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November 11, 2011 | 14 Cheshvan 5772

Vol. 7, Iss. 40


Israel and Iran Approach Brink of War as IAEA Sheds Light on Tehran’s True Nuclear Intent Attack on Iran more likely than diplomatic option, Says Peres Israeli President Shimon Peres, a political dove, said in an interview aired by Israel›s privately-owned Channel Two television last Saturday that an attack on Iran was becoming «more and more likely.» His comments came only days before a report by the UN›s International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna is due to be published and is expected to reveal in close detail the advances that Iran has made toward producing a nuclear weapon. On Sunday, Peres continued expounding upon his views regarding a direct Israeli confrontation against the apparent Iranian nuclear arms buildup. By Fern Sidman peaking to the Israeli media, Peres announced that, «The possibility of a military attack against Iran is now closer to being applied than the application of a diplomatic option. We must stay calm and resist pressure so that we can consider every alternative. I don›t think that any decision has already been made, but there is an impression that Iran is getting closer to nuclear weapons. The intelligence services of the different countries that are keeping an eye on Iran are worried and putting pressure on their leaders to warn that Iran is ready to obtain the nuclear weapon.» Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are in favor of launching an attack on Iran though the depth of their commitment and their opinion on the timing are not clear. According to combined news sources, it appears that Netanyahu will face staunch opposition to a proposed strike by both the Israeli cabinet, and more specifically the security cabinet, which are the only bodies authorized to make the final decision on such a matter. As for capability, the Israel Defense Forces is obviously engaged in preparations for the mission as evidenced in the recently successful test launch of a new, intercontinental ballistic missile called the Jericho III that is


capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. In a joint one-week military exercise with Italy, six IAF squadrons consisting of 14 F-16 single and twin seater fighter planes took off from the Ramat David air base and were joined by Boeing craft for in-flight refueling. The Italian air force flew the advanced Eurofighter Typhoon, AMX, Panavia Tornado and F-16s. In response to Iran›s newest subterranean Fordo facility near Qom, the U.S. supplied Israel with GBU-28 bunker buster bombs in the third week of September. Foreign sources said the Jericho III ICBM has the capability of delivering a 750-kilo nuclear warhead to a distance of 7,000 kilometers and even further, if fitted with a smaller warhead. Western intelligence experts estimate that 42 missiles with conventional warheads are enough to seriously disable Iran›s main nuclear facilities in Natanz, Isfahan and Arak. Sources say that the formal exposure of the scale of the Iranian nuclear program and its indictment by the International Atomic Energy Agency is intended to shock world opinion and thereby help U.S. President Barack Obama to go full steam ahead with such sanctions as international boycotts of Iranian fuel and the Iranian state bank. Tehran has warned that these sanctions would be deemed an act of war. Those who oppose an Israeli air strike on Iran speculate that it will complicate relations with Egypt, whose transitional govern-

Prime Minister Netanyahu (above) supports a preemptive strike against Iran, but will likely face staunch opposition by both his cabinet and the Ministers Committee on Security Affairs which are the only bodies authorized to make such a decision. Inset: The IDF has been preparing for a possible attack as evidenced recently by the successful test launch of an upgraded version of the Jericho III intercontinental ballistic missile, which is capable of delivering a conventional or nuclear payload.

ment is less hostile to Iran than Mubarak›s regime was, and will also jeopardize the peace with Jordan, whose territory Israeli planes might cross. In response, an attack will draw Iranian missiles and massive rocket volleys by Hezbollah and Hamas, and Syrian President Bashar Assad also may choose to join the fray in an attempt to suppress his country›s popular uprising. The proponents of an attack point to Israel›s bombing of the Iraqi reactor in 1981 by then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin who acted against the advice of many top defense personnel and politicians and was ultimately proven correct. Saddam Hussein›s lack of nuclear weapons facilitated the American campaign in the two Gulf wars. In 1981, however, Israel did not coordinate the attack with the United States, as there was no American military presence along the attack route. Meanwhile, Iran faced mounting pres-

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sure over its nuclear ambitions this month when France and China issued separate pleas to Teheran. On Friday, November 4, French president Nicholas Sarkozy condemned Iran›s «obsession» with developing a nuclear capability, and said any attempt to engineer atomic weapons was a clear violation of all international rules. Though he appeared to rule out any imminent military campaign, he said France would be prepared to act if Israel was under threat. «France will not stand by with arms crossed,» he said. China also urged the Iranians to be less confrontational and said the regime needed to co-operate fully with the IAEA. It was time for Iran to show flexibility and sincerity, an official said. Sarkozy›s comments appeared to differ with those of French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe who warned that an attack on Iran Continued on page 11

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The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice



Supreme Court Hears Zivotofsky v. Sec. of State Clinton Veteran Attorney Nat Lewin Defends Right of Jerusalem-Born Americans to Declare “Israel” as Country of Birth The law firm of Lewin & Lewin, LLP on Monday presented oral arguments to the U. S. Supreme Court on behalf of its nine year old client, Menachem Zivotofsky, in the highly charged case of Menachem Zivotofsky v. Secretary of State Clinton (No. 10-699). At issue in the case is the right of a Jerusalem-born American citizen to self identify as born in “Israel” on his or her U.S. passport and birth certificate. The case has attracted support and interest worldwide including the filing of some five amicus briefs. n 2002, Congress passed a law that directed the Secretary of State to record the birthplace of American citizens born in Jerusalem as «Israel» on these documents for American citizens who so request. Since the bill’s enactment, the Executive branch has refused to enforce the law, claiming that to do so would infringe on the President’s authority to «recognize foreign sovereigns.» Menachem Zivotofsky was born in Jeru-


salem soon after the law was passed. His parents requested that the place of birth on his U.S. passport and Consular Report of Birth Abroad be listed as «Israel.» The State Department refused the request and instead listed «Jerusalem» as the place of birth. Nathan Lewin and Alyza D. Lewin of Lewin & Lewin, LLP, agreed to represent the Zivotofskys and have litigated the case pro bono for eight years.

In the well-attended oral argument—the line for tickets began at 4:30 AM — Nathan Lewin argued that Congress has the final word on matters of foreign policy and that the recognition power, if it is at all relevant in this case, is not exclusively the President’s. In the alternative, he argued to the Court that it need not determine broad separation of powers issues but could decide that this law is within Congress’ authority to regulate passports and the self-identification of American citizens on such passports. Lewin explained that “the history of this [place of birth] line on the passport demonstrates . . . and the State Department has acknowledged it, that it is purely a means of identification.” The statute authorizes an American citizen to choose whether he wants to identify himself as born in “Jerusalem” or in “Israel” – and, if he was born before 1948, even in “Palestine.” Consequently, the law does not amount to recognition but accommodates a passport holder’s desire for selfidentification just as it does when it allows

Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility

A Look at Iran’s Main Nuclear Sites As part of the Jewish Voice’s ongoing coverage of the Iran nuclear crisis, we are presenting our readers with a brief overview of Iran’s primary nuclear facilities. This list comes courtesy of the Voice of America News Service.

An Iranian Nuclear power

opponents of Israel to eliminate “Israel” from their passport and list “Tel Aviv” or “Haifa” instead of the country of birth. Nathan Lewin noted during his argument that “Congress recognized that with regard to the 50,000 people who have a passport that says “Jerusalem,” they are being denied a certain sense of self-respect that they feel they should be able to have in terms of their own identification. This is not a statute that is designed to create some political brouhaha or make a foreign policy statement. It’s a statute that frankly fits in with what the State Department does in accommodating to individual passport holders.” After the argument, when speaking with the press, Ari Zivotofsky, Menachem’s father explained that listing “Israel” as the place of birth on his son’s passport is significant for the family because “for us the modern State of Israel is historically and religiously significant. It was meaningful to us to have a son born in Israel and it is, therefore, important to us that he be allowed to identify himself as born in Israel on his American passport.”

ran’s disputed nuclear program includes uranium enrichment, electricity generation and research at several facilities. They are operating under international inspection or are in the process of being built. Here is an overview of Iran’s main nuclear facilities:


Iran’s uranium enrichment program is based in the central city of Natanz. The site contains an underground plant in which thousands of centrifuges are purifying, or enriching, uranium for use as a nuclear fuel. Low-enriched uranium is sufficient as a fuel for nuclear power plants. Highly-enriched uranium can be used to make nuclear weapons. The watchdog Institute for Science and International Security says many of the Natanz centrifuges are old and breaking down repeatedly, in part due to the impact of the Stuxnet computer virus that began infecting the facility in late 2009. Iran has been trying to install better centrifuges to expand enrichment, but international sanctions have Continued on page 39

Syria Crackdown Death Toll Tops 3,500 The U.N. human rights office says at least 3,500 people have been killed in the Syrian government’s eight-month crackdown on dissent, while activists say deadly assaults continued in the central city of Homs. avina Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights said the total includes 19 people killed Sunday during the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. Activists said government security forces killed two people Tuesday in the Baba Amr district of Homs, Syria’s third largest city that is at the center an uprising against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad.


Peace deal Nearly a week of deadly assaults has killed more than 110 people, despite a deal struck with the Arab League to halt the violence.

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Youssef Ahmed, Syrian ambassador to the Arab League said Monday his country has taken significant steps toward fulfilling the deal, such as releasing 500 prisoners as part of a conditional amnesty. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Friday she would not advise anyone to turn themselves in to Syrian authorities. Syria’s state-run SANA news agency says Foreign Minister Walid Moallem has sent a letter to diplomats saying Syria is surprised by the remarks, and sees them as encouragement of armed groups committing criminal acts against the Syrian people. Assad’s government blames much of the

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unrest on “terrorists” whom it says have killed hundreds of security personnel.

U.S. concerns Nuland said Monday U.S. concerns about Syria remain unchanged, and that the government is trying to deflect attention from the “brutality and violence” it is carrying out against its own people. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said during a speech Monday about developments in the Middle East that leaders who respond with violence to calls for change should know “their days are numbered.” The Arab League has scheduled an emergency meeting in Cairo this coming Saturday to discuss “Syria’s failure to implement” the agreement to halt violence against protesters.

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Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad-s brutal crackdown on dissent has left thousands dead

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Turkey Gains Foothold in Gaza through Massive Aid Turkey is gaining influence in Gaza by increasing aid to Hamas 24fold in two years. Turkish flags are seen throughout Gaza. By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu urkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is gaining influence in Gaza by increasing aid to Hamas 24-fold in the past two years, following the flotilla clash between Turkish-based IHH terror activists and the Israeli navy. Relations between Israel and Turkey turned an about-face for the worse after the Operation Cast Lead counterterrorist operation in late December 2008 and early December 2009. Afterwards, Erdogan increasingly supported Hamas and gave de facto Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh $2 million a year in assistance, according to Al Jazeera. That sum now has reached $48 million annually, most of it from the Turkish government but some also from the terror-linked IHH group and other organizations that classify themselves as ‘humanitarian.’ Last May, Erdogan declared that Hamas, outlawed by the United States, is not a terrorist organization but actually is a political party against the ‘occupation.’ He has made breaking the Israeli embargo on smuggling of terrorist weapons


into Gaza a cause célèbre. Erdogan has demanded, without success, that Israel apologize for the clash with the IHH on the Mavi Marmara ship in May 2010, when IHH terror activists nearly clubbed to death Israeli commandos and kidnapped three of them until the soldiers were able to overcome the boat.

Turkish money is flowing into Gaza building projects, and Turkish flags and Erdogan’s picture are seen at construction sites in Gaza. Erdogan wanted to visit Gaza during a trip to Egypt in the summer but scrapped his plans, possibly because of Israeli oppositon. One project is the “Turkish-Palestinian” hospital, for which Turkey has donated $34 million. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

UN Reports Security Council Divided on Palestinians A draft report from the U.N. Security Council says members cannot reach a decision on whether to admit the Palestinian territories as a member state. he report by the Security Council membership committee was leaked to news outlets Tuesday. The Palestinians needed at least nine votes in the 15-member Security Council for their membership application to succeed. The United States had pledged to veto the measure if it were brought to a vote. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas submitted the application for U.N. mem-


bership in September in a bid to gain Palestinian statehood recognition. The United States has been urging Palestinians to return to direct peace talks with Israel. Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians heightened after the U.N. cultural agency, UNESCO, approved a Palestinian request for full membership. Last week Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered his government to freeze the country’s $2-million annual

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

funding of UNESCO. The United States has also said it will stop funding the agency. The Israeli Cabinet has also announced it will expedite construction of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and suspend the transfer of tax revenue it collects for the Palestinian Authority. A senior Israeli official said the moves were a punitive response to what he called recent unilateral actions by the Palestinians. Direct peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke down more than one year ago after an Israeli moratorium on West Bank settlement construction expired. Palestinians oppose building on land they want as part of a future state. VOA NEWS


Contact Project HEART immediately to learn if you are eligible for restitution Project HEART currently seeks direct contact with all eligible persons, Jewish Holocaust victims and their heirs worldwide who lost Jewish property assets from the Holocaust era. If you or your family owned movable, immovable, or intangible property that was confiscated, looted or forcibly sold in countries governed or occupied by the Nazi forces or Axis powers during the Holocaust era, and you or your relatives received no restitution for that property after the Holocaust era, you may be eligible to participate in the Holocaust Era Asset Restitution Taskforce (Project HEART).

Family property may include – but is not limited to: Real Estate Judaica Professional Tools Precious Stones

Stocks Insurance Policies Art Bonds

Savings Accounts Jewelry Precious Metals And More…

NOW ON VIEW “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” Emma Lazarus was a fourth generation Sephardic-American whose poetry gave voice to the Statue of Liberty. Be inspired by her life’s story. MEDIA PARTNERS

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011



Israel Helps Former Nigerian Rebels Trade Weapons for Land Ex-Militants from Nigeria go to Israeli Institute to Learn Vital Skills for Self-Sufficiency After fighting big oil, ex-rebels from the Niger Delta of Nigeria have chosen to put down their weapons. Some 20,000 of them, men and women, have been granted amnesty by their government along with free land for developing agriculture. By Karin Kloosterman ut people who have long known only conflict and guns don’t remember how to till the soil, raise chickens or milk cows. This is where an Israel management non-profit has stepped in. For the second time this year, the Galilee International Management Institute has opened its doors to ex-militants from Nigeria. Twentythree arrived recently for a one-month training course as a group of 30 were heading back home, taking with them Israeli farming and agricultural expertise. The training included hands-on experience working the land, but also courses on basic farm management and business skills. According to Joseph Shevel, president of the Galilee Institute, Israel was singled out as a successful training ground after Nigeria had sent various other groups to several countries this summer in a pilot program. It’s not the first time Nigerians have trained in Israel. Shevel says that they’ve been coming for nearly 20 years, since Israel renewed its dip-


lomatic ties with Nigeria in 1992. But the institute never before trained ex-rebels. “The Nigerians’ land was taken from them by oil companies,” he said. “Nobody cared about them. [The oil companies] kicked out the local farmers and the local farmers started to fight.” The uprising had global consequences. Whenever a rebel would blow up an oil pipeline, world oil prices would rise, says Shevel, who expects 500 more trainees in Israel next year. Amnesty International is funding the rehabilitation of these former farmers.

Learning to earn a living Well before Israel was established as a state in 1948, its pioneers focused on agriculture. A hallmark of Israeli life is the kibbutz, or farming cooperative. And while most of the early kibbutzim have evolved to include privatization and industry, the agricultural spirit is still a cherished Israeli value. It was these kibbutzim that the Nigerians got to witness firsthand. The institute housed them at Kibbutz Beit Alfa and also arranged lec-

Nigerians learned livelihood skills at the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel.


tures, field trips and hands-on lessons on fisheries, farming and handling livestock. Shevel says kibbutzniks always warmly welcome the institute’s visitors, who have even included former Palestinian terrorists. The latest group to Israel, which left last

AVI BEN-MORDECHAI Editor-In-Chief DANIEL PEREZ News Editor NORMA OROPEZA Editorial Assistant Fishing was among the professions taught to former Nigerian rebels in Israel.

month, will receive follow-up support in Nigeria as they endeavor to create viable farm enterprises.

Trainees from surprising places The Galilee Institute has trained people from about 160 countries over the years, including some unexpected places. Working through diplomatic channels with countries that don’t officially recognize Israel is part of the job, says Shevel, who travels on a second passport when necessary. Recently a group of Afghanis came to learn farming, and during one recreational evening at kibbutz they joined in an Israeli hora and taught the Israelis how to dance Afghan style. Shevel adds that the new Minister of Agriculture in Afghanistan is a former trainee. Yet Afghanistan has no diplomatic relations with Israel. Many of the African trainees who arrive are Christian and they are eager to see holy sites in Jerusalem and Nazareth – the Galilean birthplace of Jesus that’s just a short walk from the Institute. So it’s not only a training seminar, it’s also a holiday of a lifetime. According to the Israel Tourism Ministry, 31,750 tourists from Nigeria traveled to Israel in 2010, and this year there has been a nearly 60 percent increase. ISRAEL21C

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Faction Heads Press Netanyahu on Outposts Six faction heads, representing a majority of the Knesset, have called on Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to save threatened towns. By Gavriel Queenann he heads of six parliamentary factions in the Knesset on Monday sent a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu entitled “Saving the towns and neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria from destruction.” The faction heads, who represent a majority of lawmakers in the Knesset, called for Netanyahu to set up a legal team with the mandate to find “creative solutions allowing all communities and neighborhoods to remain in place.”


Continued on page 38

Israeli outpost town of Beit El.

Public Committee: ‘Find Rabin’s Second Shooter’ Was Rabin’s assassination an ISA plot? The Committee for the Reinvestigation of the Rabin Murder presents evidence which suggests that. By Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski t has been 16 years since the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin on November 4, 1995, after a peace rally in Tel Aviv. Yigal Amir was convicted and imprisoned for the murder, but 16 years later, many questions still remain about wheth-


er Amir is truly Rabin’s killer. The Public Committee for the Reinvestigation of the Rabin Murder, which met on Thursday, is calling for a government inquiry into finding the true killer. Yaakov Verker, who heads the commission, told Arutz Sheva that there is strong evidence that shows that Rabin was not Continued on page 38

IDF Foiled Attempt to Fire Long-Range Rocket Military reveals: A recently targeted terror squad was attempting to launch a rocket with an 80-kilometer range. By Elad Benari ilitary officials said on Tuesday that a terrorist cell that was recently targeted by IAF aircraft in Rafah was about to fire a rocket with a range of


Rocket launched from Gaza.

80 kilometers, twice the range of the rockets that have been used until now. The incident occurred on Saturday, October 29, when IDF forces attacked a terrorist gang in southern Gaza that was preparing to launch long-range rockets at Israeli targets. Five Islamic Jihad terrorists were reported killed in the attack, among them Ahmed al-Sheikh Khalil, commander of the manufacturing and engineering unit of the terror organization’s military wing. Also killed was Mohammad Ashour, a member of Islamic Jihad’s engineering unit. Following the IDF strike, the Islamic Jihad fired a barrage of rockets and missiles at southern Israel, leaving one person dead and setting off a round of fighting between the IDF and Gaza-based terrorists. Continued on page 38

NOVEMBER 11, 2011


The Jewish Voice

Report: Iranian Official Acknowledge Complicity in Assassination Plot

Ireland Elects Anti-Israel, Anti-U.S. President Ireland elects as president poet Michael Higgins, who was against the American war in Iraq, protested against visiting President Ronald Reagan and rallied against Israel’s maritime embargo of the Hamas terrorist authority in Gaza.

Despite repeated denials of Iran’s involvement in a recent plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington, the Iranian foreign minister admitted his country’s involvement on last Wednesday (Nov. 2), Al Arabiya news reported. n Iranian source told the Saudiowned news agency that Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi recently met with Mohammed Nahavandian, former assistant at the National Security Council and the current president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the meeting, Salehi allegedly disclosed the involvement of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force in the plot. «This is true. The plot was about to be carried out. It is not a figment of the American authorities’ imagination,» the source quoted Salehi as saying. The source is close to Gholam Hussein Elham, former spokesman of the Iranian government and a current dissident of the regime in Tehran. Manssor Arbabsiar, an Iranian-American car salesman living in Texas, and Gholam Shakuri, accused of being an Iranbased member of the Revolutionary Guard Quds Force, were indicted for their involvement in the plot in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan Oct. 20. Arbabsiar pleaded not guilty to the charges last week. For its part, the Iranian government insists the plot is an American fabrica-

tion and has even demanded an apology from the United States for its accusations against Iran. «Instead of pursuing this scenario and the wrong path of foreign policy in which they are moving, Americans had better move to correct this path,» Iran’s official news agency IRNA reported that foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said. «A letter has been sent [to the United States] ... It is our right to seek the official apology of the Americans in protest of this made-up scenario, as these allegations are not true at all,» he added. The United States dismissed the Iranian letter as «a rant» and Saudi Arabia has ruled out the possibility of negotiating with Iran about the plot. «There can be no compromise with Iran concerning the assassination bid because there is no need for it,» the Crown Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, who is also the deputy premier and interior minister, told a news conference last week. «We are ready to deal with any scenario... with any means necessary.» REPORT BY IPT NEWS


of Possibilities

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A 100 Year Retrospective 11/15/2011 - 12/13/2011

e won a cantankerous election that was characterized by personal insults and charges of corruption among other candidates. One of his biggest disadvantages in vying for the mostly ceremonial position was his age. Higgins is 70, and the term of office is seven years. If he carries out his vow to remain “neutral,’ Higgins will not continue his activity, at least not publicly, against Israel. As a Member of Parliament, he said the embargo against terrorist smuggling was illegal. He also condemned Israel for “illegal” sovereignty over parts of Jerusalem restored to the Jewish state in Six-Day War in 1967. Additionally, Higgins said he is not a spokesman for Hamas but that there is a difference between the “political wing” and those who favor what he called “military action.” His opposition in the race for president included businessmen accused of corruption, a former IRA leader, a Eurovision song contest winner, and an eccentric, among others. As Labor’s Irish foreign affairs spokes-


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man, he condemned the Iraq war, arguing it was an act of “destruction on the civil society of Iraq.” He stated, “George Bush, you are not welcome in Ireland.” Former American George Hill, who lives in Ireland, told Arutz Sheva that Higgins “is the most anti-American president Ireland has ever had… He’s been at the forefront of organized protests and rallies directed at America for 30 years… During Reagan’s short visit in June 1984, Higgins was a keen participant in the protests against Reagan at Shannon Airport, in Galway and then outside the Dáil (parliament) in Dublin when Reagan was speaking there.” Hill added, “ While he hasn’t been a fan of a number of America’s presidents, he has allied himself with some of America’s enemies. He has been an admirer of Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba, cited Castro favorably in the Dáil and simultaneously demanded that America lift its embargo on trade with Cuba. He also courted Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega. Higgins was also a supporter of the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua and in 1989 he hosted Nicaragua’s Sandinista President Daniel Ortega in his own home.” “In 2004 he took part in a candlelight vigil to mourn the death of Yasser Arafat.”

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Anti-Israel Group â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Invadesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Boston Israel Consulate Dozens of Anti-Israel Activists Attempt to Barge into Israeli Consulate in Boston over Weekend 681'$< 129(0%(5Â&#x2021;30 &,35,$1,1'675((7 1(:<25.&,7<





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Dozens of anti-Israel activists attempted to barge into the Israeli consulate in Boston over the weekend in protest over Israelâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seizure of the CanadianIrish ďŹ&#x201A;otilla ships that attempted to sail to Gaza. Bearing PA ďŹ&#x201A;ags, the activists attempted to storm the building but were turned back. They swore to return, shouting slogans about how the â&#x20AC;&#x153;apartheid regime in Israel must fall.â&#x20AC;? By David Lev he activists were â&#x20AC;&#x153;spilloversâ&#x20AC;? from the Occupy Boston protests, one of many Occupy Wall Street protests, some with anti- Semitic undertones, being held in the U.S. demanding social justice. At least three people have been arrested on drug charges in the protests over the past several days, and police report numerous knife fights between homeless individuals who are participating in the protests. Police also report a significant rise in vandalism in downtown Boston. Meanwhile, six of the flotilla members who were arrested Friday were released on Saturday night. One of the detainees was an Israeli citizen, Magâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;id Caâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;il, an Arab from Haifa. He was interviewed by a correspondent of Iranian television who accompanied the flotilla. In the interview, he claimed he was threatened by IDF soldiers. Police have been arranging for the deportation of the flotilla members, but sev-


The activists were â&#x20AC;&#x153;spilloversâ&#x20AC;? from the Occupy Boston protests (above), one of many Occupy Wall Street protests, some with anti- Semitic undertones. Photo credit: Paul Weiskel

eral of them told reporters Saturday night that they were refusing to leave Israel. The activists said that they preferred to remain in prison in Israel and go to court in order to make their opinions heard, than to leave voluntarily. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice




ISEF Foundation International Fellows Get Tools for Handling Growing Anti-Israel Bias With efforts to delegitimize Israel increasing on campuses across North America, Israeli students at these institutions face challenges that transcend language and cultural differences. Enlisting the expertise of the pro-Israel advocacy group StandWithUs, the ISEF Foundation has undertaken to train its International Fellows – Israelis studying for M.A.s, Ph.D.s and postdocs at top institutions – to ensure that Israel’s side of the story is told. The Israel advocacy training program was held November 6 -7 at the Safra Synagogue in Manhattan. he ISEF Foundation is eager to help its International Fellows serve as good will ambassadors on North American campuses, countering calls for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions. StandWithUs has designed an action-oriented program geared to the needs of this specific group – top scholars pursuing advanced training in medicine, the sciences, law, and engineering. The sessions include point-counterpoint advocacy techniques, guided role playing, and concrete suggestions for proactive event planning that shines a light on the positive side of Israel.”Our International Fellows are highly intelligent and dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence - already great assets to Israel’s future,” said


ISEF Executive Director Janice G. Stolar. “Our mission, whether in Israel or abroad, is to go beyond financial support for our students, to ensure their success while helping to build a stronger Israel. We expect this advocacy training will have multiple beneficiaries.” The ISEF Foundation provides university scholarships and leadership training in Israel to more than 600 promising young people who otherwise would not have the means. ISEF’s International Fellows receive funding to pursue advance degrees abroad, and many choose to come to the U.S. for their Ph.D. and postdoc studies. The group in training will include 14 leading young scholars attending schools such as Brandeis, Co-

The ISEF Foundation provides university scholarships and leadership training in Israel..." About the ISEF Foundation

ISEF Executive Director Janice G. Stolar: “Our mission, whether in Israel or abroad, is to go beyond financial support for our students, to ensure their success while helping to build a stronger Israel.”

lumbia, Harvard, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, University of Maryland, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh and University of Toronto.

ISEF is a model program for helping lowincome students achieve their academic dreams and fulfill their career aspirations. Currently marking 35 years of achievements, ISEF was originally founded by a group of Sephardic Jews led by the late Edmond Safra, his wife Lily Safra, and Nina Weiner. ISEF’s student beneficiaries now represent all social and cultural groups in Israel who have completed national service, including Sephardim, third- and fourth-generation Israelis, Russians, Ethiopians, and Druze.

For more information, visit or call 212-683-7772.

DEAD SEA SCROLLS COME TO MANHATTAN Discovery Times Square Hosts Largest Collection of Israeli Artifacts Ever Organized in North America ead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times, a new exhibition featuring the most comprehensive collection of ancient artifacts from Israel ever organized, including one of the largest collections of the priceless 2,000-yearold Dead Sea Scrolls displayed in North America along with an actual three-ton stone from Jerusalem’s Western Wall, is making its world premiere at Discovery Times Square (226 West 44th Street) from October 28, 2011 through April 15, 2012. Visitors now have the opportunity to view many newly discovered objects from the Holy Land alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls – among them, the oldest known copies of the Hebrew Bible – and considered among the world’s greatest archeological discoveries. The exhibition includes hundreds of biblical era artifacts, exploring life in ancient Israel at the time the Bible was composed through the period when the Dead Sea Scrolls were authored and eventually hidden. The exhibition will provide a unique window into the period when the traditions we know as Judaism and Christianity emerged from ancient Israel. “The exhibition brings to life a fascinating period in history and vividly highlights how archaeologists and researchers piece together the past by examining and interpreting objects from daily life and ancient written documents. Israel’s archaeological sites and the artifacts they have yielded provide a record of extraordinary human achievement. The pots, coins, weap-


ons, jewelry, and of course, the scrolls on display in this exhibition constitute a momentous contribution to our cultural

Ben Ami, Curator of the Iron Age collection at the IAA. “Israel is a country where history is considered a treasure and our most important national asset.” Following its New York premiere, the exhibition will travel to Philadelphia’s The

Part of the Dead Sea Scrolls

legacy. They teach us about the past and also about ourselves,» said Dr. Risa Levitt Kohn, exhibition curator. James Sanna, CEO of Discovery Times Square, added: “This unique new exhibit embodies the best that Discovery Times Square has to offer – quality, historical stories that are brought to life right in front of visitors’ eyes. We are proud and excited to bring this exhibit to New York City as the world premiere.” “The collection on display highlights the Israel Antiquities Authority’s Department of National Treasures,” said Debora

Franklin Institute for a 5-month run beginning in May 2012. Exhibition highlights include more than 500 artifacts from the Biblical to Byzantine Period in Israel including many objects from recent archaeological excavations in Jerusalem that have never been publicly exhibited. The artifacts and Scrolls combine to provide a captivating and intriguing look at one of the most influential periods in history including the emergence

of ancient Israel and the births of Judaism and Christianity in the Holy Land. Objects on display will include remains of religious articles, weapons of war, stone carvings, textiles and beautiful mosaics along with everyday household items such as jewelry and ceramics. In addition, the exhibition will feature a scale recreation of a section of Jerusalem’s Western Wall – complete with an authentic three-ton stone from the Wall in Israel. It is believed that this stone fell from the southwest corner of the Second Temple’s outer wall during the Roman invasion in 70 CE. The 20-scroll exhibit (10 scrolls displayed at a time, with 4 scrolls making their world debut) will include pieces from the biblical books of Psalms, Isaiah, Deuteronomy and others. This exhibition is created by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) from the collections of the Israel National Treasures and produced by Discovery Times Square and The Franklin Institute. The exhibition is curated by Dr. Risa Levitt Kohn (Professor at San Diego State University) and Debora Ben Ami (Iron Age collection curator at the IAA). Planning and design by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, New York, NY and consultation by noted Dead Sea Scrolls expert, Dr. Lawrence Schiffman (Vice-Provost of Undergraduate Education, Yeshiva University). Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times will run from October 28, 2011 through April 15, 2011 at Discovery Times Square (226 West 44th Street).

For ticket information and venue hours, visit, call 866.9.TSXNYC (212-987-9692) or visit the Discovery Times Square box office.


