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Lobsters have become a super favorite among foodies. They come in a variety of breeds, the most common being the clawed lobsters; the ones that come from Maine. Food critics and even chefs say, that the best lobsters only hail from Maine. A lot of Mainers have opened lobster fisheries that help produce the world’s tastiest and fleshiest lobsters. Fished from the deep icy waters of the Atlantic along the rocky coasts of Portland, the lobsters are known for their sweet flavor and a rich oceanic essence. The white lobster meat makes its way into the kitchen of top eateries serving people a variety of seafood cuisines. Nowadays, these ocean picks are dominating plush seafood menus.

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Boiled, steamed, grilled or broiled, there are simply innumerable ways of cooking crustaceans, especially the Maine picks. The Mainers are now the proud owners of lobster fisheries yielding only the finest quality of shellfish. While some people may prefer the hard shell variety, others like to taste the richness of the soft shelled lobster. The delectable shellfish are handpicked by experts who give immense effort to pick the best lobsters. Nowadays, lobsters are treasured worldwide by gourmands. The meaty claws of Maine lobsters are an abundant source of sweet meat. Nowadays, fishermen from Portland are selling these delectable sea monsters online. In fact a lot of people who don’t have time to pick a

bagful of Maine lobsters, place their order online. People who love to cook them live order for fresh picks; in fact you can simply say that cooked lobsters sold online makes life easier for the busy bees who can't take a minute to breathe.

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Why choose a live lobster? Unarguably live lobsters tend to taste best; these crustaceans are fragile. They usually become weak soon after being pulled out from the sea water. Additionally one should know that lobster meat is extremely perishable; so a majority of people prefer them live. In fact nothing can surpass the succulent taste of lobsters that are cooked live. Nowadays, a majority of lobster recipes entail a person to include live picks for a flavorful cuisine.

Order live lobster online With a single click, you can order fresh Maine lobsters that will be delivered right to your doorstep. Though, it may take a few days for the

lobster men to deliver these sea creatures still these professionals will ensure that you receive them live and fresh. The crustaceans are stored in sturdy and molded styrofoam packages, so that the shellfish remain alive for a longer span.

A Sneak Peak into the Maine Lobster Story  

Many of us know that Maine lobsters are the best; but is anyone aware of the reason behind such succulent taste? In fact only a handful few...

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