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Remote Assistance by Max PC Care


Benefits of Online Technical Support ↗

Online tech support gives you the convenience of having your own IT department without the expense.


With Max PC Care, you can be sure that all your desktop devices will get full technical support.

Support When You Need it for all Your Devices ↗ You’ll have access to support

for any branded device, including HP desktop and printer support. ↗ Services are available any

time of day or night. ↗ No matter what type of

problem you experience with your computer, printer, or router, Max PC Care can help.

Added Security for Your Data ↗ Security for your data is

more important than ever. ↗ Max PC Care offers

assistance with security systems and both Norton and AVG anti-virus support. ↗ Keep your data secure with

support services that help you configure your devices with proper security software.

Beyond PC Support ↗ With Max PC Care, you’ll

also have access to email support. ↗ These services help you

recover passwords, set up new email clients, and recover old accounts. ↗ Stay connected to business

clients even if you lock yourself out of your email account.

Intuitive Diagnostics ↗ Have your system diagnosed

remotely, so you won’t have to bring your PC in to get checked out. ↗ Expert solutions allow you to

optimize your system’s performance. ↗ Tech support specialists are

always available to answer any concerns you have about your device.

Contact Max PC Care ↗ ↗ 855-763-0457 (Toll free) ↗


Online Technical Support and Remote Assistance by Max PC Care Online technical support can be a true lifesaver when you have a computer problem that you just can’t seem to figu...