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The Top Five Applications on Facebook Strongest Social Network Marketing Tools

By Maksud Rahman

Social network sites have not only become famous for their networking aspects but also for their capability of having had proved to be a very strong tool of social network marketing. They have huge capability and as Facebook has a very large amount of traffic and if only a fraction of that traffic went to your blog or site it would make a huge, noticeable difference. Facebook actually has 500+ Million Users, now think about that, its very large isn't it. The top five applications that can help your Facebook marketing efforts are: Networked Blogs Application: this application on Facebook updates the profile feed of each person for every new blog post. The blog owners get the opportunity here for building a good reader base too. Once one gets to gather proper web traffic, more features become accessible like being able to send messages to the readers. Simplaris BolgCast: this application is good for monitoring the blog RSS fees for every update on the part of a small business owner or any business owner who owns a blog and helps one to keep updating the profile feed every time there is a new blog post. The most advantageous part of this application is that it automatically updates one's status feed. It also places an icon against the feed update which would attract the visitors. The LinkedIn Profile: the LinkedIn Badge can be put on the Facebook profile info tab. This would help increase number of visitors on your LinkedIn profile by allowing the visitors to click on the LinkedIn badge which would direct them there. Profile HTML: standard HTML code can be put on the profile or a fan page this can be a opt-in box. Static FBML: This is very similar to the profile HTML except this you can put on fan pages it allows you to insert HTML and FBML (Facebook Markup Language), This is can be a squeeze page, Info page or even just a redirect to your actual blog or site, So you can see how this can be very powerful as you can build or list or just send some nice traffic to your site. Facebook Video: the default application of video on Facebook. Placing a video on your page automatically increases visitors. This can prove to be one of the most efficient social messaging tools.

Using Facebook marketing can be very effective especially since Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Facebook business is relatively new but holds great prospects. For more information on How To Use Facebook As A Business and a free video of some amazing Facebook Marketing Secrets just visit to get started. Your Web Sites and Facebook marketing could be getting crazy amounts of traffic in a few hours from now. With these Facebook Marketing Secrets. To Your Success Maksud   

The Top Five Applications on Facebook - Strongest Social Network Marketing Tools The Top Five Applications on Facebook - Strongest Social Network Marketing Tools Static FBML: This is ve...

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