The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

WAR ON TERROR Attorney: U.S. Should Extradite, Prosecute Hamas Killers

Touro Hosts Homeland Security Seminars for Students, Faculty, and Staff

An attorney who has represented American victims of Palestinian terrorism has a suggestion for some of those Hamas operatives recently released in exchange for the freedom of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit: If the United States can apprehend them, prosecute those responsible for killing American citizens.


ome of those killers were sent to Jordan, which has an extradition treaty with the United States, writes Nathan Lewin Sunday in the New York

Sun. “No provision of any extradition treaty should preclude bringing these criminals to justice in the United States,” Lewin argues. “The Jordan treaty bars extradition for ‘political offenses,’ but it would be hard to claim that the mass terrorist killings of civilians in Jerusalem and Haifa were only ‘political offenses.’ At the least, Jordan should be put to that test.” American casualties are fairly common in Hamas attacks, including the 2001 bombing of a Sbarro pizza restaurant in Jerusalem, the 2003 bombing of a bus in Haifa and the suicide bombing of a Jerusa-

lem café that same year. Terrorists responsible were serving life prison sentences after being convicted in Israeli courts. U.S. laws dating back to the 1990s make it a crime to kill Americans outside the United States and to bomb Americans abroad. Congress passed such legislation “to insure that those who murdered American citizens like Judy Greenbaum, Abigail Leitel, and the Applebaums [father David and daughter Nava] would not be able to avoid just punishment for their crimes,” Lewin writes. “That goal can now be realized only if the United States Department of Justice takes prompt and effective action.” REPORT BY IPT NEWS

Touro College is hosting a series of seminars on homeland security at its Bay Shore campus. The lectures, which began in late October, will continue to be held this and next month, and their aim is to raise awareness of potential harmful situations facing the United States. he seminars, to be offered by Professors John Pitrowski and Rich Maher, will focus on threats to the U.S. under current world conditions. The professors will discuss various possible sources of danger, what can be done to mitigate those risks, and what steps can be taken to lessen the threats on a global scale. Each lecture will concentrate on a different type of threat and consider its impact on society - on both a personal and economic level. Additionally, they will examine misinformation frequently disseminated by the media. The lectures will include question and answer sessions. All of the lectures will take place between noon and 2 PM in Room 144 of Touro’s Bay Shore campus and will be open to the students, faculty and staff of Touro. Professor Pitrowski said that they intend to provide additional seminars to the general community in the future. The first lecture, held on October 27, was on the topic of natural disasters, and featured Mike Salentino, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Glen Cove. Future seminar topics include the following: • Thursday, November 16 - Chemical Threats


• Thursday, December 1 - Bio Threats, with Dr. Frank Antonawich, Chairman of Department of Biology, St. Joseph’s College • Thursday, December 1 - Nuclear Threats Professor Pitrowski, who teaches computer classes as well as a course in emergency management at the Bay Shore campus of Touro, is an active member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He holds the rank of Division Commander of Divisiion 12 of the Southern Region of District One. Professor Pitrowski served in the USCG when it first came under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security in 2003. Professor Maher teaches undergraduate English courses at the Bay Shore campus and serves as a field experience and practicum advisor for Touro’s Graduate School of Education. Professor Maher is a reservist in the USCG and holds the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He is also a Division Staff Officer of Public Education for Division 12 of the Southern Region of District One. Like Professor Pitrowski, Professor Maher served in the USCG when it came under the Department of Homeland Security.

Increase in Terrorist Attacks in October Main source of increase was rise in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip In October 2011, there was an increase in the number of terrorist attacks carried out against Israel - 80, compared to 68 in September. he data was published in a monthly report released by the Israel Security Agency. In October, 46 attacks originated in the Gaza Strip, compared to 12 in September. However, the number of attacks in Jerusalem and the Judea and Samaria region decreased slightly. In Jerusalem, there were six attacks, compared to 17 the previous month. In Judea and Samaria there were 28 attacks, compared to 39 the previous month. One Israeli was killed in Ashkelon on October 29 as the result of a rocket fired by terrorists in the Gaza Strip. In October, 52 rockets and six mortars


Islamic Jihad Terrorists

were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip, compared to eight rockets and two mortars in September. IDF NEWS SERVICE

The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011


Israel and Iran Approach Brink of War as IAEA Sheds Light on Tehran’s True Nuclear Intent Continued from page 1

would be disastrous.»We have imposed sanctions that continue to expand; we can toughen them to put pressure on Iran,» Juppe told Europe 1 radio. «We will continue on this path because a military intervention could create a situation that completely destabilizes the region. Everything must be done to avoid the irreversible», he declared. Reports from the United Kingdom reveal that the Ministry of Defense is under the distinct impression that the U.S. may decide to fast-forward plans for targeted missile strikes at some key Iranian facilities. British officials say that if Washington presses ahead it will seek, and receive, UK military help for any mission, despite some deep reservations within the coalition government. In anticipation of a potential attack, British military planners are examining where best to deploy Royal Navy ships and submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles over the coming months as part of what would be an air and sea campaign. They also believe the U.S. would ask permission to launch attacks from Diego Garcia, the British Indian Ocean territory, which the Americans have used previously for conflicts in the Middle East. Defense Ministry officials in the UK indicated that President Obama would prefer to steer clear of a new and provocative military venture before next November›s presidential election, but they warned the calculations could change because of mounting anxiety over intelligence gathered by western agencies and the more belligerent posture that Iran appears to have been taking. A London-based newspaper has been informed that the IAEA›s soon to be released bulletin could be «a game changer» as it is expected to provide unprecedented details of the research and experiments being undertaken by the Iranian regime. According to the Associated Press, the report will «suggest that Iran made computer models of a nuclear warhead and includes satellite imagery» of what the IAEA believes is a large steel container used for nuclear arms-related high explosives tests. On Monday, November 7th, Agence France-Presse reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the U.S. and Israel of seeking international support for a military strike on Iran. In addition to that, officials now believe Iran has restored all the capability it lost in a sophisticated cyber-attack last year. The Stuxnet computer worm, thought to have been engineered by the Israelis, sabotaged many of the centrifuges the Iranians were using to enrich uranium. It was reported that up to half of Iran›s centrifuges were disabled by Stuxnet or were thought too unreliable to work, but diplomats believe this capability has now been recovered, and the IAEA believes it may even be increasing. Ministers in the UK have also been told that the Iranians have been moving some

Ehud Barack

Benjamin Netanyahu

more efficient centrifuges into the heavilyfortified military base dug beneath a mountain near the city of Qom. The concern is that the centrifuges, which can be used to enrich uranium for use in weapons, are now so well protected within the site that missile strikes may not be able to reach them. The British military source said the Iranians appeared to be shielding «material and capability» inside the base. Another source with knowledge of Britain›s military planning, said that within the next 12 months Iran may have hidden all the material it needs to continue a covert weapons program inside fortified bunkers. He said this had necessitated the UK›s planning being taken to a new level. Officials in Tehran, however, vehemently deny any nuclear military ambition and insist that their nuclear program is exclusively designed for power generation and medical purposes. In comments published on Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi accused the IAEA of «political» behavior and said its report would be «baseless.» «I believe that these documents lack authenticity. But if they insist, they should go ahead and publish. Better to face danger once than be always in danger,» several Iranian dailies quoted Salehi as saying. «We have said repeatedly that their documents are baseless. For example one can counterfeit money, but it remains counterfeit. These documents are like that,» Salehi said. Israel›s Haaretz newspaper has reported that U.S. officials had failed to secure a commitment from Israel that it would coordinate any attack plans with Washington. Israeli Defense Minister Barak has denied reports that he and Netanyahu had already decided to attack Iran over the opposition of military and intelligence chiefs, but he said «situations could arise in the Middle East under which Israel must defend its vital interests independently, without having to rely on regional or other forces.» Haaretz said a majority of the 15 members of Israel›s security cabinet were still against an attack on Iran, and a poll published by the newspaper found Israeli public opinion divided, with 41 percent in favor, 39 percent opposed and 20 percent undecided. On November 8th, the IAEA released its much awaited report on Iranian nuclear capabilities. The agency said they have «serious concerns regarding possible military

Shimon Peres

dimensions to Iran›s nuclear program» and added that, «after assessing carefully and critically the extensive information available to it, the agency finds the information to be, overall, credible. This information indicates that Iran has carried out activities relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device. The information also indicates that prior to the end of 2003, these activities took place under a structured program, and that some activities may still be ongoing.

Given the concerns identified above, Iran is requested to engage substantively with the agency without delay for the purpose of providing clarifications.» The Vienna-based agency said some of its more than 1,000 pages of information indicated Iran has done work «on the development of an indigenous design of a nuclear weapon including the testing of components.» Previous IAEA assessments have centered on Iran›s efforts to produce fissile material - uranium and plutonium - which can be put to peaceful uses like power generation, or be used to make a nuclear bomb. But the new update focuses on Iran›s alleged efforts towards putting the radioactive material in a warhead and developing missiles. Iran, which says its nuclear program is peaceful and which has been hit by four rounds of UN Security Council sanctions, dismissed the new IAEA report prior to its publication, saying it was based on falsified information.



The Jewish Voice

KOCH & GIULIANI URGE OBAMA TO TAKE STRONG RESPONSE TO IRANIAN THREATS Former Mayors Ed Koch and Rudolph Giuliani have released a joint statement urging the Obama Administration to do everything in its power to foster democracy in the Middle East, and prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. iting its continued threats to both the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia and its support of both Hamas and Hezbollah, Mayor Koch and Giuliani recommended that Iran be, “placed on notice that an attack upon Israel or Saudi Arabia will be considered as equivalent to an attack upon the U.S. to which the U.S. will immediately respond.” Both Mayors also pointed to Iran’s support of the Assad regime in Syria, and the recently foiled plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. as reasons for a more muscular Iranian policy. “Tehran has been the strongest supporter of the Assad regime in Syria, has worked to undermine our ally Saudi Arabia and other friendly Gulf states, and is the strongest supporter of Hezbollah and Hamas, two anti-Western terrorist organizations in the region,” wrote Mayors Koch and Giuliani. The former Mayors also urged that the announced Republican candidates for the presidency in 2012 publicly endorse the position and urge action on the part of the Obama Administration. The text of the statement is as follows:


Statement by Former Mayors Edward I. Koch and Rudolph Giuliani The President has announced a withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq. We

support continued United States help to a democratic transformation among the Arab countries and societies of North Africa and the Middle East. Iran’s nuclear ambitions are unabated and the virulence of Ahmadinejad’s antiAmerican and anti-Israel existential threats continue. To add to these risks, Tehran has been the strongest supporter of the Assad regime in Syria, has worked to undermine our ally Saudi Arabia and other friendly Gulf states, and is the strongest supporter of He-

FORMER U.S. SENATORS ISSUE BIPARTISAN CALL FOR JONATHAN POLLARD’S RELEASE The chorus of calls from prominent Washington politicians and judges, former and present, Democratic and Republican, for President Obama to release Jonathan Pollard continues to grow as his health declines and his time served reaches 26 years later this month. This marks the first time that a group of former or current U.S. senators wrote a letter to a U.S. president asking for Pollard’s release. The signers are a bipartisan group of 18 former U.S. senators, ten Republicans and eight Democrats. Their main argument is that while Pollard

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 increase the pressure on Iran to thwart this initiative of theirs. The risk to our country of an Iranian attack on our long-time allies, Israel, the only truly democratic power in the region, or Saudi Arabia, also a long-term

zbollah and Hamas, two anti-Western terrorist organizations in the region. Recently, the President of the U.S. and the Attorney General of the U.S., Eric Holder, announced that Iranian officials ordered the assassination of Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. and the blowing up of the Saudi and Israeli embassies in Washington, D.C. In our view, Iran must not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons. Further, it should be placed on notice that an attack upon Israel or Saudi Arabia will be considered as equivalent to an attack upon the U.S. to which the U.S. will immediately respond. The risk to the United States through an Iranian nuclear capability goes without saying. The United States and our Allies need to

American ally and provider of energy, would definitively turn the Middle East into a Tehran dominated region, with devastating consequences for our country and remaining supporters in the area. We also call on the major Republican candidates for President – Michele Bachman, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum – to publicly support such action on the President’s part.

was justifiably imprisoned for his acts of espionage, his sentence is vastly disproportionate when compared to others convicted of similar crimes who were typically sentenced to less than ten years in federal prison. In addition, they argue that Mr. Pollard’s health continues to decline while he has been a model prisoner despite serving his term “after more than two decades in the harshest prison conditions” and has, along with the State of Israel, “repeatedly expressed remorse for his actions.” In addition, many of the former U.S. senators who signed onto the letter were former members of the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence including Sens.

Dennis DeConcini (D-Ariz.), Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.), Arlen Specter (Republican and later a Democrat, Penn.), Evan Bayh (DInd.), Connie Mack (R-Fla.), and David Durenberger (R-Minn.). It is noteworthy that the above senators had access to classified information on Pollard’s crimes. Additionally, some of the former senators who signed onto the letter had previously not supported Pollard’s release. Vice President Joseph Biden’s opposition to Pollard’s release remains one of the main political obstacles standing in the way of a presidential pardon, clemency, or commutation.

» In our view, Iran must

not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice



Apartheid, You Say? 600 Arab Students Begin School Year at University Run by “Settlers” in “West Bank” The largest Jewish community in Samaria, Ariel, has a population of 20,000 – but this number increased by about 50% Sunday as 12,000 students from all over Israel began their studies for the fall and winter term at the Ariel University Center (AUC). The university center is very well known for its engineering, communications, and architecture schools, among others. By Frank Mecklenburg tudents were busy finding their classrooms, learning about their schedules and chatting with friends whom they had not seen for a while. The atmosphere was alive with excitement and expectation. The majority of students at AUC are Jewish but there are also 600 Arab Muslim students enrolled. A third year Muslim student, Naka Sarsur, said that she is attending AUC largely because of how highly it was recommended to her by friends. She said that the teachers are all very helpful and the students are extremely friendly. She says that she relates to the Jewish students as people she likes and not on the basis of religion. One wonders how anti-Israeli


propgandists would spin these facts. If Judea and Samaria are under “Apartheid” regime, what are Arabs doing at a university populated largely by “settlers” in the heart of “disputed territory”? Eldad Halachmi, Vice President of Resource Development at AUC, said that at the end of this school year AUC will have full university status, making it the eighth university in Israel. Colleges only provide undergraduate studies while universities focus on graduate degrees and research. He said that since AUC already offers graduate degrees and has a number of research projects it will be easy for it to qualify as a university. He broke down the student population into 10,000 fulltime graduate and undergraduate students, 1,000 students in a special preparatory program to make up

A study group including several of the hundreds of Ariel University’s Arab students meets on the lawn outside the Hubert Building

required prerequisites needed for various majors, and 1,000 students in a two year practical engineering course qualifying for certain types of employment. He said that the university is famous for its programs to meet the needs of the students including physical needs. All students are required to take a certain number of courses on Jewish heri-

Ariel University’s State-of-the-art robotics lab

tage, including Jewish History and Jewish Music, and a new Masters Degree in Jewish Heritage has been established. A first year student, Shimon Levy, from Ma’ale Adumim is just starting a major in Criminology and Sociology. AUC was highly recommended to him. He said that he highly values the close connection that students have with the faculty

and that the number of students in the classroom is much smaller than in other larger schools. One would never guess that this university is situated on disputed land or that there is danger all around. There was no sense of fear or danger at all, but only a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. COURTESY OF SAMARIA LIAISON BUREAU



The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

GLOBAL DAY OF JEWISH LEARNING BRINGS WORLD JEWRY TOGETHER ON NOVEMBER 13 In six words - an infinite well of life, love, and wisdom. The Shema Prayer, this year’s theme of the second annual Global Day of Jewish Learning, to be held on Sunday, opens with six seemingly small words – words that carry within each segment of each letter a declaration of the bond, principles, and identity of the Jewish people. or the Jewish people, the Shema is a call, a slogan, a sign of identification, and an expression of great emotions,” says Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz as he explains the choice of theme for this year. “Shema Yisrael, ‘Hear O Israel,’ has been with us from the very beginning of our history.” Around the United States and across the globe - from Oregon to Florida, from Vermont to California, from Latvia to Uruguay, from Canada to China - over 300 events are being held. People in more than 250 communities and in over 40 countries are once again joining in a day of celebration and learning. This year’s Global Day organizers see the potential for a revival in Jewish learning by using the Shema Prayer as the backdrop because it is the unifying and inspiring text of the Jewish People. Utilizing workshops, family educational programs, seminars and breakout sessions, parents and children alike across the interdenominational spectrum are joining in community-wide events. Along with the Aleph Society, organizing


partners of the Global Day of Jewish Learning include: the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC); the Jewish Community Center Association; Jewish Education Service of North America; Jewish Federations of North America; Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life; and the Shefa Institute in Israel. Visit www.TheGlobalDay. com for the full list of partners and participating communities. The Joint Distribution Committee is the lead international partner in this endeavor. The JDC extends its reach into the farthest reaches of the Jewish people: among them, Havana, Cuba, and the Tunisian city of Djerba and Almaty in Kazakhstan. Last year, in Mumbai, 3,000 people came together to study Jewish texts. This year’s events are being held in 71 locations in the Former Soviet Union as well as in Peru, Morocco, and in six locations in Romania. Since the 1980s, the JDC has been Aleph’s partner, even as it cares for Jews around the world, addressing both the physical and the communal needs of the Jewish people.

As Rabbi Steinsaltz so eloquently stated, “The Shema prayer has accompanied the Jewish people for thousands of years – in its ancient homeland and in exile, in times of peace and war, in the gas chambers, and along with the cries of triumph. This was the Jewish ‘password.’ It was how Jews recognized each other – despite geographical, linguistic, and cultural differences.” The Rabbi further points out that the Shema is just as significant in its unifying aspect between individuals. “We Jews are slowly becoming strangers to one another. The divisions are not just ideological or political; they are harsher than that. Because we face ‘free floating hatred’ (the opposite of love freely given), we are losing our common language, the words we use to share, and the words we use to recognize one another. Instead of useless

dialogue and discussion, let us find the words and ideas that we can share – and let us say them together. A small beginning is the Shema. These are words and profound thoughts to which we can all still agree.” “‘The Global Day of Jewish Learning’ remains unique in fostering Jewish unity through a simultaneous ‘learn-in’ around the world. Our interest is to spark and nourish a love for Jewish learning – and to rejoice in the unity that Jewish learning can engender,” said Rachel Weiss-Berger, Global Day coordinator. Centered on the Shema theme, the Global Day Curriculum Guide offers topics, source materials, and questions for conversation to facilitators managing study groups or cultural events, who may then adapt the material to suit the educational backgrounds and interests of their groups. The Global Day curriculum, published with the generous support of author and educator Fanya Gottesfeld Heller, was developed by highly experienced educators for learners at all stages. The Curriculum can be downloaded in its entirety or by topic at The Global Day of Jewish Learning’s supporting partners include the governing bodies, leadership, and ordaining institutions across the religious spectrum.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice

NJ Dept. of Education Commissioner Christopher Cerf Meets with Leaders of Jewish Education in Lakewood Christopher Cerf, Acting Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Education, met on Monday with a broad representation of Jewish educational leaders from across the state, representing over 20,000 school children. The meeting was arranged by Agudath Israel of New Jersey and hosted in Rabbi Aaron Kotler’s office in Beis Medrash Govoha, in Lakewood, NJ. Among those in attendance were: Rabbi Yehiel Kalish, National Director of Government Affairs for Agudath Israel of America; Rabbi Meir Brody, Director of Agudath Israel of NJ; Rabbi Yosef Posen, Executive Director of the Lakewood Cheder school (one of the largest private elementary schools in America); Rabbi Shlomo Chaim Kanarek, dean of numerous Lakewood institutions; Rabbi Heshy Hirth, Executive Director of Yeshiva Ketana of Passaic; and Rabbi Shmuel Goldstein, Dean, Yeshiva of North Jersey. By Sarah Pascal he purpose of this meeting was to discuss the needs of the Orthodox Jewish schools in New Jersey. The school leaders in attendance had the opportunity to present the commissioner with specific issues pertaining to their schools and familiarize the commissioner with the needs of their respective communities and fast growing student populations.


pact on his students. Another important issue discussed was the proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act (OSA) and its importance to Orthodox schools. The tuition crisis is perhaps one of the greatest challenges the parent bodies of these schools face. The crisis is twofold; on an individual level parents are struggling with the daunting task of making tuition payments in this poor economy. At the same time, the schools are facing herculean struggles to stay afloat.

Commissioner Christopher Cerf of the New Jersey Department of Education meets with a delegation of Jewish educators in Lakewood.

“There is a view that the department of education is focused exclusively on the public school students,” says Rabbi Meir Brody. “This administration, led by Governor Christie and Department of Education Commissioner Cerf, views non-public school students and their schools as an integral part in the mosaic of a broad and proper educational system. We are therefore grateful that the Commissioner has come to hear directly from our educators and discuss the paramount issues that our schoolchildren and their families are facing.” Mr. Michael Inzelbuch, attorney for the Lakewood BOE, spoke about inequities that need to be addressed in the school funding formula. “The Lakewood Community,” says Rabbi Aaron Kotler, “was profoundly encouraged by Commissioner Cerf’s visit and his keen understanding of the need for Trenton to fix Lakewood’s funding formula”. There was particular focus at the meeting on state technology grants for nonpublic schools which has been eliminated and the school nurse funding budget which was downsized. Rabbi Goldstein mentioned that the cuts had a profoundly negative im-

The proposed Opportunity Scholarship Act is a pilot corporate tax credit scholarship bill that will primarily fund scholarships for low-income students attending the state’s lowest performing, chronically failing public school districts. A portion of the scholarships would be available to students attending non-public schools in certain districts. The scholarships would enable students to attend out-of-district public schools, or participating non-public schools anywhere in the state. The Opportunity Scholarship Act would be very beneficial because funding would be given directly to parents allowing them to choose what is best for their child’s educational needs. Mr. Cerf, understanding the distinctive nature of Lakewood, and recognizing the challenges facing the parents of non-public school students, explained “the state is trending in the right direction, with regards to OSA and school choice in general. I now hear clearly the message the Governor needs to hear from your communities.” Those present at the meeting indicated that they are looking forward to continued collaboration with the commissioner in their mission to educate children.




The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

YOUNG ISRAEL MOVEMENT TO HOST CENTENNIAL CELEBRATION The National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) and the International Young Israel Movement will host its special Centennial Celebration at 4:00 PM on Sunday, November 13, 2011. This milestone event will take place at Terrace on the Park in Flushing, Queens, NY. he NCYI Centennial Celebration will pay tribute to the Young Israel Movement›s founders, visionaries, and activists, as well as honor its branch synagogues


and their leadership. The NCYI will recognize its 19 Past Presidents, its 5 Past and Present Executive Vice Presidents, and the Continued on page 30

(L-R) Also among the event’s distinguished honorees will be Dr. Joseph Frager of Jamaica Estates, and Dr. Paul and Drora Brody of Great Neck, who will be presented with the “Defender of Jerusalem Award” this Sunday, in recognition of their years of work in support of pro-Israel causes.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice




The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The people’s voice Cynical Sarkozy, Boorish Obama Badmouth Bibi The presidents of France and the United States traded disparaging remarks about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during a private conversation at the G20 summit, only to find out that their microphones were still on. Whoops! uring their discussion at the summit in Cannes, presidents Sarkozy and Obama were overheard by reporters complaining about the Israeli leader. Sarkozy, who made headlines last month by repeatedly making comments to the media about how the existence of a Jewish state is “silly” and a “meaningless” idea, was kvetching to President Obama about the Israeli PM. “I cannot bear Netanyahu,” said Sarkozy, “he’s a liar.” Not to be outdone, President Barack Obama is said to have replied: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him even more often than you.” Of course, the presidents were unaware that their microphones were active, and hence, their slander of Netanyahu was meant to be private. But that’s of little consolation to Israel supporters who feel that the exchange is indicative of a pervasive anti-Israel bias in the current presidential administration. Sarkozy’s remarks are perhaps less surprising in light of his openly anti-Israel statements of late. Needless to say, the presidential faux pas has caused a flurry of activity among political organizations and individual leaders, from the city council all the way to Capitol Hill. The Anti-Defamation League was among the first to express its “disappointment” over the remarks. Speaking for the ADL, National Director Abe Foxman said: “We are deeply disappointed and saddened by this decidedly un-Presidential exchange between Presidents Sarkozy and Obama. President Obama’s response to Mr. Sarkozy implies that he agrees with the French leader. In light of the revelations here, we hope that the Obama Administration will do everything it can to reassure Israel that the relationship remains on a sure footing and to reinvigorate the trust between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu, which clearly is not what it should be.” “What is sad,” Foxman added, “is that we now have to worry to what extent these private views inform foreign policy decisions of the U.S. and France – two singularly important players in the peace process.” Closer to home, New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind was a bit more tongue-incheek in his response to the gaffe. “I want to personally thank President Obama,” said Hikind “for again showing his true colors.” “Mr. Obama’s unbridled contempt for Prime Minister Netanyahu, though appalling, is really not terribly surprising,” Hikind observed, adding that it was nonetheless conduct unbecoming the


President of the United States. “It is moments like these,” intoned the assemblyman, “that make me even prouder that I endorsed Republican Congressman Bob Turner in the 9th Congressional District race despite my Democratic Party affiliation. Congressman Turner’s win sent a message to President Obama that Democrats will not follow him blindly into re-election.” Indeed, criticism of Obama and Sarkozy’s remarks wasn’t limited to the Jewish community. Next up on the soapbox, Congressman Michael Grimm (a Republican representing Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn) called the comments “highly offensive” and demanded of President Obama “a formal apology on behalf of the American people.” “Whether the microphones are on or off,” Grimm declared, “the message to our allies in Israel should always remain the same: ‘We stand with you.’” “President Obama’s comments are disgraceful and inappropriate coming from someone who holds the highest office in the United States,” said Rep. Grimm. “They provide a poor and inaccurate reflection of the American people he was elected to represent, and they must be rescinded.” I am reminded of a classic Chasidic story where a man, who had been spreading lashon hara (gossip) about a certain rabbi came to regret his misdeed, and sought to make amends. The rabbi told the man, “Take a feather pillow, cut it open, and scatter the feathers to the winds.” The man thought this was an odd request, but it was a simple enough task, and so he did it gladly. When he returned to tell the rabbi that he had done as he was asked, the rabbi said: “Now, go and gather the feathers. Because you can no more make amends for the damage your words have done than you can recollect the feathers.” So too in this case, the damage is done. These politicians and assorted communal leaders, clearly seizing an opportunity to advance their own “Jew cred,” (a term I’m fairly certain I just made up), were nonetheless correct in their assessment. Regardless of your own views regarding Israel in general, or Netanyahu in particular, this sort of behavior is something one would expect to find in a school yard, not an international meeting of heads of state (though, among grade school students, it would likely result in some sort of punishment). I’m not saying that Presidents Obama and Sarkozy should be made to sit in the corner for the rest of the day, dunce caps on their heads. But…no, wait. You know what? That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Editor: Are the Israeli people’s sentiments accurately depicted in your article “Netanyahu Rides Shalit Wave, Livni Sinks”? I hope not. I hope that they are not so short-sighted as to think that the release of over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners, several of whom were convicted of murdering innocent Israelis, would improve Israel’s security. In fact, you reported that after the initial release of the Palestinian prisoners for Shalit, Palestinian terrorists have fired 39 or more rockets into towns in southern Israel and killed one Israeli from Ashkelon, Ami Moshe. Also, why doesn’t the United States government extradite those released terrorists who were convicted of killing American citizens and try them in the United States? SINCERELY, MENACHEM LUBITZ BOSTON, MA

Editor: I appreciate your coverage of the new documentary movie “Unmasked.” Anti-Semitism is alive and well throughout our current ‘modern’ but not necessarily morally-advancing world and probably is exacerbated by the economic troubles as well as the social unrest worldwide. I agree with Prof. Chesler that “Unmasked” has distinguished participants and provides a good historical overview of the history of anti-Semitism in different parts of the world. The reality of the danger of anti-Semitism is indeed bracing and does indeed pose an existential threat to Israel and the West. Let us do all of the necessary hard political work through pro-Israel, Zionist organizations and by promoting the growth and flourishing of Torah Judaism and large, thriving Jewish families in Israel and in the diaspora! SINCERELY, BENNY ZELBOWITZ LOS ANGELES, CA

Editor: Well, why are Islamists winning, as Bret Stephens discusses in last week’s issue? For one, the Western countries don’t have the guts and honesty to face up to the rise of Islam, if not fundamentalist Islam-based ‘democracies’ in the Middle East. There is no evidence that “democracies” based on Islam promote and support our western notion of freedom. I’m puzzled why Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times believes that most Egyptians oppose the Muslim Brotherhood. On what does he base that assertion? Let’s see what happens in Tunisia now that the Islamists have won elections there. There’s no reason to be optimistic there, and I can’t say that I’m optimistic about the prospects of a ‘Western-style’ democracy taking hold in Egypt, or, for that matter, Libya once it holds elections. SINCERELY, NORMAN MELNIKOFF BROOKLYN, NY

Editor: With all due respect to distinguished Holocaust survivor author Elie Wiesel, I cannot understand, after what he and his family endured in the Holocaust, how, according to Phyllis Chesler’s article last week on the movie “Unmasked,” Mr. Wiesel could be so optimistic that he would never see anti-Semitism rear its ugly head again in his lifetime, especially considering the tendency of human beings towards evil. Look at how many atrocities were committed by human beings against ‘other’ people in the 20th century alone. SINCERELY, NATHAN KLEINMAN WHITE PLAINS, NY

Letters to the Editor are the opinions of our readers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Jewish Voice editorial staff. We welcome readers to express their opinion about an article or share their ideas by writing our main office (see page three), or by sending an e-mail to Please include your full name and contact information for verification purposes.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice

Buzz of Israel Attacking Iran Just a Smoke Screen The media buzz claiming Israel is preparing an attack on Iran’s suspected nuclear installations has reached a fevered pitch. My information, however, indicates the Jewish state is prepping for a different war, an international effort that could potentially escalate into a direct confrontation with Iran. By Aaron Klein f Israel were indeed on the brink of launching air raids on the mullahs, it would not first hold such a public discussion on the matter or leak to the news media the debate about the subject from within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet. The visible Israeli military preparations, including this week’s missile tests, most likely are related to the strong possibility of a U.S.NATO-led campaign against Israel’s Syrian neighbor to the north. The regime of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad – a key partner to Iran – has been accused of major human rights violations, including “crimes against humanity,” in clamping down on a violent insurgency targeting Assad’s rule. That uprising is in large part led by Muslim Brotherhood-oriented militants, some reportedly armed by Turkey. The same “Responsibility to Protect” global doctrine used to justify the U.S.-NATO airstrikes in Libya could be applied to Assad. Responsibility to Protect, or Responsibility to Act, as cited by President Obama, is a set of principles, now backed by the United Nations, based on the idea that sovereignty is not a privilege but a responsibility that can be revoked if a country is accused of “war crimes,” “genocide,” “crimes against humanity” or “ethnic cleansing.” Mass demonstrations were held last week in Syrian insurgent strongholds calling for the international coalition in Libya to deploy in Syria. Damascus officials claimed to me that NATO troops are currently training in Turkey for a Turkish-led NATO invasion of Syria. Separately, informed Middle East security officials said Iran has been inspecting Syrian forces and has been advising Syria about possible Syrian military responses should NATO attack Assad’s regime. The same officials also said Russia recently sold Syria a large quantity of Iskander ballistic missiles and that, in light of the NATO threat, the Russian government renewed its pledge to sell Syria the advanced S-300 antimissile system. A Turkish-U.S.-NATO strike would have immediate implications for Israel. The Syrian president has publicly warned foreign intervention in Syria would cause an “earthquake”


across the region and create another Afghanistan, while directly threatening the Jewish state. Assad reportedly made similar comments in a meeting in early October with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmad Davutoglu. He was quoted stating, “If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv.” Assad also reportedly warned that “all these events will happen in three hours, but in the second three hours, Iran will attack the U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf and the U.S. and European interests will be targeted simultaneously.” The Syrian president’s threats are not empty. His military possesses tens of thousands of rockets and missiles capable of striking every zone within the Jewish state. The Syrian and Iranian-backed Hezbollah is similarly armed and can rain rockets and other projectiles in a combined onslaught with Iran’s proxies in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Syria’s military is not entirely capable of standing up to NATO. Its strategy, therefore, is to immediately target Israel to create a wider regional offensive that would greatly complicate an international effort to dispel the Assad regime. Iran could become directly involved in any war. Its Shiite fundamentalist influence in the region is now challenged by the Sunni-led Turkey, which is on the march, attempting to become the Islamic superpower in the Middle East and Persian Gulf. Turkey is being aided in its pursuit by the Obama administration. Iran rightly views the possibility of a Turkish-NATO effort in Syria as a thinly veiled attempt to check its own power by changing the Iranian-backed leadership in Damascus to a Muslim Brotherhood-oriented Turkish partner. If Tehran feels Syria is losing the war effort, Iran could escalate the conflict by attacking U.S. or Israeli interests. In turn, Israel or the U.S. could retaliate by striking Iran. A “Responsibility to Protect” war in Syria likely would translate into a larger regional war, a clash of Shiite and Sunni superpowers, backed by larger international players, all seeking to remake the Middle East in their interests. Israel is wise to prepare for the possible coming storm.





