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Situated in Beautiful Island- St Lucia

1700 Graduates and Growing…… •Fastest growing school in St Lucia. •Vast Pool of Alumni’s •Graduates Successfully Practicing from Eastcoast to Westcoast •Affiliations with Top Hospitals

Eligibility Criteria • • •

Science Graduates Higher Secondary Student Non-Science graduate or any other graduate with required pre-med courses in science, physics, chemistry and biology.

The Minimum requirement for admission is 90 semester credit hours of college or university level studies (3 Years) General Biology with Labs (10 Credits) General Physics with Labs (10 Credits) General Chemistry with Labs (10 Credits)


Journey to MD and Specialization Internal Medicine…


Pre-Med 12 months In St. Lucia

Housing US $1800*

Other cost US $1000*

Tuition US $4950*

Housing US $2400*

Other cost US $1000*

Paid Residency 36 months



Tuition US $4950*


Clinical Clerkships 18 Academic months In US+

Basic Sciences 22 Academic months In St .Lucia

Tuition US $3550*

Shared Accommodation US $6000*

Pediatric.... Orthopedics. Neurology.. E N T…. Radiology…. Surgery and other specialtie s.

*- approximate cost per trimester

Hospital Fees US $5600*

+ Rule 4131 under Foreign Affairs Manual – allows students who have cleared USMLE STEP1and have letter of acceptance for clinical rotations from a US hospital to come to the US from St. Lucia on a B1-B2 visa

MD Program – Approximate Cost MD PROGRAM PRE-MED COURSES- ST. LUCIA TRIMESTER 1-3 (16 WEEKS EACH) BASIC SCIENCES-ST. LUCIA TRIMESTER 3-8 (16 WEEKS EACH) CLINICAL ROTATIONS-U.S.A TRIMESTER 8-13(16 WEEKS EACH) TUITION Application Fee (non-refundable:..... U.S.$ 60.00 Deposit (non-refundable):.................. U.S.$ 800.00 The deposit is payable only upon formal acceptance to hold a place in the current entering class or the next class only and is applied towards the tuition fees. The Deposit is to be paid within 15 days of notification of acceptance. Tuition Fees per Trimester: PreMed………………………………………. U.S. $ 4250.00 Basic Sciences................................................... U.S.$ 4,950.00 Clinical Sciences.............................................. U.S.$ 3,550.00 Malpractice Insurance Coverage per year..... U.S.$ 500.00 Hospital Fees-(weekly) U.S.$ 300-400 The Comprehensive Exit Examination is mandatory to complete the Basic Science Program and to begin Clinical Science Program. Boarding and Lodging per Month in St. Lucia U.S.$600(approx.) A Total package for MD A Total package for Pre-Med to MD

U.S. $117,500.00 U.S. $130,750.00

School to Stethoscope

Program Highlights Foreign Students with Local school/ College education are eligible. Pre-med courses for 12-15 months St. Lucia (for higher secondary students) 20 academic months Basic Sciences study at SHSU- St. Lucia. Passing USMLE Step-I Then 20 academic months of Clinical Sciences study at any of our US affiliated hospitals ( Chicago, New York, Florida, Georgia, Maryland) or in West Indies too and Obtain MD Degree. Passing USMLE Step-II and CS Test- during the Clinical Clerkship. 3-5 year paid Residency in US to become a Specialist. Practice or further advanced specialization in US.

What makes Spartan a Smart choice ? • Good Success Rate • Individually targeted teaching methods • Listed by WHO & IMED • Comfortable and affordable stay • Friendly Student Community • Safe environment





Strong Network of Alumni’s

GYNECOLOGICAL ONCOLOGY- (class of 97) Sean S. Tedjarati, MD, MPH, FRCS(C), FACOG Amarillo, Texas 79106-1786

Interests: Radical surgery for primary of recurrent gynecologic cancers, clinical trials and translational research in gynecologic cancers, international health with emphasis on women's health, public health, medical education and surgical curriculum development Dr.Sean Tedjarati’s, M.D., specialty is gynecologic oncology with an emphasis on cervical cancer. He is also the international liaison for cancer care development. Dr. Tedjarati joined Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the Harrington Cancer Center in 2006. His tenure at Moffitt Cancer Institute improved cervical cancer screening and treatment emphasizing the underserved population as well as facilitating cancer care in developing countries. While at Ohio State University (OSU), Dr.Tedjarati was chosen as the outstanding resident teacher of the Year in 1995, 1997, 1999 and 2000. He was clinical instructor at OSU from 1994 to 2000.He was appointed chief medical resident in 1997.He was outstanding researcher in cervical dysplasia in 1999.After graduating from Spartan Health Sciences University, St. Lucia, he completed his gynecologic oncology fellowship at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Tumor Institute. In 2003, he was inducted into the Felix Rutledge Honor Society in gynecologic oncology and won first prize in outstanding basic science/translational research this year. Tedjarati is vice president of Medicine for Humanity, an international organization dedicated to women's health and human rights. In December 1999, the Norwegian Nobel Committee invited Tedjarati among a few other doctors to Oslo to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for Doctors Without Borders. Tedjarati had served on many projects with the organization, including implementation of cancer screening and treatment at the Anhui Province in China. He also organized hepatitis/HIV treatment programs in China and Africa. Tedjarati has lived in China, Africa and S.E. Asia.

State of Art Spartan Campus

White Ceremony

Huge Library

Wireless Connectivity

Well Equipped Laboratory Histology

Laboratory – Anatomy, Real Human Cadavers

More Emphasis on Practical Learning – Lab Experience

All work and No Play Spartan has great fitness and recreational facilities in campus

Future of Spartan

Community Services Spartan organizes Health Fairs on Regular Basis

Taste of Spartan Strong Multicultural students Body

Graduation Day

St Lucia – Marvel on earth

Next Step Alongwith the completed application form from the website, please send in the following: • Non –refundable US $60.00 application fee payable to: • Spartan Health Sciences University (payments accepted by personal check, cashier’s check or international money order only – • (NO U.S. POSTAL MONEY ORDER AND NO CASH) • • Four recent passport size photographs (2x2 inches) • • A signed essay of your medical career expectations • • Two letters of recommendation • • Pre-Med Questionnaire • • Physical Examination and Immunization form • • Completed application form • • Official transcripts from all Undergraduate, Graduate and Medical school (s) • SEND APPLICATIONS TO: P.O. BOX 989, SANTA TERESA, NM 88008, USA • Or 418, STANHOPE STREET, BROOKLYN, NY 11237, USA

Thank You For more information contact: Rati Bhandari Director- Operations Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine , St. Lucia NY Information Office 418, Stanhope Street Brooklyn, NY 11237 Ph: (718) 456 6446 Fax: (718) 425 9878

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