple prints I only did once because they came out good the first time, however the red, yellow, green, orange and pink I had to do more then once because the ink was either drying fast or it didn’t come out good on the first try.

My next experiment I did was hand carved lino prints that didn’t take me to long to carve out. Then decided to make a ‘color’ and ‘colour’ word collage because everyone spells color differently. I used the same colors throughout my color brief, but didn’t get to finish my piece on the next page. Fig. 1 was the first print I did, but instead of doing one color at a time I alternated colors, therefore making the color underneath mix with the existing color on top. Starting fresh I cleaned the lino and started with red and placed both randomly on the A4 cartridge paper. Then continued with the rest of the colors.

Lino mistake

Above is a paint experiment I had done with acrylic paint and water and the objective was to try and blend the colors into one another to make another color by blowing with a straw.

Chapter 1 - Brief 1 #04 Memory I remember waking up to a lot of ideas and quickly grabbed paper to write before I forgot. Memories are a beautiful thing to cherish with life’s many blessings, gifts and moments. It’s amazing how much our brain can hold a lifetime of memories from a little kid until right now.

Click here - Video During the Easter break earlier this year my parents and I went to Monaco and Paris for about seven days all together. I decided to document the journey, tours, and everything that would contribute to the trip. Above is a quick 2 minute 48 second video of my experience with pictures as well and only highlighting the main points of interest that were on our tour map in both Monaco and Paris. This is one memory I will always remember, visiting the rock of Monaco in Monaco and the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum in Paris, are just a few of the exciting activities I did. Take a look at the video to find out more of my adventure.

Inspiration came from an image I saw on Google while researching ‘memory’ and I thought hanging five memories from a balloon string would be a great idea. I went to the library and got an A1 digital print of the memories I could fit onto the page and then dry mounted them onto 2mil board, cut into strips with a utility knife as you see above.

Memory balloon idea

Then took my balloons and cut up memories into Photo Studio D in the foundation Department to photograph. I was there for the afternoon time slot from 2:30pm4pm and had used an awl to punch a hole through the board to tie the balloon string through. It was a lot of work, but I was able to finish tying the memories and photograph.

Each balloon color represents a meaning to the memories I tied to them. For instance white represented purity in something given or done for the first time. Green represented the outdoors with childhood fun activities. Yellow represented gold and something cherished that meant the most to someone. Pink represented childhood and was a person’s greatest memory while growing up. Purple represented something magnificent and were people’s greatest memory of me. Lastly, blue represents something active and were a mixture of a first accomplishment, great memories people had of and with me, as well as a cherished memory while growing up.

Chapter 1 - Brief 1 #05 The Everyday The Everyday seemed like a fun brief to try so I went for it. One of the hardest tasks was thinking how to start the mind map (below) and what goes on it, but once I had things written down ideas came rolling in. The everyday can deal with people’s lives, transportation, a routine, the outdoors and materials used for example, but I decided to tackle a bit of everything. On the next two pages are a brief selection of the various photographs I had taken in Epsom along with an audio W

Fig. 1 I texted people in my contacts asking if they could take a picture of the top ten things they use everyday and I had only gotten a few responses in time for the crit. Even though Fig. 1 is from a male and Fig. 2 is from a female, we both use the basic necessities every morning.

Fig. 2

Day 1 - Epsom

First, I started off taking photographs of things I past everyday, the route I walk to school and everyday objects I see. Then, took photographs of what people do everyday. For example men at work, people crossing the street, people sitting at the park, public transport, school kids, animals, litter and road signs.


While I was out taking photographs around Epsom I had gotten the idea to record the sounds I hear everyday with just the audio you hear and no image. The idea was to play the audio and have people listen and try to guess what sounds they can hear without any indication as to what it is. I captured life’s beautiful bird noises, moving traffic, people walking and talking, inside Wilkinson’s, an ambulance, and the beeping noise on the traffic lights to walk across the street.

