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Emory Forbes

Baltimore Emcee Moves to the Front of the Line.




T-Black The Hitmaker GLMG’s Lead Producer Consistently Tapped to Fuel Hits for Indies and Majors Alike!







ISSUE 28 - Quarter 4


Fast Life Curt

Meet The Atlanta Rapper Who’s Mixtape has the Whole Industry Saying... Sheesh!

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FAST LIFE CURT 12 Makin’ It Magazine | 3

FIRST TIME READERS What you’re holding in your hands is a tool, and like any tool, the value you get out of it is determined by your ability to use it properly. Imagine this magazine as a music conference on paper. Inside its pages are contacts, advice and ideas you can use to expand your career. Every person featured inside has contact information and is accessible to you. This can be an excellent opportunity to expand your network or find the missing piece to your puzzle. To make the most of this opportunity, be sure to have a clear purpose when contacting anyone featured in this magazine and let them know how you found them. We do not sell editorial coverage. All independent artists featured in this magazine have been selected by our editorial staff based on their music and background. Take the opportunity to get to know these individuals now, as we have featured several Grammy Nominated artists, producers and songwriters well before they caught their big breaks. Also pay attention to our Advertisers. The independent artists and talent who have advertised in this publication are among the few that understand the importance of business and are serious about promoting themselves. For over 8 years, readers have used this magazine to sell beats, find artists, secure management, get booked for shows, find clients and build relationships with contacts from across the country. Every page in this magazine is full of opportunity. What you choose to do with it is on you. -Kimberly Cannick Makin’ It Magazine

4 | Makin’ It Magazine

PUBLISHER’S NOTE It’s been a while since I’ve written a Publisher’s Note but I had to share this picture with you guys so that I could also share the accompanying story. This past Labor Day me and some Atlanta team members (Melissa, Kim, Omar & Allie) randomly turned up at the Department Store (that’s the name of a club) for an artist showcase. We had just left a mansion party which didn’t pan out to be much fun and decided to shoot down to Edgewood to redeem the night. The picture above was taken of me with my fam J White from WhyCauseICan. com and Dame from Both run pretty popular blogs which generate thousands of unique visitors each month. Maybe 45 minutes prior to this picture, me and Dame were both upstairs where the performances were actually going on. Running this magazine, I hear so much new music that I’m rarely excited by performances alone. I’m one of those people that wants to know the backstory on an artist and what kind of fanbase they have. However, a few acts after I arrived, an R&B artist hit the stage that really caught my ear. I wasn’t especially blown away by his vocals (not that he couldn’t sing) but I was really impressed with the song. I was even

more impressed when he hit me with a second song that was better than the first. By the time he got to his third and final song, which I also loved, I decided I was going to feature him in the magazine. Making my way to the stage, I dapped up Gambino, the host of the event, and looked around for the artist but he was nowhere to be found. I eventually went down stairs where I bumped into Dame and J White, which brings us to the picture. In this photo are three media outlets who could have been having a great conversation about a dope new artist that we should all be covering instead we were having a conversation about how independent artist block their blessings by trying to be hollywood. None of us knew the artist’s name, the name of any of his songs or how to reach him because he performed and immediately left. There was no contact info given, no CDs passed out and no hands shook. So in this space where I would’ve been interviewing that singer, I am sharing this teachable moment with other indie artists. Pretending to be famous will likely keep you anonymous. -Kelby Cannick Makin’ It Magaine


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< A FEW GOOD FACES WORTH REMEMBERING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Getting her start as a DJ assistant, Miss A-town, has grown into a liaison for talent, linking artists to DJs, Producers, Clubs, etc. A contributor to some of Atlanta’s top entertainment blogs, she also assists with developing online presence including various social media platforms. Working with Joe Green, Rico Richie, Freebandz, The Coalition Djs and CountryRapTunes. com Her focus is bringing awareness to any project she’s involved with. Connect with her at, or 404.849.1581

