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Congratulations on your new Makoto Arena II. This is the most sophisticated piece of sports equipment on the market today. Your Makoto Arena II includes a fully functional Windows 7based computer. Please treat it as you would any computer and read your installation instructions carefully!

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Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

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Shipping Contents When unpacked, you should have the following: 3



Bases for the towers


Legs (Optional: three 2 ft leg extensions)


Kiosk box and support arm (This contains the Windows 7-based computer)


Tower Control Cable Assemblies (each of these assemblies includes a red and black power cord and a Type A-to-Type B USB cable. The power cord and USB cable have been taped together. DO NOT SEPARATE THEM.


Power cord


Black round head bolts – 7/32” (Note: Only 44 are needed for the assembly of your arena. We send one as an extra.


Kiosk bolts


Lock washers


Boxing ball hooks


Staff support bracket assembly


7/32” Allen wrench to tighten bolts


1/8” Allen wrench for small bolts on back panels


Ethernet connection jack

Figure 1: Towers, Bases, Legs, Kiosk and kiosk support

Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

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Phase 1 – Physical Assembly of the Makoto Arena II Please read and follow these install instructions carefully. If you skip a step, you will find yourself with more work, when you must undo your work as you come back to compete any step you skipped. Please read each step carefully!

Your Makoto Arena II should arrive by truck with a total of 7 boxes banded to the pallet. This is how it leaves our facility. Each box is easily handled by two people. To save on “liftgate” charges from your freight company, simply have someone at the delivery facility on hand to help the driver offload the boxes. You will need a knife or pair of scissors to cut the plastic pallet bands BE SURE TO INSPECT THE BOXES CAREFULLY FOR ANY DAMAGE. YOU, THE CUSTOMER, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR FILING ANY CLAIMS WITH THE FREIGHT COMPANY. TAKE PICTURES OF ANY DAMAGE AND NOTE ANY DAMAGE ON THE DELVERY PAPERS.


Carefully unpack all the boxes.


This box contains all parts and hardware for the assembly of your arena. It should contain 4 bags (5 for international shipments), two sets of leg cable harnesses and, if you have ordered the accessory storage kit, the silver staff bracket will be in this box as well.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 4

Locate the three towers, the three bases, the one bag containing 44 black bolts and 12 lockwashers, and the one bag with 2 allen wrenches. Lay all of these out in the area where your Makoto arena will be assembled. 4

Identify the main tower. This tower will have an orange dot at the bottom of the tower. It will also be the only tower with a serial number sticker on the lower inside left of the tower and the controller board on the inside of this board is different in that it has two extra USB plugs on the board. The other two towers s=are called the secondary towers. 5

We’ll begin to attach the base to this tower. Note that the four holes at the base of the tower‌.


‌match up to the four holes in the base.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 5

Don’t forget the lock washers. Line up these holes and insert the four bolts with the lock washers as shown. We recommend that you insert all the four bolts first – fingertight – and then go back and tighten all the bolts with the allen wrench ( or a drill with a 7/32 allen wrench bit) Tighten these bolts firmly.. 8

Repeat the process with the other two towers.


Remove the retaining screw at the top of each of the back panels on all three towers. Use the small allen wrench to loosen the screws.


Remove the Back panels from each of the towers by lifting up on the inset handle. The panels are firmly in place - It may help to put your foot on the base as you lift the panels off. Set the back panels aside. Be sure to note which tower is the main tower. Note: the main tower has a slightly different control board in it and also has the serial number label on the inside 11

Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 6

Removing back panels (continued) and, then lay the towers back down for safety


If you have leg extensions for an 8 ft arena, now is the time to attach those extensions. ‌ if not skip to picture # 18


Attaching leg extensions (continued).


Attaching leg extensions (continued).

15 You will first start with attaching the two legs to the MAIN tower.

Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 7

Locate the leg cable harnesses. There are two of them that are located in the parts box.

16 VERY IMPORTANT: Note that there are different types of connectors on the ends of the leg harness cables. The other end has a type “A” USB connector and a female power connector. This is the end of the harness that will be plugged in to the main tower


One end has a type “B” USB connector and a male power connector. This is the end that connects into the boards on the secondary towers. Thread the cable in the leg. Double check your connectors! Be sure to note which end of the cable is going through the leg so that the proper end of the leg cable harness is going to the correct tower. Also, look at the pictures below carefully. Make sure that the bolt holes for the leg are positioned correctly to attach to the base. NOTE: There are a total of 5 bolt holes. Two face up and the other three are on the outside of the leg. Double-check your configuration because you’ll have a lot of work to undo if this is not properly laid out.