The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Will Kent State Let Pino Off the Hook? Yet another tenured professor has abused his position to defame and attack Israel on campus without, it seems, any professional repercussions. Kent State University Professor Julio Pino’s cry of “Death to Israel,” hurled at a visiting Israeli diplomat during a university forum, has made national and international news. The professor’s actions have been generally portrayed as beyond the realm of penalty and simply a matter of free speech. By Aviva Slomich AMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) and several recognized student organizations sponsored a presentation by Ishmael Khaldi, an advisor to Israel’s Foreign Ministry, in which the Israeli spoke about his experience growing up as a Bedouin in Israel and rising to become a foreign diplomat. Largely ignored in the focus on the First Amendment is the question of Kent State’s own institutional regulations and enforcement of its Employee Code of Conduct as it applies to Professor Pino’s disruptive actions and threatening statements. The code requires that every employee of the university must “demonstrate respect for all campus and external community members,” refrain from “discourteous treatment of the public,” and not “threaten,


accost, demean” or use “abusive language.” If an employee violates any of these principles, the university has formal disciplinary procedures that are to be enacted. Pino’s verbal assault on Khaldi obviously violates Kent State’s Employee Code of Conduct. The question is whether the university will take action. Free speech expert and attorney David Hudson of The First Amendment Center has commented on the general issue of employee conduct and free speech and notes that “it is acceptable for government employers to discipline employees for speech that undermines the integrity of the office.” The day after the event, KSU President Lester Lefton issued a statement “deploring” Pino’s invective. Lefton made clear that Pino “embarrassed” the university, which values critical thinking and encourages its students to engage with differing opinions. He added that “calling for the de-

struction of the state from which our guest comes (as do some of our students, faculty and community members) is a grotesque failure to model these values.” While Lefton’s statement was commendable, no senior figure at KSU has yet indicated there will be an investigation of Pino’s violation of the Employee Code of Conduct or suggested he will be disciplined. There are other ways in which Pino seems to have violated school conduct codes. He distributed extremist, anti-Israel material at the same Ishmael Khaldi event, thereby violating the solicitation provision in the conduct code which prohibits such activity. The materials encouraged students to boycott Israel. This is not the first time Pino has expressed extreme anti-Israel views. In 2002, he published a eulogy in the campus paper praising Palestinian terrorist, Ayat alAkras, who murdered two Israeli civilians, teenager Rachel Levy and Chaim Smadar. Pino described the terrorist as his “beloved Sister and Martyr,” and commended al-Akras for her act of “courage.” He wrote: “Even the numbskull who parades as president of the United States heard you, and, following the text written for him by his handlers, expressed astonishment at how a

teenager could perpetrate such an act. Simply, it is pronounced ‘justice’ and spelled C-O-U-R-A-G-E.” The U.S. Secret Service raided Pino’s home in 2009 amid allegations that he was operating the self-described “jihadist news service” Global War, that provided “battle dispatches, training manuals, and jihad videos to our [Muslim] brothers worldwide.” Pino admitted to contributing articles to the jihadist website. If no meaningful penalty is imposed on Pino, the university will have, in essence, deceived students, alumni, and community members – because the publiclyposted guidelines amount to a promise that students will be able to learn in a safe setting, hold meetings and voice their thoughts and opinions in a civil environment. Tolerating, without penalty, a violent threat uttered by a tenured professor at a student gathering – in combination with the active efforts of the same individual to damage Israel by promoting boycotts of that nation – would seem to signal outright indifference to the safety concerns of certain students. And what does Professor Pino have to say about all this? After refusing to give comment to several news outlets in the wake of the Ishmael Khaldi event, he broke his

Prof Julio Pino

silence and said: “What I spoke was for the sake of the children of Palestine, and no other reason. The only politics I have are: ‘There is no God but God, and Mohammed is His Messenger.’ Peace be upon you.” His words are unlikely to comfort pro-Israel students, Jewish and Christian alike, or their parents and families – or, one assumes, conscientious university officials. Indeed, Pino’s seemingly escalating anti-Israel behavior can only be unnerving to many. And many at Kent and beyond may wonder what he will say and do next. They may also wonder when the university will say: Enough.

Aviva Slomich is Director of CAMERA’s Student Programming. For more, please visit

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice


Online Learning Modules Help College Students Expand Their Knowledge of Personal Finance NSLP’s Financial Avenue, an online financial education program for college students, has added 10 new, interactive minimodules to further expand students’ knowledge of key money management topics. Module topics include Banking Basics, Borrowing Money, Understanding Insurance, Investing in the Future, Understanding a Paycheck, Taxes and You and Your First Job. he modules, paired with the six existing Financial Avenue courses that cover budgeting, credit cards, paying for college, credit history, identity theft and contracts meet all of the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Financial Literacy and Education Commission’s Financial Literacy Core Competencies Requirements. These Core Competencies are designed to help students establish a solid foundation to help them navigate financial matters through college and beyond. The interactive modules engage participants from the start. Through video, social media posts, “practical application” exercises and knowledge checks, participants can quickly grasp the skills they need to navigate their way through each topic; each mini-module takes just five to fifteen minutes to complete. Studies show financial education is vital to helping students and young adults bet-


ter achieve their career and financial goals. Many higher education students are learning for the first time how to manage their own money. While some students have held jobs during high school, many have not been responsible for making fundamental decisions such as choosing a bank, buying insurance or borrowing money. Using the Financial Avenue program, students first focus on the main courses of budgeting, contracts, credit cards, credit history, identity theft, and paying for college. The mini-modules expand student knowledge beyond the basic financial capability topics, reinforce basic concepts, and coach students to put what they learn into practical application. For example, students learn about the advantages and disadvantages of on- and off-campus jobs, the components of a typical paycheck, the difference between gross and net pay, how banking fees work, and how to tackle debt. These issues are of-

ten major stressors for students. “In study after study we’re seeing the same thing—students want to increase their financial capability,” said Kate Trombitas, NSLP vice president of financial education and former associate director of student wellness at Ohio State University. “We knew on our campus that money was the secondleading cause of stress, and that it was creating a barrier to academic success.” Many schools now realize that financial education can have a positive effect on student spending and savings habits, as well as on lowering student loan default rates. As a result, more schools are seeing the value in providing financial education to their students. Several reports reinforce the importance of financial education. A 2009 Sallie Mae report underscores the importance of edu-

Leading UK Business Mag Urges Erdogan to Mend Fences with Israel


criticism among some critics in the West about Turkey’s active foreign policy, who blame Turkey for switching from being a firm friend of Israel, the only other established democracy in the region, into an implacable foe. The weekly says that the Erdogan’s “mildly Islamist Justice and Development (AK) government” is right to pursue a policy of zero problems with the neighbors. “This is a big improvement on previous governments that largely ignored their own backyard. Turkey remains a bastion of NATO, with the biggest army after the U.S. and a vital American air-force base at Incirlik. It is EU members like Cyprus, France and Germany - and not Turkey - that have done most to stall Turkish negotiations to join their club.” “The Economist” agrees with critics of Turkey over Erdogan’s “mercurial and often autocratic instincts”, which are “not conducive to careful diplomacy, as his belligerent recent outbursts over Greek-Cypriot and Israeli gas exploration in the eastern Mediterranean have shown.” REPORT BY GLOBES, ISRAEL BUSINESS NEWS

cating college students about using credit effectively, weighing their spending decisions and considering their source of borrowing. In that study, researchers analyzed credit card use among select groups of student loan applicants and found that 92 percent of undergraduate credit cardholders charged textbooks, school supplies, or other direct education expenses, up from 85 percent in the previous study. The 2009 “Journal of Student Financial Aid” states that researchers who explored the effects of loan counseling or consumer education programs found they appear to be related to lower rates of default. Students need and want to improve their money-management skills. The Financial Avenue program provides students with practical knowledge to help them make informed decisions about how to manage their money. In difficult economic times, it is imperative to give students the resources they need to be effective money-managers today, as well as plan for a successful financial future. For more information about Financial Avenue visit

ABOUT NSLP Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, NSLP is a private, not-for-profit company with a 25-year legacy in the higher education marketplace. A former Top 10 student loan guarantor, NSLP continues to be a passionate leader and advocate for student success; providing colleges and universities nationwide with financial education, delinquency prevention, default aversion, financial aid related support, and Title IV training and compliance programs. NSLP collaborates with schools to develop programs that will ultimately help our future generations thrive financially.


“The Economist” is urging Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom it calls an “Ottoman dreamer” to mend relations with Israel. Although the British weekly slams what it calls “intransigent” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his “foolishly stubborn” refusal to make even the smallest apology over the death of eight Turks and a Turkish-American on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara incident in May 2010, it warns, “But if Mr Erdogan calculates that he can pander to anti-Israeli prejudice at home without paying a price abroad, he is making a mistake.” he Economist” says, “Turkey stands to gain from stable Arab-Israeli relations, which it ought ideally to be well-placed to promote. And, like it or not, many in the West take Turkey’s attitude to Israel as a yardstick of its broader intentions. If Turkey wants to preserve good relations with the West, it must find some way of mending fences with Israel as well.” The magazine points out that “In their awakening this year, many Arabs have looked to Turkey for inspiration. Turkey is not just a fellow Muslim country and their former imperial power. It also offers, for all its faults, a shining (and rare) example in the Islamic world of a strong democracy and a successful free-market economy. And the Turks have responded well, if sometimes belatedly. They were early to call for change in Egypt. They endorsed NATO’s intervention in Libya. They are now unequivocally backing the opposition to the Assad regime in neighboring Syria.” On the whole, “The Economist” rejects


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UJA-Federation Brings Together Diversity of Jewish Community for Month of Volunteerism UJA-Federation of New York believes in the power of the Jewish community to achieve the biggest impact. That is why UJA-Federation is supporting Jewish Social Action Month (JSAM), which transforms the Jewish month of Cheshvan from a month without Jewish holidays into a global month celebrating volunteerism and community building. By funding 34 programs with participants from 100 organizations in the New York area, UJA-Federation is bringing together Jews from different backgrounds to collaborate in community-based social action projects that will help make life better for thousands more individuals and families. ne such program leveraging the strength of the Jewish community is Growing Together, a collaboration between UJA-Federation, Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty (Met Council), Hazon, Dor Chadash, Jewish International Connection of New York (JICNY), Abraham Heschel School, and the Jewish Child Care Association of New York (JCCA). Beginning in Cheshvan, and continuing throughout the year, Growing Together will engage young volunteers through intergenerational “greening” programs serving low-income seniors. At the kickoff events, seniors and young volunteers will build window box herb gardens at Met Council housing sites through-out New York City, which the volunteers will help monitor and maintain throughout the year. “We are proud to bring our expertise in low-income senior housing together with the greening movement, and to collaborate with JSAM volunteers to enrich seniors’ lives,” said William E. Rapfogel, Met Council CEO. “Growing Together gives volunteers a hands-on experience to give back to their neighbors in need and to take action right here in New York City. We are grateful to UJA-Federation of New York for recognizing the need to celebrate volunteer services and to continue to help build relationships within the Jewish community.” “Growing Together embodies the unifying spirit of JSAM and UJA-Federation’s belief that we can do more good when we do it together,” said UJA-Federation Executive Vice President and CEO John S. Ruskay. “We are helping to bridge the gap between people of diverse social and geographical backgrounds who might not have otherwise come together for a single cause. The collaborations created during JSAM will foster deeper working relation-


John S. Ruskay, PhD, is the executive vice president & CEO of the United Jewish Appeal - Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, Inc. (UJAFederation of New York), Dr. Ruskay is a well-known author and lecturer on issues affecting the Jewish people

ships, strengthen our communal ability to help people in need, and highlight the core Jewish value of creating a better world.” Throughout the month of Cheshvan, other JSAM volunteer services will provide opportunities for bringing food and supplies to homeless New Yorkers, increasing inclusion of people with special needs, and working with elderly Jewish war veterans. Now in its sixth year, JSAM is taking place from October 28 – November 26, 2011 in all five boroughs, Long Island, and Westchester.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Baruch College Offers Jewish Studies Courses The Jewish Studies Center (JSC) builds awareness about some of the biggest issues and challenges facing Jewish communities today. The JSC at Baruch College has partnered with Baruch’s Division of Continuing and Professional Studies (CAPS) to offer Jewish Studies courses and seminars to the public that are designed to educate and enlighten individuals who seek to learn more about Jewish arts, culture, and history. he JSC in the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences at Baruch College reflects the legacy and heritage of the college, its tradition of educating New York City immigrants, its diverse population, and its special relationship to and place within Manhattan. CAPS offers more than 1,000 classes and over 50 non-credit professional certificate programs every fall, spring, and summer. The Division also develops customized courses and programs for small businesses and large corporations throughout the tri-state area, providing or supplementing their staff training options. “Jewish cultural identity is endlessly evolving,” says Jessica Lang, director of The Jewish Studies Center. “The courses we’re offering give unique insights into the art, music, dance, and literature that provide the basis of Jewish cultural and religious expression--from the Song of Solomon to the canvasses of Chagall. There’s something for everyone.” Visit The Jewish Studies Center website ( html) to learn about class time schedules.


Film and the Holocaust, Nov. 1 – Dec. 1: Examines a range of these films - docu-

mentaries, Nazi propaganda films, comedy, and feature films. The course will address how cinema works to convey and represent the Holocaust; how different forms of cinematic genre affect our understanding and the portrayal of the events they describe; and the history and role of film during and since the Holocaust. Jewish American Literature, Nov. 3 – Dec. 22: Explores contemporary contributions of Jewish American authors covering a range of genres: fiction, plays, poetry, and memoir. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: A 100-year Retrospective, Nov. 15 – Dec. 13 Analyzes one of the greatest industrial tragedies in American history - the fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City, which occurred on March 25, 1911. The Triangle fire drew attention to the health and safety of American workers and motivated the passage of numerous U.S. bills and laws for their protection. The Triangle fire inspired numerous works of art including opera, plays, songs, paintings, and sculpture.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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GROUP SUPPORTING JEWISH PRESENCE AT RACHEL’S TOMB MARKS MATRIARCH’S YAHRZEIT AT BROOKLYN GATHERING Several hundred people gathered Sunday night at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center for a very special dinner commemorating the yahrzeit (the anniversary of the passing) of Rochel Imeinu (“our mother Rachel”), the beloved matriarch of the Jewish people. Also known as “Jewish Mother’s Day”, the yahrzeit falls out on the 11th day of the month of Cheshvan and coincides with the biblical portion of Lech Lecha. The event was sponsored by the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Project, an organization that preserves the memory of Rochel through ensuring a Jewish presence near her grave site on the way to Bethlehem and to hosting a variety of events including dedication of Sifrei Torah, brissim, weddings, and bar and bat mitzvahs. By Fern Sidman CRP’s many projects include the creation of the “Museum of Jewish Aliya”, the actualization of Beit Bnei Rochel on Derech Chaya Rochel, the establishment of Yeshiva Bnei Rochel for men and “Chaya Rochel v”Ruth”; a religious academy for women, along with the Bnei Rochel biblical garden, complete with wedding chuppah. Emceeing the event was Evelyn Haies, the president of the RCRP, who established the organization in 1995. Ms. Haies lives in a home near Kever Rochel and has been highly active in Jewish outreach over


Rabbi Tamir Zaltsman

the years. “Some call Mar Cheshvan a sad month,” said Ms. Haies, “however it is at this time when Avraham chose chesed, kindness and we remember our mother Rochel who put others before herself, affirmed the good ways of the past and became a role model of good for the future.” Taking note of the fact that this year marks the 17th anniversary of the formation of the RCRP, Ms. Haies said, “the Gematria of the word “Tov” in Hebrew which means “good” is 17. When you add that to the Gematria of the word chesed (kindness) which is 72 it equals the gematria of the word redemption. Rochel Imeinu is remembered on this day for over 3600 years because of her good middos and actions meriting the redemption. This will be a year to reverse all mistakes and misdeeds. Let us choose the good derech and know only betterment in a life of Torah truth, kindness and betterment with our actions and the help of the Hand of Hashem.” As Ms. Haies recounted the biblical narrative of Rochel she reminded her audi-

ence that the Jewish people were redeemed because of her merits. “Why did G-d hear the tears of Rochel Imeinu? Because she refused to embarrass her sister Leah when she found out that she would not be marrying Yaakov Avinu. She gave her beloved sister the signs that she had previously arranged with Yaakov. Rochel could have been the mother of the majority of the 12 tribes of Israel but did not think of herself. It was because of this that Hashem heard her cries for her people as they were being exiled and promised her that they would return to their borders.” Delivering the inspired keynote address for the evening was Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer, renowned lecturer and author of

The evening’s keynote speaker - Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer

the acclaimed book on Jewish philosophy entitled, “Search Judaism” (Targum 2009). Rabbi Fingerer received his advanced rabbinical ordination from the venerable sage, HaRav Avrohom Pam, ZT”L of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, is a senior lecturer and educational director at Aish HaTorah in New York City and works as an adjunct professor at the Lander College for Women. “The trials and tribulations that Rochel endured served to undergird the Jewish people throughout the centuries,” said Rabbi Fingerer. “We learn from Rochel how one woman’s sacrifice shaped world destiny.” He added that the paradigm of Rochel is the not only that of “the mother of Israel but the progenitor of Moshiach.” “She and Yaakov shared a transcendental love for all time,” he said. This year’s dinner featured a stellar list of honorees including Aliza Basmenachem Karp, author of the historical novel “Banished,” who received the prestigious Rochel Imeinu Breaking the Silence Award. As a

(L to R) Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Beth Gilinsky were honored with the Rochel Imeinu Jewish Leadership Award. Aliza Basmenachem Karp, author of the historical novel «Banished» who was recognized with the organization’s Rochel Imeinu Breaking the Silence Award.

steadfast and committed activist for Israel, Ms. Karp recalled her profound connections with the people of Gush Katif and the activities she undertook to protest the 2005 disengagement from Gaza “My attitude about the disengagement was that it was not really going to happen, but if we did not fight it, it just might. I hosted visiting activists and helped with fundraising. I assisted in the organization and PR for a number of rallies in the New York area, where I would always arrange for part of the program to include children taking the stage and leading the crowd in reciting verses of the Torah.” Offering her sincere appreciation to Evelyn Haies and the Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation, Ms. Karp said that her book “Banished” will “educate people about the importance of understanding the disengagement, with the determination that we have to stop it from happening again.” The recipient of the Rochel Imeinu Chesed Award was long time Manhattan Beach resident, Susan Lasher, wife of New York State Assemblyman and New York City council member Howard Lasher. As an exceptionally committed community activist and leader, Mrs. Lasher vocalized her support of the work of the RCRP and praised Mrs. Haies for her outstanding dedication. Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Beth Gilinsky, two women in the forefront of Jewish activism were honored with the Rochel Imeinu Jewish Leadership Award. Ms. Marcus is the president of Z Street, an internationally recognized ardently Zionist organization created in 2008 in an effort to shift the nature of the public debate about Israel and the Middle East. She is also the chair of the executive committee of the National Conference on Jewish Affairs which is dedicated to affirmatively supporting Israel’s right to be the Jewish homeland and to challenging those in the global arena who are aggressively undermining those rights. Beth Gilinsky is the president of the National Conference on Jewish Affairs and is

the founder of the Jewish Action Alliance. Ms. Gilinsky has organized countless rallies and demonstrations in support of Israel and has championed the cause of those who human rights have been trampled upon by radical Islamists. Presenting the Rochel Imeinu Actualist Awards was Malky Grunwald, an 11th grade student at the Stella K. Abrahams Yeshiva High School for Girls. Ms. Grunwald was the first young woman to celebrate her bat mitzvah at Kever Rochel four years ago. “I am also the spokesperson for the RCRF fund to promote meaningful connections to our future generation of young girls to celebrate their heritage and to commemorate their rite of passage into womanhood at the site of mother Rochels’ tomb. Our goal is to promote middos, manners and to find our mission in life; leading a Torah life with derech eretz,” she said. Ms. Grunwald presented the Actualist Awards to Dr. Alexander Berenblit, Rabbi Tamir Zaltsman and his son Hillel and to Yitzchok Fridman. A devoted member of the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, Dr. Alexander Berenblit is a dedicated physician who together with his wife Simona has transmitted his interest in science and his love for the Jewish people and the State of Israel to his children. Rabbi Tamir Zaltsman and his son Hillel also received the coveted award. Rabbi Zaltsman is a man who together with his wife Ora and the members of his family have rendered many years of service in the field of kiruv rechokim especially on behalf of Jews from the former Soviet Union, both in Israel and in southern Brooklyn. Yitzchok Fridman, a strong-willed and proud Jew is the only member of his family to have survived the Holocaust. Having provided enormous help and support to many members of his wife’s family during those perilous times, he lived to emigrate to the United States with his wife Ada. As the patriarch of an extended family, he is also a devoted and active member of the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center.




5 Killed as Syrian Troops Storm Residential District of Homs Syrian rights activists say government forces stormed the Baba Amr residential district of Homs Monday, kicking in doors and making house-to-house arrests after nearly a week of deadly assaults that reportedly killed more than 110 people. The activists said security forces backed by tanks and heavy weapons killed at least five people in Homs and the surrounding province Monday, including an 8-year old girl. The violence followed clashes Sunday that left at least 16 people dead in the region. According to the activists, army defectors have been fighting back against the pro-government forces in Homs, Syria’s third largest city that is at the center of an eight-month uprising against the rule of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The increasingly violent crackdown on dissent prompted Syria’s key opposition group, the Syrian National Council, to declare the city a “disaster area” and to call for international intervention to protect civilians. The Arab League scheduled an emergency meeting in Cairo on Saturday to discuss “Syria’s failure to implement a deal struck last week to end the offensive against protesters.” Syrian ambassador to the Arab League Youssef Ahmed said Monday Syria has taken significant steps toward fulfilling the deal, such as releasing 500 prisoners as part of a conditional amnesty. The United Nations says at least 3,000 people have been killed in the Syrian government’s crackdown since the uprising began in March. Syria blames much of the unrest on “terrorists” whom it says have killed hundreds of security personnel.

Iran Threatens to Kill Americans if Generals Attacked Top commanders in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards threatened Tuesday to kill “dozens” of U.S. citizens should Washington kill any of its members. “ You also should not forget that American commanders have plenty of presence and travel in the region. If you kill any of us, we will kill dozens of you,” Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, chief of the Guard’s aerospace division, told Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency on Tuesday as saying.

Carlos the Jackal Trial Opens in Paris The trial for the convicted murderer known as Carlos the Jackal opened in Paris Mon-

The Jewish Voice

day, this time for alleged involvement in a series of bombings in France in the early 1980s. The terrorist attacks on two trains and a newspaper office in 1982 and 1983 killed 11 people and wounded at least 140. A verdict is expected in mid-December. Prosecutors uncovered what they say is evidence of his guilt in communist archives in Hungary and the former East Germany. Ramirez says he is innocent. The Jackal’s real name is Ilich Ramirez Sanchez. A pro-Palestinian terrorist of Venezuelan origin, he is currently serving a life sentence in France for shooting to death two French secret agents and a Lebanese informer in 1975. Ramirez Sanchez denied involvement, saying that the murders were orchestrated by the Israeli Mossad. Carlos Ramirez Sanchez joined the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in 1970, when recruiting officer Bassam Abu Sharif gave him the code name Carlos due to his South American roots. Newspapers dubbed him Carlos the Jackal after police found a copy of the thriller novel Day of the Jackal in one of his hideouts.

Relaxed Policy Allows Countless Immigrants into Britain Relaxed immigration policies allowed countless immigrants into Britain. British Home Secretary Theresa May admitted the mistake Monday. The relaxed immigration rules allowed people into the country without proper credentials. The head of Britain’s Border Force, Brody Clark, has been suspended over the incident. May testified before the House of Commons saying, “As a result of these unauthorized actions, we will never know how many people entered the country who should have been prevented from doing so.” The home secretary says she approved the initial pilot program to relax the rules for six weeks, but Clark approved the second six week period without proper authorization.


Soldiers to Get Free Year of University in Jerusalem Students in Jerusalem are to be “treated” to a free year of university, thanks to a law passed on its second and third reading in the Knesset Monday night. The law will apply to soldiers who have finished their IDF service and are starting their first year at one of the universities in the city.

The law was proposed by Deputy Minister Gila Gamliel, and will “open doors for soldiers to academic studies.”

Terrorists Fire on Kibbutz Gaza terrorists fired a rocket at civilians in the Sderot region on Tuesday night. The rocket followed two days of relative quiet in the area. An explosion was reported near a kibbutz in Israel’s south. The attack does not appear to have caused injuries.

Terrorist who Carried out Jerusalem Stabbing Attack Arrested Last week, Abad Elrahman Mahmud Alian Zayid, the terrorist who carried out the stabbing attack in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood on October 22, was arrested in a joint Israel Security Agency-Israel Police-IDF operation. In the October stabbing attack, a 17-year-old teen from the Ramot neighborhood was severely injured. Zayid, born in 1991 in Beit-Iksa, near Ramot, and a student at the Abu-Dis University, confessed that his crime was of a nationalist background, and also repeated the details of the incident during an ISA investigation. The investigation is ongoing.

Soldiers’ Campaign: ‘Don’t Ransom Me Like Shalit’ The former IDF Chief Rabbi, Rav Avichai Ronsky, has signed the “Hosen” [Fortitude] Card that states that if he is taken captive by the enemy, he demands that the State refrain from releasing terrorists in order to set him free. The Hosen Card initiative was started last week Ra’ananim, a religious Zionist youth movement, which has put up stands nationwide and began signing up soldiers. Hundreds have already signed the card that says “I am certain that the government of Israel and the IDF will do everything possible to release me with courage and creativity” but not through deals involving the release of terrorists. Rav Rosnky said that in the relationship between a citizen and his country, the country takes precedence over the individual. “Freeing terrorists places civilians’ lives at risk,” he said. “The IDF’s deterrent force is greatly damaged by this kind of deal,” he explained, in a reference to the recent deal with Hamas for the freedom of Gilad Shalit. Major (res.) Yoni Setbon, who heads Ra’ananim, explained that the initiative is meant to counter media campaigns that encourage prisoner exchanges.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 100,000 Attend Funeral of Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel An estimated 100,000 people crowded the Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem on Tuesday for the funeral of Rabbi Nosson Tzvi Finkel. The funeral procession began in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood. Rabbi Finkel, 68, passed away early Tuesday morning. He was the head of the famed Mir yeshiva. Signs posted at the yeshiva Tuesday reminded students to continue their Torah learning until the funeral began, according to the hareidi news outlet Kikar Hashabat.

Former Mossad Chief – Anti-Semitic? Former Mossad chief Ephraim Halevy’s characterization of hareidi-religious Jews as “a bigger existential threat to Israel than Iran and Ahmadinejad” constitutes anti-Semitic incitement, MKs accused Sunday. “The equation of the hareidi community, which can be identified by external appearance, with Ahmadinejad and worse, by someone who was once the head of the Mossad, is clearly incitement likely to lead to actual harm,” said MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism). Gafni called on Attorney General Yehudah Weinstein to investigate Halevy’s remarks. If Halevy’s statements had been “a slip of the tongue” he would not have complained, Gafni added, “but the statements were part of an agenda that he has repeated time after time.” Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin shared Gafni’s concern over the potential for harm to arise from Halevy’s words. “There are hints of anti-Semitism in what he said… Halevy needs to know that a person who holds a government position must be careful with his words, because irresponsible statements on his part could play into the hands of the world’s biggest anti-Semites.” Halevy responded to criticism of his statements by accusing hareidim of “overreacting.” In his original remarks, Halevy’s example of “hareidi extremism” was the fact that boys and girls do not dance together in hareidi circles. Halevy is known for making controversial remarks. In recent years he has questioned the “two-state solution” and has called to negotiate with Hamas. Yishai: Add More Sephardic Judges to Courts Israel’s Interior Minister Eli Yishai said Sunday that the state had a “moral obligation” to appoint a judge of Middle Eastern Sephardic background to the High Court. Currently, there is one judge of Middle East-

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 ern background on the court, and it has generally been understood that one seat is “reserved” for a judge of that background. But with population and other changes in the state, the time had come to add a second judge to the makeup of the High Court. “Unfortunately when I bring this subject up I am accused of increasing ethnic tensions, but when others talk about these issues for other groups, that is acceptable and they are not attacked,” Yishai said. “This is needed in order to ensure that the public retains its trust in the court system. More such judges should be added to lower courts as well. It is time to being about more equality in this area,” he added.


Clinton: Deadlock in Peace Process is Intolerable U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, reiterated on Monday her country’s position that only negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority can lead to the establishment of a Palestinian state. In a talk she gave on the Arab Spring protests, Clinton said, “The deadlock in the Israeli-Arab conflict is another situation of a status quo in the Middle East that is not tolerable.”

McCain: Obama Remarks on Netanyahu Tell it All Senator John McCain, the Republican standardbearer in 2008, was highly critical of the exchange between French President

The Jewish Voice Nicolas Sarkozy and Barack Obama in which Sarkozy called Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu a liar. Most of the media concentrated on Sarkozy’s remark. However, the conversation, picked up by a hot microphone, had Obama responding to the French president’s slur: “You are sick of him, but I have to work with him every day.” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Obama’s remarks reflected the Obama administration’s attitude towards Israel.

ADL Survey: 15% of Americans are Anti-Semitic Anti-Semitism is growing in the United States, according to a nationwide survey released on Thursday. The survey, conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), found that 15 percent of the population – nearly 35 million Americans – holds deeply anti-Semitic views. The survey found that 19 percent of Americans think that it is “probably true” that the statement that “Jews have too much control/influence on Wall Street” is correct. This marks a five percentage point increase since 2009. It was also found that 14 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that “Jews have too much power in the U.S. today,” an increase from 13 percent in 2009. As well, 15 percent that agreed Jews are “more willing to use shady practices,” and 16 percent agreed that Jewish “business people are so shrewd, others don’t have a chance.”


According to The New York Daily News, which presented the findings, the survey found that old stereotypes about Jews being pushy and controlling the economy are festering, especially among the least-educated Americans. These findings are consistent with the recent Occupy Wall Street protests which took on anti-Jewish characteristics. During one of the protests, a black American protester stated that “the people who run Wall Street are guilty of crimes against humanity,” adding that “almost all bankers on Wall Street are Jewish.” The ADL survey also found that some 31 percent of Americans believe that the Jews were responsible for crucifying Jesus. It also found that 30 percent think Jews are “more loyal to Israel than to America.” The New York Daily News noted that the survey found that the most-educated Americans were the least prejudiced and foreignborn Hispanics were more likely to hate Jews than U.S.-born Hispanics. As well, some 29 percent of the African-Americans surveyed expressed strong anti-Semitic views. The telephone survey was conducted among 1,754 adults in October.

Muslim Cabbies Come to the Rescue of Brooklyn Bagel Biz A good bagel – let alone a bialy worthy of the name – is hard enough to find nowadays. And it was set to get even harder in Brooklyn, as the borough’s oldest bagel bakery, Coney Island Bialys and Bagels, was teetering on the edge of being closed down


- and in fact was shuttered for a time in September. But in a last-minute reprieve, bagel lovers of all backgrounds will continue to enjoy the authentic – and kosher – taste of a real New York-style bialy, thanks to the intervention of two cab drivers, who are buying the store. By the way: the two owners of the quintessentially Jewish bread market are themselves not Jewish – but Pakistani Muslims. Zafaryab Ali and his business partner, Peerada Shah, were longtime fans of the store; Ali had worked at the store for over a decade during the 1990s, and was to hear that the recession had hurt the store badly enough that its owners, the Ross (originally Rosenzweig) family, had decided that the time had come to close down the store, established in 1920 by Polish Jewish immigrant Morris Rosenzweig. If there was an irony in a Muslim making kosher bialys and bagels – under rabbinical supervision, which the two are currently seeking – Shah doesn’t see it. “I don’t even think about it,” Shah told reporters, “I just look at this as a business opportunity.” Ali concurs: “I’m happy I can take care of this store, turn a profit and make customers happy,” he said. Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz wished the pair a “mazal tov,” and came around for some samples. Speaking to reporters, Markowitz called the cross-cultural event “an only in New York story” that “expresses the true spirit of this city.”