Owner of Red Jiant Entertainment, Gazelle “MCI” Alexander, specializes in national radio and television promotion. As a consultant, his focus is getting clients national exposure, whether through promotional tours or bringing them to the attention of major labels. Being tapped to work records from KOCH, Atlantic and Epic Records among others, he’s excited about new projects from Ceez and Papa Doc (aka Papa Pretty). Contact at gazellemci@ or 917.567.2171

Entering the music industry as an Artist/DJ, Theodore “Teddy T” Taylor, quickly graduated to Independent Street Promotions. A Staple in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area, Teddy was a driving force behind introducing acts from Def Jam, Uptown, RCA and others to the Southeast region. With a resume spanning more than 20 years, including work on projects from SWV to Jeezy, he’s a well connected and respected member of the entertainment scene. Currently based in Atlanta, he is the CEO of Star Quality Entourage Digital and founder of the Music Exchange, where he helps developing artists and labels get to the next level. Connect with him at or 954.243.2084

Getting his start promoting large scale events in New York and Florida, June aka Dalink, serves as CFO for DaLink Entertainment. Together with its affiliates, DaLink Ent, is one of Atlanta’s premiere promotional teams. Responsible for some of the city’s longest running club nights, they leverage their loyal following to create branding opportunities for sponsors and event participants including artists, DJs and hosts. For information on event parties, sponsorships or booking performances contact 678.519.7710 or

Cutting his teeth as a PR intern for the Atlantis Music Festival while attending Georgia State University, Tom White was recruited by the A3C Hip Hop festival where he spent years building up the conference portion of the event through informative panels. Departing from the organization, he landed a position as a Crossover College Marketing Rep with Warner Music Group, where he’s been busy working on campaigns for Fetty Wap, The Deadweather, Silversun Pickups and Firekid. Connect with him at Thomas. or 757.560.9680

In hip hop, race is increasingly used as a novelty to gain attention (and hopefully sales), but for College Park rapper Kap G, being Mexican American comes second to the fact that he’s a dope emcee. While his rhymes are a natural reflection of his culture, his delivery and style quickly dispel any thoughts of the word gimmick. Through talent and work he’s amassed a strong core fanbase, millions of Youtube views and a situation with Atlantic Records in Addition to his first feature film role in the movie “Dope”. Follow him on Twitter and IG at @TheRealKapG

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 5


DJ SKNO Issue #15

KELO the Show Issue #21

As a promising young act that we once featured in our magazine, Kelo’s talent combined with the authenticity of his lyrics made him an artist to be watched. Unfortunately, as is the case with too many young rappers, the system caught up with him far before the industry did. Losing two years of his life, Kelo returned home focused and more mature. Making up for lost time, he quickly got back to work knocking out his debut project, APaintedPicture, in only a matter of months. Considerably more introspective than his previous releases, the mixtape which plays more like an album, gives listeners the full spectrum of this southside trapper’s life. For booking and information contact Kelotheshow@ or 404.902.9628

Montana White Issue 12

Recently appointed to position of Porgram Director for Core DJ Radio on Sirius/XM’s Shade 45, Core DJ SKNO has been busy since we last featured him. Racking up back to back Southern Entertainment Awards for 2014 Most Slept on DJ & 2015 Club DJ of the Year, he has also been nominated for an Ohio Hip Hop Awards as Best Mixshow DJ. His stock is constantly rising. In between Programming, Speaking Engagements, Artist Consultations and DJing gigs, he manages to consistently put out his WTSW Radio mixtape series. Stay in tune with him at or contact him directly at 707.820.7566

6 | Makin’ It Magazine

As CEO and Host of Street Watch Radio, Montana White has grown what started as a simple online broadcast into one of Atlanta’s fastest growing syndicated radio shows. Airing on FOXIE 105 (Macon) and 97.9 The Wiz (Columbus), you can also catch Street Watch TV co-hosted by Ginger Bread Gerl and Jazmyn Sharay every Friday at 11PM on Comcast 24 in Atlanta. With new offices opening in downtown Atlanta, Montana’s next goal is his documentary series. Contact at or 404.444.2144.