The images above are the ten video/recording stills that I edited and only using the audio in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Day 2 - Train Journey to Battersea Park Today my mission is to go Battersea Park to check out the ‘Everyday Objects’ exhibition at the Pump House Gallery. I got on the London Waterloo train from Epsom to Queenstown Road (Battersea) via. Clapham Junction and documented my journey there.


While I made my way from Epsom to Queenstown Road Station via Clapham Junction, I recorded my journey on the train to see what sounds I would get. I wanted the each stop on the intercom, the train door opening and closing, people moving and anything else was unexpected. My camera battery didn’t have enough space to record the journey from Clapham Junction to Queenstown Road so I took pictures instead. I was making my journey to Pump House Gallery in Battersea Park, which I had never been to before and was about 10 minutes from the station. At the bottom of the page is the screen shot of the edited recording from the train journey.

Fig. 1 Screenshot of the recording

Click here - Audio

Click here - Audio

Day 2 continued - Battersea Park/ Pump House Gallery

As I entered into Battersea Park the first place I had to find was Pump House Gallery because I was going to see the ‘Everyday Objects’ exhibition by Jason Taylor. He had made completely different objects out of something already existing. There is a video on the next page of the exhibition space with music and it took up four floors.

Click here - video

Day 2 continued - Battersea Park & Recordings

Since I had never been to Battersea Park before I thought I would embrace it and walk around for a few hours. As I walked and took pictures I noticed more dogs then anything and realized it must be a park where owners come and bring their dogs to play. It was a huge place and very beautiful, lots of green, yellow, orange and blue colors. I also recorded as many sounds as I could while there which is in the edited audio at the bottom of the page. It includes a siren, water from the fountain, a helicopter, an airplane etc. Please listen and see if you can make out any other sounds I haven’t listed.

Video stills (above) - some of the videos I used in my editing

Click here - Audio

On the next page are black and white photographs I edited in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I chose one image from Epsom and one image from Battersea Park to highlight in black and white because it gives a mysterious feel to the photograph and gives it a different feel.


Battersea Park

Chapter 1 - Brief 1 #06 Dance Dance was the last of the six briefs I had chosen to do and it started out great with ideas flowing, but I was having a rough couple of days in the next week and because of this I wasn’t able to produce anything for the crit. Nevertheless, I had done a good bit of research throughout the weekend and even thought to go to Covent Garden and the Southbank Centre in London to do more research. Every dance has a certain style, and some even have influences from other genres with a twist to it adding a unique style. I was trying to focus on Hip hop, street dance, tap, ballet, flamenco, salsa, Bollywood, jazz, cloth dancing and Irish dancing because they are some of the most interesting styles I find fascinating.

The collage above features the various dance styles I mentioned in the previous page and I had planned to screen print them in one color or maybe various colors to see how it would affect the movement of the dance.

Chapter 2 - Brief 2 Interim Review Presentation This presentation covered the first six weeks and the six briefs of the semester. It was a five-minute presentation focusing mainly on the briefs I was the most excited about and the ones I did the most development on. I believe my presentation lasted around 4 minutes and 30 seconds if I can remember correctly with 30 seconds to spare. 40 double page spreads were laid out with work on them and 1 page as the cover page stating what it was. The six briefs I had done for this semester were position yourself, failure, colour, memory, the everyday and dance, but the ones I chose to talk about were colour, memory and the everyday because I was very happy with the results and amount of work I had done for them. I have attached a link to the issuu version of this presentation on the next page.

Click here to view presentation

Chapter 3 - Brief 3 2 Week Further Development Weeks 8 & 9 For these two weeks I decided to continue with ‘The Everyday’ brief and further develop with photography and recordings of the everyday. I went to Birmingham the weekend of November 8th and decided to capture the experience at Alton Towers with a short home video, but this didn’t quite fit into ‘The Everyday’ because it was more of a NOW experience, then something that happens in the lives of people and their everyday.