Laying out the leg cables (continued).


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 8

Carefully thread the leg cable harness through the base of the tower and up through the hole in the center of the base as shown below. Reminder: there is no “bottom” to the base of the tower so if you need to angle the tower to reach up underneath the base it’s easy to do. Note: This is a two-person operation. Make sure you have one person holding the tower while the other person is threading the cable. 20

Make sure you have the correct ends of the cables for the tower you’re working on.


These are the cable ends for the main tower. They have the Type “A” USB connector and the female power connector.


Continue inserting the leg into the main base.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 9

Thread one bolt, finger tight, right away for safety.


Install all bolts loosely first. DO NOT TIGHTEN UNTIL ALL LEGS ARE IN THEIR BASES.


Repeat with other leg. Double check you have the correct ends of the leg cable harness in the main tower.


Both legs should now be attached to the main tower


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 10

Both legs should now be attached to the main tower (continued)


Attach the other two towers. It doesn’t make any difference which of the secondary towers is attached to which leg.


Be certain that the cable is through the opening on each tower. Remember that the leg cable harness on the end in the secondary towers have the type “B” USB connector and the male power connector

30 Connect the cables in each of the two secondary towers as shown. Be certain that you feel a “snap” has both the USB connector and the power connector fit into place. Also, note the stress relief clamp locate beneath the board. Be sure to have a small amount of slack in the cables on the board side of that stress relief clamp and then tighten the clamp to hold the cable firmly in place. For a close-up view of this clamp, see picture # 39 31

Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 11

Install the third leg between the two secondary towers– has no cables in it. It is for stability only.


If you are installing the floor pod accessories, now is the time. If not, skip to picture #39 Unpack each of the floor pod assemblies and place them in front of a tower. Any floor pod will work with any tower. 33

Feed the cable through the hole in the front of the tower up in to the back of the tower where the other cables are plugged into the tower controller board. Do not attach the cable yet.


Note how the floor pod fits against the tower base – one flange fits under the leg, while the other flange fits on top of the base – matching up with the bolt holes. Remove the 4 top bolts on the tower base.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 12

Slide the floor pod into place so that the bolt holes line up properly. It is designed to be a snug fit. Replace the 4 bolts on the top of the base – now going through the floor pod assembly to secure it in place.


Connect the floor pod to the next in line available pin connector at the top of the tower controller board.


Now repeat on the other two towers


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 13

Again, note stress relief clamp on all towers. Be certain to have a little bit of slack in the cable on the Board side of the stress relief clamp.


Let’s install the main computer kiosk - layout


Set the actual computer kiosk nearby

41 Thread the cables through the Kiosk stand. TIP: Use a long banding strap (or tie a nut to some string) to go through the hole first. Tape the cables to the other end of the strap so that you can pull the cables through with the aid of the banding strap.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 14

Thread the cables through the Kiosk stand (continued) Really. Use the tip noted above. It works and you’ll save yourself some frustration. 


Attach the kiosk to the kiosk stand with the 4 bolts provided in a separate bag in your parts box. Note that the front side of the kiosk has the on/off switch and the serial number label – this corresponds with the front side of the kiosk stand that has the holes for additional storage hooks. (see pictures below) 44 Note the holes for additional storage hooks

Note the front side of the kiosk. The front side has the 2 USB ports. 45

You should have 6 cables coming out of the end of the kiosk stand - 1 main power, 3 tower power cables with male connector ends, 1 yellow Ethernet cable and 1 USB cable with a “B” type connector


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 15

All, except the power cable, of the cables will come out of the hole that will allow them to enter into the tower. The power cable will come out of the front of the stand as shown.