Okirike Issue #24

Singer, Songwriter and Family Man, Okirike has taken his brand to new levels through social media. Together with wife and fellow artist, Fiya Redd, the two have invited fans into their lives through a series of hilarious viral videos. They’re sparking thousands of likes on Facebook, with some videos even being shared by celebrities such as comedian DL Hughley. Currently working on the follow up to his, “I Am” album, Okirike stays busy performing, pulling in paid shows spanning from club events to corporate engagements. Check out his music at Connect with him directly at or 912.412.0983




The term super-producer has become so clichè in the urban music industry. Bandied about by any and every music enthusiast with a copy of Fruityloops installed on their computer, the term is more often a self congratulatory title backed with no real merit. Never is this disparity more apparent than when you have the opportunity to see a real producer at work. Sitting in on multiple sessions with Good Life Music’s T-Black the Hitmaker, I’ve been amazed to see the degree of involvement that he takes with every record. Producing, recording, co-writing, mixing, providing direction and doing whatever’s necessary to ensure that a project reaches its full potential, he’s like Rumplestiltskin in the studio spinning gold. A driving force behind the unique sound of Good Life artists Issa, Frontstreet and Law G, his talents have been sought after by acts including: Kevin Gates, Mila J, T’Melle, Ty Dolla $ign, Shameik, Marques Houston, Immature, Bluff City, Kap G, Zuse and More. With multiple records impacting radio and major labels calling, he forgoes the title of Super Producer for one that is more aptly applied to what it is he does, “The Hitmaker!” Twitter: @TBlackHitMaker Instagram: @TBlackTheHitmaker

8 | Makin’ It Magazine

For production inquiries contact Good Life Music Group at 678.654.2540 or

#NewReleases “Imperfections” by Reece4k Booking: 256.374.9135

“The EP Tape Demo Project” by Steve Cantrell Booking: 229.343.1506

“No Deal” by Tori Bleu Booking: 774.371.0428

“Bankroll” by Sy Ari Da Kid Booking: 678.471.4889

“Around The Way” by Kayo Bracey ft. Tips Beat Booking: 336.209.8437

“A Painted Picture” by Kelo The Show Booking: 404.902.9628

“Im N Da Streets” by KD aka Han D Man Booking: 404.713.3395

“It Doesn’t Matter 4” by DJ Mook Booking: 678.509.4920

“Freeband Loyal” by Lil Don Loyal Booking: 404.996.9051

“Precious” by Lord Talent Booking: 404.547.7915

“Sheesh” by Fast Life Curt Booking: 678.724.1723

“Work” by Lua Proc ft. Kevin Gates Booking: 917.405.6412

“Wanted” by Sa’Shade Booking: 313.412.9518

“2 or 3 Hustles ” by Big Trell Bruh Booking: 770.869.5645

“Divide & Conquer” by Sonny Brasilio Booking: 920.205.2545

“The Perfect Imperfection” by Latia Booking: 917.405.6412

“So Much Flavor” by BlindthuG Booking: 312.208.8036

“Face Down” byLil B the Big Dawg Booking: 317.506.1965

“Before The Glory” by C-Zar Booking: 925.963.5881

“No Love” by Ron Car Booking: 917.405.6412

“Bac It Up” by Giovanni Booking: 817.862.6175

“Be Cool” by D-Shocka Booking: 513.673.6821

“Lift Off ” by Jeda Sky Booking: 757.633.6048

“Winner Circle” by Mr. Georgia Booking: 706.473.5546

“Episode 2 - Agent on a Mission”

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

by The Agency Operative Booking: 609.858.3137

Makin’ It Magazine | 9

10 | Makin’ It Magazine

TORI BLEU by D Banks

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Tori Bleu balances her music career while pursuing a masters degree. Currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, she’s officially released her latest mixtape, NO DEAL. A multi-talented individual, her passion for rapping, writing and dancing have put her in the national spotlight, with placements on, and even being featured in Hip Hop Weekly.

Connect @

GHOUL by B Washington

“Just Right”, the latest single from Atlanta rapper, Ghoul, has been receiving positive attention online. Currently on, the single, released in June of this year, has received over 5000 spins and 500+ downloads, making it his most downloaded track to date! If you like club bangers, give this one a listen.