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Calendar of Events Orthodox Union Singles Connection Presents “An Evening Of Pins And Pizza”

Young Professionals Persian Friday Night Dinner

Tuesday, November 29, 7:00 PM Venue: Jib Lanes in Flushing, 67-19 Parsons Boulevard

November 18, 6:45-11:00 PM

The OU Singles Connection presents “An Evening of Pins & Pizza” – a lively evening of bowling at which singles under 35 can meet that special someone in a fun, and relaxed environment. It will take place on Tuesday, November 29 beginning at 7:00 p.m. at Jib Lanes in Flushing, 67-19 Parsons Boulevard. Space is limited and registration is mandatory. The Singles Connection is a program of the OU Department of Community Services. The program includes two hours of unlimited bowling, shoe rentals, and dinner. The cost for the program is $15. To register, visit or call 212.613.8300.

AFRMC Annual Gala: The Best of Israel, Best of NY Sunday, Nov 13, 2011 at 6:00 PM Venue: Cipriani, 110 East 42nd Street, Manhattan American Friends of Rabin Medical Center’s Annual Gala Dinner will be held this year on November 13, with Charlie Rose as Master of Ceremonies. For further information call 212 279 2522 or email

NCYI - The National Council of Young Israel’s 100th Anniversary - Centennial Dinner Sunday, November 13, 4:00 PM Venue: Terrace o[jnz n the Park 52-11 111th Street Queens, NY 11368 For additional information, visit:

Jewish Business Network (JBN) Breakfast at Fish of the C’s Fish Grill & Restaurant Tuesday, November 15 at 8:30 AM Venue: Fish of the C’s Fish Grill & Restaurant 454 Cedar Lane Teaneck, NJ 07666 Network with “The Tribe” in Teaneck NJ at one of Cedar Lane’s newest kosher restaurants, Fish of the C’s... Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 8:30am

The National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame & Museum Presents: An Evening With The Jewish Stars Thursday, November 17, 7:30 - 10:30 PM Venue: Suffolk Y JCC 74 Hauppauge Road Commack, NY 11725 Cocktail reception with many greats from the world of Jewish sports, such as Jay Fiedler, Marty Hogan, Lenny Krayzelburg, Yuri Foreman, Dimitriy Salia, and many others. Tickets are $100.00 per person. For more information, visit, or call 631-462-9800 ext. 125.

Venue: The Marriott Hotel - 402 East 92nd St, Manhattan Meet, mingle & network with young professionals Guest Speaker in honor of Gilad Shalit Cocktails & hors d’oeuvre: 6:45pm • Dinner: 8:00pm Lecture & dessert: 9:30pm Limited seating available Cost: Full Dinner $40 | Lecture & Dessert Only $15 Early Bird Special: $35 before Wednesday, Nov. 16th (5 PM) Contact Information: for more info or to RSVP go to or call 212-831-2770

Chanukah Concert with Israel’s Gad Elbaz! Wednesday, November 21, 6:45 - 10:00 PM Where: Nightingale Audtiorium - 20 East 92nd Street, Manhattan Join Chabad Israel Center of the Upper East Side for a Chanukah Mega Concert with Israeli Pop Sensation Gad Elbaz! Wednesday, December 21, 7:30 pm Doors open 6:45 pm An Event Not to Be Missed! Contact Information: or call 212-831-2770

ISRAEL’S PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, Featuring UN Ambassador Ron Prosor Monday, November 28, 7:00-9:00 PM Where: The Jewish Center 131 W. 86 St. New York, New York 64 years have passed since the UN Partition Plan on November 29th, 1947. How far has Israel come? What can we expect from the recent Palestinian attempt to unilaterally declare statehood? Hear firsthand from the Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, Ambassador Ron Prosor. Entrance is free. RSVP mandatory for security reasons to look us up on Facebook.

Jewish Values, Jewish Interests: Negotiating the Tension Monday, December 5, at 5:00 PM Location: NYU Vanderbilt Hall, Room 218 40 Washington Square South New York, NY 10012 How should Jews and Jewish leaders relate to the larger society and broader world? Prof. Ruth Wisse (Martin Peretz Professor of Yiddish Literature, and Professor of Comparative Literature, at Harvard University, and author of “Jews and Power”) and Rabbi Joy Levitt (Executive Director of the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan) will discuss both real and putative tensions between expressing Jewish values and advancing Jewish interests. BJPA Director Prof. Steven M. Cohen will moderate. This event celebrates the complete digital collection of the Journal of Jewish Communal Service on, and honors JJCS Managing Editor Gail Chalew for her 20+ years of service. The event is co-sponsored by the Jewish Communal Service Association of North America and the Berman Jewish Policy Archive @ NYU Wagner. Event is free to the public, but space is limited. RSVP required at

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 Madoff on the Small Screen Robert De Niro and his long-term partner, Jane Rosenthal, are in the early stages of production of a new HBO movie on Bernard Madoff. How about that! Not only is Mr. De Robert DeNiro Niro producing the made-for-TV movie with Ms. Rosenthal, but he’s reportedly playing Bernard Madoff in the film as well. John Burnham Schwartz, who wrote “Reservation Road,” is writing the screenplay. Apparently, HBO bought the rights to Laurie Sandell’s book in collaboration with Ruth Madoff and her son, Andrew Madoff: “Truth or Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family.” In addition, the movie on the Madoffs and the Ponzi scheme is also based on Diana Henriques’ book: “The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Truth.” The airing date has not yet been released.

Let My People Go! Ilan Grapel, the American Jewish law student from Queens who was just released from a 5-month impris-onment in Egypt, recently arrived in New York City at Kennedy Airport

Ilan Grapel with PM Netanyahu

The Jewish Voice amidst a hero’s welcome, balloons and all, from his loving parents and sister. What did he say helped keep his hopes alive while in prison? Daydreaming of New York. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Ilan’s former boss, U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D- Queens) helped to negotiate his release. He just got a new dog, which he’s enjoying at his home in Oakland Gardens, Queens along with his loving family. Although he didn’t have a chance to celebrate his birthday on time, he turned 28 in prison in Egypt, he sure is enjoying mom’s home cooking!

Silver Tells Bloomberg: “Occupiers” a Nuisance to Occupants Well, the wagons are circling around the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park. Under pressure from their constituents under siege from the OWS crowd, New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and U.S. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, who represent the district, are addressing health and safety concerns raised to them by local residents ranging from continuing loud noise such as drumming from the protesters to public urination, defecation, and a myriad of metal police barricades that are hurting local businesses like the Milk Street Café, which is on Wall Street near Zuccotti Park. So the Occupy Wall Street movement is supposed to be about getting jobs for hardworking Americans, right? Well then, how come their protests and the ensuing police barricades caused businesses like Milk Street Café, owned by Marc Epstein, to suffer? In fact, as a result of a 30 percent drop in business, he had to let go of 21 of his approximately 100 workers and is considering closing his café. How’s that for a stimulus plan! In fact, one of the laid-off workers, Shamil



on aspirin, Ambien, and blood pressure medication and went into bed fully-clothed, as did his wife Ruth, anticipating that they would die in bed and be found that way in the morning. Well, anyway, Mr. Madoff claims that he’s happier with life in prison, so maybe he’s not worse off after all.

Mel is Doing Sirius-ly Well Assemblyman Sheldon Silver

Cepeda, was interviewed by the New York Post, and was upset at the destructive role that the Occupy Wall Street are playing in her firing and in hurting business downtown. Marc Epstein, the café owner, says that since the protests started on September 17th about 6 weeks ago, and the metal police barricades went up, there is very little pedestrian traffic and commerce as usual in the Wall Street area.

Bernie confesses…again Turnabout is fair play, right? Well, it is according to Bernard Madoff. A few month ago, Mr. Madoff told New York Magazine that it would go against his nature to try to take his own life. According to the New York Post, now that his estranged wife Ruth claimed on Matt Lauer’s Today show that she and her husband tried to commit suicide after Mr. Madoff confessed to authorities his notorious Ponzi scheme in December of 2008, Mr. Madoff changed his original story that he never tried to take his life and backed up his estranged wife Ruth’s recent claim that they did try to commit suicide and called Today show’s Matt Lauer, before Ruth’s interview, to corroborate her story. Mr. Madoff told Matt Lauer that he overdosed on purpose

So far so good for Mel Karmazin, CEO of Sirius XM satellite radio. Even though subscription prices were raised 11 percent, he says it’s a modest increase and has heard very few customer complaints about it. He can also boast a strong 54 percent growth in profits for Sirius in the third quarter of the year despite falling short of their 400,000 new subscriber target for the third quarter with an increase of 334,000 subscribers. However, Sirius still predicts that they will increase subscriptions by 34 percent from last year by adding 1.6 million subscribers in 2011 and 440,000 in the fourth quarter of this year.

Gaddafi’s Jewish Pen Pal Who woulda thunk it? The New York Post reports that Louis Schlamowitz, an 81-year-old Jewish retired florist from Canarsie, Brooklyn, became Muammar Gaddafi’s pen pal since Gaddafi seized power in Libya in 1969 until he discovered Libya’s role in the bombing in 1988 of a Pan Am flight over Lockerbie, Scotland. Then he decided to write to Gaddafi again earlier this year when he heard about the civil war in Libya. In his letter, he advised Gaddafi to be good to his people or they will get rid of him. His letter to Gaddafi was returned to him unopened, but perhaps Gadhafi should have read Schlamowitz’ letter and heeded his advice. Schlamowitz chalks off Gaddafi’s killing to ‘politics.’


The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

New Kosher Products Make Their Debut By Eda Kram, New Product Showcase Editor for

New Gluten-Free Granola Treats from Bakery on Main Bakery On Main introduced 12 new gluten-free products. They include Soft & Chewy Gluten-Free Granola Bars in three flavors: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Chocolate Almond, and Apple Cinnamon. These products are made with certified gluten free oats, amaranth, and quinoa for a great source of whole grains and flax and chia seeds for a great source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential

fatty acids. Other products are the Truebars, natural fruit and nut bars in six exotic flavors: Hazelnut, Chocolate Cherry, Walnut Cappuccino, Fruit & Nut, Raspberry Chocolate Almond, Coconut cashew, and Apricot Almond Chai. Finally, Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal in three delectable bakeshop flavors—Strawberry Shortcake, Maple Multigrain Muffin, and Apple Pie all made with certified gluten free oats, chia, flax, amaranth, and quinoa. Bakery On Main products are free from wheat, gluten, dairy, casein, trans fats, and cholesterol, Certified Gluten-Free. Kosher certified under the Orthodox Union (OU) and Parve. For more information, visit:

New Whole Grain Tortilla Chips from Deep River Snacks

Enjoy life double chocolate granola lg

Deep River Snacks recently introduced their new line of all natural, gluten-free, whole grain tortilla chips. The flavors include Nacho Kick, Twist of Lime, Hint of Salt, and Guacamole. Deep River Snacks also produces an assortment of Gourmet Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Baked Fries, and White Cheddar Popcorn. All natural, gluten-free, and under Kof-K Kosher certification. Deep River Potato Chips and Snacks have no Trans Fat, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, or artificial ingredients. For more information and to purchase visit:

Jelly Belly Introduces New Snapple Mix Jelly Belly’s new Snapple Mix jelly beans use real fruit juice and purees to recreate the refreshing flavor of several Snapple drinks: Fruit Punch, Mango Madness, Cranberry Raspberry, Pink Lemonade, and Kiwi Strawberry. Just like the juices, the jelly beans are made from the Best Stuff on Earth! (Snapple’s slogan). The Mix is fat, gluten, and dairy-free and certified OU Kosher. The Snapple Mix is now available in stores. Coming this fall, Jelly Belly will introduce the Jelly Belly Snapple Bottle.

New Food line from Pereg Gourmet Pereg Gourmet Natural Food’s new Quinoa-Rice-Couscous line offers a variety of savory and wholesome choices that complement any holiday meal. With selections of Premium Basmati Rice, Quinoa the SuperGrain, traditional Couscous as well as Toasted Pearl Pasta (also known as Israeli Couscous), Pereg has blended together 13 wholesome and flavorful dishes that can be used as main courses or sides. The chefs at Pereg took each staple grain and combined it with hearty Italian flavors, the rich and earthy taste of mushrooms, the mysterious aromatic zest of lemon and herbs, or a vitamin and mineral packed vegetable medley, and created gourmet meals that will awe your friends and relatives.

There are also tasteful twists like Israeli Couscous with Pumpkin Seeds and Currants. With this dish, Pereg united colorful sweet red bell pepper and the aromatically pungent garlic with tart currants and subtly sweet pumpkin seeds, resulting in a uniquely scrumptious dish. Or, by mixing currants with the tangy– tart cranberries, adding crunchy toasted onions together with mellow toasted almonds, and then folding the mixture in with traditional Couscous, Pereg’s Couscous with Pumpkin Seeds is a special culinary treat. For more information visit:

Enjoy Life Foods Introduces Gluten-Free Granola Enjoy Life is continuing to produce products that are both gluten-free as well as free of the eight most common allergens in the United States. Enjoy Life Foods recently introduced their Double Chocolate Crunch Granola. To ensure that every food product is in fact gluten-free and free of the eight common allergens, Enjoy Life manufactures its products in a dedicated nut and gluten-free facility. The products are kosher certified under the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) and Parve. The line of products features a variety of options, including cookies and chocolate bars, and can be found in over 9,000 natural food and grocery stores throughout the country. For more information visit them online at www.

Kosher Recipe: Meatballs in Tomato Cumin Sauce By Jennifer Abadi

• Small dish of ice water

Recipe for tomato cumin sauce: Enjoy this classic Sephardi recipe on Shabbat, or anytime!

Recipe for meatballs: • ¾ pound ground chuck • 2 tablespoons matzah meal or dry, plain bread crumbs • 1 large egg, lightly beaten • 2 tablespoons cold water • ½ teaspoon salt • 1/8 teaspoon freshly-ground black pepper • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon • ½ teaspoon ground allspice • ¼ teaspoon ground cumin • ¼ cup finely chopped yellow onions

• • • • • • • •

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil ½ cup finely-chopped yellow onions 2 teaspoons minced garlic Two 6-ounce cans unsalted tomato paste 4 cups cold water 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice ½ teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons firmly-packed dark brown sugar • 1¼ teaspoons ground cumin • ¼ teaspoon ground allspice • 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Directions 1. Prepare the meatballs. Combine all the meatball ingredients, except the ice


25 Rabbinic Leaders with more than 30 years in the Young Israel Movement. In addition, the NCYI will bestow welldeserved recognition on an array of individuals who have been active in the Young Israel Movement›s ongoing efforts on behalf of American Jewry and the State of Israel, including Yossi Peleg-Billig, the Guest of Honor; Hy (Chaim) Singer, the Man of the

Year; current NCYI President Shlomo Z. Mostofsky, Esq., who will receive the Moses H. Hoenig Memorial Leadership Award; and current NCYI Chairman of the Board Rabbi Jonah Gewirtz, who will receive the Gerald L. Kaufman Memorial Shofar Award. For the past 100 years, the National Council of Young Israel has ably served the broader Jewish community. With more than 25,000 member families, and over 200 branch synagogues throughout the United

water, in a medium-size bowl and squeeze together with your hands until well-blended and the meat is very soft. Shape into individual meatballs by rolling them between the palms of your hands, 1 tablespoon at a time. (Dip your fingers in the dish of ice water and keep your palms wet to keep the meat from sticking. If it does stick, scrape it off with a blunt knife and return it to the bowl.) Place the meatballs on a plate and set aside. 2. Prepare the sauce. Heat the olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat and cook the onions, stirring, until golden and soft, 3 to 4 minutes. Add the garlic and cook until golden, another 1 minute, stirring constantly so the garlic does not burn. Add the rest of the sauce ingredients and cook for 5 minutes.

States, Canada, and Israel, the National Council of Young Israel is a multi-faceted organization that embraces Jewish communal needs and often takes a leading role in tackling the important issues that face the Jewish community in North America and Israel. In short, the NCYI is a central agency, which provides religious, educational, Zionistic, social, and communal programming for all its member synagogues and their affiliated families. «With an eternal commitment to Torah, Judaism, and the State of Israel, and a steadfast dedication to enhancing and centralizing synagogue life in the Jewish community, the National Council of Young

Kosher Meatballs in Tomato Cumin Sauce

3. Gently drop the meatballs into the sauce. Stir gently to coat the meatballs with sauce, being careful not to break them, and cook over low heat, covered, until the meatballs are fully cooked- through and fairly soft but firm, 30 to 35 minutes. 4. Serve the meatballs and sauce hot over the rice in a large serving bowl and garnish with the steamed peas. RECIPE COURTESY OF THEJEWISHHOSTESS.COM

Israel has spent the past century working tirelessly for the betterment of the Jewish nation and the enhancement of the broader Jewish community,» said NCYI President Shlomo Z. Mostofsky. «With a rich and vibrant past encompassing the last onehundred years, we hope and pray that the Young Israel Movement will be able to continue serving American Jewry and the State of Israel for the next one-hundred years.» For more information about the National Council of Young Israel›s November 13th Centennial Celebration or to make reservations, visit; send an email to; or call 212-929-1525 x100.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice



MANHATTAN Abigael’s KOSHER CUISINE: Modern American 1407 Broadway (at 39th St.)


Taam Tov Cuisine: Authentic Bucharian Cuisine

212.768.8001 41 West 47th Street (Between 5th & 6th Avenue) New York, NY 10036

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Circa Restaurant 22 W 33rd St NY 10001



23 3rd Ave, New York NY 10003


Eden Wok 43 E. 34th St Corner Madison Ave


The Prime Grill CUISINE: Steak House & Sushi Lounge

212- 692-9292

Chinese, Sushi Bar, Vegetarian Soups

60 East 49th St (bet. Park & Madison)


Exclusive Italian Cuisine

35 W 57TH STREET (5TH &6TH AVE) NYC (212)-355-5177 www.great



Pastas, Vegetable Dishes & Diserts


1589 2nd Ave 212-517-4448

Kosher Deluxe GLATT KOSHER 10 West 46th Street

212-869-6699 Mon-Thurs: 7:30 am - 10:00 pm Fri: 7:30 am - 2:30 pmSun: 12:00 noon - 8:30 pm

Village Crown To-Go Cuisine: Moroccan & Italian 212-207-3888 216 E. 49th Street, 2nd floor (Bet. 2nd & 3rd Avenue) New York, NY 10017



The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

Study by AAA Finds: Costs Associated With Traffic Crashes 3x Greater Than Congestion Costs Traffic crashes cost U.S. motorists almost $300 billion per year The annual societal cost of traffic crashes is $299.5 billion, more than three times the $97.7 billion cost of congestion, according to a report released last week by AAA. AA’s “Crashes vs. Congestion – What’s the Cost to Society?” report highlights the overwhelming and far-reaching economic impacts traffic safety crashes have on our nation and encourages policymakers at all levels of government to ensure safety is a top priority. “The burdens associated with congestion are top of mind for many Americans as they travel to and from work each day,” said Brad Roeber, AAA Chicago president. “However, at $300 billion annually, crashes


cost our society more than three times the amount of congestion. This report further underscores the importance of a long-term, multi-year federal transportation bill that will provide the necessary and sustained investments that lead to better and safer roads for all Americans.” According to the study conducted for AAA by Cambridge Systematics, the overall cost of crashes ($299.5 billion) equates to an annual per person cost of $1,522, compared to $590 per person annually for

congestion ($97.7 billion overall). The cost of crashes are based on the Federal Highway Administration’s comprehensive costs for traffic fatalities and injuries that assign a dollar value to a variety of components, including medical and emergency services, lost earnings and household production, property damage, and lost quality of life, among other things. The report calculates the costs of crashes for the same metropolitan areas covered by the annual Urban Mobility Report con-

ducted by the Texas Transportation Institute. The results showed crash costs exceeded congestion in every metropolitan area studied, from very large to small. For very large urban areas (populations of more than three million), crash costs are nearly double those of congestion. Those costs rise to nearly six times congestion costs in small urban areas (populations less than 500,000) where motorists face less congested conditions. “Almost 33,000 people – 635 per week – die on U.S. roadways each year and that’s unacceptable,” said Roeber. “While the decline in traffic fatalities in recent years signifies a positive trend, our work is far from over. Continued progress will require active and focused leadership, improved communication and collaboration, and an investment in data collection and evaluation to make sure we’re addressing the nation’s most serious safety challenges.”

Audi A7 Selected by AUTOMOBILE Magazine as 2012 “Automobile of the Year” Audi today announced that AUTOMOBILE Magazine selected the Audi A7 as its 2012 Automobile of the Year. AUTOMOBILE editors selected the A7 for its embodiment of everything a luxury buyer would want in a car – design, performance, and technology. AUTOMOBILE Magazine President and Editor-In-Chief Jean Jennings will present the award during the Los Angeles International Auto Show next week. he Audi A7 boasts bold styling and dramatic features, making it an icon of design and technology. We’re thrilled that AUTOMOBILE Magazine has selected A7 as the Automobile of the Year,” said Johan de Nysschen, President, Audi of America. The four-door luxury A7 was chosen for its sleek, striking design, innovative use of a hatchback, cutting-edge technology and powerful engine. AUTOMOBILE editors cited the A7’s effortless acceleration provided by an all-wheel-drive supercharged 3.0-liter V-6 and eight-speed transmission, as well as the car’s deft handling. “The Audi A7 is the sort of car that, when you look at it, you want it,” said Jean


Jennings, AUTOMOBILE Magazine editorin-chief. “The closer you get to it, the more you love it. Every mile you drive, you cannot believe how beautiful it is inside. Audi has positioned it perfectly between the A6 and A8 as a great all-around car providing classleading storage space, a great powertrain, and really compelling design.” The seamless fusion of style, luxury and technology, every detail of the A7 delivers a striking visual statement. The A7 was the first car in the world to feature factoryinstalled Wi-Fi with Audi connect™ and navigation with 3-D Google Earth. From the groundbreaking MMI® touchpad and its gracefully integrated display screen, to the state-of-the-art head up display, the Audi


Sound & Security INC

iPod Interfaces • Custom Audio & Video Systems • Satellite Radio XM & Sirius • HID Conversions • Paint Protection • Truck Accesories • Neon Car Kits • Bluetooth Kits • Window Tinting • Remote Starters


2023 McDonald Ave BROOKLYN, NY 11223

A7 is the perfect marriage of progressive design and sophisticated engineering. The A7 also sets a high standard for performance, handling and efficiency with an all-aluminum Audi 3.0 liter TFSI® V6 engine, 310hp and 325 lb-ft. of torque. Visit to learn more about the 2012 Audi A7.

ABOUT AUDI Audi of America, Inc. and its U.S. dealers offer a full line of German-engineered luxury vehicles. AUDI AG is among the most successful luxury automotive brands globally. During 2010 Audi was the top performing luxury brand in Europe, and broke all-time company sales records in the U.S. Over the next few years, AUDI AG will invest nearly $16 billion on new products and technologies. Visit or www. for more information regarding Audi vehicle and business issues.

About AUTOMOBILE Magazine AUTOMOBILE Magazine, part of Source Interlink Media, LLC, is America’s leading automotive lifestyle publication and reaches 4.6 million readers monthly; through its print, online and digital components the brand counts an audience of over 6 million. Automobile Magazine, which presents annual AllStar and Automobile of the Year awards, is written for the sophisticated enthusiast and profiles high-end vehicles with compelling editorial and photographic content. For more than 25 years, AUTOMOBILE Magazine has set the standard for automotive journalism, maintaining its devotion to auto adventure and an editorial approach that emphasizes “No boring cars!”

ZELMA HAIR & BEAUTY SALON “by women for women”

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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Study Identifies How Our Genes Affect Our Metabolism Research May Lead to Highly Targeted, Individualized Therapies In what is so far the largest investigation of its kind, researchers uncovered a wide range of new insights about common diseases and how they are affected by differences between two persons’ genes. The results from this study could lead to highly targeted, individualized therapies. ed by researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and published in a recent edition of the journal Nature, the study provides details on the genetics behind many diseases, including cardiovascular and kidney disorders, diabetes, cancer, gout, thrombosis and Crohn’s disease, and elucidates the role that individual differences in metabolism play in these disorders. Disturbances in metabolism are at the root of a variety of human afflictions and complex diseases. Although many of the genes that contribute to these conditions have been identified since the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, it is still not known how metabolic disorders related to these genetic aberrations disrupt cellular processes. One hundred years ago, Archibald Garrod, one of the fathers of modern biochemistry, realized that inborn errors in human metabolism are “merely extreme examples of variations of chemical behavior which are probably everywhere present in minor de-


grees” and that this “chemical individuality [confers] predisposition to and immunities from the various mishaps which are spoken of as diseases.” Ever since, identification of the genetic basis of human chemical individuality has been elusive. Now researchers addressed this challenge by using a new technology called metabolomics. They measured the levels of more than 250 biochemical compounds in over 60 metabolic pathways, including lipids, sugars, vitamins, amino acids and others in blood from over 2,800 individuals. They then combined this dataset with information on more than 600,000 genetic variants (SNPs) that were detected in the genes of each of the study participants. Most of the SNPs were located in genes known to encode proteins involved in the relevant metabolic pathways. Fifteen of the SNPs had previously been associated with metabolism-related conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, gout, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, cancer and adverse drug reactions. But the new

findings also uncovered a wealth of new associations that link the genetic makeup of a person to his or her biochemical capacities. This data is publicly available in an online database, accessible at

PAGE 33 Given the exceptional size of the dataset, the researchers prioritized the data to focus on 37 SNPs that were most strongly associated with metabolic traits, 23 of which had never been described before. The 37 SNPs had very large effects on the individuals’ metabolite levels and can be considered to constitute what the authors call the “genetic basis of human metabolic individuality.” First author Dr. Karsten Suhre, professor of physiology and biophysics and director of the Bioinformatics Core at Weill Cornell Medical College–Qatar, says, “These findings will enable researchers to identify new and potentially relevant metabolic processes and pathways. Two highly sophisticated biochemical measurement methods — genetics and metabolomics — applied to only two drops of blood can reveal deep insights into the genetic make-up of our metabolic capacities. In addition to providing functional insights into the genetic basis of metabolic traits and complex diseases, this information is a way to understand an individual’s uniqueness so as to develop highly targeted, personalized therapies and enable novel types of treatments or prevent adverse drug reactions.”

Wealth & Status Open All Doors? igh in the ivory tower of success sits a CEO, protected on all sides by wealth, position and authority. He rides first class on life’s train, his every need fulfilled. And then one day, he hits a bump. “I’ll take care of it,” he says to his family, certain that his connections, his status will open all doors. But they don’t.


Our CEO faces reality. His grandson is ill with a life-threatening disease and all his power is worth nil. Professor Izzy Borowitsch, former CEO of El Al, came face to face with this humbling scenario when his grandson, Tal, became ill and a bone marrow transplant Continued on page 39



The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

ANCESTRY.COM AND UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL MUSEUM MAKE THOUSANDS OF RECORDS AVAILABLE ONLINE Information on Holocaust survivors and victims of Nazi persecution available online at no cost through efforts of World Memory Project United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and announced that material from four Museum collections containing information on more than 30,000 victims of Nazi persecution is now available online at and can be searched at no cost. The collections contain information on thousands of individuals including displaced Jewish orphans; Czech Jews deported to the Terezin concentration camp and camps in occupied Poland; and French victims of Nazi persecution. he collections are being made available through the World Memory Project, launched in May 2011. The project is recruiting the public to help build the world’s largest online resource on Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of non-Jews who were targeted for persecution by Nazi Germany and its collaborators, allowing victims’ families and survivors themselves to discover missing chapters of their history, learn the truth about the fate of their relatives and honor those who were lost. World Memory Project contributors are continuously keying information that will form new searchable databases of histori-


cal collections when complete. To date, more than 2,100 contributors from around the world have indexed more than 700,000 records. Anyone, anywhere can contribute to the project by simply typing information from historical records into the online database. “World Memory Project contributors are helping Holocaust survivors and their families learn the truth about what happened to loved ones,” says Lisa Yavnai, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum WMP project leader. “It is an incredible gift that anyone can give to those who survived the horrors of Nazi Germany. In a few months, the con-

The U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum

tributors’ efforts have resulted in more online searchable records than the Museum alone could have produced in many years.” The World Memory Project utilizes proprietary software and project management donated by, which hosts its own online archival project to transcribe his-

torical records. Once Museum records are transcribed, the indices are hosted exclusively on and are permanently free to search. The Museum provides copies of documents upon request at no cost.

NEW BOOK BY RENOWNED VISIONARY AND EDUCATOR, CHAIM PERI, NOW AVAILABLE From the internationally-known visionary and educator, Chaim Peri, comes a new book filled with poignant stories of immigrant children traumatized by heartbreaking family situations but who receive a miraculous second chance at leading a wholesome and successful life. “Teenagers Educated The Village Way” inspires readers from the very first pages to view adolescence as “an hour of grace” and a unique opportunity to empower troubled young minds to follow their dreams. Peri’s book is a brilliant testament to the power of creating communities of meaning for children whose own self image holds little or no meaning at all. For information on Yemin Orde, visit, email, or call 202-237-0286. haim Peri is the visionary behind Yemin Orde Youth Village in Israel and Yemin Orde Educational Initiatives. In his book, Peri shares his own childhood experiences, which included stints in orphanages, as lying at the very root of his life’s work. “My own childhood begins during the tragic years of World War I and has a devastating absence at its center,” Peri said. “The deciphering of our childhood and teenage experiences is a central component of our inner lives no matter what stage of life we have reached.” Yemin Orde is home to some 500 at-risk immigrant children who have all suffered trauma in their lives: from isolation and neglect to abandonment and desolation. The children are from Ethiopia, the former Soviet Union, South America and other countries where daily survival is nothing short of a miracle. At Yemin Orde, the children receive


an excellent education, learn self-esteem, and embrace their cultural identities. Yemin Orde becomes a home for life – even as they graduate, the children know they can always return. The Initiatives program was launched to expand Yemin Orde’s success-

Yemin Orde becomes a home for life – even as they graduate, the children know they can always return.

Author Chaim Peri

ful methodology to other youth villages and schools in Israel. “Teenagers Educated The Village Way” is published by This World: The Values Network Publishing Group, 2011. Copies are available at books. For information on Yemin Orde, visit, email, or call 202-237-0286.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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Parshat Vayera (Genesis 18:1-22:24): The Avraham Effect One of the more intriguing episodes in the parsha of this week is the story of the three visitors to the tent of Avraham and Sarah. The Torah first describes the three visitors as “anashim” – human beings. And that is how Avraham certainly saw them – as Bedouin Arabs whom he suspected of being idol worshippers who sanctified the dust on their feet. Therefore, he gently requests them to wash their feet before sitting down to eat their meal at his home. udaism, which always operates in reverse venerations to paganism, therefore bids us to wash our hands before we sit down at a meal to break bread. But in any event, it is clear from the text of the Torah that these visitors to Avraham


and Sarah are simply viewed as being three passing human strangers at the beginning of their visit. Suddenly, Avraham realizes that these three visitors are really G-d’s angels sent to him to reveal G-d’s plans and to fulfill His Divine mission.

