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By Shane Kulman

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Advice For Valentine Blues Dear Enchantress, I am struggling, I don't want to care about Valentine’s Day, but I do! I wish a man would ask me out! I don't want to silently struggle and suffer any more. How do I meet a man? How do I meet a man that wants to date me? Do men ask women on dates anymore? I'm divorced and have no kids. I know everyone thinks I'm happily divorced, but I long for partnership again. I am physically active and take really good care of myself. I do yoga, I eat healthy, I go out for drinks, but not excessively. There seems to be so many more single amazing women than men. I don't hate men, I want one special someone to have in my life. I don't need money, I work and like what I do. I am not needy or impatient. I'm frustrated, and I want attention from great men, not the drunk ones that lose their courage if they are not drinking. Any tips or pointers would be helpful. Valentine Seeker Dear Valentine Seeker, Don't lose hope. I am with you in this boat ;). While I am happily living without a partner, I know it would be lovely with the right one. SO first, congratulations that you are not settling or selling out on what kind of man you are dating! That's big! And great work on taking care of yourself! Now I turn to sex magic and conjuring. AH HA! This is most exciting stuff! The magic work that I am so passionate about, it's creating a reality before it happens, just by you willing it to be. SO first

write out the longest list of details of what you want in a man, a romantic partner. I mean everything, what emotional qualities, what material items, what beliefs (political, spiritual, mental etc.), what family structures he admires, what he thinks about sports, weather, clothing, children, ALL OF IT! Next write a letter to him, (as if he already exists) and you are both madly in love. Put it in a red envelope and place it under your mattress. As you’re writing, breathe in the feelings that you will actually hand this letter to an ideal man in the near future! Write from your heart and your deepest desires. A good old-fashioned love letter. I will save the sex magic for private discussion if you desire. You can email me, it's that sacred. I used this process years ago, and I FELL IN WILD love with a man who lived in Israel, years ago, and I kid you not, he said things to me that I had written in the letter! Enchantress Shane coaches and guides women wanting more magic and confidence in their lives. To ask Enchantress Shane a question, email her at Also you can attend Beginner Burlesque in Rockaway!

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The Rockaway Times | THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2018  
The Rockaway Times | THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2018