Expanding his fanbase with the recent single, “White Castles” featuring Yo Gotti, Houston rapper Flipsyde has remained consistent. Booked to feature on the I Skream YOU Skream Tour, he spent much of August and September on the road performing and promoting his latest single, “Add It Up”. Hitting 18 cities throughout the Midwest, the Southwest, the Bay Area and Seattle, Washington, the tour served as a great platform to further expand his brand. For more information or booking, contact 254.458.3305 or

Connect @

KAYO BRACEY by C Mathews

The debut single off Kayo Bracey’s new EP, “It’s Necessary”, has made it’s way onto the radio in North Carolina via 102 Jamz. The single, “Around Da Way”, was blasted on 102’s “Blast it or trash it” segment in which listeners decide whether a new record is hot or not. The listeners unanimously voted to “Blast” the record. Connect @

KIA RAP PRINCESS by K Cannick After over a year of traveling back and forth to Georgia for meetings and shows, Milwaukee Hip Hop artist and songwriter, KRP (Kia Rap Princess) has officially relocated to Atlanta. Having built a hefty catalog of music, she’s excited to be getting in the studio with new producers and artists as she begins work on music for the follow up project to her successful #AintNoLimit LP. Featuring production from USB Cartel, Bizness Boi and Zaytoven, the Album has been selling well in the streets and contributed to her consistently booking paid shows in the midwest. Available for booking and features, contact her directly at 414.460.5490 or

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 11


Twitter/IG: @FastLifeCurt

12 | Makin’ It Magazine

I often tell independent artists that open mics are not the place to get signed. They are, however, an excellent platform to network with other artists and people in the industry. While I had come across Fast Life Curt’s music on Twitter, I never actually had a chance to listen, as it faded into the endless stream of mixtape links that often flood my timeline. Fortunately, unlike many independent artists who reserve all of their promo for social media, Curt and his team were also campaigning in the streets. Eventually our paths crossed at a Street Execs open mic, where I was sold on his music. While his performance was a bit rough around the edges, the records were infectious and I watched as they captured the crowds attention. Any DJ or promoter familiar with Atlanta will tell you, open mic crowds are among the toughest. If an artist can make his competition and their fans rock with them, they have something special, and that’s exactly what Curt was able to do.

Snatching up a copy of his mixtape, I was further impressed. While the project includes features from Skooly and the Migos, Curt stands on his own talent. While most indie artists put all their efforts behind any record that boasts a high profile feature, Curt’s been building a strong buzz on the south side with his solo records like “Lick” and more recently “Aint Cheap”. Having collaborated with Zaytoven, Rich Homie Quan, TM88, Waka Flocka and a list of other notable talents, his music has hit the radio and been featured on WorldStar. Recently being booked to open for 2 Chainz and Young Dolph in North Carolina, Curt and his team are increasingly focused on securing more paid shows and collaborating with artists in other markets with strong local buzzes. For booking, features and general information contact Step at or 678.724.1723


HITTMENN DJ REUNION BET Awards Weekend 2015 Los Angeles, CA


RIVER GREEN - #BNTA Listening/Release Party Lexington, KY

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Makin’ It Magazine | 13

Minneapolis Artist, SODA BOY, has been working hard to prove himself as not just a rapper but a complete brand. Taking the approach that “failure is not an option” with his music, his latest single, “Now Or Never”, embodies the hustler’s spirit. With the single available iTunes, he’s also been generating solid sales from #NowOrNever branded merchandise including t-Shirts, backpacks and bracelets. Doing an 8-city tour this past June to promote his new mixtape,“Rap is My Trap VOL 1: The Come Up”, he is currently looking to get back on the road. Contact for booking

Connect @ RELENTLESS HUSTLER ENT announces the release of two new singles from rising hip hop artist, WydeFrame. Returning with two new records, the Texas emcee, does not disappoint his fans. Both “Live Young, Die Rich” and “Loud Pack” are being touted by long time supporters as his best work to date. Listen to them for yourself on Soundcloud.

