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November 2009

Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 5

Malankara Catholic Church St. Mary’s Mission Toronto St. Eugene’s Chapel◊13 Regina Avenue◊Toronto, Ontario◊M6A 1R2

tional Anthem, followed by raising of the flag by our Rev. Vicar, Fr. Daiju Kuriakose. We then celebrated the Holy Qurbono in English.


Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM) day is dedicated to the youth of the Malankara Catholic Church as they unite under the fellowship of Christ to celebrate their identity as MCYM members. MCYM day was celebrated on October 4, 2009 in our mission. The event began with a procession, symbolizing our offerings to the Lord, where fellow youth members carried the bread, water and wine, fruits, and flowers to the altar. During the procession, we sang the MCYM Na-


After mass, we began MCYM day festivities with a welcome speech by Lynn Babu, our MCYM president, followed by an inspirational speech by our adult speaker, Babu Thazhamon. Our youth conducted a variety of activities including a video presentation and a Jeopardy quiz competition. The video presentation consisted of brief introduction of the Malankara Catholic Church, clips of young aspiring MCYM members sharing their excitement of being members of MCYM in the coming years, as well as parents expressing their gratitude for members of MCYM

new school year has come before us, and the Youth

find themselves enrolled in an interesting new class. Malayalam Classes are underway every week at Church, with the intention of teaching speech, reading, and writing. The youth were interested how a Malayalam class would be, and the initial response has been very positive. The everknowledgeable and always charismatic Francis Thazhamon (Babu) has chosen to undertake the teaching duties within the class, and with previous experience in teaching the older youth, it promises to be a very capable and educational class. -Daniel P.

© St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Toronto

Toronto for all their hard work and dedication. Finally, we coordinated a Jeopardy game with two competing teams: mothers and sons against fathers and daughters. Although the mothers and sons took an early lead in the game, the fathers and daughters made a dramatic comeback to win the game. The MCYM day celebrations ended with a closing speech from Daiju Achan, which highlighted the importance of MCYM in the Mala nka ra Catholic Church. Overall, it was a blessed day, and we pray that our youth may continue to grow spiritually in faith and love through Christ our Lord. -Divya M. & Christine J.

MONTHLY EVENTS Nov 14  Monthly Prayer Meeting at Saji and Laly’s residence Nov 21  English Mass and Adoration for Sunday School Children (Saturday, 6:30 pm) Nov 22  Sunday School Bake Sale Nov 27  Christmas Caroling (Brampton) Nov 28  Christmas Caroling (Stratford)

Sunday Liturgy 2.00 PM Song practice 2:15 PM Malayalam Classes 2:45 PM Sunday School 4.00 PM Prabhatha Namaskaram ( Prayers before the Holy Mass) 4.30 PM Holy Mass

Contact Information: Fr. John Kuriakose, 222 Ridley Blvd, Toronto, ON, M5M 3M6 Tel: (416) 485 7781

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Archbishop Gregorious


Mission Sunday


Reunion Movement


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Malankara Catholic Church



Benedict Mar Gregorios OIC (February 1, 1916 – October 10, 1994) was the second Metropolitan Archbishop of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church. He was ordained as a priest on August 24th, 1944 and became the Bishop of Trivandrum on January 29th, 1955. When he became Archbishop, he took the motto “Lux mea caritas” which means love is my light. Under the leadership of His Grace Archbishop Mar Gregorios OIC, the Mar Theophilos Training Col-

As the Church observes the 83rd World Mission Sunday, many of you may be wondering what Mission Sunday is. Mission Sunday is a day set aside for the Church throughout the world to publicly renew its commitment to the missionary movement. Mission Sunday also unites Catholics all over the world in prayer, mutual friendship and support. Celebrated all over the world, Mission Sunday is a powerful symbol of a mission and a Church at the service of the whole world. Every parish and every diocese contributes what they can on the understanding that the resources will then be shared out according to the greatest need. During this year’s Mission Sunday

lege, Trivandrum (1955) and the College of Arts and Science, Chennai (1994) were established. In 1997 the College of Arts and Science was renamed in honour of His Grace. His Grace was a man of deep prayer who constantly encouraged all the Malankara faithful to actively participate in the liturgy and to recite all the prayers in one, loud voice. Prayer was not an obligation, but rather, His Grace viewed it as a joyful experience.

(October 18,2009), Holy Father Benedict XVI said: "It is the light of the Gospel that guides peoples on their journey and leads them towards the realization of the one great family, in justice and peace, under the paternity of the one good and merciful God", he said. "The Church exists to announce this message of hope to all humankind which in our time 'has experienced marvellous achievements but which seems to have lost its sense of ultimate realities and of existence itself.'" v The Church exists to evangelize. We are all called to bear witness to the Gospel to everyone, especially to people who do not yet know

© St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Toronto

As we mark the 15th death anniversary of Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios OIC, let us all strive to follow His Grace’s example. His Grace was an embodiment of Christ’s love, compassion and service. He worked ceaselessly for the poor and the marginalized. Let us pray & thank the Almighty Lord for giving us the charismatic & humble shepherd who led our church for over 40 years as a bishop. - Jobin T.

it. Let us pray that the Almighty Lord continue to shower His Blessings upon the Church & its faithful followers so that we all may “proclaim this message of hope to all of humanity, which in our time has

“experienced marvellous achievements but which seems to have lost its sense of ultimate realities and of existence itself” (John Paul II, "Redemptoris Missio," 2).” -Jobin T.