Click here - Video

This page features video stills I used and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

However, I spent the day in London on November 19th to go out and take pictures of people’s everyday lives. I thought of places where there would be a lot of people and started out with London Bridge, but it was empty. As I observed people I tried to take pictures of someone taking a picture of something, but felt like a stalker because it made me uncomfortable. I decided to make my way to Green Park and record the sounds instead going through the underground. Before making my way back to London Waterloo Station I also visited Piccadilly Circus and recorded my journey there. In the end, I was more happy and interested in the recordings because hearing a sound and being able to think about what it could be worked out better than trying to be sneaky and take stalker pictures.



DSC_0029 Un-edited sound recordings

The sketchbook page above has the seven recordings I had done for the day. Four of the recordings were short enough to leave un-edited and upload as is, while the other three were over fifteen minutes long and needed to be edited down. Click on DSC_0008, 0012 and 0029 to hear the interesting sounds.

Click here - Audio Recording

Click here - Audio Recording

Chapter 4 - Brief 4: Re-positioning Creative Writing Development When I was given the eleven other briefs to choose from, I decided to define each and every word first in order to fully understand what each word meant. I had a hard time choosing the second brief and I waited to long to do much, but after that crit I was able to get enough inspiration to pick the next brief. For each brief I was able to quickly come up with ideas however, sometimes I wasn’t able to go any further with them and would become stuck. I have worked with different mediums and textures such as, photography, screen printing, hand cut lino prints, working with paint, collage, digital printing as well as using the heat press to dry mount paper onto board. Sometimes I am able to visualize an idea in my head, but when it comes to putting it onto paper or explaining it out loud, it hardly ever works. I always start out with a mind map and then from there I can briefly sketch ideas I have in my head and then further develop them into pieces of work. Looking back at other work I have done I can point out which ones I was stuck on what to do with the information, compared to the ones I further developed and really got engaged with. This term has helped shaped my working process by allowing me to just run with as many ideas to see how far I can go with them. There doesn’t always have to be a final outcome, but the more ideas you have the better you will be to create things. Research I started researching each theme by going on the Internet and using Google web search and Google images. Got first hand information from classmates, family and friends as well as going to museum exhibitions and a gallery to gather more research. Most importantly I looked at the books that were suggested on the reading list and they were quite helpful with the briefs. I tried to stay away from the Internet as much as possible and focus on what people actually thought instead of what people on the Internet might have said. Every theme I did had a different approach to it with my experimentations to help shape them. I had gotten inspired from many images I saw online and in person at an

exhibition or gallery and just found it amazing and curious of how the artist created their pieces. Research is very valuable because how else will you know about something if you don’t dig deep and find out all you can. It goes a long way and can tell people if you are really serious about something or if you don’t care. Just seeing how different artist come up with either various outcomes for one exhibition or seeing how one medium can be so strong is very inspiring to me. I’m not sure if I’ve done enough research this semester, but I feel I’ve done an equal amount as well as development for each of the briefs. Positioning Where do I position myself today? Is a great question to ask myself and is something I haven’t really thought much about. I am not quite sure where I would position myself in the Graphic Design field because there’s so much out there I am interested in, it’s hard to pick one thing to stick to. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the Graphic Design world and I think that’s what my problem is. I like everything, which is making it harder for me to narrow it down, but I might consider going into print or digital design because those are the two I like the most. Hands on work are probably my strongest creative trait because there is no set grid or layout. I can do anything I want and structure it in any way that I want. I am a designer and I will be successful. I would like to gain further experience before I go into the working world with internships and letting people know who I am by networking. The work I have done so far has helped me to get a better understanding of how to layout a portfolio and not everything needs to be put in it except for the most important pieces of work. I have to put myself out there in order for me to let my voice be heard.