Connect @

14 | Makin’ It Magazine

WAYNE MGMT by C Gardner Wayne Jones is not only a grinder but also a survivor. Starting up his Black Lion Entertainment Music Group back in December of 2013 to give artists a platform to market their music and better themselves as a brand, the following year he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Spending half of 2014 in the hospital receiving treatment, in December of last year, he dropped “We Are Coming Da Mixtape.” Garnering multiple awards including the 2015 Akademia Music Award for Best Song in the Hip-Hop/Rap category, the project is also nominated for a SCM Music Award. Together with Blak Cheri(President of the label), Farrogoummo, Nyce1, Blaze Billionz, Mr. Swagg 360, Source, Million Dolla Ram, Giovanni, and Julia, Wayne is looking to make BLEMG a household name.

Connect @

NATE $AVAGE Booked earlier this year to perform at our Media Matters event during SxSW, young Nate $avage was first put onto our radar by our friends from Wise Fox Marketing (Formerly Mixtape Atlas). Born in Dallas, raised in Houston and currently residing in St. Louis, the performance served as a kind of homecoming for the Texas rapper. Though his first official performance, the energetic delivery of his single, “Never Fall Off ”, peeked our interest. Urging his management to join our site and keep us up to date

by K Cannick

with the rappers progress, we watched his growth over the next six months. Connecting with Good Life’s Issa, he released the remix to “Never Fall Off ” while traveling on a promotional run through the Midwest and Texas. Gaining some mixshow spins, the record served as a launchpad for his follow up single, “Top Down”, which landed him a digital distribution deal through Def Jam. Check out the song and newly released visual at BigRedEntGroup. com. For booking and business inquiries contact 214.693.1324

Twitter/Instagram: @RealNateSavage

Upgrade Your Timeline! Get familliar with a few of our readers making moves. Don’t just follow... ENGAGE! #DoubleTap #MakinItMag #Networking









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Makin’ It Magazine | 15


STEVE JOBS? by K Cannick

While explaining to an artist’s manager the benefit of spending nearly $1,000 to register for the Revolt Music Conference, I realized something. I sounded a lot like the many people who’ve tried to convert me to using Apple products over the years. As I described hearing Puff speak about attending his first concert and the moment he knew he wanted to get into the entertainment industry, I couldn’t help but visualize Steve Jobs speaking to a room full of Apple acolytes at the very first World Wide Developers Conference. In that instance, I thought to myself , “Is Diddy Hip Hop’s Steve Jobs?” While this may seem like a leap for most, being both a fan of hip hop and avid nerd, stacking these two side by side offers some interesting parallels. 16 | Makin’ It Magazine



After attending Howard University for two years while promoting parties and running a shuttle service, Sean “Puffy” Combs decides to drop out (24 Months). After leaving college, Diddy is hired by Andre Harrell at Uptown Records where he is quickly promoted to head A&R then Vice President but eventually proves difficult for others to work with. Diddy submits Notorious Big’s “Ready to Die” album to Andre Harrell. Knowing that MCA will not distribute the project, Harrell passes. Puffy leaves uptown records and launches Bad Boy Entertainment.

While the parallels in their career paths may be purely anecdotal, the reality is that these two very different men, generations apart, show a commonality of success. Though neither were exceptionally skilled, both were respectively brilliant. While Steve Wozniak was the talented engineer responsible for the products that made Apple a success, it was Steve Jobs’ vision of how computers and technology would become a seamless part of our everyday lives that made it the tech giant that it is today. Looking over to hip hop, where all eyes are peeled to see who will become the first “Rap Billionaire”, there are realistically only three men in the race: Diddy, Dre & Hov. While Jay-Z is arguably the greatest rapper alive and Dr. Dre may hold the corresponding title for producers, Diddy’s name is rarely included in the top 5 of either category, despite having a lengthy resume of hit records as both an artist and producer. Though not often regarded as one of the greatest producers or emcees of our

Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

Steve Jobs drops out of college after only 6 months, but continues to attend classes for another 18 months before officially leaving (24 Months). After leaving college, Steve is hired by Nolan Bushnell at Atari where Jobs proves to be a productive member of the company, but difficult to work with.

