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ISSUE 31 SXSW 2017



Re iLL

Success Often Lies Behind the Path of Most Resistence.


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#NewReleases “Work In Progress” by Lopez Booking: 720.515.4160

“Anywhere But Here” by Amir Booking: 404.721.9162

“Industry Ready 2” by The C.O.O.L Crew IG: @TheCoolCrewCEO

“17” by Kilo Booking: 404.640.1999

“They Sleeping On Me” by Tonio Armani Booking: 410.725.3996

“Project Black” by 931BlackBoy Booking: 615.961.6022

“Food 4 The Soul 101” by Artwork Booking: 760.412.9995

“KSOMO” by Cue IV Booking: 901.238.7212

“Trap Chordz” by Exotictonez Booking: 678.306.6871

“Fans First Vol.5” by JordanL Booking: 313.999.0299

“GOOD” by Almighty Booking: 313.333.5546

“Devo’s World” by Young Devo IG: @YoungDevo

“The Freaknik Project” by Billy Ray Booking: 678.427.7353

“Evolution Of A Poet” by Dude Booking: 404.565.6482

“Bet Sum” by Rasta B Booking: 601.573.3172

“You’re The Last To Know” by Lenny Pants Booking: 440.251.0925

“ Baby Momma Missing ” by Nexgod Booking: 770.765.0409

“BLO5K Muzik 2” by Blo5k Booking: 678.939.0154

“Nun Sweet” by Shaun T Booking: 404.985.9448

“WSHH Mixtape Vol.2” by DJ Suga Booking: 215.528.0283

“Kick Rocks” by Alorii Yen Booking: 757.773.8853

“Born With A Silver Tongue” by Ray Tha Rebel Booking: 281.302.8052

“Best Rapper Alive Under 29” by Kevon Pagis Booking: 832.236.9394

“Too Hot To Be Local” by Majik City Booking: 419.973.9970

“Make Way (Street Ballin)” by Jay Ovara IG: @JayOvara

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#NewReleases “Gah Damn” by Sterling Booking: 817.676.8557

“Cash Counting” by Dame Booking: 678.758.6075

“Be With You” by Draft Booking: 504.255.2265

“The Love Movement” by Dre Future and Queen Faith Booking: 513.257.7819

“Whole Damn Life” by B8gie Foo’ ft.MightyLee Booking: 773.590.0476

“Walking Hashtag” by Franc Dolla Booking: 404.862.4236

“I Will Not Say” by Purp Booking: 505.730.6069

“Real Love” by IAM Action Booking: 954.805.2944

“All My B!@#%$” by Sucka Free $kooly Booking: 478.718.6683

“Room 102” by Ishmael Booking: 240.460.1911

“The Comeback Kid” by Morgan Booking: 404.668.2157

“Scrimmages” by DeoN Booking: 302.331.5766

“Who Is Blow 305?” by Blow 305 Booking: 843.229.0851

“Melanin Dreams” by Ron Saforo Booking: 678.927.5164

“Do It Like Me” by Moriel Sparks Booking: 202.794.5503

“Haters” by Gruuve Gang Booking: 205.233.0211

“ Oh My ” by L.O. Booking: 856.956.8017

“FAME” by Steezy Booking: 480.495.7709

“High Today” by WES Booking: 205.242.7630

“Your Highness” by Ar’tisry Booking: 504.320.6836

“I’m That” by 1B Chris Booking: 404.207.9692

“Freak” by Kittii Red ft.Playbwoi Booking: 404.437.5039

“Playin’ Victim” by Dru Yates Booking: 808.782.3097

“Hi-Tech” by King Burr ft, KashKlock Booking: 904.729.9795

“Amazing” by LV Booking: 312.566.3857

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Not Independent: Chance the Rapper’s Big Secret Exposed

by K. Cannick

Sitting down with the family to watch the Grammys, my wife and I were both ecstatic to see Chicago emcee, Chance the Rapper, take home the first award of the night. It was extremely refreshing to see a rapper win the Best New Artist category after a nearly 20-year drought, but doubly so because Chance breaks the mold of what people are conditioned to think a rapper must be to succeed. Going into the evening with seven nominations, I think few expected to see him walk away with ONE, let alone three, of the industry’s highest honors. But as happy as I was for Chance’s achievement, it soon began to feel like a double-edged sword. Virtually every headline touching on the victory amounted to, “Independent Rapper Wins Gram-

my”. A sexy story, if not necessarily the whole one, those headlines only further cemented the notion that artists don’t need a major label because THEY CAN DO EVERYTHING THEMSELVES!

