Palermo "Cultivating Uncertainty" October 2018

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Editorial The following documentation is a collective travel journal, from the Making Futures Bauhaus + Mobile Workshop „Cultivating Uncertainty“ in Palermo, in October 2018 . It is a fragmented state - an assemblage of thoughts and extracted knowledge from being in place, meeting local knowledge and engaging in conversations. The reader distributed one week before the workshop became a tool for connecting local, situated and social knowledge of the group and acted as starting point of the collection.

Making Futures

Participants where encouraged to collect a diverse material in a wide range of formats that later was discussed in workshop’s “class time” a moment where the group could collectively reflect of the experiences during the day. The journal visualizes the process of the research trip and its position into a field of references, it refers to situations created during the workshop and includes their personal interpretations by the participants.

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Editoral Notes Palermo, che vuoi? The grand tourists and their travel journals Manifesta12 Curatorial Concept The city as a collective experiment between the local and the global Social encounters and collective sense making as a metodology The unfinished as an active form Participants

Making Futures

is gesture seems to e not in use an more as all t e nati e participants are not a le to recogni e it

e grand tour as t e traditional ourne t oug urope mainl ta en oung ort ern urope aristocrats to e pand t eir eld of no ledge it in art politics and culture ile t e earl grand tourists ould isit t e rural area of icil toda alt oug a cit it a large num er of important istorical sites and uildings alermos tourist are restricted to a er limited area it in t e cit

- Grand tourism

arco agricolo di



eca ing palaces








ar condos



Unfinished map of actors in and around the mobile workshop

ancaster as


a ri io


e ealt of icilian aristocrac deri es a s stem called meta age me adr a in Italian t e no les o ned land t at t e lend to farmers in e c ange of a portion of t eir crops e trade as mediated corrupted administrators o oppressed farmers and da la orers and enric ed t emsel es on t e ac of t e compliant and disengaged landlords In t e noel on alogero as a le to dis onestl ac uire propert from impo eris ed no les strengt ening is position in t e illage and ecoming its ma or He is t e protot pe of a ma a ascendant


ne t e one side t e alienation and resignation of an ultraconser ati e local aristocrac perfectl em odied rince alina o o ser es is orld c anging t roug t e lens of is telescope nd on t e ot er side on t e as es of t e no les a andoned palaces a ne rampant greed specimen raises personi ed on alogero ed ra t e enric ed ma oso

e main c aracter rince a ri io alina as ell as riter omasi di ampedusa imself and uc ino isconti o later transformed t e no el into one of is greatest mo ies are among t e last mem ers of an Italian aristocrac is falling into disgrace e are also t e itnesses of ears of political transformation in Ital and particularl in icil ere ma a is setting its roots and gaining

Il Gattopardo ritten Giuseppe omasi di ampedusa and pu lis ed post umous in is t e portrait of an aristocratic icilian famil set against t e istorical pi ot of Gari aldi s uni cation attles in


inding lin s et een Il Gattopardo and anifesta t e icilian arc itect o erto ollo o dedicated is career to mend t e ur an fa ric of alermo and t e ideo installation of at ala o ostantino are t e main references and inspirations

e alermitan landscape stretc es from t e out oast up to i o ella a long line traced t e ur an de elopment of alermo a collection of fragmented realities t e result of t is istorical process anifesta pro ects and e i itions are an attempt to reconstruct t e plot of t ese de elopments to ma e t is fragments and t eir connections

e nou eau ric e and o erdressed on alogero arri es at a dinner at t e countr ome stretc ing is and in searc of alliance it t e deca ing aristocrats


Teatro Garibaldi in November 2018 after the closing of Manifesta12

Teatro Garibaldi in November 2018 after the closing of Manifesta12

- Support structures

en e read it as temporar ic is one a to undercut it s alue ll t is goes ac to t e fantas of t e o ect as freestanding at support does is unconciousl remind us of t e muddle of t e orld ic e don t li e and at e are tr ing to preser e is t e ideologic t e purit in t e sense of it s autonom it s idealit upport tructure ondorelli eline et al p

ulti ating uncertaint cele rating uncertaint at does it mean to e in an uncertain state un nis ed en do e de ne somet ing nis ed isn t e er t ing some o temporar and un nis ed c anging and t erefor al a s uncertain it s ust a uestion of o to deal it t e uncertain