Jobs leaves Atari to start Apple Computers. He offers Nolan Bushnell the opportunity to own a third of the company for a $50,000 investment. Bushnell passes.

generation, Diddy has managed to out pace his nearest competitors to that billion dollar threshold, even with Dre receiving a $500 Million windfall from Apple’s Beats acquisition last year. You may ask, how is it that Diddy reigns supreme on Forbes’ list of Hip Hop’s wealthiest artists with an astounding $735 Million net worth? To that I would answer, vision. Speaking at last year’s Revolt Music Conference, Diddy described seeing Run-DMC perform at Madison Square Garden during the Raising Hell tour in 86’. He recounted the trio holding their Adidas in the air and commanding the crowd to do the same. He said as he watched 20,000 screaming fans holding up their sneakers, it was in that moment he knew what he wanted to do. Hearing him speak, I assumed he meant he wanted to be like Run DMC, but looking back over a career spanning more than 20 years, including ventures in Music, Television, Media, Clothing, Cosmetics,

Liquor, Water and who knows what else, I think he may have been more likely aiming for Adidas. While many may find the comparison of Diddy to Steve Jobs a stretch, I believe it shows a universal truth about successful entrepreneurs. Those with a unique vision and the drive to see it through have the ability to truly change the world. Steve Jobs set out to make computers personal but additionally reshaped the Music and Telecommunications Industry, while Diddy’s teenage desire to be influential set him on a billion dollar trajectory. Never underestimate your ability, the future that you see for yourself is the future that your will build. -As always… I look forward to hearing your feedback on this article. Leave your comments at Let us know your thoughts on the topic and what your vision is.

Makin’ It Magazine | 17


I think every rapper enters the game full of ambition and unrealistic expectations. Radio play, label deals and sold out shows, seem no further than 18 months down the road. But soon, the reality of the grind and slow coming progress begins to feel more like outright rejection. At that point even the most talented of artists will begin to question their merits. When this happens, an artist only has two choices: get bitter or get better. While many choose the former, opting to blame the industry for not delivering the promise of their dreams, a select few look inward to grow as artists and as individuals. Luckily, Emory Forbes falls into that second category.

Twitter/IG: @EmoryForbes

Pressured by his older brother to freestyle for the first time at age 11, hip hop liberated Emory from his feelings of awkwardness and gave him a voice. Though passionate about rapping from that day forward, it wasn’t until 2009 that he would take music seriously. Picking up and moving to Lompoc, California where he connected with the producer RECKAH, Emory soon released his debut project,

“Live from the Bottom.” at the end of 2011. A solid project that showcased more potential than ability, it helped spur an online following. Falling short of his expectations though, Emory eventually returned to his hometown of Baltimore where he took time to reflect. Undeterred, he continued to make music sans the pressure of being a commercial success. Always a lyricist, his music became even more personal. Now, four years removed from that initial release, a new Emory Forbes is set to emerge. Having been fortunate enough to be among the very few media outlets to receive a sneak preview of this new music, we can attest to his growth as an artist. Songs like “White Walls” and “All We Know” contrast well against a palette of verbal flexing. His skills as an emcee shine without overshadowing the universal themes and subtexts of his songs. All and all, we expect “January 15th” to be a pivotal release in the young artist’s career. For beats submissions, or business inquiries contact Steve Sutton at 443.257.0460.


by C Mathews Carving out a strong niche on the West Coast, The Blaze Indie L.A. Television Show is filling a much needed void. As the # 1 Urban Music Review Show, The weekly series broadcasts to 500,000 households on Cable TV in California and is also available to millions of viewers on ROKU, Vimeo and other digital platforms.

To perform, submit music or schedule an interview on the show Connect with this Member @ 18 | Makin’ It Magazine



DJ Don Q | Detroit, MI

DJ I Rock Jesus | Hampton, VA

DJ JK | Greenville, SC




Song: On A Cloud Artist: Neisha Neshae Online: Twitter @ NeishaNeshae Comment: “The overall vibe of the record is what makes it stand out. Banging beat with a smooth sound and Neisha’s vocals are a perfect combo on this track.”

