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Al- Battani Iranian Muslim Philosopher 868-929

Contribution • Astronomy: • Sun’s relationship to earth. • Inclination of the ecliptic: Al- Battani by numbers: 23 degrees, 35 minutes. • Actual: 23 degrees, 27 minutes and 8.26 seconds • Precession of the equinoxes.: It was the foundations for understanding of the physical world.

Important Discoveries by Al-Battani • Astronomy: Sun’s relationship to earth.

The Sun ‘s greatest distance from earth.


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Albategnius: Is a plain crater on the Moon. Can be observed in the first quarter. Is named after The astronomer AlBattani.

USS Al-Battani-Class Excelsior.

Al battani [recovered] 1  

Abu Abdallah Muhammad Ibn Jabir Ibn Sinan al-Battani al-Harrani. Or Just. Al- Battani. famous astronomer, mathematician and astrologer. on...

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