Mandamente, Castellamare, 2018.10.25

In alermo as ardl it t e ritis and merican om ings fter t e ar alermitans ad t eir ouse destro ed and demanded ne ousing ile people moed to t e cit from t e surrounding countr side ince it ima and later iancimino ristian emocrats as pu lic or s councilors t o pro isional ersions of t e cit master plan ere appro ed in and in to ic undreds of amendments ere made accepting re uests from pri ate citiens man of om ere in fact politicians and ma osi relati es and associates t e ariations made to t e master plan according to t e re uests allo ed to uild in t e area of ia i ert demolis ing man rt ou eau illas including t e ones uilt leading arc itect and designer asile In t e meantime t e ro en aristocrats deserted t eir semi destro ed palaces in t e cit centre to mo e out of t e cit ala o ostantino still o ned a no le famil and osting s or a out Il Gattopardo anifesta is an e ample

3 - Abandoned aristocratic palaces / Not so noble condos

Palazzo Costantino in November 2018 after the closing of Manifesta12

Palazzo Costantino in November 2018 after the closing of Manifesta12

e most e tensi e agricultural area of t e cit according to o erto ollo as ac uired from t e original aristocratic o ners ma osi and used as a meeting place from osa ostra e informal master plan of t e cit mig t a e een designed t ere under medlar and mandarine trees

1 - Parco Agricolo di Ciaculli Croceverde

Palazzo Forcella De Seta in November 2018 after the closing of Manifesta12

Giardino dei Giusti in November 2018 after the closing of Manifesta12

4. ZEN

4. ZEN



ucci to

ittorio Gregotti for t e

o ou li e and or in a mar ellous place a art nou eau uilding in t e centre of ilan tell us t e trut ould ou li e ourself at G e conditions are not reunited for me to li e at I am not a proletarian I am doing anot er o I am not a orer I do somet ing completel di erent

Inter ie e Iene

lso aligns on t e a e e are dra ing from osta ud t roug ia i ert to t e top of i o ella ut t e social ousing comple as uilt on agricultural land m far from t e cit centre in a time en t e t o ere not connected is as clearl sociall unsustaina le for t e people o ould a e mo ed to ut a strategic decision of t e corrupted cit go ernment as t e ole primar infrastructure ould a e een pu licl paid to t en ser e pri ate in estors de eloping t eir pro ects in et een

4. ZEN

- Encounters

aniel s parents ot came from central frica His fat er ga e im aniel as a rst name ecause e as afraid people ould ma e fun of is african name no second name ic e got from is uncle eople in call im t e ur ecause is s in is lac and t at s t e a icilian call frican people alt oug ur e is not in frica

tarting in t e demolis ing and reconstruction de ris ere consistentl disc arged on t e coastal line re s aping it to its actual status creating outgro ing u s of garage tiles and ot er construction materials e result of t is operation as a progressi e decline of t e recreational acti ities along t e coast it t e popular classes oining t e aristocrats and ourgeois at t e nort ern eac of ondello e e and o constantl tear apart le igate and ring ac to t e eac t e de ris of alermo s past for us tourists to ta e t em as sou enirs

2 - Mammelloni / Big bubs.

Ha ing con ersations it famil mem er I a n t seen since i as a c ild and not spe ing t e same language ncle nino closed is gift s op to ta e me on a al in t e small to n ere m grand dad gre up told me in italian slo l so t at i could translate t at m grand dad left t e small illage earl to nd luc some ere else ppearentl e nd it er di icult to lea e ut it as easier to ma e a li ing doing it

- Encounters

ere ere no longer a future in agriculture in t e small to n of a ara del allo ere our famil ad een or ing it agriculture for generations forcing t em to nd ot er a s of li ing outside icil

- Support structures





ate nig t in alermo e p one oot as gi ing support to t e part tent a ing a ne purpose ut sometimes t e internet connection got lost e ind us t e lac mar et as graduall e ol ing omeone al ed past smiling appearentl found a micro a e o en at t e department of electronics on t e street a it furt er do n aste is alues counterpart


e man orld eritage sites it in t e cit comes it a strong contradiction t e preser ation of uildings ma es it into an attraction for a larger num er of tourists and pus es a a gentri cation process of neig ouroods at ot er forms of acti e engagement and grand tourism is t ere toda e ond consumption separating t e tourist and t e site in to t e ie and t e ie er Ho ill alermo c ange it a rising num er of tourists re t ere ot er a s of tourism