Song: On My Momma Artist: Benjah ft. Reconcile Online: Comment: “This record has a great vibe to it,Perfect for the summer or winter.I have just 3 words (Straight Ministry Heat )”

DJ Johnny O | Cleveland, OH

DJ Montana | Greenville, SC

DJ Ransom Dollars | NC, SC, ATL




Song: Geeky Artist: Yung Double Online: Comment: “A great record for any city.”

Song: Wanna Try (Remix) Artist: Trevis Romell Ft. Jacob Latimore Online: Twitter @ TrevisRomell Comment: “This is a record some people can relate to and others can vibe to, but it’s a hit no matter which way you look at it.”

Song: Work For Me Artist: Hail Madrina Online: Twitter @ Hail_Madrina Comment: “Work For Me [Prod. By DubMagic Roe] is the hottest trap record out right now from a female I cosign her. The Song is really gonna take off in 2016, She is based out ATL & is with Dirty Birds Cartel.”

DJ Throdown | New York, NY

DJ Slik | Atl, Virgin Is, Dubai

DJ Goldyi | Laurel, MS




Song: Bang Bang Artist: Sheek Louch/PushaT. Comment: “Sheek Louch on his street issh underrated mc. Pusha t. doing what he does. fiya track..”

Song: Back Home In A Dream Artist: Prya Online: Comment: “Song has been playing in the Caribbean markets heavily and has alot of radio spins there, as well as Florida, Texas and ATL Caribbean clubs. The artist is a solid MC with a loyal fanbase.”

Song: Thick Girls Winning Artist: Bass Kingx Comment: “This song has potential being that the plus size women are always over looked. And I’m getting a great response from the record.”



Song: House Party Artist: 4-4 Water Online: Comment: “Hot artist, hot track! He keeps the streets, clubs & mixtapes on fire with tracks like these. Now on tour throughout the southeast, his time is now!”


Are you a DJ Interested in being featured in the Co-Sign section? Just register at If you are an artist looking to have your record Co-Signed by a DJ in this section visit and start networking with the DJs. Twitter & Instagram: @MakinItMag

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“Celebrating the accomplishments of independents making moves.”

The music industry has always been marred by politics. As long as I’ve been involved with music, the voice of independent artists crying foul have always been the loudest. So much ruckus is often raised about who doesn’t support independent artists that the ones who do support get overlooked. That’s why I had to start this section off by giving a big S/O to the homie DJ Wrekk1, who was the first DJ to spin my record and big part of me being able to get my first single in rotation. As a DJ, On-air personality and Music Director at WHHH, he opened doors for a lot of independents who were putting in the footwork. On behalf of all those he’s helped, I want to congratulate him on all the success and growth that he’s made over the years and commend him on the work he’s doing as the newly appointed Program Director at WMBX in Palm Beach, Florida (@Wrekk1) → → Congratulations to North Carolina rapper, Colonel Loud, who was recently featured in’s “Tomorrow’s Hits” column following a 24% increase at commercial radio on his hit single “California” featuring Young Dolph & Ricco Barrino. It’s always good to see clients getting the acknowledgment they deserve. Check him out in the past three issues of the magazine. (@ColonelLoud) → → Congratulations to Archie Beatz, whose recent single “One Bottle” has racked up over 250,000 spins on Pandora and 200 at FM Radio in less than four months. Coming a long way from his humble beginnings in Shaw, Mississippi, the Singer / Songwriter and Music Producer recently relocated to Atlanta from Las Vegas. Be sure to check out his music and follow his movement online. (@ArchieBeatz) → → Part producer and part serial entrepreneur, Xavier “Zaytoven” Dotson continues to innovate and conquer new challenges. After the past years’ hugely successful expansion into film, the Grammy Award winning producer recently set his sights on the literary world. Releasing his first book, From A to Zay, the 76 page read offers producers a terse guide to succeeding in the music industry. Biographical in nature, the overtones focusing on faith and character make it a good read for anyone pursuing a music career, not just producers. (@ZaytovenBeatz)

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24 year old Atlanta rapper, KIDD INSIGHT, is a vivacious emcee

full of raw energy and ambition. In a city overrun with artists, it can often be difficult to make the connections one needs, but sometimes fate lends its hand. Over the past year, coincidence has repeatedly pushed Kidd Insight across the path of multi-platinum producer Jazze Pha until the two finally ended up in the studio. Excited about what they’ve been cooking up, expect to hear new music from Kidd Insight soon.

