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the ‘flipper house’ trend


renovation The completely transformed Fox Street

“To subdivide the land, we first had to engage a land surveyor who informed us we would need to fill the land for it to comply with Ballina’s Floodplain Management DCP.” We then set to work on the home itself, stripping the whole of the inside.” To save on costs, Belinda and Rod tackled most the work themselves. They opened up the verandah to create a bigger living area and removed internal walls to make an open plan space and allow in light. Adding a deck onto the back gave the home a private nook. For the front of the house aesthetics, new windows were installed and a porch and trellis added. They completed the look by adding character and texture using a white picket fence and advanced trees and shrubs. “We feel the front of a home creates the welcome to a home, therefore that’s where the biggest improvement should lie,” says Belinda.

Before - Living room WHEN McGrath Real Estate Ballina contacted Belinda Westblade about a 1950s cottage on Fox Street, Ballina, she knew instantly she was onto a winner. It was in a good area, the land was zoned medium density, and the opportunity to subdivide was there. The only hitch? The cottage had certainly seen better days. Not to worry, this was not the first ‘fixer upper’ Belinda and her husband Rod had come across, and they knew that with a bit of elbow grease this plain old cottage could be turned into something beautiful. “We knew roughly what it would cost us to renovate the original home as we have done many for ourselves and others,” says Belinda. “We always add extra to the budget as you often go over during a renovation, but we strongly believed we could get a great return while turning something old into something loved.” 9

After - Living room


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