Is Chance unsigned? YES. Is he independent? Hell TF NO! Greatness will always be a team sport. So, before you base your career on the “INDIE WINS GRAMMY” meme, look at the full breadth of Chance’s story. Look at the role that Pete Cocoran has played in his career. Look at the unique circumstances that lead to Pete becoming his manager. Chance’s current version of “Independent” is far different from yours. His team consists of people handling Visuals, Accounting, Booking, Social Media, Branding, etc. Chance isn’t signed to a label, because he is the label.’

I’m a huge advocate for independence, but I feel too many new artists are “learning” the music business through social media. Digesting only headlines instead of the actual stories, these artists set themselves up for failure with half-truths. Overnight, Chance’s Independent Grammy win became the #LifeGoal of every rapper on my timeline. But for all the championing of independence and proclamations of doing it all Read the full story and comment themselves, most made the glar- at ing oversight of not acknowledging that Chance didn’t take the stage alone.

Re-ill: To Be or NOT! by D. Banks

To be or Not to be? This simple question has impeded the careers of many aspiring artists; whether it is smarter to pursue your dreams against the slings and arrows of criticism and self-doubt or to put those dreams to rest. While rapper Re iLL has earned our respect as both a songwriter and performer, it is his perseverance in the face of adversity that we have come to admire most. Relocating to Atlanta from North Carolina, he has decidedly chosen “To be”. Though his road has been bumpy, every hardship has left him a little stronger. Now, with his latest single “Shakespeare” gaining notoriety, he has begun receiving a steady stream of work as a writer with management interest from multiple parties. Be sure to check out his music on Spotify and catch him on his upcoming 5 city tour.

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Ray Daniels: Life Meeets Music. by C. Mathews

25 year industry veteran, Wendy Day, recently sat down to interview Ray Daniels, Founder or RAYDAR Management and the Senior VP of A&R for Interscope Records. In a very candid conversation, Ray discussed the importance of business relationships and staying grounded and realistic as an artist. Detailing his start in the music industry and dispensing invaluable advice for placing songs as a writer, we highly recommend giving this interview a watch.

Words: Y. Jaramillo

Words: D Banks

FROST is a Greenville, NC native with a quick witted tongue and southern boy twang that is uniquely his own. A lyrical maven with concepts that are genuine to his current reality, A Cold Winter, is a breath of fresh country air. No gimmicks, all bars with simple beats that keep you focused on the message while still carrying the vibes. Check out Frost’s A Cold Winter on Soundcloud now. 11947 San Jose emcee, LANNY BOII, is the embodiment of a true independent. Working a full time job, over the course of 5 months he was able to invest into recording and releasing his debut album, “No F-cks Since 1990”. Well received by his small but growing fan base, Lanny is back in the studio recording between show dates. Look for the video to his latest single “Skip to My Lou”.

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The latest recruit to the HustleGang family, Ra Ra has been on Makin’ It Magazine’s radar for quite some time. Finding early success as a rapper, he took a noticable absence from the industry but never from the music. Popping back up on our radar with the release of his “Highend Lowlife” mixtape, we brought RaRa out for one of our Music Monday listening sessions, where he impressed every Blogger, DJ, and Industry Exec in attendance. His latest EP and first full Grand Hustle release, “I Am WhatI Am”, does not disappoint. Seven tracks of coarse emotionally charged trap anthems, the project is well balanced and worth a good listen. Check it out online at:

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