Connect @ Cris B.amazing collaborates with DMAC BEATS for his new song, Y.B.K. (Young Black King). With a flow that puts you in the mind frame of a darker and more aggressive version of J Cole, Chris compliments the track well and delivers lyrically. The record has been well received by his core fans and will likely be pushed as a single. If you’re in need of quality production from a producer who will help push your records connect with DMacBeats

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Lost in the wilderness; at our own expense, sometimes it seems that we all are. Subconsciously the world seems to purposely draw us apart and redefine the meaning of what love really is. On “Do For Love”, Tennessee native, Jae’Zus delivers profoundly, promoting self love, acceptance and unity. As positivity lacks with most of today’s rap music, it’s refreshing

to be introduced to an uplifting vibe. When digging through the red bearded emcee’s catalog, the love for creating conscious art is self evident with tracks such as the hard hitting “Amygdala”, “Make It Happen” and “Savior”, all stemming from his latest project, “Piracy”. If you’re looking for a wave different from the mainstream objective, check out Jae’zus today and grab your daily dose of inspiration.

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very year tons of new artists waste money on email blasts. While email blasts can be an effective form of promotion, their impact hinges greatly on how they’re used. With hundreds of promo companies popping up overnight, all offering email blasts, we thought we’d educate you on some of the top things to consider when using email to promote and market your music. 1. The strength of a company’s email list is not rooted in the number of subscribers it has but by the connection those subscribers have to the person/company sending the blast. This is the difference between your campaign getting deleted or opened. 2. While there may be a lot of the same subscribers on different company’s lists, subscribers ultimately look to sources for different information. Emails from COMPANY A may get opened because they always have the new music while emails from COMPANY B may get opened because they always

have the latest news. You want to make sure your promotion will meet and satisfy the expectation of the audience you’re reaching 3. Have a clear objective for why you’re sending an email blast. Whether you’re looking to get feedback on a song or trying to get people to visit your site, make sure you have a way to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. 4. Email Blasts should only be a small portion of a much broader promotional campaign. Make sure that the blasts you’re having sent out tie into your overall marketing strategy. Make sure the content of the blast reflects your brand and that the campaigns are scheduled in accordance with your goals. While we could definitely get into some much deeper strategies for getting the most out of your email marketing budget, one of the most important things we can advise is choosing a solid company to work with. To get you started here are a few companies that provided information on their blasts for us to pass along to you.

MAKIN’ IT MAGAZINE Subscribers: 26,000+ Cost of (1) Email Blast: $50 Details: Email Blast includes placement in weekly newsletters sent to DJs, Bloggers, Promoters, Artists and Industry Executives. Best used for networking

VIRDIKO MUSIC PROMOTION Subscribers: 10,000+ Cost of (1) Email Blast: $400 Details: Email Blast includes placement in weekly newsletters sent to DJs, Bloggers, Promoters, Artists and Industry Executives. Best used for networking

DJSERVICEPACK.COM Subscribers: 100,000+ Cost of (1) Email Blast: $200 Details: We actually utilize our google+ and attack throughout the different markets to expand the artists reach.

SCHWEINBECK LLC Subscribers: 1,000+ Cost of (1) Email Blast: $400 Details: My blog placement is a blast to 750+ blogs, 20+ guaranteed blogs (minimum 20).

NERVEDJSMIXTAPES.COM Subscribers: 50,000+ Cost of (1) Email Blast: $50 Details: We do ($100) Custom Exclusive

ROCCSTAMPED Subscribers: 1,000,000+ Cost of (1) Email Blast: $0 Details: We service brand new records (major and independent) to dj’s, mixtape dj’s, club dj’s, radio dj’s, program directors, music directors.

eBlasts, ($25) Multi Artists eBlasts to our members and many more from label reps, producers, artists, bloggers promoters and the Public, your future fans.

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