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How To Make Money Online I once knew a guy who was "cursed." Not literally cursed. But it sure seemed like it sometimes. He hated his job. He hated waking up at 6:30 every morning. He hated missing his kids' ballgames. He wanted nothing more than to work from home. Yet everything he tried FAILED -- eventhough he had everything going for him.

He was smart. He was motivated. His wife supported him. But no matter what he did...he failed. Question is.....why? What was the problem? Turns was his friends. They'd put a curse on him.... Seriously! How?

I'll explain with a quick story.... Many years ago, I was at Mr. Wok's Chinese Restaurant in Richardson, Texas with a South African guy named Keith. Keith looked at me across the table and said, "Kish, I can tell you how much money you'll make this year..." I said, "Really? How?" Keith handed me a pen and a napkin and said, "Here....right down the incomes of the 6 people you spend most of your time with..." And I did.... ....and boy was I shocked! All my friends were broke and unemployed....and it was infecting MY bank account, too! Just like a curse! It's called the "law of association". This is something that a bunch of smart scientists figured out many years ago. And it's too bad they don't teach this in school. Here's what the Law of Association says: Your income and your lifestyle will be the average of the 6 people you spend most of your time with. If those 6 people are'll be broke. If those 6 people are probably are, too.

And if they wake up at 6:30am so they can drive to a job and sell their time to an employer for 50-60 hours a week..... ....well, you get the picture. Now, this is not an exact science. And I'm sure there are exceptions to this. But, more often than's true. Fortunately, the solution is easy. Here it is: Start spending time with people who earn the income you want to earn and who are living the lifestyle you want to live...

Simple. I'm not saying dump your friends. But, if you want to escape the "job" lifestyle... then you're going to have to start spending your time with people who work from home and who do it successfully. You're going to have to start spending time with people who are living the way you want to live. This is why Empower Network is such a blessing to people.

Thousands of people have used Empower Network to quit their jobs. To beef up their lifestyle. And escape the rat race for good. In fact, here's a video of some of them. These people HAVE what you want.... ...and you can get it by hanging out with them. This is how I went from ZERO to earning $200/day within 30 days. It's real. If you feel like you're "cursed"......come join our community. You won't believe the difference it will make in your bank account this year! Join Empower Network here Makisha P.S. Need to see the presentation again? Click here to watch the video P.P.S. Want more details on the company, products and opportunity? Here you go!

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Make Money Online  

Your income and your lifestyle will be the average of the 6 people you spend most of your time with. If those 6 people are'll b...

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