Chapter 5 Final Creative Work

After the crit I had decided to take a break and relax from all of the work. I forgot all about this further development of the 2-week brief because I had gotten the next brief on the Monday. Brief 4 was a creative writing assignment focused on where I re-position myself today. I was stuck with what to do with my recordings next and Mike gave me an idea, to make them into a script. I originally didn’t want any text indicating what the sound was, but that was something to experiment with. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take my recordings any further, but that would be the first thing I would do to expand on this brief.

Final Major Project Ideas The final major project has been at the back of my mind because it hasn’t been as import as the work I’ve been working on for this semester. I’m not quite sure what I would like to do for it next semester, but I have a few ideas circulating in my mind. I would like to be more hands on for the FMP and making something from scratch. For example, scrapbooking is one of my hobbies I enjoy in my spare time, but I have no idea how that would fit in. Tutors make it sound so easy when they mention what previous FMP year levels have done. Screen-printing, collage, bookbinding, lino prints and using the laser cutter are of interest to me as well. I like photography because it is in my comfort zone, but I would consider it more of a hobby then something to pursue for the FMP. Since I have done a lot of collage work throughout my work and it might be an option to do various collage pieces. I have no idea what of at the moment, but maybe using pictures I have already taken.

Bibliography Brief #01: Position Yourself - Research : Inspiration from

[online image]

Brief #02: Failure - Synonyms & Antonyms [] - Research : Google Images - Failure Quotes : Word search puzzle maker Brief #03: Colour - Books : Colour, edited by David Batchelor [Amazon online version] : Colour Mania by unknown author [741.6 COL] - Research : Synonyms & Antonyms [] : Autumn colors : Summer colors : Winter colors : Spring colors Brief #04: Memory - Museum visit : I visited the ‘Memory Palace’ exhibition by Hari Kunzru at the V&A in London : Objects collected from the exhibition - Research : Google Images of the word memory : Had gotten inspiration from a balloon installation [online image] - Book : Use Your Memory by Tony Buzan [158.1 BUZ] Brief #05: The Everyday - Gallery visit

: I visited the Pump House Gallery to see the ‘Everyday Objects’ exhibition by Jason Taylor in Battersea Park - Research : Looked at James Maher’s work [http://www.jamesmaherphotography. com/] : William Morris Gallery : The Museum of Everyday Life Brief #06: Dance - Books : A Century of Dance by Ian Driver [792.809 DRI] : Dance, edited by Andre’ Lepecki [online review] - Research : National Museum, Liverpool : Covent Garden, London : Southbank Centre, London : National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC : Types of Dances [] : Synonymns [] : About Andre’ Lepecki [é_Lepecki] : Dance styles 2 Week Further Development - Museum visit : Visited the Science Museum to see the ‘Only in England’ exhibition featuring photographs from Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr Brief 4: Creative Writing - Book : Inspiring Writing in Art & Design: Taking A Line for A Write by Pat Francis [808.0667 FRA] Other - Small publishers Fair