- Grand tourism

tatistics of mo en al ing in tances g ng oc num er of oors

ement unpurposel generated alermo transl al ing disl pdistans steps steg and antal trappor

e it of alermo as a long legac of migration resulting in communities from across t e mediteriannen and e ond t at pla s an in erent role in t e cit s culture

- Encounters

ransl I miss ou all a lot send ugs ia telegrap Grand mot er elegrap message and famil p otos found on al in alermo

5. Pizzo Sella

5. Pizzo Sella

Hunting scene from Il Gattopardo

- Support structures

Participants Serena Abbondanza studies architecture at the University of the Arts Berlin. She participated at the studio „Designing around the Kitchentable“ at the Floating University Berlin. Serena has Italian background and amazing energy accompanied by local knowledge and ability to embrace the world. Markus Bader is co-founder of raumlaborberlin and professor at the University of the Arts Berlin. He is the head, the heart and the stomach of the research project „making futures bauhaus+“. Ignacio Franti is photographer from Buenos Aires who moved three months ago from Berlin to Palermo. Ignacio documented the workshop and shared the knowledge of newcomer in Palermo. Cristina Freni lives between Berlin and Sicily. She studied architecture in Palermo, traveled around the word, as a resident of the american utopian city Arcosanti she lived in the middle of Arizona´s desert. Since 2012 she has been working as a freelance architect in Berlin. As a real sicilian woman Cristina added the fundamental local knowledge to the collective body of the group. Lena Gätjens is a stage/costume designer who graduated from Architectural Lighting Design with a masterthesis about the social sculpture Grandhotel Cosmopolis. Lena has multiple identities as a lighting technician, guide for kids art workshops, illustrator and as an expert in building improvised stuff from wood and metal. When someone asks her what she is doing her answer is - I do what I like. Anna Kokalanova is a research and teaching assistant at the University of the Arts Berlin. She is currently working on her PhD „Arrival Infrastructures: Spatial Practices of Bulgarian Roma in Berlin“. Anna is internationally known not only for her good logistics. She is the big toe of the research project „making futures bauhaus+“. Michaela Kunze is a practicing architect, happy to open and share her perspective in the academic setting of the workshop. In the last years Michaela realized a series of complex buildings as a project manager in sauerbruch hutton.

Making Futures

Christof Mayer is co-founder of raumlaborberlin, visiting professor at the University of the Arts Berlin and professor in Bergen Architecture School, Norway. He is the pelvis and the joints of the research project „making futures bauhaus+“. Laura Pirgie is art student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, also a graduated psychologist, specialized in applied social psychology, field of environmental and architecture psychology. She describes herself with the sentence „For exciting projects and visions I can quickly develop an intense passion.“ Laura can´t exist without the camera of her smart phone, in her artistic work she uses visual representation and space. Licia Soldavini is the internationally known as the Swiss Knife. Licia not only speaks almost every language fluently, but she can easily be part of any project in any role. She was the production master of the Floating University Berlin. Wherever we go Licia always meets people she knows, her work is located everywhere in Europe, currently even in Brunswick. Sophia Sunqvist studies architecture at the Lund School of Architecture in Sweden. She is intern at raumlaborberlin and associate in the research project „making futures bauhaus+“. Sophia is a multitalent, for example she was the social media expert of the research team during the first mobile workshop „Engaged Education“ in Istanbul. Rosario Talevi is a Berlin-based architect interested in critical spatial practice, transformative pedagogies and feminist futures, which she applies through various spatial, editorial and curatorial strategies. Rosario leads the department for care and inspiration while acting as the backbone and the breath of the research project „making futures bauhaus+“ Mara Usai is originally from Sardegna, she graduated from KU Leuven the International programme Architecture: Urban Projects, Urban Cultures. Since 2017 Mara has been the reserach coordinator for the cultural association „Eterotopia“. As curator of this project her personal interest is to investigate different formats for collective research and ways to implement them.

Making Futures Bauhaus+ is a cooperation between the Berlin University of the Arts and raumlaborberlin on the occasion of the Bauhaus’ centenary. Funded by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.

Making Futures