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About that PEP Grant… The Makoto Arena II is a well-established and verifiably beneficial piece of equipment that you should be considering for your facility. This new, computer-based model was developed with the assistance of physical education directors so that it would comply with the PEP Grant’s directives for assessment and data collection. Other requests from our PE advisors were for ease of use, games for multiple players, reliability, durability, upgrade path, and ability to work with a variety of populations. (The FUN factor of Makoto goes without saying. Kids actually pay to play our game in entertainment/arcade facilities!) If you’ve already obtained your PEP Grant, congratulations! We know that the grant approval process requires a lot of paperwork and perseverance and you are to be commended on your success. The changes that you may effect with this new funding can have long range benefits to your community. Here’s how we can help:

Support from other teachers As mentioned, the Makoto Arena II has demonstrated benefits for both physical fitness as well as cognitive fitness. Other teachers appreciate having equipment that helps all of the students. With Makoto’s flexible programming we ensure that all students have a positive experience. Whether a student is physically or cognitively challenged, we can adjust the programming to that “just right” level of challenge. Teachers who work with special needs children, ADD/ADHD, learning disabled and disciplinary challenges appreciate having this equipment which is used in high-end therapy facilities around the world. From working with these world-class therapists we have developed “games” which improve all of these conditions.

Assessment capabilities It’s easy to track an individual’s progress in Makoto. These results can be downloaded and progress evaluated. The scores from each game include an accuracy score (how many they were able to hit before the target turns off) as well as reaction time (how long it took to turn off the target from the time it turns on). Students enjoy playing for new “personal best” scores as well as competing with others.

Ease of Use If you can use a touch-screen ATM you can use the Makoto Arena II. At the recent PE4Life conference in Kansas City a group of 8 to 10 year olds not only figured out how to work the equipment but had also developed their own group game. It’s very intuitive. For the more advanced features we’re able to offer internet training. Your Makoto Arena II is easily connected to the internet where we can take control of your screen and walk you through the more in-depth features.

Makoto USA, Inc.


Games for Multiple Players Makoto has specific games for single play, two-man teams, three-person competitions, and groups up to 15 players. The flexibility of our time options allow teachers to have “stations” with one group on DDR (or other exergaming activity) and then swapping groups with Makoto at the end of a song.

Reliability and Durability Makoto USA has been producing the Makoto Arena since 2002 and we have a reputation for reliability. Our equipment is built from steel and our targets are a heavy-duty polycarbonate. Makoto is used by professional sports teams, the military for Special Forces training, by therapists for anger management, depression, brain trauma, stroke as well as occupational therapy and physical therapy. None of these markets compares with the workout Makoto gets from kids!

Upgrade Path We know that kids like variety. That’s why we’ve designed our new Makoto Arena II to be able to upload new games and sounds – to keep it fresh!

Makoto: Lights. Sound. ACTION!

We work hardest when we’re at play.™ Makoto USA, Inc.


About that PEP Grant...  

A brochure talking about Makoto compliance with PEP Grant requirements

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