Evaluation Going into third year seemed so unreal because it was as if I just started first year, time flew. I went in with a good mind set ready for the year, but after the first day I was given an assignment. No time for games because school had officially started! The six briefs I had done this semester were position yourself, failure, color, memory, the everyday and dance. A few of the briefs such as, position yourself, failure and dance did not turn out so well with very little development to none. However, the color, memory and the everyday briefs turned out great with various amounts of work done and had fun with them. First of all, can you believe I got my first brief on the first day and did I mention it was due three days later? Welcome to third year! Position yourself was the first of the six briefs I had to do for this semester and I was really confused on what to do. I decided to tell a story with a drawing collage of myself and let the pictures take the shape of my hair. I drew an outline from looking at a picture with charcoal with little detail and a touch of color. Unfortunately, I had only done one piece of work for this assignment and was not able to complete it in time for the crit. I did not go back to finishing this piece because I had gotten the next brief. Failure was the next brief I chose for week two and I did not start out to well with this assignment either because I took long to choose this brief. Days before the crit, I thought to do a word collage with synonyms of failure and place them randomly on the page with different background colors, font thicknesses and colors. The morning of the crit I remember taking a panoramic shot of the sunrise, but noticed I didn’t line up the picture properly so that in itself failed. For breakfast I made French toast and the first one came out perfect, but did not realize how hot the pan was so the second toast cooked much faster. I had also puzzles which did not go anywhere past my computer because I did not have time to take it any further. If I was prepared for this brief I would have come up with more ideas because I was not to happy with the results for this brief. Color was the third brief and one I had the most fun doing at the time because I made more work. I made seven color collages in my sketchbook with what each color means as well as each collage corresponding to their specific color focusing on the colors red, yellow, blue, orange, green, purple and pink. I screen printed the collages in one solid color and some of the colors I had to redo more then once because I either had not put enough pressure when printing it, the ink was drying on the screen or another color had smudged on top. If I can redo these again I would use a darker yellow and a lighter purple, I would not change the other colors because they were fine. I had also done a hand carved lino print collage and a paint experiment using acrylic paint as another idea and I would try and finish the lino with the rest of the colors as well as try other mediums for the paint experiment because the acrylic dried too fast in the water. Brief four was memory and I had edited a video I took during Easter as well as the balloon installation I had made with a great memory from my parents, friends,

other relatives and classmates. I had vision the balloons floating with the memories dangling from the string, but because the card was too heavy it weighed it down. If I were to make this again I would use lighter card or use paper instead and maybe attach pictures of the memory to the back. The video I had done was originally a short 40-minute documentary of my trip with my parents to Monaco and Paris including pictures, videos and audio; which I had edited down to just under 3 minutes. I document everything I do and everywhere I go so I thought it fit this theme perfectly. Next I chose the everyday brief and for this brief I had spent two days taking photographs of what I see, past or what people do everyday as well as sound recordings I hear everyday. The first day I went around Epsom and the next day I made my way to Battersea Park to visit a gallery. The challenge I had with the photographs was trying to take them without being noticed and not looking too obvious. I was looking to capture expression and people in the moment because it looks more real and beautiful. As I was out I decided to have people and their everyday lives as my subject because I was fascinated. The recordings on the other hand I did not have a problem with because my camera was hidden from anyone’s view so no one knew. The last brief I chose was Dance making it the last of the six briefs in the six weeks. Coming up with ideas was the easy part, but going out and doing them were a challenge. The week this brief was due I was having a rough week because I was dealing with a family tragedy that happened two years ago. I was able to get over that obstacle by being around friends and unfortunately still wasn’t able to produce any work. If I was to pursue this brief again I would definitely experiment and put a lot more effort into the work. After the six weeks I had an interim presentation to do showcasing my work. I mentioned all the briefs, but only focused on the ones I had the most fun with and did the most work on because I only had 5 minutes to present. For the next two weeks I decided to further develop ‘the everyday’ brief with photography and recordings. I spent one day in London and felt very uncomfortable taking pictures of random people on the street because I felt like a stalker, but it would have been more comfortable if there were more people on the street. At this point recordings were the best choice to develop more because I can get more documented without being seen. As the semester winds down I can say I have done a lot of work in these twelve weeks. Looking back at all the work I have done I can point out the ones I enjoyed and really got engaged with. This term has helped shaped my working process by allowing me to just run with as many ideas to see how far I can go with them. There doesn’t always have to be a final outcome, but the more ideas you have the better you will be to create things. Time management has been an issue throughout the semester with trying to juggle two different important pieces of work at once and I hope I can fix that in semester two.

Semester 1 Year 3

EGRD 6001 Research, Development & Positioning Portfolio  
EGRD 6001 Research, Development & Positioning Portfolio  

This portfolio has all of the work I have done throughout the 1st semester of 3rd year.