Liturgy of the Month Week

Gospel Readings


Nov 1

Matthew 16:13-23 Peter’s Declaration about Jesus John 2:13-22 Jesus Goes to the Temple Luke 1: 5-25 The Birth of John the Baptist is Announced Luke 1: 26-38 The Birth of Jesus is Announced Luke 1: 39-56 Mary Visits Elizabeth

Acts 2: 37-47 Eph 2:11-22

Nov 8

Nov 15

Nov 22

Nov 29

Rev 21:1-8 Eph 4: 17-24 Acts 3: 17-26 Rom 4: 13-24 1 Jn 3:1-10 Heb 13: 1-6 1Pet 2:1-10 1 Tim 2: 8-15

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The Reunion movement is the initiative taken by Mar Ivanios inspired by the Holy Spirit, to achieve his passionate aspiration for peace in the Syrian Orthodox Church in Kerala. Since the ‘Slanting Cross Oath’ in 1653, the Syrian Church in Kerala suffered tremendous dispute, legal battle and hostility. Though many tried arbitration and other human efforts to achieve peace, none of these attempts were successful. In this context, Mar Ivanios realized that search for the truth with the spirit of prayer and self denial would only achieve lasting harmony in the Church. Since the division in the Syrian Church of Kerala, many tried to reunite with the Catholic Church. The major obstacles were their resentment to abandon their beloved Antiochian rite and their attachment to their wealth and properties. Mar Ivanios, then, Fr. P.T. Geevarghese, being the most educated clergy, was appointed by Syrian Orthodox Synod to engage communication with Rome, with intention of possible reunion. The desire for reunion became ardent when the chances of losing a legal battle called the ‘Vattippanam Case’ became evident. Unexpectedly, they won the lawsuit and they backed off from the idea of reunion, but Mar Ivanios stood firm for reunion. With his intense effort and by the grace of God, Mar Ivanios secured reunion with Catholic Church, with the provision a new rite.

Malankara Catholic Church

On September 20, 1930 Mar Ivanios and Mar Theophilos along with Rev. Fr. John Kuzhimepurath OIC, Deacon Alexander OIC and Mr. Chacko Kilileth made their profession of faith before Bishop Benziger OCD of the Diocese of Quilon and entered into full communion with the Catholic Church. Under the spiritual, intellectual and pastoral leadership of Servant of God Archbishop Mar Ivanios the Malankara Catholic Community grew rapidly and strongly in India and abroad. After a period of 22 years of strenuous and exhausting service to the Malankara Catholic Church Mar Ivanios, the Pioneer of the Reunion Movement, passed away on July 15, 1953. The Ecumenical Movement is the initiative to open dialogue between all the Christian denominations with the intention of achieving possible unity. This initiative is the response of all the churches to our Lord’s call for unity. As Jesus implored, “I pray that they may all be one. Father! May they be in us just as you are in me and I am in you” (John 17:21). Jesus fervently wants all who believe in Him, to be united. This is only possible by sacrifice, peace, truth and, primarily, unity. Mar Ivanios’ search for the truth was enlightened by the Holy Spirit. This realization helped him to recognize that the true church is the Catholic Church. Through, the grace of the Holy Spirit he received strength to sac-

© St. Mary’s Malankara Catholic Church, Toronto

rifice literally everything he had for the sake of unity. Still, in his meek lifestyle, he sacrificed all he had in order to pursue his goal of uniting with the Catholic Church. He even gave up the Bethany Ashram founded by him and all his property and went to Thiruvalla, with only his small belongings totally depending on God’s providence. His willingness to sacrifice all he had for the sake of true unity is signified in his memorable last words to the Bethany Hill, “Bethany malaye pushubeslommo” (Mount Bethany, stay in peace). Mar Ivanios, Pioneer of the Reunion movement, strived for the truth which is the Catholic Church. He sacrificed the very little that he owned, sought after peace among division, stood for the truth, at any cost, and was a fervent and unforgettable advocate of unity. Thus, Mar Ivanios was also a visionary of the Ecumenical Movement through these same virtues shown in the R e union M ove me nt . Through this movement of reunion, many others can follow in the footsteps of ecumenism, so that the motto of the Malankara Catholic Church can come to fruition, “That all may be one”. - Neil T.

On September 26, Tropical Storm Ketsana (also known as Typhoon Ondoy) struck the Philippines, causing the most severe flooding the country has experienced in more than 40 years. As of September 29, 240 people were reported to have died and an estimated 450,000 had been displaced, many having lost their homes, their property and their livelihoods. With the impact of this disaster still not fully clear, relief efforts are underway around the world to assist the victims of the flooding and landslides related to Tropical Storm Ketsana. The ShareLife Office is accepting monetary donations to support disaster relief efforts in the Philippines, assisting in the provision of food, shelter, clean water, and medical and cooking supplies for those affected by the storm and flooding. Working through the Catholic Church's official international relief network, Caritas Internationalis, funds will be channelled to Caritas Philippines (NASSA). Initially, NASSA is providing aid for a total of 10,000 families (50,000 people) in seriously affected areas.

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