The Torah now calls them “malachim” – angels. I have always felt that there was a deep subliminal message in this change of description of Avraham’s guests. Namely, that coming into the tent of Avraham and Sarah can by itself transform seemingly pagan Bedouin Arabs into heavenly angels. Such is the effect of Avraham in the world and such is the influence of the tent of Avraham and Sarah in their society. The Hittites will be moved to say: “You are a prince of G-d in our midst.” And so he was. The Jewish home was always the place of individual spiritual elevation and holy transformation. It was the factory that produced

holy and devoted people, conscious of their responsibilities to G-d and humankind. With its rituals and rhythms, with its silences and loving disciplines, with its peace and the serenity of the Sabbath and the Holy days, the Jewish home was able to transform and uplift people. I once had a tradesperson – a woman drapery designer – come to our home Friday early afternoon to give an estimate on draping our windows. Our home, due to the influence of my wife, was a place of serenity and calm on Friday afternoons as it Continued on page 39

Summary of Haftarah for Parshat Vayera (Kings II 4:1-37) Sometime around the year 3043 - 705 B.C.E., Elisha took over the mantle of prophecy from Eliyahu. Elisha served the Jewish people as their mentor and protector, and this week’s Haftorah relates two of the miraculous incidents that he performed. The first story is of Ovadya’s widow and the pitcher of oil that continued to pour until she had enough oil to pay off all her debts and make a decent living. By Rabbi Aron Tendler The second is the Shunamis who was unable to conceive children. After being

NEW TORAH CYCLE BRINGS WITH IT NEW PROGRAMS ON OUTORAH.ORG With the beginning of a new Torah cycle, the ever-growing collection of shiurim on the Orthodox Union’s Torah website, www., as well as, continues to increase with a variety of new programs that are now available. here are three series of lectures by the distinguished educator Rabbi Ari D. Kahn, the author of “Echoes of Eden: Sefer Bereshit,” newly published by OU Press. The series includes audio lectures on halacha (Jewish law), machshava (Jewish thought), and aggadah, the nonlegal portions of the Talmud. Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir, one of the Jewish world’s best-known lecturers and educators in the area of business ethics, presents two programs in text format, “The Jewish Ethicist” and “Meaning in Mitzvot.” The ethics program has already featured subjects as varied as giving notice and bearing a grudge. The mitzvot program features articles connecting mitzvot with events in the weekly Torah portion, as well as making them relevant in one’s daily life. Both programs draw heavily from Jewish sources, as they confront issues in modern life. Rabbi Yakov Nagen delves into spirituality with his video series “Life is a Blessing,” focusing on matters of spirituality in the weekly parsha. Rabbi Nagen is Rosh Kollel of Yeshivat Otniel, a hesder yeshiva in Israel (in which the students also serve in the IDF) in Hebron Hills. That is not all. With NCSY, the inter-


national youth program of the Orthodox Union, having expanded to Chile and Argentina, and with a large Jewish community in Mexico, OU Torah now includes “Perlas de la Tora” (“Pearls of the Torah”), weekly lectures in Spanish on the Torah portion and other aspects of Jewish observance, by Rabbi Israel Lashak, the Mexican-born Director of NCSY’s Dallas-based Southwest Region. Another recent addition to OU Torah is HaShoneh Halachos, in which two laws are explained each day by Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, OU Torah Content Editor, and emailed to a growing list of subscribers. On November 24, the two-year Nach Yomi cycle, drawing from the Books of the Prophets and the Writings, will begin anew, for the third time on OU Torah. “OU Torah, with its sections on parsha, kashrut (kosher), Mishna and Gemara, Nach, tefilla (prayer), Shabbat and holidays, Jewish thought, mitzvot and halacha now comprises dozens of programs in text, audio and video format. People can subscribe to some series by email or podcast and they can also follow us via Facebook Continued on page 39

blessed with a son, the child dies and Elisha performs the miracle of resurrecting the boy’s life. In both instances, basic human needs were satisfied through the righteous individuals trust in the Navi and in Hashem’s providence. The widow’s husband was the great Ovadya who risked his own life and fortune to protect 100 prophets from the murderous purge of Achav and Ezevel. The Shunamis and her husband were wealthy, G-d fearing people who generously provided for all who needed. Both women could have

expected that their basic needs for income and family be deservedly provided by G-d. The theme of Vayera is trusting Hashem beyond the limits of rational and assumed justice. As with Sarah and Avraham, the trust that Ovadya’s widow and the Shunamis had in Hashem was unrelated to their limited human expectations. They trusted Hashem to provide as He saw fit, without any strings attached. D’var Torah and haftarah summary courtesy of



The Jewish Voice

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

3 Sunny States Remain Top Choices for Where Americans Would Like to Live California drops from the top choice for the first time since 2001, replaced by Hawaii Excluding their current state, if Americans had to say where they would most like to live, the top three mentions are states typically associated with sunshine and the beach: Hawaii (1), California (2) and Florida (3). These states have consistently been in the top 3 the last 8 times this question has been asked. However, this year marks the ďŹ rst time since 2001 that California has not been the top mention. hese are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 2,463 adults surveyed online between October 10 and 17, 2011 by Harris Interactive. Rounding out the top 5 this year is Texas (4) and Colorado (5). Texas saw a nice jump this year, up to 4 from 8 last year, while Colorado dropped from 4 last year, to 5 this year. The remaining 10 states on the list cover every geographic region of the country: In the Pacific Northwest Oregon (7) and Washington (9) are Top 10 mentions; The Southwest is represented with Arizona (8); Nevada (14) makes the Top 15 for the West; Montana represents the Midwest (13); New York does so for the Northeast (11); and, Virginia, Tennessee and South Carolina


all come through for the South (10, 12 and 15, respectively).

Favorite Cities In terms of cities Americans would most like to live in, the Top 15 mentions cover a wide range of geographical areas and climates this year as well. Unchanged since 1999, New York is the most frequently mentioned city that Americans would like to live in, followed by San Diego, which remains in the 2nd position, consistent with last year. The third top mention this year is Seattle, which seems to be steadily climbing, up from 4 last year and 5 the previous year. Similarly to the jump Texas made as a desirable state to live in this year (to 4 from 8 last year), its city of Dallas also made an impressive showing this year, coming in as the 4th most popular city. This is particularly notable because Dallas was not in the

NOVEMBER 11, 2011 Top 15 last year at all, and only at number 10 the prior year. The countless entertainment and culinary options may be what appeals to some about Las Vegas, which is the 5th top city mentioned this year, followed on the list by San Francisco (=6) and Boston (=6), Chicago (8), Honolulu (9) and Denver (10). The Top 15 this year are rounded out with Nashville (11), Orlando (12), Los Angeles and Portland (tied for 13) and then two southern cities—on opposite sides of the country—are tied for 15: Atlanta and Phoenix .

The Jewish Voice Newark, NJ.

So What? While sun-belt states have traditionally dominated the Favorite State list, this year with the inclusion of Washington, Oregon, Montana and New York in the Top 15, the list seems more diverse. And, looking at the Least Favorite City list, where 8 of the top 15 also appear on the most Favorite City list, it’s clear what appeals to some definitely does not appeal to all.

Methodology Least Favorite Cities While fantasizing about where you would most like to live can be fun, it can be equally fun to think about where you might least like to live. Thinking about these places can make a harsh Northeast winter or a sweltering Southern summer seem not as bad, depending on your geographic woes. Although New York has been the top favorite city for some time, it’s also an extremely unappealing place for many people and it comes in, similarly to last year, as the least favorite city to live in. Despite reports of a rebirth, comeback and major gentrification efforts, Detroit remains as the 2nd least popular city, followed by Los Angeles (3), Washington D.C. (4) and Chicago (5). While some people are feeling excited about Texas, many are not as Dallas and Houston come in at 6 and 7 on the least favorite city list respectively. Further down the least favorite city list is New Orleans (8) and Miami (9), followed by four polarizing cities, which appear on both the favorite and least favorite lists: San Francisco (=10 least favorite), Last Vegas (=10), Atlanta (12) and Phoenix (13). Tied for 14 on the least favorite list are Cleveland, OH and

This Harris Poll was conducted online within the United States between October 10 and 17, 2011 among 2,463 adults (aged 18 and over). Figures for age, sex, race/ethnicity, education, region and household income were weighted where necessary to bring them into line with their actual proportions in the population. Propensity score weighting was also used to adjust for respondents’ propensity to be online. All sample surveys and polls, whether or not they use probability sampling, are subject to multiple sources of error which are most often not possible to quantify or estimate, including sampling error, coverage error, error associated with nonresponse, error associated with question wording and response options, and post-survey weighting and adjustments. Therefore, Harris Interactive avoids the words “margin of error” as they are misleading. All that can be calculated are different possible sampling errors with different probabilities for pure, unweighted, random samples with 100% response rates. These are only theoretical because no published polls come close to this ideal. PR NEWSWIRE



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Ancestry.Com And United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Make Thousands Of Records Available Online Continued from page 34

The original documentation remains in the Museum’s archival collection. “We’ve been inspired by the steadfast efforts of the thousands of contributors who have in some cases spent hundreds of hours transcribing this important material,” remarked Tim Sullivan, CEO, “These early results would likely have taken years without the dedication of the many individuals who have embraced the mission

of the World Memory Project.” To find out more about the World Memory Project or to learn how to become a contributor, please visit What World Memory Project contributors are saying: “I chose to try to make available to the public a few documents from Poland during WWII. I found it to be a very emotional and most privileged moment in my life.” Valentina, Australia

Faction Heads Press Netanyahu on Outposts Continued from page 6

“We urge you to ensure the mandate of the team will allow it to succeed, and to find solutions in relation to all outstanding issues,” wrote the MKs. The letter, initiated by National Union faction chairman, MK Uri Ariel, was also signed by heads of the parliamentary groups of the Likud, Israel Beiteinu, the Jewish Home, Shas, United Torah Judaism, and National Union. The letter comes on the same day Netanyahu told his Likud faction – which is

overwhelmingly against the destruction of threatened neighborhoods – they should abandon communities and neighborhoods with standing demolition orders against them in favor of party unity. Last week, Netanyahu drew fire when he sought to appoint former IDF Judge Advocate General Avichai Mandelbilt at the head of a committee to be tasked with reviewing land ownership for disputed parcels of land where structures face demolition. Mandelbilt, during his tenure, oversaw the execution of policies that restricted Jewish land ownership and facilitated demolition

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

“I feel privileged and honored to bring historical accuracy and facts to the many families out there today who may not have known, until now, what became of their family members. It was extremely important to me to key in these documents with the utmost care.” – Donna, United States “…It brought home to me the fact that each of these names had been a person who probably once reached out with their hands to others for help, and for many of them, that help never came… Ultimately, though, I took comfort in the idea that, while he might have been among those who were taken from the world through bigotry and hatred, at least I was helping in a little way to make sure he and others like him were not forgotten.” Kerri, United States About the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum A living memorial to the Holocaust, the

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum inspires citizens and leaders worldwide to confront hatred, prevent genocide, and promote human dignity. Federal support guarantees the Museum’s permanent place on the National Mall, and its far-reaching educational programs and global impact are made possible by generous donors. For more information, visit

orders in Judea and Samaria. The policies, laid down by Mandelbilt’s patron, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, have been broadly criticized as both partisan and discriminatory. Also drawing fire was Netanyahu’s acquiescence to Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein’s demand that his proposed committee not be allowed to review communities where Israel’s High Court has already ordered demolitions to take place.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court’s ruling, which caused outrage in nationalist circles, ruled all disputed parcels of land in Judea and Samaria not registered as state land were ‘Arab land’ by default. The High Court also refused to review evidence of land-ownership pursuant to the parcels, leading critics to charge the Court was issuing an ideological ruling under the guise of law.

About Inc. (Nasdaq: ACOM) is the world’s largest online family history resource, with more than 1.7 million paying subscribers. More than 7 billion records have been added to the site in the past 15 years. Ancestry users have created more than 28 million family trees containing over 2.8 billion profiles. has local Web sites directed at nine countries that help people discover, preserve and share their family history, including its flagship Web site at


Public Committee: ‘Find Rabin’s Second Shooter’ Continued from page 6

killed by the shots fired by Amir, which hit him in the back, but rather by an additional shot fired at him from the front when he was already in his vehicle. “There’s a big blood stain inside the car,” Verker said. “I got a very important document about it from a person who sent an e-mail after several years, when he understood that the blood stain could not have belonged to Rabin’s bodyguard [who was wounded in the shooting -ed.] but to another person who sat there and was murdered in the car [suggesting that it was Rabin’s murderer who was himself later shot and killed –ed.]. There was also a big blood stain in the back seat, where Rabin sat, because Rabin sat in the car.” Alex Peleg, a forensic expert, reinforced Verker’s claims and said, “There was an additional shot fired from the front that was not fired by Amir. Not in the chest, but on the left seven centimeters below. Who fired that shot? Yigal Amir couldn’t have fired it.

There was a second shooter. When I investigated these things and asked the forensic department to investigate the shooting range, they answered that a murder from ten years ago is not checked. A strange answer, considering we are speaking about a Prime Minister.” Verker said that he believes that in light of the evidence, the murder was a plot by the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and that Amir, in fact, had fired blanks. “I believe that Yigal Amir fired blanks because it was a plot by the ISA,” he said. “Why didn’t they shoot Amir? A man fires three shots and no one shoots him?” Verker said he had spoken with Rabin’s children as well with Yigal Amir’s brother, and that “they all know that the murder took place in the car, and it’s infuriating because they never solved the mystery of who the murderer is. The murderer was killed that same night. They buried him at 3:00 a.m. There’s a testimony of a gravedigger who took part in a hurried burial at 3:00 a.m.” ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

IDF Foiled Attempt to Fire Long-Range Rocket Continued from page 6

The squad that was targeted had been using technology similar to that used by the terror squad that was involved in firing two Grad missiles into southern Israel three days earlier. Those missiles exploded in Ashdod and the community of Bnei Aish. Military sources have now revealed that the rocket the targeted squad was preparing to launch was a locally manufactured new rocket with a range of 80 kilometers.

Until now, Gaza terrorists have only fired rockets with a range that does not exceed 40 kilometers. Security officials could not determine whether the terrorists were planning to fire the rocket at Israel or whether it was it an experiment and the rocket was being fired towards the sea. IDF officials noted, however, that the foiled attack proves that the Islamic Jihad has the ability to reach ranges of 80 kilometers, thus putting central Israel in danger. ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

The Jewish Voice

Preemptive Israeli Strike on Iran likely in near future, say politicians Continued from page 3

made it difficult to secure the necessary equipment.

Fordo Uranium Enrichment Facility Iran disclosed the existence of another uranium enrichment facility at the Fordo site near the Shi’ite holy city of Qom in 2009. The plant is located under a mountain. In September 2011, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran had installed a set, or “cascade” of centrifuges at the site. It is

not clear how many of the machines are operational.

Bushehr Nuclear Plant Iran connected its first nuclear power plant to the national electricity grid in the southern city of Bushehr in September after years of delay. Iran said the Russian-built plant was supplying 60 megawatts of power, a small part of its 1,000 megawatt capacity. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the country needs 20 times more energy than Bushehr was generating. Russia began construction of the plant in

Wealth & Status Open All Doors? Continued from page 33

was his only chance. And so what is the problem, you ask. The professor can surely afford whatever expenses are involved. But money was not the issue. Genetics were. A genetic match between Tal and the potential donor was the only route to recovery. And Ezer Mizion, the largest Jewish Bone Mar-

row Registry in the world, was searching. The family held its collective breath. Their wealth, their power, that would open so many doors, was useless. If the Registry had a match, Tal would live. If it did not,… Success! Yitzchak Goldshmidt, a young Yeshiva man, was one of close to 600,000 potential donors who had registered with Ezer Mizion in the hopes of saving the life

New Torah Cycle Brings With It New Programs On Outorah.Org Continued from page 35

and Twitter,” declared Rabbi Abramowitz. “One can devote the greater part of the day to receiving an intensive Jewish education through OU Torah, or by choosing from this variety of shiurim, can expand one’s knowledge in particular areas of interest.”

Solution to last Week’s Sudoku

OU Managing Director Rabbi Steven Burg said, “OU Torah is a unique compendium of Jewish learning provided by renowned rabbis and educators who have established a brilliant reputation of calling on centuries of Jewish learning to educate the Jewish people in our contemporary age.”

1995 and said it would supply the enriched uranium needed to fuel it. Iran agreed to send spent fuel to Russia to ensure that it cannot be reprocessed into plutonium, another nuclear weapon ingredient.

Tehran Research Reactor Iran has been operating a nuclear research reactor in Tehran with low-enriched uranium supplied by Argentina since 1993. Iranian officials have said they need to supply the reactor with higher-enriched uranium because the Argentine fuel reserves were nearly depleted. Iran says the reactor is used for medical purposes and other research.

PAGE 39 research reactors in the central region of Isfahan.

Arak Heavy Water Production Plant & Reactor Iran is building a nuclear reactor that uses heavy water as a coolant in the western region of Arak. Iranian officials have said the reactor will be completed in 2013, but international monitors say the date could be delayed because of problems in securing equipment from overseas.

Darkhovin Nuclear Reactor

Iran operates several Chinese-built nuclear

Iran also is building its first domestically-designed nuclear power plant in the southwestern city of Darkhovin. It says the facility will have a capacity of 360 megawatts.

of a fellow Jew. And he was a perfect match! Not everyone is as fortunate. Six hundred thousand is a lot but it is not enough. The Registry is seeking funding to expand to the million mark so that virtually each request can be met. Tal is seven years old now and a whiz on the playground. He can climb the monkey bars with the best of them. His grandfather looks up as Tal chins himself to the top bar and he brushes away a stray tear. “Coming so close to losing Tal has brought me

to a clear understanding of how important a robust registry is for the Jewish people throughout the world,” he says. “This experience has changed my perspective and sense of priority. I now know that nothing, not even wealth, power or social status, can help a person if he or a loved one is in need of a bone marrow donor to save his life.” Professor Borowitsch often wonders, what if there had been no Ezer Mizion. For further information visit

Isfahan Nuclear Technology Center/Research Reactors

Parshat Vayera (Genesis 18:122:24): The Avraham Effect Continued from page 35

pretty much was at all times. The woman remarked to me as she left: “I have never felt such a feeling of serenity as I do in your home.” I explained to her that the transformation was due to the upcoming arrival of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is serenity and the only way to welcome it is with serenity itself. The Jewish home was the direct descendant of the tent of Avraham and Sarah. It geneti-

cally inherited the transcendent ability to sanctify, enhance and transform human beings. It provides the setting and milieu for human beings to work on becoming angels. The privilege to be visited by angels can be experienced by all of us. We welcome them to our home every Friday night at the onset of the Sabbath and we can have them accompany us all week long as well, if we only will it. Such is the legacy of Avraham and Sarah to us, their children.

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G r e a t

N e c k

2011 VIP Jaguar

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

J a g u a r


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WE’VESOLDMOREJAGUARSTHAN ANYONEINTHEWORLD,SINCE1938. *Jaguar Platinum Coverage includes all factory recommended scheduled maintenance for five years or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first. Wear and tear items are limited to brake pads, brake discs, brake fluid changes and wiper blade inserts based on factory specified wear limits or intervals. All work must be performed by an authorized Jaguar dealer. For complete details on Jaguar Platinum Coverage, including warranty and maintenance coverage and exclusions, please visit your local Jaguar dealer or JAGUARUSA.COM. 42 month lease, $4995 down, $795 bank fee, Add Tax & reg fees. No security deposit. Primary bank approval. 10k miles per yr.,. 30 cents per mile therafter. Total payments- XF=$25,158, XJ $37,758. Expires 5 Days after publication date.

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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The Jewish Voice


NOVEMBER 11, 2011



Residence Inn • Located behind Aventura Mall • Long-term stay rates available • Studios, one and two bedroom suites with fully equipped kitchen • Complimentary breakfast • Evening hospitality hour (Mon - Thurs) • Free grocery shopping service • Pets are welcome • Free high speed internet access • Swimming pool, whirlpool and fitness center

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Complimentary hot breakfast buffet Onsite 24 Hr. Steak ‘n’ Shake Restaurant Free local calls, calling card & 800# Two dual line telephones with speaker, voicemail and dataport In room coffee maker, hair dryer, iron and ironing board. Free high speed internet, HBO and expanded Cable TV Outdoor heated pool and fitness center 100% Guest Satisfaction Guarantee

• Two blocks from Aventura Mall • Located beside Loehmann’s Fashion Center • Restaurant with healthy breakfast • Cocktail bar • Complimentary in-room coffee & tea • All rooms with work area and free high speed internet access • Swimming pool, whirlpool and fitness center

Hallandale Beach ~ Aventura (954) 874-1111

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011


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Better Men’s Suits and Sportswear

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AMERICAN VETERANS TOUR ISRAEL ON HARLEY BIKES Seventy-one veterans of the U.S. military completed a ten-day tour of Israel last Sunday as guests of Haim Gutin, Israel Commissioner for Tourism, North and South America, and the Israel Ministry of Tourism. The riders toured the country on their own Harley Davidson motorcycles as part of a mission entitled Hope for Israel, whose executive director, Paul Klassen, said: “There are many American veterans who are Christians and feel a great kinship to Israel and her veterans. This motorcycle mission was our way to show appreciation to fellow veterans.” he participants› bikes were shipped to Israel last month and during the trip participants visited military bases, honored fallen soldiers and delivered $500,000 worth of medical supplies donated by the organization›s Hope For Israel Relief Fund that also helps Holocaust survivors and


Israel›s needy. The visit also brought the bikers from the Golan to Beersheba and through much of Israel and its Christian holy places, with a bike ride from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem›s Western Wall as the trip›s climax. For more information on travel to Israel, visit

Store Hours Monday thru Friday 12:00 - 5:oo p.m. 6:30 - 10:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

New York City Offers Exciting Variety of Educational Opportunities From a Wide Array of Institutions The New York City metropolitan area is known internationally as a major center for academic and cultural pursuits. Most people are familiar with NYU and Columbia, and our readers are no doubt aware of Yeshiva University, and its reputation as a premiere Jewish institution of higher learning. Educational opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels, however, are as fascinating and diverse as the New York population itself. Here are some programs you might not have previously considered, all available in the greater New York area.

Christie’s Christie’s is the only major auction house in the world that directly runs educational programs at the graduate level. An international team of dedicated art-world experts, academics and practitioners have been brought together who are committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of art-world professionals.

Christie’s Education gives students a unique insight into the functioning of, and history of, the art market with unparalleled access to Christie’s auction house and the works of art that pass through it every week. The history of art is explored through continuing first hand observation of works in many media and students address issues of meaning, originality, and authenticity. Christie’s Education, New York has been designated as a degree-granting institution by the New York State Board of Regents. Our Master’s program in the History of Art and Contemporary Art is registered with the New York State Education Department. Part-time Certificate options in Art Business and Modern and Contemporary Art in New York are also available. In 2007, Christie’s Education New York was accredited by the New York State Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education in their capacity as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. Christie’s Education New York also offers several short courses on topics as diverse as fine art, wine and jewelry. Each course provides participants with a unique, behind-the-scenes view of the art world. Inquiries: 212-355-1501 or Find us on Facebook:

Queens College Meet Your Future at Queens College! Since opening its doors in 1937, Queens College has been dedicated to offering a first-rate education to talented people of all backgrounds and financial means. Today,

with more than 20,000 students, it’s one of the largest four-year colleges in the City University of New York. Reflecting the sur-

rounding borough, its student population hails from more than 150 countries. Queens College enjoys a fine reputation for its liberal arts and sciences and preprofessional programs. It has nationally recognized programs in many fields—such as those offered by our Aaron Copland School of Music. Recently added degree programs include Chinese, Neuroscience, Business Administration, Graphic Design, and Risk Management. QC also prepares more educators than any college in the tri-state region, making it the ideal choice for aspiring teachers. QC offers honors programs in the arts and humanities, sciences, and social sciences, and also participates in CUNY’s Macaulay Honors College, which supports gifted students with full tuition, a free laptop, a $7,500 grant over four years, and other benefits. The college’s faculty consists of top scholars dedicated to teaching and research. Minutes from midtown Manhattan and the Long Island suburbs, Queens College is situated on 77 tree-lined acres boasting both historic Mission-style and modern buildings with state-of-the-art technology. The campus offers a stimulating and welcoming environment, with a bustling Student Union and opportunities to participate in dozens of clubs and Division II sports. In 2009 the college opened The Summit, an award-winning residence hall. For more information, please visit

The Writing Center at Hunter College The Writing Center, a part of Hunter College’s Continuing Education Department, strives to provide the community with the very best in creative, intellectual programming. The Writing Center will be hosting The Jack Burstyn Memorial Lecture this fall with speaker Dr. Alan Manevitz. Also new this fall, Writing Center Director Lewis Frumkes has planned the “Talented Young Writers Panel,” with Stefan Merrill Black, New York Times critically acclaimed author Alison Espach, Haley Tanner, and Michener-Copernicus Award winning author Benjamin Hale. The Writing Center will also feature “The Humor of Sholem Aleichem with Bel Kaufman,” where the accomplished author and Hunter alumna will discuss the humor of her great-grandfather, Sholem Aleichem. Francine Prose, National Book Award finalist, is The Writing Center’s Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Connor Guest Writer. All of The Writing Center events are free and open to the public. In addition to the on-going professional writing courses, the Center will feature a

master writing class in memoir with Daphne Merkin, as well as specialty offerings such as Modern Irish Storytellers, Neglected Cinema Masterpieces, and a theater writing class taught by the famous Spence Porter. For more information contact: The Writing Center at Hunter College CE 212-772-4292

Hofstra University: A World of Opportunity for Students It’s more than just a degree. It’s a superior education, access to state-of-the-art resources and facilities, and a network of peers and mentors. Hofstra is a dynamic private institution where students find their strengths and discover their futures. Hofstra is recognized as one of the finest institutions of higher education in the nation and has been included in The Princeton Review’s Best 373 Colleges (2011) and Best Northeastern Colleges, U.S. News &World Report’s America’s Best Business Schools (2010), and the Fiske Guide to Colleges (2011). Hofstra is also ranked by Forbes magazine. In addition, among private Long Island colleges, Hofstra is currently the only institution of academic excellence that grants the Phi Beta Kappa distinction, and has the largest number of students going on to pursue graduate and professional courses of study. Additionally, Hofstra University welcomed its inaugural class in fall 2011. At Hofstra, students choose from about 140 undergraduate program options and more than 100 dual-degree programs. With extensive academic offerings, an outstanding faculty, average undergraduate class sizes of just 21, Hofstra students benefit from personal attention with faculty who foster highly interactive classes while promoting critical thinking. Moreover, students learn

and grow on a vibrant campus located close to New York City, offering a world of cultural and internship opportunities to which students have easy access and from which they benefit. Whatever your dream, Hofstra University can help you get there. Visit us at or call 1-800-HOFSTRA.

National Academy School Register today at National Academy School! Our redesigned facility features new student galleries and exhibition space. Exhibit your art work during our popular student shows and be a part of our thriving art community.

The National Academy School offers studio-based art classes in an intimate, creative environment under the guidance of professional artists committed to supporting the artistic journey of each student. Classes include figure, still-life, landscape, abstract drawing and painting as well as sculpture, printmaking and mixed media. The National Academy School also offers a variety of workshops, lectures and critiques as well as visits to NYC studios and museums. A selection of classes designed especially for children is also offered. For the more serious student, the Diploma Program offers the opportunity for personalized mentorship, individual critiques and a more intensive one-on-one experience. The Academy has something for everyone and students are encourages to develop and explore their artistic goals. Find the artist in you! Register now at 212.996.1908 For info, contact

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS

NOVEMBER 11, 2011


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NY Apt for Rent. Wall St Area waterfront renov 1 BR w/ balcony, lux hi rise condo. 24 hr doorman, all amenities, $3700mo. Owner 973-540-0220 1060

Room for RENT 187th St., near Yeshiva University. Very large room, furnished. Dimitrios 212-740-8656 Please speak very clearly. 8-11 AM 4-10 PM MK 1060

1050 West End Ave: 90’s, classic beautiful pre-war newly renov 4 room ground flr apt, DR will convert to 2nd BDRM, 12.5ft ceilings, eight huge windows bring in gorgeous light, hrdwd floors, AC, pet friendly, pied-a-terre, you will absolutely love this location! Asking 1.5M; Maintenance $1000/mo. Please no brokers. Call 914-384-3600

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Apartment For Sale 1050 MANHATTAN 1050 Morningside Heights co-op for sale renov specious . 1BR kosher EIK great light walk to shuls Columbia University modern fitness center, classes, health services, closets security 24/7 $425K Call owner: 646-373-5545 HARLEM CONDO for SALE 3 bed, 2 bath, backyard, $555K For more info and pics Call 646-246-7568 or email: sbarnes1231@


APARTMENT FOR SALE, NYC: 350 Cabrini @ 190th St. , 10040 $289,900.00. 745 SF, 1 BDRM, New Paint & Floors Bright, near Ft. Tryon Park. Open Every Sunday from 1 – 4. Contact (917) 612-3973 1050

MANHATTAN APT FOR 187th St., Near Yeshiva University, Very large room, furnished. Dimitrios Please speak very clearly 212-740-8656 8-11 am / 4-10 pmmk


CPW ( 100th St ) Condo Jr 4 Oversized 1 Bdrm with conv dining alcove, raised 1st fl, 6 CLOSETS, full service building, low monthly expenses, $745K Julie 917-4535330 1050

Office/ Commercial/ Business For Rent 1090 MANHATTAN Offic e Space Wanted/ Manhatten-Manhatten Architect Seek work space of 200-300sq ft. Draws by Hand, own furnt. Call Joe at: 917 756-6188, EM:dixonarch@yahoo.comFA


Offic e for rent 8th Ave #555 NYC Midtown Manhattan Open 24/7 w/ security West 38th st.. Convenient to all trans 5-11-4150 RSF Will Divide, Reasonable Prices Very Bright, High Ceilings. Great for Showroom/ Offices Owner (212) 695-0005 (718) 387-0500 1090

Office/Commercial/ Business For Sale 1095 MANHATTAN 1090 Financial District: Beaver St 2nd Floor, 2500 sq ft, avail imm. Debra Rosenfeld 212-604-4744 1095 PRIME MIDTOWN LOCATION: 2500SF, btwn 5th/6th Ave. Close to all trains. Good for ofc & showroom. Please call 917815-0788 or 917-4963529 MIDTOWN WEST DINER For Sale or Business Partner For Diner Call 914-262-7196 1095

1095 2 FURNITURE STORES FOR SALE: Owner retiring. 1) Clinton St. Lower Eastside Manhtn, 2)Broadway, near Flushing, BKLYN. Call Al 631-860-1437

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Midwood: 2 spacious and modern co-ops, 1 BR, 1530 East 8th St, $165K maintenance, 545/mo. Please call David at 718-336-2021 2045

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Ave I/ East 29th St: Large 1 BR, newly renovated, new kitchen ad bath. 2nd flr. Low maintenance. Asking $159K 347-850-4886 2045

1170 Ocean Pkwy: Charming 1 BR in beautiful luxuarious doorman building. Apt is in pristine condition & radiates with natural sunlight. Pool, laundry & Sabbath elevator. $164K For apt call David 347-249-9302 2045

Co-op Midwood 1680 Ocean Avenue 4BR, 1.5 bath. Totally renov $425,000 Prudential Douglas Elliman RE Robert Nicoletti 917-679-2685


2045 Ocean Parkway Avenue I and Foster 1 BR 1Bth 4 rooms co-op board approval with application plus non refundable application fee minimum 1 year available now 1100/mo including utilities call morris 917-804-3016 2045 2 spacious and modern co-ops 1BR 1530 East 8th Street Asking $165K 545/mo maintenance. ALSO 1170 Ocean Parkway Asking $195K 1,000/mo maintenance Please call David 718-336-2021

House For Sale 2020 Brooklyn 2020 Kensington East 7th btw Beverly and Ave C Unique huge 3 family detached brick built 20 x 72 with 2 car garage on 20 x 120 lot 8 room upper duplex for owner with 3 bed 3 full bath family room custom EIK formal dining room 2 good income rentals tenants pay heat water and utilities convenient to transportation ocean parkway and shops great property for owner user investor asking $1.2 million Bryan & Lucille Gibbin Brownstone RE 646-541-5016 stc 2020 MARINE PARK COLEMAN ST/ AVE P & QUENTIN RD DETACHED BRICK 3BR 2.5BTH ¾ FIN BSMNT WITH PRIV SIDE ENTR BTH & KITCHEN NOW GAS HEAT & WATER HEATER DRIVE GARAGE NICE YARD WITH JACCUZZI GREAT LOCATION NR ALL HOUSES OF WORSHIP MINS FROM THE PARK. NEAR ALL SHOPS & DINING OWNER MOTIVATED $475K CALL PAUL 917-567-6305 EMAIL ORDERS@TRAINWORLD. COM STC

2020 Flatbush/ Boro Park Border, by 47th St. Old brick house for sale. 3 apts & a basement, 82’ x 51’ lot, 34’ x 41’ house. Nice front yard, near trains, shopping. All conveniences 718-851-0825

HOUSE FOR SALE BKLYN/ Marine Park. One Family, 3 bed, 2 bath, Pvt. Driveway garage backyard. Call Owner for appt, Leave message 718 376-5113 FA 2020