Attach kiosk stand to main tower using the remaining two bolts and the provided large allen wrench. Make certain that the cables are coming up into the back of the tower through the cut out in the base. 48

Look at the three power cables and the one USB type ”B” cable coming out of the Kiosk and into the back of the tower. Select one of the power cables (any one of the three will work) and the USB type “B” cable. Plug them into the controller board in the main tower just as you did on the secondary towers. 49

Now, look at the ends of the legs cable harnesses from each of the secondary towers. They have the Type “A” USB cable and the female connector on the power cable.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 16

Connect each of the female power connectors on the leg cable harnesses with one of the male power cable connectors coming from the kiosk. It does not make any difference which one of the remaining male connectors you use. Connect both leg cable harnesses. 51

Now connect both Type “A” USB connectors from the leg cable harnesses into the appropriate slots on the main controller board. These two slots are located just below the type ”B” connector.


Remove the RJ-45 ethernet connector from the bag that is in the parts box. Attach either end to the yellow Ethernet cable in the back of the tower.


Simply allow this Ethernet cable and the attached RJ-45 connector to lay in the bottom of the tower.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 17

If you have storage accessory, attach the staff holder on the back panel of the main tower.


Attach the staff holder on the back panel of the main tower. (continued)


Replace the back panels on all three towers. Don’t forget to replace the screws at the top of each back panel.


Remember, the back panel with the staff holder goes on the back of the main tower, with the kiosk.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 18

Place the staffs and the boxing balls – Congratulations! You’re done with the assembly of your new Makoto Arena II…!


One last thing – This is a computer.

Always use a surge suppressor!


Next, let’s go to the computer set-up!

Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 19

Phase 2 – Computer set up and configuration of the Makoto Arena II

Your Makoto Arena II is powered by an Intel Atom processor operating the Windows 7 embedded operating system. The three towers are viewed by the computer as three separate USB peripherals.


When you first turn on the computer, after it completes the standard Widows start up procedures, this will be your first screen. This is the Makoto home screen


It is highly probable that your new Makoto Arena II computer will not “see” all three towers (USB peripherals) the first time you turn on the computer. To check this, push the yellow “choose game” button and select any game to play.


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 20

After you select a game to play, the screen will return to the main Makoto home screen. Now, press the green “play” button. If the game begins, the Makoto Arena II is ready to use and no further action is required. 4

However, if this screen appears, then we must allow the computer to “see” the towers and you must proceed to the next step. Press “OK”


Now, select the blue “Login” button


Your service login is: User name: “service” Password: “@cc3ss!” (this is the word access using the @ symbol for the letter “A” and the numeral “3” for the letter “E”) 7 Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 21

When you tap in the “User Name” area, a small keyboard will appear. Tap this little keyboard….

8 And a larger keyboard appears. Since this is on a touch screen it works a little differently – you can’t hold down two keys at one time. For example, to get the “@” symbol: First press the “Shift” key THEN press the “2/@” key.

PLEASE NOTE: There are 2 USB ports on the kiosk that can be used to plug in a keyboard and mouse if you prefer. 9

Reminder: Your service login is User name: “service” Password: “@cc3ss”

Now, select the Blue “tools” button


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 22

Select “Change Controller ID’s”


This screen will appear. On the left side (Current settings) will be a list of three towers or controllers. We want them be the same as the right side (Change to)


First, select a tower that is not properly “seen”. This will be labeled as “Unidentified Controller (225) or (0). Then, select “Run Identification Sequence”. This will make the lights or targets flash on the chosen tower.

13 Now choose a tower number on the right that is not shown on the left. In this case we have chosen tower “3”, since tower “3” is not displayed in the towers on the left. (We could have also chosen Tower 2 in this example) Now, select “Set New Controller ID” 14 Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 23

WAIT FOR THE COMPUTER TO MAKE THE CHANGE – it will take anywhere from 30 seconds to 1 minute for these settings to occur. In the example shown, the previously Unidentified Controller is now being “seen” as Tower 3

15 Now, are there any other adjustments that should be made? In the example shown, there are two “tower 1’s”. This is not correct. So, we will select one of the Tower 1’s on the left and change it to Tower 2. Just like before, select the correct tower number and then. Select “Set New Controller ID” – and then wait! 16

Your final and correct configuration will look like this. Now, select “done”


Now, select “Done” on this screen


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 24

You are now back to the main Makoto home page and ready to start playing Makoto!


Makoto Arena II Assembly Manual

Page 25

Makoto II Assembly Manual; 2.711  

This is the manual for the assembly of the Makoto Arena II.

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