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Maine Delivers the Finest Lobsters in the World

Our love for food speaks out loud when we come across big and fresh lobsters from Maine. Yes, the live lobsters from Maine are an all time favorite among sea food lovers and non sea food lovers alike. Hardly can you find a soul who is not fond of lobsters. Now when it comes to lobsters from the famous shores of Maine, they are truly irresistible


Nutritional value of lobsters Lobsters are known to have fewer calories. Lobsters also are known to contain less total fat and less cholesterol. The calories present in lobsters are said to be lower than those found in lean beef, eggs that are roasted and poached and even in skinless chicken breast. Now when it comes to other nutrients, lobster is high in potassium, magnesium and amino acids. Vitamins like vitamin A, B12, B6 and B2 are present in lobsters. Calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc are also known to be present in lobsters


It is being rightly said that the finest lobsters of the world comes from Maine. Maine lobsters are the most delicious lobsters in the world. But before everything else, it is very important to know the nutritional value of lobsters. Let us take a quick look

Cooking Lobsters from Maine

Well, now that we are a little aware of the nutritional value of lobsters, we must know that there are a lot of ways of cooking a lobster. When we talk of live lobsters from Maine, the cooking should be all the more special. Some of the most popular cooking methods of lobsters include: • Steaming or boiling • Grilling or broiling

• Having with wine

• Freezing lobster

• Having with sauce



Maine Delivers the Finest Lobsters in the World  

Maine lobsters are the best lobsters in the world. Their tatse is unparalleled.

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