East 23rd/ Avenue S Beautiful 1 family detached 3 bedroom near shul. By owner. No brokers. $675K OBO must sell! 305-7510412 stc 2020

2020 Boro Park 59/19 brick 2 family new walls electric plumbing central heat and air conditioning hardwood floors and custom closets custom kitchen with granite counters and floors. 6 rooms/6 rooms. Full finished basement with separate entrance & stainless steal appliances Pullini Realt yCorp. 718-6211446 stc 2020 Kensington Parkville/ Ocean Pkwy 2 fam brick. Needs renovation. Private drive. Lot 28 x 100 $500k 646-942-8825 stc

Brooklyn House for sale 1320 Avenue N 2 Fam House, detached, 3 Bdrms, 4 baths, CAC. Prime Location, center of Flatbush. Call 718 998-2767 FA 2020

2020 GRAVESEND: East 2nd/ Ave S: Detached large 2 family brick,, basement, 2 car gar. Attached lot Owner 914-552-3126 2020 BUYING, SELLING, OR REFINANCING YOUR HOUSE, COOP, OR CONDO? CALL NOAH D. COHEN ESQ. REAL ESTATE LAWYER “Reasonable Fees, Excellent Results Since 1982” 728 Avenue U – Brooklyn, NY 718-575-6248 917-575-6248

TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

House for sale/ BKLYN, Marine Park. One Family. 3 bed, 2 bath, Pvt. Driveway garage backyard. Call owner for apt Leave message. 718 376-5113


Kensington Open House Sun Sept 25 3-4:30pm 359 East 7th Street Btw (Beverly & C) unique huge 3 family detached brick(lot 20 X20 w 2 car garage on 20 x 120 lot 8 room operation dpb for owner with 3 brs 3 full bths fam rm, LR, custom EIK LR DR 2 good income rentals tenants pay heat, water & utilities Convenient to transportation Ocean Pkwy & shops Great property to owner user or investor 1.2m Robert Bryan & Lucielle Gribbin Brownstoone Real Estate 646-541-5016 stc 2020


Marine Park: Prime, 1 block from park, renovated, semi det. Tudor home, 3 BRs, 1.5 bths and windows, new porches, fin Basement, driveway. Asking 639.9K. Call owner 917-873-3395 2020

2020 Marine Park: 3807 Avenue R, East 38th, Ryder detached private driveway yard, 4 BR, 1 BTH 1800sf + 589K. 646-732-6620

2020 Flatbush, Ocean Pkwy: Foreclosure exclusive 30,000 sf, land approved ready to build for many condos. Parking avail. Call Yvette at Magic Realty 516-702-6300

2020 Boro Park: 58th St/ New Utrecht Ave 2 story frame plus basement and lot. R5 Zone, building 20x60 plus lot 20 x 62. Total lot 40x62. Asking 699K. 4 Reasons RE 718-238-8222

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011

REAL ESTATE Ave N-O/ East 23rd St: Newly renovated, 1 fam semi-detached brick, 3BR, 3 bath, LR with fireplace, finished basement w/full bath, private drive/garage. 917-596-6932


2020 Marine Park: 3807 Avenue R: East 38/ Ryder: Detached private driveway, yard, 4 BR, 1 bth, 1800sf + 589K. 646-732-6620

East 20’s/ M&M: 1 Family detached 40x100, finished attic, private drive. Nice block, great neighbors. 917-863-4708

2020 Midwood: OPEN HOUSE Sunday 10/17, 2-4:30pm, 1503 East 22nd St. Detached 1 family with office, 5 BR, 3 bth, kosher kitchen, parking broker 917-912-8669

Boro Park: 12th Ave + 42nd Street: Double garage for rent, for storage only. $300 per month. Call 917-593-0707 2020 Marine Park: 3807 Avenue R. East 38/Ryder OPEN HOUSE SUN 4/17 2-5 PM, detached private driveway, yard, 4BR, 1 bath, 1800sf. $589K 646-732-6620

2020 Crown Heights New York State Public Auction JUNE 22, 2011 Min Bid $700,000 836 Prospect Place, Crown Heights 3200 SF 3 story residence 5 bdrs, 2 bths, 2 car garage fenced yard OPEN HOUSES May 4 & 24, June 9th 11:00am to 2pm Also available at auction Camp Gabriels in the Adirondacks, Schenectady Armory, Schenectady house FOR COMPLETE DETAILS. NYS OFFICE GENERAL SERVICES 518-474-2195 2020 Midwood: 1325 East 29th St, Stylish 3 BR, colonial with both classic and contemporary updates. Large rooms at a spacious interior. Accentuate this lovely home. Close to all shopping and houses of worship. Century 21 Amiable 718-479-5600

Midwood: 1325 East 29th St, Stylish, 3 BR colonial with both classical & Contemporary updates. Large rooms at a spacious interior. Accentuate this lovely home. Close to all shopping & houses of worship. Century 21 AMIABLE 718-479-5600 2020

Midwood: $695,000 Great 3BR semi, DR, 2bth, 113 lot. Neuhaus Realty 718-979-3400 2020

2020 Brooklyn/Midwood: 1 Fam house. 3 bdrm, 1.5 bth, LR, DR, EIK. Near Ocean Ave & Ave M. $1900 + Gas & electric. Call 718-894-7728

2020 East 23rd St/ Ave S: Beautiful, 1 fam det 3 BR, near shuls, By owner, No brokers. $650K. OBO Must sell. Call 305-751-0412 2020 East 7th Street/ Ave T: Modern elevator building, 1 BR, windowed kitchen and bath, low floor, shabbot entrance, price $189K. Call owner 917-751-7974

Medical Offic e for Rent CROWN HEIGHTS STERLING PLACE CORNER TROY AVE. 3500 sq ft, willing to divide, 4-car parking, perfect for medical or other prof’l Offices, can also be used as storefront. Owner 718 238-6381 2040

Ave L/ E.32: Excellent condition, 3 BR, 1 ¾ baths, modern kitchen, LR, DR, fin bsmt, gar, new vinyl siding, all Anderson windows. Asking $510K. Call James 718-938-3326 2020



2040 Brooklyn Navy Yard best location 5,00 sq ft for rent. Can be divided. 18 Ft hi ceiling. Ready to move in. 917-697-5532 stc

EAST NY, BROOKLYN: Large 2 Family Brick, semi quiet block, needs work. Asking low $3K 646-753-1400 2020

PRE-SCHOOL FOR SALE: Marine Park area. Amazing opportunity. Licensed, equipped, all set to go for this year. Call today 201898-8977 2050

9040 Marine Park: Storage only excellent condition finished basement runs length of house $275 negotiable, references required, 1 month rent plus 1 month security call owner 718375-8785 If you can’t leave a message please call again 9080 Williamsburg: 5000sqft warehouse for rent on Spencer Street between Park and Myrtle Avenue, suitable for school, shul/retail/ warehouse. Please call: 718-998-2767

Midwood/ Marine Park. Ultra modern s/det brk, fin bsmt, 3BR duplex, $735K. Legal 2F. 917-748-7780 bkr 2020

2020 Marine Park: Low East 30’s S/D, 1 farm, 3 BR duplex, master bath, full DR, full DR, Kosher EIK, finished bsmt w/full bath, C/A Mic, no brokers. 718637-1386

Boro Park: 2305 12th Ave, open house, every Sun 3-5pm. Asking 1.369M or best offer. 5-2BR apts at $1250/mo + Store @ 1700/ mo. Please Call: 347-554-8282 2020

OCEAN PKWY & CHURCH AVE: Medical space y owner. From 500sf to 400sf. Rent from $1000/mo 718-338-6300 artesq@ Brokers Welcome 2040

Boro Park 17thAve/55th Street modern dental medical offic e available part time or full time more than 2000 square feet operations. Fully computerized and equipped. Nice waiting area plus reception desk kitchen and storage room. Central air and heatExcellent opportuninity with no investmen. Rent negotiable security deposit required. Credit check. Lease. Available june1. 718-435-0045 2050


Kings Hwy/ E 9th: 2nd Flr, corner building, 18 x 24. 750sf, c/9 $1800. Also 18x24 430sf $1,000. Izzy 917-533-7889





2040 For sale or rent by owner 10,000 square feet warehouse plus 5,0000 square feet parking lot east 46th street between Farragut and glenwood in east Flatbush 20 foot ceilings move in condition. Offic es and huge commercial kitchen with 2 drive in bays! Easy access by public transportation. Perfect for caterers. Next to large jewishoffice building! Sale Price - $1.6 million – rent $13,000 monthly. Can be divided Brokers protected call 646-423-4388 stc

SCHOOL SPACE: 4 large bright clsrms plus gym plus offic es. Ave I & Coney Island Ave. Avail September. Call Alice 718-377-4400 or Mr. Weiss 917-301-2898 2040

Park 58th Street/ New Utrecht Ave 2 story frame plus basement and lot 20x60 plus 20 x 22 total 40 x 62 Asking 699K 4 SEASONS RE 718-238-8222 GRAVESEND: New const 1000sf, full bth, adjacent to physical therapy ofc, ideal for medical. 718-382-8881 2040

Psychiatrist seeks office sublet for Wednesdays in Boro Park. Private waiting area necessary. Call 516-330-9776


Offic e For Rent. MARINE PARK OFFICE SPACE. Corner bldg, 1200sq ft. Good for professional/ day care, etc. Delivered vacant. Long term lease avail. $2500/mo + utils. Owner 646-302-5001 or 646-302-5003 2040

Educational & profl space for rent. 4 Classrooms, 2 offices & use of gym. Corn Ave I / Coney Isl Ave. Bus stop on corn. For info call Alice 718-377-4400 or Mr. Weiss 917-301-2898 2040

Canarsie, 1 family 30x100. Excellent condition. Perfect for professionals, investors or residential property, semi commercial street. 347-260-7838

South Williamsburg, Brooklyn Broadway btwn Keap & Rodney Sts. 1100sf + bsmnt. Food OK 1 block from Marcy Av subway line J, M, Z trains. $2995/mo. Owner: 516-695-4204 MK

2040 Boro Park: 1000 – 3000sqft, beautiful space. Serious inquiries only. Please call management. 718-855-2000 or 845-270-1213

STORE FRONT / SUNSET PARK: Prime offic e/Retail space, 900 sq ft great location, prime bus area, split level business, 2 flrs, very busy intersection, 39th St + 5th Ave. Bus stop on every corner. $2600 a mo includes tax/ lease term. Call mgmt 718-288-2922 2040 Marine Park: detached rare extra, 2 family, 3 BR, $695K. Midwood: Semi Detached. 3 BR, 2 bth, $415K. 514 Ocean Pkwy: Co-op, 1BR, $165K. Call Robert 917-399-6374 or 718-646-3600 Coldwell Banker. Mid plaza


2040 Boro Park 17 Ave/55th Street Mod dental/medical office available P/T or F/T. More than 2000 square feet. 4 operatories. Fully computerized and equipped. Nice waiting area + reception desk, kitchen and storage room. C/AC and heat. Excel oppty with no investment. Rent negotiable. Security deposit required. Credit check. Lease. Available June 1. 718-435-0045

Boro Park 42nd Streer/12th ave double car garage. rent for storage only. $300/mo. call owner 917-593-0707


Warehouse for rent, near BROOKLYN COLLEGE. 4000sq ft with 20ft ceilings. 2nd flr offic e space. Currently has refrigerated storage. Call 718-258-0006 2040

2040 Williamsburg: Beautiful offic e for rent. 1,200sqft. Ready to movein. Price Negotiate. Call 917-250-4899

VIDEO CONFERENCE ROOM available for daily and/or weekly rentals. 26 Court St. Downtown Brooklyn. Joe Schacter 646-529-3632

Ave U/ East 7th: Renovated approxiametly 350 sf, storefront, prime location. Ideal for professional offic e or small store. 718-938-9899

Office/Commercial/ Business For Sale 2050 Brooklyn 2050 boro Park 58th Street New Utrecht Avenue 2 story frame plus basement and lot R% zone building 20 x 62 total 40X 62 asking 699K 4 Seasons RE 718-238-8222

Boro Park: 18th Ave/ 54th St: WAREHOUSE / Retail space for lease / rent. 7,000 sq ft. Building For sale. Call owner: 917440-7280 2050

EAST, NY: Kid Kelly boxing gym space available for karate, yoga, aerobics or fitness class. Call 718-495-5710 or 917-589-6568

House For Rent 2035 Brooklyn Ocean Ave. Street level Medical Office. 718-236-3199



WAREHOUSE FOR RENT/GARAGE Boro Park/ Bensonnhurst 4000 sq. ft. 23 ft high ceiling has offic e and two bathrooms. M-1 zone. Call (845) 932-7819 (718) 356-0900 2035

2010 East 37th Street/ Ave J huge spacious 2 BR apt. private house, parquet floors EIK many windows balcony 2nd floor parking option $1650 Utilities included 347-702-9800 2010 Sheepshead Bay E 24th St, Av X Newly renovated 1 Bd Bsmt apt in quiet neighborhood. New Kit, New Bath, w/d, dishwasher. Credit check a must. $1100/ month. 718-376-1833


Bensonhurst 4 newly renovated large rooms 2BR call 718-259-1654 Leave message 2010


Pizza Shop: For Sale in Midwood, Brooklyn. By owner. Call 718-253-1896 or 347-522-8896


2050 Rare opportunity! Motel for sale. 40 large rooms with kitchens. Ideal for yeshiva or institution. Call 917-365-2037

BUSINESS FOR SALE: TRENDY WOMEN’S BOUTIQUE. Brooklyn. Great location. Very busy. Near nail salon. Established clientele. Fully equipped. Must sell – Moving out of state. Great price! Call owner: 347-424-7460 or 718-513-6664


For sale or rent – Rstrnts, Bars & Clubs Kings Plaza – Brooklyn, NY – 6yr old bar / restaurant, 10 yr lease w/option , back yard, full kitch, 1400 sf + bsmt, open options, $200K/ business, $4000/rent + 9500sqft, bar also avail. Contact Joe 917-862-5214

Bergen Beach: 6.5 rooms, 3 BRS, 1.5 bths, good condition. $1600 utilities not included. 718-238-6381 or 917-968-5684 2035

2010 Crown Heights: 574 Maple Street: BTW Albany and Kingston Ave, 2nd FL, front BR with large LR & DR, EIK & wood floors, reduced rent $1290. 1st mo rent fee and ($648) Security dep required $3225 to move in. Hold for $1935, first month rent upon move-in RENKEN RE 646-235-4368

Apartment For Rent 2010


Brooklyn East 15th Street/ Avenue I 1 BR apt modern kitchen 4th flor walk up $925. No Fee. Call owner 718-595-9600 sc 2010

Avenue P/ East 29th fully renovated large 3 br apt, new kitchen, large LR, DR, $2200 call 917-929-2101 stc 2010

Kings Highway East 9th St 2nd floor coner office space for rent new c/a 18x42, 750 sf, $1800. Also 18x24 430 sf $1000 Izzy 917-533-7889


Boro Park, 13th Ave: Top location, professional offic es for rent. 2000sf and 1400sf for rent, elevator building and parking. 718-438-3736 2050

2050 Rare Oppty! Motel for sale, 40 large rooms with kitckens. Ideal for Yeshiva or institution. Call 917-365-2037



2050 Boro Park: Beautiful offic e/warehouse avail. 1,000-12,000sf. Also 28,000sf avail on ground flr. 12 ft hi ceil. Sep entrance optional. Call 845-270-1213 or 718-855-2000



Ave J/ East 13th St. 2 BR apt, Avenue J/ 718-236-3199

Avenue U/East 4th St: Concession space available together with Love to Dress, behind Coquette Kids. Call owner: 917-913-0000

New cubicle space in the heart of Boro Park. 2nd floor officw with 4 cubicles, each comes with internet, telephone and all util incl. Fax & copier avail on per use basis. Bath & kitchenette available As well. $350/mo 212-400-7934 ext703 2040

East Flatbush. 2 Family plus store. Store vacant. $70 OBO. Call 917-803-8702 2050

Williamsburg: Heart of 111 Lee Avenue: Bts Keap and Hooper. ALSO doctor’s offic e wanted. Call 917-335-6001


East 17th/ Kings Hwy: $1800/mo 3 bdrms ground fl ½ block train, bus, school, shops, back garden parking (extra) credit check no smoking pets ok call Rich 718627-0250 no fee sc 2010

2010 Kensington: 3 BR, 1.5bths heat incl, 2 flights up, balcony, 3rd flr, private brick house. Reasonable. Shomer shabbos. 718-972-3473

Office/Commercial/ Business For Sale 3000 Queens/Bronx 3000 Restaurant for Sale 4000 Sq Ft Main St Flushing 646-302-1394 MK 3000 RESTAURANT FOR SALE 4000 sq ft Main St., Flushing 646-302-1394 MK 3000 Far Rockaway new to market legal 2 family semi detached on corn property 4/2 br, 3/2 bths, c/a, closets. Deck $650K chaya/ weismanre 516-506-3347 stc


TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011


REAL ESTATE 9050 Montefoire Cemetery 1 plot memorial lot A perpetual care. Call 941-488-2374

3000 NEW BRONX BAKERY FOR SALE. Close to precinct, 3 schls in immediate area. Fully optional, most equip new. Asking $110K 646496-7885

Office/Commercial/ Business For Rent 3060 Queens/Bronx HUB Area of the BRONX4 stories Mixed Use Property Lg 1st fl Comm & 3 2 bdr apts. Asking $425K neg. Morrisania Sect. of the Bronx 47 Units 6 storey multiple dwelling Asking $32M neg. For further info contact: Broker 646-721-4736 3060

EAST TREMONT AVE: STORE FOR RENT. Top retail location, high pedestrian traffic, 3000sf, can be divided. For details: Rafi 718-364-1400 or 347-495-0614 3060

3060 Continental Ave, Forest Hills: 2nd flr walk up, 1500sqft, currently insurance co. Debre Rosenfeld. 212-6044744

Apartment For Rent 2080 Queens/Bronx Kew Garden Hills: Jewel/Main Street 2 bedroom basement. seperate entrance. Full kitchen modern bath. near transportation, shuls, shops. Queens College. Many windows. Shomer Shabboos Utilities included. 718-5584190 or 718-581-6148 2080

2080 FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT, RIVERDALE SKYVIEW ON THE HUDSON FURNISHED. ONE (1) Bedroom Apt.Doorman –InternetTel- Utillities-$1300. A Month (843) 235-3434 – Email: jlmacary@ See Web ID NS110928735 of the NY Times RW

Rockaway Park 2BR basement apt, fresh paint and carpet, EIK, parking available, coin operated laundry. $1150 includes utilities references required owner 347-415-6808 stc Belle Harbor basement available with spacious kitchen & LR. Private entrance, personal washer/dryer. Can be furnished. Call 718-474-2557 stc

Apartment For Sale 2060 Queens/Bronx Kew Garden Large sunny 2BR condo on 2nd floor EIK, modern bathroom, corner unit, low mainteneance, $348K. Call David EXPERT REALTY 718-344-5400 stc 2060

Apt For Sale/ Bronx NY Riverdale/Cityline. Large 1 bdrm, Lr, Dr, Eik, nr shopping and transportation & worship. Low maint, by owner. (914) 969-4187 FA 2060

2080 13 room apt 1BR both have 1 bedroom in a 2 room apt with 1BR gas and electric included 2 rooms/ 850/mo 3 rooms /1080/mo call 718-350-5867

1 3 room apt – 1 BR both have 1 bedroom in a 2 room apt with 1 BR. Gas & electric included. 2 Rooms/ $850/ Mo. Call 718-350-5867 2080

2080 Kew Garden Hills Beautiful sunny large 1 BR near queens, college and Q65. 24 hour security elevated $1375 602-717-0163

Kew Garden Hills: 3BR co-op with attic. Prime location, Motivated seller. $250,000 908-998-4992 2060

MIDWOOD 2 spacious and modern co-ops. East 8th Street. 1 BR $165K. Maint $545. 1170 Ocean Pkwy 2BR, $215K Maint, $1,000. Dave owner 718-336-2021


2060 OPEN HOUSE – 3133 Rochambeau Ave : Saturday and Sunday. 11am -2pm Great renovations, clea and new fixtures. Near Bronx Botanical Garden, Montifore hospital. – 1 Bedroom $900-$1100 PAUL 917-6594255 1060 Riverdale, 1 BR Apt: Private entrance, patio, wooded area, close to trans, renovated, dishwasher, eatin kitchen. $1190 1st/Last/ 1 mo sec. Credit check required. NO FEE 646-269-0587

KEW GARDEN HILLS: Hyde Park Gdns, spacious 1st fl, 1 BR coop, wd flrs, 24 hrs security, near all. $1200/ mon utils incl. 1 mon sec. Call OWNER 718-481-7752

Rockaway Park: Furnished rooms, 1 block from beach. Kitchenette, close to A train. All utilities $750/Mo Call Agent 516-297-1534 2080

Washington Heights: Easy access to transportation, next to Ft. Truimph Park. Internet access, 6 months only, no couples, Women only. 1 BR room for rent. Call 646-305-7678 2080

Main St/ 70 Ave: 2 BR apt, good condition, EIK, 2nd flr, no smoking, no pets. Avail immediately. 718-757-4433 -After 5pm 2080


WOODLAWN Studio Coop Apt in elevator secure building $725 / month 516633-3368 2080

Long Island Woodmere Park, 1 family ranch 4BR 2 full bths, backyard gar MIC Prime location $3,000/mo 646-773-3111 stc 9080

5065 Cedarhurst Apartments for rent. No fee. Modern 1br, 2br and 3bbr, cac, w/d, storage, private entrance, indoor parking, near all starting at $1450 516-860-6889 or 516-852-5135 stc

Fresh Meadows: 71-44 160th Street: Condos for rent 1-2 BR duplex, 2 bth, LR, DR, EIK, extended backyard large recreation area $1800/mo. No pets/ 2-1BR, 2 bth with porch-$1300/mo, no pets. Call owner 718-810-0001 or 617-304-9050. Both Avail Feb 1st


House For Sale 3020 Queens/Bronx House For Sale By Owner One block form beach 133-06 Rockaway Beach Blvd Belle Harbor, NY 11694 Beautiful 5/6 family center hall colonial house. Oversized corner lot with parking for 9. Annual income of $82,800. Asking $1.2million. Call Craig 917-692-8198 stc 3000



House For Rent 5060

2080 122nd Street/ Rockaway Park: Airy Sunny room for rent. Room for a kitchenette, shared bath, looks like studio, utilities included. Fully furnished, clean, quiet house, great location. Half a block to the beach. Asking $750/mo. Call owner 917-287-6876

3020 Far Rockaway Empire Avenue brick colonial 10 rooms 4 bths basement balcony $850K negotiable EXIT RE 212-470-3856 stc

Kew Garden Hills 137-78 70th Rd beautiful attached 3 brs, renovated call for appointment, Linda Summit RE 347-730-9907 stc

BLUEPOINT : 1 BR Spacious Bsmt Apt., Pvt entrance w/Patio, EIK, Lrg LR, DR, full bth, $1000 mo, all utils incld, 1.5 mo sec & 1 mo rent. 631-363-5095


FARMINGDALE MINT 2BR’s AC, W/D, Modern Kit. Balcony, Private yard, Garage, Parking, Available 9/15 $1800/mo 516-795-1810


FAR ROCKAWAY: 1 + 2 BR apts, some with balconies, new kichens, closets, 24 Hour doorman, security cameras. Walk to all trains. Call Sherr @ Weissman RE 516-791-6100 or 516-297-7995 5065

Far Rockaway: 2BR, 1st FL, porch & patio, own thermostat, near shuls & schools. Avail Nov 15th. 516-643-9204



Far Rockaway 239 Beach 3rd Street For Sale 20,200 Sq ft waterfront development site 200 plus ft fronting canal marina Ideal for luxury 1 and 2 family homes all suitable for temple, school, etc asking $525K or best offer – broker protected Foreclosure agent 718-478-5858 3020

Ridgewood Queens: 6 family building FOR SALE. Brick 12 Bdrms, 6 BA. New plumbing, windows, roof, sidewalk, Walk to subway. Asking $879K. Call owner 917-714-0779

Amagensett Dunes 400 feet to ocean beach Access. 5 bedrooms, 2 baths. AC. Labor Day. $50, 000 or avail monthly. Call: 631-655-9319 5065 Central Islip/ Hauppange: Large, 1BR, grand floor, no pets/ cats. W/D, A/C near trans, exit57 LIE, 1200/mo + security deposit includes gas/ heat/ water. Quiet building, retirees. Serious inquiries only. Call owner 631-757-6959


Belle Harbor 2nd from ocean 60x100 Views galore! 5800sf 4 Brs, WB frpic, cust ElK 3.5 bths call for details & appt…$1.9m L.Keating Realty 718-945-9267 ROCKVILLE CENTRE new kitchen, new carpet, 2 BR, attic/ storage area, walk LIRR, parking, $1850 plus electric. Call 516-250-8604 5065

Far Rockaway: 239 Beach 3rd Street. FOR SALE. 20,200sq ft WATERFRONT. DEVELOPMENT SITE. 200+ FT, fronting canal – marina. Ideal for luxury 1+2 family homes. Also suitable for temple, school, etc. Asking $525K or best offer – Broker protected. Foreclosure. Agent 718-748-5858 3020

Apartment For Rent Long Island Bayswater: Brand new construction, 3BR in detached house. Marble / granite kitchen and bath. Stainless steel appliances. Video/intercom. Near shuls. No pets. No smoking. Shomer Shabbat $1650 Call owner: 718-581-6147 5065

Oakdale/55+ Condos. New construction on Oakdale Bohemia Rd. 2 BR, 2 ba, models now open from $385,000. 631-472-2242

Apartment For Sale 5000 Long Island Co-op for sale L.I. Cedarhurst: FALL IN LOVE, beautiful large 2 Bd, 2 bth, co-op. All new kitch+baths. W/D in Apt. locked storage, balc, gar. Just reduced moving $369K Call: 516-812-9160

5000 Woodmere: C/H col on ABC St. 6BR, 5 full bths, full kosher kitch, wood floors throughout, full finished basement with BR. Total house Renovation in 2004. Call 516-640-8646

Atlantic Beach 2BR, 1.5 bth Condo, Patio CAC Walk to Private Beach, Boardwalk + Temple Private parking, Low Main. $399K 516-5967305 5000 Melville Condo For Sale by Owner (62 and older). 2-Bedroom/2- Full Baths unit is big & bright with walk-in closets. Totally upgraded with granite, tile & more. VERY LOW TAXES & Maintance costs. Gated community has Private parking. Clubhouse has pool, fitness, kitchens & more. Five minutes from restaurants, parkways, shopping, golf course, Republic Airport. Forty-five minutes to N.Y.C. or The Hamptons $469,000. Call 516-456-6445 or

North Woodmere: All new 2 BR apt heat & electric included. Shomer shabbot. Close to Shuls and shops. 917-642-7879 Shay 5065

Central Islip/ Hauppauge: LG 1 BR ground floor, no pets/ cats, W/D, AC, near NR, RR, exit 57, LIE, 1200/mo+ Security deposit. Includes gas/heat/water. Owner 631-757-6959 5065

5000 ROCKAWAY BEACH: Beach 2 BR condo for sale in a 4yr old building. Eff kitchen, LR, DR area & terrace. Beautiful views of Manhattan & 1 block from the boardwalk. Asking price is $255K. Call Gisela of Century 21 Amiable 917-601-2489

5080 MASSAPEQUA for Rent 3 office s, Showroom, Storage, off street parking $1400/ mo + electric 516-541-5656 MK 5080 MASSAPEQUA For Rent 3 Offices, Showroom, Storage, off street parking. $1400/ mo plus electric 516-541-5656 MK 5080 Buyer wanted for glatt kosher LI catering hall seats 300 long lease reasonable rent, attractive terms, 516-989-1979 c8tr62@ stc

Office/Commercial/ Business For Sale 5080 5080 NORTHPORT FOR SALE BY OWNER Lot on Main Street, West of Church, NEAR ALL! 65’w x 153’d. Asking $190K/neg CALL OWNER 631-379-8987

WESTBURY – Commercial space 241 Post Ave. 2 story building. $350K 917-301-1625


CANDY / ICE CREAM/ COFFEE SHOP: Eastern Long Island, Busy, Great Buy. $139,900 516523-4678


5080 Why rent, when you can own for less? 750sq ft liquidation sale. LYNBROOK offic e/ coop for sale. Completely renovated, 2 offic es, 1 conference roo,, waiting area, bathroom, pool, gym, walk to LIRR. $119K must sell. $749 monthly maint 70% tax deductable. 516-359-4489

Hewlett 4BR cape beautiful wood floors EIK large finished basement, 1 block from yeshiva Walk to trash and town Sale $299K or for rent 347-539-1332 or 718-938-4517

House For Sale 5040 Long Island 5040 Cedarhurst 3BR, 2.5 baths, new EIK, den, finished basement, central air, new roof. Near shuls, young frum crowd. Near Sephardic & Ashkenazi shuls Call owner 516-569-9243 stc

Cedarhurst Modern updated 3Br, 1.5Bth ,gourmet kitchen ,hardwood floors ,basement, large yard, Low Taxes $399K Updated Brick SH Colonial 4Br, 2.5Bth ,jacuzzi, kitchen w/granite & SS appliances,hardwood floors, finished basement,detach garage $525K Owner 631-835-6077 5040

5070 GREAT NECK land for sale, 3 res lots on wooded pvt cul-de-sac. Builders/ principals only. 516-443-2700

Office/Commercial/ Business For Rent 5080 Long Island SEAFORD RENT 2400SF Below Market Value, Merrick Rd, 3 mons/NO CHARGE, prime local, Busy area, Parking, Ideal for Office/ Retail. OWNER 516-735-6288 MK 6000

Lynbrook, NY: House for sale, 4 BR, 2bth, LR, DR, EIK, great location. Reasonably priced, call owner. 516-945-5268


5040 Lawrence: Elegant Center Hall Colonial set back on 1/3 ACRE PRIME LOCATION, all shuls, LIRR, 12 rooms, 5 BR, 3.5 bth. Oversized BR, 3 walk-ins, fireplace, FDR, Pesach kit, circular driveway, maid’s room. Sunroom, decks, All systems. Central Air; Many more features. Email: elegantcolonial@hotmail. com Call 718-974-6766

Office/Commercial/ Business For Rent 4060 Staten Island (New Dorp) 2000 sq ft offic e space. Near train.Convenient to all. Pat 646-369-9457 Port Richmond-3 office suites w/reception area. All brand new, fully renovated C/A. full bsmt 2,700ft w/dual bthrms, new carpet. Please call: 347-424-7809

5080 Central Ave, Lawrence: 3000sf good condition, busy corner. Parking attached. Approved for food establishment. Call 917-975-7062

Long Island


5040 Hewlett: 4 BR cape, beautiful wood floors, EIK, large finished basement. 1 block from Yeshiva. Walk to train and town. Sale $299K or for rent. 347-539-7332 or 718-938-4517.

