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Get sinful with Beer and Seafood

If you are heading for the beaches this summer, then don’t forget to don your latest Aviator sunglasses, a pair of cute flip flops and your skimpy swimsuit. It’s the perfect time to hit the coasts when the sun is high, the sands are sparkling and the waters are cool; and don’t forget on a bagful of beer, if you really want to experience a one of a kind beach holiday. After, all the meat you have nibbled during winter, it is time you give yourself a “break”. A “break” from meaty boredom!! Time for you to indulge in the mouthwatering seafood-beer duo!! Seafood and beer make a wonderful match. They are an extravagant pair ruling the earth since ages. Though, you may not have heard much about people pairing seafood and beer, but some people say that the two have been sharing an inseparable bond since the 1500s. Years back, seafarers would sail for distant places, carrying beer barrels and seafood to accompany them during the entire voyage.

To cut down on the old notion, that wine is the best to go with seafood, culinary specialists have spoken about beer and how it can enhance the taste of ocean borne cuisines. In recent times, gourmands are giving the beer-seafood duo, the extra winning points because they somehow feel that the crustaceans taste best, when paired with this refreshing drink.

Gastronomical explorers feel that beer and oysters bear an exotic bond; the silky and fresh taste of oysters get sealed in perfection when you pair it with a stout or a porter. The slimy sea-creatures are now considered a luxury and an oyster-porter or an oysterstout duo will make a glorious meal because these exotic combos boast of a creamy blend.

Coming to prawns, beers really have a lot to mingle with these smaller crustaceans; and it seems like the crispy pilsners with their staunch German taste add to the flavors of the dish. You can also pair a garlic butter prawn with a Flemish Duvel; they say that the duo really make a sensation for the taste-buds.

You can enjoy lobsters and crabs with Helles for a delicate seafood-beer combination because when you are having these bigger shellfish, it is recommended that you find a beverage pair that will balance the flavor of the crustaceans. Lobsters and crab bear a delicate taste and hence you will need to find liquor that will not supersede the taste of the shellfish but will actually enhance its flavors. You can now order your seafood dinner online and pair with perfect liquor if you want.

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Get sinful with Beer and Seafood  

For those who think wine is the best beverage to try with seafood, here is a surprise; seafood also goes with beer.