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1 Year Anniversary of Max PC Care’s Excellent Online Technical Support and Remote Assistance

What Services Does Max PC Care Offer? Max Pc Care offers a wide selection of services for both your computer, printer, and router. Some of their services include: • • • • • •

Desktop and laptop support Router support Operating system support Email Support Anti-Virus Support Printer Support

Their excellent services have helped hundreds of people solve their computer issues the first time, and their staff of highly trained IT professionals are standing by.

What Services Does Max PC Care Offer? Cont’d Though Max PC Care offers many different comprehensive services, one of their specialties is PC and desktop support. These services include: • • • • •

Blue screen issues Reinstalling the operating system Getting rid of viruses Setting up networks and Wi-Fi Firewall and security setup

Another common problem they deal with is router setup. With just a simple phone call, they can walk you through the setup process and identify common errors and incompatibility issues.

What Plans Are Offered? Max PC Care makes it possible for anyone to have a plan with their flexible prices and options.

They offer five different plans that have the option of covering one or multiple computers. There are two one year plans with the first covering only a single computer, and the second one covering up to three computers. The next three plans include unlimited tech support for one month, 90 days, or 180 days. There is no limit to the services you can have with these plans and there is no time limit for phone calls.

Products from Max PC Care Max PC Care also offers award winning software in addition to tech support services.

Currently they have a powerful free anti-virus software available for download. 1 GB of ram is recommended for download and it needs about 300 MB of space.

Other software includes more advanced versions of their antivirus software called Personal Security and Pro Security. They also offer tuning software designed to make your computer run faster and more efficiently. Other products also include two different types of encryption software, one of which is military grade.

How Can Max PC Care Solve Your Software Problems? In addition to PC and desktop issues, Max PC also helps with QuickBooks and Quicken Intuit as well. For QuickBooks, they help with: • • • •

Installation Recovery Reinstall fails Updates

For Quicken Intuit, they assist with:

• • • •

Managing financial data more efficiently Managing Quicken account info Assisting in connection issues Installation

Get Rid of Printer Problems! Max PC Care even helps with those tricky printers. They can assist with everything from downloading the right software and drivers to installing paper and ink.

If you’re having trouble connecting and printing, don’t hesitate to call and get your questions answered fast by trained IT professionals.

Don’t keep downloading software and drivers you don’t need, get your printer issues solved the first time.

Get Your Free Call Today!

Get up to three free one-on-one calls when you call Max PC Care now. If you have questions, find your answers today with Max PC Care!

Max PC Care Address: 154 Shannon Park Beaconsfield QC H9W 2B8 Canada Email: Phone: 1-855-763-0457

1 Year anniversary of Max PC Care’s Excellent Online Technical Support and Remote Assistance  
1 Year anniversary of Max PC Care’s Excellent Online Technical Support and Remote Assistance | Max PC Care has been giving expert tech care support for one year. If you have computer issues, call today for...