Long Island

Property For Sale 5070 5070 CEMETERY PLOTS FOR SALE Desirable single plot at Mount Ararat, Long Island. Price Negotiable. Call 646 249-5612

House for rent Long island N WestHampton Summer Home Rental available from August 1-September 5 3 bedrooms= 2 bath Central AC and Pool Basketball court and Spacious grounds. Walk to House of Worship Asking $15,000. Call Donald (516) 652-9508 or Cindy (516) 641-7340


L.I. Homes for Sale HEMPSTEAD Legal 2 family $190K Bayshore 3Bd home $175K Deer Park 5 bd home $205K Call for private showing, Morning Star Realty One, Alejandra, 631-484-1997 5040

TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

Apartment For Rent 3065 Staten Island LOFT FOR RENT STATEN Island/ NY Do business and live in Same location or just Do business (718) 815-0033 FA


WADING RIVER RETAIL SPACE Wading River Dry Cleaners for Rent Available Aug 1st busy shopping center. Belinda 631-929-8400 6000

Staten Island-Condo for sale 2 bedroom, 1 bth condo, Rossville, bottom Floor, corner unit, central air, eat-in kitchen, living room, washer, dryer, pool, tennis court, parking space, $189k 917-693-8239

House For Sale 4020 Staten Island 4020 Staten Island/ Willowbrook: Detached 6 BR, 3 bth all brick, 1 block from young Israel. Near express bus city. My owner 718-698-8425 or 917-576-6312

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS


NOVEMBER 11, 2011

REAL ESTATE STATEN ISLAND HOUSE FOR SALE// ROYAL OAKS “The best house in the best borough of the best city in the best country in the world” GO TO www.FRENCHMANORON-




Beth David Cemetery Elmont , NY save 50% off cemetery list. Choice location. $2500 each (the 5 plots available are together) with discounts for multiple plots. Call 718-541-1251 or Clifton Park, NY. Three Yr old Brick House w/3 adjacent approved building lots. Amenities Galore! Potential Family Compound. Open to reasonable offers – Owner’s cost $2.2 Million – Call 518-320-4960


Apartment For Sale 3080 STAPLETON Applications for the waiting list for rental units in Staten Island will be available to families with limited income, based on section 8 qualifications, beginning on April 19th 2010, call between 10am & 3pm 516466-6527 Ext15&/26


Office/Commercial/ Business For Sale 4060 NY State COMMERICAL PROPERTY FOR LEASING OR SALE ULSTER COUNTY KINGSTON NY – REPUTABLE HISTORIC PROPERTY Perfect for Corporate Relocation. Great Location, near all Highways. Previously Operated by IBM, 212,000 SQFT. Extremely Low Operating Cost. Willing to Neg. For Leasing/ Sale for more info. Contact (917) 892-1090 Ali Liberty, NY – 2 – Story comm. Bldg for Retail or Warehouse On Main St. Surrounded by municipal parking. 2 x 5000sqft. Originally was a super market. $300,000/neg. Ask owner about finance options. 914-584-2982



For Rent 6080


BUSINESS FOR SALE RESTURANT & CATERING 16,000 SQ. FT. Restaurant , Catering & Night Club on 6.6 Acre Land for Lease, Fully Equipped, 400 Seat Restaurant & Catering in Operation. Mid Hudson Valley Area. $850,000 Contact (914) 204-0329 6090

NY State Monsey: Assisted living for elderly includes personal home care, 3 meals, day etc. 718-924-8067


6080 Woodridge Sullivan County Summer rental Apt in private home on 2 acres 2BR/ 1 bath/ large living room/ modern kitchen/ Private entrance walking distance to worship. Minimum one month. Call Harriet. 212-284-5262 6080 New Rochelle 3 Bd apt on 2nd & 3rd Fl in 2 Fam, 1.5 bths, Freshly painted, 2 car parking space, Nr Metro North Sta. H/HW incl., $1650/ mo. Owner 212-518-1912/ 914-636-6716

Restaurant for Sale Well Established Full Service Restaurant on 1 Acre in Beautiful Catskill NY $800,000 Contact Jimmy 518 755-0810. See Full Ad on Craigslist: http://newyork. bfs/2512014411.html. View our website at: 6090

6080 MONTICELLO: Morning acres. 5BR, 4bth house. Avail for July. Excellent location. Friendly colony. Heated pool and day camp. Call 718-377-6662 6080 Monsey: Assisted living for elderly includes personal, home care. 3 meals/day, etc. 718-924-8067

DUTCHESS COUNTY DALTON FARM – 1400 SQ FT TOWNHOUSE Furnished, 2 BDRM / 1.5 BTH, Country Setting (2) Floors, Garage, A/C, Fire Place, Pool, Tennis. Equestrian Area on Site.One Hour North of White Plains. $160./Month Fee. Taxes $7K $258,000.00. Contact (914) 472-3651


Vacation homes for rent Monticello: Hidden ridge homes at kutshers designer deluxe homes. Sale/ rent, 2 BR, 2 bth, beautiful, furnished. Call broker Oscar Pavloff. We have keys. 845-794-3720 or 845-434-7792

House For Sale 6060

6090 Bensonhurst/Boro Park Warehouse/garage for lease 4,000 sq ft 23in high ceiling m zone 845-216-4407

Monticello, NY: 23 acres, 5 ranch houses on property + one main house with 6 apartments, swimming pool, underground pool and electric cables, well water, walking distance to walmart and shul. 718-848-6974 cell: 917-601-3002

NY State


House for Sale/ Catskill NY : 3 family Income property on 4 and one half acres, highway commercial land w 700 ft. on a state road. 350 ft frontage on country road. Call Jimmy (518) 755-0810


HOUSE FOR SALE, COLUMBIA COUNTY SPENCERTOWN, Reproduction 1800’s Colonial, Excellent Condition, Large Gourmet Kitchen, Handcrafted Cabinetry and Built-Ins Throughout, Wide Board Floors, 4 BDRM/ 3.5 BATH, Private 9 Acres, Inground Pool, Geothermal Heating /Cooling, Premiere Builder’s Own Home. $699,000.00. Contact (518) 392-2773, EMAIL: CDOWNEY48@ FAIRPOINT.NET for Additional Info. & Pics RW 6060

6060 Cooperstown, NY 3 Bd 2 Bth on 4 acres. Fabulous views overlooking 15 acre lake in G-d’s Country. Reduced to $179K for fast sale. Virtual tour & details at: www. countrylivingatitsbest. com 518-231-6706 MK

Airmont spacious 4-6 brs 4 bths 1985 col with finished basement for a total of 3000sf on ½ acre 449K, Wesley hills (bold) under construction 4300sf 6br 5.5bth cust kitchen and cess kitchen area 1st floor guest suite $749K Pomona (bold) light bright 3br, 2bth expanded ranch newer kitchen, cath glasses sun room on nearly 2 acre $359K call Laurie 845-369-1411 stc


Woodridge, NY 4BR, 2.5 bath living room library, 4 acres, near ark, walk to worship, $210K 3056038198 or 914-799-0108 stc


HOUSE FOR SALE, UPSTATE NEW YORK SWAN LAKE – 1800s Colonial Home, 11 Rooms, 4 BDRMS/2.5 BA 1900 SF, on One (1) Acre, Full Basement, 1 Car Garage with Storage, Fenced Yard, Extra Lot & Bungalo Included $350,000.00 Contact (845) 701-5517 6060


Catskills: Private New Country Cottage. Reduced to $159K. 1 BR, sleeping loft, nr Windhamm Ski Mtns. Min fr hi-way. Owner 646-330-0927 or 914-235-1684 6060

6060 Sackett Lake: Waterfront, magnificent views. Private road. 6BR, 4bth, fireplace. Near shul. 917-434-0349 or 845-406-4564

SWANLAKE: Winterized House 50x120 lot, $1200 maint/ tax year needs renovation quick sale $37K. Near shopping, transportation and shuls and kosher pizza. Wigs and wig machine for sale. Call 718-972-6068

MANUFACTURING FACILITIES 32 Year Old Norwalk Based International Manufacturing Company Seeks Short Term Growth Capital Loan, Fully Secured by Eleven (11) Acre North Stamford Estate / Compound & Exotic Autos. Call Owner Direct for Details, PRINCIPLES ONLY (203) 524-7890 RW 7070



House For Sale 6060 OUT OF STATE 7030 POCONOS VICINITY Gorgeous Home on Ten (10) Wooded Acres with Three (3) FirePlaces with over a 20 Mile View. Near Victorian Town of Lewisburg. $289,000.00. Contact (570) 8471938 or Email DPECK@ SILGANCONTAINERS. COM RW

Lower Makefield 4300 square feet 2 story French colonial, 4 bedrooms, 4 bath minimum to shopping train hospitals, golf course $3,250 DAVID FIORI INC 215-757100 stc 7030

Business Opportunity 7070 Do you have 10 hrs a week you’d like to make productive? Learn to operate a MiniOffice Outlet from home. Free online training, flexible hours and great income. Ask for Miriam. FA 7070

100% Working Interest in 2 oil wells for sale 3.25 barrels oil/day total. Creek County, OK. Call toll free 1-877-235-9191 Or email: wzuhone@ Business Opportunity EARN RESIDUAL INCOME On 100s or 1000s of Energy bills monthly. No inventory, low Overhead. One-time sale. Recession Proof. Ron Woodall. Executive Director (678) 643-8374 FA


Kosher restaurant 30,000 wk $8750 rent long lease. High net $900k/5k down. Will make quick deal for right operator, kosher restaurants Brooklyn won’t last many other stores available. Bagels, delis restaurants. Gordon 146-07 union turnpike call 718-969-9300 stc Buisness Oppty/PA Historic Hamberg Strand Working movie theatre builtin - 1920 the landmark offers seating for 198 & Is also set up for meeting/ live stage shows. 90min to NYC. Asking $399K. 443 986-0161 FA 7070 SHOPPING PLAZA WITH FIVE (5) ACRES. ONLY 10 YEARS OLD ON MAJOR HIGHWAY & INTERSTATE. OWNER RETIRING & MUST SELL! CONTACT (256) 390-8695 FOR MORE INFORMATION RW 7070 GET $1K CHECKS …..YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS POT’L. FREE LEADS & FUNNEL SYSTEM. CALL NOW! (760) 569-6707 EDU. OPP. RW

7070 HUGE ROI Plus 10% Int. for 2 yrs Expansion Capital Fortune 500 Companies Possible IPO 3-5 yrs investhitech@gmail. com 561-995-9004 MK

Investor wanted for acquisition of apartment buildings, office buildings and strip centers with a preferred return of 8%-11% by owner/ operator specializing in income producing properties looking for $100,0001m. Call Larry 732-491-5702 stc 7070



7070 Financial Services BUILD YOUR CREDIT – IMPROVE YOUR FINANCIAL LIFE! Get a Loan – Low Rates. Quick Approval, Debt Consolidation. Personal Loan, Auto & Business Loans, Home Improvements, No Apps. Fees, Bills Bad Credits Cards. Outstanding Loans – Get Help! Call Today 1(800) 374-7680 Apply Capital Secure Lending Services RW

BUSINESS OPPTY GOLD INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY PRINCIPAL SEEKS $1.0 MILLION PARTNER. FULLY SECURED. $1.7 Billion Plus Potential Request details @ dougcannday@hotmail. com or Contact Doug (303) 681-6920 7070

7070 Four Seasons Resort and Spa in the heart of the Catskills. Perfect for Kosher services with great potential for immed operation. The 245 acres offers 36 guest rms plus 20 rooms for spa treatments/extra guests. 12buildings totaling over 5,000sqft feat 100 seat bsmt w full serv modern comm kitch 2 offic es ind & outdr pools tennis courts, large gym 4 lounges theater room miles of trails for hiking biking skiing horseback riding. Complex on 33 acre & 212 enrolled in a conservation easement plenty of room for expansion asking 2.3m Call fred waring 845464-5263 stc


MONTANA RESIDENCE WATERFRONT Fishing, Hunting, Surfing, Wake/Boarding Email: 406-761-1851 or 9697



(800) 998-0885 or email:

TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS

NOVEMBER 11, 2011


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY • FINANCIAL SERVICES • LEGAL SERVICES 7070 Vending company supply vending machine plus all merchandise. Everything strictly kosher we pay 25% commission. Call 917-697-5532

UNIQUE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Local Business Seeks Partner/Investor Email: KJVENTURES1@GMAIL. COM or Contact (347) 853-9047RW 7070

Custom Rydal Ranch!

3108 sq. ft. This well maintained custom ranch sits on 1 acre of beautiful grounds!

BUSINESS CONNECTIONS: NYC Licensed ElectricianLooking for Partnership or Affiliation with Electric Contractor Engaged in or Starting Business in NYC . Day (347) 992-1370 / Evening (718) 339-7652RW 7070

HOUSES FOR SALE IN PENNSYLVANIA LET’S MAKE A DEAL! Retired Owner: Seven (7) Single Family Homes. AS IS! Investment Package $115,000. Contact (484)332-0247RW 7070

BUSINESS OPTY RESORTS 360#1 TEAM 40K Ad Campaign Just Launched. Lots of Leads. Make $1000. - $5000. Wk WWW.WORKWITHRON.COM 1-800-479-4876 7070

4 nice size bedrooms, and 3 baths on the west wing of the house. Covered patio overlooking huge backyard. Finished basement with stone f/p. Separate storage area, Maid quarters/in-law suite, with full bath and kitchen. Additional features, 2 car attached garage, CENTRAL AIR, tons of professional landscaping, In-ground pool, entire house stereo, Security system. This is a must see home that is priced very well at $489,900.

Call Jim Fulginiti at 215-264-3071 Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

ReMax Action Realty Office 215-358-1100

7070 Fund any project 10 million to 1 billion Call Bill 334-435-6013

BUSINESS OPTY Make $1,000.$5K/ MO. Doctors & Pharmacies Pay You! PHARMACY DISCOUNT PROGRAM CALL 1-866-233-4215 7070

INVESTORS NEEDED FOR BRIDGE LOAN A 13 yr old business seeks a $150,000 bridge loan to manufacture 1st shipment of patented product. Loan secured by product and patent assignment only. Send contact info and requirements to 7070

ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY FOR SALE Located in Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. 44 Beds on 3 Acres. For info Call 570-269-4060


BUSINESS OPPTY FUNDING AVAILABLE – Use Our Equity to Fund Any Project 10M – 1B. QUICK CLOSING IN THE UK. Call World Business Ideas @ 1(800) 615-5994 7070



venture from serious investors to mine 530 Sq KM of high concentrated gold mining land in Ghana. Investors receive 55% equity, or lender takes 25% free equity on top of principal/interest payments. Principals only apply. Aurum.Celebrus@gmail. com

CAPITAL WANTED NEWPORT, R.I. DEVELOPER CONDO CONVERSION PROJECT. Seeking Equity Partners, Returns in Excess of 20%. Proof of Funds Required. (401) 6194112 or (518) 878-9320 7070



Save 20% on Fuel – Really! Not a Gimmick, Gadget, Tablet or Card. Real Fuel Science that Really Works or $ Back. Contact (260) 637-5775 (DIST. WANTED)

KOSHER EXPERIENCES Join us for our 3rd Glatt Kosher, “Mystical Ireland Tour” Two center, 10 day trip.28th Aug – 6th Sept. 2012 All meat glatt, all dairy products Cholov Yisroel. Separate dedicated kosher kitchens. Under the supervision of Rabbi Stewart Weiss. Chef/Director, Malcolm Green. “LOW... LOW... PRICES” Tel: 954-3813160




Base salary and very generous commission, bonuses, vacation etc. for the right individual Please email your resume to


Asking $575 MM joint


shipment of a soon to be patented prod“LOW... LOW... PRICES” FULLY INSURED •LICENSED •BONDED uct. Loan secured by product only. Send “LOW... LOW... PRICES” contact and requirements to “LOW... PRICES”

The Jewish Voice is looking for an experienced professional individual to manage our legal notice department!

and then call










Live in/out 718-332-7608






US PATENT for Sale #6526612 for Unique travel pillow w/ speaker for MP3’s, I-Pods, etc. 917-968-1048 or email 7070

7070 Kosher market established, 45 yrs, lower Westchester, seeks working partner to expand in new direction. Experienced, talented + Computer savvy. Call Mr. Cohen 914-373-1802

Investment Opportunity 7080 SECURED 9% RETURN Up to Five (5) Years. Commercial Real Estate, Min. Investment $100K View Website: WWW. BCDELLC.COM. For info. 1-313-6859976 RW


Music 8000 8000 Individualized guitar lessons geared for all skill levels, by a professional musician in your home. Philadelphia & South Jersey call 201-723-2225 stc 8000 Musicians Available/ Wanted Exp R&B/POP DEMO SINGERS SOUGHT BY PRODUCERS Westchester Studio Loc. Call Allan (917) 647-2044 FA

“LOW... LOW... PRICES” Individualized Guitar


Lessons Geared for •KITCHENS •BATHROOMS •FINISHED BASEMENTS all skill levels by a •PAINTING INTERIOR & EXTERIOR professional musician in •TAPING •PLUMBING •ELECTRICAL your home Philadelphia •SIDING •MASONRY & South•WINDOWS Jersey 201-


JEWISH MUSIC LESSONS: Guitar, Piano, Bass & Drums. Individual or group lessons for all ages. In my Queens studio or I will travel to your home. Credentials include a EMPLOYMENT A BA in Music performance, a MS ED in Music Education, NYS Certification and 20+ yrs of performing & teaching music. Rates are $40 for 40 min lesson & $50 for a 1HR lesson. Excellent refs avail. Call Yerachmeil at 917-373-9613 Live in/out 718-33



8000 MUSIC INSTRUCTION Piano lessons all levels + ages Professional musician + experienced teacher Call (917) 459-1228







The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS


NOVEMBER 11, 2011

JOBS WANTED & SERVICES OFFERED Music Instruction Berkeley College of music professor available for private drum lessons. Conatct: 617-835-6404

Health 7090 7090 HEALTH MASSAGE & REFLEXOLOGY TO Heal Back Pain, Sleeping Disorders, Digestive Problems & More or Simply for Relaxation. Call Chaya (347) 756-0205. Treatments for Women & Children Only. Home Visits & Gift Certificates Available.

Brazilian Bodywork Swedish, Deep Tissue, Full Bodywork, Done byMale Masseur. (917) 435-4418 9050

THERAPUETIC MASSAGE Looking for relaxing stress free, therapeutic massage? You can drop into my place. For ½ hr $50, 1 hr $75. 8:30 am – 7:30 pm 917-544-7900 7090

7090 Life Coach SUSAN TEEMAN LIFECOACH. Free one hour Phone Consultation •Find balance in work & life •Set & Execute goals to overcome obstacles •Improve business & personal relationships •Discover what you should be doing •Become your BEST self 646-481-2520

MELT 2-5 LBS PER WEEK. Try it for $4.95 For 2 weeks. For details call ANN 347-561-6030

AID COMPANION TO ELDERLY Caring, mature British woman seeks live out position, FT/PT to assist home bound or elderly person. call 718-928-6600 MK 8010

HOME HEALTH AIDE Certified Home Health Aide seeking a job to care for the elderly or sick. Honest, caring and easy to get along with. Available for Nights or Weekends. Excellent refs. PLEASE CONTACT 973-667-6815 or 862-220-1331 or Email: MK


Babysitter / Nanny / HHA / Housekeeper / Office Cleaner Available-ReliableTrustworthy Affordable rates 347-785-0181 8010

8010 Sales new York life insurance company is looking for insurance and financial services sales representatives. Sales experience helpful but not necessary. Comprehensive training program management opportunity for qualified candidates. Equal opportunity employer For further information call George at 646-227-8171stc

ELDERCARE / COMPANION, Nurse’s Assistant, Live In/ Out, EXPERIENCED, Lic. to drive, Good References, 732-313-6829 732-277-9271MK



Help Offered 8010 Experienced Nanny / Home Companion/ Housekeeper seeks FT employment. Excel refs upon request. Call NY/NJ metropolitan area. LIVE OUT Call Rea 917-353-1626 8010

8010 RELIABLE HARDWORKING LADY Apartment or Offic e Cleaner. Very Experienced. With References. Days/Evenings 347-735-7440 MK

I am a Certified HHA & PCA seeking a position to care for the elderly & disabled. 5 yrs exp, great ref, available anytime (live in or out). 347-304-7418 MK

24 Hr DAY CARE Mon – Fri Queens Village-centrally located. From 6 wks to 12 yrs. Licensed, CPR, First Aide Certified, Clean, Video Camera, Meals provided. In business for 10 yrs. Affordable prices. 718-217-7666 8010

CAREGIVER SERVICE 30 years experience with references & own transportation. Will live in or fit your schedule. BUCKS County area only. Call 215674-3339 8010

Marketing manager (bold) great working environment in Brooklyn Mill Basin Job position available for team leader, product uploads customer service of managing ebay and amazon account Please call Levi 917-855-7169 8010

I am a Certified HHA & PCA seeking a position to care for the elderly & disabled. 5 yrs exp, great ref, available anytime (live in or out). 347-304-7418 MK NANNY Seeking position in Manhattan. Live out. Experienced 7 yrs. Good references upon request. 917-402-3402 MK


8010 SEEKING POSITION Experienced Shomer Shabbos male seeking superintendant position. Call 347 607-9375 FA

My Nanny/ Housekeeper is looking for a live in/out position. Been with our family For over 8 years. Her name is Jennifer. Call (201) 406-8393 FA


8010 HELP OFFERRED COMPANION/ELDERLY CARE – Look no Further, we Highly Recommend this Honest and Kind Caregiver for your Elderly. Refs. Upon Request. Contact (917)968-0112

EUROPEAN LADY (American citizen), looking for a live-in Caregiving job, I am exp’d & have exc. Refs & drive my own car. Call 908 937-0768


Janitorial services family owned and operated over 15 years in NJ & PA Free estimate. Call 856-396-5915 9050

Experienced Lady Seeking to care of the Elderly / Housekeeper 718703-1730 Educated lady with 8yrs experience with elderly seeks companion job. Experienced in medical/ non medical area of care. Excellent references From employ. Call 347-998-1170



SOURCE AGENCY Hiring RETAILSALES / HOST/ STOCK/ CASHIERS. Upscale retail client, temp openings. Must be reliable, dedicated friendly. Open interviews @ The Source Mon – Fri 10am to 1pm. 295 Madison Ave. 8th Fl. Resume & 2 IDs required 212-949-8287


BABYSITTING Very caring mother wants to take care of kids in her own home. Very clean environment & a loving atmosphere. Newborns to 2 yrs old. Available Mon – Fri & weekends too. 718-591-9164

A nanny – Experienced nanny sks FT, live out position. Loving & caring. Certified infant care. Checkable references. Please call Clair: 347-721-4056 or 718-221-4419


Health – HHA & CNA w/ good references & 16yrs in field. Take care of your loved ones, w/dementia & or other illnesses. Avail ASAP! Call 917-807-4766 8010

HOME HEALTH AIDE Experienced CNA Eldercare / Baby care 347-469-2767 Available ASAP


Certified, relable CNA/ HHA seeks job to care for the elderly. Many years exp Excellent References. Available immediately. (917)741-3583


MATURE SINGLE LADY seeks room $450-$500 per month in Bensonhurst, Bath Beach or Gravesend area. Also SEEKING EMPLOYMENT as: Caregiver / Housekeeper / Babysitter 718-266-7295


8010 HOME HEALTH AIDE – (Private) Hardworking, reliable, personable, licensed, many years of experience, excellent refs. Call Barbara 347-383-5462. Exp in kosher homes.

Companion Aide. Live in, Good references. Kosher experience. 17 years, experience. 973592-6081 8010 Goldstein Home Care Service. Live in/ Live out or hourly. Companion Aide 732-788-1974

WORK FROM HOME ONLINE 23 People Needed Immediately! No experience needed. Earn up to $3000 P/T or up to $5000 F/T. Earn as you learn. Work around your schedule. Serious people with a strong desire are now earning over 6 figures a year! Bonuses & Paid Vacation. For info visit: www.growth. goland10 MK 8015

An experienced young orthodox chazzan baal tefillah became available for the yomim noraim references. Available Call 347-645-1240 8015




Position Wanted: Experience in banking compliance research administration. Oral + written. Communication skills. 718-968-3213 8010


Experienced CNA looking for full time employment licensed seeking to take care of elderly 7 days a week. Specializing in Alzheimers and bed ridden patients. Good references. Please call 862-218-3880 8010

Seeking job to take care of the elderly. Home health aid, 16 years experience. Please call 718-882-5244 8010

NESI (NonPublic Educational Services, INC) has provided much needed educational programs to atrisk youth across the country for more than 30 years. We are seeking part-time Title I teachers for our Title I program in NYC. Successful candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and/or teacher certificate. CAR/ SAVE (child abuse, violence intervention and prevention) workshops required. Seeking part-time Middle and High School Math teachers also. Please email resume to or mail to 1212 Avenue M, Brooklyn NY 11230 - Attn M. Lee 8010

Tree Service, Gardening, SUKKAH Clearance, Free Estimates, 24/7 Emergency Service, Construction Clean outs. 347-889-8602 / 718-857-0549 8010



SEEKING HOUSEHOLD POSITION HEALTH – LICENSED HOME CARE PROVIDER – Former Nurse, HCP Certified, Home Total Care, Geriatrics Specialty. 10 + Years Exp, Reliable. Best References. Contact: (718) 460-5272 or (917) 995-2404


SALES New York Life Insurance Co is looking for isurance and financial services sales representatives. Sales experience helpful but not necessary. Comprehensive training program management oppty for qualified candidates. Equal oppty employeer. M/F/D/V. For Information, please call George at 646-2278171 8010

Nurse LPN. Medicaid provider seeks private duty or Medicaid case. Good references available. 718-581-9786 8010

8010 Reliable Nurses’ Aide w/10 yrs exp. Will care for you in your home. Refs & good driving record. Seek job Asap. Call Babs 407-936-4863

8015 Caregiver kind and honest for sick/elderly live oout. Own car executive references call me 215-909-3222stc

Experienced certified HHA seeks position to care for elderly with Alzheimer’s, stroke etc… Live-in 7 days/WK. Good references. Call 862-218-3880


PROFESSIONAL LIGHTHOUSE HOME SERVICES. Compassionate Home Care FOR THE ELDERLY IN NYC. Lic Agency providing the finest in home care for your loved ones. Email: rbecker@lighthousehs. com or call 718-389-3304 We accept Medicare / Medicaid/private pay 9050

Help Wanted 8015 8015 Free referrals for certified baby nurse CPR certified nanny never a charge or fee to you at any time. We also have babysitters companions & aides for the elderly & those with special needs. We also have amazing housekeepers Call Michelle 718-954-6787 or Miami 305-731-4833 email:kefasyreff@gmail . com

Jewish Voice is hiring! Multiple Positions available. Email or fax resume info@ Fax: 347-922-7366 Telemarketers, salespeople, Legal Notice Experts Work From Home Online 23 People Needed Immediately! No experience needed. Earn up to $3000 PT or up to $5000 FT. Earn as you learn. Work around your schedule. Serious people with a strong desire are now earning over 6 figures a year! Bonuses & Paid Vacation. For info visit: www.growth. goland10 MK 8015

8015 EXPERIENCED Lady Lifeguard available for the summer. LTI and WSI certified. Call 347-782-7714

A loving nanny with excellent reference seeks full-time/part time position in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Riverdale. Call 917-674-2445 8015

REAL ESTATE SALES AGENTS: Make extra money! Astor brokerage. Real Estate Center. Serving the Kew Garden Hills Community is seeking local agents. We will train you! Call Chanita for info 718-263-4500 8015

Expert on Israeli Politics + Policy w/ Rich editorial exp. Seeks employment mobile: 917-225-7665



HELP OFFERRED NURSE, MALE – Seeking Job in Priv Residence to Care for Adult or Child Highly Qualified. Available NY, NJ, CT & LI. Contact (954)588-3139

8015 A Certified Nurses Aide/ HHA available to care for the sick or elderly or childcare. Kind, caring people person. Lv-in/ out, day or night. Also cleaning, cooking & laundry. Recent Checkable refs. Call Joyce 516-334-7859 or 516-236-2833

Experienced & Certified teachers for Yeshivah HS Science – Biology, Physical Sci, Earth Sci – Regents courses & Special Ed Substitute Teacher – Ivrit – Hebrew Lang & Lit (September – Mid October) Excellent terms & Salary Please send resume to:


Physical therapy Offic e looking for Physical therapy Assistant (PT/FT) In Five Towns. If interested please Call (516) 650-5756 8015

8015 Real Estate agents make extra money astor brokerage Real Estate center serving the Kew Garden Hills community is seeking new local agents We will train you Call Chanita 718-263-4500

8015 Simply the best employment agency we offer eldercare, companions, housekeepers, babysitters, all with excellent references and experience. Licensed and board agency live in/out 718-332-7606

Real Estate Sales Agents Make Extra Money! Astor Brokerage (bold) Real Estate Center serving the Kew Garden Hills community is seeking new local agents. We will train you Call Chanita for info (718)263-4500

8015 Rabbi / Partner wanted for completed development adjacent to Oorah in Stamford, NY. Call 607-652-3387

8015 Looking for religious Jewish workers in the “HASHGACHA” field Kosher supervision. Option for training top become a “SHOCRET” Opening available for fully Certified SHU”B Midwest locs: NE, MN, WI Call: 303-810-8011 Email: moshedenver@ DOMESTIC HELP WANTED. HOME HEALTH AIDE NEEDED. Certified experienced 5 days/week, must have car. 516-379-4283 Merrick, NY 8015

LOST YOUR JOB? Looking for a New Career?


8015 Warm responsible woman looking to be a shadow for your child in Boro Park/ Flatbush/ Manhattan. Call 718437-9152 or cell 917627-3542 Many years exp. Avail for summer or winter

A CNA experienced in elder care IRISH woman. Prefer Mahattan, lv-in/ out. References and information. 914-272-9590


TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885


(800) 998-0885 or email:

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS

NOVEMBER 11, 2011


SERVICES & MISCELLANEOUS AARP FOUNDATION WORKSEARCH Are you…age 55 and older? Unemployed? Low income? Unemployed? Low income? Resident of Queens? Looking for permanent? AARP Foundation WorkSearch, Senior training Program can help! Please call 718-433-0010 Ask to speak with an employment specialist.


Cleaning Services 8045 8045 Ari’s Cleaning. Mold removal and inspections. Complete water restorations. Certified technicians. 24 hour emergency services. 347-743-3940 stc


JANITORIAL SERVICES family owned and operated. Over 15 years in NJ and PA. Free estimate call 856-396-5915

LICENSED & INSURED ALG AWNING When the sun gives you a fight, We make it alright. Free In-Home Estimates Free In-Home Renderings 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE COMMERCIAL RESIDENTIAL RETRACTABLE AWNINGS, PATIO AWNINGS, RCOVERS, ALUMINUM AWNINGS, CAR PORTS, REHANGS/TAKE DOWNS, TRUCK LETTERING, GRAPHICS, RAILS, GENERAL WELDING tel: 718-9097195 toll free: 888-8530442 email: info@alg-awning. com 29-43 Falcon Ave., Far Rockaway NY, 11691 SPECIAL DISCOUNT IF YOU MENTION THIS AD WHEN YOU CALL 8081

INTERIOR PAINTING FAUX FINISHES & MURALS MON – SAT 10AM – 6PM CALL 917-589-9601 www.colorwisedesignsllc. com 8081


8081 One source Home Inspection serving the NY area. From foundations to the roof. Anthony 917-577-8464



All types of rubbish removal basements, backyards, etc. Call shmaya 718-501-2419 stc



9050 We meet or beat any price interior demolition one stop backyard basement clean out stop violations. Same day 24/6 licensed insured call 718-2432525

Painting, sheetrocking 20 years experience Insured No job too big or small. For quality Call John Today at 718-898-7560 917-359-4579 9050

ALFA CONTRACTING -Custom Cabinetry -Kitchen remodeling -Home offices -Home Entertainment -Space Efficienc y -Free Estimates -We’re in the neighborhood “NO JOB TOO SMALL” $100 off WITH THIS AD 212-234-5878 8081

9015 WE MEET OR BEAT ANY PRICE. Interior demolition, One stop backyard basement clean out. Stop violations. Same day 24/7. Licensed & Insured. 718-243-2525

D.L.M CONSTRUCTION Licensed and Insured New Construction, Extension and Complete Renovation, 25 Years Experience Free Estimate 917-968-6809

Handyman 8080 Painting, sheetrocking, 20 years experience insured. No job too big or too small. For quality, Call John today at 718-898-7560 or 917-359-4579 8080

Handyman: Quick service at low prices, carpentry, sheet roc, plastering, painting, electric + plumbing. Replace old toilets, sinks, electric fixtures and windows 917-385-8587 8080

8080 Painting, sheetrocking: 20 years Experience. Insured. No job too big or too small. For quality, Call John today at 718-898-7560 or 917-359-4579

HANDYMAN AVAILABLE!!! Carpentry, Tile, Plumbing, Landscaping, Painting, Furniture, Asembly. Reasonable rates, Friendly service Call Orrin 646- 671- 3906 Mike’s Home Improvement/ Roofing Sheet rock/ tiles, Kitchen/ Bath, Gutters + Leaders. 718-426-2167


I AM A PLUMBER (Boiler & Heating) LOOKING FOR WORK. Henry 718-809-6150 Reasonable rates! 24HR Service 8080




BED BUG SPECIALIST Professionally Dry Clean: Clothing – Linens – Drapes. Discreet and reliable. Pick up and delivery/ Unmarked van. Call toll free! 1-888-241-2199

Electrician All electrical needs. New lines Trouble shouting fixtures. Call Yahuda: 347631-0481

Autos 9030

9030 snowbirds your car is waiting for you at the airport gently transported valid driver’s licensed/insured Linda’s Transport 215-244-2662

Lexus LS 600h-L – 2008 exterior golden metallic, Inter cashmere med brown, walnut Trim, super car, virtually hand made in Japan, 14,240 ml, garage kept in NJ, nitrogen Inflated tires, like new, priv (973) 714-9604 FA 9030

9030 CALL NOW ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Accepting cars, trucks, vans & farm Equip. Any condition. Cash Pd 7 days/wk. (732) 915-7989 9030 AUTO FOR SALE FORD FUSION 2010 4 Door Sedan, 7,000 Mi, Original Owner, Asking $17.K Contact (516) 242-5833

PORSCHE MUST SELL OR GO TO JAIL! TERMINALLY ILL MOTHER! 2011 Cayenne Tiptropic 3.6-Liter V6,300 HP Classic Silver Metallic, Lux Beige Leather Convenience Conf Package, XM, PARK Asst Front /Rear, Servotronic, Side/Rr Airbags, 8 spdTips, Auto-Start-SP, WheelHbCyr, Gar Mats. $52,000.00 or Best Offer. Contact Veronica Bird @ (410) 693-2870 or Email: RAMSWAY@AOL.COM RW 9030

CHEVY 1996 IMPALA SS Rare green Immac. 21k $28,500 516-383-6326


NATIONAL MOTOR CLUB: Auto and personal injury coverage. Anywhere in the US, Mexico, Canada. $18/month, 60% off prescription medications. Call Francisca 347-320-3890 Salesperson wanted.



