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M for Modern s/s 2013

M for Modernism takes us into a whole new experience of colors and shapes. Is the rebirth of Avant-Garde ideologies still maintaining basic elements such as wooded surfaces, woven goods and cotton blends. A complete different color palette approach for spring/summer 2013 such as earthy hues and lots of white or bleached out colors, as well as hints of bold colors here and there. All of these elements are put together in an edgy and sophisticated approach in which color, texture and shape combine into a fabulous sensorial experience.

Bleached Sophistication

Into the Woods

Metamorphic Rebirth

Kaleidoscopic Intutition

Weaving Grace

White on white, clean and structured, decolorized textures and paled colors such as beige, mint, baby blue and ivory are the kye elements for this trend. Cotton polyester blends and light weight linens combined with interesteng cutouts and structured origami-like patterns. We see it everywhere, from architechture to interiors and apparel.

Taking us back to basics, “Into the woods� is not the typical approach to modernism, but is our way of giving back to earth and going forward. Lots of wooden surfaces and recycled materials. Organic cotton and bamboo fibers, as well as light weight cotton blends combined with wood-like prints and cutting edge accesories and interiors in a very futuristic approach.

Transformation, rebirth and evolution are the essential factors for this trend. New materials, bizzarre shapes and intense hues are what gives such a different and fresh approach to s/s 2013. Cotton-silk blends, as well as silk charmeuse and chiffon in different colors, textures and prints. Lots of tactile textures sucha as feathers, 3-D materials and fabric manipulations gives this trend a unique sensorial experience.

Metamorphic Rebirth

Wild, effervescent, frisky geometric yet organic are the perfect combination for this beautiful kaos. Kaleidoscopic intuition is he way we naturally mix and match colors and prints. For s/s 2013 we take mix and matching into a whole new level. Happy and energetic colors, organic and geometric shapes combined with the softeness of silk blends, chiffon and organza.

Once again going back to one of the most basic material manipulation technique, this time in a futuristic yet sophisticated appeal. Basket weaving, crocheting and macrame are the ultimate texture and luxury for the season. Also used for indoors decoration, forniture, accesories and most interesting, in apparel. Bamboo fibers and blends combined in interesting weavings and patterns will be the highlight of the season.

M for M odern s/s 2013 By: Malu Lara

M for Modernism