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Online Tech Support and Remote Assistance by Max PC Care In order to stay relevant, companies need to utilize technology. This is true whether you are a small business or longstanding nationwide brand. Unfortunately, computers and other smart technology run into problems no matter how well maintained. It is important to have a trusted and respected team to offer online tech support and remote assistance when you need it. Personal Computer and Laptop Support When you choose the right team, they are able to work with both PC and MAC products. If you turn on your computer and receive a start-up error or blue screen, simply call your technician for remote assistance. He will ask questions to ensure your software is up to date and then walk you through the solution. Whether this technical support takes a few minutes or longer, the technician will not leave until you have a functioning computer. Other areas an online support technician can help include: ● Operating system installation and upgrades ● Software and application errors ● Software update installation ● Software configuration and optimization Internet Tech Support There are often times your computer functions correctly, but the Internet does not. If it is not an issue with your Internet provider then remote assistance can assist you. They can help you with corrupt browsers, email problems, and even your Internet connectivity issues. When you cannot connect to the Internet for their online care, you can still call for assistance anytime. Remote help is available around the clock every day of the year to guarantee you service for Internet and email support. Software Support In order to offer the highest quality service, your online technical support team also utilizes software to protect your computer. There is an antivirus software available free to anyone to block unwanted files and programs. After this, you can choose from other programs such as personal security, registry tuner, digital lock, or a privacy toolbox. These are ideal for home and business use. You may for example want personal security for your home, but upgrade to the Pro level for the office. The difference is the level of security offered, which businesses need more of because of daily interaction with customers and money. Pricing for Technical Support Your team offers an array of plans and pricing to meet any budget. The basic level is extremely affordable for any level of business with options to include more services. Along with unlimited tech support, the price includes up to three consultations at a one-on-one level. The plans start at one month and go up to a year in length and also service between one to three personal computers. When you want to protect your home and business, choose a support team that is there any time of the day. With online technical support and remote assistance, you can reach a professional staff trained to help you with an array of issues. Whether you need desktop or laptop support, MAC or PC, a knowledgeable team can fix your software, printer, and computer speed issues. You never know when a problem will occur, so pick a plan and team that work

with your needs. About Max PC Care: Max PC Care allows you to get optimal performance from your computer. They offer a number of specialized software, free diagnosis, and online and remote technical support. With an array of plans for any budget, you can receive the high quality customer service from certified technicians that guarantee resolution. For more information visit us at:

Online Tech Support and Remote Assistance by Max PC Care When you want to protect your home and business, choose a support team that is there any time of the day. With online tec...