Electricians ELECTRICAL SERVICES D. TRAYNOR ELECTRICAL CORP. Caters to Building Owners & Property Management Companies Throughout NYC & NJ. 28 Years Experience in Commercial Residential Properties. Contact Dennis (646) 996-6619 RW 8085

8055 TRACK BY JACK 917-748-7225 or 914-725-0785 TRACK Lighting specialists instruction, sales Update halogens with small efficien t low voltage bulbs on sale delivered stc 9050 Top Security! Alarm and camera system phone and intercom system. computer working and all electrical needs. new line fixtures call now for free estimate Reuben 718-431-4408 Free Estimates & Low Prices!

Ford Model T

MUST SELL! 2009 BMW 335d Like new condition. More pictures at robertbrown201@yahoo. com Robert Brown: 361-237-4612 9030

Custom Built 1927 Recreation, 350 Chev Crate Engine, 350 3-Spead Chev Auto Trans, Alum Stronge Rear End. All Wheel Disc Brakes. A Frame Coil Over Suspension, Ultra Leather Interior, Salt Flat Alum Rim, Weighs 2000 Lbs. 1500 Miles. Contact Cor @ (519) 861-7701 RW Ford Model T-Custom Built 1927 Recreation, 350 Chev Crate Engine, 350 3-Spead Chev Auto Trans, Alum Stronge Rear End. All Wheel Disc Brakes. A Frame Coil Over Suspension, Ultra Leather Interior, Salt Flat Alum Rim, Weighs 2000 Lbs 1500 Miles. Contact Cor @ (519) 861-7701 RW 9030

9030 TOYOTA SIENNA 2007 Tan color, auto start, DVD, CD, all pwr, good condition, 39K mi, All wheel, ask . 917-853-9023, 718-217-7666

AUTOS WANTED CASH CASH CASH Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted $600 & up FREE Pick-ups! 718 657-6900


Seewald used cars New! Preview over 4,000 vehichle odessy mini vans 12-6passanger vans 718-773-CARS 773CARS@ 9030

AKC Petite French Bulldogs (remain small): Show, Breeding or Loving! Best Temperments/ Bloodlines. TLC Raised/ Vet work done. 100% Guaranteed. $1,800. (518) 312-0905 frenchies.html PETS FOR SALE–DOGS Tawny briard puppies INTL Championship bloodlines Long Island, NY available to approved homes. Contact #631-537-5346 Website:


Selling 9040

Pets 9035 AKC 2 Female Golden Retriever pups, 14 wks old, crate trained, updated shots $800 each 845-744-8043 MK 9035

Pets & Pet Services ADORABLE TEACUP YORKIES. Home Raised. NO KENNEL. Ch-Sire, Dam . Beautiful adorable Teacup yorkies, fully inoculated, well socialized. Call Rachelle. Bergen County area. (201) 819-7103 FA


9035 TOY POODLES AKC 2 Male 1 Female ready to go Tails docked, 1st shots, 1st heart guard, 1st front line. Champion sire, Dam on sight 203-881-0072 www.

PETS FOR SALE – DOGSAKC Labrador Retrievers: Pups ready for pick-up CH. Bloodlines bred for temperament, up to date on shots. Call and visit, BiGi’s Labradors. 973-993-9006 9035

Beth Israel cemetery Woodbridge, NJ burial plots, 4 gravesites $2,000. Must be Sold together. Call 917-371-4871stc


Free Luxury motor Home tours on a condition of buying electronics, batteries and groceries starting price $7,000 and up plus gas and tolls. Also get a discount on the purchase of the ’85 MCI 47 passenger bus 917-216-8379 stc 9040 contents of shul for sale sefer torah, bimah, chairs, etc. call 917-397-0654 stc

Old Watches Clocks wanted by collector regardless of condition Highest prices paid. 212-517-8725 stc 9040

For Sale Hair Dryer, Punch Bowl, TV Cart, Set of dishes, Blender, Antique Chair, Dehumidifier, Washer and Dryer, Desk Fan Laundry Hamper, Complete Day Bed, Crock pot. 718-337-3867 stc 9040

9040 PIANO FOR SALE YAMAHA ELECTONE, Model FS 500 – 3 Manuel, Pristine Condition, $1,500 or Best Offer. Contact 201-262-1361RW





9030 Bala Cymoyd: 3 BR, 2 BA brick colonial, full bsmt, attached garage. Asking $430,000. Call 973-985-8789

9030 AUTO REPAIRS BILLY’S AUTO REPAIR 3651 Danbury Rd., Brewster, NY 10509 Specializing in Complete Automotive Repairs & Service Front-End Brakes Tune –up Electrical Wheel Alignment, etc. Open Mon-Sat 8:00 AM5:00 PM Call 845 278-2628 24 Hr. Towing



9030 POWER BOAT FOR SALE - 1998 50’ SEARAY SUNDANCER, 3196 Cat Diesels, 400 Hrs, Cherry Interior, Camper Top, $148,000. MUST SELL DUE TO HEALTH. Located in Connecticut. Contact (203) 206-7305 RW

PIANO FOR SALE Steinway Upright Piano, Black. Good Tone & Good Condition, $4,500 Contact (212) 473-3466RW 9040


PINELAWN2 person Mausoleum- eye level, 516-318-8476 MK


MOUNT ARARAT 8 Graves $40,000 TOTAL Paul 516-541-5820 MK 9040

9040 ITEMS FOR SALE Light/lamp, never used brand new, cordless portable flashlight with handle; exerciserHangs on door for chinups, push ups, sit ups; portable folding table; books-exercise, Weight lifting, medical, health remedies. Call for prices 718 235-7158 FA

JUDAICA museum quality collection others silver, illuminated manuscripts, paintings, enamels Call 914-235-8300 stc 9040

9040 13K 100% Cotton Men’s dress shirts, assorted cuffs, shipped from NJ. Regular, Big & Tall sizes. Close out prices. Call 917-497-5070

LOST YOUR JOB? Looking for a I buy old paintings Call Art at New Career? 732-261-3269 9040


Front Estate Rocky Point Road. August 12th & 13th From 10:0– 4:00 PM Steinway Grand Piano, Rugs, Furniture & Antiques + Lots of Books. Take I 95 N to Exit 5 Old Greenwich, Right on US1 1ST Right on to Sound Beach Ave. thru Town, Right on Shore Drive, 2nd Left Rocky Point Road. (914) 261-0095



TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS


NOVEMBER 11, 2011

NEW JERSEY & PHILADELPHIA, PA Americana Collection American Mechanical Muscle 1850-2000 140+ Diecast Models, 200 + Plastic kits 98% NIB 290+itemdescriptive & historical books$20K/OBO Eric @ 860-683-2140 Leave name, phone # & Best times for callback 9040

Kawai Baby Grand piano. Ebony satin finish, excellent condition. Contact 978-505-0971 9040

ESTATE SALE / HOME FURNISHINGS HOME – TAG ALONG ESTATE SALESCOLLEGE ROAD,RIVERDALE, N.Y. Thursday Aug. 4th 4:00 to 8:00 PM Friday Aug. 5th 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Hudson River Oil Painting, Chickering Baby Grand Piano, Crystal Silver China, Books, Linens, Adams Style Gilt Mirror, Painted Chest, + Lots More. Contact (914) 261-0095 9040

9040 ISLAND PACKET 1987, 31’, 2nd owner, comfortable cruiser $54,900 631-283-6853

PIANO FOR SALE YAMAHA BABY GRAND Like New, Lightly Used $12,000.00 Contact (631)666-7439 or (516)972-6277 9040

PIANO 5ft upright/w bench, $750 Cherrywood-marblemirror hall tree, $700, 5 pc offic e furniture $650, corner curio cabinet, $150 631-736-2195


MERCHANDISE FOR SALE-COLLECTABLES: ROSEVILLE COLLECTION 60 Pieces, All Patterns, Shapes & Sizes, Beautiful $8,000.00 + ARMOIRE – 1875 Italian, Perfect Condition, Breaks Down in (5) Sections, Elegant $8,000.00 . Contact (212) 741-3887 or (646) 267-7391

2011 Dimension one hot tub, brand new, 3 year warrantee, seats 6 (2 pumps) Stainless steel jets. The #1 rates hot tub for energy efficienc y. Originally $8839. Sale $5997 631-681-4400


COLLECTIBLES AMERICANA COLLECTION – American Mechanical Muscle:1850-2000. 140 + Die Cast Models, 200 + Plastic Kits. 98% NIB; 290+ItemDescriptive & Historical Books. $20K/OBO Contact Eric @ (860) 683-2140 Lv name, phone # & best times for callback.




Merchandise Wanted. Buying All Diabetic Test Strips. Cash paid. Nicotine Patches/Gum. Fast NY/NJ pickup 646-400-5270


Need either printer or fax diagnostic and repair(will gladly come to your location.) For immediate response at very reasonable rates. Call 908-444-2418 stc 9050

9040 Commercial gym equipment (4), hammer strength (2) nautilus (1) cybex – 2 yrs old original cost 18K asking 8K. Call owner 516-661-9639

ANTIQUES FOR SALE - Morgan Silver Dollars 1878, 1882, 1889, 1895 & 1897 609-494-0900 9040

9040 Furniture Kew Garden Hills: Italian and French DR, BR, breakfront, Hi-riser, chandelier and Paintings. Call 917-836-0146

The Jewish Voice is looking for motivated, professional individuals to join our SALES team in New Jersey! Experience not needed, but Preferred. Willing to train. Email your resume to:, or call: 800-998-0885 for more information.

Apartment For Sale 9055 VACATION VILLAGE get away For your pleasure indoor pool country air fabulous views. Hurry choose your home. Townhouses. Lakefront, Lakeviews mountain area. Exclusive Estates. 3 to 7 bedrooms from $117K. view homes: Call Esty 516-948-0766 Five Towns Miller Realty 516-374-4100 stc


Margate Rancher (bold) Large lot. 2 Bedroom large seperate garage. Fenced dog run. large driveway upgrades. near boards and beach. Block and half from dog park $285,000 609-377-7109

9055 Passaic Park 358 Brook Avenue MIC 5BR 2.5 BTH very large LR DR Hardwood floors Huge kosher EIK opens to deck. Large backyard 2C garage finished basement/ attic $649K. Near shuls/ Transportation. FSBO No agents owner has RE referral lic 973-773-2103

AC Berkley: Luxury condobuilding on boardwalk. 1BR furnished. Parking yearly. $1050/mo, pool, fitness center, WID. Call 609-335-7855 9055

Passaic Park: Open hse, Sun 5/15 11-4; 358 Brook Ave. MIC, 5BR, 2.5bth, very lg LR/DR, H/W fls. Huge kshr EIK opens to deck. Lg bkyd, 2c gar. fin bsmt/attic $649K. Nr shuls/trans. For sale by owner. No agents, Owner has RE referral lic 973-773-2103 9055

Manalapan: True mother/daughter colonial, 2 kitchens, 2 LR, total 6 BR, 3 bths, many upgrades, lg pool, C/Vac, large lot 732-792-1143 9055

Condos/Co ops/ NJ Hoboken-$1.15 m secluded carriage house, 3 firplaces, luxury, appliance package, patio +w/trellis+hot tub, terrace 3 flrs 201-400-3986 FOR SALE, LAKEWOOD 4 CONDOS AVAILABLE 2,000-2,400 sq. ft. $335,000- $345,000 1st St. & Madison Ave. Please call for info/appt. 718-974-5550



Apartment For Rent 9060 Apartment for rent, NJ, 2nd floor in private house. 2 BR, Lrg LR, lrg kitchen. Includes heat & hot water, lrg closets. $1,150 201-659-5574 9085 Boca Raton 2 Bedroom condo luxury nd 2 floor near clubhouse and temples available 12/1 $1900/mo call 718213-0326 stc

Red Bank Downtown offic e space available 1350sqft. Vaulted ceilings, fios Internet. Parking available. Call Art 732-222-3553 Lakewood, NJ: 1 BR, 1.5 bth, newly renovated apt, LR, DR, EIK. Reasonably priced, near shopping and houses of worship. Call 732-904-1921 Parsippany: Lak Hiawatha-1 BR condo quiet building, 2nd flr, walk-up, updated appliances in EIK. Renovated bath, new windows, new electric, good closet, space storage bin + laundry room on-site ample parking, great nearby park and ride. 2 miles, no pets, no smoking. $875 monthly. Call 973-207-0860 Owner. Monmouth Beach: Oceanfront, breathtaking 2 BR, 2 bth, kitch, lg LR w/ dining area, huge deck, indoor/outdoor pool, 24hr security, easy bus/ ferry commute NYC, $2500/mo 201-825-2646 Apt for rent Oradel: Renov Victorian 3 BR/ LR/ DR/ EIK, 1.5 bth sun room/ 2 car gar + includes aupare apartment w/ EIK full bath/ mini kitchen/ LV Bdrm. Close to trains/ Bus. $3300.00 Contact 203-241-2243

Property For Rent 9065 Middletown Township 1000 to 2150 sqft close to oxford valley mall, across from super market, Walgreens, bank immediate occupancy. Rent reduced. Must be seen. David Fiori, inc. realtors 215-757-1000


Class “A” Offic e Space 400 W. Main St. 1500 s.f. (5 rms incl. kit. & recep). Elev., marble lobbies, 24-hr. access, Daily janitorial, Immed occ. 732-780-0900 9050

New Jersey MIDDLETOWN – Rt. 36, Join CVS & P.O. in high traffic location, 1400 – 4200 S.F. 732-996-4354 9070 New Jersey JACKSON- Prof. 2 rm ofc approx. 500sf $650/mo+ elect. Private entrance 732-995-3271

AC Boardwalk:

Ocean Club Beautiful Decorated 1 BR 1 ½ BA 2 TVs Cable kit w/d Sleeps 6 All amenities. Monthly or Season. Call owner: 201-670-9015

Property For Sale 9065 7030

Lenox, MA condo 2

bedroom/ 2 bathroom terrace plus large studio, 10 minute to tanglewood and 3 houses of worship $175k. 561-656-4685 stc 9050



HOUSE FOR SALE , NEW JERSEY OCEAN/ DEAL / ALLENHURST AREA – Completely Renovated High End Six (6) Bedroom, Four (4) Bath Home Set on Almost One (1) acre, Shows Like New Construction! Quiet Neighborhood of HighEnd Homes with over 4,500 SF (+ 1,500 SF Walk Up Attic) Extensive Moldings, Amazing Floor Plan, Huge Chef Inspired Gourmet EIK W/ 12’ Vaulted Ceiling Overlooking F/R and Backyard. An Amazing Home for Entertaining both Inside & Out. Three (3) Fire Places, Two (2) Laundry Rooms, Three (3) Car Garage, 20’X 50’. Inground Pool & Maids Quarters!Around Corner from Hollywood Country Club, Beach & Numerous Houses of Worship.$995/K . Contact (732) 689-2517 9065

LOTS FOR SALE LYNWOOD, NJ 2 beautiful lots on new private cul de sac street Kassina drive one huge lot 28,000 square feet and another lot 850 square feet all utilities available drastically reduced make offer call owner 609-926-0220 9050


Rockaway Township, NJ: New construction New Jersey. (2) story colonial. Lakefront property. Walking distance to temple. Contact 973-983-9527





New Jersey


732-905-5606 OR EMAIL AT MEHGH2011@ YAHOO.COM 9050

Beth Israel Cemetery Wood bridge, NJ Burial plots.

With grave sites $2,000 - Must be sold together. Call 917-371-4871. 9065

Clifton Patricia

Loop: Move in condition! 3BR ranch, EIK, updated full bath. $329,900 FSBO 973-220-9116

TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

Elizabeth, NJ: Historic Center: Newly renovated brick/ vinyl one family house- 8 Bedrooms/ 3 bths, family room, bonus rooms, eat-in-kitchen, new roof, siding, windows, boiler, water heater and porchhardwood floors and new carpeting -$280,000. Call owner 908-688-7262


Ringwood: 1 acre wooded lot, 280’ of frontage. Beautiful area. 180 Magee Rd $229K 406-522-0325 9065

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS

NOVEMBER 11, 2011



AC WARWICK: Lg unfurn, new carpets, Ocean View. Yrly rental $1275 per month, includes utils, storage cable, prkg. 856-596-1816 7065

Lower Makefield: 4300sqft, 2 sty French Colonial, 4 Bdrms, 4 Ba min to shopping train, hospitals, golf course…$3,250 DAVID FIORI INC. 215-757-1000 7065

Apartment For Sale 9055

Far Hills: 14 Acres trees/ Stream BEDMINSTER Horse County. Foundation Built holds 7000 sq ft. Home Well Septic patio/ pool/ spa Driveway. Contact 908-234-1743 or 908-399-2100 9065

9050 Teaneck: Totally renov 4 BR, 2.5Bth with finished basement in prime w Engelwood location. $739K Vacant 201-483-8901

Lakewood: Corner store for rent, good location. Call 732-513-9470


Residential/ Commercial Howell, NJ Near Lakewood, 20,000 sq ft asking 650k. Reasonably priced! Call now Dominick 908-415-2299 or Sal 718-853-3629

Office/Commercial/ Business For Rent 9070 9075 COMMERICAL PROPERTY FOR RENT , NEW JERSEY HOBOKEN, WASHINGTON STREET 1,200 Square Ft; Raw Space – Next to City Hall, Path Station & Cake Boss. Rent $19,500.00 Please Call (561)339-7567rw

Office/Commercial/ Business For Sale 9070 BUSINESS FOR SALE, NEW JERSEY OWNER RETIRING, Great (BHPH) Buy Here / Pay Here Store. Previous Franchise, Near Newest Hospital in USA. $2M. Required Including Real Estate. 24%/12% Net Return Absentee. Contract: carking301@ or (856) 840-9200 Leave Msg. RW 9070

HEWITT ESTATE FOR SALE Newly renov, new septic, 2 bldgs Occupied, 16X60’ gar, w/3br apt, 3BR, 2.5 bth, 2 LR, 2 kits on 1.3 acs, Circ dvwy, barn & 2 sheds. 10 mins ski resorts, 40 mins NYC $450K. Call owner 973835-3916MK 9070

9000 Jerusalem/ Lev Yerushalayim: 2 BR, furnishes, sleeps 6. Available 6/27 – 7/25. Reasonable, Jack 561-414-7998

Israel Jerusalem 3BR 2BTH brand new centrally located available immediately screens on all windows and exit doors to balcony sleeps 8 plus 2 on a living room pull out central a/c computer access w/d microwaves huge refrigerator freezer internet call owner 347-776-1918 stc 9000

Israel Jerusalem Har Hazeitim Near kotel 1 plot available 954-435-7019 Avail immediately stc


9000 Israel Great Opportunity Lot for Sal! Villa in Kfar Shamryahu, rent long term/short term Apts marina in Herziliya Pituach. Call 408-340-1125 or 011-972-50-529-3777 or 011-972-77-575-1170 or stc

9000 Israel Rechavia, Jerusalem Beautiful new fully furnished 2BR 2BTH apt. Available short term. Washer/ Dryer. Hadar 347-306-1552

THE PREMIER CHOICE FOR JERUSALEM PROPERTY SERVICES. – Long term rentals – Short term rentals – Renovations – Buying a property assistance Shia Getter Property Management +972-77-234-6011 or


9000 Ramat Beit: Charming spacious 6T rooms, cottage spectacular view. Garden, patio, Quiet lane in amazing Anglo-Saxon modern Orthodox community 050-873-2442 or 02-586-3242 9000 Israel Lev Yerushalayim renovated 1 BR furnished apt sleeps 4 all amenities available 8/22-09/26, Part of all call 937 304-4026 054-689-7803

9000 Lev Yerushalayim Hotel 2BRs 2 BTHs kosher kitchen terrace 011-972-673-7330 email arusi_ez@zahav.

Talbieh: Exclusive Bartenura St. Very big 210sqm, 5 room completely renov apartment. Private garden,parking etc… $1,950,000. Serious seller. DWELL Jerusalem. 02-567-0607 Reuven 050-523-1478 We have many more properties! 9000

Lev Yerushaky: Hotel, 2 BRs, 2 bths, kosher kitchen, terrace 972-3-673-7330 Email: 9000

Kosher Services Worldwide: Malcolm Green Events from the dryer of the angl-saxon caterers for all your Glatt Kosher catering needs in Israel and throughout the Caribbean and the wider world. Call 052-244-8709 or 9-862-6442 Email: koshercaterer@yahoo. 9000

Lev Yerushalayim: Hotel. 2 BRs 2BTHS, Kosher kitchen, terrace. 9723-673-7330 e-mail: 9000

9000 Talbeih: Exclusive Bartenura St: Very big 210 sqm, 5 rms completely renovated apartment. Private garden, parking etc. $1,950,000. Serious seller. DWELL, JERUSALEM. 02-567-0607 Reuven 050-523-1478. We have many more properties. 9000 Tallbieh: Exclusive Bartenura St. Very big 210 sqm, 5 room completely renovated apt. Private garden, parking etc, $1,950,000. Serious seller, DWELL, Jerusalem. 02-567-6607 Reuven 050-523-1478 We have many more properties!

Special Deals 1. King Solomon: Jerusalem & Tiberias 2. Prima Kings: Jerusalem 3.Selection of hotels throughout Israel & abroad 4.Early bird specials Grossman Tours Tel: 052-624-4733 or 052-624-8189 9000

Designer living in JERUSALEM: Beautiful 1 family house with a view to die for. You’ll never leave home, high ceilings, amazing gardens/ patio for entertaining and huge succah. Spacious LR and master bdrm suite. Big DR, full kitch, book lined den. 5 BRS, CAC, oil heat and advanced solar heating and advanced solar heating. Private covered parking. Contact owners. Michael and Sara at MikeWid@netvision. or 011-972-2532-23868 Beautiful apartment for sale in the old city of Jerusalem with unique view. Call 011-972-52-462-8913 or see www.apt-oldcity. com


Jerusalem: Private suite in 5 Star Ramada, sleeps LOST up to 8. In/out pools $250/nite Albert YOUR JOB? 514-803-8838


Looking for Luxury rentals a New for short/ long term Career? in Herzelia. The 9000

apartments are furnished THE and newly renovated. JEWISH VOICE They are avail for HAS or JOB individuals families. OPPORTUNITIES Call 011-972-54-942-1444 or

HERZILYA PITUAH. For sale, rare and wonderful villa, 10 rooms, 500/750 sq m., modern architecture, new meticulously designed and built with perfectionistic quality at the highest level possible, located in quiet and tranquil surroundings, exciting and one of a kind. 050-620-0000,

9000 DESIGNER LIVING IN JERUSALEM: Beautiful 1-family house with a view to die for. You’ll never leave home. High ceilings. Amazing gardens/ patio for entertaining and huge succah. pacious living room and master bdrm suite. Big dining rm. Full kitchen, book-lined den, five bdrms. Ctrl AC, oil heat and advanced solar heating. Private covred parking. Contact Owners – Michael and Sara at il or 011-972-2-5322-868 9000 New villa. Very high quality. Stunning 210 sqm corner center of Omer, 2 floors. 052-758-8102 9000 All types of properties available. Looking to buy apts or invest in Israel? LOST LOST Many options available. Call my new number. YOUR JOB? YOUR JOB? LOST 011-972-52-763-1845

Looking for Looking for YOUR JOB? WHAT! My family a a New New Looking in a luxurious Lev for Career? Career? Yerushalayim Hotel Suite a New holiday apt (sleeps 5) best Career? THE THE location, all amenities, daily 9000



Israel Apt in Talbiah Nr Inbal short walk to kotel. 2BR 2Bth kosher W/D, A/C, sleeps 6 + short term only. Parking. 718-544-7571 stc 9000

9000 Israel Lev: Yerushalayim hotel 2BRs 2BTHS kosher kitchen terrace 972-3-673-7330 Email: 9000 Israel amazing professional medical masseuse reflexology deep tissue massage liberating and very relaxing treatment which will make your day call 052-325-6536

Lakewood: Corner store for rent. Good location. Call 732-513-9470


Available For Rent 7065 Israel Arnona 6 rooms, fully furnished garden and terrace, view quiet, prestigious available 30/08 long/short term tel: 02-671-2946 or email:nglatzeer@gmail. com stc

TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

9000 Beautiful apartment for sale in the old city of Jerusalem with unique view. Call 011-972-52-462-8913 9000 Jerusalem: Lux 3 BR hotel apt, 20 min walk to kotel, kit, DR, LR, pool. Avail for Pesach 347-721-7722

The Jewish Voice CLASSIFIEDS


NOVEMBER 11, 2011

FLORIDA Retire in Jerusalem?

ATTENTION ATTORNEYS! We now accept your LEGAL NOTICES throughout New York area Submit your ad by e-mail to:


Jerusalem: Best location 3 min to plaza and great synagogue, 5 min to Mamilla and 15 min to kotel, stunning 3BR luxuriously furnished balcony with stunning view, private elevator, 2 car gar. Available holidays! VIEW ONLINE: or call owner 917-582-9441


3.5 room unique penthouse in “Hod Jerusalem“ retirement home (self ownership - no deposit required!) Call 972-50-5920507 Great opportunity: Lots for sale in Rosh Pina, lots for sale in Even Yehuda, also apartments for rent in Ezilya Pituach.

or call

9000 Jerusalem Center: 16 King George, furnishes, 3BR penthouse duplex, 2.5 bth, 4 porches, Shabbat elevator, short / long term. 718-776-3282 http://

Call 408-340-1125, 011-97-50-529-3777, 011-972-77-575-1170

Florida-TOP NOTCH HOME REPAIRS Pressure Cleaning- Painting Water Damage Repair Concrete/Masonry Work Window/Slide Dr. Repairs Knockdown Popcorn Ceilings Drywall Work Door Hanging Tile Work Most Minor Repairs Call Nick (954) 987-0085 FA


Moving to Florida? Love high fashion jewelry and accessories? Turnkey business for sale. $10,000 buys stocks/fix tures/training Inside too busy to leave Boca/ Delray Low rent high profit Be your own boss!! Call Francine 561-289-8186stc 7070



Real Estate For Sale 9080

THE JEWISH VOICE is looking for motivated, professional individuals to join our SALES team in FLORIDA! Experience not needed, but preferred. Willing to train. Email your resume to or Call 800-998-0885 for more information.

Apartment for rent Florida ENJOY A BETTER LIFE in Delray Beach, Florida, 2 Br, 2 Bth. Furn Apt in Kings Point, Normandy R Unit, nr clubhouse, pool, golf, $1300 mo/ util Incl. 3 mo. Min. Cell (845) 354-5203 FA 9080

9080 Hunter’s Run/ Boynton Beach 45K motivated seller. Now is the time to buy! Mandatory membership community 3 golf courses 21 tennis courts. Fitness center. 5 restaurants. Furnished 2br, 2bth, 1st fl corner in 4 plex 609-636-2907 stc

9080 FLORIDA PALM COAST, FL. FOR SALE : 2500 SQ FT 2BDRM / 2BATH (Possibly 3rd BR), Granite Counter Tops, New Appliances, on Wide Canal, Owner Retiring $334,000.00. Email dsenne5318@aol. com or (904) 591-3136

AS IS REAL ESTATE INC. We are looking to buy residential & commercial real estate 909 E29st, unit #4K Brooklyn, NY 11210 www. Tel: 718-252-0141 Fax 347-713-4241


Margate/Ventnor Beautiful home 3 houses off beach 4BR 3 full baths magnifice nt view. Elegant furnishings, no pets no smoking. Great location. Close to restaurants. July 6 – August 5th Available September – May 2012 9 month lease. Asking $990/mo Call 856-663-0671 9080

Palm Coast, FL For sale by owner, asking $179K 14 Woodglen Pl, 4 Bd, 2 full baths, pool, cul de sac, golf, beach, shops, rests. 386-446-9032 site/14woodglenplace/


9080 Central Florida. Very private Estate Site 240 acres. Mile from paved road surrounded by Gov’t property, one well/ 2 barns / 3 stocked fishing ponds. 24x24ft, sleeping quarters. Abundant Wildlife. Contact 407-8864922 Email: Kenggn@ 9080 MIDDLETOWN TOWNSHIP: 1000 to 2150sqft Close to Oxford Valley Mall, Across from supermarket, Walgreens, Bank. Imm Occupancy. Rent Reduced. Must be seen. DAVID FIORI, INC. REALTORS 215-757-1000 9080 ADULT COMMUNITIES. FL, FORT MYERS 0.9%. 10year Fixed Rate (1.41% apr) NEW HOMES from the $160’s 55+ Active Adult CALL 239-689-8790 or visit www.55PlusMy

F L O R I D A -

9080 Boca Raton, FL: CC/4Golf courses-2b/2b furnished, 1st flr condo, 1,250+ sq ft, All golf view/ Ask $67,000 + Equity. Call 561-479-2841

F L O R I FFD LLA OO- RR II DD AA -SPECIALIZING IN COUNTRY CLUB Active Adult & Beachside Communities - RE/MAX Advantage Plus

9080 Main Line Valley Forge Reduced from 2.5 million to 1.9million 6400 sf 3.91ac 4/3.5 601 S. Federal Hwy Boca Raton, Fl 33432 Private Gated Driveway Ely & Ed Lepselter 2000 sf Decks and Stone Patios, 4 fireplace, wine SERVING BOCA RATON, cellar, kitchen, DR, LR Great Room, exercise, DELRAY AND BOYNTON BEACH library, billiard rooms, & SURROUNDING AREAS car garage. E L E L E P A O L3 C O M www. E L EEL LE EPL E PA O LA215-783-3122 COOL MC O M ELELEP AOL COM E L E L E P A O L Chuff OM equities .com

(561) 826-8394




Very successful restaurant in ery successful restaurantrestaurant in Very in Verysuccessful successful in Hollywood, Florida. Asking 500K Hollywood, Florida. Asking lywood, Florida. Asking 500K Hollywood, Florida. 500K Hollywood, Florida. Asking 500K 500K Call owner Call owner 954-809-5998 Call owner 954-809-5998 Call owner 954-809-5998 954-809-5998 Call owner 954-809-5998 Not Not on Shabbat Not on Shabbat Noton on Shabbat Shabbat

Not on Shabbat

TO ADVERTISE IN The Jewish Voice CALL: 800-998-0885

@ . @ @@ . . .

NOVEMBER 11, 2011

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NOVEMBER 11, 2011



DISCOVERYTS.COM 866.987.9692

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